Connie Britton Has the ‘Most Incredible Kid’

01/16/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Connie Britton Has the Most Incredible Kid
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Motherhood makes Connie Britton the happiest she’s ever been.

“I have the most incredible kid [2-year-old son Yoby] and we’re having a great time,” the Nashville star, 45, told PEOPLE on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

But the same thing that brings her joy also brings out a side of herself Britton didn’t know existed.

“I didn’t really fully comprehend the level of guilt involved [with being a mom],” the former Friday Night Lights star explains.

“I like to pride myself on not being a person who really functions at a level of guilt, and yet, man, I never knew I could feel so guilty when I work 16 hours and I really don’t get to spend enough time with my son. It’s awful.”

But in the end, despite the “challenging” balance between career and personal life, Britton says she “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In fact, she’s open to expanding her family.

“I would love more kids,” Britton shares. “Sure, why not? Bring it on.”

— Dahvi Shira

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shannon on

Yoby? Really???? We aren’t even trying for names anymore are we? Just string together some random letters and there you go. I thought my sister in law needed slapped for naming my niece Neta, but Yoby is even worse. Good job.

Lisa on

You people are beyond ignorant. His name is Eyob, he is Ethiopian, and she calls him Yoby affectionately. I’m disgusted by the comments. She didn’t “make it up”, he has a foreign name.

Kelsey on

She looked so beautiful at the Golden Globes the other night, so happy for her and her son! I’m sure they were put in eachothers lives for a reason!

Rebecca on

@Shannon – She adopted her son from Ethiopia. His given birth name is Eyob, and she calls him Yoby for short. I give her credit for honoring her son’s birth name and country and not changing his name to something more “american” sounding.

Diana on

Could be a worse name like say…Shannon.(which by the way reminds me of a dog name)

Leo on

Its wonderful to be able to adopt and love for a child is THE best love in the world!! so happy for her fam!!

Lmao!! Good for putting the Diana pup on her spot!! Dumb girl! Ignorance is sad Shannon!

shannon on

better to have a dog name than dog face…..

Goolll on

Love her!

nicole on

I think she is a beautiful woman. I love her on Nashville, and loved her on American Horror Story, etc…

I am happy she is happy 🙂

ellaray on

Yoby reminds me of that yo gaba gaba character LOL.

Aria on

YobI? Poor kid!

Leslie on

Diana…your comment to Shannon…come on …..really???????

Yoby on

Shannon, heel…

kpmonkeymommy on

I love his name because it is his Ethiopian name. It is not made up and is totally a reflection of where he came from.

I just love that she clearly wants him to embrace his first country and his original culture and be proud of it.

And I’m still so happy for her and him for finding each other.

Addison on

people can name their kods whatever they want! who the hell is anyone to judge? in the end its the parents who will have to deal woth the fall out.

connie is only honoring the birth place of her son! maybe you ignorant idiots should take a minute and research befor you make stupid, hurtful comments.

well, i named my three kids, uncommon and unique names. anyway, there are worse names than Yoby. (Zuma, Bronx, Sparrow, Apple, Pilot).

not your child, not your problem.