Haute Mama! Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Maternity Style

01/10/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

If her recent outfits (cropped tank and peplum leather skirt, blue cut-out sheath, netted appliqué dress) are any indication, one thing we don’t plan on seeing is Kim Kardashian in mundane maternity wear.

If anything, we expect the mom-to-be — who’s expecting her first baby with Kanye West — to continue to show off a little (or a whole lot!) of skin as her bump grows.

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Although well-known for choosing fitted fashions to flatter her curvy figure, Kim isn’t the first Kardashian to opt for more daring duds during her pregnancy. Older sister Kourtney, mom to Mason, 3, and Penelope, 6 months, wore her fair share of risqué ensembles while expecting.

Even so, our bets are still on Kim to push the expectant mama style envelope to new limits. We just wonder: Will dad-to-be West’s outfits change too?

— Anya Leon

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valerie on

“Haute?” Really? Don’t you mean “hoochie?”

Kayte on

You think this looks sexy?? These ‘fashions’ look like maternity hooker-wear. There are ways to look sexy while pregnant but this isn’t it.

Sarah on

Dear People Magazine, no one wants updates on Kim K. I think you could clearly see that from all the posts when her announcement came out.

People Viewers

Ashley on

I ditto that, Joanie!!!!

Marina on

This is probably O-MY-EYES [Phoebe from “Friends”] style. But not normal womens “Maternity Style”!

Meep on

I don’t see this as “maternity style”. At all. She’s always worn cloths that are not flattering to her body type and all I see for the next seven months is her strutting around with a preggo belly and giant boobs wearing clothes that are way too tight and far to revealing. seriously, this isn’t sexy. Is there a way we can tell People that no one cares about updates on her… at all?!

Elizabeth on

You do realize that love or hate, it’s the pageviews that count and why PEOPLE is covering her so much? If you don’t want to see more, don’t click the post open to comment and it won’t register a pageview and will therefore be less popular.

AJ on

She’s not even showing. How is this maternity style?!? Ridiculous. Nevermind that she looks atrocious anyway.

pep on

you can totally tell shes gonna have those thunder thighs after this kid is born she already has them so now even bigger but no worries she has enough $$ to get them hacked off

Barbara on

I am with Joanie…and she looks trashy as usual.

Teena on


Isabel on

That’s trashy; not sexy.

Anonymous on

Thank you Jonie… so much agreed! I don’t know if I can stand seeing Kim all over CBB… please stop posting about her!

LuvBigCity on

Haha…are you serious??? She looks the same, over done. These girls have the WORST style sense. I feel bad for the girls who think these women know how to be stylish. It is rare I would call them stylish. I think Kourtney had a cute maternity style, sometimes…

Sheri on

There have been times in my life where I’ve seen a picture or video of myself and thought, “OMG, is that how I really look?” And promptly either thrown out an outfit or gone on a serious diet or gotten a new hairstyle. I really hope Kim and I have that in common…and ONLY that! And I agree that this is not maternity style. This is “trying desperately to fit into my regular clothes but really need to go shopping” style.

Liz on

She can dress however she damn well pleases but the thing is that she’s sort of oblivious to what size she is. Or she’s in size denial. Her clothes is just too small for her body. I’m interested to see how she dresses as her pregnancy progresses.

Faith on

Are you serious?thats not maternity style it’s express show off. Hey kk go for serious sensible outfits while shopping.no harsh feelings but if fancy to u keep it to urself.

joney on

Her clothes are really sexy maternity wear if your idea is extremely tight, cut-out boobs and see-thru style. This is a ridiculous story. People- “Are you serious or just making a bigger fool of her?”

J on

Elizabeth, enough. People are aware of that, it’s mentioned in every Kardashian article.

ForeverMoore on

I think People is on Kim’s payroll lol. I agree with all PP, she tends to always look overdone. She actually looks way prettier with minimal makeup and casual clothes.

Fabulous on

You people get on my nerves… If it were anybody else you would be saying how wonderful the person looks being pregnant and still able to wear theses clothes!!!! YOU GO KIM!!!! HATERS MAKE YOU GREATER!!!! #POORAZZJEALOUSFOLKS

Lisa on

Chris Jenner is doing a great job keeping her trash in the news. This is going to be a long and disgusting pregnancy.

Trivia girl on

LOL are you for real People magazine?? My retinas are burning from these tres trashy outfits you call sexy….and anyway, who cares what she does/wears – you’d think she was the first celeb to ever be pregnant….

Brooklyn on

Those are just bad outfits for anyone, whether you’re pregnant or not!

Susie on

my thoughts exactly AJ. it doesn’t count as maternity if she’s not showing yet…

sara on

She is hot and has amazing style! You haters are just jealous!

sara on

I know she has lots os plastic surgery, will do anything for money and isn’t trust worthy. But I still think she has great style!

Kresta on

She has a face like a horse and dresses badly for her shape.

jessica on

You’ve got to be kidding me?? all of you negative people on here. shes F***ing hot and half of you would only wish you could look this amazing pregnant or not! fashion is like art, self expression so to some its hot to others it may not be. Also, the kardashians are curvy women and not too many people know how to handle that! she’s blessed to be expecting. just leave it at that

Erin on

One word: TRASH.

Romy on

that see through lacy one looks like a copy of what Beyonce wore after she had Blue. It’s really not nice at all.

Lady on

E-freaking- nough this is going to be the longer pregnancy in the entire world

Mequko on

I think all the haters are completely jealous. You all are just wishing that you had her look and money. I bet half of you are over weight ugly and live on welfare and have nothing else better to do with your time but sit and complain. I hope Kim enjoys her pregnancy. ❤

Rain on

Wow at all the the dumb people saying “like, omg yer a bunch of jealous haters and Kim’s like the greatest evr srsly.” (morons)” You do realize you’re standing up for and openly admitting to being fans of a whore who got her start because of a sex tape, right?

Anonymous on

We all should stop buying people magazine if they put anything about the whore and her pimp!!!!

stewarttara on

As a mother to three I know that wearing that first dress can harm your child because of the way it is tightly hugging her and if she wants to keep her child alive and healthy she should visit the maternity store sooner rather than later

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

She paid HOW much money for her numerous plastic surgery procedures? Guess she doesn’t realize there is no surgery for skank. That is maternity hooker wear. That poor, poor baby!

MommytoanE on

Oh please. She’s like…barely pregnant. I’ll call it maternity when she’s got a bulging bump.

ella on

She wears the wooorst skirt lengths… It makes her look super short and broad. I am absolutely not a fan of some of her looks, but whatever floats her boat. It´s not my place to tell her what to wear.

erilynne on

Can we really even discuss her maternity wear when she’s not even showing much and we’ve known for little over a week? It’s like her same outfits. Wait till she actually has a BELLY!

jenny on

good grief there is something seriously unnatural about the proportion of her body parts.

Jessica on

While the blue dress isn’t flattering, she looks good to me…I absolutely loved showing off my growing belly until the end of the 2nd trimester or so. She may as well flaunt it now – she has a long way in her pregnancy to go! I don’t think she is given enough credit for her curves – at least she’s not 100 lbs with bones popping out.

Jill on

Does anyone else find it scary for Kim that Kanye chooses what she wears. I mean, People talks about her “new style” like it isn’t any big deal, but doesn’t anyone else see a huge red flag in this? He got rid of all her clothes. I am not a fan of hers, but I think someone should be concerned about this. Seriously. Am I alone in this?

Jill on

@Stewarttara, I was thinking the same thing. That poor baby in there is like, “Let me have some room, lady. Quit squishing me!”

Someone's Mommy on

“Haters” is such a dated word. Reminds me of daytime talk shows.