Rosie O’Donnell Welcomes Daughter Dakota

01/09/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

It’s baby number five for Rosie O’Donnell!

The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through adoption on Saturday, Jan. 5, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Weighing in at 5 lbs., 5 oz., “moms and baby are healthy and happy.”

O’Donnell, 50, Tweeted the happy news Wednesday.

“We [are] thrilled to announce the arrival of [our] daughter Dakota – #withloveandthanks – AMEN,” she writes, sharing a snapshot of herself cuddling with Rounds and their new baby.

O’Donnell is already mom to children Vivienne, 10, Blake, 13, Chelsea, 15, and Parker, 17, with her exKelli Carpenter.

After suffering a heart attack and dealing with Rounds’ desmoid tumors diagnosis last year, O’Donnell told PEOPLE at the time, “I will gladly stay home. I want to try to work hard at getting myself healthy, on Mich and I getting started and maybe finding a baby.”

Rosie O'Donnell Welcomes Daughter Dakota
Courtesy Rosie O’Donnell

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Liz McNeil

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Jenn on

Good for them! They look like a wonderful family and I’m sure their kids are so loved!

Gigi on

EEEEEWWWWWW gross!!! Poor baby!!!!

Elle on


guest on are an ignorant idiot. Yes you may not agree with their lifestyle, but they adopted a baby that needed a family. With the love she has, and her love to adopt children that need a home…God bless her and her family. that child will have a life. You rather the biological mother abort her pregnancy? that baby will have a beautiful family that will love her and give her the life she deserves. kudos to rosie for adopting all her children and giving them a family they may not have had. shame on you.

Samantha on

That was really rude of you to say. I’m sure they are amazing parents. Who cares if a kid is raised by two men or two women. As long as they are taking care of the child and providing a loving and safe environment I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Anonymous on

Ok, Angelina.

Jenny! on

I didn’t even know they were preggo, or who was? Am i the only one who doesn’t know that?

So in that case i want sperm from magic mike… inside my body :O oh thats BAD! heh

Theresa on

You didn’t know they were pregnant because baby was adopted.

Sharon on

I didn’t know they were expecting a baby, she kept that pretty quiet, usually she tweets everything. Congrats to Rosie and her family..

Mimi on

Awww…So sweet! Congrats Rosie, Michelle and family.:)

Misty on

Sweet picture. Congratulations to the happy family!

Amber on

happy for them, and hope mom and baby are healthy and doing well. It’s nice and refreshing to see this celeb decide on a decent name, not Apple or Finn or something silly.

Teena on

Aww, congrats 🙂 Did Michelle give birth or did they adopt? (Hust curious).

guest on


Kristy on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to this WONDERFUL Family.

Jojo on

Congratulations! What an adorable baby you both have. She is one very fortunate little girl 🙂

recreationstation on

She had enough kids already, didn’t she? And that is a SMALL BABY, too small! I like the variety in her family but would have loved to see her adopt a four year old or seven year old this time. Still, her wife can be a surrogate older child…

dweeb on

That baby may be preemie or something, but hey she’s viable. My best gf was only 1 lb 13 oz and she’s pretty dang healthy dang it.

pep on

this lady is addicted to getting married and having kids with them ..didnt she just “marry” this lady .. lets see how long this will last

derft on

she is such a dike, ugh… how many kids does she need? lets see how long this ‘marriage’ lasts. seems gay women divorce more than straight women…

Ashley on

If you’re going to use an ignorant term for a lesbian, Atleast spell it correctly. “Dyke” with a “y” not an “I”

alwayspensive on

Wow. Actually I don’t think gay women divorce more than straight women. Gay women tend to remain friends so the kids don’t suffer like they do when straight couples break up.

Gossipgal on

Wow! How did these two ladies manage that!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

80 on

I was wondering where the baby came from, it almost sort of sounds like they may have adopted Dakota.

Claire on

It says they welcomed her “through adoption.”

Theresa on

That’s exactly what it says… They adopted the baby. Re-read article.

Mimi on

Congrats!! She’s beautiful!

mindy on

I think with their health issues, they really are not the best choice for adoptive parents.

Paula on

Totally was thinking the same thing mindy. Not fair for the baby.

Karolina on

The baby came thru adoption! Says so in the article…

gail gray on

money can buy you anything, even if it is not in the best interest of the child, how sad.

Alayne on

Does no one read the article? It says they welcomed the baby “through adoption” in the first sentence. Happy for their whole family!! Love love love.

Diana on

Aww, sweet family! Congrats to the moms and siblings, she is such a great mom!!

cris on

How nice for them…Congrats!

alwayspensive on

Congrats to them! However, if I had a heart attack last year and my wife was seriously ill last year and I wasn’t rolling in money I don’t think a baby would just appear on command for us. Unfair world with unfair adoptions. Money talks!

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas on

How is Dakota any more “decent” than Apple or Finn? Judgemental much?

How about just “Congrats Rosie and Michelle.”

camorzilla on

“welcomed daughter Dakota through adoption”….apparently no one can read

80 on

Congradualtions on the adoption of your child

DDG on

“WRONG” in so many ways…

Jennifer on

wow, none of you read the story where it said they adopted. Listen, Rosie isn’t my favorite person, but I think it’s nice when American children are adopted. Hopefully this baby is loved and happy.

chill out lady! on

jennifer, the article was updated recently, so lots of people didnt see the adoption part. thats why they were asking, not because they missed it!!!!!!

Jacksgran on


Meep on

Amazing that so many people have such negative things to say and in the same breath ask a question that was answered in the very first sentence of the article. She has never had an issue with any of her kids, they all seem happy, well taken care of and don’t end up in the tabloids like some celeb kids to every every week… so what is with all the hatred?? Good grief there are some hateful people in this world. It’s sad really. Congrats to the whole family on their new addition.

Betty Carter on

1, To all of you who asked “where did this baby come from?”, I suggest you go back and reread the article which clearly states the baby was ADOPTED.

2. I think Rosie is just sick!

lester on

I feel very sorry for that little girl. Being raise w/o a father to 2 lesbian woman. Does anyone think about the children anymore???

Alexa Vaughn on

@Gigi, bitch. What’s your problem? U anti-gay or something? In case your too stupid to read, THEY ADOPTED!!!!!!! It’s stupid people like you who ruin the earth!

Julianna on

This picture is adorable! Congratulations to them!

Lauren on

Yes they’re both sick but you know what? It’s better then this child going into foster care and people only wanting to take care of her for the money. I have 2 twin boys of my own and would love to adopt twins or 2 kids some day but the US make its so difficult for middle class families and so easy for rich families. One day but every child deserves a home, no matter who adopts them, as long as their loved.

TiGi on

Ugh, gross, poor baby! And people spent days bashing Kim and Kanye and their baby & this deserves a congrats?? I can’t stand Rosie and would rather my baby be raised by Kim and Kanye than these two confused people…

mel on

Wow…. Another bitch in the world . Tigi please stop talking.

kels on

the article states they welcomed daughter, Dakota, through adoption….neither of them was pregnant.

mary on

the article was edited to include adoption, it wasn’t initially posted. relax. congats!

bev on

its amazing what money will get you. I know alot of married women who can’t have children and who desperately want them but do not have money for adoption fees or fertility treatments.

Tori on

Seriously people! It says right in the article they welcomed the baby through ADOPTION! Please read the full article before commenting.

Melanie on

So happy for them!!! Great parents!

Readthearticle on

It says right in the article, ppl!!!!!!!!!!! That it was adoption. Maybe read before commenting??

chill out lady! on

the article was UPDATED!!!! it didnt originally say adoption. so chill!

chill out lady! on

people did read the article. it originally didnt mention adoption. it was updated smartypants!!!!!

mg on


fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family!

vivienne on

Sharon, they are gay! They adopted the baby! She wasn’t expecting!

Anonymous on

when the article was first posted, it did not say “through adoption”.

Jane on

If it was anyone other than a rich celebrity they would have been disqualified for adoption because of their health issues. Just goes to prove there are different sets or rules dependent on your bank account.

Paula on

Yep yep Jane!

Jamie on

When the article was first posted, it did not say “through adoption”. That was added later.

Anonymous on

OMG people that comment here can’t read the friggin article can they? READ BEFORE POSTING!!!

w on

She got another woman to marry her? I find that surprising… she is so grumpy and opinionated… guess gold diggers don’t mind that

peggy sue smith on

who ever gave her that kid should have their head examined.

jeffdg on

if you read the comments carefully you would think most people commenting can’t read.
the baby was adopted!!!!
poor thing 😦

Jeanette on

I thought buying babies was against the law!! The ONLY reason she got this baby is because she has the $$$$ to do so. There are so many other families out there who want to adopt, but can’t compete with someone who is rich like Rosie and has the ability to pull strings. Shame on her. Like someone else posted earlier, if she really wanted to make a difference, adopt an older child that will have problems finding a family to adopt them.

Carol on

Do you people not read! It says they adopted her!

Jen on

How sweet! Congrats to Rosie & Michelle!

Rose on

Wow! For all the people who are disgusted by this obviously are not happy with their own lives! No one can just be happy for people any more! Congrats Im sure shes a great mother since her other four have grown up happy & healthy! & a lot of you must of just looked at the picture and says they ADOPTED her in the first sentence! Morons!

Brooke on

Congrats to Rosie and Michelle. Dakota will be very loved as are her 4 brothers and sisters…..Happy for them.

Yaazameen on

Congrats on adopting baby Dakota. Who care who the parents are. I’m not a big either of Rosie, but I think the baby is in good hands.

Leslie on

READ the article people…it clearly says ADOPTION !!!!!!

Emry on

Congrats!!!! A child is such a beautiful blessing 🙂

Zip on


dancer92136 on

Congratulations..much health, happiness, and memories. They grow fast as you know so enjoy and get healthy so you can see her grow.

Amber on

Rosie is a big mouth, nasty pig. She shouldn’t be allowed near children.

Texas!!! on

That poor little innocent child has to wake up for the next 18 years looking at that fat ugly lesbian! There is no justice in this world for our children!

Kate on

I’m sorry but I am a little outraged. How many children does Rosie have already? There was alot of controversy over a couple of her adoptions years ago as she seems to be ‘buying’ these babies and stepping ahead of other couples who are waiting years. How on earth did these two get approved for an adoption, do the home study, etc after only been married for barely a year? All I can figure out is maybe this was a surrogate type of situation where they paid for the IVF, etc. If this was an actual adoption, was it done legally? I truly cannot stand this woman.

GitrDun on

How does Rose-she-man keep scoring all these babes?

denise on

Congratulations on your new little angel. Many happy wishes to all of you.

Anonymous on

Rosie is a wonderful parent, you don’t have to know them to know that, i never missed her show when she had it on, you can just tell that she loves all of her children very much. Gigi, you are gross, grow up.

Sherry on

If you read the very beginning of the article, it says the baby was adopted. As for you, Gigi, I have no idea what is gross about it. Grow up.

Stop hating on

Congrats!! A baby is a blessing! Glad they gave an unwanted child a home of love and affection! I think people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!! There are so many hateful people in this world and the reason for alot of the bad that happens in this world. I would rather a child be adopted it born into a happy, loving gay couple then an abusive, unhappy straight family!

Linda on

Really!! Sick people here in Canada can’t adopt kids! Disgusting must be the money.

Lisa on

Congratulations to them. What a lucky little baby that is!

dancer92136 on

To “Stophating” GREAT POST…on the money.

Kate on

I am also curious as to how these two got approved for adoption so fast. It sure helps having money doesn’t it? A healthy, caucasian baby too. No congratulations here. I know couples who have been waiting painfully for 3, 4 years to adopt a baby.

Nicole A. on

My husband and I (married 10 years, both healthy with middle class income) were quoted anywhere from a 7-10 year wait to adopt a healthy, caucasian newborn. (Here in Canada)

Frustrating to see that money (and status) truly can buy everything, even a human.

Theresa on

Oh? Do you know her personally?

tony on

look at rosie’s big fat fingers

Anonymous on

Wow Tony…. Talked about big fat fingers ….are you kidding me ??? You must be jealous because your penis is smaller.. Grow up!!! She’s happy that another child in this world gets to grow up in a loving beautiful surrounding . But you have the ignorance to talk about fingers… I seriously feel some deep dark issues with your shallow brain!!?

Jamie on

If some if you people who are being so rude telling people to read the article before commenting, if you would read through the comments, you would see that when the article was first posted it said nothing about adoption. That was edited in later. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous on

Who cares again…disgusting!

Anonymous on

it says The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through adoption look before speaking

chill out lady! on

smartypants. they did read it. then it got updated to include the adoption part twit!

Sharon on

@ vivienne, Sorry I thought maybe Michelle had the baby through IVF. It did not say anything about adoption when this article was first posted, but thanks for correcting me..

Nicole A. on

Of course “moms” are doing well, the kid was adopted!

They endured no pregnancy, birthing or recovery.


Mindy on

So Happy for Them Both!!!!!!! Congrats

People BE NICE. Life is too short to be mean!

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats Rosie and Michelle on your baby girl.

wanda on

For all the people who didn’t read the article……it says “THROUGH ADOPTION” duh!

Anonymous on

poor kid. her bio mom gave her up for adoption so she could have a better life, and look what happened.

Anonymous on

What matters is that a child needing a home has one and two people who love each other are going to give that child a family.

It’s completely astounding how much animosity there is over the sex of the parents. Turn your judgemental gaze at your own life. There’s no doubt something you can work on to be a better person. Why not use the energy you are directing making hate remarks at a happy family and do a nice deed? Help the poor. Donate some food. Don’t post for a few minutes. Something.

Lisa on

Oh I love it (sarcasm) my husband and I have been on an adoption waiting list for three years and nothing….I guess if you are a celebrity, you have instant access to a baby. Sickening.

Sharon on

Those of you bashing people for not reading the article, if you read the article when it first came out, it did not say anything about adoption.. So maybe you should ask what happened, instead of making people feel stupid.

Ellyn on

uh, of course moms are healthy…neither of them went thru the process of birth…DUH!! thanks for reporting the OBVIOUS!!!

Anonymous on

Who’s the papa?

Ellyn on

what dont like what I have to say?

Sharon on

For those of you bashing people for not seeing the word adoption in the article, it is because when this article was first posted it did not say adoption, corrected it. So everyone can stop with the bashing, that is what happened.

guesswho on

I’m glad they adopted instead of popping one out naturally. Too many homeless kids in the world as it is.

JJ on

Wonderful that this baby has the benifits that rosie and mich can give.

How awful that these jelous people have to write cruel things if they wern’t jelous they wouldn’t have written anything at all what would it matter to them. so sad for them.


I have nothing personally against Rosie, her wife, or their family situation. I just think it’s sad that there are so many families out there without children who wait years to adopt, if they make it through the entire process at all, meanwhile this family has already been blessed with 4 children but because they have money the rules don’t apply to them.

jessey on

Holy crap people y the snot ve so negative two mons or dads for that fact can raise a chikd as well as a hetero couple. My dad is gay and i had an amazing set of teen years the things i experianced make me more open.minded and accepting and i have sone of the most amazing true friends u can ask for. I am normal i have kids n my dad is an awesome GAY grandpa they love him no natter what. U bible pounds can shove it (JUDGE NOT LEST YEA BE JUDGED) maybe instead of reading tabloids u should reread the good book!

tambam on

They should’ve given you a dictionary

Sherry on

Congrats!!! She is a very beautiful baby!!!

Anonymous on

Read peopel Read the baby was adopted.

Lee on

The article clearly states “The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through ADOPTION.” Come on folks! READ!

Gina on

A lesbian couple live two doors down from my home. I can truly say that they are very “hands on” with their children and are completely devoted to them. Come to think of it, I personally have never heard of homosexual couples abusing or neglecting their children (or pets).

pheonyx on

gigi grow up its a new time its time for everyone to stop being homeophobic congradulations rosie and michelle your baby is beautiful

Rick on

Those kids should never be forced into a lifestyle like that.

Tina on

Congrats about the pretty baby girl. She is so lucky to have you both as her parents. She will go through life wanting for nothing cause she will have all she needs. She will be brought up in this world so much better then most of the other kids in this world and that’s for sure. They will teach her how to love and how not to hate anyone just because they are different. This child is loved and wanted unlike some who are accidents and not wanted. I would rather for gay parents to raise my children or my grandchildren if it ever was needed. I love yall Rosie.

funtimes on

Gigi, your a moron, go crawl back under the rock you just came from.

funtimes on

Gigi, go crawl back under the rock you came from, your pathetic.

kim on

gross. i dont see anything attractive or appealing about Rosie that would make anyone (guy or girl) want to be with her. she is repulsive.

Sally on

First of all congrats Rosie & Michelle! She is beautiful and she is a lucky little girl.

Second, why do people have to be so judgemental? Who cares who raises a child as long as they’re loving and taught to love others? Ummm, last time I checked, the sickos that murdered those people in the theater and shot those poor defenseless children in their classroom were raised by white, heterosexuals. Now, I’m not saying that they are to blame for what happened but just because you’re gay doesn’t mean your children should be sterotyped!!

Stacey on

Utterly sickening!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing worse than two gay women. Poor little girl.

Thrilled on

They adopted….Very sweet…Love the name.. Its is my 19 yr old son’s name..Congrats. As long as the baby is loved, and provided for…thats all anyone can ask…Please don’t waste your time with negative posts..they are happy..and that is all that counts.

dsfg on

Have you guys ever heard of private adoption? It means the birth mother chooses the parents of her child. There are no waiting lists; those who are first approved are not necessarily first to get a baby, etc. No, it’s still not fair, but until the birth mother signs the adoption papers, it’s her child and her choice. This has nothing to do with agencies favoring celebrities and everything to do with the choice of the birth mother. Personally, if I gave a child up for adoption I would not pick a celebrity and her spouse who already have 10 children (I’m pretty sure Michelle has 6 other kids, but I may be wrong) between them, but this isn’t my situation. And yes, money helps, especially in private adoption, because you can hire many different lawyers to find a baby for you, giving you four or five avenues to adopt a baby instead of one. It still sucks for those who aren’t filthy rich, I get that, but it isn’t necessarily the adoption agency favoring the rich and famous over the non-rich non-famous.

dd on

I’m sorry, but it’s selfish to start a new family when you are in your 50’s and have had health issues. Man/woman, doesn’t matter. Children are not objects to be collected at whim.

Janniem on

Good for that baby. I’m not particularly a Rosie O’Donnell fan, but I love that she is giving her adopted children the kind of life they NEVER would have had otherwise.

amanda on

Where’s the vomit bag ? Puke ! !!!

missmiggles on

wow people. most of you on here are so judgemental about this family. who the bleep cares whether they’re a same sex couple or a heterosexual couple or single parents … they’re providing a loving home for a child and that is all that freaking matters. I say congratulations to them all, it’s wonderful news 🙂

Maureen on

Why do I have a feeling that if they were an hetro couple with their various health problems that they would not be able to adopt a baby!!

Alex Genie on

Obviously none of you are ready the article right. This baby was adopted, therefore neither of them were pregnant. Seriously… Use your eyes!

Victoria on

It clearly states the baby came into their life via adoption…congrats to them!

Anonymous on

poor child!!!!

maggistark on

You know what, the whole “OMG two mothers and no father! What is the world coming to? Gay couples cannot and should not raise children…blah blah blah”…Do you know how many children grow up without fathers regardless of the mother’s sexual orientation? I know at least 10 people, personally, that were raised by gay parents and you know what? Not one of them turned out gay (not that it would matter if they did) and they are all some of the most well-adjusted people I know. I would think it is better that a child has a loving parent or parents that love and nurture them no matter is they are a single parent or a gay or straight couple. Just so tired of hearing people bash families based on their sexual orientation…you can have your opinion but unless it directly affects you, why get so worked up about it?

tambam on

Oh shut up!

KW on

Rosie has big hands

Heather on

Awww! Awesome 🙂 Rock on ladies!

Heather on

Why don’t people read? She wasn’t pregnant. THEY ADOPTED!!!!!

Anon on

This woman makes me puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guest on

oh beautiful! Congratulations, that’s such exciting news for them. Glad it worked out. I love Rosie O’Donell

Heather on

If you’re going to use a outdated, classless word like “dyke,” at least spell it right. Amazing how so many of those who throw stones are dumb as a rock.

Miki on

Good for them! Congratualations to the happy parents!

keri on

Wow, it must be nice to drop some heavy duty cash to be able to adopt a baby. Celebrities are able to adopt as easy as taking a dump. Must be nice.

stef on

Jenny, they adopted per the article.

ava on

I can’t believe all the disgusting, hateful comments here. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I am very happy for Rosie and Michelle. The baby is beautiful, and I wish them all nothing but love and happiness.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

I would never adopt a baby if both I and my husband/partner were in bad health. I consider that selfish. Oh, wait, this is Hollywood, where selfish is an accessory!

ellie on

looks like them “found” themselves one.

susan on

What does Michelle see in that fat bitch. It has to be money. I am gay and wouldn’t touch her with a 5-ft pole. Michelle was seeing $ when she hooked up with her. What else could it be.

Marci on

“The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through adoption”. How could you all miss this?

susan on

What does a beautiful girl like Michelle see in Rosie. Oh, I forgot $$$$

Anonymous on

congratulations on your new baby

Karen on

Wow. All the stink because this child has 2 moms and no dad. Really? Read the news,please. Check the statistics for how many children are being raised by single moms….and absentee fathers. At least this child has TWO loving parents. And BTW, for people crying they can’t afford to adopt…foster care adoption is FREE…and babies are available. We were placed when my son was 7mos…it’s possible! Check it out!

Anonymous on

Feel sorry for that baby, what a shame!

Anonymous on

Sick on so many levels!

Marie on

WOW!! You people that post a comment asking “did not know she was having a baby” or “who was pregnant” DUH…If you actually read the article, it clearly states that the baby was “ADOPTED”

cb on

2 SICK parents jump to the head of the adoption line?

Normally, their illnesses would keep them off the line — but certainly not at the head of the line.

But all these wealthy people would have us believe otherwise.

Katie on

After suffering a heart attack, she has yet to change her eating habits. Still fat! What a shame and she adopted a 5th child only to see not grow up. Sad on so many levels.

Holly on

Liberalism at it’s best. Can’t stand that woman! This isn’t even news-worthy.

Karin on

Don’t people read???? They went through ADOPTION!!!!

amanda on

congrats on the newest addition to there wonderful family !

mary on

Wow…you people are bitter and mean. She is newly married and can provide for her family! GREAT for them – that is wonderful!

Debbie on

Did any of you read the article? It plainly says the baby was adopted!

mooma3x on

On behalf of all you haters out there; I understand how difficult it must be to see a couple happy for adopting a baby, especially a lesbian couple, but that don’t make them any less of a “couple” than any one who is straight. They still feel the same love as a man would for a woman or a woman for a man. Except woman were born to love, men need to be taught, atleast most. Even if they “adopted” this beautiful gift, who is to say they didn’t adopt from surrogacy? What makes them so gross? To them being with a man is gross.. To me we are all human beings who deserve to be treated as such. I use to watch Rosies show and grew very fond of her. I see so many narrow minded people out there, no wonder we have bullying, and hate crimes. You have no right to judge, your turn is coming. Then who gets the last say.. NOT YOU!! I pray each one of you out there gets the chance to know someone who is overweight, gay, disfigured, whatever may be the case. What if this was you? I know God makes no mistakes and everything happens for a reason, whether it be one you agree with or not. I am happy for anyone who either adopts or has a child that they gave birth too. Or maybe they got a child put in their home cuz family or friends can’t care for them, EVERY child deserves a loving home, and from what I can tell and seen, Rosie has provided only the very best for all her children. Congratulation to you Rosie and Michelle.. Blessings and happiness are sent your way. I know this child will get the very best love and care she needs. Dakota: You are a blessing from above, loved unconditionally. Treasured by both your parents. Whether they be man and wife or wife to wife, husband to husband, love knows no boundaries.

Karen on


anna on

This is gross and icky…rosie needs to go back in the closet and throw the key away. Why is she messing up these children’s life. OMG…karma is not going to be nice to her.
Just because she is perverted does not mean she should expose children to this sick lifestyle of perversion.

NM on

They are not married!

anna on

GROSS. So so gross.

Justice on

Seriously, any one commented and saying it is disgusting because they’re lesbians, need to shut their mouths. You are the disgusting ones. Also, it’s THEIR lives; not yours. If you have a problem with them you need to have your head examined. Yes Rosie is VERY opinionated, but at least she is trying to be a parent. A lot of STRAIGHT couples don’t even try that. So get your head out of your ass.

hobieluv83 on

For people saying “eeeewww” or “she has too many kids”…really? Are you really that judgmental? So it’s a terrible thing that this woman and her partner (and previous partner) have enough love and resources to share with children who need a home?

tracy on

It doesn’t matter gay or straight its the love the children get from the mother or mothers raising them my sister is gay and let me tell you all something she would make a great mother because she is a awesome aunt so let them be at least they love there kids and more protective I bet

Guest on

Why can’t people comprehend? The baby is through adoption. And am I the only one that it rubbed the wrong way that she said “finding a baby”? Like going to the pound and adopting a dog? Ugh.

Emme on

I’m always happy when a child finds a home. Congrats!

Donna J on

read people! ADOPTION!

exit82 on

How the heck can an adoption caseworker approve a lady who had a heart attack a few months ago and her still sick spouse a tiny preemie baby who need s a ton of attention? Sorry Rosie- you’re too old and to much of a age gap between kids- just sayin this won’t be no picnic…

Cherla on

For someone to love kids so much, how can this be a bad thing.
It take a special kind of couple to adopt.

No Name on

WOW Rosie, aren’t you alittle old to have more kids at 50 LoL

chelsea on

If you read the article it say they welcomed a baby through adoption

Josie on

Ewwwww she’s so gross… Can’t stand her! Any amount of money can buy a baby. So disgusting.

Ashley on

To all those saying she already has enough kids… I say if she has the money to raise them then more power to her. At least they are getting a chance at having a good life instead of growing up parentless.

lex on

If you guys read it… it says through ADOPTION!

meeee on

Hmmm… I think it’s nice when any baby finds a loving forever family, not just American ones 🙂 All children deserve it.

rocky mountain girl on

guess “Michelle’s ” trip to the coffee shop that one day really paid off! She is set for life being married to Rosie….. she’s no dummy.

sherrichapter5 on

To those of you who are calling them names, I respect your right to be homophobic, but outright hatespeech is really uncalled for.

Kim on

Guess if you have enough money you can buy a baby, how sad for all of the couples out there that only want 1 baby and have to be put on a wait list-she is able to adopt as many as she wants… it’s just not right!

sherrichapter5 on

To those who are calling them names, I respect your right to be homophobic, but ouright hatespeech is uncalled for.

chill out lady! on

twit! the article was updated laterto include the word adoption after some people had posted smartypants!!!

Guest on

Really? They already have 4 kids, and both Rosie and Michelle are in ill health.

Susan on

Congratulations to Rosie, Michelle, Parker, Chelsea, Blake and Vivienne! As for the hateful comment about lesbians divorcing more than straight women…Rosie has been married TWICE. I know plenty of straight women who have married more than that and don’t think twice about divorcing then remarrying. But because it’s a lesbian who has ended a relationship and gotten into another one, that’s an issue? Really? As long as the children are cared for and loved, what is the problem? Love is LOVE!

jessicad on

A lot of these comments on here are truly frightening, some of you sound unstable and so full of hatred. I don’t understand being grossed out by love.

Congrats to Rosie and Michelle, I think it’s beautiful and I wish them the best!

Sophia on

I read the story and then all the comments after and can’t figure out if people actually read an article or just comment on them.It clearly states that they adopted the baby so all you people scratching your heads trying to figure it out should read before you comment.It’s a shame that people are so opionated about a gay couple adopting a newborn baby and can only find some fault with that like saying they should have adopted an older child.If people are so concerned about it maybe they should adopt an older child themselves and get off their high horse and do something about it instead of putting people down .I’m sure this child will be loved and cherished as she should be and I am very happy for them and the baby.

Jan on

Where do all you mean people come from. Rosie is a wonderful mother.

upeoplearesick on

#1.I am amazed by all of the posts outraged by how “fast” they were able to adopt a baby. Do you live in their house? Do you know how long their papers have been filed for? These papers could have been filed long before they even met and ten amended to include the other spouse.

#2.All the comments about her getting married again are racist and sick. This is her second wife and only her second public romance. This is not melissa ethridge!

#3. Whats with the comments about all these babies? She has 3 adopted children and her ex wife gave birth to the youngest who is TEN! She has not adopted a baby in 10 years and wanted to have a family with her new wife. Straight people do this ALL the time. I know people on their 3rd marriage. How many women out there have 3 or 4 kids by 3 or 4 different Dad but if they are married to those Dad, no one cares. You people are just disgusting with all your hateful comments.

Jessica on

Not at all a fan of Rosie, but I am happy for her and her family on their new family member, Dakota.

Julie on

Confused. If baby is adopted, why is Michelle in hospital garb?

Cute little baby what a peanut at 5.5.

lenore on

TheI full whole heartedly agree. If the baby was adopted, then why was michelle in hospital garb?

anni on

Rather be in their family than Foster Care any day. Any child would be lucky to have such a loving family and good care.

amy on

Through ADOPTION..for those of you saying ‘wow..didn’t know they were did that happen”..blah blah blah

kate on

money cant buy you a willy Rosie

Anonymous on

God help them and this poor baby!

T in Texas on

I just don’t understand . . . SMH

Mary on


therecordstop on

rosie has a penis!

EManuel Alvarez-Sandoval on

How come she couldn’t have her own baby?

Sammie on

amazing how this woman can keep buying babies.

chuck on

I don’t think that a gay couple should be alooud to have have baby. I think it is sick. The poor child see’s nothing but that until it grows up. God din’t intend it that way. I just want to vomit.

pr0ntoy on

Congrats to the Turkey Baster…w00t!!

Fothergillgirl on

So sad. Children need a father in their lives! Isn’t it apparent? I work in a high school and the young people of our time are having terrible struggles. The son of a lesbian friend is into every awful thing possible…

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Finally, another immaculate conception.

Anonymous on

Read the 2nd sentence. Yes it was through adoption!


i dont belive in her ways. a kid needs a mother and farther. it is good that she does not have a gun and thinks that people should not have guns. i dont know what people see in her.

Kathy on

It’s all well and good that she has the means and the love to provide for this precious child. However I am a bit concerned about her age and health. This little girl may lose her far too early which is something Rosie herself experienced in her life. I hope Rosie gets healthy and lives a long and happy life for the sake of all her children as well as for herself.

Lisa on

Congratulations to the both of them! Actually, to the entire family!

To those who wonder if the baby is adopted, read the article, or at least the first sentence!

rcb on


Anonymous on

Very selfish of them considering the fact that Rosies kids already suffered through one bad relationship and the fact that they are both in poor health.

Anonymous on


Hal on

Let me get my vomit bag

Anonymous on

What a disgusting pile of pig crap !!!!

modforsythe on

Beautiful! Congratulations to them!

P.S. Give me a break people, she has ONE ex with whom she has children. Thatʻs pretty tame by Hollywood standards. Hell, thatʻs pretty tame by general American standards. And why shouldnʻt she have 5 children? She clearly has the means to take care of them. Oh, why do I even bother.

Charles on

I wish people could read before they make a stupid remark. Yes, they had to adopt who would want to donate Sperm to that Dike? The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through adoption on Saturday, Jan. 5,2013.

LMS on

People READ the article – they adopted the little girl. Neither of them carried her – it was via adoption. Either way, congratulations to the family, hope they last longer than she did with her ex.

usmaels1 on

It’s easy to tell Rosie plays the part of the man in her lesbo relationship…because she is certainly too ugly to play the woman part…yuk…bet this bay will cry a lot….sorry, but it;s the truth….

Jeffrey on

you sick pig give back parent adotped not gay you stupid you ruin children

Byron on

All I can say is may God impart His justice to protect the innocent from being corrupted by these homosexual perverts.

kelly on

I guess lesbians can be golddiggers too!

carol on

What are the odds this poor young baby grows up to lead a NORMAL healthy life ???????

sakar on

Rosie O’Donnell Welcomes Daughter Dakota: What did you understood it ?
Wow : I thought one of them got pregnant and had a baby girl.
What is wrong with media? Do I have poor English or they do not know how to compose it ?

sakar on

I thought one of them pooped out from their belly?

Boke7 on

Congrats, gals! No happier new than a new baby. Beautiful.

sakar on

Did I read wrong ? I thought one of them were pregnant and had a new baby?
Why don’t just say an adoption????????????

Anonymous on

How can you actually ANNOUNCE you have a NEW baby if you DO NOT conceive it Naturally?

sakar on

Even the comment is sensor?

sakar on

Let me know who is illegible for comments?

rt on

Why not adopt a child of color?Cracker luvin muncher

Val on

How can she have a wife when she’s a female…………..

Gordon on

News flash: women don’t have wives, just like men don’t have husbands, just like fish don’t have feathers! Heaven help that poor infant!

jonie on

Gotta say,.bet that really stinks. Just sayin…

Marco Ponce on

DISGUSTING !! poor baby. when this baby grows, who she will call “daddy” or Mommy? This is simply against nature! abominable ! and that horrible person “ROSIE” is very UGLY creature. She was born a woman, but believe that she is a he.eeeewwwww….! “

Randy Minnick on

Guess breeders are no longer neccessary. It got to be magic, mon.

Tim Lyman on

It does not get any sadder than this. That poor innocent little baby that has to be born into an enviroment without a knowledge of God’s plan for life and happiness. I am sure that Baby will have to have God walking close by to stay on course

HeeHee on

Congrats to the lesbians!

Anonymous on

You people really thing this sick crap is normal? How is this normal? How is this right?

knee gor on


Ays on

It looks like Rosie needs to shave. I wonder how long till the divorce. I mean this chick, only married her for the money she will get from the divorce. Can you think of any other reason anyone would marry this disgusting creature?

Clue on

So Rosie is the Father.

raymond on

She been Pregnant for 20 some years…. opps I thought you ment Rosie!

pat on


sammy7851 on

Serious question, since she got a divorce from the first wife, is the first one still mother to the older ones or does the new wife take over everything since none are blood relations?

dawn9476 on

Since they got the baby via adoption, it is possible that they themselves didn’t find out to the last minute.

kat on

Filthy,nasty , unGodly!

Coach Bill on

For those of you who are chastising the so-called “haters” – as you put it – on this comment post, just remember, free speech in America means just that. They have every bit as much right to express their opinion as those of you who are commenting about what a “wonderful family” they are, how much love you think there is in the house, what an adorable picture, etc.

joey on

People… do you actually read the article, or just look at the photos?? It clearly states that baby Dakota was adopted!

Old One on

I am sure glad the story said adoption. I sure would have liked to watch Rosie get her pregnant.

annes22 on

Who cares, for god sake,there are more important things than this.

Anonymous on

you worded it like they made this baby…they can’t make children, they can only buy or borrow them…

matt on

Poor child, what a mess.

Ken Somerby on

Let the Lezbos ruin another persons life by being raised in a Gay atmosphere:(

Homosexuals should NOT be allowed to adopt!!!

scott graham on

A family is one man and one women. Sorry folks that is not a family. It is a discrace. That poor child will be very confused

Meg on

Wow, I can’t believe her oldest is 17. I remember watching her talk show in college when she was talking about all of the toddler stuff he was doing. Seems like yesterday!

tom on

UR such a hog, rosie

JC on

GROSS!! That’s all this country needs is another screwed up future kid , After all look at these two..

Church of Christ at Harrisonburg on

Funny how even lesbians and homosexuals want to go toward what is natural and that is being a mom or dad. Just shows how the lesbian and homosexual lifestyle is a choice and not built in.

chanogarcia on

It never amazes me how incredibly evil some people are after reading posts here, I wonder how many would repeat that same stuff to their kids, parents spouses, and, oh, for you Good Christian Americans, your minister?

Anonymous on

God Damn THEM, this is disgusstinggg

Church of Christ at Harrisonburg on

Funny how lesbians and homosexuals gravitate toward what is natural and that is wanting to care for children. Just shows how being a lesbian or homosexual is a choice and not built in.

JC on

Poor Kid !!!

tom on

What a slob. If I was gay, I could of picked a better hog than her. Gloves wouldof been cheaper. you pig

Lance on

Two people of the same sex with children does not make a family.

Anonymous on


Lekili on

The article clearly says the baby was adopted!

lee schwing on

So she is Mr Rosie Odonnell now and her wife is Mrs Rosie Odonnell?

tom flickman on

Who cares?? Another poor baby going into a bizarre family situation with a very irrational Rosey. Soon she the child will be raised by a single parent. A shame.

Rosey is a confused lost person. With many issues!!!

KC on

For those who apparently can’t read, it says they adopted her.

respeck4all on

Wish they would have adopted a minority child. There are a lot of minority children that won’t be adopted, due to their age. The whole point is, there is a loving family for every child,

anonymous on


Sylvia on

I was gonna say how did that happen, when I first saw the headline! So they adopted, guess that’s a given since two women cannot procreate which is why homosexuality goes against the laws of nature. Poor kid’s gonna be so confused.

Annetta on

Well, Rosie, with her four older children, has a proven track record as a loving and capable mother. And I’m sure that she and Michelle will be great parents to Dakota. And I, unlike so many hateful, small minded, homophobics out there, do not have a problem with gay people adopting. In fact, I think it’s the haters who stir up all the negativity about gay adoption in the first place. I don’t think sexuality has anything to do with parenting skills. My only concern, however, is with Rosie & Michelle’s health issues. If non celebrity people who were not wealthy and who had health issues wanted to adopt, I’m pretty sure they would be turned down.

Brianna on

How could anyone look at that beautiful, happy couple and say anything negative? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could have had that much affection and dedication from TWO parents. I doubt that the “haters” here are anything but jealous…If my “straight” parents were allowed to reproduce and raise three unfortunate kids, then this couple should be more than allowed a chance! As a 40 year old woman raised by jerks, I would have chosen these two as parents in a heartbeat.

braveheart on

I feel bad for that poor baby, she has to live in abnormal family…

Anonymous on

Rosie’s such a asshole, I feel sorry for the baby.

Tommy on

Rosie doesn’t adopt kids, she collects them.

Jeffrey on

rosieo donnell do not need no more kid have no father she need go get help for her self tinaboyce

donald on

Obvious who plays the man

Lisa on

Rosie and Michele being lesbians has nothing to do with negative feelings. The fact is, Rosie is in her early 50’s, has health issues, not to mention 3 or 4 kids already and she got to adopt. I do think it is selfish, sorry. I know Michelle is younger than her but it is still a big deal, nonetheless.

donald on

I see the mom and baby, but what’s that sow doing in the picture?

Anonymous on

WHO cares???????????????????????????????????????

colton on

poor kid. hate to say it but she would have been better off in a foster home

Ms. Clark on

My Jesus!!!. The moral fiber of this great nation, has lost its way, we are slowly injecting into our destiny , destruction, … God is not pleased with same sex, Read the Word. And don’t get mad with me , Im just the messenger.!!!!

Rasputin on

Some of you guys have to learn to read, the article says clearly that is was an adoption, so get it.
Rosie couldn’t be the wife, she looks like a man.

Carly Peitel on

The Mom Looks Nice But I Feel Sorry For The Little Baby Having Rosie O As A Father!

surfer on


Anonymous on

A Pig and A Poke

Myron on

Which one is mom and which one is dad?

Jerry on

I feel so sorry for that innocent baby

wayne Kenyon on

Rosie is absolutely disgusting. Don’t know her “wife” but I am sure she is just as disgusting.

Brian on

Ewww Gross….. Poor Kid…..

Anonymous on

Isnt this like Rosie’s 3rd wife and 4th kid by a random whomever?

jason on

rosie looks like a proud father.

Joey on

Ok another kid Rosie? So in 5 years you’ll separate from your “partner” and this kid will be in a single parent family, like your other 4 kids. just another strain on the government, nice going, who let’s this crap happen, friggin moron!!!!

virg on

They damed sure did not do it without a guy .So what does tht tell anyone in a homosexual marriage?

Johann F on

Eww, Gross!!!

mareczek on

Mr.Rosie O’Donnell got wife?

mikell on

didnt roise give one of her kids back ? and how are you going to keep this so call wife from fleeing like your so called first wife ? live like u and the rest like u like too ,but please stop trying to make everybody else by force to accept ur way of life .. i would never ask u to find a man . dont think a man could be that hard up

Anonymous on

I agree with Gigi. Poor child. What has happen to our country

Anonymous on

doesnt matter whether they adopted or not being gay is one thing but the maritial and children thing i dont agree on at all. how does one raise a child in a proper way of biblical teachings? the innocense has been tabooed.

Dave on

Which one got the boner?

Anonymous on

And people want to ban military style weapons instead of this sh*t….twilight zone

Jim on

This is what is wrong with our sick society. More freak famlies like this continue to crush normal life. A man and woman are the only natural parents and freaks like this cannot have their own kids for a reason. Take religion out and the only way human’s can reproduce is by a man and woman, nothing else works period !!

Charlie on

This is the kind of crap that is destorying this country !!

John Lutz on

D I S G U S T I N G!!!!!!!

“So God created man in his o w n image, in the image of God created he him; M A L E and F E M A L E created he T H E M.

And God blessed T H E M, and God said unto T H E M , Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it……” Genesis 1:27-28

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:……” Romans 1:26

Rob on

Poor baby didn’t have a say in the matter. Wrong wrong wrong

John Lutz on

D I S G U S T I N G !!!!!!!

Anonymous on

It says Dakota was adopted to those of you wondering. I would also wonder how this happened with Rosie’s health iffy. i hope they are good parents to their brood.

Christine on

That child deserves a father, not just two mothers. And anyways, she’s so butch, why not marry a man?

Pam on

“Moms and baby are healthy and happy”. Well, they didn’t actually have the baby, so what on earth does their “health” have to do with it? And why did a 50-year-old with health problems get approved to adopt a baby?

Jessica on

Congratulations to their family! I loved listening to Rosie’s radio show on Sirius XM. Before her show I didn’t know much about her. I found her to be insightful, intelligent, passionate, and from what it sounded like, a wonderful and devoted parent. She would have her older children on from time to time and you could tell they were raised right, healthy, happy and most importantly loved.

noway on

Rosie is a man-bitch-dyke! it’s just sick that she is even allowed to have a child in her life. Nasty!!

rooster on

Should be against the law doe homosexuals to have or adopt pow unsubjecting children!

Tara on

aww a li’l baby 🙂

maskedblogger on

She’s too old to take care of an infant. How many kids is she going to adopt? I”m not happy for them. Childless couples with no children would love to adopt, but unfortunately they don’t have the name or the money required.

me on

Poor little baby. I feel so sorry for her.

Emily on

Why did they refer to her as ‘the comedian’?

Anonymous on

Yeah, I could play her babymama for the right dolla.

Anonymous on

A baby needs a mother and a father not this!
Maybe people do not think kids are affected by gay couples who have kids but they are. When I, was young two women lived next door to us and one of the women had a son from a previous relationship then left and pursued a new one needless to say a lesbian relationship. Anyway her son was 15 years old when I, met him he constantly was trying to prove to me that he was not gay,by giving me,flowers telling me I, was beautiful,and trying to kiss me. I,had to sit down and explain he did not have to prove anything to me,he was a nice boy,and he was straight and I, knew that. it was so sad to see him struggle with others that would ridicule him for his mothers behavior. I, hope he grew up and married a woman,and has a normal life every child deserves that!

ztak123 on

Can’t anyone read? The second line says “through adoption”!!!

Helen on


me that's who on

It took a man and a woman to make this baby. What’s wrong with this picture?

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Awwww-Precious!!! Congratulations!!

Anonymous on

Unnatural and sad

Anonymous on

Oh brother

Anonymous on

Discusting. How can they do that. Marriage is between a man and woman.

G.T.S on

Absolutely disgusting – enough to make a goat puke!

KZ on

Best wishes to Rosie and Michelle and the rest of their family! Health and happiness to all.



tonino on

Just goes to show money can buy you anything! So many good families waiting for a newborn and they give one to this nutjob! I smell a conspiracy!

billy on

obama needs to ban that shit. queers are destroying this country

Blayze on

Congrats ladies! 🙂

cliff on

and we wonder why the islamists want to destroy American. this is worst than Sodom and Ghemorra.
I’m DISGUSTED by this fat disgusting muff diving sow!

Garry on

Two “wife’s don’t make it right. I thought Rosie is having health problems? How much did this adoption cost?

Nancy on

So why did they adopt? Couldn’t they have a baby of their own? Oh, silly me… my mistake. NO, OF COURSE THEY COULDNT HAVE THEIR OWN CHILD: THEY ARE BOTH FEMALE AND THE PARTS JUST DONT FIT TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO! Poor child. What is wrong with these people? And, what is wrong with that adoption agency?! and What is wrong with all you people who think this is just great?! A child needs a mom AND a dad!

Anonymous on

Children need strong, healthy, loving FATHERS. This poor child will never have that. But, at least this child was not aborted. Good luck in life to the little one.

Jessica Manns on

Gigi, when i saw the pic i said 100% the exact same thing word for word you said… EEEEEWWWWWW gross!! Poor baby!!! This is why the world hates us…we are a sick bunch….including me people…..

William L. Rozenblad on

What a natural phenomenon, two avowed lesbians Rosie O’Donnell and her better half gave birth to a baby. My question, simply, is which one will the child be calling daddy.
I suppose that bill fits Rosie better than the other idividual.

Maryann on

I have to say , I feel is so wrong to expose children to a gay lifestyle , Children really should never be exposed to that . I don’t get it . I really don’t care what sexual preference a person chooses , It is there business . But the gay , lesbian , bisexual , etc …. are exposing children to a lifestyle that is not accepted by all people . I am not a hater . But how do explain to a child I have two Mommy’s No Daddy . What happens when that child goes to school and is picked on when kids ask why do you have two Mommy’s . I really like Rosie , She is so funny and does alot for inner city kids ..I still think it is wrong . jus sayin

Jasmine Johnson on

Rosie is gross!

Sad on

A woman and a woman can not reproduce because that is not what God intended. It is not natural and it is a sin to be gay. I feel so sorry for these precious children, I pray they grow up and read God’s word. I don’t hate gay people just the sin that they choose by their own free will

Dave on

White trash. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY.

Tayler on

I see Rosie has gained all her weight back… so much for healthy lifestyle!

Ba Fr on

Biologically impossible…very sad

Anonymous on

So that’s where the turkey baster went………..

K.R on

This is there is a place called HELL.

Anonymous on

I’m starting to understand the sign I seen in a fellas yard===”wake up America” we are going down the tubes with this stuff!

Western Gal on

There’s just something depressing about same sex couples “having” babies. And here we have Rosie’s partner identified as “wife.” Can’t gays get their own terminology? Must they borrow from hetero culture? What also adds to the sadness is the child–who knows what her thoughts will be as she grows into an adult? Politics. They really do rule.

jim on

poor .poor child ill pray for u baby and that the lord be with you

Anonymous on


rick on

sick. ugly. confused. stupid. poor kid.
wow what a disgusting screwed up world we are living in. “her wife” really? how stupid is society? We legalize marriage so that two women can get married and raise a breed of children that will be warped…hm. How old will dakota be when she starts acting out her lesbian tendencies that she learns in her home on her female play mates? two, three, four? What then? lock her up for “molesting” her friends?

Anonymous on

” Mich and I getting started and maybe finding a baby.” Amazing what money can buy.

hbj on

isn’t that special…..must have been an un-immaculate conception

paul on

Not wife, partner

Nikki on


Congrats to them…I’m shocked…

Mary on

I can’t believe the yahoos on here that are still surprised or concerned about gay families—these families are some of the best there are. Oh, and the Jesus freaks are the most disgusting people out there. Adoption is easier if you can write a check and SHOULD BE THAT WAY. If, you can’t afford to pay for the child you can’t afford to raise them. Rosie O’Donnell is great–bright and good mother–her children will have any education they want—most of you will raise uneducated gun-toting morons!! Congrats Rosie and Mich–and Rosie please hurry back to tv! We miss your brain and kindness!!

steve on

All these comments…too many to read, but disappointed to see nobody refer to the Bible where it clearly says marriage is between a man and a woman. The Bible also states as one of Gods commandments to honor your mother and father. Wouldn’t it make sense to allow that child to be adopted by two parents that can actually be a mother and father.

trace on

They both have serious medical conditions. They should focus on the children they already have. Five is too much for most people, even the wealthy. At this point, it’s like they’re collecting children. I understand that they probably want to adopt a new daughter together, but they should just learn to appreciate the children they already have. Both of them had near death experiences. A new baby will not solve their medical problems, I think it was selfish of them.

Tessa on

I am truly happy, and I don’t care if this family has a mom and dad or 2 mom’s or 2 dad’s or a single parent…Love is love….What concerns me is how it seems so “simple” for people with money to adopt…A family of middle income may never get to expand their family because they can’t afford infertility test/treatments and the wait to adopt a baby is too long to imagine…Sad that money talks when a baby is born…

Henry on

Looks like the labor and a difficult delivery took its toll on Rosie.

Mary on

Thankfully, Rosie and Michelle are generous and loving enough to provide a caring and secure home for this little baby that was given up by her mother and father. God Bless you Rosie and family. God is love and certainly extends the love to all.

ed on

bithces that can’t get laid

Lola on

Great! The last thing idiot needs is another child. How many “wives” has she had? Had she even married any of them? Ick I can’t stand Rosie

Anonymous on

What turned me off about the story was the quote that she planned to settle down and ” find a baby. ”

You aren’t picking out a new puppy at a pet store, this is a human being and to sensationalize the fact you can purchase babies if you’re rich enough is really disturbing.

Anonymous on

I am glad I am not the person who gave her up for adoption.

Anonymous on

why do lesbians hve to shove down our throat there lifestyle soo what it is a fad it will go away

livinintheburbs on

@ Gigi – this is the 21st century. Where have you been?

Susan on

In the “REAL” world Rosie would be too old and too high risk (with her health) to be allowed to adopt a baby. I have friends who are nowhere near as old as her yet are unable to adopt because of their age. But as they say money and fame talk!

Guest on

Umm, sorry to be mean–but if she were not famous there is NO WAY she would qualify with her medical history and her girlfriend’s medical history. Any normal couple would be turned down flat! That is so not fair.

pello on


BOB on


Mary Houston on

I guess very few of you have followed Rosie’s personal life which has nothing to do with her being gay. this is the 4th marriage, Good for the children who at this point are numbers to a mentally unstable woman who does this for attention. Anything to keep a mate who cares little for the children. Too bad for the kids who pay, but I guess OK for the agencies she can buy out.

Norm on

Sad ass baby will be with this sad ass of half breed Irish mic man or beast ?

Anonymous on


Celestine on

CONGRATS! Motherhood is such a joy! I’m so happy for the both of you! ^_^ Enjoy your baby girl ladies!!

jamaljk85 on

The poor kid will grow up with 2 very confused people. How very sad.

Dan Burress on

Rosie does not have a wife,she has a sexual pervert she is shacking up with,regardless of what the laws says.Our society has trown away the moral guidlines that have been given to us by God in matters relating to sexual relations and we are far poorer as a result.
The put a child in the middle of this gross misuse of procreation is a shame and may God help us.

Dan Burress on

two heifers should not make whoopee or be allowed to raise children

Dan Burress on

how nasty and disgusting!

Charles Watson on

Who’s the father?

tonia on

You know.. all of the eeewwss…& grossing….really? God loves us all & he says 2 come as u r. True in the beginning there was Adam & Eve & not Adam & Steve.. I know all of the sayings but look at the true picture.. That child has a chance to be raised & loved by 2 caring people verses being brought up in the system & becoming another statistic! U can’t help who u love..I am as straight as a needle but for God so loved the world & he who is without sin….u know the rest.. gay..theif..liar..conartist..burglarar..robber..murderer..etc…who gives a fuck! The key person is the child..we dn’t know if they will bring the child up 2 believe they r aunties until he/she becomes of age 2 make their own judgements..We all have skeletons… Go Rosie! U rock.

Dan Burress on

The Book of Romans,Chapter one,verses 19 through 32( New Testament) is very clear about how nasty this life style is and the dreadful judgement that God has pronounced against it.

sam on

am i the only person who has a problem with this?

Anonymous on


Dan Burress on

Rosie has a favorite Christmas song:”I saw daddy kissing Santa Clause!”How cursed and nasty!

jjshot on

Congratulations to both women and dedicating their love to another human being. You go Rosie and Michelle!

Wow, some very petty posts below, brace yourselves!

Anonymous on

Ewww!!! Gross!!! Poor Baby!!!!! X 2

HunterDillonCole on

God GOD there are a lot of people who live in glass houses! Get over the whole “Gay” thing! its been here since the beg. of time, Rome, Greece, history, DUH? and the whole, “The Bible says its wrong is SOO inaccurate.. When directly translated via Aramaic, it refers to LUST, the point of the entry was lust, not WHOM the lust with. This is the ONLY reference to anything gay, though it says that ANYONE who plays with pigskin will be condemned to hell 26 TIMES! Play football much?! Clothing with buttons is forbidden 12 times! and the list go’s on, not to mention that Im pretty sure God doesnt make mistakes and would think that a person that DOES question what he has made falls in the sin of judging and playing God, remember he is a jealous God, so lay off your closed minded hate, Im pretty sure if you placed hating next to loving someone of the same sex, Hate trumps love for a one way ticket to hell. Idiots!

Anonymous on

thats sad

Goshy Gosh on

poor little baby. she’s gonna look for her real parents no matter what.

jane on


Major on

Absolutely sick.

angelina on


angelina on


Camille on

Another baby getting a family. Wonderful news!

Jeremy on

Lord have mercy on this poor child who will be confused for life. This world is really upside down

kris on

Goes to show what celebrity can buy, I can’t imagine that I would be able to adopt a newborn at 50.

B.C.Cardigan on

And just WHO is Rosie O’Donnell? Why are we watching what she does? What does anyone care what she does? I don’t understand any of this.

Dog on

Rosie is a nasty pig! She is ugly inside and out! She represents all that is decayed in America and the agencies are giving her children like they are candy for her to eat. And Yes people grow up! I like how liberals can’t take it when anyone expresses a different opinion than their own. Rosie, is a foul mouthed-disgusting socialist that tears at the very fabric of America and she is a lesbian and therefore the children have to be subjected to her views on homosexuality and accept them or wither. So yes, bullies…this is a sad day. Especially when there are so many who even I know who are loving couples that would have adopted that baby in a heartbeat!

Jim on

What a great photo of the proud Dad & Mom! I think we all know who is who there.

John Earl on

Good for you two ! Be happy .

Anonymous on

It’s not called negative and they’re not hateful people who have a different opinion from you. It is simply called an opinion. Just because it is not your opinion doesn’t mean you can name call. So shut-e-up-e.

Anonymous on

What did they do buy a baby

Tom on

Not normal, very sad for that child. Just one question,which one is on top.

suzyscorp on

I’m happy Rosie was able to find love again. Rosie O’Donnell and her wife, Michelle Rounds look so happy and proud, as they embark on a happy journey of parent-hood…. Congrats!

Russell on

I’m very happy to see a baby be adopted – especially an American baby being adopted. That being said, let me add this. This woman (O’donnell) is a very strange person. She seems to be searching for some type of elusive happiness and is involving other people in her weird life. She is very abrasive and offends femininity to the core. Obviously all her money will never make her happy. She is a sad individual.

Anonymous on

i notice a lot of you rippin cause this is Rosie’s Kid…yet NONE of you have the resources she does to raise a healthy VERY educate child…

Why do you rip on her?




Personally i am not a fan…but i would love to have her as a mother…my parents were tweakers.

Hea on

Congrats to them!

I must ask, however, if age and health is not considered when it comes to adoption in the States?

ralph on

That is gross… i agree poor child involved…

scott graham on

They make me sick

Sally on

Congradulations, I hope your child brings you much happiness and joy

disgusted on


allen on

Wow poor kid This should not be legal.

Ann on

Her WIFE………not comment!!!

Rick Smith on

Oh my gawd she’s hideous!

EWoomer on

Sorry doesn’t look and isn’t natural..Romans 1, New Testament

betty on

WIFE, where is the husband ???? God made Adam an Eve ,not Adam an steve,are Ann an Jan. sick, sick, sick
i’m sorry for children raised like this.

betty on

adam an eve not adam an steve—-are jan an nan sick- sick sick poor child no daddy

betty on

so sick for a woman to think she is a man, they need their pea brain checked.

Anonymous on

sick sick people

SMiaVS on

I wonder how many “fat bitches” there are on here making comments about Rosie O’Donnell’s appearance. Have you met her? How exactly do you know whether or not she’s a bitch? Say what you want about her personality and whether you like it or not, but the woman has made incredible contributions toward a variety of important causes: the LGBTQI community, breast cancer awareness, children’s causes, violence against women, etc. She also almost single handedly revived struggling Broadway shows by giving them a spotlight on her show years ago. Furthermore, with the exception of the youngest girl from her last relationship, ALL of her children were adopted, meaning this is the FOURTH child she’s given a home. How many of you can say that?

She’s also been through a great deal: losing her mother as a young child, sexual abuse from family, not to mention abuse based on her sexuality from idiots like many of the commenters on this post.

Private adoption doesn’t work the same way as other adoptions, and that’s clearly what’s taken place in her case. It may not be fair, but that’s life. If you’re upset by the idea of it, rail against the system rather than bashing someone who opted to utilize it to her advantage, but good luck to you. It won’t be an easy argument to claim that birth mothers shouldn’t have a say in who raises their child. Private adoptions predate other kinds of adoptions.

While the health of both mothers is a legitimate concern, (although really none of our business) their sexuality is not. Statistically speaking, children do BETTER in homes headed by same sex parents. Now, before any self-righteous heterosexual crusaders flip out, no one is claiming that gay people make better parents just because they’re gay. However, the fact is that the children brought into a gay-led family are never unplanned, or unwanted. Same-sex couples either have to go through the expensive, trying process of fertility treatments or costly, difficult adoption procedures. Children come into those families knowing that they were very much planned for and wanted. Not every child with heterosexual parents can say that, period.

In any case, I don’t know of many second generation homosexuals, so it’s mostly straight people siring gay children, not the other way around. If you’re of the misinformed opinion that being gay is wrong or a choice, then you need to take a good look at heterosexuals, because they’re the ones who keep producing gay children. If it’s a “choice,” then they’re the ones raising them to choose it.

Your personal “religious beliefs” are irrelevant here. Scripture from every major religion is very clear to whom judgment should fall, and it’s not on any one of us. The Bible also explicitly states (much more clearly than anything it says regarding homosexuality) that all sins against God are equal. So if you’re busy spreading hate and intolerance instead of love in the “name of God,” I’d suggest you look at the first commandment and then shut up, after realizing that God views you in the same way all other sinners are viewed.

It’s interesting to note that most of the naysayers here are unable to string two coherent sentences together. Ignorance begets ignorance, I guess. Whether or not you like this couple or the fact that they had a baby, there’s no reason to spread hate. If it makes you uncomfortable, click away. It’s really not that hard.

Anonymous 2 on

Vomit …

rene on

first thing who are we to judge..they will be judged in the end …second i am glad we now know this baby will be taken care of by someone who will love and cherish it as a child should be..she could have been found in a dumpster or killed or 100 other things i think she is beautiful and will be raised in love and that should be all that matters at this moment

Anonymous on

If there is anything nobody cares about it’s this big fat-ass. Stop covering her and maybe she will go away forever!

Tspoon on

Poor Child. You think this generation has problems. Just wait .

nicole on

Congrats to them! this baby will get lots of love.

Jay on

What a joke!

loo on

wish it was that easy for everyone, people wait yearsssssssssss celebrities dont seem too 😦

Pavlia on

How is it so many people commenting are asking if they gave birth, didn’t know they were pregnant, etc., when the OPENING sentence of the article clearly states they adopted.

DLW on

Where the hell is child welfare services when something like this happens? Sick society!

knockoffthecomments on

come on everyone, get lifes, if you all take in consideration hoe much Rosie does in her community, maybe you all would read another article, instead of something you don’t wanna read. If you dont like her, why read it!!! bottom line!! good luck rosie, your other kids grew up just fine.

Darlene Davis on

That is wonderful congrats Rosie and Michelle Rounds I am so happy for you both on the birth of your beautiful daughter Dakota and for the fact that people like gigi. to say gross and she feels sorry for the baby how dare you that baby will be loved just like any other baby that is born if not more.again congrats Rosie and Michelle she is just so beautiful! so Gigi if you cant say nothing nice don’t say anything at all they don’t need your approval on having a beautiful baby girl!
take care Rosie and Michelle

Darlene Johnson



Darlene Davis on

Maryann your comment you made. made me mad half the fathers theses days don’t stick around these days to raise there children so who is left to raise the children the mothers well this baby is blessed to have two wonderful mothers to take care of them,so I think its great this little girl will have two mothers good luck Rosie and Michelle!!
Darlene Johnson

Gina on

I’m beginning to think that Rosie is no better than men who go from woman to woman and procreate without thought for their kids. I feel sorry for all her kids. I’m sure they will be quite messed up as they get older.

leetunisia on

@derth that’s so unnecessary…please STOP!

Dianne Cooper on

Rosy O’Donnel makes me barf and she should worry about getting her heart right with Jesus Christ instead of trying to get well. It is disgusting to bring a innocent child into a mess like that. And that goes for her so called wife too.

Lia on

Poor child. I wish adoption agencies would stop adopting out to gays. Everytime I see one adopting an innocent child and bringing them into that sinful union, I want to cry. No more. We need a law to stop this.

Anonymous on

God help that poor child…….

Dianne Cooper on

Why because it may have expressed the fact that alot of you are also gay or lesbian?????????????

Jane on

Am sure they will take wonderful care of this little one ~ blessings!

mbonhamwolv on

Eeeewww….on more than one level!!!

Jamie on

Are they going to raise her up to be gay too? That anything goes……… That a Daddy does matter………

Confused..NOT? on

The only reason Rosie married this young girl was because ORKA turned Rosie down….accordiing to handlers at Sea Tank! If ORKA would have said yes…who knows?…maybe they could have saved the Whales!!

anon on

A dyke and a dimwit gold digger for parents, the kid will later hate both of them

Athena6515 on

I have no problem with same sex marriage, adoption, etc but I do find it odd that they were able to adopt with BOTH parents having a very bad medical condition. I don’t think a middle class couple waiting to adopt with that history would’ve cleared the requirements. But Hey.. good luck to them

Anonymous on

Gross! Why do I have to know this?

Anonymous on

Where’s my Daddy! Rosie says it’s me honey!

Matt on

This woman goes through girlfriends/wives like most people change underwear! Then, she leaves kids in the wake of the breakups. I don’t suspect this one will last because Rosie can’t seem to stay focused on anything more than a year or two.

Jerry Danzig on

I doubt this will be happy news to the unfortunate infant some years down the road. Rosie strikes me as such an unhappy person, I find it hard to believe she will prove a loving mother to her brood. At least she has the means to provide for them, which I trust will enable years of therapy for them when they grow older…

Bigot Bob on

Rosy is looking really rough and chubby. Her partner is hot, though.

dennis on

Now you know how come some people are against gays getting married.This is one disgusting looking bunch of fruit loops. I feel so sorry for that baby.

Nancy J on

Read the article people, they adopted the baby. Neither of them gave birth to her.

BadCompany on

Not hard to tell whos the bull in this oufit.

Julia on

Geez….how utterly revolting. This is child abuse.

Anonymous on

rosie the pitbull and the kitty!

DLW on

What a joke!

Erin on

Some of the comment on here really make me sick. First of all, if it was an open adoption, then the birth mother CHOSE them to adopt her baby. And I’m sorry, but having hypertension and benign tumours could hardly be called being “sick”. And those who think it’s wrong for homosexual couples to have children (whether biologically or through adoption) I have one thing to say to you: When was the last time you heard of a homosexual couple disowning a child for being straight? Hmm? ‘Cause it sure happens a lot the other way around, which IS disgusting. People who would disown a child for something that ridiculous don’t DESERVE to have children.

Anonymous on

They look like a happy family? Do you know how inbalanced that woman is? Does that kid even have a chance with someone like that – and no father! Why don;t people stop with the feel-good stuff and use common sense and her past history? That is why this country isin the shape that it is

Alan on

How pathetic is that! The poor child has no father now. I hope she turns out straight.

tizzo on

Freaking barf me!

kingfish on

Homosexuals use the term “homophobic” for the same purpose that Jews use the term “anti-semitic.”

barbi on

make no mistake this baby is not “adopted”, she was bought and paid for as are all celebrity “adoptions”. if this was just a normal every day working class couple they would be wating for years possibly decades for a child.

Sam Cooke on


Lovin' Life on

The article says: The comedian and wife Michelle Rounds welcomed daughter Dakota through ADOPTION on Saturday, Jan. 5.

Veronica Day on

That poor little baby girl!! She needs a Daddy, not a Swine Mommy!

JOSE--USMC-0311 on

Two women having a kid ????? how ?? It takes a man and a woman ??
I hate today’s America, take me back to the 1960–70. Liberals will destroyed America moral values if we don’t stand up to them..Is obvious why people are moving out to other countries..

Dick on


danny white on

I guess the little baby will be train (brain washed) to call Rosie daddy around other little kids who has real reproductive fathers.What a phony made up world she’ll have.You are not a Man!! Rosie ,You are what God made you to be ,a Woman.Your spit cannot produce birth. Shame on both of you for what you’re pretending to be.

Cyndi on

Always amazing how quickly celebs are able to adopt a newborn baby!! No, there’s no class distinction in this country at all!!

susan on

What does that beautiful woman see in Rosie…..$$$$$

jack on

this women is a wicked
we need less homo this this one then they give her a baby that wicked God made man and women to have have baby not women and women that sick Rosie O’Donnell you going to die and go to hell romans 1 to 24-30 and see what God think bouth this women

Terry on

Stuff like this really turns my stomack…………..

jack on

the bibl say its wicked and worge God hate homo sex romans ch 1 v24-30

Terry on

Stuff like this really turns my stomack……….Poor baby.

danny white on

If spit can reproduce birth, then Rosie would have about 20 kids or more.She’s full of it

frizzlefrap on

thanks for just being a common sperm donor, rosie

aflygirl2 on

Rosie has got to be the ugliest “women” walking the planet.

amy on

so many haters…so sad. i know a lot of middle class families that have adopted and family members. so all u haters r full of shit. just don’t post if u hate, it’s really ignorant of u. anyway, congrats to the whole family. p.s. divorce is much much higher in hetero’s.

amy on

the more i read these posts the more i see evil haters. don’t quote the bible if u can’t even spell. the bible is the most violent and perverted book out there. can’t u haters just leave people in peace? the kids u should really feel sorry for r your own, haters raising haters should b illegal!


Let’s see now, the opposite of wife is HUSBAND right?
Since neither one can be a HUSBAND then they are just partners. Get real.

Sun on

Congrats to the family!

Rachel on

This is evil and sick. Give that poor baby to a normal 2 parent family for adoption. That mean the baby gets a real father and mother. Lezbians cant and should never raise children. Niether should gay men. Its not normal people…

Anonymous on


Deb on

So sick!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Why would anyone write anything, if People has the right to delete it before it is seen? Delete this!!!!!!

Brian Holbrook on

So which one of them provided the sperm….oh wait…thats right a man had to be involved somewhere. I really think this whole charade of 2 moms or 2 dads is a detriment to our kids. The only way to have a healthy family unit is with a loving Father and Mother. That is the way God intended it to be.

Kristi on

Wow!! So many of you are so busy spouting hate and ignorance that you clearly can’t read. It’s amazing how many “she was pregnant??” and “did they adopt?” there are. It says they adopted in the article!! Read first, throw stones later.

olsontwins on

Oh my god. Parker is 17? I am old.

D on

Can’t believe some of these comments. Rosie and Michelle obviously love children and who cares if they’re gay. Get over it. We read about newborns being thrown in dumpsters etc. all the time. Would you rather read that??? Grow up folks.
Congrats to Rosie, Michelle and family.


Amber on

Congratulations! I wish them all the best with their new bundle of joy!

wtfamerica on

Now that men are going to be held financially liable and responsible for donated sperm this will happen less and less. It’s a good thing too. Say I was a man, who wanted to butt bump another man and have a child.. doesn’t happen why, because it’s not natural…lol.

Amber on

Who cares what gender the parents are? And for some of you ignorant parents, many lesbian couples DO have biological children? How so? Because they become pregnant via sperm donation at a sperm bank and often times they will use the same donor so that their children are biological half siblings. You people need to mind your business!

MarieD on

The only thing disgusting on this blog are the NEGATIVE remarks made about a gay couple! After reading the STATS on straight couples with children, who physical and sexual abuse their children I thank GOD for gay parents. Their children are loved, well educated and grow up to be well adjusted human beings! The children of gay couples are planned, wanted children. Not an accident, oops I got pregnant etc. Before you try to clean up someone else’s BEDROOM or SEX-LIFE try cleaning up your own first!!! CONGRATS Rosie and Michelle on your new baby-girl! What a LUCKY baby.

meghan on

Lisa said, “”Rosie and Michele being lesbians has nothing to do with negative feelings.””

Right Lisa. That’s why there are roughly TWO HUNDRED POSTS making nasty references to her sexuality.

Tally on

this is weird news! I support gay couples just not Rosie Odonnell

SwimmerN on

Wow, I cannot believe how hateful some of you are! I also bet your reasons for your rude comments have to do with your biblical beliefs and if that is so, I don’t ever remember the bible saying anything about being hateful! I thought Jesus said to love your neighbor?

Holiday on

After reading all these homophobic responses I can understand why so many gay people are afraid to come out of the closet and why so many commit suicide! The hate from some of you is disgusting. Of course same sex couples can make good parents! Sexual orientation does not determine what type of parent you will be.

RO on

People are so quick to get on here and bash that they don’t even read the article. No wonder this country is going to hell.

Maggie on

It’s really disappointing to see all the hateful and ignorant comments on here. Congrats to Rosie, her wife and her children.

TLC on

TO the IDIOT who said take her back to the 60’s or 70’s…you don’t think there were gay couples THEN????? OMG..get your head out of your ass!!!

Don’t know what disgusts me more, People magazine for allowing these hateful, nasty, IGNORANT comments (hate crimes anyone?) or the people who claim to “live by God’s word” who are clearly breaking the first commandment!!! You religious zealots are the WORST people in the world!! Always spouting about God and hiding behind God but yet you are the most JUDGEMENTAL, NASTY, pieces of crap that walk the Earth! Hypocritical, delusional, and downright ignorant.

It’s okay to bash someone’s family or lifestyle while hiding behind God is it????

Rosie has only been “married” to Kelli Carpenter and that was over a ten year relationship. She is no different than any other celebrity. Why no bashing and ignorance spewed when BRAD AND ANGIE adopted over and over? No backlash about them “stealing babies” from other couples? What about Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka? What about ANY other couple in Hollywood who’s adopted? Why no backlash to them? If you are going to bitch, bitch right…

Most of you though, need to crawl back under your rocks and go back to living in your glass houses. I’d love to have a look/see into YOUR LIVES and pick them apart too.


Lisa on

The agency allowing them to adopt was obviously interested in the money over this child’s welfare. Anyone looking out for the best interest of this baby would have disqualified them due to their serious health issues.

Marky on

TLC, I don’t know where you’ve been, but Brad and Angie have taken flack like crazy, and they adopted from other countries, and took children who were ill and/or had issues, and none were white. People still flipped out,as if it were the end of the world because they adopted from other countries. If they had adopted children from the States, people would’ve gripped about that, as well. People on this site are so filled with hate toward so many people, it is heartbreaking.

I am a conservative Christian, and I cannot bring myself to flip out on these people because 1) Christians are not to judge those who are not known Believers and to my knowledge, neither has said they are. 2) What they do right or what they do wrong is not answerable to me, but to God Himself. 3) What was said about private adoption is true; if mom choses the parent(s) for her child, it stands, so it’s no one else’s business, and there is a limit as to what can be paid as far as fees are concerned, to the bio mother. 4) I have never seen or read any credible source that claimed Rosie is anything but a extremely loving, caring parent to all her children, which she has co-parented with Kelli, and who she expected to be with for the rest of her life.

I’ve watched Rosie since she was young and appeared on Star Search, and I have to say, she has entertained me, she has impressed me with her heart for people young and old alike, she has made me sad for her when I heard her talk about her childhood, and I have felt frustrated with her blind anger when she was too militant about some of the things she felt so strongly about. I have never, however, thought she was vicious and cruel, the way many of the posters have been on this site. I feel very sad to think that the only “witness” some may see or hear is the venomous, bitter hate spewed by those who claim to be quoting the Bible, when they have usually picked out a few words here or there, instead of taking the whole teaching. How many people do you hate-filled posters think you reached today for God? And how much do you think you changed Rosie and Michelle’s life? Isn’t their life answerable to God alone? Time to shut down the comment section, PEOPLE; too much hate. SMH

truthandmercyrules on

It’s a eurasian kid, NOT an American kid. Why they named a caucasian kid Dakota and are trying to pass it off as American I do not know, but someone will definitely find out. This fat fraudster “Rosie” won’t be fulfilling its sick dreams just yet.

Anonymous on

One look at the vitriol being spewed on this board by supposed adults and it all suddenly becomes crystal clear why stories of violence involving children in the news seems to have become the norm now.

They learn it from home.

Joules on

“….and maybe finding a baby.” – HEY LOOK THERE’S ONE UNDER THAT ROCK!

Anonymous on

Has anyone thought how old she will be when the kid graduates from high school! (68) I don’t think it’s fair to the child! Just sayin…

snarkette on

Adoptive children should go to parents who are young enough and healthy enough to raise them. Ms. O’Donnell is mentally and physically not a good choice for an adoptive baby: she is 50 and her health (and that of her partner) is suspect. Sexual preference is irrelevant.

We call babies like this “instant orphans” as they are at risk for not having parents into their twenties.

Celebrities do this all the time. A straight up adoption would have turned down this loving couple, putting the best interests of the child first.

While there should be ample funds to care for all the children, adoption agencies should “spread the love” around. Better to have 5 families of modest means raise one or two, than have them all go to the wealthy. Wealth is no guarantee of happiness.

Rayne on

Oh my word! What a flipping adorable baby! Congrats to moms, siblings, and baby Dakota! Best wishes for the future for all of you!

Really people, you have enough of a brain to get on the internet and find this article to comment on it, surely you have enough of a brain to actually READ the article as well!

Kristin on

I have never seen this many vile, hateful comments on a post on this site, ever. What an appalling lack of human decency.

Jill on

I’m not sure I have ever wanted to cybersmack someone like I do GiGi. Go be a disgusting homophobe somewhere else. If it is so unsavory why click on it. You should be ashamed of yourself.

tbtnme on

I am happy for them but it does go to show that money/celebrity will get you an adoption a whole lot quicker than a “normal” person. I am, HOWEVER, glad the baby has a home. Congrats!

Lynne on

It saddens me that people with money can adopt so easily. Hard working regular people who are put on lists for years to adopt don’t get the chance since they don’t have the means like some celebrities…how unfair.

Danielle on

Why would anyone give this an angry face? Baby is happy, they are happy and I’m sure the kids are happy. It doesn’t matter whether its a mommy and a daddy, two daddies or two mommies. A family is a family and I’m very happy for them 😀

Jamie on

Poor kids don’t stand a chance 😦

Terry on

The article states they adopted, Good for them

Mar on

The adoption rules are definitely different for people with money! Infant adoptions in the US are all about the money! The birth mom gets to pick who the baby goes to, so of course they pick the wealthy celebrities. The adoptions are all “private” through an attorney, not an adoption agency. That’s how all these stars can adopt at the drop of a hat. A normal family has very little chance of an infant.

Anonymous on

poor kid

Mom of four on

While agree any baby whether it be biological, adopted, surrogate whatever is a blessing, I do agree with the point brought up frequently. How does she seem to be getting these babies through adoption so quickly? There are so many middle class families waiting YEARS for the process, , but she seems to blink and have a baby in her arms? I don’t get it? Can we say preferential treatment? TOTALLY UNJUST AND UNFAIR!

Amy on

So many homophobics… KARMA…just wait until one of you have a gay child or grandchild and then talk that way…

Gay people are not disgusting, intolerant people are.

God bless ALL families.

paulakey245562841 on

Wow, the ignorant comments. It is easy to write mean words on a blog. The ugly comments reflect what is inside a person.
If bitter, ugly and nasty comes out of you…that is you.

hey on