Miranda Kerr: Orlando and I Are Too Busy for Another Baby

01/11/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Miranda Kerr: Orlando and I Are Too Busy for Another Baby
Alex J. Berliner/ABImages

Party time!

After last year’s low-key celebration, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom went a bit bigger for their son Flynn Christopher‘s second birthday, inviting 15 of his pint-sized pals over for a backyard bash.

“It was a lot of fun … and it was a really special celebration,” the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 29, told reporters at Qantas Australian Celebrity Party Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“We had a little bubble machine and the kids loved it. We also had little bunny rabbits and chickens.”

Amid speculation of a split, Kerr says the couple are in fact busy concentrating on their baby boy before contemplating the idea of a second child.

“We are really enjoying our time with Flynn at the moment. He’s such a ball of love and he’s so wonderful,” she shares.

“And we are both so busy that I think it’s nice to have that time together and not rush any other babies for now.”

Citing “communication and honesty” as key components to a successful marriage, the model admits despite time often spent apart from Bloom, the two constantly keep in touch.

“Lots of Skype. Especially now that we have our son,” she says, adding Flynn is a fan of the video calling. “I’m not much of a talking on the phone person. I prefer to text. It’s always very hard to get me on the phone.”

But even between their hectic schedules and worldly travels, Kerr is still determined to keep Flynn in tune with his Australian heritage — particularly their unique cuisine.

“He says, ‘G’day mate’ and he puts a thumb up, too,” she says. “My grandma introduced him to Vegemite and he’s never turned back. [He says,] ‘Mummy, mummy, Vege.'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Raha Lewis

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mom on

They have never really seemed like a couple at all. It takes more than a piece of paper to be married. Seems like shes clinging a bit much. He doesnt seem like he wants to be her husband too badly.

cds on

I think Miranda and Orlando are a wonderful young couple. They can keep their relationship working as long as they can ignore the pesky media and ignore the rumors that say their marriage is having problems. Also keep people out of their relationship — Miranda seems like a smart young woman who is focused right now on their one child — no need to rush having more babies just yet.

BlueSkidoo on

He’s only two. While there’s nothing wrong with having another child now, it’s silly that she has to clarify why they aren’t. People are way too quick to jump on “When are you having more kids?” and put couples on the spot. She shouldn’t even have to clarify if they’re having another at all, much less when.

I love her and Orlando. They seem very down to earth, private, and of course they’re both nice to look at.

Sonia on

@mom I think that it is awesome that they keep their relationship and their feelings towards each other very private ans sacred because after all it is not really any of our business. We can’t possibly know the day to day in their relationship but I am happy that they are making it work and that they love their son.

KW on

They are on the outs. She just confirmed it the Hollywood way.

Rosy on

Vegemite. A guy (Australian no doubt) in my lab ate that on toast. Ick!

Marky on

I don’t know what the real relationship between Miranda and Orlando is, but I know my husband and I were able to spend time apart (without Skype) and not fall down dead or get a divorce. We were mature enough to be able to function as adults, either of us could care for the children, and both could thoroughly enjoy our time together. Somehow we have made it 48 years without cheating or divorce, and so can this couple. Also, while we were very close and extremely attracted to each other, separation never made either of us want to cheat, and yes, I’m sure! Why does everyone always put a negative spin on couples mature enough to live normal lives?

Just My Opinion on

Beautiful lady!

gina on

@KW: totally agree with you…

Lizzie on

This IS a BEAUTIFUL FAM, their son IS soooooooooo CUTE & seems sooooooooo LOVED!!

Amber on

I admire Miranda and Orlando. They seem like a beautiful couple and I am glad that they have decided to wait awhile before having another child. There are a lot of societal pressures to have lots of children in a short period. That may work for some people, and that’s fine, but taking your time as well isn’t bad either.

erynn on

They will be divorce soon. If I could tell them one thing I would say FAMILY FIRST THEN CAREER. That’s why so many relationships fail. One person puts themselves first and it’s all about them. Working all the time is bad for your relationship and health. Families need to be together and not apart. It will never work.

Anonymous on

erynn- Read Marky’s post. It most certainly IS possible to have both a career and a family!

Anyway, I don’t know why everyone’s being so negative! It sounds like Miranda and Orlando have a healthy relationship to me (one in which they realize they don’t have to see each other in person every second of every day), not one that’s on the rocks!

Ratty on

Vegemite on toast is quite literally one of the best things on Earth! You just have to make sure you get the butter/vegemite ratio right. It’s also a sure-fire hangover cure (full of Vitamin B). I have never understood why only us Aussies like it. Having said that its highly entertaining to give it to foreigners to taste and see the looks on their faces. I used to take my tube to work with me when I lived in London (brought over from home because you can’t buy it anywhere but Aus) and eat it off my finger to gross people out. Vegemite’s the best! So glad Flynn is a fan!