Lily Allen Welcomes Daughter Marnie Rose

01/10/2013 at 08:30 AM ET

Lily Allen Welcomes Daughter Marnie Rose
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Cue the lullabies: Lily Allen is a mom — again!

The “Smile” singer and her husband Sam Cooperย reportedly welcomed their second daughter,ย Marnie Rose Cooper, on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The couple — who wed in Gloucestershire, England in June 2011 — are already parents to 13-month-old daughter Ethel Mary.

Her rep declined to confirm the pregnancy in July, but after stepping out several times with a burgeoning belly, no official confirmation was needed when 27-year-old Allen appeared radiant on the red carpet during the British Fashion Awards in November.

On New Year’s Eve, Allen was anxious the tot would emerge soon, Tweeting she was “only planning on spending a few days of [2013] pregnant. Unlike the last 3 years.” And she said she had been sampling curries to try to force labor.

A rep for the singer (who goes by her married name Cooper) didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment or statement, but Allen appeared to acknowledge the news Thursday when she thanked fans, writing, “Quite overwhelmed by all the well wishing going on. THANKYOU everybody x x x”

One of those came from actor friend Charlie Condou, who Tweeted he had a “little cry” when Lily “told me Marnie Rose was born” on his birthday.

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amanda on

Congrats to the Allen family! She is lovely!

Mandii on

Love, love, love the name Marnie. Congrats!!!

Shawna on

Congratulations to the Coopers!

merry on

I am so excited to hear this. Congratulations on the new baby girl. I like Lily and wish her all possible luck with her family.

Kat on

Love the name Marnie, very sweet. So happy for her!

mileysucks on

Wonderful news! Congrats, Cooper family!

Mandy on

For as much hell as she’s been through… I’m so happy for her.! Now hoping my little rainbow, will stay put until he’s a bit bigger.

mama3 on

So happy for Lily and her husband!! God Bless this family. I cannot imagine the pain they must have gone through in losing their child prematurely. xoxo

jsp81355 on

I’m so glad for Lily and her husband. After the heartbreak she has been through in the past, wonderful news of her new baby daughter is wonderful. God bless Lily and her family.

boohoobytch on


Aria on

Love the name.

klutzy_girl on

Pretty and cute name! I love it. Congratulations!

valeskas on

So happy for her and her family.

givemeabreak on

Love the name, and I think Lily is absolutely adorable! Congrats!!

nandika on

congratulations to the Allen-Cooper Family!

Hattie on

Notice that the two kids she has are girls.They are much healthier at birth too.Congrats to the family.

L ANN on

So happy for her. I remember all of the sorrow she had with all of her miscarriages we read about.

It seems like once she got married…everything started going great in her life and the babies started to come. Two beautiful little girls. What a blessing.

Brooke on

So happy for her. Lovely, Lovely name….I am thrilled that Lily Allen finally has her little family.

meghan on

Wonderful! So happy for the Cooper family!

Momof2in1year on

Congrats on your Rainbows! I have had two late-term losses and know that heartbreak. Beautiful name.

@ Mandy–hope you have a healthy rainbow!

Sarah on

Marnie…different…yet normal…I love the name. Congratulations Lily !!!

joan719 on

Congratulations to Lily. Such a very sweet name for her new baby! Best wishes now and always.

jan on

Going to have my first. Loved the name so much i will name my daughter just that.

angie on

I am so happy for her! She deserves all this good after having so much bad has happened to her! It gives all hope that good things can come after tragedy!

maggie on

I am so happy for her, this is what she has wanted forever and after going through that awful time of losing her baby so late two years ago and getting septicemia, she really deserves to be happy! Congrats!

Fabulous on

It’s soooooo funny to me that NO ONE said anything negative about her getting pregnant so sooooon after having her first daughter BUT will slay the likes of Jessica Simpson…. (Her 1st child had to be only 4 or 5 months old since she is now 13months)… SMDH…. Anyway congrats on a healthy baby!!

Karateleshi80 on

I like the name and I like Lily Allen. I think Marnie is another English name? i think its a fashion designer or brand too. My hubby and I just found out we are having another girl too. I can’t wait to see pics of Marnie. Lots of happinesss and health to the Allen Coopers.

Marky on

Very happy for Lily and her husband! Love the name, as well, very feminine and pretty for a baby AND an adult.

Being the older of “Irish twins”, I just don’t get the constant complaints about everyone (other than Lily) having children close together. It might have been a little difficult in the first 2 or 3 months, but my sister and I were close from the beginning, and played together incessantly, and usually very happily. We had a very hands-on dad, too, so when he was home he was great help.

Time to lighten up on Jessica, and anyone else who finds themselves capable of having sex in less than a year after their first baby is born!

Sarah S. on

Love the name Marnie, and esp. middle name Rose (same as my daughter). Congrats to Lily, Sam and big sis Ethel! ๐Ÿ™‚

Melody on

Oh, that’s such beautiful news. I’m so happy for Lily (and Sam, and Ethel) especially after everything she’s been through with her previous pregnancies. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

Cathleen on

Such a cute name! Best of luck to Lily and Sam on their second baby!

guest on

I personally don’t like either of her girls names but that’s ok….they are healthy and Lily is happy. That is ALL that matters!! Love her music and I am so happy for her!!

Jennifer on

Love that name! Congrats to her. I really felt for her when she suffered her earlier losses. So happy she has two healthy kiddos.

Karin on

Congrats to her, and it’s nice to read good comments for her, she is one of those women, that really wanted children of her own, and we have read all the miscarriages she went through, luckily she didnt give up and now has two beautiful princesses in her life!!!

Bree on

Such awesome news!!

After all her heartbreak it is such a joy to see her have two healthy babies finally ๐Ÿ™‚

While I am not personally a fan of either names she choose for her girls I don’t hate them either and really who cares what she names her kids!! Both names are easy to spell and easy to pronounce, as a teacher those are two huge things for me.

Anyway Congrats to Lily, Sam and Ethel and welcome to the world baby Marnie ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Fabulous- I think the reason Jessica is being criticized and Lily is not is due to three reasons (not that any of them make it okay for the former to be!):

1. Lily lost two babies (one she miscarried early on, the other, a little boy, she delivered stillborn at six months after contracting a bacterial infection) before welcoming her daughters. So people just want her to be happy and feel bad saying anything negative about her.

2. Lily did not get pregnant while getting paid to be the spokeswoman for a weight loss program, Jessica did (and some people feel that she “cheated” Weight Watchers because of it).

3. Lily is married to the father of her children (and was before her first daughter was born), Jessica is not (people tend to be nicier to married celebs having kids than unmarried celebs having kids).

Marky- While some people obviously just criticize Jessica and others to be nasty, I think some do it because they’re concerned about the complications the mother is putting herself and her baby at risk for. As we saw with Tori Spelling, getting pregnant so soon after giving birth (especially when the birth was via C-section) can have disastorous conseqeunces!

Anyway, congrats to the Coopers, and I love the name!

Amanda on

Congrats to Lily and her family! How wonderful that those two little girls are so close in age!

Not a huge fan of the names but I am sure she loves them and they are still much better than weird, made-up names that some people come up with.

Jen on

Theon is an uncle again!! Congrats.

Kat A. on

Congratulations to the entire famly. Wishing you and your family, many, many, many more blessings in the times to come. Best wishes.

WELCOME to the world little Marnie Rose…it will be an AMAZING adventure.


Fabulous on

Anonymous … I know Lily’s history… My point is…… IT IS NEVER OKAY TO JUDGE ANYONE ELES’ LIFE UNLESS YOURS IS SPOTLESS!!!

Kim on

Love this name, it’s gorgeous (much much better than Ethel), two little girls now to keep her hands full! Congrats! ๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous on

Amanda- Techinically, weren’t all names “made-up” at some point? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Niko on

Yay! Another baby carried to term. I’m so thrilled for Lily and her hubby!. Good luck to her, should she become pregnant again..

Julianna on

Congratulations to Lily! It’s always so thrilling to read good news about Lily, after the heartbreak she faced with her two previous pregnancies!

amanda on

congrats to the cooper family ! so happy lilly had a healthy and happy pregnancy ! what a beautiful name !

jojo on

Not to be off topic, but @Anonymous , Tori Spelling’s delivery complication had absolutely nothing to do with how soon she had another baby after C-section. She had Placenta Pravia (SP) and that can happen with a 1st baby or a 2nd baby 3yrs after delivery. It also has nothing to do with C-section.

Marnie on

LOVE THE NAME ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine is Marnie Arlene….kinda freaky since my moms name is LILI and I have a brother named ALLEN!!!

Marky on

Anonymous, as an L&D nurse, I can assure you that having her children close together isn’t what caused placent previa. That is solely dependent on where the egg implants and thus where the placenta attaches to the wall of the uterus. I’m not saying it’s ideal to have them 10 or 11 months apart, but I AM saying it is not okay to criticize other’s choices and decisions regarding when their children come, or if they have any at all. It’s always tempting to be critical and rude, then hide that rudeness in the term “my opinion”, but it’s hateful and mean, just the same…..

christin on

i really am so happy for her, she deserves it, congrats to the family!!!!

Lauren on

@Fabulous, the answer is– Jessica Simpson is an attention-seeker, whereas Lily Allen didn’t even confirm this latest pregnancy. Lily Allen doesn’t put herself out there, so there is less to criticize.

Also, to the people discussing Tori Spelling, while her placenta previa was maybe not caused by her pregnancies being so close together, remember the part where her c-section scar burst and her intestines came out? Yeah– that part was definitely caused by having four c-sections in five years. She could have been smarter with those choices.

Chrissy on

I’m so happy for Lily Allen! I’m a huge fan and I was saddened by her past difficulties, what a lovely way to have begun the New Year. I wish her and her family the best of luck and health. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachaelmall on

Congrats to Lily and family. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kinda funny there were so many negative comments about Tori Spelling having her babies “too close together” but Lily had her girls close together and it’s no problem. Hypocrites.

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