Nicole Kidman Would Love for Sunday to Be a Singer

01/11/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

From the land down under to the deep south, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban‘s daughters have become the perfect blend of southern belle — complete with Aussie accents.

With their native Australian parents settling in the south — the girls were born in Nashville and are being raised in Tennessee — 4½-year-old Sunday Rose and 2-year-old Faith Margaret‘s lingo is nothing short of unique.

“They have a mix of Australian and southern accents which is really cute,” the Golden Globe nominated actress says during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“My mum always says, ‘I can’t understand her,’ because [Sunday’s] like … ‘Hey, y’all’  to her grandparents.”

But the girls have picked up more than just sweet sayings from country’s home state, in particular Sunday, who seems to be following in her father’s musical footsteps.

“She has really good pitch. I’d love it [if she sings],” Kidman, 45, says. “The great thing about being married to a musician is you have music in the house all the time. [Keith will] play the piano at 7 a.m. … we have breakfast around the piano.”

Nicole Kidman: I'd Love Sunday to Be a Singer
Courtesy Mandy Johnson

But getting to their family fairy tale took some time. After meeting on G’Day USA, Kidman jokes their attraction was mutual … or so American Idol judge Urban insists!

“I’m like, ‘You didn’t love me at first sight, you didn’t notice me.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, I did, but I just didn’t let on,'” she says. “Then about four months later he called me. Yeah, that’s a long time. He said he had other things he had to take care of … Guys, right?”

— Anya Leon

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Anne on

Her daughters are so pretty and Sunday looks just like her!

J. on

They have such adorable daughters!!

Marky on

This couple just touches my heart. They have faced difficulties and been there for each other, they love each other–you can see it in their faces and their eyes, When TC split from Nicole, it seemed as if she would never smile with her eyes again, then Keith and Nicole fell in love, and it was like the light came back. She didn’t walk away when he had difficulties, and now they have the girls; very precious family.

When TC took Bella and Conner, it was as if her heart just broke, though she took the high road for the sake of her children, but now she has rebuilt some of the relationship with the older ones (in spite of Tom) and she has the younger ones with Keith, as well. I hope they are this happy for always……

karen on

I don’t know why, but I am so happy for her (and him). It seems like they are both getting an amazing “second chance” at life and love. Best wishes!

Lisa on

The kids are always dressed so adorable! Sunday really has grown up and look at Keith looking at his little Faith. I am happy for Nicole and her and Keith make a lovely couple I really hope they last forever and they do try to stay out of the lime light. I would love to see a picture of Bella and Connor with their sisters whom I’m sure they see because Nicole has four beautiful children.

Siane on

She seems so pleasant. I never really paid attention to her but that interview with Ellen was a sweet one. God bless her and that beautiful family.

gloria on

I love and admire this couple as well! Hope they last a lifetime together. Their daughters are so cute!

Emily on

Gorgeous mom and HOT dad – is it any wonder those little girls are so adorable?

Tara on

I love her, but hopefully she will keep her kids away from the limelight as much as possible. I don’t see any positives about children singers, it just seems dangerous. But they are gorgeous little kids.

patty on

This couple touches my heart, also. I always liked Keith being in Country Music …With their marriage Nicole seems to have been his missing puzzle piece. I do believe they are the truely in love Country Couple coming out of Nashville.. Not in it for the attention that comes with it. Its that thing called LOVE.

Sue on

These two seem so genuine and happy. Sure happy for Nicole that she found Keith after being dumped by Tom. She deserves the happiness.

Anya on

Sunday looks like a mini Keith and Faith looks like Nicole’s mini-me. Such precious girls. They seem like a very happy and loving family – the Kidman-Urbans.

Jan on

Keith & Nicole’s daughters are adorable!!! They all look so happy!! I am happy for them all!!!!

Karen on

There’s something about Nicole that I just love. I’m so happy for both her and Keith.

Sammie on

oh my do those two girls look like mommy!

lyn on

So happy for her She is in such a good place it seems. Good for her. Daughters are cute beyond words and her hubby is

Guest on

She said something odd in the Ellen interview today that really stuck with me. She said she has to take care of herself because she has two young children that need her to be around for a while. I felt that this was a little insensitive to her two older kids. I know Bella and Conner are adults now and don’t need her as much, but I think they should still factor into your future life, even when the family dynamics are as unique as her situation. Just my opinion.

dsfg on

Tara, she has always done a good job of keeping her children out of the spotlight. She isn’t photographed with the two younger children very much, and when her older children were young you almost never saw her photographed with them (I do believe the paparazzi is worse now than when her older kids were young). The two older kids were photographed much more when Tom started seeing Katie and Suri certainly is photographed way more than Nicole’s 4 children. I think that celebrities can avoid the paparazzi to some extent if they try. Living in Nashville vs. L.A. certainly helps.

me on

Tara, I took it to mean that she wanted her to be a singer someday, not now as a child.

Ronda Reed on

I just love this precious family! Keith and Nicole are the epitome of what love is all about. Those babies are precious and carbons of Nicole with some Keith thrown in! 🙂

Carolyn on

Such a sweet picture.

Tara on

I figured she meant later, and you all are right she has done an amazing job keeps Paps at bay, I just always get nervous when the entertainment industry comes up, I’m sure Keith will be able to guide her through the industry. I just hope she does the same. Like I said Amazing kids!!

kassy on

beautiful family and Ellen is so funny!

Lavender on

Beautiful babies….seeing photos/vids of this family always warm my heart. What is it about you, guys? You were rarely seen in public but remains so precious with us (fans).

Anonymous on

Guest- My guess is that she put the emphasize on being around for the two younger kids because it’s less likely she’ll be around for as much of their lives as she will be Bella and Connor’s (due to the fact that she didn’t have Sunday and Faith until later in life).

Laine on

I love this family. Nicole and Keith seem really grounded. Nicole looks beautiful!

Dee on

Nicole Kidman sans Tom Cruise is so refreshing; it’s as if she suddenly discovered life and I guess that it probably doesn’t hurt that she moved away from Hollywood. I wish her, Keith and their daughters, many years of happiness.

Cooper on

Loved that interview. Love Keith!

Anonymous on

Shes living a fairy tale, good for her.

ava on

I’m with y’all–I love this couple and am so glad Nicole Kidman found true love after that a**hat Tom Cruise. She has a wonderful, happy life now.

Missy on

I’m sorry but I can’t stand her and I think it is ridiculous that she NEVER mentions her 2 older children!!!

kelly urban on

little one is nicole all over-older girl is mini kieth

Stacey on

LOVE Keith and LOVE the little girls’ names.

Lara on

We saw them in Nashville at a Nickelodeon kids concert. No security, sitting in the mezzanine area, 1 section over from us. Just a normal set of parents watching their girls have fun. The girls were in the aisle dancing and singing. Great to see!!!

katty on

you know, i like nicole and keith, i think theyre good together. but i think that she kind of deserted bella and conor. its true that tom primarily raised them (i speculate, as i never heard him talk about bella or conor before suri) and she never talked about them…so its odd.

its great that tom has suri and nicole has sunday and faith, but i feel like poor bella and conor got a little lost in the mix….
could be totally not the case, just speculation.

Anonymous on

katty- Actually, Nicole HAS talked about Bella and Connor before. She’s mentioned Bella wanting blue hair (and was even pictured with her right after taking her to get her hair dyed the aforementioned hue!), Connor working on the set of one of her movies (“Australia” if memory serves), and how one of her favorite pictures is of Bella holding Sunday among other things.

She has also mentioned that they have asked her not to talk about them to the media, so she tries to respect their wishes (Tom has said the same thing, but has admitted that he sometimes has a hard time following through!).

Also, Bella and Connor are both, for all practical purposes, adults now (Bella is 20 and Connor turns 18 next month). Most celebrities (and people in general) don’t talk about their adult children much (unless, of course, the adult child is also a celeb and therefore mom or dad gets asked about him/her and his/her career in interviews!).

Elle on

Nicole seems like a genuinely nice person but I was kind of bothered by the interview a little. At the beginning of the interview Ellen talks about it having been a few years since Nicole had been on the show & that the last time she was on, she didn’t have two kids & Nicole says, no, she didn’t. It just seems like she has completely forgotten about her two older children & that just baffles me. She also said that she has two young children that she needs to be around for for a long time. I just don’t get it. I don’t know how a mother just forgets about her kids & completely starts over.

Marky on

Both Nicole and Tom have talked about Bella and Coner since they were young, but have kept them out of the spotlight as much as possible, especially since their teen years began. The kids didn’t want to be talked about, and their parents’ divorce was less than nice, esp. on TC’s part.

The truth is, the older children are grown and prefer not to be tabloid fodder, for the most part. Bella has stated that she and Nicole get along fine, and see each other, but Nicole respects Bella’s privacy. Conner does seem closer to TC, but face it, look at all TC does to make sure that’s the case. She, like many other parents who go through a divorce, didn’t have the option of having custody of the children, sice it was impossible to fight TC ($ and scientology crap), so she has made the best of it, and someday it will all come out–probably after TC dies.

Anonymous on

Marky- I doubt it was “impossible” for Nicole to fight Tom for custody. After all, Katie succesfully got custody of Suri after her split from Tom. My guess is that Bella’s and Connor’s mainly living with Tom was for other reasons. I agree with the rest of your comment, though.

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that I don’t think it’s a huge deal if Connor is closer to Tom than to Nicole. Most boys and men are closer to their fathers than their mothers (just as most girls and women are closer to their mothers than their fathers).

Anonymous on

As far as the older chidren they were raised in Scientology… they chose that life and chose Tom. I’m sure it hurt her badly, but they are grown adults and she is raising 2 young daughters. I feel the older ones didn’t choose her, they chose another life!