Adele: Sharing My Son’s Name Is Too Personal

01/13/2013 at 11:00 PM ET

Golden Globes: Adele: Sharing My Son's Name Is Too Personal

What started as a mom’s night out ended on a high note for Adele, who won Best Original Song for the Skyfall title track at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

“Honestly I came for a night out with my friend Ayda, we’re new mums. I was not expecting this. Thank you so much,” the songstress, 24, said while on stage accepting her award.

“This is for my boyfriend Simon [Konecki] who convinced me to do it and my lovely son. Thank you so much.”

Talking to reporters backstage following her big win, the Grammy award winner admitted that while agreeing to lend her voice to the song proved to be a success, the decision didn’t come easily.

“It is a huge responsibility and a lot of pressure. That movie was huge,” she explains. “And I was pregnant. I had my child about two weeks before the film came out. So it was bad timing.”

But now with her golden statue in hand, Adele can return to tending to her baby boy — and her hardworking hands.

“I am exhausted, that’s how [motherhood] changed me. I have eczema from boiling bottles,” she says, before adding she isn’t willing to spill too much about her son.

“I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me,” she explains. “I am enjoying him on my own.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Dahvi Shira

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pinklily on

I am sure someone will bash her, but I applaud her for protecting and keeping her personal life as private as possible.

Just my 2 cents on

Considering all the hate and horrible things said to her about her son, I am not at all suprised that she does not want to share his name or anything about him for the safety of him.

Anonymous on

Just my 2 cents- I agree! Also, Adele, if you’re reading this, you don’t have to boil bottles all the time. From what I’ve read, it’s only neccesary after you first buy them. Then running them through the dishwasher will suffice. And I’m sorry you didn’t have success with breastfeeding.

??? on

Why are you sorry? Does she have to breastfeed? I’m tired of all the judgement for non breastfeeders. Maybe she is supplementing, pumping and feeding or maybe it is due to health reasons. Either way it is none of your business and making comments like “sorry you were not successful” will only add to a mother’s guilt. Whatever the circumstances it is her choice, just like keeping the name private. And by the way, boiling is the safest way to keeping bottles sterilized without microwave radiation and dishwasher is not good for all bottle types as it can wear down plastic or be too hot for glass. Also, do you seriously think Adele would read this. Just saying…

Ash on

She could be pumping… Regardless she can feed her baby what she and their doctor feels is best.

Brenda on

Good for Adele, she is great! Go girl

Texgal on

Good for you Adele! People have a right to privacy and if she doesn’t want to share that, that that is her business. I congratulate her on the birth and being so protective of her child.

Lady on

As much as I want to know what she named her son, I respect her for not selling him off to the highest bidder like most. She looks gorgeous & happy. I’m so glad she won, the sour puss look on Taylor’s face made it that much sweeter!

Shannon on

Good for her! She has every right to protect her child!

valeskas on

It was a nice way of telling the reporters to buzz off, its between her and her significant other and none of our business.

Anonymous on

I have to agree it is nice that she keeps her baby boy all to herself, not selling his pictures etc. though I guess not sharing his name is kind o pointless, sooner or later she will call him on the street and people will know, it is not very easy to keep to yourself (I guess Carrie Anne Moss has never mentioned neither one of her kids’ names but anyway everybody knows) but hey, good for her, at least she can protect him now!

Meep on

After all the hateful remarks said here when her pregnancy was announced (and all the negative stuff everywhere else) that I’m sure she came across at one point; I wouldn’t think that most people ‘deserve’ to know her personal business, including her son’s name. I happen to love Adele and I am very happy for her!

Hea on

Good for her and the track is amazing. A well deserved win!

Rachel on

I love how anytime a new mom mentions bottles that automatically equals she doesn’t breastfeed… sigh. There is such thing as pumping and plenty of mothers have to *or simply want to* do it 😉

That said, if she isn’t breastfeeding, it’s none of your business.

LA Shark on

Is Ayda the wife of Robbie Williams?

Brenda on

Yes Ayda is the wife of Robbie Williams! Cute couple

dsfg on

??? I agree!

Why say sorry she wasn’t successful breastfeeding? Maybe she never even tried to breastfeed. Maybe she tried breastfeeding, was successful, but decided she didn’t want to do it. Maybe she pumps, or maybe she breastfeeds and formula feeds.

Cammy on

It’s her prerogative. Her son isn’t in the entertainment business, and has no say. So if she doesn’t want to share his name, that’s her business.

Anonymous on

I’m the one who made the original breastfeeding comment, and I said I was sorry because I am. I know how awful women tend to feel when they try to breastfeed and can’t, and if that was the case with Adele, then I feel bad for her!

I probably should have explained that in my initial comment, though, and added that of course I support her if it was her choice not to breastfeed, or if she’s supplementing or pumping. Sorry for the confusion!

Also, to the poster who asked if I honestly think Adele is reading this…it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Other celebs have read this site before (and commented on it!). Heck, some even blog for it! 🙂

Chloe on

You go Adele! You shouldn’t have to tell the world one peep about your baby if you don’t want to. And congrats on the win!!

katty on

good for her! she is simply protecting her son. it’s refreshing to see a celebrity mom who actually does not exploit their child and sell pictures of a 3 week old to a magazine for millions of dollars. a child has a bond with a mother that is fiercely meant to be private. and if withholding her son’s name means protecting that bond, then so be it.

it’s nice to see someone who cares to keep their child out of the limelight so they can grow up to function like a regular person. no offense to katie or tom, but suri will never have a normal life. she will never grow up to do any normal things like going to get ice cream with her friends or having a personal facebook or twitter because her parents exploited her and exposed her so young. in my honest opinion, she will be 13 years old one day – and want to do things with her friends or just by herself without thousands/millions of people commenting or witnessing what she is doing.

lovely123 on

What’s the big deal with a child’s name? There are plenty of parents out there that say their kid’s name.

lovely123 on

I wonder if she name him Bond, James Bond.

Anonymous on

lovely123- But a lot of them also aren’t celebs. Adele is, and by not sharing her son’s name, she’s protecting his privacy.

katty- While I agree with a lot of what you said, I see no reason why Suri won’t be able to do things alone with her friends when she’s older if she so chooses.

Brad and Angelina, who are even more watched and followed than Tom and Katie (although lately they seem to have found away to stay mostly out of the public eye), have said multiple times that their kids have done things with their friends without them present (for example, Angie once said that when the kids go to places like Six Flags, they go with with friends so that they can avoid the media frenzy that would almost certainly insue if she and Brad took them).

So if the Jolie-Pitt things can do “regular” kid stuff with their friends, so can Suri! 🙂