Elton John Welcomes Son Elijah Joseph Daniel

01/15/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Elton John Welcomes Second Child
George Pimentel/WireImage

Elton John is a father again!

The musician and David Furnish welcomed their second child, son Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, via surrogate on Friday, Jan. 11 in Los Angeles, the couple confirm to HELLO.

Born at 6:40 p.m., Elijah weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz.

John and Furnish, who married in 2005, are already parentsΒ to son Zachary Jackson Levon, 2.

“Both of us have longed to have children, but the reality that we now have two sons is almost unbelievable. The birth of our second son completes our family in a most precious and perfect way,” the couple say in a statement.

“It is difficult to fully express how we are feeling at this time; we are just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.”

John, 65, has been open about his desire to expand their family.

“I know when he goes to school there’s going to be an awful lot of pressure, and I know he’s going to have people saying, ‘You don’t have a mummy,'” says the singer-songwriter of his decision to have another baby.

“It’s going to happen. We talked about it before we had him. I want someone to be at his side and back him up. We shall see.”

— Sarah Michaud

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shidley on

Elton, by the time your children are older…the non-traditional family will be much more common than you think.

Congratulations on your happy family, and for being the great parents you clearly are.

Lexi A on

I love how they have the most normal names celebrities have ever given to their kids.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Love the baby’s name.

dudley doright on

congrats E & D…

Miriam Poulsen on

Congratulations! They are such a genuinely happy couple. Lovely name, too. πŸ™‚

rocky mountain girl on

he should be more worried about the fact that he will probably not be around for most of his children’s lives rather than his children have two fathers and no mother…..waaaaaay too old to start a family.

clara on

That’s the only negative I see as well, 65 is quite old in my opinion to have a newborn.

Lynda on

Congrats, In this day and age to each his own as long as they are happy-!!! However, my husband and I have 4 children the 1st when I was 22 the last at age 40- last year and I thought I was a little too old then. I just worry who will raise these two boys if their fathers pass say in ten even 15 yrs?

Amber Lynn on

In all fairness, who knows when they are going to die. When I was 24, my husband, who was 30, was killed. My daughter was 19 months old. A baby at any age is a gift so it shouldnt be a factor. Good luck to them both.

Cathleen on

Congrats to Elton and David!

faedesang on

Amber Lynn>>I’m sorry about your husband *hug*

I agree, a child at any age is a blessing! I’m pretty sure Elton is well aware of his age and if anything happens to him and David they will be well taken care of regardless. Isn’t that why people appoint godparents?

Aly on

Poor kids

Think of the children on

Since when is it OK to just deny a child its human right to its mother?

What kind of a mother intentionally orphans her child for a suitcase full of cash and hands it over to two men?

It’s a sad world we live in where children are no longer even entitled to at least a shot at their real mother and father raising them. From the get go, this child was made to order like some commodity.

It’s horrible. I think those who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle choice should just accept that it takes a man and a woman to make children, and all children have a right to at least a shot at being raised by their real mother and father.

Why create a made to order partial orphan? There are plenty of orphans who through circumstances lost their parents, why intentionally create a motherless child?

Just so two homosexual lifestyle sodomites can play house together. I don’t care if he’s rich. Children have rights too.

Jessie on

You seem to be confused on what a “human right” is. Not surprising, though, as you are also confused by the word “choice”, “orphan”, and the definition of a surrogate.

I don’t know about you, but I am thinking of the children. And I am hoping and praying that you & your kind do not breed. No child should want for love over politics and no child should be taught hatred. I am deeply sorry your parents failed you. Fortunately for the kids in this story it looks like their parents will not fail them & they will succeed at having a loving home.

Sd on

Oh please Jessie! Get off your soap box! You don’t know these kids or if the will be happy or not! You don’t know the parents! Your statment was to support the sexuial orientation of the parents, not the rights of these kids!

Jessie on

Oh, a troll!! How cute! Back under the bridge with your Bible now, you cute thing you. That’s a good troll.

duh on

You are absolutely right! Well put and well said. He was a made to order child and the whole thing is sad. Stay strong in your beliefs and convictions. Now, haters, you’re on…….

duh on

This was a reply for ‘think of the children’

Caitlin on

I hope you have a homosexual child and you get some decency around you at some point… Having a mother is amazing.. A privellage, indeed. How many children can you name these days that come from homes where their parents are together and still love each other? I bet not many.

Two mothers, two fathers, who cares. You are promoting ignorance.. There’s enough of that among Americans… Open your minds, and your heart to the fact love is love..

Can’t believe that this is still even an issue.

Amber on

Wow, which of your close-minded, Bible-thumping, hate crime opinions shall I comment on?

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle they “chose”, it is who they are whether they wanted it or not. People do not chose to be gay, no more than they choose to be blue-eyed, bipolar, or a genius. We are born with no choice over such matters. And if a child has two parents who love him or her with all of their heart and soul then absolutely they should not be denied this right. Not many people today have two loving parents to raise them and I think these two boys are absolutely blessed to have parents who love them and truly want them in their lives.

It makes me sad that there are so many people in this world who are prejudice toward same-sex couples. We should be promoting love, no matter who it is between, not hate.

Navy Wife on

I couldn’t have said it better Amber! I agree with you 100%

jessica on

Here, here Amber…i could not have said it better:)

Jennifer on

You are a nosey and twisted woman. You are delusional and should seek medical help. You have no idea what love is and I feel your children are in danger having you as a mother.

From a fellow heterosexual mother.

Aline on

Jessie you are 100% right it’s sad for the kids they don’t know what’s happening around them 😦

Cl on

Im also a christian and being gay is wrong, as well as forcing 2 gay parents on a child. I dnt care what none of yall say. I live by God.

Jes on


I’m christian too, but ughhhh so many of you clearly forgot that being Christian means LOVING EVERYONE! I can not stand these ignorant, self righteous comments that have been made. Judging others is not up to any of you.

NEWS FLASH: Start practicing what you preach…. you so called “christian”, love one another. These men are probably great men, and good fathers who can provide well in all aspects for these 2 children.

lostinthezootoo on

Shame on you. I hope you don’t have children so you aren’t able to poison another generation with your narrow minded, bigoted view of the world.

Guest on

What I don’t understand is if you are so against what they are and what they are doing then why even read thus article? Why comment? You have taken a nice story and made uncalled for, negative comments!

Jes on

Ummmm….hello? Do you not know what a surrtogate mother is? It is a woman who carries someone else’s sperm and egg. A surrogate mother is literally just a body or a “shuttle” in which the baby grows and is eventually born.
So….the sperm belongs to either Elton, or his partner and as far as the egg goes….Elton and his partner probably chose a woman close to them. Please read up on this stuff before you post ignorantly what you clearly don’t understand.

Anonymous on

and since when did men started having Fallopian tubes that laid eggs?

Sam on

This is selfish. I don’t want to sound mean, but you truly have to think 18-20 years out. If you are 65, you have to be able to parent 20 years from now. Do you really feel that at 83-85 you are going to be able to deal with the shenanigans of your teenager? Teenagers have to go through this stage.

I took in the lovely child my in-laws adopted in their mid 40s. They were not up to her antics. I had an infant, a toddler and an 18 year old. She wasn’t a bad kid, but they were in over their heads. Honestly, so was I.

Ugh on

I cannot celebrate this tragedy. This poor boys will have a spoiled and messed-up life. I’m sure they will be news in their teens (for negative reasons)

truemexican4life on

I agree with shiley by the time theyre older it wouldnt even matter!just enjoy your babies while u can n forget wat ppl have to sayyy! Congrats guys n i wish u both the best of luck!!!!

Think of the children on

I’m glad my mom didn’t abandon me the second I was born for a suitcase full of money from two homos so they could have me as the latest fashion accessory.

The latest homosexual fashion accessory… a motherless child ripped from his mother for cash the second he was born.

Screw the kid’s rights. It’s called gay rights, the right to deny kids their natural born mother on purpose.

After all, your mother is just “biological” according to these sickos.

Amelia on

Agreed Think of the Children!!!!!

Jessie on

Interesting how you have nothing better to do than post numerous preachy and blatantly false comments. This is America, buddy. You might find Uganda or Syria more to your liking.

duh on

Right on. Stay strong in your beliefs. It’s so easy to conform to society these days. As proven here.

clara on

Attention all homos, please make sure to acquire a donated egg for sterilization in the future so we can stop hearing about the poor children being “ripped from their mothers arms”. At least then the surrogate is just a baby oven and not a mother. (Sarcasm)

Sam on

Wow, you absolutely have no real idea how awful your rants on here are. If you did you would be crying tears of shame You’re worried about the children’s rights? No you’re not…you’re too blind and angry to care about anyone but yourself. Shame on you. Just EWWW!

Belle on

I agree, it’s selfish to have children at 65. Also, mom’s are just biological to some gay’s, I’ve heard it many times from a gay family member who adopted children. It makes me cringe. There is no experience in the world like having a growing baby inside you, giving birth and the love a mother feels for their baby. I do not believe it is right to purposely deny a child a mom or dad. It is selfish.

neesse on

Congratulations to you and your family….

Ariana on

Fifty years from now this will seem like slavery seems to us now. The old generation of haters and homophobes will die off giving way to a much more accepting society. It’s happening already!

Congrats to the happy couple on their new son.

Jessie on

I agree Ariana! Congrats to them!

Sam on

I agree with Jessie!! :))

Think of the children on

Daddy, and Daddy, please tell who my Mommy is? Why didn’t she love me? Why did she give me away the day I was born?

Why aren’t my rights as important as your rights to play house?

Daddy? Daddy? What are those strange noises you make when you close the bedroom door at night? Are you making babies?

Jessie on


Sam on

Thinking of the children’s mommy and daddy, so sorry you failed your child, so sorry your little darling is ignorant, troubled and pathetic.

Thinking of the children’s mommy and daddy, what are those sounds you are making? Are you crying out in agony for your poor misguided, lost and embarrassing baby?

This is more fun than a circus. Oh, wait…..clown! Sha dupp!

Teresa on

That is stupid!! And no different than any other adopted child’s question in this country.

As for the noise that’s nothing any other heterosexual couple hasn’t been asked either.

If that is your only argument then get yourself back under the rock you came from!!!



esymmons on

Lucky baby – two good dads

Think of the children on

Those who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle choice should stay away from kids.

I am glad my mother didn’t get paid by celebrity homosexuals to abandon me the day I was born. Are you glad that didn’t happen to you?

Daddy, Daddy? Who is my Mommy? why didn’t she love me? Why did she give me away?

Oh son, you are just a commodity to be grown in a rented womb. Your right to your natural mother is trumped by gay rights to play house.

But Daddy, Daddy, why didn’t you make babies with your own lovemaking that I hear you doing after you read me a story book?

Because son, sodomy doesn’t make babies. Here, have a new yacht.

clara on

You are such a retard and homophobe!! Yes, I guess every parents spends their time explaining to their young children about the sounds of their lovemaking, let me guess, straight people make no noise and explain it away as simply “making babies”. I’d rather be the child of 2 loving parents “playing house” than the child of a unaccepting biggot like you.

Sam on

Your mommy made a big mistake. Your mommy may have kept you, but she did a poor job of teaching you acceptanc, among other things. How proud she must be of her baby. She should have ripped you from her bosom and given you to Elton and David to raise. Then you would have turned normal. Instead mama’s got nothin ‘.

Sophia on

Your comments aren’t just ignorant, pathetic and homophobic, they are also incredibly offensive and to be clogging up what should be a positive thread filled with happy wishes and congratulations with them is selfish and rude. Do you HONESTLY think Elton and David have “handed over a suitcase of cash” (how quaint), picked up their newly “abandoned” homobaby or whatever other ignorant and bigoted phrasing you used, and plan to keep him only as a fashion accessory to “play house”? Do you think having children is just a game to gay parents? Honestly, I’m embarrassed to be living in a world with people like you.

Just because these two men have, as you put it, “chosen” the homosexual lifestyle (by the way, just so we’re clear, being gay isn’t a choice any more than being a woman is a choice…. I say this as someone who is both of those things), it doesn’t mean their biological urge to reproduce suddenly vanishes.

And who the hell do you think you are to say they have any less right than you, for instance, god forbid you ever reproduce, to be given the chance to become fathers; to provide these boys with love, trust, comfort, warmth, shelter, honesty, support and open mindedness (take note!)? I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say that Zachary and Elijah are going to grow into ten times the person you are. If you truly believe that upholding homophobic, prejudiced, bigoted, outdated, hurtful morals is the right thing to do, that’s your prerogative. But do you really need to shove them down every throat in sight and minimize other people’s joy with them? Maybe think next time before you spout such revolting negative drivel.

salina on

How selfish can you be?! “I know this kid will have a lot of pressure b/c it has no mummy but we’ll see?” We’ll see?! Not to mention the fact that when they go to school you will be 70 years old!!! Most 5 year olds don’t even have a grandparent that old yet! Lastly, no kid should be without a mom, any more than they should be without a dad. As much as anyone would love for them to be, neither gender is replaceable as a parent.

klutzy_girl on

Hey guess what?

The surrogate is NOT the mother. She just carries the baby. Another woman’s eggs are used.

These kids will have two loving fathers. That’s all that matters.

Jessie on


Think of the children on

I agree with some of the other comments. This is against the child’s rights. I’m disappointed because I like his music.

Jessie on

What other comments? You’re the one making all the homophobic comments. Congrats on agreeing with yourself.

bethann on


Hillary on

Congratulations!! It’s wonderful reading happy news like this!

YaYa on

Non-traditional families are going to be a non-issue soon enough….they need not worry about acceptance, they will be loved and embraced!!!!

Think of the children on

I’m all for gay marriage but I do agree. It is natural and only right that all children have a chance to have their mother and father.

You can’t change the fact that all children do start off with a mother and father. Designer babies like this, where it is decided beforehand that the child will not have its mother, it’s just a little icky. I worry for this child. It may need therapy. At least there will be plenty of money to pay for the therapy.

Sam on

Hahaha…therapy indeed! Is there a doctor in the house??!!!

Ahh free entertainment is a good thing. Thanks mommy’s child!!

Hey Jessie (et al), gotta love trolls like this. Lolol

Jessie on

Rofl this is hilarious!!! I guess “think of the children” didn’t realize you can’t post with multiple aliases.

Jess on

Think of the children
U need some therapy in order To cure yourself of the arrogant asshole attitude you have and how u put it on here like everyone cares about u and what u say! A a matter of fact most don’t and the ones that do agree with u are just as much of idiots as ur! Yes it’s called freedom of speech and I am all for it but u don’t even make sense

Hilary on

Congratulations, but I can’t help feeling sorry for these kids when they are older as they are not going to have both their parents around for most of their adult life, Elton John will be 66 in March, this is way too old to start bringing up another child. He should rather be enjoying Grandchildren.

Think of the children on

I think that children should be raised by their real mother and father if at all possible. It is the optimal situation. Let’s hope these children can survive the rocky road that is ahead for them now that their “fathers” have decided their right to their mother is not important.

Jimmy on

Yes think of the children, we know how you feel considering almost every other post us yours telling us how you feel! Do you have nothing better to do with your time?

clara on

What makes ur small mind think that neither Elton John nor his partner are the father of the child. Most people who use a serrogate have either their own egg or sperm inserted inside the female carrier. Why would they choose to have neither one of them being the biological parent, they could have just adopted. Either way, they are the parents now, the beauty of adoption and serrogacy.

sunny on


I agree with Shirley, to a point, but I am sure there will still be children raised by angry ‘phobes who could make trouble for them. Rais them with love and teach them no ones opinion regarding who they are is important. It’s how they feel about themselves (and their parents) is all that matters. Bullies will always be who they are.

Sammi on

Aww, good for them πŸ™‚

Kelley on

I’m so happy for Elton. He’s obviously wanted children. If he can support his kids and he’s happily married, than why can’t he be a father? Who says that he can’t have a child(ren) because he’s gay?! As a young Christian woman, I accept everyone. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation…None of that should matter. Love is what we have. I was abandoned by my MOTHER when I was a baby. Having a mom and a dad doesn’t make you better or make you more stable. Having two parents, or even one, who loves you is all a kid can ask for. My best friend has two moms. SO WHAT. Love is love.

Think of the children on

It was cute when gays just bought clothes. Now they buy kids. They are messing with real lives. It’s dangerous and evil. I agree. I cannot celebrate this tragedy. What kind of a mother gives up her child for cash? Evil. Evil world we live in these days it is so messed up. It is NOT “compassionate” to deny a child its mommy.

bethann on

Obviously the mother or surrogate chose to do this or felt she was not able to care for this new life. You don’t know the circumstances! This child will grow up having been loved very much and be given the tools of life to have compassion for others regarding any situation i’m sure. Elijah will have a very good provider for therapy if needed but the most important teachings start at home. You are being so judgemental, it’s people like you that create/harbor hatred towards other human beings.

Rachel on

Think of the children, normally in a case like this a donor egg is used from one woman and then a gestational surrogate carries the child. So technically the woman that gave birth to the baby is not his mother biologically.

Many celebrity couples go this route both homosexual and heterosexual. Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Banks and Gulianna Rancic used gestational surrogates to carry their children. The difference being in thoses cases the celebrity mothers eggs were used instead of a donor. So in that case would you still consider the child an orphan as you put it? Or is that different because they have a female parent and a male parent instead of two dads?

IMO if someone wants to be a parent how they choose do it is their own business as long as they can care for and love the child. Granted Elton is a bit old but their are plenty of children out there who have lost much younger parents to death I can assure you. These kids will be set financially regardless. Not many are that lucky.

NM on

Being the children of gay parents is just wrong. It’s psychologically damaging and it’s unacceptable by God, because this was NOT in His plan, this is societies mess. A father can’t give a daughter what only a mother can give her and, a mother can’t give her son what only a father can.

These kids are going to be so screwed up. I don’t care how much money these men have, money can’t give these children what they need, which is a mother. This just completely violates the laws of nature. It’s sick. No amount of money can give a child the love of the opposite sex parent, that is so desparately needed. It’s no wonder our world is just a freaking mess.

Gay parenting is wrong and should not be accepted. All children are a blessing, but I feel sorry for those born to these gay couples. I have NOTHING against gays, but the lifestyle is unnatural and being a gay parent is unnatural.

There is nothing here to celebrete. Elton John and his partner will never be able to give these children what is needed so badly, and that is a MOTHER! It’s impossible. I won’t congratulate them, I feel bad for these kids.

clara on

Lol, you have nothing agaisnt gays!!!! I guess if I spent a whole paragraph hating on you but ended it with a fake ‘I don’t hate you’, you’d believe me, right???

Kenyetta doyle on

How can you say you don’t hate gay people, but write such hateful words.

Amber on

NM, you do know that we live in a world where there are many different religions so “His plan” really means nothing to most people, right? Even here in the US we have freedom of religion which means that everyone is free to practice as they choose.

It’s been awhile since I brushed up on my Christian teachings, but aren’t Christians supposed to be accepting of all people regardless of who they are and save the judgment for God?

So you can save your crap about “His plan” because it means nothing. Two people are in love and want to raise children who will also inevitably be loved, what is to hate about that? It should be celebrated.

Russell on

Seriously NM? I thought God was a fairytale.

lynn on

Oh please the nanny will be raising these children. He and his partner may be around to change a diaper or 2 for the camera later but will soon be handed off to a domestic to take care for.

Unbelievable on

I agree the nannies will be the main caretakers, they usually are when the child has celebrity parents. Neil Patrick Harris & his partner have a son and daughter. These kids have a female nanny, especially for their daughter, the family was interviewed by Oprah. On a differnt note, my sister is in her early 30’s and she is a terrible mother. She lacks maternal instinct and nuturing. Her partner is a terrible father. Both of my parents who are almost 70, have been taking care of their toddler almost everyday, since she was born. My sister drops her off at my parents so she & her partner can work, sleep and enjoy their life. My parents have already been raising her teenage son since his birth. I love my sister and my niece & nephew but I would have rather seen someone else in the family or myself been allowed to take these kids & raise them. My parents are way too old to have this responsibility and don’t want to take care of a toddler but my sister doesn’t give them a choice. Both of these kids are going to need therapy in the future. So if 2 loving gay parents want to have a child to raise why should it matter to anyone except the people involved. That child will have a better life because they have 2 parents that love & cherish him/her.

Lyla on

For those commenting on how the “biological mother abandoned the kids”, fyi often times in surrogacy it is another woman’s egg that is used – not the woman carrying the child so that this issue doesn’t arise. The child is not hers. Not to sound crass, but she’s just essentially the oven, nothing more.

Anne S on

This is proof that the gay agenda is to destroy the real family and real parenting. So sad.

Ordering up kids like it is the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Amber on

You’re right, I bet there are just groups of gays sitting around plotting how they can destroy the world and rub their gay cooties off on everyone and turn them all into sinners!

You are ridiculous.

Jessie on

Lol best comment ever (Amber)!

Rachel on

My son’s father is gay. I worry too but have been pleasantly surprised how well it has been accepted by his teachers and peers so far, even in a small southern town. Things are changing, Elton, for the better even in small ways, and it’s adding up. Congrats!

Margo on

I’m happy for them in having the children they’ve always wanted…but I do agree that they should have started a family sooner. I only say this because they are already getting up there in age, and the poor boys don’t deserve losing a parent at a young age.

Julie on

No haters allowed to comment!!!! Live and let live! I, for one, am happy they are happy.

Anne S on

To all the gay agenda brainwashed people saying the “donor mother” just provided her eggs. So what? she is still a woman who was prepared to create a motherless child! Don’t get caught up in who carried the baby! The child DOES have a mother and the mother DID get paid to give up her eggs and she was reckless.

clara on

You better have an issue with a sperm bank then cuz what is that if not preparing for a fatherless child. Or are you ok with single mothers using donor sperm to start a family?? Is it just just homophobia we are discussing??

soupy on

Didn’t you read about the sperm donor in Kansas being targeted by the state for child support?


I just lost the baby I was carrying and was thinking of adopting to a male gay couple…. They are human and love and they sure can give these children anything they want.

I know they used both sperm specimen with the first and Zack is all Elton – wonder if they did that again and let nature decide.

Anyway – amazinsg

Kenyetta doyle on

Congratulation to you and your husband. But I have to say it, that is one long name.

julie on

I was in agreement with u TOTC until u said u were all for gay marriage.

Angelina on

I think he is too old to be having babies. It’s a selfish act (in my opinion)

Rochelle on

Multiple studies have shown that kids raised by gay couples are not any more messed up than the rest of us. I’m with the other folks who are concerned that 65 is too old to be having a baby, though.

Lisa on

Though I am not against two men having a family, I am against Elton doing it at his age. All these years, all of this money and he waits until he’s in his mid 60s to be a parent. I certainly would have became a parent alot sooner had I had the finances. He will be lucky to see his sons graduate from high school. His partner is younger but is no 30 year old either.

Elton is wrong on

So the title is “Elton is a father again”. But that must mean someone is a mother. Who is this mother that thinks her child doesn’t deserve its mother? It’s plain wrong.

If two men can be “parents”? why not 7 men?

The only reason the number 2 in a couple came about was because nature made it so. While we are being all unnatural, let’s just let single men buy babies too. Or maybe 11 men? or 11 trannies?

Sam on

This ‘voice’ snd typing pattern is very familiar!!! Durrrrr!

Asamad on

Only two negatives I see:

A) starting a family at 62 or 63 (as he did with his first son) my parents are 53/56 & have four grandchildren. Keeping up with those kids are hard even though my parents aren’t 60 yet. Plus I still have to have children of my own (I’m 24) On top of that, being parents of teenagers must be hard so dealing with that is another issue. But I suppose these two men will have help from nannies versus parenting on their own 24/7.

B) why not adopt children that need homes? I’ve already said to my fiancΓ©, should we not be able to have kids of our own, I’d like to adopt children in pur own country (Canada) who don’t have parents. instead of a surrogate, I’d rather help those that are already alive & without love, a home & a family.

Elton is wrong on

There are studies that show the children handed over to homosexuals fare much worse too.

Plus we all know that the gays have infiltrated college faculties and produce skewed research to suit the gay agenda.

This is proof once and for all of the old saying that gays recruit kids.

Jessie on

Actually, there aren’t, unless by “study” you mean “opinionated article written by a ‘professor’ at Liberty University.”

Zephie on

Think of the children: RUDE.

CdnGuest on

I wish to congratulate David and Sir Elton on the birth of their second son. As an adopted person, blood and biology have NOTHING to do with being a parent, and as a Mother of two. As I first started to read the comments, I was so pleasantly surprised that the initial comments I read were happy and cheerful, and then I saw the haters, with their homophobic rants, as well as their small mindedness. Family comes in all shapes and sizes…”Honey Boo Boo” is case in point. God bless the “Furnish-John” family and I wish them every happiness in the world. These two boys will know LOVE, and that is all they need. Many children grow up without Fathers but I don’t see anyone commenting on that, or making references to the sounds coming from the bedroom as yet another “Baby Daddy” is being made! SHAME ON THE HATERS!

Sam on

It’s mainly just one hater, changing it’s name but forgetting to change writing style. Gosh darn didn’t mommy and daddy ever teach you to be properly sneaky! Fail! But it is enjoyable to see you try so hard to upset real posters. Fail. We are laughing at you!! Good job mommy and daddy! Congratulations! haha

Think of the children on

Don’t forget Elton John is also an admitted former drug addict. He’s also old and fat, he probably is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Why do we let gays destroy innocent childrens lives?

Val on

A family is a family and love is love. Just because they have a different lifestyle than you, they don’t deserve to be parents? Two men, two women, a man and a woman, it doesn’t matter. As long as the child is loved than there is nothing to be complaining about. I would rather have two dads or two moms than a mother and a father who were terrible parents. Congrats John and David. Enjoy parenthood!

Think of the children on

Those who have chosen the sodomite lifestyle choice forfeited their right to children the moment they chose to put their genitals in holes that don’t yield children but are meant for taking a dump.

Disgusting perverts who were raised wrong can’t raise children right. Nobody is born a homo, they choose to become one.

Think of the children on

It is a lifestyle choice to be a sodomite.

Many ex gays prove that it is a choice. The good news is that these perverts can leave the lifestyle.

God hates fag enablers.

Amber on

Being gay is not a choice. There are many scientific studies which have been conducted that prove being gay is something predetermined within our brain when we are born. Do you also believe that people choose to be schizophrenic? Actually, you probably do and that’s a whole different problem of yours.

And people who are “ex-gay” are not straight. They are pretending to be straight because the people in their lives were so horrible to them when they came out that they felt forced into a straight lifestyle. These men and women are likely miserable. Another scientific fact, men and women who are “reformed” gays have higher suicide rates because they suffer severe depression from being forced to live a life that is not supposed to be theirs.

soupy on

No, just for the record, I know people who live a homosexual life style and when they tire of it lead a straight lifestyle. Then when they want to, they lead a gay life style again. Tell me they are not gay but they don’t switch because of this mean society.

Drea on

Actually, being a “sodomite” is not a choice. I’m a lesbian. I did not CHOOSE this. Why would I choose to make life more difficult for myself? To have assholes like you preaching about how I was made is wrong. Her your head of of your ass and stop being a douchebag. I feel bad for whoever your parents are because if I was your mother, gah damn.

duh on

Hold on there. God doesn’t hate. He loves…..even Elton John despite his path in life. He is saddened by what he sees this world becoming, but those who believe and have eternal salvation need to hold onto their convictions and not get lost in worldly ways. I agree a child needs his mother but let’s not spread hatred or we become the very people we loathe.

Sam on

Hahahahaha lmbo! Not getting enough attention being stupid huh? Now you have to get stupid and dirty. Go to bed before your better half misses you and you’re too tired to get up and get the kids off to school in the morning.
Mommy and daddy’s little darling, indeed!

Jessie on

And the truth comes out! Westboro Baptist Church trolls PeOple.com.


What serious losers.

Sharon on

Sorry but God loves everyone, unfortunately that includes haters like you. I know a gay couple that has a 15 yr old son and 5 year old daughter and let me tell you, these kids are the love of their parents’ lives. They treat these kids better than alot of straight couples. Tell me the last time you heard of a gay couple abusing children?! The son, even at 15, where he can be made fun of, etc, loves his parents and couldnt be more proud of them. Get off your high horse.

Congratulations and best wishes Elton and David. Love both their sons’ classic and normal names!

DeeAnna on

Congrats to The Furnish-John family.

Think of the children on

I’m glad my mother didn’t hate me like Elijah’s mom hated him. You’d have to hate you kid to just sell him to gays for a suitcase full of cash.

It is evil to deny a child its mother. I hate child abusers and Elton John is a child abuser. CPS should take these two poor kids away.

liarlairpantsonfire on

People saying, “You don’t have a mummy”??? Hello, it’s 2013. Families come in all kinds of different packages. No one cares, mostly because they have real issues to deal with in their own lives, what’s going on in other people’s houses. And no one would say that to a little child. Relax.

Think of the children on

I am going to put these poor childrens names on the prayer list at my church. God knows they will need all the help they can get being handed over two sodomites to be “parented”.

liarlairpantsonfire on

Okay, just read the comments on here. So there are a few nut-jobs out there, forget about them. My kids have a mom and a dad. But I left their father because he is an abuser. There is no “magic” in having sperm or an egg. The “magic” comes from being the parent your child needs. Good luck to you, and congratulations!

Sam on

Beautiful post llpof! 100% right!

You are onto that sad mommy/daddy’s child too! Epic fail dude!

Think of the children on

F A G G O T S A R E D I S G U S T I N G.

dropmequickly on

Actually, with TWO of them in school, there will be two kids who are conspicuous, rather than just one. The issue isn’t two dads (two loving dads!) but Elton’s age. He’s too old to have toddler and infant. Why was the child born in Los Angeles? He will be a U.S. citizen; is Zachary a U.S. citizen? And why do the boys have THREE names in front of a three-syllable hyphenated surname? Seems a little cumbersome, like they couldn’t decide so tossed a grab-bag in.

dropmequickly on

Too old, too old, too old. And a sibling is never guaranteed to be a supporter/ally, you just take your chances there, they might BOTH be teased, and so what. These men are loving. Why was the kid born in Los Angeles? Is Zach a U.S. citizen too? And why THREE names in front of the hyphenated surname? Seems kind of cumbersome

Leelee on

“Think of the Children” … you’re “ok” with gay marriage, but then you angrily rant about the couple and their lifestyle. For all that’s holy, take your meds and go to bed.

Sam on

YES leelee! You’ve got the mommy/daddy child figured out too! Too funny!





Lindsay on

All caps=screaming. Please stop hurting my ears. You’ll make the others around you go deaf.

God hates haters on

“God hates fag enablers.” Really? When did he tell you that? I’ve looked all over and couldn’t find his phone number to double check your facts. The only thing I found was a silly little commandment about loving thy neighbor. I must have missed the part that came after that statement that said “unless they are a fag enabler.” How bout this one? God hates those that hate his children. Hating them means you must think god made them wrong. Are you questioning god? Wow! Glad I’m not you!!

Bee on

So tires of idiots using the term “bible thumper” like it’s a bad thing. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion whether or not anyone else agrees with it.

Kids are teased in school for different reasons all the time. No matter how these children came about, the only thing that matters now is they are loved and nurtured and if two fathers can provide that, they are so much better off than the kids born into a traditional environment that are neglected and abused. God bless ’em!

Lisa on

Congratulations! Truly “Blessed” one of my favorite songs of all time!

Shawna on

MEOW! WOW there are some really short-sighted, narrow minded, judgmental people in the world! How about a simple ‘congratulations to the happy family’ from way up there on your high horses?! In case you were born and raised under a rock, its fairly normal for a woman to give a child up for adoption. This woman was a surrogate, which again is not unheard of. She did a beautiful thing for people who will love this child. He will be more than taken care of no matter when his fathers pass away!

Bree on

Congrats to Elton and David!! LOVE the name!!

Like others have said my only issue is with Elton’s age. That being said I would rather see an older loving commited couple have kids that are truly wanted and will be properly taken care of then see teenagers having kids!!

I am the proud daughter of two AMAZING women. I was born to a mother and father like I was “Suppose to be” and my father abondoned me but not before making good and sure he had ripped my self-esteem and confidence down to nothing. I would have been so much better off had my mom been with my other mom from the start. After they got together I finally knew what it was like to have two parents love and want me, their gender didn’t matter, all I care about, all I see is two people loving me and wanting what is best for me.

If it was not for them I would not be married to the most amazing man in the world and a mother to the most beautiful baby girl. Had it not been for my “father”, aka the sperm donor, I would not have trust issues, I would have never hated the way I look, I would have never doubted that I deserved to be loved.

I have had so many people, my husband included (Another person born to a mother and father, neither of whom he speaks to because they choose to abuse and neglect him, he doesn’t even know where his father is), how lucky I am to have two such amazing parents and how they wish their parents were so amazing and cared so much about them.

Gay couples don’t have kids by accident, they don’t wake up one morning and decide they want a baby and so go out and have one. It takes YEARS of waiting and hoping and praying either for adoption or surrogacy. These are kids that are wanted more than anything, kids whose parents truly appreciate just how blessed they are to have them.

I would also like to point out that despite what TOTC seems to think, gay couples are not constantly going at it and having $ex every night. And I have plently of friends that have walked in on their straight parents in bed together or heard them in bed, that is not something that is exclusive to children of gay parents (For the record I have never once walked in on or heard my parents doing anything)

ANYWAY!! Congrats to David, Elton and Zachary on the arrival of baby Elijah πŸ™‚

Think of the children on

Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. Nobody is born a pervert. They become perverts. Sodomy is a sexual perversion.

Homosexuals are raised wrong by their parents that is why they become confused and think their genitals belong in another man’s rectum.

bethann on

Excuse me, my brother is gay. He was not raised the wrong way. Me being the baby and my brother being 2 yrs older than me and having two older sisters….I feel the influence of 4 women around is why he is gay, thus born this way. Furthermore my parents were happily married for 57 yrs last yr till the passing of my mother. My father was a great role model and very loving to ua females. Again a case of born this way. You are just too closed-minded and a hater.

queeniez71 on

First off to the people who think its wrong to deny them their God given right to a mother what about single mothers who go to Sperm donors and have children that way? What about that childs God given right to a father? How can men just sell off their baby making juice and let the cards fall where they may?

Second I agree with all those saying these men are too old to be starting a family now. It is not right to bring children into this world under these circumstances. And I do not want to hear well the kids will have money and so on money does not raise a child right or teach a child to read or write or how to love at least not in a the right sort of way! These two boys were a selfish act that proves money cant make you do the right things!!

God hates haters on

I’m just wondering if there would still be all this fuss if it was a lesbian couple? Where is daddy? You do realize that one in four American children are raised by single mothers. I don’t see protests outside hospitals when an unmarried woman gives birth to a baby with no involved parent. Babies are a blessing no matter how they come about. Two different gendered parents are not necessary. Barbara Streisand, Jack Nicholson, Bill Clinton, Alicia Keys, Adele, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, etc, etc were raised by single parents with little to no involvement of their other parent due to abandonment or death. Too bad they didn’t amount to anything since they didn’t have both parents……

Jenna on

Congratulations!!! I love Elton John…but WHY does he look like Dame Edna in this picture?

No Name on

wow Elton is what 60’s 70’s LoL Sorry but he should not be having more kids!

Tee on

Congrats! Anyone notice that both sons have been given middle names that are also songs of Elton’s? Levon and Daniel.

Sam on

Yes! Love both sons their names represent. Now they need a Benjamin! πŸ™‚

Sam on


kristy on

Awe! Congrats you two. These boys are so blessed to have such AWESOME DADDIES!!!!! :’)

Sara on

Horrible news!!! Way too old to bring a child into the world! I don’t care who you are or how much money you have in the bank! This is selfish selfish selfish!!!!!

Anonymous on

in a few years no one is going to ask any questions, and even if they do you are family no matter what congratulations of your new little one and i love the name

liz on


cj on

This is sad. That sweet baby boy has a mother but won’t get the chance to be raised by her (or any other adoptive mother) because two men wanted a baby. It seems like there should be laws protecting children being “bought” like this. People think it’s ok because these men are a couple and it’s gay rights. But what if some single guy wants a baby? Or what if my boyfriend does and I don’t? Can I have his baby if he pays me for having it and then he can raise it? What a sad world we live in. 😦

liz on


Think of the children on

I hate people who take away kids from their moms. Choosing the “gay” lifestyle choice is nothing more than a fad these days. It’s sick.

Think of the children on

I condemn these two sodomites and their selfish disgusting decision to deny an innocent newborn its mother. May they burn in the hellfire they were already going to when they chose to engage in disgusting perverted sex acts. What kind of moral insanity leads a man to lust after another man’s bung hole? I hate these people and so does most of the world. Only people who don’t hate them are those brainwashed to believe the lie that it is normal and they are “born that way” which of course they can’t prove.

lise on

Very selfish to have kids when u r that old. If u were to adopt I am sure u would of been turned down. The kids will be orphans sooner than later. Its all a bad joke at the expense of the innocent ones that never asked for this kind of non sense crazy life. These are not trophies to show off for the world to see. They are little human beings. Lost respect for both of you. Your reasoning is like a teenager that wants a baby for a the wrong reasons. Now we jave babies having babies and old people acting like babies having babies. STUPID BB

Mary on

It’s not even about them being a gay couple, what about Elton being so old!

When the kid is in 5th grade, Elton is going to be 75!!

They are too old to have babies, and children need a mother!!

Susan on

Congratulations. I know he will be well loved.

islander on

for once did he even think about the children’s future and what they will be thinking and what they will need. the children will surely need the love of a woman. they will want a woman to cuddle them and give them hugs and kisses like other parents. And what if the children opposes gay marriage when they grow up.what if they kill their parents with hand guns?

Its really sad and frightening to see that a bunch of selfish retards are putting the whole humanity in danger

If you need more proof go to these links


Coll on

Congrats… There is hope for everyone!! Great to see and by the time my kids get older and if need be they can do it to!!

Aussie Girl on

wow such powerful comments have been made. I can see both sides of alot of them. Yes I do believe they are too old. Sorry but it’s true. yes it takes a man and a women to create a child… however they are not gay by choice and this reason alone is it not rightful for them to have a child??? Just asking. I have a friend who had a one night got pregnant and decided to have a child not contact the man and moved away instead.. Is that right too? She is denying her child the right to a father. i was a nanny and the wife left her husband to be with another woman…. is that right? I know think there are any right or wrong answers, I just hope the child has positive influences in their lives both male and female. As long as a child is love should’t that be the issue? There are plenty of dead beats out there or mentally and pyhsically abuse their children. Those are the ones who shouldn’t not be allowed to have children.

Lisa on

Honestly, this saddens me. Celebrating those who choose a homosexual lifestyle and then to make matters worse add a child into it whose father is 65 years old. There is nothing to celebrate here; it’s a shame.

Charlotte on

Congratulations to Elton and David! I’m sure this baby will be very much loved, which honestly is all that matters. And, having been a child of an older father (my dad was 59 when he had me) I know from experience that dads only get better and wiser with age πŸ™‚

kvp on

Remember that the Bible teaches us to love one another? And not judge? These days, most children are raised by day cares and babysitters while parents are earning a living – which is admirable and necessary, but how great is it for a kid to born into a financially secure family and 2 parents who don’t have to work full-time? Every family is different, including theirs. Who are we to judge? I have seen plenty of screwed up kids from heterosexual parents who are married to each other – so maybe no one should start a family then? Get a life, people! And congratulations πŸ™‚

kvp on

Umm, God doesn’t hate anyone, but, “Think of the Children,” He sure does feel sorry for you…

CW on

I expected quite a bit of feedback on this post, mostly because of Elton’s age. I honestly never expected in 2013 to read such horrible words. Who are you people? I have no idea if Elton John and his partner are good parents or not, and it is not up to me to say if he’s too old or not. But oh my, it is certainly up to me, up to all of us, to try to stop such hate being spewed into the world.

How can you go to bed content, feeling like you are a good person, like you are a peaceful person, like you are a person living in Jesus’ image, when you can come to a blogsite and write such disturbing, awful things about another HUMAN BEING. How is their choice hurting you? How is their marriage affecting yours?

It might be way too much to ask you to approve or appreciate a lifestyle different than your own. But without a doubt, we should all ask you to suppress the ugliness. The world has enough ugliness and hate in it as is. Please don’t add to that with disgusting words about people you don’t know who aren’t hurting you in any way–instead, let’s all try to add to the good energy, the love, the positivity, the hope for peace and progress worldwide.

Der Kaiser on

Every child needs a male and a female parent. Each parent brings unique characteristics and behaviours into the family unit. To willfully deprive a child of this is inhuman, selfish, inconsiderate, and abusive of the child’s best interests. It is wrong. If two adults wish to live in a homosexual relationship, that is their business. They should never adopt a child.

JP on

Reading some of the above comments make me sick! This child will have 2 parents that love him, maybe a little old to have a newborn ok..but to say he is being deprived of having a mother! cmon now, utterly ridiculous!! Welcome to 2013 people!

Sanelsa on

Why didn’t they adopt children?? They could have offered a home for a child that didn’t have one.. using surrogate is just selfish in my opinion… plus Elton John is too old to start a family…

kim on

Think of the children you are really funny thanks for making me lol. Yes but seriously old people shouldnt be allowed to adopt that’s my opinion i didnt know that you are actually allowed to adopt children after the age of 50. Unless of course you are stinking rich.

cm on

i think its great!! congrats to both of you. love the fact that they give their children normal names too. the name is awesome. love that too. congrats!!

Kim on

Oh great!!!!! He could be a grandpa to this kid!!!!!!!!

Ay Ay Ay!!!!!!

Kim on

Oh joy!!!!! I know most people love his music, but do we really need to know their private life?

I feel so sorry for this child.

Charli on

Love the names!

IsaBella on

congratulations to the happy parents – i just feel weird about the fact when the kids are graduation from highschool – its more like his grandparents than parents – are these 2 going to be able to keep up with the young children – congrats nonetheless

peggy sue smith on

who would give guy a kid.

phre on

well, there are lots of other kids that don’t have a mummy or a daddy.

Jamie on

Elderly Gay Man Buys Baby Number 2

nicole on

Congrats! saw a pic of his 2 year old and he is so cute.

Julie on

Disgusting. What’s the world coming to.

Ann on

Poor kids will grown up thinking why do I have two dads and no mommy…….

Allie on

I’m so happy for them! Screw the assholes who say two dads can’t be good parents! I love the name too πŸ™‚

Nannyto1 on

Congratulations to them!! I’m sure they are wonderful parents. But I agree with Rocky Mountain Girl… in my opinion 65 is way too old to be starting a family.

Isabel on

Being a young parent doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed many years with your child. My boyfriend passed away when I was six months pregnant with our son. He was 24. When it comes to parenting, quality over quantity is what matters and I have no doubt that Zachary and Elijah are being raised in a loving and supportive household.

Jessica on

Some of these comments sicken me! As someone who grew up in a CHristian church, I am appalled that you would use your “religion” as means to spew hate. I don’t know what church you were a part of but my church taught me that God loves everyone! And real people of God wouldn’t use such language. Religion is not an excuse to be a homophobic piece of trash, that’s your personal choice! And as someone who has friends with gay parents, they do not grow any different than anybody else. As long as they are loved, what should it matter?? It doesn’t effect you in any way, does it? I mean, all you haters probably have straight parents and it obviously didn’t help you any….

Jessica on

And I don’t get the “he’s too old” comments… If Elton would’ve done this in his younger, single years, people wouldn’t have liked that either. A single gay man with a child…the horror! *sarcasm* He and DAvid waited until the time was right with them. It’s their lives, no one has the right to tell them when they should have children.

Anna on

I really hope they are still healthy enough to care for their children as time passes. I really don’t want to judge them for having children at such a late age, but losing a parent is horrible, especially when you are still young. Hopefully Elton’s health won’t deteriorate any time soon.

susan on

Congratulations Elton and David – may you have years blessed with love and laughter with your 2 precious sons! ❀

Abbie on

So happy for them and I love both of their sons names!

norosecoloredglspls on

I don’t know rockymountaingirl….as of this morning, my mama just outlived my brother. hold onto your family, you don’t know God’s plan…..

Johanne on

You know I a big fan of Elton, but the fact is that 65 is old to have a new baby regardless of how much money you have. It’s having a child to make him an orphan! Sorry but there is a limit to what is acceptable because of your status.

Lissa on

I am a Christian, and many of your “glass house” mentalities are what makes others look poorly on us. Being a Christian means not judging, not deciding who is a sinner based on your pick-and-choose “biblical” ideas of morality. I have never known a gay person that wasn’t born gay, nor have I met any human being, yourself included, that doesn’t sin.

These boys will have a happy, loving, fortunate home, end of story. to those that say “kids need their mother,” just last week in my area a “mother” was drunk and high on meth, and wrecked with her 8 year old in the vehicle. The child died. Im betting she could have done “just fine” without her mother. The good thing is that being gay ISN’T a sin, but anyone having to pretend to be something they’re not to make people like you, from your lofty pedestal, happy, IS. You ought to be ashamed.

kimmer on

Normal names……love it.

Lady on

I feel bad for these kids, not because they are raised by 2 men but because they won’t have parents much of their lives & will never know a mothers love.

Beth on

I can’t stop laughing at Think Of The Children’s comment:

“But Daddy, Daddy, why didn’t you make babies with your own lovemaking that I hear you doing after you read me a story book?”

Really?! What child would ever make this statement?? And hey: at last they read him a storybook, and TOTC even used the term “love” to describe their intimacy. Do you know how many children are conceived with no love whatsoever between their straight parents??

TOTC needs to get off her soapbox. What a moron…

steve on

I would be ashamed to even have a child like that, and being guy is also wrong,in the eyes of God. You both should really be proud..What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve on


Tisha on

Wow, what a bunch of hate on here from supposed Christians. As someone mentioned, the eggs from another woman are implanted in the surrugate. She is not giving away her child. It’s a beautiful thing what she does, helping these two loving men have children. Elton John mentioned his concerns for his children in the article, and some of you on here showed he has a right for his worries.

A family is a family. As long as children are raised in a loving, stable home, they will be fine. At least his children will not grow up to hate someone because of their lifestyle. Do you really believe Jesus would have professed such hatred toward these men? Congratulations to Elton and his husband.

norosecoloredglspls on

to “think of the children” what makes you think either Elton or David isn’t the biological father? If you will recall Elton in an earlier interview stated that the eldest child was AI (that’s artificially inseminated) with a mixture of both sperm. They may, at a later date determine true paternity, but for now it’s unknown.

Guest on

Traditional or non traditional – 65 is way too old to be a new parent

Catca on

Just to correct a point people have made, I’ve researched this issue extensively because of circumstances that forced me to become a single mother and looked into the outcomes between single parents and two parent families. Guess what? The studies overwhelming show that children being raised by homosexual parents actually fare the best, even compared to a mother and father traditional nuclear family.

Single parents fare the worst, particularly if the income is not high. But single parents with high income are only marginally worse off than two parent families simply because they never get a break so they are under more pressure (if the single parent has a live in nanny, there is no difference in outcome compared to two parent families).

Why do the children of homosexual parents fare the best? No one knows but the theory is that they may be more involved with their children out of concern that the children will be made fun of, is missing out from having a mom or dad, etc. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs and many people because of that disagree with homosexuals becoming parents and you certainly have a right to feel that right. BUT, don’t spread false lies that children do not fare well with homosexual parents because it’s simply not true.

Missmoe on

While I have have no issue with the concept of the gay family, adoption, IVF, or surrogate mothers in any case, what bothers me is having another child at 65. You can be the BEST parent in the world, but you have to BE AROUND to be that parent. Reality is, when his children are in high school he may not be dead. IF he is around, how much will he actually be able to participate in their lives???

JU1978 on

I don’t know why I allow the horrible comments about homosexuality on here confound and disturb me, but I can’t help it. Especially “Think of the Children”. I’m actually very worried for the kind of backwards, bigotted children that are being raised in YOUR home, frankly. I was actually refreshed to see that more of the negative comments were regarding Mr. John’s age than his sexuality- which is a far more rational argument.

Kate on

No mother and a father who would be 83 when the kid graduates from high school. He may have a ton of money some day but it will never replace the loneliness of having no parents and being in your teens.

joyce on

By the time their little boys are in elementary school Same sex mariage will be no big deal.

Victoria on

Congratulations! πŸ™‚

TiGi on

Think of the children definitely shoots from the hip. But why isn’t he/she allowed to have an opinion about this matter on this open forum? Everybody is not going to like or support this arrangement. The fact that he/she and others are against the idea as much as some of you are for the idea, would lead me to believe that you should at least respect the perspective of the other. This has turned into a hot mess on this board and no one is even discussing the story anymore, just attacking others based on their beliefs. It’s to the point where I’m tired of coming to this website. The people who post comments are crucified for what they believe…

dilitant on

I’m very happy for Elton and David! They are obviously aware that the boys may have questions or get teased when they are older . . . but, come on people, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be parents. I think every kid gets teased about something during their school years – maybe because they are too short or too tall, maybe because their clothes aren’t in style, maybe because they are too smart or too naive, or maybe because they have a learning disability. No parent knows what MIGHT happen when their kids go to school. For those of you that worry about Elton’s age: 1) David is 15 years his junior – he is 50, and 2) these two will almost assuredly have a full host of nannies, housekeepers, cooks, and all manner of help. I wouldn’t worry about them being able to raise these boys in the right way.

Lissa on

Me, is your implication that “gay” is synonymous with “pedophile?” YOU are disgusting and require further education.

Cassie on


Lena on

People seem to be very confused as to what a surrogate is. A surrogate is NOT the the baby’s mother. She is implanted with an unrelated embryo. Some who use surrogates choose to adopt an embryo that people who are doing IVF give up for adoption. other times, in the case of gay couples, they’ll take a donated egg and use one of their sperm. This baby could easily be related to 1 of them. No one knows and it’s no one’s business. As an L&D nurse I see so many HORRIBLE mothers who get to take their babies home, who would be much better off with a good and loving homosexual couple.

Diana on

Congrats! Love them!!

Lorelai on

Congrats to them!! I love Elton Jhon I think he’s a great man.

Grinch on

I think Mrs. Doubtfire said it best…families come in all shapes & sizes…! Babies are wonderful. Congratulations on your happiness & new blessing.

Suval on

Wow. I don’t see all of you silly people getting in an uproar when a 65 year old rock star or actor has a child with a woman. Double standards. David is 15 years younger than Elton so God forbid should something happen to Elton David is more than capable of taking care of these two beautiful boys.

Now congratulations to Elton and David. Love the baby’s name.

TiGi on

i bet the same people on here wondering “why post negative comments? just don’t read the article” – are the same people trolling the jessica simpson and kim k articles about how gross they are….and going on and on about your right to your opinion. let people say what they want!

Betty on

@Think of the Children

You should be ASHAMED of yourself for your disgusting comment. Yours is the very mentality which makes our world full of hate, more than love. I pray you don’t have children of your own, to whom you instill this ignorance.

joan on

There is NOTHING that shows that kids raised by gay parents have more problems. NOTHING, except racist, hate filled, right winged propaganda. And where do you think gays come from? that’s right – STRAIGHT parents.

There are lots of kids who grow up without a mom or a dad due to divorce, death or ill treatment, and most of them do JUST fine. And there are kids very messed up who have a traditional mother and father.

If he wants to have his own kids at his age, then thats his perogative. I think the names are adorable, and I think that the kids will be loved and cared for.

Jay on

I am so shocked at alot of the comments. Elton and David seem to be really great parents and they wanted to have another child. That is no different than a heterosexual couple having a second child. Get over it people!! This is 2013. Wouldn’t you want the support if this was you or somebody you loved?? Congrats to Elton and David!!!

whatever on

Wow! Once again, some of you are spewing your hatred..everybody deserves to be a parent…how is this any different than a woman who can’t have children using a surrogate? Isn’t that surrogate doing the same thing in giving up a child? Secondly, the surrogate could have used one of their sperm to get pregnant so the child may in deed be biologically one of theirs. Third, how do ANY of you know that the mother isn’t around and involved? You don’t!! Shame on on all of you close-minded people. I am certain your lives are sunshine and roses, if they aren’t then don’t throw stones!!

Sharon on

@Think of the children. Please take your meds and crawl back under the rock you came from. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. People like you are the reason there is so much hate in the world. Kids grow up without mothers for different reasons ALL THE TIME and theyre ok. Get over yourself.

ALM on

Love how they’ve included a John/Taupin song title in each name!

Sharon on

Thats really a ridiculous thing to say Me…its like saying a little girl shouldnt be raised by her straight father or a little boy his straight mother cuz things might happen. Theyre gay, not pedophiles. Puhlease….

Kat on

Non-traditional families are more common than you think, in my daughter’s preschool class there are at least two lesbian couples. It actually makes me happy to know for her same-sex parents will be just as usual as any other family.

whatever on

Wow! Another day of hate spewing posters. First of all, everybody has the right to be a parent regardless of their beliefs. Secondly, the surrogate most likely used on their sperm to get pregnant making the child bilogically one of theirs. Third, how do ANY of you know that the woman isn’t involved with the child/ren YOU DON’T!! I am sure that the ones who have soooo much negativity to say have lives that are sunshine and roses, but if not then don’t throw stones……

Radhika on

Think of the children, you are a bigot and a hater. Any child deserves the right to a loving home. Congrats to the loving couple.

Samantha Lowry on

wow whoever this “think of the children” user is — get a bigger problem than your obsesson with elton john having a kid. Try feeding the homeless for starters. With all of your energy I am sure you can be more productive that this!

madmama on

I can’t believe how many people are making this out to be a bad thing I’m a mother and I think this news is amazing as long as they love and care for this baby that is all that matters .

NM on

@Jes-Do you know, what the definition of a Christian is? It’s not what you just wrote in your comment, condemning people!

NM on

I can’t believe how much the word “haters” is being used in the comments. Just because people DON’T agree with this, and have a DIFFERENCE of opinion, does NOT mean they are haters! It means, they have a DIFFERENCE of OPINION!!!!!

emma on

Before anyone spits out anything NEGATIVE regarding MY COMMENT – make sure you READ what I have written.

Honestly, the people who are being super NEGATIVE really need to keep their mouths shut. Just because they are gay doesn’t mean that they should be denied the right to have children. We don’t know them personally, however, they are HUMAN BEINGS and if they love, respect and care about each other, than I don’t see why they can’t enjoy being parents.

We live in a world where two men fall in love and two woman fall in love – GET OVER YOURSELVES.

And besides, we don’t know what kind of arrangement Elton John and his husband have made regarding the surrogate – for all we know they could’ve used the same woman and she could very well be involved in this child’s life.

We are just OUTSIDERS looking in. What people choose to do with their private lives is THEIR BUSINESS. So stop perching the Bible, sending out negative vibes and just be HAPPY that two people have decided to become parents and will love that new edition to their family like ANY OTHER NORMAL human being would.

I swear, it’s like some people are so SHALLOW, IGNORANT and STUPID that they feel these two little boys will turn out to be gay like their parents. And honestly, if that happened WHO CARES.

emma on

Being a surrogate is a WOMAN’S choice. There are TONS of woman out there who are willing to help someone so that they too, can know what it’s like to have a child. I am aware that there is adoption available and that potential parents can use this route – however, if there is a woman or a female family member who is willing to give the gift of life, then who are we to judge?

Giuliana and Bill Rancic used a surrogate because Giuliana wasn’t able to conceive. I don’t see anyone judging them. Oh, wait, it’s because it’s a man and a woman who is married and aren’t able to have their own child and so after failed attempts at being able to conceive, they used a surrogate to help them.

So hypocritical 110%

Lonnie on

The mothers don’t want the babies or to be in their lives. They want the money and this was just business. At least they can rest in the knowledge that the babies are loved and will be given the best of everything. Nothing wrong with that.

Lynne Hatfield on

Wow, it’s so difficult to read the opinions of some of the people who have commented here about these children and their parents. I was raised by my dad who was in his late 50’s when I was born making him the age of a grandparent and I understand how an older parent might be unable to meet some of the criteria of a younger parent, however, and this is huge, my dad was a great man and a wonderful parent REGARDLESS of his age. He remarried and we had a step mother who had absolutely no idea of how to raise children. So two parents one male and one female doesn’t necessarily mean good parenting skills and obviously age isn’t the determining criteria either.

Being gay has it’s issues even in this day of supposed enlightenment (perhaps not so enlightened according to some of these comments) but it all comes down to being good parents and who are we to say these gentlemen are bad or good at raising a family? Because they are certainly in the public spotlight there is no doubt that their lives with their children will be scrutinized mercilously by the ignorant and the informed alike. I personally wish them great success at becoming parents and anyone with a brain will be able to see that their intentions are purely loving. And to those who are preaching biblical terms try this on: “Judge not lest you be judged”.

LPW on

Now, that is what you call indulgent!

Proud Surro on

I have been a surrogate for an amazing gay couple. Their son is the happiest, well-cared for child I have ever met. The child was not mine to “give-up” it was theirs to “give back” Love for the child is what matters.

Think of the Children….you are not thinking of children, you are only thinking and preaching hatred and ignorance. Maybe if your parents were thinking of you, you would have learned love and not hatred!

pep on

congrats !! have fun being daddies

BW on


Kay on

Totally agree with Think About the Children-

monroe on

another queer get a child what next

straightdeck on

Someday, Elijah will want to know about his mother and her legacy to him.

Johnnyangel on

Homosexuals shouldn’t have the right to adopt children.

The claim that homosexual households do not “recruit” children into the homosexual lifestyle is refuted by the growing evidence that children raised in such households are more likely to engage in sexual experimentation and in homosexual behavior.

The complementary aspects of parenting that mothers and fathers contribute to the rearing of children are rooted in the innate differences of the two sexes, and can no more be arbitrarily substituted than can the very nature of male and female. Accusations of sexism and homophobia notwithstanding, along with attempts to deny the importance of both mothers and fathers in the rearing of children, the oldest family structure of all turns out to be the best.

None of this is possible in homosexual or lesbian households, which are by definition incapable of creating progeny and contributing to the “procreation of the human race.” Any children found in such households are of necessity obtained either from married couples or otherwise through the sexual union of male and female, artificially or otherwise. Thus such households are ironically dependent upon the very womb of society–the union of male and female–that they wish so fervently to deny.

In a democratic society, those who choose to cohabit in “alternative” familial arrangements such as same-sex unions have the freedom to do so. But toleration is one thing; promotion and “celebration” are another. To entrust children to such arrangements is wholly beyond the pale. As history shows, a society that champions such unions at the expense of traditional families does so at its own peril.

Sherry on

Poor kids is right….How old are you Elton? 90?? And having boys on top of everything else…poor babies.


He “hopes someone will back him up” when he encounters difficulty at school. WHY should this child even HAVE to be born into this unnatural environment, and Elton is 65 YEARS OLD…quite likely HE won’t be the one to answer the questions. I’m not opposed to the adoption of unwanted, unloved, homeless children…but to CREATE such lives through a surrogate is much like puppy breeding when there are already countless animals needing shelter. Very, very SELFISH in so many ways.

Kat on

How fantastic! Congratulations to the happy family we wish them all the best =)

givemeabreak on

I think it’s selfish to have a child at 65 years old!!!! I’m sure he has the money to care for this child after he is gone, but he may be gone too soon from this young man’s life, and a child needs their parents, rather than money.


So do they say this to a MOM you don’t have a DADDY. They should.


Gina on

In my experience, homosexual parents provide excellent care for their children (unlike some heterosexuals). In this case, the children will be wealthy and loved. Congrats!



shannon on

Just because you don’t agree with gay marriage, or gay couples adopting, you are called a bible thumper? Not true! My opinion on gay-antics has nothing to do with the bible. Its all about something people don’t seem to have anymore MORALS. Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. 2 men or 2 women don’t get “married”. Gay couples with a newly bought infant don’t equal a “family”. People are so worried about coming off as politically correct that they forget, or are too scared to speak up. Thankfully I am not one of those people.

Amber on

First of all, I called “Think of the Children” a Bible-thumper, which he/she has made clear several times; it was not a general statement to all of you gay-bashers.

Second, you sound ignorant. Is it a disgrace for a straight couple to adopt or use a surrogate because it is “unnatural”? I feel bad for whoever taught you your “morals” because my parents taught me that to love and be loved in return is a beautiful thing, and that all people deserve to be treated with respect, tolerance, acceptance, and equality regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

I am sad that some people are not raising their children with the morals and values to understand that we are all humans who are capable and deserving of love in whatever form it may come. I am happy for these two men, who I feel will certainly raise their children with better morals than most.

Sanity on

‘Think of the children’ is SO focused on their ‘own’ jealousy and hate over these children that they can’t see ‘straight’ (lol) IT ‘must’ be a woman whose ‘barren’ or in a failed marriage. No sane person or one who is ‘full-filled’ would say these vile ‘religious’ slanted comments

nanny on

I’m (unfortunately) not surprised by all the hateful comments on here. Elton and David’s child will be loved and cared for. The fact that someone is homosexual does not make them bad parent material. I can’t tell you how many neglected and abused children I have encountered in my work; born to heterosexuals who should not have even considered having children. It makes you want for a law that would forbid them to breed.

As far as Elton’s age – there are many hetereosexual rich and famous couples where one partner (usually the man) is in some cases well over 65 and having a child with some young thing. No one seems to be complaining about that… I feel they should have started their family earlier, but ultimately, if the children are well looked after, who’s business is it but theirs? Congratulations on the new addition Elton and David πŸ™‚

Think Before you Speak on

To all you idiots who keep saying this was not in God’s plan for two men or two women to marry and raise children. That’s like saying a vegetarian isn’t natural or God wouldn’t have made all animal out of meat. Seriously. Also to Think of The Children maybe trying getting a life. Just a thought. Spending hours on People magazine “attacking” this couple for raising a family when you could be out helping actual orphan children makes you just as bad as the people you are accusing these celebrities of doing. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

heidi on

Wow..think of the children, do you belong to the westboro baptist church?? You sound just like them. I can bet these “fags” have more decency and love in their pinky then you do. What a miserable person you are, that hate is going to eat you alive. Maybe you should goto your church and pray for yourself you are full of hate and evil, please don’t breed ever

nancy on

why is it that gay men always adopt little boys
often wondered about that

there are little girls that needs home too

Amber on

Are you confused about what a surrogate is? It’s not adoption, it’s IVF involving sperm (usually from one of the dads) mixed with a donor egg and implanted in the uterus of a woman who is willing to carry the baby to term (often a close friend of the couple). Just like natural conception, there is no choice in what sex the baby is so most likely Elton and David were blessed with two healthy, beautiful boys by chance.

Please stop insinuating that gay people are perverts and pedophiles because you’re making me sick to my stomach with your ignorance.

Denise S. on

Poor kids.

Amber on

So who is the sperm daddy?

missmiggles on

“think of the children” is a moron. these two boys will have loving and doting parents, that is all that matters. I know plenty of people who did it the ‘old fashioned way’ who sure as heck do not deserve children.

Congratulations to these men for having a beautiful, happy family πŸ™‚

Cammy on

I will ignore the trolling here, and say that this baby will be loved, given what it needs in life, and be very happy! πŸ™‚

Ruth on

Congratulations! I wish the family much happiness and joy.

Miki on

I love Elton John, I have always thought he would be a fabulous friend. Congrats!

His jewel on

Jes, russell, lissa,
Russ, God is real, and if u dug deep within, u’d find Him, i pray u do.
Jes, lissa,
Love the sinner, hate the sin. Dont compromise and agree with something that is againdt God just be accepted by people. In the end u will not need it.

laurie on

Congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family! Your babies are so blessed to have such loving parents. Bless your lovely family.

P.S. Will you adopt my daughter and I? xoxoxo

stef on

Shame on you pathetic twits for making such horrific comments. You have NO CLUE how long Elton or ANYONE for that matter has left to live. You could all drop dead tomorrow at young ages and leave your own children motherless while Elton lives on another couple of decades.

And for God’s sake, those whining about same sex couples having children, I have news for you. It’s 2013. Time to catch up to the rest of the world. Families come in all shapes, sizes, orientations, colors, etc. It must get exhausting for you to carry so much hatred around for others.

LOL! on

Congratulations to them on the birth of their second child, always and exciting and joyful time! Elton John should take great comfort in knowing that because of him and others who’ve endured so much for what so many take for granted that those of us with a mind and a heart welcome loving families, no matter how they’re comprised. And People Magazine, you could make the world a better place by not posting hateful, homophobic comments.

jaintn on

I see there are a lot of bigoted creeps (faux Christians) making their despicable remarks on here. If there is any kind of final reckoning for the way you’ve conducted yourself and your life, you homophobic nimrods are going to be in a world of hurt and frankly, it’s no less than you deserve.

The judgmental BS in the name of religion is sickening at best and gross at worst. I can’t imagine why on earth someone would literally CHOOSE to be a worthless black hearted bigot because something written eons ago by people who barely had the wheel tells you to. What a waste of what was probably once a functioning brain and now is nothing but a cell pool of mush splashing around in your empty heads.

Anonymous on

Congrats. I love how their sons have such biblical names. Nice nose thumbing!

Kim on

Poor kids for sure..no mommy to nurture them..yes fathers can nurture but it’s not the same…yes they have all the money in the world but you cannot replace a mother. How sad that these kids’ parents are so old that the other kids at school will think it’s their grandfathers. Very selfish and indulgent to the extreme..kids are not play toys for your amusement. THis is pathetic on so many levels.

sandy kessler on

adding more meaning to their lives ..excellent

Paulo Anozie on

These people are sick and refuse to admit that they are sick. Where’s the doctor!

kim on

very hapy for them

One Two on


carol on

Sooo, what are the odds this new baby will grow up to lead a NORMAL healthy life??? NONE !!!

DDG on

This is just wrong! Bibically speaking, “Hate the sin; not the sinner.” Wrong, wrong, wrong…

Amy on

To all of the people condemning the mother for “selling” her baby……she was a carrier for the child, providing a service voluntarily. Some people believe that is a selfless gift. My two children are adopted and loved absolutely no differently than if I had carried them myself. My niece was born through a gestational surrogate. These women do not “sell their babies”. They try to help people who are not able to have babies for whatever reason. Our sons’ bolological mother made her decisions in their best interests. Please don’t make these women out to be evil. I don’t personally agree in gay couples parenting, but it’s not up to me to decide……..

Mom on

I am all about gay rights. If I were them, I would not hid anything. I would let the child who his mother is. I would be open about it. no secret, it is up the child and mother to have any contacts or not. but that is their choise

Kim on

It’s fine to be for “gay rights” but at what cost and what about the children’s rights to have a normal mother? SMFH

Brian on

While I congratulate them, I have to question the decision to have children at such an advanced age. It seems a bit selfish to me.

kate on

EW shut up. like seriously. why does every feel the need to critique them as if it will change anything? you’re not happy with it so they’ll just give back their children? Those two boys have two parents who love them, not to mention they’ll be set financially forever, and that’s why they had two, so they’d each have someone to turn to and rely on growing up. People are so ignorant and closed minded.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Congrats and many blessings on the new addition to the Furnish-John family.

Love is what makes a family!!!

Rusty on

To everyone who says becoming a parent at 65 is selfish… Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born. Apparently God approved.

A child is a blessing. period. Both boys will be loved and spoiled.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to this loving, stable and yes, normal couple…They deserve nothing but happines… Enjoy your babies, they grow up way too fast…

Tammy on

I’m very happy it’s becoming easier for gay and lesbian couples to adopt and I hope in the future it gets even easier. BUT, gay or not, I wish people would consider their age when adopting or procreating. Is it fair to the child to grow up with elderly parents or lose them at a young age?

Michele on

Congratulations to this wonderful, loving and LONG TERM couple…There dosent have to be a mom involved for the boys to grow up happy and well adjusted.. This couple has been together longer than most “tradional” couples.. I wish them nothing but happiness with their boys…Enjoy your babies, they grow up way too fast

jessicad on

I’m happy for them, congrats! and people can be as negative as they want and spew their hatred, but think about how many announcements and articles we’ve seen lately with children born to or adopted by gay people, it’s a sign that things are changing and finally going in the right direction!

Also, think of the children, were you born straight or did you choose to be that way? Your anger says you chose to be straight and you really aren’t happy about it….

disunflower on

The ignorance of some people astounds me …believe it or not young people who have children may also die! Elton and David not only have the means to give their children anything their hear’ts desire but also prepared for ‘parenting’ with all the love it takes to be wonderful Fathers.Incidently David is much younger and I’m sure they have plans for the chjildren’s future! May God bless them with wonderful family memories. CONGRATS!!! * Any child who is wanted is a lucky child!


To “think of the children”

Wow you should NEVER have children, you keep talking about children being ripped away from their mothers at birth it is call adoption and it happens EVERYDAY in this country. The unfortunate truth is to many people have babies and are not parental materal and they murder their children but that must be ok with you because they are with the REAL mother and if they are lucky a father. I have 2 grown kids and they were the joy off my life but they were my kids at my time choice because my 1st baby a son I gave up for adoption to a family that could take care of him, at 19 I WAS NOT READY TO BE THE MOTHER I WANTED TO BE but with your theory my child was ripped away from me could not be further from the truth because of MY choice my 2 kids grew up in an enviroment that was productive my son is a college grad and working full time and my daughter is a 4th year in college. All 3 of my children were born with the same man but we were NOT married and NOT ready to be parents. Please do NOT judge anothers lifestyle because you dont agree with it, it is WRONG.

And for those saying he is to old the Elton of old was not in the state of mind to be a parent, their children are NOT arm candy I dont know about anyone else but very rarely do you see public pictures of their son they are a family and are trying to raise their son as normally as possible.

To Elton and David CONGRATULATIONS of the birth of YOUR son I am sure you are great parents you can see the love you have for each other and that can only pass to your children unlike the hate some people spat all over the place and no doubt are sharing with and poisoning their childrens brains with.

Katrina on

Congratulations! You two deserve all the happiness in the world!

B.J. (the girl) on

I’m so happy for Elton! I love that the second middle names for both boys are Elton songs — Levon and Daniel!

To everyone worried about the kids — I’m sure they’ll be just fine! Go ask mentally disturbed individuals, or lonely adults, depressed, whatever… And I’ll bet their parents are all straight. How do you explain that?

michelle feeley on

How wonderful.. you are such a good and loving man Im sure your sons will be blessed .. and I know they will face difficulties ,but thru your humble career you have always taught tolerance to the multitudes. it will pass on. and your sons will enlighten the world with what your family teaches. much love



You have been my idol forever. You are the best.

I feel your joy. Every individual has to do what is right for them.Who are we to censor your life? We must not forget these words: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness.

Schools days will be intense due to fame, love to see that. If you need help, just ring me. lol

rrtrack on

It’s disgusting to bring children into the world when you are that old. Not fair to the children either. How are they going to feel with a 80 something year old dad at their baseball games? Not to mention he will die when they are still young, and that isn’t how life is supposed to be. Completely and utterly selfish.

ellen brandon on

im so happy for you Sir Elton and David u will do a great job I know u guys r wonderful,loving parents could not of happened 2 better people!!!! I have been ur mumber 1 fan since I was 11now im 45 and still cant never get enough of you Elton!!! I have never seen u in concert, but hope u come 2 florida soon so I can, im sick and have not a lot of time left so plz come to florida!!!!!!

Anonymous on

I am very happy for these two. I think all children need is love and stability. I am married to an older man he was 58 when we had our child and I could not ask for a better father. He is a wonderful father, with him being older he has so much more patience and we seem to be more of a priority and not that that means younger men don’t but I think with age you put life in perspective of what’s important and what’s not and I think the younger we are the more we forget what is really important. Family and Love.

Chana on

That crazy “Christian” troll is so sad — what a life it must be, to be so filled with vitriol. Someone that angry and hateful must be feeling pretty awful inside. But I’m not really commenting to respond to her; rather, I’d like to respond to those who say that Elton John is too old to be having children. I would have said the same thing at one point, I’m sure. But my husband died recently at age 38. We have four young children. So there’s no guarantee in life, nor is the loss of a parent the end of the child’s life — I hope that my children will go on living happy and joyful lives, despite missing their father. I certainly don’t think that if you asked them if they’d rather not have been *born*, they’d said “yes, because my father died when I was little.” Elton John and his partner may live to be 100, or may die tomorrow in a plane crash. Either way, I’m sure they’ve made arrangements for a strong support system for their children.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Sense of Entitlement is not confined to Americans…this proves it. Selfish, egocentric, narcissistic. I have friends who experienced Elton’s b!tch fits and they said there is NOTHING meaner than an angry queen. He threw a queen-sized tantrum over the wrong edible flowers on his cake…can you imagine what those little boys will see? What Elton wants, Elton gets…everyone else be damned. P!ss-poor excuse for a parent…he and his boy toy.

CM on

This is always lovely news and I wish them all the best – I have to say though that the first thing I did is do the math on age. I hope I am wrong and I know life can end at any moment, but assuming a normal life-expectancy, it makes me sad knowing from day-one that the child will most likely lose at least one their parents as teenager.

Kathy on

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your growing family. I love the name too! My daughter was going to be Elijah if she had been born a boy. Instead I named her Harmony after one of my favorite songs!

Linda on

congrats on the new addition to your family, many blessings for all of you, he’s a lucky little guy as is his brother to have 2 wonderul parents.

mt on

There is no such thing as a homosexual lifestyle, just like there is no heterosexual lifestyle. People are born who they are. It is not a choice. Style involves picking and choosing.

Rhonda on

I don’t condone homosexuality, but if their children are loved and taken care of then I can’t say anything bad about Elton wanting to be a parent.

Sonya on

Do you guys not understand what a surrogate is? You take an egg from a woman and combine it with sperm and put it in another woman. Their surrogate is not the child’s mother. The woman’s whose egg these two men used probably has sold her eggs to others as well. I just wish everyone could shut up and get over their homophobic tendencies and understand that it doesn’t matter whether these two boys have two fathers. They will be well loved and that’s all that really matters.

Tracy on

I don’t care how old they are and I don’t really care that they are gay. But what I don’t get is how that mother could sell her baby. How are they going to explain that to their boys?

W on

Potential negative psychological effects of these human experiments on those children have not really been studied – the separation from the temporary mother figure right after birth could be traumatic as well as the (legal and practical) non-existence of a female mother figure later. Everybody has the right and usually also the wish to know where they came (biologically) from – I hope for these children that they will later be able to meet the egg donor and the surrogate.

I suggest reading “Brave new world”, a really great book.

W on

Everybody should just really try for a minute to imagine being the child in this scenario and then reconsider their opinion.

After growing inside a woman for nine months (being familiar only to her voice, smell, everything every day) you will definately consider her as your mommy, because you don’t care about genetics. You – like every human baby – born into a unknown outside world will naturally want to stay with your mother. How will you feel when you will handed over to strangers at this point instead of cuddling to your mommy. Later in school most children will have a mother – you won’t – would you chose this again or prefer to be normal like most kids do at a young age. Later you will probably wonder about your biological mother: “What is she like?”, “What do we have in common?” “Does she care abot me or does she not know that I even exist?” “Will I be allowed to find out who she is and even meet her?” “Will she want to meet me – or was I just a business deal?” “Do I have half-siblings somewhere out there?”

Whysomad on

@ThinkOfTheChildren Why are saying this as if they are the only people who raise children without a biological mother or father. Do you troll this hard on single mothers.

Towanda on

The rantings from the “Think of the children” posts sound an awful lot like one of those Westboro Baptist Church idiots don’t they?

Carolyn on

What? Do you really have peace down deep in your soul? At night can you really feel peace? All those sad songs you have written and good ones at that… is there any peace in your heart and mind when you are alone , by yourself. God when he died on the cross for our sins.. and we accept him as our Lord and Savior he alone takes away our sins… and gives us peace.. that is unexplainable..

Eva on

Congratulation for both of you. It’s a special momment, doesn’t matter if you ‘re gay or not. Children are special.

Nobody business is what name they gave them.

Be happy! Life is too short. Enjoy.

ellen brandon on

I”m So Happy for the both of you!!!1 sir ekton and david will be and are great parents!!! Dont worry about what people think, its your life and are free to live it as you choose!!! by the way BIGGEST AND #1 FAN FOREVER , IF IM HAVING A BAD DAY I JUST PUG U IN AND IM GOOD!!!!! I HOPE U COME TO TAMPA FLORIDA SOON,ITS MY DYING WISH 2 SEE U LIVE I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU, SO IF U CAN PLZ IM TERMINALY ILL AND WISH TO SEE U !!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

nina on

This is soooo sickening.In case you do not understand how sick this is..you are already deeply sick as a human being.

nina on

This is soooo sickening.In case you do not understand how sick this is..you are already deeply sick as a human being.