What Kristen Bell Really Wanted to Wear to the Golden Globes

01/13/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Golden Globes: Kristen Bell Really Wanted to Wear
Trae Patton/NBC/NBC/Getty

As new mamas were wowing in sexy ensembles at the Golden Globes Sunday, an expectant Kristen Bell brought a touch of sweetness to the red carpet.

Smiling on the arm of fiancé Dax Shepard, the House of Lies star — who was on hand to present — swathed her budding belly in a lilac silk-chiffon empire dress, featuring a detailed beaded bodice and flowing train, from Jenny Packham‘s spring/summer 2013 Catwalk collection.

Bell, 32, who opted for a ponytail with soft locks framing her face, complemented her pretty floor-length frock with a coordinated satin clutch and small teardrop diamond earrings.

“I wanted to do a midriff, just top and then a bottom — like a super low-slung bottom,” Bell, who also contemplated wearing a bullseye on her bump, jokingly told PEOPLE.

“In other years, not being pregnant, I’ve played with a bikini top for the Golden Globes, but no one supports it.”

And while Bell and Parenthood star Shepard, 38, weren’t officially up for any awards, the mom-to-be joked the couple could have easily earned an accolade for most affectionate.

“Wish us luck on our nomination for most PDA!” she Tweeted, sharing a snapshot of the pair cozying up with a kiss while on their way to the show.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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cynthia on

Seems either I’m getting older or this ‘trend’ of Hollywood types having babies (multiples) while engaged for years is out-of-control. If you love each other to have a family, then be mature enough to have a wedding. It’s not disapproval, but studies have found kids feel much more secure when parents marry and always anxious when they are not – even if the marriage ends in divorce the kids feel better. Something about feeling the parent who left never cared enough from day one…..

Beth on

That dress would have been really cute with out that top part. It is so matronly! Far to old for her.

valeskas on

Love that couple and loved her dress. And to Cynthia, its better to have good parents, then married parents, who abuse their kids. So Cynthia, get over it.

Denise S. on

Cynthia – I agree with you. If you love it – put a ring on it! Not just an engagement ring but a wedding ring!

tammie on

I agree with Cynthia.

Denise S. on

Valeskas – plenty of non married parents beat their kids, lock them in cages, murder them and hide the bodies. You must have kids and no husband I’m assuming.

Morals don’t change just because society does. Read your Bible once in awhile.

tammie on

I couldnt agree more Denise. It may be accepted by society today,but is never acceptable based on the word of God.

Marianne on

@Cynthia : They have stated before that they are waiting to get married until all of their gay friends can legally get married, which I think is nice. Besides, i rather have parents that loved me but weren’t married then parents who were married but abused me.

Tiffany on

Marriage doesn’t secure anything. That’s why the divorce rate is so high. I am sure children will feel even more secure in a happy household where the parents love each other.

And yes I have kids and yes I am married.

Ini on

Cynthia, what you say is nonsense. I believe these children will be happier than yours, given you are so judgmental.

Lauren on

@cynthia – it’s not a ‘trend’ but rather a personal choice. “even if the marriage ends in divorce kids feel better”??? are you serious? where did u get this stellar fact?

Melissa on

Marriage in no way makes a relationship any more secure…a loving caring relationship is just that, with or without a piece of paper and a ring…I grew up with married parents that hated each other but stayed married because they believed it was the moral ethical thing to do, making us all miserable. Kids not only need to feel loved they need to see love.

jojo on

They have announced before that they will not get married until everyone that wants to be married can be. She said they see no point in having a celebration that only 60% of their invited guests can also participate in. Good for them. And Cynthia- you’re study is either made up by you or completely false bc as a psyc. student, I can tell you otherwise.

Tina on

I think the dress is pretty. I get tired of pregnant celebs dressing as though they’re not pregnant, in skin tight outfits. It was refreshing to see a pregnant woman looking sweet.

Tams on

I agree with Cynthia but understand why this couple is waiting for marriage. It’s a personal choice. And for people who say marriage is a piece of paper that is not entirely true. With a marriage, you are pledging to the people around you that you love this person and intend to be with them through thick and thin. My husband actually told me he felt a new level of commitment once we were married. I, on the other hand didn’t but felt it was really important to be married for when we had children. It just shows that I loved your mom/dad enough to make the ultimate to her/him and you.

Mikaylah on

You can be committed to being a family without a marriage license. Children don’t care about the titles “husband” and “wife”, all they care about is having loving parents. Dax and Kristen are obviously committed to each other, and I’m sure they’ll be wonderful parents.

klutzy_girl on

What is with all the people saying married parents abuse their children? Not true.

It’s sad to see so many people bash an institution that they have no experience in. Try and you just might change your tune about it. To be negative to make your situation sound better is quite odd. Sure 5)5 are divorced, but that means 50% are still married. Try being less cynical and see the positive side in it as opposed to being negative right off the bat.

CCEx on

God is pretend, like Santa, so it doesn’t matter.

sgtmian on

exactly, who gives a shit what santa/god thinks about marriage? he’s a figment of your imagination anyway.

what a lucky kid to have them as parents, these two know how to enjoy life. such a cute couple.

Laura on

Love this couple – couldn’t care less if they’re married or not!

Mallory on

To Cynthia to me anymore weddings are all about putting on a show all look at how much money i can spend on flowers and a dress and at how big a party I can throw. I truly believe two people can be committed without a party and a piece of paper from the government. Also I understand that kids are more aware of things like that then I was when I was a kid (I’m only 30) but I can’t say that I’d of even noticed if my parents weren’t married, like am I going to ask for proof?, or it would have effected me but I’m strange and can’t even figure out why I think/believe something most of the time

meghan on

Their gay marriage excuse is a total crock. You don’t want to marry, fine, but don’t BS people.

Kristin on

Why would you call it a “total crock,” meghan? They have both spoken about this many times, and this is a cause that’s very important to both of them. Kristen Bell is very much involved in many political and social causes, including marriage equality. They are obviously very committed to each other, and they wouldn’t have gotten engaged in the first place if they never intended to marry. There is no reason to doubt their reasons for not wanting to marry right now (not that it’s anyone’s business, anyway).

guest on

I think it is a crock too. If you don’t wantto get married just say it. I do not care for the Hollywood trend babies before marriage or in many cases instead of marriage. Marriage is not just a piece of paper. Lets see you try and make medical decisions for your dying baby’s daddy. You have no legal say in any of it… you are not married. We won’t even talk about if he dies- you are a no body. Because common law wives do not exisist in most states anymore.Hopefully you were smart and cosigned your names on everything. Because everything his name is on and yours is not is gone. Even his social security is not available to you. That just a piece a paper makes a real difference sometimes….

Anonymous on

Kristin- Good point! Why would they have gotten engaged if they didn’t want to get married? And why is it so hard for people to believe that a couple really wants to wait until everyone has the right to marry before they do so?

guest- Trust me, there are definitely ways to ensure you can make decisions for an ailing person without being married to them. I know this because I’ve actually seen it happen to some of my family members.

Anyway, Kristin looks great! She also looks tiny for being so far along (the article announcing the pregnancy says she’s due in late spring!).

Lis on

I’m annoyed with this “trend” too. And I think the divorce rate is so high, and SKEWED due to all these hollywood trainwrecks, hillbillies, ghetto and lower class people who get married and divorced multiple times. Within my family and friends and community I’m from, the divorce rate is probably only about 10%…if that…

I truly think it’s sad when people put THEIR needs/wants in front of their child’s. Cynthia and Denise are right: it IS best for children to be raised by committed, MARRIED parents (in a loving environment of course, that goes without saying)…

Melissa on

I was raised by 2 parents that put the needs of us kids first they were committed to each other and raising us as a family but they were miserable and hated one another. They divorced when all us kids reached adulthood and brought relief to their kids. I was raised by parents that loved us dearly but we never saw love between them. I said it before married, not married, non of that should matter as long as the kids are seeing and feeling love. I am and have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 20 years and we have 4 kids but its our love that keeps us bonded not my rings or marriage license. If the love ends no paper or ring will hold a couple together.

Dorie on

I agree with you Cynthia.

“They have stated before that they are waiting to get married until all of their gay friends can legally get married, which I think is nice.”

Such a copout!! Just like Angelina & Brad. Please. Do what’s BEST for your own family.

Anonymous on

Dorie- And maybe waiting until everyone can legally marry IS what’s best for their family! Also, talking about other celebs that have said they’re waiting until gays can marry…I don’t think they’re using it as a copout.

Rather, if they don’t honestly mean it, I think they use it as a polite way of saying “It’s none of your beeswax when/if we’re going to get married!” to the media.

Kristin on

I just really don’t understand why people question their motives on this. What reason do they have to lie about it? As many of you have pointed out, non-married couples, notably in Hollywood, have kids all the time. They don’t need to make excuses. There is no reason for them to lie about this (particularly when their words could be so easily used against them if they don’t follow through with this).

If you don’t agree with their reason for not getting married, that’s fine, but I don’t understand why their frequently and consistently stated stance for 3 years on this is being questioned. Why is it so hard to understand that there are people who have made this decision because they see it as an act of solidarity with the gay community? The daughter of a family friend of mine has been engaged for nearly 3 years for the same reason. Again, that’s fine if you don’t see it that way, or if you see this as pointless, or if you don’t agree with this stance, but that doesn’t mean that their reasons aren’t genuine.

Anyway, I am very happy for them! I have been a fan of Kristen Bell’s since Veronica Mars, and Dax seems like a great guy.

Jenny on

Your so clueless …They are engaged first off secondly they feel very strongly that they should not get married if same sex couples cant-they compliment each other and have more love for each other than most couples -married or not -any child would be lucky to have them as parents – Congrats !!!