BumpWatch: Malin Akerman’s Peek-a-Blue Glow

01/14/2013 at 12:30 PM ET

Golden Gloves: Malin Akerman In Blue Lace
All Access Photo/Splash News Online

Is Malin Akerman dropping hints?

Although the actress has kept mum about the sex of her baby (she and husband Roberto Zincone know but are staying quiet), the mom-to-be — and her bump! — graced the red carpet at InStyle‘s Golden Globes after-party in a light blue lace gown by Alberta Ferretti.

Due in April, Akerman, 34, didn’t comment on the color choice, but was more than happy to share a photo of the v-neck, open-backed dress with fans.

“Brought my baby to the InStyle party last night,” she Tweeted Monday morning after her stylish night out.

Maybe we’ll find out what she’s expecting soon — after all, the actress did have a hard time keeping her pregnancy news to herself.

“I’m just so excited that I can actually talk about it. It was tough to keep a secret,” she told E! Online.

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Shawna on

What an incredibly ridiculous article! Lots of people wear blue dresses, it’s one of the most popular colours. Even if she is having a boy I highly doubt she chose a blue dress as a way to announce the gender.

Bree on


I think I wore pink once durring my pregnancy with my daughter and that had nothing to do with trying to “throw people off” it had to do with the fact that I am just not a pink girly person. My friend however wore nothing but pink with every single pregnancy (Two boys and girl) because that is who she is.

This article is beyond insane!!

Katrina on

Blue dresses are a good choice for blonde haired blue eyed people. Childish much People?

chelsea on

agree with shawna…this article is pointless!

CanadaGurl on

OMG, what an idiot the writer is!!

duh on

Blue dress. Must be a boy. If it was green would it be a martian? Desperate for news I guess.

nic on

Nope she hinted that she looks good in blue. Slow news day?

kim on

she looks amazing =)

Barbra on


Since when did the color of the expectant mother’s outfit become indication of the sex of the baby?!?! I’m dumbfounded.

Does this mean that if she wore a black and white dress, she’s expecting a raccoon?

susan on

Does anyone care!

Tiffany on

ha, I read and re-read the article wondering where she might have said “he” when referring to the baby…I highly doubt that her dress is saying she’s having a boy. It’s a pretty color and looks good on her. Matches her eyes.

Amy on

Hahaha…breaking news, Kim Kartrashian took a crap. Really People, really?

Charli on

Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

Megan on

Or more likely, PEOPLE knows it’s a boy and this is their way of sharing the news. This story is unlike what’s usually on the site, I’m sure there’s some purpose behind it.

Frida on

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

gyl on

This is a super cheesy story, but during my third pregnancy I found out the baby’s gender because I had two girls and was hoping to get rid of the pink clothes or sort them again. I recall wearing a blue shirt to work and my friends immediately knew it was a boy.

skye on

Oooo that’s a good idea. I’m gonna start wearing black and white striped shirts to work and maybe people will think I’m having a zebra!

Anonymous on

Megan- You may be right. They’ve done a similar thing with pregnancy rumors before (done articles about rumors about a celeb being pregnant and then having the rumors prove true shortly thereafter), so I wouldn’t be too surprised. 🙂

But anyway, she looks great, and as far as what she’s having, I’m betting it’s a baby! 😉

Cassie on

Dumb article.. But I think we can all agree that she looks amazing!!

Guest on

Stupid article People..what if she wore an orange dress? Would you say she was carrying an Oompa Loompa?

L.A. on

Pretty lady! I have never seen or heard of her before!

Cindy on

Just have a healthy baby!

Kelly on

Talk about a slow news day! This writer clearly missed the memo that people w/blonde hair and blue eyes look good in blue