Jennie Finch Welcomes Daughter Paisley Faye

01/12/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Jennie Finch‘s daughter has arrived!

The Olympic softball star and husband Casey Daigle welcomed their third child, Paisley Faye Daigle, in the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 12.

“We are so thrilled to announce the birth of our sweet baby girl,” Finch, 32, tells PEOPLE. “Thank y’all for all the sweet words and love. We are incredibly touched! Our hearts are overflowing.”

Paisley weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz. and joins big brothers Diesel Dean, 18 months, and Ace Shane, 6Β½.

Finch, 32, who has blogged her last twoΒ pregnanciesΒ for, said in October that she was leaning towards a Southern-sounding name for her third child.

“Everyone is expecting something crazy and outrageous with having Ace and Diesel,” she joked at the time.

Jennie Finch Welcomes Daughter Paisley Faye
Courtesy Jennie Finch

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Jennie Finch Welcomes Daughter Paisley Faye
Courtesy Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch Welcomes Daughter Paisley Faye
Courtesy Jennie Finch

— Sarah Michaud

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Karen F. on

I like the name. My youngest niece’s name is Paisley.

Katie on

Love the name! Congrats to Jennie, Casey, Ace, and Diesel!! I’m sure Paisley is beautiful, just like her mother!

RKF on

Wow. They truly pick horrific names for their children. Selfish people.

Mockingbird94 on

Congrats! Not a fan of the name but I’m sure she’ll be loved!!!!

barbara jean on

i have granddaughter paisley so pretty name.

Marky on

This is one of the most precious couples in “celeb world”, and everyone gets to name their own children, so put a sock in the insults! This child will get lots of love and attention from a devoted family and who knows what your little “Ashley” or “Matthew” or whatever name you liked, will think of their name.

Some names have meaning to the family choosing them, and may I remind you of what Jenna von Oy said about the hateful rude statements on this often vicious site regarding Gray’s name? These bloggers DO read the site and comments, and mean, hateful comments on here are no different than the vicious things you said on the playground.

Someone should have taught you better manners then and you should definitely know better now! Your children just wish they could have a mom as nice, caring, and fun as Jennie Finch is! Selfish, RKF? Not even!

Randi on

Agree! Its sad that people worry so much about others! I personally like all the names, but even if i didnt it doesnt affect me and the kids will be fine! Goodness, people! Get a life!

Meg on

just had a baby? she looks great-

Lola on

@Marky…well said! What is more important: what someone names their child, or how they parent (love, care for, etc.) their child? I’ll go with the latter. Those being so nasty and critical really should examine their hearts and get a life.

Maddie on

I Love the name. They seem like such good parents

Tammy on

Dumb name, especially combined with Daigle!

CK on

What kind of dumb name is Tammy!

jessicad on

Jennie looks stunning! Love the name, congrats:)

Sandi on

My 8 year old daughter’s name is Paisley … we love love love the name. Different and sooo pretty !! But I would argue about it being southern. It is actually Scottish.

kristy on

Congrats to this GORGEOUS FAMILY!!!!!!!! Love the name.

Brooklyn on

I actually don’t mind the name. I would probably use it as a middle name and not a first name though!

Anonymous on

Must be a name on the rise as theres 3 in my sons preschool and 1 in my mommy and me class. I like it but would’t call it different as I hear it so often lol

Holiday on

Cute name! And how wonderful that they finally have a little princess!!

Lexi A on

I am a HUGE Jennie Finch fan I idolize her she is the reason I started playing softball and starting pitching. I really wanted her daughter to be born on my birthday which was the 11th.

robinepowell on

Congrats to them and their boys. I wonder if they’ll try for another girl down the road?

Like the names too.

Name on

Gosh,I had the name for my baby picked out almost a year ago only leaked the name once! and now everyone is taking it.

Come on people really!?

Adriane on

She looks amazing for just having a baby. And I love the name! Blessings to them!

Shawna Henderson on

From one UofA girl to another, Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

Samantha Lowry on

Am I the only who HATES the bow they put on this poor newborn? Ughh. So trashy and wierd looking. Paisley is a silly name to go with it! Poor thing!

Kim on

Congrats but the names they’ve chosen for their three kids really grate on me when combined with their surname! Diesel Daigle, Ace Daigle and Paisley Daigle. Something just doesn’t flow and they sound unnatural coming out or something. Either way each to their own she is a gorgeous little bubba who I’m sure will be adored by her two big brothers πŸ™‚

Carol Bishop on

What a doll !!

sunniemonnie on

Cute but diffrent names..for all 3 of their kids…RFK needs to really get back on his/her meds the names are not horrific

Jay on

Paisley is not so bad compared to Diesel and Ace!! She would have been better off with their middles names as their first names.

April on

@Markey…you rock!!! And that is a beautiful name for such a sweet and precious baby that is more than loved by two most adoring parents and two big brothers…no one will ever want to pick on that sweet girl!! Congratulations to that remarkable family!

blessedwithboys on

This woman is so ridiculously beautiful it isn’t even funny! And I like the name Paisley. πŸ™‚

It does make me a wee bit sad to see someone who so obviously has a strong, healthy body all hooked up to monitors to what amounts to a normal biological function.

Carrie on

RFK – a really horrific name is Maxwell Drew Johnson – pick on Jessica Simpson…Paisley is adorable!

Carol on

Not a huge fan on their kids’ names, but each their own. She is a beautiful baby!

As for the person who commented about it makes her sad to see Jennie hooked up to wires, tubes, and monitors has no clue on what might have transpired during her labor and delivery. So unless you actually have some kind of medical background (other than reading a bunch a books), you probably ought to remain silent. “Normal bodily functions” can and do go wrong all the time!

Moni on

Wow that is an IV which is a standard requirment durning labor and delivery people.

maria on

Cute baby. Ugly enormous bow & horrible name. New baby name is worse than both brothers’ names combined!!!

Person1 on

Those are great names of future tattoo artists!

kayla on

People need to keep there mouth shut when it comes to other peoples life!!! We dont juge on ur life or what u named ur kids so just back off!! I LOVE the name and her boys names πŸ™‚

Jo on

That is a horribly redneck name. 😦

Stacey on

Well, Paisley is a step up from Ace and Diesel.

Alecia on

Congrats Jennie and Casey!! She is beautiful!! Ace and Diesel I’m sure will be great big brothers to her!! Love the name too!!

Mary on

Jennie looks great for just giving birth, cute baby, cute name. Not crazy about the bow, too big for a newborn.

Susan on

I’d prefer seeing Jennie without her being all made up

Kristina Erbe on

I absolutely love the name Paisley πŸ™‚ She’s a super cutie too πŸ˜€

Amy on

Oh my gosh, she’s absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

Jayda on

I love the name, especially Faye. She’s gorgeous, not a surprise considering her parents are gorgeous people too.

Lesa on

Congratulations to Jennie on the birth of her baby girl, Paisley. What a sweet name.

Jennie, delete the haters’ comments and block them too.

Dina on

OMG im in love with all three of their names!!! Beautiful choices! Beautiful kids!

librababe on

Aww, I think (right now) their baby girl looks just like mom!

Rachel on

That bow is adorable.

librababe on

And at @Name…umm…sorry other people are using “your” name…but I grew up with a Paisley, who’s about 20-years-old now! So it’s been around.

Bree on

Congrats to the whole family!!

While I am not a personal fan of the name I don’t hate it and I do love that all of their kids have different names that you don’t see every day. Really there were people who were not thrilled with the name we gave our daughter (Elianna) or the way we spelled it but we love the name and it suits the middle names we choose and our last name.

At the end of the day as parents it is our right to name our children whatever we want. Polite people would smile and say congrats and what an unusual name (Or something like that) no one is asking you to name your child Paisly or Maxwell or anything else you don’t like so be polite and be happy for the arrival of a healthy, loved, wanted baby.

AdieBek on

Drip and heart monitor – hope she is doing okay. I really like the name Paisley for her little girl. I think it goes nicely with the rest. Her boys have very masculine names, and paisley is very pretty. Congrats to the whole family.

Ayarukay on

Seriously….who looks that good after having a baby?! Congrats to the Finch-Daigle family!

funtimes on

RFK & Mommy, keep lame opinions to yourself, they aren’t terrible names, they are just different, there’s nothing selfish about that!

mj on

Congrats Finch/Daigle family!!

To all the RUDE comments why can’t we go back to the day when people had RESPECT.. If YOU have NOTHING nice to say then say NOTHING at all…..

vanessa on

Both mom and baby look great! Congrats!

Leslee on

I thought about it for a moment as to whether I would like to be named Paisley. I think I would like it and I suspect this little girl will find a few others with the same name. Glad she made it into the world safely to be a little sister.

K on

I don’t understand why this is entertainment news. Are you guys Sports Illustrated? We don’t come here to read about athletes!! Gorgeous family but…c’mon.

lisa b on

It means Church, and the name is Scottish like someone else here said. I like the name,

Romy on

much better than the boys’ names

Krista on

Is she wearing a paisley birthing gown?! Love it!!

mariac on

What is the big red mark on the baby’s face, above her upper lip?

Paisley on

I love the name choice. My name is Paisley and I have been living with it for 20 years. I loved being the only kid in class with my name unlike the more common names. You also hear lots of comments on how “pretty” and “different” the name is. Haters can hate. Happy to have another Paisley in this world. Congrats to Jennie and her family.

Rosy on

I know three Paisleys through my sons daycare and playdates. I have a feeling that Paisley may be the new Jennifer as I had many Jennifer friends back in grade school in the 80’s…

mamato3littles on

I think the name is really cute! It was on our baby name list but hubby crossed it off.

niki on

Congrats to Jennie and her family! What a beautiful little girl. To those of you with nasty comments, did you forget or were you not taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all? When you have kids name them what you want….my guess is you are upset about something in your own lives so this is a safe way
to take it out…..

Me! :) on

I love all three of the names! They are great! You don’t hear them everyday and that’s why I love them! They suit each of them well too! I couldn’t imagine Ace as a Michael, or any other “normal” name! Same with Deisel and now with Paisley! Congrats Jennie and her family! She’s beautiful! i hope everyone is doing well!

soph on

Marky, telling someone they should have been taught better manners after saying to put a sock in it? Better luck next time, sweetie.

Sandi, thanks, I’m sure there are no people of Scottish origin in the South…

amanda on

congrats ! love the name ! what a precious little angel !

Moni on

That is one pretty first baby photo….. she’s so precious love her name too!!!

Summer on

I love the name Paisley and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. In fact it’s in the top 200 baby names.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, love the name! As far as the pulse-ox meter on her finger goes, I was a bit concerned about it at first, too. But it’s possible that the hospital they’re at just does pulse-ox monitering for a bit post-birth as a precaution.

At any rate, she certainly doesn’t look like she’s been through a rough labor, so I don’t think we have to worry too much! πŸ™‚

Marky on

soph, either you didn’t really read my post, or thought (incorrectly) you were being clever, but I didn’t say “put a sock in it!”, rather I said put a sock in the insults, and to realize that each family gets to name their own children. There are a few countries which require approval from the government for the name, lest parents get crried away, but the USA isn’t one of them. There is so much hatefulness disguised in the phrase, “it’s just my opinion!”, or “I have a right to my own opinion!”,; the only thing those people forget is they don’t have a right to be rude to others, and insult them and they can keep that opinion to themselves.

“K”, Jennie has been an amazing positive role-model for girls and young women all over this country, as well as others. Why would you rather read about Kim Kardashian than a sports figure who won a medal in the Olympics? She’s also a loving caring, hands-on mom……

Anonymous on

What does it matter what she names her baby. Y’all don’t have to call the baby by her name. And that name was given from both her parents so all you negative ppl out there shut it! And mind ur own damn business. It’s not your child… Different & unusually names are Better than common names that everyone is named. So butt out & mind your own business…

None of your business on

It’s a really good thing it is none of your business and that your opinion doesn’t matter.

Good job and congratulations Jennie and Casey!

Erin on

Love the name Paisley! Congrats!

Alicia on

Cute baby and I quite like the name but wow, is Paisley Daigle (not to mention Paisley Faye Daigle) ever a tongue-twister.

The bow… yeah, no. We get it, it’s a girl.

Lisa on

Paisley is Scottish, not southern. It doesn’t even “sound” southern, it sounds exactly like what it is.. a fabric pattern. There’s a reason it isn’t common, just like polka dot, gingham, plaid and checker.. they are names of patterns, not human beings.

Crystal on

Some of you guys are sooooooo mean. I actually think Paisley is pretty and I looooove the name Ace. Diesel is unusual but I wouldn’t call it horrible or ugly. Congrats Jennie, Casey, Ace and Diesel on the new addition.

@K- To some of us athletes are celebrities too. They are public figures and I for one am interested in their lives.

P.S. I adore the bow!!! Little girls need to be made to look like little girls!!! The bigger the bows the better imo. Congrats again Daigle family!!! πŸ™‚

Shalee on

Congratulation on your beautiful baby girl! I love the name and the bow is precious on her!

Addison on

congratulations jennie, casey, ace & diesel πŸ™‚ very cute baby. and adorable name πŸ™‚

my 3 yr old daughter is Paisley. its a gorgeous name. its scottish.

maybe some of you haters need to look at the meaning or derivation of a name before being so quick to judge!

soph on

Marky, it’s called paraphrasing. Saying to others to “put a sock” in something, whatever IT is, is poor manners, wouldn’t you say so, dear?

Kayte on

Jennie looks beautiful! I like the baby’s name. Precious.

Isabel on

Congratulations! Ugly bow, though.

Mari on

She’s adorable! btw Jennie posted a pic saying she’s taking the baby home from the hospital today so i guess everything is ok and they are both recovering well from labour and delivery πŸ™‚

Isabel on

Crystal, your comment about little girls being made to look like little girls is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Congratulations for that.

Anne on

Congrats to the adorable family! Love the names they pick. I wish I looked that good after having a baby. To Jennie -thank you for sharing your personal story with us. I have loved all of your blogs and think you are a wonderful mother.

Crystal on

Isabel- Why? Why is that the dumbest thing you have ever heard? It’s true. Little girls imo are supposed to look pretty with bows and frilly dresses. I take an Ally Landry approach to how my daughter will dress. I think you are the stupidest person I have never met. I do like your name though. It’s pretty! πŸ™‚

NW Mama on

Congrats to the family on the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, get the pink ready, hope she becomes a softball player like her mom, hopefully softball will be back in the Oylmpics by the time she is there. Bless this wonderful family.
To all the name callers out there about the names they chose for their children ….. they are THEIR children and they have the right to call them what ever THEY want. The children’s names are not that different than some that I have seen. (moon unit, hashtag, etc.) And since most of the posters on here will not be addressing the kids personally, they all need to get over themselves!!!

dsfg on

Sandi, all southern names come from somewhere. They didn’t all originate in the southern US. I’m sure it’s possible to be a southern-style name that originated in Scotland.

dsfg on

Samantha Lowry, I agree with you about the bow. I think head bands, bows, etc. on babies who don’t really even have much hair yet look silly (and don’t even get me started on earrings on infants), but the one Paisley is wearing has to be one of the ugliest and gaudiest I’ve ever seen.

I have to disagree with you about the name, though! I like Paisley; it’s a normal name but not overly used. It’s unique without being weird.

Marky on

soph, seriously? Out of all the snotty, rude comments regarding Paisley’s name, her brothers’ names, etc,. on this thread–you pick MY little comment to get all up in the air about, DEAR? Whew, do you ever need a life!

Cathleen on

Congrats to Jennie and her family! I think the name Paisley is so sweet! And I love the pink bow in Paisley’s hair in the second picture.

KSB on

I like the name…it’s pretty and feminine. I love how all the supermoms out there need to sniff and huff and judge other people. Diversity and originality is the beauty and spice to life’s stew. If you want to be a pretentious and snobby bot and name your kids the same thing TV tells you to, by all means, go for it. But leave other people who think for themselves alone.

Laura on

Congrats! Beautiful family!

Love all 3 names. They seem to go great with their personalities.

Katie on

I LOVE Jennie Finch!! She is a wonderful role model for female athletes. Her family is gorgeous, and WOW she looks incredible after just having a baby! Such a pretty woman, and the baby is just as gorgeous!

ScottishLassie on

Love the name – especially as I grew up in Paisley, Scotland!!

Emmalani on

Congratulations Jennie and family on the newest addition.

LuvBigCity on

OMG some of you women are ignorant as hell, I really hope you don’t have kids. Judging her from the “wires, monitor, drip…” give me a break. She probably had an epidural and needs to be monitored for so long after having a baby. And when you go to the floor they still monitor you unless you are a crazy and decline…monitoring for a short time after birth is NORMAL, that is how to see if there is a post partum problem. WOW!

Congrats to her btw…how hard is it to say that ladies? I would love to know how old some of you are, by the looks of it, I would say young and immature. Great raise kids to be this nasty…

Abbie on

I can not believe how harsh some people are of a couple chosing the names they love for their chidren. Paisley, Ace and Diesel are great names for their children. Congrats to the beautiful family, loving family!

soph on

Oh, do calm down, Marky. And try to think of comebacks that are just a BIT more clever…

Sarah on

Love the name. My daughter’s name is Paizley Mae πŸ™‚

djg on

What a beautiful family!

Bonnie on

Yes, nice name. My oldest daughter’s name is Paisley.

Stayce on

Cute baby!

Leila on

Adorable baby. I really like the name too.

Leila on

Why all the mean comments. They all look happy and healthy and that’s what matters.

shalay on

soph, what’s the problem with Marky’s comment? I don’t see how someone requesting that insults come to a hault can be interpreted as “rude”…

Also, I think it’s a cheap shot to stoop to a condescending level with calling someone “dear”. It makes you look like the immature one, not the person you’re talking to.

Sarah on

Soph, LMAO!!

Maureen on

Healthy, beautiful, happy children…that’s all that matters. Naming our children is a personal choice. To those who feel the need to criticize, it’s all just noise. Congratulations to your newest addition!

Shannon on

Your daughter is beautiful just like you . Grandma says that you have a very good looking family, I think so too.