Busy Philipps: Why I Announced My Pregnancy on Twitter

01/15/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps definitely didn’t go to town with her pregnancy announcement.

Passing on the popular phrases and official statements, the Cougar Town star decided to downsize her reveal, taking to Twitter to share that she and husband Marc Silverstein were expecting another baby.

“I just wanted it to come directly from me in my voice. I always hate those celebrity statements that are like, ‘We are so over the moon and overjoyed,'” the actress, 33, shares during an appearance on Anderson Live airing Wednesday.

“I just wanted to be like, ‘So this happened, it’s life guys. I am a woman, I am married, I have a kid, I am going to have another one, I’m pregnant.'”

But skipping the sweet sayings doesn’t mean Philipps isn’t completely ecstatic over expanding her family further.

“All of that goes without saying. Of course it’s a blessing, of course I am overjoyed,” she explains. “It sounds so lame when I read it in print, so this happened — I am pregnant. Let’s move along.”

Busy Philipps: Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements
Courtesy Anderson Live

Until baby arrives, the mom-to-be is busy living up to her name with daughter Birdie Leigh, 4. Taking a laid back approach to raising her children — under certain conditions! — Philipps jokes her parenting plan recently took an unexpected turn after a trip to Mexico.

“My parenting theory is you can wear whatever you want. I don’t care as long as [Birdie’s] going to get good grades at some point — she’s in preschool now — and be a decent human being,” she says.

“So she picks out her own clothes and she found this dress in the gift shop in Mexico. This really unattractive strapless dress, but she’s 4, and it just kept sliding down. She would yank it up and it would slide down.”

When Birdie decided to wear the dress to dinner on New Year’s Eve, even a sudden wardrobe malfunction couldn’t throw the funny girl’s daughter for a loop.

“We look over and it’s around her waist and she goes, ‘Whoa, no one wants to see boobs at a fancy restaurant,'” Philipps recalls. “But the craziest thing is — this is like only my kid — there was a perfect beat and she was like, ‘Just kidding! This isn’t a fancy restaurant.'”

But it’s Philipps who got the last laugh when she recently borrowed some inspiration from Birdie’s day camp to rework the bedtime routine.

“Every day these little girls went on these fairy hunts and would come home with these stories and their eyes would light up with the magic of the world. I, of course, wanted to know how to exploit that as a parent,” she jokes. “So I decided that the fairies would leave her little notes in the morning rewarding her good behavior. And she tells her friends my fairies came to the house and left me a note.”

And while Philipps is proud of her plan, all bets are off when Birdie learns to read.

“I didn’t even know how to spell fairies and I added the ‘i’ in. She’s going to get older and be like, ‘Wait a minute,'” she says, sharing a snapshot of her note.

— Anya Leon

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Emily on

Reading this feels like having a conversation with a 5 year old.

RKF on

It’s amazing how an adult doesn’t know how to spell, “fairies”, yet she can memorize a multitude of lines for television. I like how she’s laid-back and doesn’t take herself so seriously, but she seems like an airhead.

Anonymous on

Next time you correct someone’s spelling you should at least make sure that you are correct, RKF. “Fairies” is indeed the correct plural spelling of Fairy. I’m just saying.

Anonymous on

Next time you correct someones post you should read the entire article. Busy admitted to not being able to spell fairies and having to add in the “i” afterwards.

Paige on

I love her as Kim in Freaks and Geeks! Congratulations to her on the pregnancy.

Keis on

I don’t know why people hate her, she’s an absolute breath of fresh air to some of these too serious folk featured here. Not everyone can be as smart as you think they should (what is that even randoms have standards of intelligence for people they don’t know?). She’s well-adjusted and funny.

tieraney on

She’s great! Love her on Cougar Town.

beckigervin on

Oh my goodness, watching this video made me love Busy even more! Love her on Cougar Town, she’s hilarious.

joanne on

Twitpic of a pregnancy test !! Tacky beyond words

Erin on

I think the self-indulgence of “we’re expecting” photo shoots and announcements from managers is tacky.

Isabel on

Love her!

Yes, RKF, how terrible of her that she made a spelling error! I doubt anything like that’s ever happened before.

Courtney on

You bitches need to shut the fuck up. There is a difference between having a opinion and being a bitch.This is my 2nd time on this blog, and it seems like a few of you traded in your SAHM status for a 24/7 bash fest-on a few celeb post.Spend more time fixing your problems than you do bashing someone else for theirs.

meme on

Agreed Courtney!!!

sf on






poohtattoo on


Anonymous on

I love her stories and her philosphy about dressing. As long as it’s weather and occasion approprite (for example, a spiderman costume is perfectly fine for at home, a walk, or even the grocery store. But church? Not so much!), who cares!

What caught my eye most about this story though is that apparently they sell strapless dresses for four-year-olds (at least in Mexico)! I don’t know why society has such a problem with letting little kids be little kids these days!

CCEx on

She’s fabulous and she’s spot on.

K Anderson on

Loved her on Freaks and Geeks. Hate Cougar Town, but I loved her guest spot on Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. But I hate this I’ll let my kid do whatever they want as long as they turn out to be a decent person parenting. Um….they don’t just pop put that way. You have to PARENT them in to being a decent person, and that means making decisions for your child. Such as “no” to an ugly, inappropriate, strapless dress that your kid is wearing around her waist in a restaurant on New Years Eve. Sounds like Birdie is Suri-lite. She makes the decisions.

Anonymous on

K Anderson- And where did Busy say that she lets Birdie do whatever she wants? All she said was that she allows her to choose her own clothes (presumably as long as they’re weather approprite!).

For all we know, she is a very strict parent otherwise!