Chris Daughtry Makes ‘Every Moment Count’ with His Family

01/12/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

There was a time that Chris Daughtry stayed out every night, jamming onstage until dawn. But the rocker tells PEOPLE that those days are fewer and further between — replaced with the responsibilities of fatherhood and a growing social awareness.

“Being a father has made me grow up,” Daughtry, 33, says. “Life is about more than just me. I’ve got a great wife, great kids and a great life now.”

Sitting in his North Carolina home with his 2-year-old twins, Noah James and Adalynn Rose, Daughtry seems every bit the doting dad. As the toddlers start getting restless, he knows exactly what they need. “It’s almost nap time,” he says. “We like to keep them on a schedule.”

Chris Daughtry Makes 'Every Moment Count' with His Family
Brian Doben

“I have been blessed a lot in life,” says Daughtry, “and it’s the least I can do to give back.” Case in point: he teamed up with DC entertainment to be an ambassador for the We Can Be Heroes giving campaign to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.

It was a perfect fit for Daughtry, a lifelong comic fan who has Batman’s famous masks displayed in his home studio. “I always wanted to be a superhero,” he laughs. “That’s why I work out so much. So teaming up with DC Comics for a charitable campaign just made sense to me.”

Chris Daughtry Makes 'Every Moment Count' with His Family
Brian Doben

Daughtry, who homeschools his older kids with his wife, Deanna, was also touched by the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“As a father, I was just heartbroken,” he says, “I can’t even imagine what these families are going through.” Compelled to action, Daughtry decided to donate 100 percent of the proceeds of his song “Gone Too Soon” to the Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund.

The tragedy has reminded Daughtry of the importance of family. “I’m not the type to give a lot of advice,” he says. “But to be a good dad, you have to be present. When I’m home, I’m home. I don’t work at home unless it’s after the kids go to bed. I don’t want my kids to say, ‘My dad never had time for me.’ They understand that there is a time I have to work, but when I come home, they need my undivided attention. I try to make every moment count.”

Chris Daughtry Makes 'Every Moment Count' with His Family
Brian Doben

And as for romance with Deanna, his wife of 12 years? “We just like to have movie night at home,” he says. “Sometimes we go out to a nice restaurant or something, but usually when we’re talking about what to do, she’s like, ‘Let’s just stay in.’ I love that. We sit together on the couch and watch a movie, and I feel very close to her.”

Adds Deanna: “I love to see Chris as a husband and father. He really has his priorities together, and we both have committed to put the kids first. But he’s good at finding time for us to ‘date,’ which is good for us, and also good for the kids.”

After spending the holidays with family, Daughtry will return to the road on Jan. 25 for a three-week tour with 3 Doors Down. “I love getting on stage. I love the camaraderie of being on tour,” he says. “I enjoy my time on the road, but when it’s over, I can come back home and just be Dad.”

Chris Daughtry Makes 'Every Moment Count' with His Family
Brian Doben

— Steve Helling

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sat on

what a beautiful family! enjoy each moment!!

Lisa on

Wow! It looks like they really bring out the best in each other. To think that these two fell in love before Daughtry’s success and fame and took on being a father to her 2 kids at the age of 20 just proves these two are the real deal. I love that they live on a farm and is into his family not hollywood drama. Those 2 kids are precious and I’m sure his other 2 kids are beautiful as well. Definitely an admirable couple!

Jennifer Trulock on

Chris Daughtry is an amazing person, inside and out. His love of people and music are very admirable traits. I have been following him since Idol, and have respected him. This article makes me respect him more. You are the man, Chris Daughtry. Keep Rockin 🙂

Tanya on

Love him as a musician and love his commitment to his family. In the end that’s all we have

kristy on


Mary on

Always liked him. Sweet family.

K on

I couldn’t respect him more. Followed his career since his AI audition! A real man…take notes guys.

Krista on

A great article! Chris & Dee, y’all have really made a great life together.

Joyce Mason on

Chris may God continue blessing you and your family and stay the way you are .HUMBLE .

Becca on

Daughtry is one of my favorite musicians. He’s an awesome singer and he sounds like a great person. He also has adorable kids😃

Lesley Bowers on

I’ve got a lot of admiration for Chris!! There aren’t a lot of musicians who are committed to their families & who have marriage morals especially in today’s world. I love his music.

Margo on

OMG Noah and Adalynn are adorable!

I love the Daughtry family!

dolzina on

I don’t care for his music, but applaud his role as father and husband! Wish them nothing but the best in life and love!

Kim on

I follow him and his wife on a ‘social media’ site and they both seem like such nice people. Kudos to Deanna for working out so hard and losing a bunch of weight. She looks absolutely beautiful!

debbie on

How freaking handsome is Chris..loved him since the first time i saw him on Idol.Beautiful family too…kids are adorable.

Anonymous on

I’ve always been a huge fan of the band Daughtry and Chris Daughtry himself. This article was just beautiful. Best wishes to the family!

Anonymous on

What a heart-warming story! The pictures say it all–lovely family and Chris is truly a giving, lovely man, and a wonderful husband and father to boot.

Kelly on

i am a huge Daughtry fan and seeing this and hearing how much he loves his family just makes me all mush inside…his wife is one lucky woman!! My husband too on my two young children when we got married and legally adopted them. Our son is special needs so he got quite a bit when we got together…yet he took it all on and never once regretted it…I love that his wife was with him way before the fame. It gives me hope that dreams can come true…that you can have it all if you are willing to be present and work at it….the Daughtry family is beautiful and inspirational!

kaemicha on

I love this guy! He’s a quality performer, singer and of course, a great family man. What an inspiration! Did I say, I love this guy!

Anonymous on

The kids are adorable!

angiert on

Will be seeing Daughtry in March with Three Doors Down! Cant wait! This article makes me look forward to the concert even more.

Kim on

Deanna has really stepped up her look. Money is looking good on her lol. Beautiful family.

Steph on

I am LOVING this! This is the first article that there is not one negative comment. These two are fabulous, beautiful family!

Becky on

Such a sweet article. They do sound like a great family… Deanna looks great, she kind of reminds me of Trisha Yearwood from a while back…Keep up the godd work Daughtry family..

allie on

What a beautiful family!

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Those kids are just too cute!!

Anonymous on

A good man.

Paula on

EXCELLENCE! Life is Choice driven. 🙂

Janet Jump on

Chris is a man we can all RESPECT……what a beautiful spirit and what a beautiful family……YOU ROCK

It is what it is on

I have followed Chris’s story since the beginning and seeing the band in concert quite a few times. This story says it all!!

However, they don’t live on a farm, they just happen to have chickens on their estate:-). Might even have horses, too, as where they live now has more land than their previous home.

In person, he is just as nice.

Renee on

The last time I watched AI was when Chris got booted off as the third runner up to Bo and Carrie. I believe Carrie should of won and was glad, but I was really mad that Chris got looked over. Then I realized it didn’t matter that he got booted the spirit in Chris has made him a winner and I love his music and sound.

Awesome man.

Megan Powers on

Chris lost to Taylor Hicks, not Carrie Underwood. Carrie was the clear winner of her entire season. Chris’ season had several great entertainers including himself, Katharine Mcphee and Kellie Pickler….all three who have been more sucessful than the “winner” Taylor Hicks.

KC on

That “start of something good” has turned into something great. Chris – you are a kind man with an amazing family. Good karma to you –

Me on

While I admire his family priorities, and the fact he likes to help out in the charitable way but why not help out on the home front… meaning here in the good ‘ol USA.. We have starving children, families, etc. here too. It frustrates me to see so much aid to go to other countries first. Let’s fix home first…

tanyajb2002 on

I always liked Daughtry….so glad he made it and he seems to be the same he was when he started out …good for him

jax on

@Renee: You’re confused. Daughtry competed on AI the year after Carrie won. He placed fourth behind Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin.

meghan on

Me, learn to read….”Compelled to action, Daughtry decided to donate 100 percent of the proceeds of his song “Gone Too Soon” to the Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund.”

What do YOU do to help on the ‘homefront’ Me?

Diane Bilbrey Basgall on

What a beautiful family and a wonderful article about how Chris and Deanna balance career and family!!! Love and hugs to my friend Deanna and her sweet family. Blessings!

macdaisy3 on

Have followed Chris since AI and he and his wife seem to be awesome people! Sweet pics and great article. Proud to be from NC along with the Daughtry’s!!!

eph on

Im so happy to see them. I still remember when he FIRST tried out for idol & she was much more ‘regular’ looking, & they were raising her kids… I thought ‘I bet he gets a younger wife or something once Hollywood gets in his head…

I also remember them saying ‘no more babies’ so im glad that they changdd their minds!!!!!

Anonymous on

Me- In addition to what meghan said, I think people sometimes feel more compelled to help more overseas is because the problems in many of those countries are much bigger and more severe than the ones here.

For example, virtually all kids here in the U.S. have access to clean drinking water. Most kids in third world countries do not. They are also under constant threat from deadly diseases (particularly those that thrive in contaiminated water, such as cholera and dysentary) that are virtually unheard of over here.

dsfg on

I was confused when I read the article . . . The beginning of the article was talking about how he had just become a father and it changed him, then later in the article it says something about his two older children with Deanna. Reading the comments, I think the older two must be his step-children? But the article was still confusing in this aspect. The first part made it seem like he didn’t have any children at all til recently, but then “Daughtry, who homeschools his older kids with his wife, Deanna . . . ” makes it seem like he;s been a father for a long time.

Kim Moore on

Since Chris lives in my home town, I follow him and know that he is a good Christian. I am very proud to say he is from NC. Come out with something new soon, Chris!!!!

Anonymous on

dsfg- The older kids are Deanna’s from a previous marriage. Chris adopted the boy after his bio father died, and treats the girl (who’s bio father is still in the picture) like his own. So techinically, one of older kids is his, while the other is his step-child.

Liz on

Chris you have a beautiful faimly. Little jealous. Would love to meet a man like you. Love your music and hope you come to Houston soon, oneday to meet you. Love to hear your helping people that need it. If you can please help the animals, oneday like your dream came true, mine will and thats too have a place for our animals that just want a place to be loved. Thanks

Samantha on

I’ve been a huge fan of Chris and the band since their start. They are all a great group of men. Their wives are just as sweet. It makes me happy to see Chris, Deanna and their story in People magazine. They look like they absolutely adore one another. It’s refreshing to see that they are still keeping things real. I’m looking forward to more!

Karen Hinkle on

Looks like the perfect little family!

shelly on

omg!! how much do i love Chris Daughtry–let me count the ways. . .seriously, deanna is one lucky woman–she has her superman. . .not to mention the cutest children ever! may god bless always. . .hearing ur SUPERMAN track today from ur soon to be released Baptized, seeing the clips about the album, seeing u w/ur beautiful family has made this a very special day for me, indeed. . .caught me up and made me happy xo