Jared Padalecki: Seeing My Son Sick Is Hard

01/11/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jared Padalecki Seeing Son Sick Hard
Kyle Rover/Startraks

While some parents are busy celebrating their baby’s newest milestone, Jared Padalecki is stuck feeling sorry for his 9-month-old son‘s latest first.

“He just got sick for the first time. It’s a really vulnerable feeling when your kid gets sick because you can’t really do anything,” the Supernatural star told PEOPLE of son Thomas Colton at Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

“You don’t just want to pack them full of drugs and make them feel better, so you’re kind of sitting there and he’s congested.”

Adding to Padalecki’s guilty conscience? “I’m congested too,” the actor, 30, admits. “That’s another thing — I feel like I got him sick.”

But with Thomas on the mend — “He’s not feeling great, so he’s on some drugs,” the new dad shares — baby boy is sure to be back to his old self soon … literally!

“It’s really funny, because … we’ve met a lot of new parents with little babies, and a lot of babies seem like babies, but he feels like he’s kind of an old soul,” Padalecki shares.

“He kind of looks at you and tries to figure you out, which is cool. I hope he’s a mature kid.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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klutzy_girl on

I thought Jared sounded sick on Wednesday when he and Jensen were accepting the award!

Gen looks great, and I hope Jared and Thomas both feel better soon.

Mikaylah on

Poor Thomas! He is such a cute kid, and they are such a sweet family. I hope Jared and Thomas both feel better soon! Hopefully they spare Gen. 🙂

Renee on

A cold? Big deal!!! I have twins who were born 14 weeks early and they fought for thier lives for almost 4 months…they were really sick….don’t get all upset over a little cold! geesh..people take stuff for granted…!

brittany on

Really Renee?! Because you had twins born early, which are always arriving before 40 weeks, a parent can’t show concern for their baby getting a cold. I feel bad for your kids for having such an insensitive mother! Try having a little compassion for the way another parent feels toward their child! Shame on you for making such a heartless comment!!!

elena on

She is just realistic there are kids who do fight for their lives diagnosed with sort of cancer, those who think cold is very bad and a world should know about it is immature…

Kate on

Yes, most twins are born before 40 weeks. In fact, most twins are late preterms. However, having your babies born 14 weeks early puts them at approximately 26 weeks gestation which is just past the cusp of viability.

In my eyes, Renee is a mother who has experienced things I would not wish on my worst enemy. So, I can understand why she reacted this way.

Of course every parent has the right to worry for their child, whether it’s a cold or a bumped knee. To be fair, when I saw this headline about a sick child… I automatically thought cancer or a chromosomal abnormality.

Instead of everyone accusing Renee of being rude and out of line, perhaps everyone else should practice what they preach and show a bit more sensitivity… what a concept!

Jadey on

It’s very sad that your children fought for their lives, and I’m sure everyone feels for you Renee…but that doesn’t mean other parents aren’t allowed to feel bad when their kids are sick. I’m not going to tell my toddler to suck it up next time she has a cold because it could be worse. Every parent hates their child being ill no matter what’s wrong with them and you have no right to say that that’s wrong.

Carolyn on

Well, seeing your child with even just the sniffles is hard. You always feel helpless, wondering how to comfort them. I can relate to his comments. I though Jared sounded a bit conjested as well. So happy for the boys and the show!

Tabitha on

I hope Jared and Thomas feel better soon, I know it really sucks having the flu. I’ve gotten it myself and it’s just not a good thing to have.

Rachel on

Renee… and I know parents who lost their 24 week preemie after over a month in the NICU. You know what they DON’T do!? Trivialize the small trials that other parents go through. They certainly don’t stand around the NICU’s as other parents leave, or visit websites, or comment when their friends’ children are sick — “Well stop feeling sorry for yourselves and at least be grateful YOUR child didn’t DIE”. Why? Because seriously!? Don’t you think every parent is thankful every day for a generally healthy child? That doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to feel bad for their kid when they’re sick. Having a sick kid in any capacity sucks. No one’s comparing a cold to cancer.

jedigirl on

Thank you Rachel…her negativity wasn’t warranted. Glad someone told it like it is.

Laura on

I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone complained or said something negative – the award goes to Renee!

Lisa on

Wow.. someone got paid to write a story about a 9 month old having the sniffles.

And I wasted 3 minutes of my life reading and commenting.

Teri on

Just goes to show what a great parent he is! I feel the exact same way when my little 1 is ill 😦 Especially as being a parent who doesnt get to spend as much time with his kid as he must want to so when that time is limited and his little one is sick its ashame! Poor wee guy get better soon thomas and Jared and fyi i love hearing about jared jensens personal lives when they give us a glimpse of the normality of their lives even if it is them speaking of their kid with a cold as every parent in the world does nobody was trivilising anybody elses struggles by speaking of it!

Bree on

Seriously Renee?!?! My daughter was in the NICU as well with a hole in her lung, it was a horrible time for my husband and I but we got through it. Yes we appriciate things a little better now but despite all the needles and x-rays she had while she was in the NICU I still struggled with it when she got vaccinated and I know I will still have a hard time when she gets sick.

What we don’t do (and never will do) is trivialize it when other people worry about their sick children regardless of why they are sick, be it a cold or something that takes them to the hospital. No parent likes to see their child suffer.

I am sorry for what your boys went through but they were not the first kids to be in the NICU and sadly they won’t be the last and even if they were that does not give you the right to insult other parents or undermine their right to be worried about their children!!

I hope Jared and Thomas are both feeling better soon!!

Rachel on

Personally, I don’t get why people are being so nasty about this article. I think it’s sweet that Jared is worried for Thomas even if it’s something as little as a cold. However, to those who act like he’s being dramatic over a cold, Thomas is only nine months. A tiny cold can turn into something serious if it’s not taken care of properly. It just shows that he’s a very good parent if he’s feeling bad that his son is sick. Don’t be so damn heartless! Give the guy a break, sheesh!

Staci on

They are so cute together! And he just so cute talking about his son. 🙂

soph on

Scintillating piece.

Anonymous on

Lisa- You really expect an entertainment website to write about what a celebrity says about his kid?!

Anyway, I hope both Jared and Thomas feel better soon!

Anonymous on

It is absolutely ridiculous how mean and rude people are– it is a baby blog and a first time parent commented about how hard it is, as a parent, to see your child sick. Yes a cold may not seem like a big deal to parents who have had their child in the NICU, but if your child has never been sick, would you not, as a first time parent find it difficult the first time your child wasn’t feeling well?… I found it rather endearing that he talked about his child’s cold and that he felt guilty that he is the reason his son is sick…

Amber on

Renee my son was born 7 weeks early and was in the NICU for a month after he was born and my daughter was born 5 weeks early but you don’t see me going off because he was worried his son had a cold we all worry about our kids no matter how sick they are because of that one reason…they are our kids and we love them!

A on

Why does this have to be a pi$$ing contest?

Frankly, I think a lot of people are just mad at the way things are reported. I, too, saw this article and thought “oh, my, does his kid have cancer?”

I have bad, bad allergies – the sniffles is nothing to me.

But that doesn’t meant it isn’t scary. I’m sorry for that. Kids can’t explain anything and it’s a tough situation. I don’t think negative comments were meant against them, but maybe the way we are lead to believe things.

But no matter what, the most important thing is that parents are there for their kids!

Anonymous on

I don’t think anyone is trivializing the difficulty of seeing a baby sick with even a cold. I think what they are commenting negatively on is the headline of the article. It sounds as tho they are referring to some dread & fatal disease.

Karen on

It IS tough when babies get sick. Antibiotics are a gift, though. He should be better soon 🙂

Melissa on

Awee,poor baby :l He prob did get him sick but that’s ok because one of these day’s his son will get him sick and it will come around as a full circle lol! Hope they get better real soon 🙂

Melissa on

Jared prob did get his son sick but that’s life.I always feel bad for my kids when they get sick too but its just a part of life and being a parent.Once my son got his immunizations and a couple days later he got a really really bad fever and was throwing up and this was between 1-2 yrs old and i had to take him into the emergency room.I sat there for over an hr waiting with my son who was basically lifeless in my arms waiting to be seen(and this was at kaiser!). Scared the you know what out of me but he got better thank god after the doc gave him some antibiotics.My point is that we all take things for granted and we never think anything bad will happen but sometimes it does and you just have to do the best you can.Don’t worry though,Jared because one of these days…your son will you get sick too.

Aria on

Misleading headline – it makes it seem like there’s something serious going on with his son.

linda on

He is obviously a great parent–I am always so disturbed by dads who seem to blow off their children’s illnesses. He’s not making a big thing out of nothing, he is a first-time parent dealing with his infant’s first cold. The fact that he’s talking about it at an awards show and not about himself says everything about what a good dad and good guy he is. Also very glad SPN got recognized FINALLY this year at the awards show.

emma on

and why is this news? No parent likes to see their kid sick!

ana on

My God, when I read the title I thought the child was really sick and then the father is talking about a cold??? Thank God it’s just a cold. That’s silly when so many parents have their kids really sick. I understand you feel bad looking at your child sick, but don’t overreact Watch him carefully and see a good doctor. If it’s so hard for you to look at your child congested, have the doctor give him something, for God’s sake. The child doesn’t have to suffer because you don’t want to give him drugs. Like it or not, we all need some drugs at some point in our lives.

Susan on

It is just a little human interest piece no need to go overboard in either direction. It is an entertainment site after all.

Melissa on

BFD it’s a dam cold. Must be a slow news day. When a celeb’s kid has a real illness let us know. People you are so pathetic.

Marie on

First of all, if they put a 9 month old on medicine, its more than just a cold. They don’t give babies cold medicine. Secondly, I’ve had a baby in the NICU as well, and I still hate it when any of my three children are sick. Like Jared said, no matter what is wrong with them, it’s hard to see your child sick and not be able to make it better.

Deborah on

Well when I’m sick, I like to at least feel like I can breathe and get some good sleep, that’s why I take the meds…So I DO give them to my kids…why should they feel miserable while sick. Give the baby some meds and a nice warm bottle…don’t sweat it.

Samantha on

Renee – Don’t be so coldhearted! that’s just mean and people veiw you as bitter!. Thomas is such a cute little thing he has his dad’s adorable dimpled smile!

Julianna on

Awww, poor Thomas! Hopefully he feels better soon. I love Jared and he seems such a great, hands-on dad!

kristen1114 on

Its a cold. Get over it. Welcome to the real world like the rest of us.

bex on

Cute story, I can relate – sick babies are hard and its easy to feel helpless especially the very first time. He shouldn’t feel too guilty though, chances are that little Thomas got him sick, not the other way around 🙂

Anonymous on

Just wait until he has anything close to a genuine idea of how hard it is to watch your child go through everything this life will put him through. If this is tearing you up inside, I would suggest you consider never having another one. It just gets harder.

Lo on


One Voice on

Yasmin…a “normal” cold cannot kill a normal baby of 10 months. It had to have turned into a secondary infection, or the baby in question had a compromised immune system. A common cold is just a nuisance.

ves on

I suggest you make this to my cousin … when she visits her sons grave!

Willy on

This article is borderline disrecpectuful to the parents afflicted by REALLY sick children whIo have SERIOUS diseases like cancer or disabilities. I’m sure some sick kids parents clicked to find support and sympathy, only to find out this person’s son as a….cold. People Mag, you should know better!

Sean on

Not having any kids myself, I can’t possibly imagine how Jared and Gen are feeling with Thomas sick. 😦 I really hope he gets better soon! 🙂

Anonymous on

This just in… someone has a cold.

linda on

Seriously people, you all have got to drag your heads out of your *#(*). This very decent guy was just talking about how distressing it is to have a sick infant. He wasn’t running around screaming and tearing his hear out, he wasn’t saying a thing about vaccines, he was just being a very nice, typical, first time parent with a first time illness. Geez! Get back on your meds, please.

jellybeans on

Get well soon, stay in and snuggle. 🙂

Aspen on

RSV is something that can happen in little babies. I would take any virus seriously in babies.

Moni on

Wow people RSV is very serious and highly dangerous for infants! My son had it at 2 months old and was hospitalized and had to sleep in a swing for 2 weeks until his lungs were clear enough to lay flat without coughing and puking!! Jared is so right to be overly concerned……. right now adults are dying daily all over the US from the flu people!!!

ves on

Glad it’s just a bad cold and didn’t turn into anything worse.
It’s so scary when you see your child having trouble breathing!

Congratulations on Jared and Jensen awards … love watching everyone involved!

Congratulations to Jensen and his lovely wife on their soon to be increased young family!

It’s nice to watch young talented actors marry and actually be happy and to see their happiness as their young families increase!
God Bless!

Daffygrams on

Renee and Lisa, your comments suck!! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Geezus. Jared’s a new dad and like all new parents (and old), they don’t like to see their kids sick.

Anonymous on

i think that @renee could have maybe better expressed her sentiment — the headline of this article is a bit misleading. it makes it seem as though his son is deathly ill, while the point was that even celebrities worry about their kids’ colds & minor injuries just like us non-celebs. hope his little one is well soon!

rachaelmall on

I’m sure he’s concerned about his kid but that’s not the point. The point is the overdramatising – both from People and Jarred. Kids get colds – it’s part of life. Noting to get worked up over.

rachaelmall on

I also thought the kid had a very serious illness when I saw the headline. I can see him thinking “crap, his first cold, wish i could do something” but feeling all helpless and guilty over a cold? wtf?

Anonymous on

I think its funny how worked up you all get, ” yea, well my baby..” ” oh yea? Well my twins..” ridiculous. Can’t a guy be concerned about his baby without a bunch of one uppers jumping down his throat?!?

Li on

To the morons complaining that it’s no big deal: first of all, they asked him about his son and he told them he was sick. He’s not making a big public service announcement of how is son is suffering from a cold. Excuse him for expressing himself and if any of you losers had kids you would understand it’s hard seeing them sick no matter what the circumstances.

Anonymous on

Melissa- So a cold is a fake illness?

Deborah- As a previous poster has said, you’re not supposed to give cold medicine to infants. Even acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil) can be risky, as it’s so easy to mis-read or mis-interpret the dosing instructions for infants (especially when it’s three in the morning and you can barely keep your eyes open!) and accidentally give them the wrong dose.

That’s why most experts are now recommending that you not give your baby ANY medicine for a cold or other minor viral infection without getting your pediatrician’s okay first!

Mechelle on

Renee, I’ve seen very sick children in the hospital where I worked for many years. Yes that is devastating stuff and I feel for you! But when you have never seen that kind of sickness, it is hard to see your child sick. So relax. I get worried when my kids are sick, it’s a natural instinct for a parent. And I hope your babies are well now!

Anonymous on

Moni- Right on! A “simple” cold can turn serious very fast for babies. It can turn into RSV or even Pneumonia, both of which can be deadly in infants.

So it’s no wonder Jared’s a little panicked!

Anonymous on

Karen- A cold is a viral infection, not a bacterial one. Therefore, antibotics won’t do anything for it.

Kristin on

Wow, a whole lotta drama over nothing in the comments section (although I see how the headline could make you believe his son is very sick). Nowhere did Jared say his son was fighting for his life, or that this was the worst thing that has ever happened to him, nor did he compare himself to the parent of a very ill or dying child. He’s a new dad who said he doesn’t like seeing his baby sick, and that he feels bad that he may have gotten him sick. What is the big deal? He was asked a question and gave an appropriate response. Save the outrage for something that’s actually offensive.


They asked a question, Jared responded. They probably asked him how being a father is like now that Thomas is older.Jared gave an appropriate response. Don’t see the in being dramatic, first time parents are always dramatic when it comes to colds, but with experience they learn how to deal with it. Jared is a sensitive soul and hates to see the people he loves to be suffering, let alone his own son. Give him a break. I like hearing details like that. It makes the actor I admire seem more human. Does the SPN fandom constantly like to cause wank and drama?

Anonymous on

When one of my daughters had even just a cold, I worried, and I certainly didn’t leave them with a babysitter/nanny to go out with my husband. When a child is sick they want mommy/daddy…not a babysitter/nanny.