Poppy Montgomery Expecting Second Child

01/11/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Poppy Montgomery Expecting Second Child
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There’s a baby on the way for Poppy Montgomery!

The Unforgettable star is expecting her second child this spring, a rep for Montgomery confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

This will be the actress’ first child with Shawn Sanford, a Microsoft executive Montgomery began dating in late 2011. She’s already mom to son Jackson, 5, from her prior relationship with actor Adam Kaufman.

“Shawn and I are thrilled and Jackson is so excited to be a big brother!” Montgomery, who is also known for her series Without a Trace, tells PEOPLE.

In addition to writing her PEOPLE.com blog, Montgomery will continue work on Unforgettable when it returns to CBS this summer.

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— Sarah Michaud

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Terri on

Yea, Oh i hope that they bring back “unforgettable” I just loved that show and she is a wonderful actress. So very happy for them. 🙂

Elle on

Oh boy, her second kid out of wedlock, she must be so proud. I’d rather hear about a married celebrity couple having kids, that would really shock me.

Lauren on

Elle, shut up

tammie on

I couldnt agree more Elle.

Paula on

Welli’d rather Poppy bring a second than that bimbo Snook…yep she too wants another yikes.

Sharon on

So true, Elle. When i was in school, most kids’ parents were married…if they weren’t, it was unusual. I work with kids, and now it’s the other way around…its odd if the parents ARE married. Not bashing anyone, just saying how times have changed, and i feel and sound old by saying that but im not….im 32 lol 🙂

Snapshot on

Elle is right.

What ever happened to people’s morals !!?? This is what is wrong with this world.

Maddie on

So exciting!! I’ve always thought she would have more kids. So happy for her and her partner 🙂 Hopefully this pregnancy will weave it’s way into her blogs. Congratulations Poppy & Shawn, & congratulations to Jackson who gets to be a big brother!

Tammy on

As “Old Fashioned” as I am and would prefer someone getting married BEFORE having a child, at least she will not be aborting this child…and welcomes it with love. Yes, I am anti-abortion, but don’t hate on me, I have a right to be, just like some have a right to think that abortion is okay. This is just MY opinion.

amber on

Right because we are still stuck in the old fashioned times….please, grow up and open your eyes my dear, this IS a new day and age so hurry up and build a bridge and get the heck over it!!

Snapshot on

Sorry but some people here are so wrong in their thinking. You will find out later in life what I am talking about.
Have a good life.

Magnolia on

What amber?! You don’t make sense!

Sarah on

Aww! Congrats to Poppy and Shawn! I am SO happy for them!

terry on

Get off your high horse Elle. So righteous and judgmental.

linda on

Yes, Elle, having children out of wedlock is too common now. It used to be a disgrace…..

tammie on

It may be exceptable by this generation,but it will never be acceptable by God.

tammie on

Correction..acceptable not exceptable.

whatthe on

so judgemental in the name of “god”. if there is a god I would think he/she has bigger things to worry about like working on the genocide in Darfur and the polio epidemic in Pakistan…..

Snapshot on

Amen to that!!

Snapshot on

Tammie. Amen to that! Brava!!

dsfg on

Elle, she’s not exactly 16. If I remember right, she’s almost 40. I’d rather see someone her age have two children out of wedlock than a married 19-year-old who’s immature and will probably get a divorce anyway.

denise on

Congratulations and best wishes.

Carolyn on

Elle, not everyone was raised with the ‘Father Knows Best’ ideals. Poppy has talked about in other interviews about her parents being ‘free spirits’. Besides, what difference does it make anyway. If she and Adam had married as planned, they would have gotten divorced. So whats the difference? As long as the child is loved and cared for, that’s really all that matters.

Mommy on

Two kids. Two different fathers and yet this behavior is condoned. Age doesn’t matter. She’s not married. Nor has she ever been. Keep having unsafe sex. Show your son it’s ok to knock up someone.

tammie on

I agree with you Mommy.

Sharon on

I agree, too. So many people dont have morals anymore, and this is why the world is the way it is. People keep saying “its 2013, not 1952”, but look how much better things were back then. People had pride and morals. Women didnt have 4 kids with 4 different fathers. It will never be like that again. My grandmother is 91 and i love to hear her stories from years ago when society was so much different.

Carolyn on

‘Mommy’ I didn’t get the memo putting you in charge of passing judgement. Last I heard that was God’s job. Might want to brush up on your bible.

Magnolia on

Carolyn, and yet the Bible does specifically tell everyone who reads it and decides to follow it that there is no sex outside of wedlock! My husband and I were the weird ones for being Virgins on our wedding day! My GYN actually asked me if I was a lesbian because at 20 I had not had sex yet! So if we go by “actions”, which speak louder than words, hardly anyone reads, let alone live their lives by, the Bible!

bcsslib on

Getting preg out of wedlock IS disgraceful and tacky! It doesn’t matter how much money one has in the bank, if you have no morals, you are a poor human being.

dana on

I am so happy that she is having her first child with this person – I hope that maybe she will pick me when it comes time for her third child.

Maddie on

Normally, i don’t respond to the married debate, but wanted to point a couple of things out. We are all different, and go about life a different way.

The way I see it, children are more of a commitment than marriage anyway – because once you have a child with someone you are in each other’s lives forever regardless of whether you stay together.
With marriage, you can get divorced. As Carolyn pointed out, if Poppy and Adam *had* married, they would have divorced – so they would be in the same situation anyway -marriage would have made no difference.

In my eyes, marriage provides no more security than a longstanding partnership/relationship….but i live in a country (New Zealand) where a partner (or ‘de facto’) in accordance with NZ law has the same rights as people who are married, if they’ve been together for more than 2 years. Also in my extended family, many aunts/uncles have been in decade long relationships and had children and are perfectly happy.

Maybe Poppy was raised the same way, who knows. She seems excited about this baby, and he/she will undoubtedly be surrounded by love. That is what truly matters.

joan on

hate to tell you prudes, but back in the 17th century america, couples would have sex after becoming engaged because of the committment and often had children out of wedlock.

Shirley on

Mommy & Elle you don’t have to raise or support her kids! Go back to your 1950’s TV shows, washing, cleaning & cooking for your husbands! Good luck to the happy couple! I loved her in her Lifetime movies!

Elle on

I’m actually not at all about cooking & cleaning for my husband & I’m not on some high horse either, I just get so tired of hearing about all these people who can’t take the time to get married & provide a stable commitment for their children but they can take the time to have a child together. If the parents are together & love their child, great, it would just be refreshing to hear about a married couple having a child like the recent news about Evan Rachel Wood & her husband. Not meaning to offend anyone, just stating my opinion like everyone else on this board; isn’t that what this is for?

tcp30 on

I am in complete agreement, Elle. I have a friend who just had her first child with her boyfriend. They aren’t getting married because they aren’t ready for that kind of commitment yet…what’s a child, an accessory? It was never “cool” to have multiple baby daddies and I don’t think it ever should be, celebrity or not.

Magnolia on

I agree with you Elle! Sorry you’re getting torn apart!!

katrina on

He has 2 kids with his wife who he ditched for Poppy, nice knock up.

Anonymous on


heather on

I’m sure the wife he cheated on wiht Poppy loves seeing this. what a sleeze. She deserves him.

Brandy on

Wow! You people do realize that you are judging people for their opinion as much as these people are judging Poppy.

I am not religious but I do not believe in abortion. I believe that gay, straight or whatever else you are you should be able to marry. Now that we’ve got that out of the way.

I believe children who are raised in two parent households are generally (but not always) better off. I do think it is ridiculous that we place so little value on marriage these days. I think if you can commit to having a child then you should be able to commit to a relationship with that person. I don’t want my children to think it’s okay to go make babies with multiple partners and hop from one bed to the next. So for those of you who want to call me a prude. Go ahead. I have my values, you have yours.

Diana M. on

Glad her show is coming back.

kim on

WOW. 2 kids, 2 different baby daddys. wonder who baby #3 will be with next?

Amy on

What a bunch of Hypocrites! All of those judging, have you actually read your bibles or are you just feeding off other hypocrites comments?

If you want to say having a child out of wedlock is a sin or even the fact that her children will have different fathers is a sin let’s look at what the bible says.

1) Yes,Mary was married to Joseph, but God is the father. Does that make Mary “tacky”?
2) The bible mentions Jesus having 4 brothers; James, Joseph, Simon and Judas (Matthew 13:55) and sisters who are unnamed. Mary has had children with another man? Or are they Joseph’s from a previous relationship?

You can’t pick and choose what you want to read in the bible, if you are quoting sins, quote them all.

Sorry to get all churchy but do-gooders cause most of the hate that they are fighting against because they are misinformed.

Magnolia on

Are you ill Amy? Jesus is Gods son by immaculate conception, obviously, SLIGHTLY different situation… AFTER Jesus birth, and once MARRIED Joseph and Mary had all of their mortal children together. How is THAT hard to confuse?

Amy on

Not ill at all 🙂

Just stating the double standards of many Christians.

People commenting on children out of wedlock and as you have confirmed, Jesus was born to Mary out of wedlock, as with Poppy and her children.

Then there are the comments about having children with different men, again as you confirmed, Joseph fathered Mary’s other children.

Maybe you should reread my previous comment.

Sharon on

You are right, Magnolia, but obviously Amy still has a hard time understanding that Joseph did not get Mary pregnant, she did not have sex with God, and she and Joseph were MARRIED when they had Jesus’ siblings, even after your explanation. I dont understand how she is comparing this to Poppy, when its not even a remotely similar situation.

Amy on

Sharon, obviously you have a hard time reading things through thoroughly, perhaps read my comments again, you might get it then.

Not once did I mention Joseph as Jesus’ father or the fact they were unwed.


Lynda on

I am so happy for Poppy Montgomery. However, I wish she was still with Adam Kaufman. I seen a TV movie they were together in and he is one Gorgeous man. They seemed to have such great chemistry and were together like 8 or 9 years. I feel as long as she is happy but again wished her and Adam were still together~!!!

Danni on

I was raised by a single mom who loved me. I felt nurtured and wanted.I am a university professor and have done well in life. There are all kinds of families. I remember many of my friends growing up who lived in two-parent families where the parents didn’t get along, and made life miserable for their offspring. The important thing is love, protection, and a nurturing environment.

Judy Casey on

Lynda, I agree that Adam Kaufman is gorgeous
Have you seen him in Loving Leah? It’s a Hallmark movie.

NM on

Does no one believe in marriage first, THEN baby anymore!?

@Lauren-I agree with Elle, are you going to tell me to shut up too, because we don’t agree with you? Real mature!

Judge on

In response to ‘Carolyn’: You told “Mommy” to brush up on her Bible. People like you are the reason the morals in this country are going in the toilet. You probably haven’t even opened a Bible.

NM on

You people attacking Elle for her OPINION are the judgmental ones! Geez!

amanda on

Heaven forbid these women marry the father of their children. I will not judge her for getting knocked up the first time, but if you decide this is the guy you are going to make a family with then why not give these kids the comfort of knowing that mommy and daddy love each other enough that they got married and now you all have the same last name. I know it sounds antiquated and stupid to some but I know my 8 year old is very aware of the fact that her daddy and I are married. I have lost some respect for her and Jessica Simpson for taking the time to lose the “baby weight” but not taking the time to legitimize their kid(s).

Sharon on

Yeah, and Jessica Simpson apparently saved herself until she and Nick Lachey were married…different story now….

Erin on

I personally believe in marriage before kids and yes, I’ll admit I end up judging some situations too at times, like sham hollywood marriages after they’ve been together for minutes and/or have cheated, or all of a sudden they’re pregnant after some quick fling or troubles *cough Kristenwhatserfacecough*. However it’s not all black and white. Every situation is different and why the judging on your high horse with the they must be married mantra. Some people don’t actually believe in marriage! She’s old enough, seems like she’s in a stable relationship not flocking from boy to boy and FYI – marriage does not equate to good parenting. Besides it’s hardly an offensive blip on the hollywood radar of people like Kim Kardashian marrying for the glory and getting pregnant why she’s still married to another man. But anyway I digress… in the end, you know what, what is it my and your business? You’ve got your own values, they have theirs. Elle, mommy & co – your condemnation just seems arrogant and is unappealing as you find this pregnancy.

Kimberly on

Hypocrites…well they do say ignorance is bliss…im happy for poppy and her significant other. Just FYI: my 3 kids were all born out of wedlock. I graduated H.S. & College with my kids. I didn’t want to marry their dad. He was already married to his job: US Marines. I’m an RN. It isn’t the 1950’s anymore. It is acceptable to have kids and not be married. As for if it is “acceptable” to God or not…that isn’t the debate. God would never turn away from his children regardless if born out of wedlock or not. And yes as humans we are ALL Gods children. Smh. All you old prudes. Get over it. Stop judging others just because you are miserable. -_-

erica on

I agree with you, Elle.

Erin on

Study the birth and marriage records of early American settlers of the mid-Atlantic, and to a lesser extent, the Puritan colonies. Well over half of new moms were married mere months (as in, low single digits) before giving birth. If you’re outraged about this, you need a new outrage.

Shelliec69 on

I think it depends on the generation when it comes to people’s opinions on multiple baby daddies. That said, it is a SAD day when people are torn apart for stating their opinions. It must be that the slammers have multiple baby daddies and don’t want to be judged. And I am so tired of all this having a baby together is more of a committment than marriage stuff. THAT is complete bunk. There are tons of dumped mothers who would say differently.

Magnolia on

I’m only 34 Shellie…

Laura on

Oh, for goodness’ sake.

There are so many children in the world who are suffering absolute agonies due to war, abuse, poverty, loneliness, and disease. For so-called “Christians” (and I say that AS a Christian) to be hateful and judgmental to a financially secure and loving mother because she didn’t go through a ceremony MADE UP BY HUMANS NOT BY GOD before doing what animals of every species do – procreate – is just absurd to me. Who cares if she isn’t married as long as she loves and provides for the children? And who cares if her children have different fathers? What, because her first relationship didn’t work out, she should be sterilised? Honestly. Be appalled by dutifully married mothers and fathers who beat and verbally abuse their children. Be appalled that over half the world is going hungry while you have an abundance of food choices. Be appalled that people are atrociously murdered for speaking out against injustice while you have the freedom of speech to spread horrible negativity in forums like this. A healthy woman giving birth to a healthy baby is only something to be thankful for. I have a debilitating illness and it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever have children, so I’m only too thankful that my brother and his partner (who have been together, financially successful, and committed to one another for almost ten years, but haven’t married) have had my two beautiful nieces. It doesn’t make one iota of difference to the love which they’ve brought to my family. Anyone who claims to have Christian and moral values, yet sees nothing wrong in making horrible, cruel remarks about a woman who has done nothing to hurt anyone is both hypocritical and delusional about their own nature.

Magnolia on

Laura, I totally get what you’re saying! Satan is ravaging this world and all we’re worried about is this one lady having a baby while not being married to the daddy. I think that underestimates us. We are specifically in an opinion forum for this article about this specific subject. We are not immune to what is going on in the rest of the world; on the contrary, in most cases (certainly in my case) I come to this website to experience a small but of decompression from the horrors of real news of the world. Just as YOU are able to share your opinion, lots of people read these articles and share opinions to get away from the horrors happening in the world. Again, we are, in most cases VERY aware of what is happening across the globe and I will only speak for myself in this case but I know it’s true of more people, please don’t be judgmental THAT way. It comes across (and I really don’t think you mean to) like you’re so much better than everyone here.

Magnolia on

(small BIT of decompression)

Magnolia on

Also, the Bible states that God originated the marriage ceremony, not mankind.

M on

@amanda – “legitimize” their children?!

so for baby, a child, a human life to be legitimate, parents have to be married otherwise the kid is scum or something?!

wow. just wow.

go get off your high horses and read your bibles. God says he is the only one allowed to judge man’s actions.

Marky on

Amber, seriously? Mary and Joseph had children after Jesus was born; we know Joseph was still alive when Jesus was 12, because he asked Jesus why he didn’t stay with them rather than stay in the temple to debate with the priests.

As to whether couples should have a serious commitment when they have a child, I would say it is preferable they are married, and my opinion has nothing to do with my age, wanting to live in the 50s, or anything other than one simple fact. I have 2 grandchildren who were born to parents who were not married and I know what their lives have been like.

One was born to a daughter who had been in a long-term relationship and as soon as he found out she was pregnant, he left, slept with whoever he could, and acted as if she got pregnant intentionally and all by herself. She was on the shot, and using a condom, so…I think not. She raised her child alone with our help, and the father has never been in the child’s life, but boyfriends have come and gone (with several long-term relationships) and the end result is anger and a feeling of abandonment on the part of the child as a young adult, though not a lack of attachment with family members. I have watched this child go through a lot of heartache that likely wouldn’t have happened if before acting on the desire to have sex, a couple of questions had gone thru her mind; 1) If BC fails and I get pregnant, will this guy be there for me and my child both physically and financially, and 2) If BC fails, am I ready to be a parent and if not, am I capable of placing the child with someone who is ready to be a parent? (These are the right questions for her, since she doesn’t believe in abortion) I real soul-searching moment would have saved her from many struggles, and a child from so much heartache and difficulty.

Another person in our family is a man who ended up having a child with a young woman he knew for about 2 weeks. He may deeply love his child, but they don’t live in the same city, so visitation is very difficult for a young man with a low income, so much of their communication is by ‘phone, with occasional visits. The child doesn’t live with mom either, as she has had 2 more children with 2 other fathers in the 5 years since “our” youngster’s birth. The sadness I feel in many of these situations is that so many young women (and men) think all a child needs is love, food and clothes and a roof over their head, but you have no idea what pain that child can feel when other kids ask, “where’s your dad?” and they don’t want to say, “I never see him”, or “he left”, or any of the other answers that fit. Or women who think the only one who’s important to the child is the mother. Maybe mom is the big deal when the child is a baby (my dad was my primary caregiver much of the time, sooo I don’t necessarily agree), but I guarantee that as the child gets a little older, dad, existent or not, is important, too, and it’s better if there is a real relationship between them.

Magnolia on

Marky, you sound like a loving and wonderful grandma! Those kids are very lucky to have someone like you! ❤

Anonymous on

on the shot and used a condom Marky…sure she did…

Dani on

Okay everyone is entitled to their opinion but “out of wedlock” really?! I agree with the people that pointed out that she’s a grown woman. Why does God and abortion get dragged into everything…WTH! To the person who said she was against abortion….just because I happen to be pro-choice doesn’t mean I’m for abortion. One more rant….religious people are the meanest most judgemental group!

Magnolia on

That last sentence made me giggle slightly Dani… Makes you sound “religious”!!

dsfg on

“Getting preg out of wedlock IS disgraceful and tacky! It doesn’t matter how much money one has in the bank, if you have no morals, you are a poor human being.”

Getting pregnant while unmarried does not mean that person has no morals. I think being judgmental is way more immoral than getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Amanda on

Marky, I don’t see how either of those examples apply here as they haven’t been dating “only 2 weeks” nor is the father running off, not taking responsibility. These are two adults in a committed relationship who both seem to *want* this child and are prepared to love it and financially provide for it. Heaven forbid!

Magnolia on

Amanda, I think she was explaining where some of the pre formed opinions come from. There are so many more of Marky’s types of stories than those with happy endings (it seems).

rachaelmall on

Hey, folks, take your religion and shove it. There’s more to morality than just your narrow definition.

Magnolia on

You’re a sweetie rachael! LOTS of guys must have sex with you!! =/

Magnolia on

I don’t think you need to be so aggressive-sounding rachael! We’re only sharing our opinions; if you are too upset, maybe you should go to another site!

rachaelmall on

Shelliec69 said “No, It must be that the slammers have multiple baby daddies and don’t want to be judged. ”

You’re saying ANYONE who doesn’t agree with your narrow views have multiple baby daddies? Do you not see how rich that is??

You, my dear, and your ilk are the ones doing the slamming. So, my year, you and your ilk ARE the slammers and others are sick and tired of you and your ilk shoving your holier-than-thou BS down peoples throats!

Magnolia on

I think you take some HUGE jumps over gaps rachael! Perhaps ask someone to clarify what they’re trying to say before you totally take their opinion to the WORST and most negative place possible… Maybe that’s just you…

rachaelmall on


Aren’t those grandchildren being raised by your own children, the two children you raised?

How about faulting yourself for raising two dysfunctional kids who are now raising dysfunctional kids of their own instead of blaming a total stranger who has given her child a stable and loving home?

Magnolia on

She probably does rachael! But when the kids become adults, when does it become their own choice with their own consequences? Those grown “kids” can’t be “victims” of their childhood all their lives… Not cute, nor mature!

rachaelmall on

Yeah, society was so great in the 50’s. Women working was frowned on, weren’t encouraged to vote or chase their dreams, family planning was taboo, gays were closeted, blacks had little rights, etc.

Each era has it’s pros and cons but let’s stop this life was better back when. It wasn’t. 2013 may have gays, unwed parents, abortion, etc but at least women have equal rights and family planning and minorities have rights as well. .

Anonymous on

Marky- So the second child you mentioned was kicked out of his own home by his mother just because she had more children and decided she didn’t want him (you said he doesn’t live with her OR his dad)?! That’s crazy!

Laura- I agree! In addition to what you said, I’d like add this: What about women and men who settle down with someone, have children….but then tragically lose their partner to illness or disease? I suppose the morality police think it’s “uncool” for them to fall in love again and have more children- thus having kids by more than one man/woman- too!

Now that I’ve said all that, I’m going to say something that you may find shocking: I am so old-fashioned that I wouldn’t even sleep with someone I wasn’t married to, let alone have children with them. But I also realize that not everyone shares my beliefs.

What’s right for me might not be right for you, and what’s right for you might not be right for the couple down the street. I think it’s high time that we all accept that we have different beliefs, and that marriage is not for everyone!

Magnolia on

I agree… I was 22 and on my wedding night 12 years ago (as was my husband) the first time I had sex (which includes anything past kissing!) … I am not old, nor old fashioned… Just my decision to follow what the Bible says about pre marital sex. I’m not saying we had the same motives for our decisions, but I identify with your end result! 🙂

Anonymous on

To those insiunating that people who have children out of wedlock have no morals, that’s not true. They DO have morals- they’re just different from yours!

Anyway, congrats to Poppy and Shawn!

Laura on

Ever since this site was picked up by People, the judgmental nutjobs have been gathering in droves. I remember when it used to be well-moderated and just had a really positive atmosphere.

Amanda on

Laura, I agree! I miss Anya! lol

Addison on

You’re all giving Poppy shit for having a child out of wedlock. She’s an adult for Christs sake. She can live her life the way she wishes. I can name more people who have or are having kids out of wedlock and I’m sorry but I’d rather Poppy than some of the others.

How many of you have Kim Kardashian the amount of a barrage that you are giving Poppy? I would rather Poppy do it than KK do it. Least Poppy has a brain. Anyway, marriage is the least of a persons worries.

All you people who are giving her shit are probably all bible bashers and judgemental idiots who are just trying to shove your beliefs down someone else’s throats. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion but I start to have an issue when people try to shove what they believe down someone else’s throat. Live and let live. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

3 out of 5 of my children were born out of wedlock. Bring on the comments about that. An to all those people who say unwed parents love their children any less, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Jadey on

What on earth is wrong with you judgmental fools?? What difference does it make that they’re not married? Get a life!

Co on

to all the negative comments, kiss rocks. Poppy is human and Jesus died for all of our sins. I always heard if you don’t have nothing nice to say then hush. Who are we to judge. A child needs love and security. Who fooled you things were better in the 50’s. This is 2013! Congratulations Poppy!

Addie on

Laura: Congratulations! You are without a doubt the only one in this comment section, who acts like a true Christian – I applaud you! Very refreshing to see someone who doesn’t pervert religion to fit into their own narrow view of life, but identifies herself as a Christian while being respectful of other ways of life! Everyone else on here, who claims to be religious, should learn from that! To me, religion plays a very small part in my everyday life, but that’s my choice and doesn’t mean that I lack any moral and dignity – I just come from another background and a different country (Denmark), where religion is not as dominant as in the U.S. But I have respect for people who choose to live according to a certain religion, it’s just not for me 🙂 and that’s the key – accept that your truth is not the only truth! Thank you Laura, for showing that some Christians are indeed able to do that – you rise way above the rest!

Adrienne on

OKAY ladies ( I’m assuming you are all women, God knows you’re catty enough). Getting married THEN having children is how our society used to function, and things were a lot better that way. We are now living in a society that fears nothing, people act as though there is nothing to be cautious of. Nobody fears the police, nobody fears consequence and nobody fears God.

Granted, some married people get divorced, and some unmarried couples stay together for ages, it’s not really about that. It’s more or less about proving your commitment before entering into parenthood. Having children is a way bigger commitment than marriage, but only a commitment to the children themselves. It’s careless to do it the wrong way. You dont put your socks on before your shoes, correct? It’s just what it is, and those that are saying anything else are people (IMO) that aren’t married and are raising children either with their partners or alone.

It’s sad.

Understanding that there is no one “right way”, this is my opinion.

Adrienne on

lmao i realize i said socks before shoes which is the right way of doing things but that doesn’t nullify my opinion/comment any. 🙂

blissfullybusy on

Good for them; many congratulations. It sounds like the baby is loved, wanted and they can look after it; that is what matters. Here’s my take on the baby out of wedlock thing. It’s fine for the parents, and it’s their right; it is a new day out here. My concern is for the children. You fall in love and have a baby, then fall out of love and move on. You fall in love again, have another baby. I know people who have done this 5 times; each child with a different father and different circumstances. Johnny has a daddy who loves him and sees him on a regular basis. Beth’s daddy hasn’t been around for four years, for visits or financial assistance. Cody’s daddy is now married and has four children with his new family and is very jealous of Johnny’s relationship with his dad. I won’t go on with descriptions, but what do you think this does to children and their heads.

Whether married or not, relationships can end, but at least when married, you may have more continuity in the baby bearing game.

When you fall in love, you always think it’s going to last forever when you plan the baby, or when you find you’re pregnant. A little thought though, especially when it’s baby #2 with daddy #2; what if it happens again, with baby #3 and daddy #3. Surely, you can see how this could mess up siblings minds a little.

julie on

Looks like some of you have been drinking the “kool-aid”. LOL. How about people start doing the math…When did Poppy meet this guy!? Start dating him??? I remember Life&Style ran a blurb in October 2011 that Poppy and Adam split. 14 months later she’s what…6-7 months pregnant!!!!!! So she dates this guy for about 7 months and then decides to have a baby with him? And apparently this guy was married as of September 2012!!!!!!!!!! And has children with his former wife. Yikes. I’m not against having kids out of wedlock but come on…This is all a little shady. And if Poppy and Adam split because of “the long distance” (she in NYC and he in LA. With their son btw) as was originally reported as the reason for their break up, how in the world is she going to make it work in NYC shooting her show with a guy who works for MIcrosoft? Aren’t they based in Seattle? LOL LOL. Good luck to this kid they’re having.

rachaelmall on


You call me a slut because I think people like you are being judgmental and hateful by trying to force your personal beliefs on others? Yeah, how Christian of you. LOL!!\

And I’m aggressive sounding? Is that your language for you don’t like being called on your hypocrisy? 😉

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

(small BIT of decompression)

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

Marky, you sound like a loving and wonderful grandma! Those kids are very lucky to have someone like you! ❤

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

That last sentence made me giggle slightly Dani… Makes you sound “religious”!!

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

Amanda, I think she was explaining where some of the pre formed opinions come from. There are so many more of Marky’s types of stories than those with happy endings (it seems).

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

You’re a sweetie rachael! LOTS of guys must have sex with you!! =/

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

I think you take some HUGE jumps over gaps rachael! Perhaps ask someone to clarify what they’re trying to say before you totally take their opinion to the WORST and most negative place possible… Maybe that’s just you…

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

She probably does rachael! But when the kids become adults, when does it become their own choice with their own consequences? Those grown “kids” can’t be “victims” of their childhood all their lives… Not cute, nor mature!

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

I agree… I was 22 and on my wedding night 12 years ago (as was my husband) the first time I had sex (which includes anything past kissing!) … I am not old, nor old fashioned… Just my decision to follow what the Bible says about pre marital sex. I’m not saying we had the same motives for our decisions, but I identify with your end result! 🙂

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

Also, the Bible states that God originated the marriage ceremony, not mankind.

Magnolia on January 12th, 2013

I don’t think you need to be so aggressive-sounding rachael! We’re only sharing our opinions; if you are too upset, maybe you should go to another site!

rachaelmall on


And by the way, the other person made herself clear: unmarried people raise unstable kids because her unmarried kids have unstable kids.

And you want to talk of negativity and bad places? Who has been name calling and degrading others for not following their personal beliefs? Wait, could it be you and your ilk who only pretend to be Christians? You’re the fakest bunch of bitches this side of Jerusalem. Oh, sorry, was that too “aggressive” for you? 🙂

Anonymous on

Amy- I don’t know why others are having so much trouble understand your comment, either! So I will re-state, but as simply as I can so hopefully they’ll understand it: Like Poppy, Mary had children with more than one “man” (the quotes are because God, of course, is techinically not a man. “He” is greater than that!).

Anonymous- (the one who accused Marky of lying about her daughter using a condom and getting the shot) I hope you are not sexually active and hoping you don’t get pregnant, because clearly you don’t understand how birth control works.

Only one method is 100 percent effective, and that’s abstinence. The others all can and do fail on occasion, and while very rare, pregnancies can and do sometimes occur even when using two methods at the same time (as Marky’s daughter did). Sometimes you just can’t stop a determined sperm!

julia- While I see your point, it’s possible that this pregnancy was an “oops” and she doesn’t believe in abortion.

frazzledchick on

People please, the woman is an adult and whether she’s married or not, having kids, doesn’t make her tacky or immoral. Some of you honestly think marriage makes you bullet-proof and invincible. It doesn’t! Marriage is a piece of paper that at any time, either person can walk away from the marriage if they want. You can’t make a person stay married if they want to leave. Kids cannot make people any more committed than they want to be, married or single. I know tons of kids who grew up in the traditional household and their lives were Hell. I also know others who were raised by single moms and dads and they turned out fine.

There’s no one-size fits all family and every person and relationship is different. We should all keep our noses in our own business and stop trying to dictate how other people should live. You have a right to your own opinion but just because some people may not agree with you doesn’t make them morally bankrupt. The fact is, we’re in the 21st century and no one has to conform to tradition if they choose not to. Some folks can throw as many hissy fits and put their foot on the judgment pedal at full throttle but people are free to do what they want, when they want in their personal lives.

Adrienne on

@ Addison, I’m assuming your 5 children have the same father? If not, oops, then I’d of course understand why you are defending Poppy. It’s a disgrace for these women to run around spreading their legs for men they have barely been dating, or men that are married to someone else. (Ala LeAnn Rimes, Poppy etc. etc.) and THEN to have a baby with him. It shows poor judgment on the woman’s part.

I am NOT a bible basher, I am a woman who is tired of watching people act with no morals or real thought behind their decisions.

Either way, I’m not judging, just saying.

Kay on

Gotta love these comments, those who praise the second time pregnant unwed mom to be are all okay, those who make negative comments are being “judgmental” Well folks use to be a time when it was considered a “shame” to be pregnant and not married, and a woman was considered a “whore” if she had a second baby by a second man. I really don’t care if she has a baby by EVERY man she dates. Just sayin!

rachaelmall on

Why is it so hard for some of you to understand you will be called on for being judgmental if you ARE being judgmental?

You can state YOU don’t agree with Poppy’s choices but to call her a whore or say she has no morals because she doesn’t follow your personal code of living IS judging!

meghan on

Well, she doesn’t have morals, Rachael. Just ask her boyfriend’s wife.

AM on

Wow- all of you lovely folks should step back a second. Yes this is a person in the limelight and that puts her directly in your view. It doesn’t nor should it matter, If you practice what you preach then you wouldn’t judge another human. Only one being has that job and believe me when I say you are not it.

Instead of judging others why do we not teach them? If you want your morals passed on, do something about it other than complaining or attacking someone you do not even know. Our communities suffer, volunteer, make an effort instead of turning away, reach out your hand and touch another life. There are children out there who do not know what a God, any God even is, they do not know right from wrong, and it takes a village to raise a child in the light.

Stop being so negative and judgmental, every child is a blessing and marriage is a legal institution not a commitment of anything.

Anonymous on

frazzledchick- I couldn’t have said it better myself! If a man or woman really wants to leave their partner, they will do so, married or not. That’s why I don’t understand the notion of “trapping” a man by getting pregnant.

If he doesn’t want to stay with you, then one of two things will happen: He’ll leave anyway or he’ll decide to stay because it’s the “right” thing to do…more than likely causing the child to grow up in an unhappy home. Trying to “keep” someone who doesn’t want to be “kept” is one of the worst things you could possibly do.

Also, having children with someone doesn’t even guarantee they will be in your life forever or that you’ll be set for life because of the child support they have to pay. Men SHOULD provide for their children, but that doesn’t mean they always do. Far too many so-called fathers have vanished from their children’s lives and refused to pay child support (even if it’s court-ordered).

Getting back on point, I also don’t get why people seem to think that marriage automatically guarantees stability for the child. I’m sure Max Bratman (Christina Aguilera’s son), Sean and Jayden Federline, Bronx Wentz, Suri Cruise and numerous other celebrity children would beg to differ with you!

Everyone has a right to their beliefs, of course. I just don’t think it’s right to tout marriage as some kind of magical guarantee of a happy, two-parent household for the duration of a person’s childhood!

AM- I agree with everything you said, except the last sentence. Some people DO see marriage as a commitment (I know, shocking, right?!) and not just a legal institution. My parents, for example, have been happily married for nearly four decades, and to them it’s much more than just a piece of paper.

It is, as they have said, a mental, physical, and spirtual commitment to themselves and to God

ace11 on

2 kids out of Wed Lock??

God forbid she gets married



Yes, it would have been nice to have been married. And marriages break up. But not everyone wants to get married, so if she can be a good parent and has the financial capabilities to support them why not.

Emma on

Let’s face it, there’s no point anymore commenting how she, and all her other Hollyweird cronies, are just so excited! to have not one but multiple out-of-wedlock children by not one but multiple “boyfriends”. There is no shame anymore, in fact, it’s celebrated. They are setting the standard for how cool it is to have kids with no stable marriage behind them but forget that not everyone who has all these illegitimate kids aren’t the stars of tv shows who live in muli-million dollar mansions. The standard they have set is costing the rest of us taxpayers billions in welfare and support payments. So keep up the good work – the fools who watch your (really bad) show will just keep putting millions in your pocket so you can keep corrupting the morals of this country.

Jadey on

Marriages aren’t always stable!! They’re still easy to walk away from. I know people who’ve ended their marriages after 2 – 3 years, yet my parents are unmarried and have been together for 30 years. It’s just a piece of bloody paper. I can’t believe so many people are trashing her for not being married instead of just congratulating them! What you all need to do, immediately, is go get lives.

Steff on

Hope this guys sticks around..

LoCheree on

I have a question…how is her getting pregnant by 2 different men, with whom she has/had a relationship with any different from her going to a fertility bank and getting sperm to get pregnant while being single??? For those of you who are most judgmental about a person who has no bearing on your life, doesn’t stop you from eating, sleeping, working or doing other mundane everyday things that you normally do, who you don’t know from a can of wet paint, why do you care?? Now before you say you don’t care, you commented on this article with your opinions, so, yes, you obviously do care, so please save that lie. Did you not have sexual relations out of wedlock with anyone else other than your spouse, if you have one now? If so, are you still with that same person from your first time, or did you kiss many frogs before you got your “prince”? Think about those skeletons waiting to jump out of your closet before you are quick to try and count someone else’s.