Wow! Tori Spelling’s Jade and Gold Push Present

01/08/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Better late than never!

When Tori Spelling delivered son Finn Davey in August, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for husband Dean McDermott to find the perfect push present. But you can’t really blame the guy. He and Spelling more than have their hands full with three other kids together Liam Aaron, 5½, Stella Doreen, 4½, and Hattie Margaret, 15 months.

“I got a call from Dean and he said he was really late but he wanted to get Tori a very special push present to celebrate the birth of baby Finn,” jeweler Neil Lane, who designed the couple’s wedding bands and most recently created an antique gold and coral ring for their sixth anniversary, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“He wanted something pretty, but different. He really cares and said he’d been thinking about it for a long time.”

Tori Spelling's Jade and Gold Push Present
Inset:Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

While Lane offered an array of options, including an Indian vintage ring and a rare amethyst, McDermott honed in on a jade and gold ring from the celebrity jeweler’s collection.

Acquired in China in the 1920s, the 10-carat cabochon-cut jade stone with a fancy gold filigree design has the original delicate Chinese hallmarks. “Tori loves green, she loves perfectly rounded stones like this one and the abstract floral style is just beautiful,” Lane explains.

McDermott surprised Spelling with it around the holidays and the gift was a hit. “Dean adores her and he looks at jewelry as a connection to the relationship [to mark] milestones in their life,” says Lane. “The ring was a token of his love, affection and appreciation of their love and this new baby. They’re really happy and romantic!”

— Elizabeth Leonard

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guest on

Push present? Give me an effin’ BREAK.

sara on

Name it birth present. Not everyone can or wants to push.

Angela on

I love these two together! Tori kissed a lot of frogs before she ended up with the perfect man for her! Congratulations!

max on

A push present! Are your kidding me?!?

Ann on

It’s gorgeous! It’s something the average “us” can only dream of. i hope celebrities appreciate these beautiful things they get to enjoy and obtain so easily. The rest of us, well, we can at least see pictures of them in magazines. I am grateful for the beauty I do get to appreciate each day – the beauty of my daughter and my husband, and their good health. That is the greatest gift of all, of course. And that was free and the gift that keeps giving!

amamma on

Ann, well said, sister! You’re a breath of fresh air! Ppl are always so mean on these posts! You’re so sweet! Right on!

ellie on

You know “push present” is not a nice term at all. It’s just gross. How about “birth present”?

Shopgirl on

She had a c-section. There was no pushing involved.

Claire on

Exactly what I was thinking shopgirl! She didn’t give birth, her son was surgically removed from her!

Now that I’ve gotten my snottiness out of the way, I have to say I really do love Tori and Dean. They have beautiful children and I wish them the best.

Anonymous on

A push present? All I got when I wasd having a baby, was a lot of complaining from my husband…must be nice to be spolied!

Alysia on

I’ve heard about these things before case most of my family has gotten presents after giving birth. There’s nothing wrong with the man trying to show up front his devotion to his wife. Tori and dean have a beautiful family. I envy them in hopes I have a nice family like that in the future.

shannon on

That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!

KiKi on

Don’t really care for either one of them but I love this ring! I’ll give him this, he did a good job.

BH on

Push present? All I got was a baby.

Melissa on

Well,i must say that i have never in my whole 39 yrs on this earth heard the phrase “Push present” before lol.

M22 on

It’s not a push present if you have a c-section. And the only present any mother needs a healthy baby and her continued health.

Gigi on

It’s ugly just like Tori, so it’s perfect, VOMIT!!!!!!!

Karolina on

Beauty is in the eye of the holder – Personally I don’t like the ring at all…but that’s just me.

OkeyDokey on

You can’t tell, but I’m rolling my eyes REALLY hard!

Mira on

“Push present” sounds very crass and people should stop using this stupid phrase.

Ironically, Tori did no pushing whatsoever all 4 times she gave birth.

Beni on

I think that “push present” is such a vulgar term. What about mothers who had C-sections and therefore did not push? Should we call those an “abdominal incision present”?

I think that “birth present” or “mother present” would be a much better way to describe this type of gift.

Lisa on

I’m so sick of hearing about push presents. I had a baby in August—the present is your beautiful child.

Guest on

How do you get a push present for not pushing?

Cathy on

What’s pretty to some is ugly to others. I think it’s gaudy. Hope she liked it.

TooBad on

Too bad Tori and Dean don’t give Jack a fraction of the attention that they give into making babies and spoiling one another. Very sad.

Jenn on

I hate the term “push present.” Just call it a birth present. Plus, can you honestly deem it a push present if all of Tori’s births have been scheduled c-sections? That’s not labor. There was no “pushing” involved.

JM on

Push present?!?

Rosewillow on

That is a really fine ring.

Guest on

It’s a beautiful piece, but the whole “push present” thing bothers me. I ended up with 2 beautiful girls and 1 angel baby boy at the end of my pregnancies. My husband didn’t even buy me flowers, let alone an expensive gift. To each his own, I guess.

Chelsea on

I would think the best “push present” is a healthy baby. Enough said.

Sabrina on

Nice ring but she did’d push. She had 4 c-sections. I like them though.

bevvie on


ewwww on

That expression is so sexist…ewww

Nancy on

I think the idea of a push present s kinda silly. Like what? If you don’t get a ring you’re not gonna push the baby out? LOL!

Nikita on

How do you recently create an antique????

yasemina on

The rich and their toys. Yawn! This ring’s not very feminine and kind of ugly if you ask me. If Tori has a 5th child, is this woman ever NOT pregnant after all, why not donate the usual bauble money to charity? How about sending it to a single mom who also had a difficult birth (pre-eclampsia) and now has a special needs child?

madeleine on

Stop saying “push present.”

Denise S. on

Does a “push” present still apply if you have a C-section?

Ug. on

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a ‘push’ present is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes, fathers typically bring something sweet for their wives after all that hard work. But now we want to give that gift a name and make it a mandatory expectation?? Sometimes I think we have to get over ourselves. This is very extravagant and I guess given their budget they can be. But, I see a lot of disenchanted young people who go into their adulthood thinking this is the norm. Sad.

danne on

Love this family. They are so full of love for each other.

gsuchick0385 on

WTF is wrong with celebrities?? The BABY is the push present!!

Momof2 on

You know, I am all for expressing your love and romantic side, and I am happy that Tori and Dean are happy, but I really hate the phrase “push present”! Let’s retire that one, shall we?

sally on

Very ugly!

El on

That’s an ugly ring!!

ohplease on

Push present? How about as a reward you pamper your wife with a break and look after the children while she has some R&R? A little nap and time away from the kids goes a long way,does more than a ring! Give me a break!!!!

Navy Wife on

I totally agree ohplease!!

Melanie on

Picturing Tori pushing anything out of her crotch makes me cringe

burien on

What is a “Push Present”?

chris on

The ring is beautiful. I love this couple !! And their children. I can only hope my husband gets me something like this when our son is born this coming May lol. What a keeper Dean is !!

Lisa on

“Push present” is about as moronic as “baby bump”. Where do people come up with these terms???

Lauren! on

It’s not my style, but as long as she loves it, then that is all that matters. It is a nice gift.

wm on

I’m happy for her and their family but sorry, that is one ugly, gawdy ring!

CJ on

Man, having a healthy baby isn’t enough anymore for some women huh?! How utterly sad!

Kristina on

I hate the term “push present”. Isn’t the child you gave birth to enough of a gift? Ugly ring btw.

Ecarg on

Incredibly tacky,,,the present and the couple.

Mommy on

That ring is ugly.

Ellen on

Gone are the days where a healthy baby was considered to be the present!!

These people obviously live in a different world to me – good luck to them.

Lisa on

Oh for the love of God, please please PLEASE retire the term “push present”!!! I want to vomit all over my computer every time I see the phrase. And isn’t a baby supposed to be enough of a gift?

Kristy on

STOP WITH THE RUDE AND HURTFUL COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!! I think Tori deseveres a whole line of Neil Lane Jewlery. : )

s on

Thats so ugly!!!

Anonymous on

for all those complaining about the fact she had 4 c-sections, sometimes after the first c-section it is recommended that anymore children comming along be delivered the same way to prevent horrid complications. I think that a little present is nice for the dad to give mom after 9 months of good work. As for Dean’s other child im sure they would love more time with him but that is up to deans ex wife.

Bethany on

A push present is a wonderful way for a husband/ father to show a little appreciation for everything a new mom has to go through. Obviously a baby is enough but what’s wrong with a husband appreciating his wife? Labor is hard, having to care for a newborn is hard and most of the work falls on mom. A good dad takes care of his child AND the mother of his child and many men enjoy gifting and spoiling their partner. What in the world can be wrong with that? People love to judge and put others down.

Jenny! on

I like the design on the gold….

and thats about it, the green makes it look tacky!

stacy on

Pretty sure she had a c-section. Birth present would be a tad more appropriate.

sass on

Ugh. Her face. It scares me.

Rosey on

I got presents too after my baby but I hate the term “push” present as it gives me awful visuals when I hear it!!

Sha on

And why is this news? It sounds like a publicist statement- who gives a crap.

linda on

The ring looks like it once belonged to King Tut.

lila on

i hate “push present.” how about “baby bauble” instead. it’s less, um, graphic.

Cammy on

First I hear of ultrasound parties, now this…sorry, but this is so annoying….

L on

Push present for a csection? Give me a break!

MrMonkee on

I gave my a wife a push present for each of our 8 kids. Back then it was called a vase of flowers. But we also used cloth diapers and washed them out and reused them. My how things have changed.

Misty on

I don’t care for the whole “push present” concept either. These two seem happy and devoted to their kids, so more power to them!

jacki on

I received a push present for all my kids. My fourth (baby push present) was a diamond tennis bracelet that I love and wear every day. I find that people who say things like “your present is the baby” are being a little bit jealous. I love my babies. And I love that my husband wanted to give me a gift for giving birth to them. I don’t understand how anyone can say the thought isn’t lovely.

Jester on

Yeah, I am not into the ‘push present’ neither. Really? Is this now a typical thing of times?

angela on

push present – give me a break – were these not the people who were devastated with no money and was selling french fries from a chip truck? They are just creepy icky. I bet their exes are so glad to be rid of them. I feel bad for his son with Mary Jane…at least he lives with his mother…. push present…baby bumps …. these are some of the reasons why I never renewed my subscription

Anonymous on

I agree, the term “push present” is gross. BUT, the sentiment is lovely. My brother gave his wife jewelry to commemorate each of their two children’s births. Pregnancy and childbirth (whether natural or by C-Section) is hard work, and it’s incredibly sweet for a husband to gift his wife jewelry or something in appreciation of all that she put her body through to bring their child into the world. Yes, the gift of life is something a husband and wife give each other, but, let’s face it, the wife has to go through a heck of a lot more than the husband in that regard.

mindy on

It’s not appropriate to call what Tori Spelling received a “push present.” She’s too posh to push. She had so many c-sections in such a short time that her uterus practically exploded after the last one.

Cate on

She didn’t push

Me on

Bought with her money! What an A$$!!!

Paige on

I absolutely HATE the term ‘push present’. It sounds extremely tacky and low class – I guess it works in this article, though.

Amaryllis on

Really pretty ring, but I could do without the name. Push present? Blech.

Courtney on

Wow–I must admit to being envious! I have four children as well, and, besides the kids themselves (and a bunch of dirty diapers), there were no presents afterwards! LOL!

Amanda on

Love the idea, HATE the term “push present.” Seriously.

Elizabeth on

I had to read this RIDICULOUS story about these RIDICULOUS people just to find out what a “push present” was – I agree with BH below – all I got was a baby and I was darn glad of it. I wonder if her “push present” changes diapers?

Michelle on

Number one: The present is ugly, to me anyway. Number two: The term “Push Present” is the tackiest thing ever invented.

Angel on

Yuck… this thing is hideous! The engraving is pretty but, it’s ugly… really ugly!!!

Marie on

Sweet couple and beautiful family. The ring is beautiful, love the jade, looks like something Tori would have picked herself. Happy for them and cannot wait to watch more of her shows about her family, love the kids!

Guest on

She didn’t even push. She had a c-section as she’s had with all her pregnancies.

Kim on

When did she do any pushing? She had a c-section! LOL!!

Amy on

Okay, I love Tori and Dean but a push present? Really? C’mon, first of all she didn’t even push (all of her babies were via c-section) and secondly, women have been having babies for hundreds of years. Our gift is that beautiful baby in our arms at the end of the labor part. It is a beautiful ring, but call it a Christmas gift, geez!

Read Up on

Hundreds? You may want to pop over to the library and brush up on your history, Amy. We’ve been having babies for slightly longer.

Jordyn on

My push present was divorce papers.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

Amanda on

Best comment right there. ^

Katrina on

My gosh! Because heaven forbid that the woman push without some incentive as the rest of us do!

Merm on

I just threw up in my mouth a little. I hate the words “push present”.

Tybill on

Why isn’t a new born baby present enough?

Anonymous on

Push present??? Isn’t a beautiful baby gift enough?

Sharon on

What the heck is a push present? Hope it’s not what I think it is. If so, I’ve now seen everything

Jenny on

after carrying a child for 10 months, giving birth, breastfeeding and losing your body…a woman deserves a great gift!! yes, a a healthy child is fabulous but the man keeps to keep drinking beer and live his life normal while we pick up the pieces. a nice gift saying the guy appreciates his wife (or spouse) is super sweet and respectful. The men on here who think it’s stupid are selfish men who did nothing for their wives!!

shelby on

I’m sure that Tori and Dean didn’t come up with the term “push present”. I also think birth present would be much nicer and I myself don’t like the term push present. However, if a man would like to purchase a gift for the woman that carried and gave birth to his child , I don’t see the harm in it. I don’t think this kind of gift is expected but I do think it’s a nice gesture. My husband has already purchased a gift for me once our first child is born in May. While I did not expect him to I found the gesture incredibly sweet. We are both so excited to bring our baby into this world and of course the baby is our ultimate gift!!

geekmom on

Nice…The only “push” present i got from my husband was a push out of bed at 2 am 4 am and 6 am to nurse the baby. You can’t beat that present!

sam on

she probably paid for it

Bennie on

Push present is such a gross term and is so demeaning to women.

Also, when was the last time this dude had an acting (or any kind of) job?! Is it a “present” if he buys it with her money?

Judy on

Tori and Dean are too old to be having babies. Dean is an opportunist D-List actor and will be paying lots of child support when he is an old man. The ring is ugly like Tori and fake looking like Dean.

sharon on

I like these two people. They are dorky in an adorable way. But a push presant? All moms who have given birth received a push presant.I named mine Jack and he the best presant I ever received!

Stephanie on

I have nothing against this couple, but they both cheated on their previous spouses when they got together. Dean already had a child, to make matters worse. Why is that they don’t get the same liar/cheater/slut comments that the Angelina Jolie articles always get? Just curious.

Vanessa on

A push present? Isn’t giving your partner a child enough? Puh-lease.

robin on

Why is it a push present if she’s only had c-sections? Also, both of them make me sick.

royroy on

Would someone please stop these annoying terms! I am soooo sick of the “baby bump” and “push present”. I am a mother of 3 and the best present my husband gave me with each birth was taking 2 weeks off work and even after that taking turns getting up with the baby at night and wait for it……changing diapers! Having a hands-on dad beats a gawdy piece of jewelry, expensive handbag or fancy car anyday!!!!!

BeNice on

You’d think a healthy baby would be enough of a push present. It was for me!

summer wonder on

Sad how his oldest son Jack is never part of how many children they have. They have an affair bust up a family and toss away one child and have 4 more to replace the first on.

Anonymous on

Ease up folks. People magazine didn’t coin the phrase “push present”….it’s been around a long time. Let it go….

Jaimee on

For the love of God please stop trying to find something wrong with this. Call it “push present” or “birth present” or whatever you want. The point is that a husband decided to get his wife a beautiful gift to symbolize his love for her and how appreciative he is of the fact that she had his children. That’s it, sometimes things are just what they are. There’s no need to overanalyze everything jeez!

rachael on

Seriously? What planet do these two live on?

No presents when my kids were born either, after going through infertility issues and a stillborn son, my gift was hearing that first cry…

Ugly, no thanks!!

lafawnduh on

i had to have my babies via c section so the ‘mother and child’ necklace my husband bought me i called ‘baby bling’ haha..

lana on

My husband brought me a six pack of diet RC and I was so happy! No expectations, no disappointments. The baby was the real treasure.

SweetS on

If you do not believe in getting ‘push presents’ please be quiet!! There is absolutely no woman who would not lovvvve the idea of being given something nice after the very lovely but admittedly tedious process of having a baby! OF COURSE the baby is the best gift but it IS a wonderful gesture on the part of a husband and very thoughtful too… All these ladies saying “the baby is gift enough and i don’t need a present” should stop lying,lol.. Everyone wants to be appreciated..hehe
PS: The name ‘push present’ is extremely cheesy though..:)

satan on

Never heard this term til today. Guess thats what i get for reading the entertainment section. Absolute nonsense. I want a “push present ” next time i take a dump. Im gonna yell from the bathroom “honey im on the bowl and im pushing!”…..i better be greeted with jewelry after that!

ME on


robin on

Shouldn’t the doctor get he present? he’s the one that cut her open and took the kid out.

Heather on

This whole “push present” fad makes me sick. What a bunch of spoiled brats with too much money to spend! As far as I’m concerned, the precious baby you were lucky enough to give birth to should be your freaking present. Not everyone is so lucky. Grow up and focus on what is important!

JulieB on

I agree with all the comments about a push present being ridiculous. The woman who had a stillbirth and then a live birth really drives it home. People take too much for granted these days. But, I do remember when my cousin gave his wife such a gift back in 1976. It was one of those real roses preserved in a glass ball. The rose was coated in wax, and maybe there was formaldehyde in the liquid. Really creepy.

Michelle on


vanessa on

Push present? Give me a freaking break. The first time I heard that term was 6 months ago and I’m a 31 year old woman. How about the BABY is your present??

sharon on


sharon on

She didn’t even “push” she was “cut”. I have to agree with the comments, a “birth” present sounds much better.

BeNice on

I don’t get why this makes so many of you angry. The guy loves his wife and wanted to make her happy. He did a nice thing! It doesn’t mean that the baby wasn’t enough – just his way of saying that he cares about her.

Hea on

You CANNOT create an antique!

Michelle on

Naww, Tori has had a tough time, health wise, in the past few years and tokens of his affection are what keeps the love in a relationship.

I’m not saying it is the only thing needed but it is lovely to receive a carefully thought out present, rather than dehydrated flowers picked up at the gas station on the way home!!!

AmandaC on

When I had my daughter my husband bought me a ring that had diamonds on it and the inside was engraved with “MOTHER”, it was the sweetest thing ever. We didn’t call it a push present, it was just a present given out of love.

Diana on

I understand that many of you don’t like Tori… But some of your comments are just ugly. You don’t like the ring totally understandable. You don’t like the term push present… I get it. But just saying she is ugly? Really? Grow up. I have heard push present before… No its not that nice of a term but to get so worked up over it?

LPW on

It’s lovely, but I’m not sure why they needed to advertise. Of course, they are reality starz!

Shari on

I agree she got gifts called push presents and never paged any babies out but for those people who think c sections aren’t work or are an easy way to have a baby I’m here to here to tell you I’ve had 3 and they are hell and very hard and long recoveries follow which make it very hard to take care of your new baby.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

The industry is trying REALLY hard to make this a thing. Please, can we not let them make this a thing?


Love Tori,but is there anything she doesn’t have?! I’m a mom and this is ridiculous!

pep on

ya she bought it .. what has he done lately ? whata boob and do we care .. no shame parts of New Jersey are still in shambles and she gets this ring how bout donating the cash in her name to help these people get back on their feet my good friend works for FEMA and says you dont hear about Sandy victims anymore .. for shame Tori !!!

pep on

please!! she bought with her $$ what has he done lately except makes more babies .. no shame showing off this ring how about donating the money in her name to the victims of hurricane Sandy .. my friend works for FEMA and they have all been but forgotten .. shame on both of you ..

Anonymous on

I had never heard of this until I moved to So Cal 6 yrs ago. I was in line 2 weeks ago at Disneyland and there were two couples with baby strollers waiting in line with us and the moms were showing each other their “push” presents. I had to explain what it meant to my husband. People are very spoiled around here. Maybe it’s everywhere but I had not seen it until I came here.

Tams on

Nothing wrong with a “push present” as it is being called. Pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing is a tough job, nothing wrong with commemorating it. My husband bought me a lovely pearl necklace and earrings last year just to show me that he appreciates everything I do for our family. I thought it went unnoticed but it was much appreciated.

1hppymama on

Push presents are ridiculous, your healthy beautiful child should be present enough. Just sayin………..

barb on

Oh stop being so judgemental…They seem like a genuinely happy couple and adore their family…Just be happy for them rather than nasty comments…..What a way to go through life, mean!

Anonymous on

This broad has NEVER PUSHED none of these celebs ever do….apparently only us pions do.

KParsons on

I don’t really love the terminology, but I think having a special piece of jewelry associated with each child is a lovely idea, something that can even be passed down to them when they’re older. What I find ugly, as per usual, is the nastiness emanating from the comment section. I’m sure you all feel incredibly virtuous knowing that all you needed as your “present” was your baby – the fact is, you don’t know that she even asked for a gift. Perhaps her husband has made this a tradition with each child. When did this world come down to taking a figurative dump on others to make ourselves feel superior? I am much more concerned about that than a celebrity getting a piece of jewelry.

Krystin on

So does this mean us normal “not weathly” women should get push presents too? 😉

mommea on

Push? i guess I’m confused she had a C/Section! Really!

mommea on

Push? I thought she had a C/Section? really?

recreationstation on

and what did she give HIM? eh?

If that were my husband I would want him to donate in my name to Heifer International or Oxfam. Baubles don’t help anyone, and children die when gold is mined.

Sheri on

“PUSH” present!!!???? What an utterly stupid thing to say. What a demeaning thing to call a birth.

Cat on

I very rarely read comments because they are generally rude and hurtful even if you don’t expect the person you are writing about to read them. I understand that people have issues with Tori and Dean and their choices. However you made the choice to read the article and it was just that – a choice. If you hate her so much QUIT READING ABOUT HER. Simple solution. And no I don’t like the term push present but I see nothing wrong with presenting your spouse/signifigant other with a gift. Child birth is HARD WORK! I did it unmedicated once and have plans for similar with my next child in a few months time. And to those who said she didn’t “have” a child but had it removed – GROW UP! I have had plenty of friends who had Csections and their delivery and recovery was much worse than mine ever could have been. I find myself wanting to tell people if you don’t have anything nice to say than SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Congrats to Tori and Dean on their beautfiul family. Each of those children is a gift and it’s nice of Dean to recognize his wife’s hard work with a token of affection.

Cat on

I rarely read the comments section on these blogs because most of them are spiteful and cruel and I found this article to be much of the same. If you don’t like Tori and Dean then don’t read the article. And don’t bash a man for appreciating the hard work it is to labor and deliver a child. That is all Dean was doing. And for those who say she didn’t “have” the child but had it removed – GROW UP! C Sections are nothing to laugh at or make jokes about. They are just as hard as a normal delivery and often times the recovery is much worse. I find myself wanting to tell most of the commentors if you have nothing nice to say than just SHUT UP. Let people with something nice or constructive to say comment. It’s easy to say cruel things when it’s not to an actual person. The internet gives way to much anonymoity. Congratulations on your beautiful family Tori and Dean. Treasure your children and keep them safe. That is the best gift of all.

ava on

“Push present” is a disgusting term; I literally felt sick after I clicked on this article. Also, I think the ring is hideous.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Push Present…I’m so sick of that stupid term. And, now the Mainstream Mommy Mafia Members are using it, too! Make it STOP!

Julie on

Push presents eh? What will they think of next? Have to show this to hubby. Lol.

janie on

all i got was sleepless nights

Sandy on

What nimrod came up with that stupid term???? I personally feel a healthy baby is the best gift of all! Usually you get flowers or something with the baby’s name and birth information- but a 10 carat jade ring?? NOT- to over the top.

Sandy on

HA the jokes on him- she did NO pushing as she had a c-section!! How stupid is the term push present? Get rid of it as well as baby bump!!!

Anonymous on

Who cares what it’s called even if she had a C-section? She ‘pushed’ through her pregnancy, right? She ‘pushed’ herself to have another child, didn’t she? Also the practice of giving ‘push presents’ is nothing new. a thousand years ago, people gave women who gave borth gifts to appease or honor Juno Lucina, the Roman goddess and protector of women in labor. It’s SYMBOLIC.

fudbag on

Ha! Nice try Dean, but I’ll tell you what a REAL “push” present for Tori would be. For Dean to stop knocking her up! She almost DIED from this last birth because the kids are simply too close together and she didn’t have time to properly heal from the last c-section. It’s already bad enough having ONE c-section, much less FOUR. A real gift would be ensuring Tori stops getting pregnant and the kids are well taken care of.

meghan on

Maybe his Push Present should be a promise to leave her stretched out old cunny alone for six weeks.

meghan on

It’s not a present if you have to pay for it yourself because your husband doesn’t work.

meghan on

Well Diana, she’s unattractive. So what?

Cat, I can read and comment on anything I want.

Anonymous on

While push present isn’t a glamorous name and doesn’t represent mothers who gave birth via c-section, I think most people are just complaining because they didn’t get one. This is not a new idea. I had my son over three years ago and my husband bought me a beautiful necklace with my son’s name on it as my “push present.”

Disgusted on

Buy your wife a ring that will probably only be worn once or twice a year or start saving money for the child’s college education. Jee,,,which should I chose?

Sandy on

she did no pushing, had a c-section

meme on

I had three children and my husband didn’t buy me a thing……oh wait….he gave me three beautiful, healthy kids!!