Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Expecting First Child

01/11/2013 at 11:45 AM ET

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Expecting First Child
Charley Gallay/Getty

Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant!

The Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress, who married actor Jamie Bell Oct. 30, Tweeted her happy news on Friday.

“Remember when I said, ‘No baby on the way here’ – Well, I didnt know there actually was!” she wrote in a post that included a photo of the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

“The couple is thrilled,” a rep for Wood, 25, tells PEOPLE.

In a follow-up Tweets she wrote: “Thanks for all your warm wishes. We are very happy. I’m gonna be a mama!” and “Song of the day ‘Sweet child of mine’ #gunsandroses.”

On her wedding day she also Tweeted a song of the day: “(Today I Met) the Boy I’m Gonna Marry.”

Wood and Billy Elliot star Bell, 26, first dated in 2005 after they both costarred in Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” music video.

— Aaron Parsley

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Catca on

Awww, fantastic news! Hearty congrats to Evan and Jamie!

guest on

Congrats. Hope baby doesn’t get dads ears!

NM on

Finally, a hollywood couple who married first!

merry on

Oh my god, how exciting!! I absolutely adore this couple, Evan is so sweet on Twitter. So happy for them!

guesswho on

More babies having babies. Can’t anyone wait anymore?

Magnolia on

Shes 25!! How long does she have to wait? Advanced maternal age (whether we like it or not) is 35… It seems they weren’t planning this one anyway…

MaddoxsMom on

She’s 25 and will be 26 when the baby comes….I do NOT think 25/26 is considered a “baby having a baby”…you do realize that when a woman is 35 and older and pregnant she is considered “high risk” simply because of her age? So I don’t think anyone feels 25/26 is too young or a baby, especially not someone who grew up acting considering they have to grow up so fast themselves….

Alysia on

What are u talking about she is 25 years old not 16!

MEG on

Not a very attractive couple…… EWWWWWW!

and I have no clue who they are!!

emily on

LOL babies having babies?? She is 25…you know, the national average age.

angelina on

@guesswho Get over yourself. They are 26. They can start their family whenever they choose.

mimi on

@guesswho? 25 and 26 are perfectly respectable ages to have your first child. Unlike 40-50 years ago when people married out of high school and were families of 4 or 5 but age 26. Yes, why don’t people “wait like they used to”.

Amy on

Yeah, they look really thrilled.

Kristen on

Her father’s wife just had a baby last year. He’ll be a young uncle. And I had my first baby at 26 and had been married three years. It’s not young at all, in fact, 25 is when the doctors start super-pushing genetic testing because of the rapid increase in rates of Down Syndrome following that age. I will never forget being shoved a ton of literature on it at my first pre-natal appointement.

sandrah on

Oooohh, I love Jamie Bell! Anyone remember him in “Billy Elliott”? Awesome! Congrats to them!

Aud on

Of course she’s pregnant, the photo of her from 3 weeks ago looks like she’s around 3 months!

Krystin on

Congrats! And on the brightside… at least she didn’t have a baby with Marilyn Manson!

Holiday on

Shes a 25 year old woman. That ” babies having babies” comment was ridiculous . I was married and 22 years old when I had my first

CJ on

How nice!!!

BTW, how is being 25 & 30 considered babies having babies like someone commented below?????????????

emma on

lol billy elliot is all grown up!

Catca on


You misunderstood Emily’s comment. She was referring to 25 being the national average age for women to have their first child, not the national average age of the population. The average age of women having their first child is certainly NOT close to 37 years old.

Rachel on

Thank god she didn’t have a baby with Marilyn Manson!!

Mila on

Nice age to become parents…:) I wanted to start a family at that age but god had other plans, so I had my first baby at 34 🙂 . Congrats to them..

cmp on

They say they are thrilled… You think People could have selected a photo that better represented how thrilled they might be. LOL! Congrats to them though!!! 🙂

Robyn on

I was pregnant with my first at 24, and had her at 25. You’d be surprised how many people told me I was too young to have children. I worked with a lot of teachers though who waited to have their kids until 35+, which I never wanted. I had my second at nearly 28.

Congrats to them.

Really??? on

From a biological standpoint, 19-25 is the best time to have a healthy pregnancy. I’m not saying that everyone should have babies at that point in their lives, or that they won’t have a healthy pregnancy later than that, but fertility peaks and goes down from there.

Congrats to them, I was 22 and married when I had my first, and 25 when I had my second (and last). My family was timed perfectly given our strong foundation and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wish them a very happy and healthy pregnancy!

christy myndzak on

to olivia.. 36.6 average for getting pregnant? r u kidding me? No it zure iznt and def not in the uza with all teen kidz gettin knocked up ur nutz.. maybe 26 but not 36 , anyway they have been on and off zince 05.. 8 yearz.. i really dont think they are ruzhing anything.. unlezz your a real prude.. check ur factz too

Anna on

Does the letter, “S” not work on your keyboard?

jana on

Rachel dumped Jamie for Marilyn Manson. I was surprised he he took her back after that escapade. He’s a better man than most. Their marriage was sudden. I guess we know why. Not much going on with her career, and now an unplanned pregnancy. Here’s to a healthy baby and good luck to them.

Shirley on

Man people on these boards arre always ragging about something! Not married, too young, not attractive! You must have some sad, pathetic lives to always complain about something! Good luck and may you have a healthy happy bambino!

Anonymous on

Victoria Beckham had her first child when she was 24, Reese Witherspoon had her first when she was 23, Kate Winslet had her first when she was 25. They all seem like good mothers.

marilyn manson on

Her husband looks like a peeping tom!

kim on

@guesswho…theyare two married ADULTS. they are not children. most people start having families at this age. youre probably just bitter cuz youre in your 40s and no one ever wanted to procreate with you.

MollyF on

I LOVE Evan Rachel Wood. Been a fan of hers since the movie, Thirteen. So happy for her and Jamie. 🙂

Jay on

Sorry I don’t buy she didn’t know the baby was on the way!! She just didn’t want to admit that people were right and that is why she got married. Better to just admit the truth from the start.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Jay- Most women wait until the three month mark to announce. Three months ago it was October, which is when she got married. So it IS very likely that she was early enough on when she got married that she didn’t know about the pregnancy yet!

Also, even if she did, why should she have had to announce before she was ready to?!

Anyway, congrats to the couple!

Tara on

i think she has stunning features and is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world … will probably get even better with age!

Niko on

Wow, can’t believe she’s 25 already. How time flies. I remember when she was 16/17. Watched “Simone” late last year and she looked so young in that movie. Congrats!

Niko on

“More babies having babies. Can’t anyone wait anymore?”

What a way to show your age, guesswho. This couple is 25/26 years old. WTF? Once you reach quarter of a century old, you ARE a mature adult, not a baby.

Maggie on

CONGRATS to them. I’ve liked her ever since I saw her in ” Whatever Works” with Hottie Henry Cavill, she’s a good actress.

Kelley on

Congrats! To the comment ‘babies having babies” doesn’t apply here. That would apply to teenagers.
The prime childbearing years are 20 – 34. Then 35 is advanced maternal age whether we like it or not.

glamz on

That video she made with Manson is going to be traumatizing if that poor child ever sees it.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Becca on

These two are actually pretty attractive. People just managed to find the least faltering picture of them possible