Baby on the Way for Jensen Ackles

01/07/2013 at 06:15 PM ET

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Expecting Baby
Tammie Arroyo/AFF

He’s hunted down demons, gone after ghosts and come face-to-face with ferocious monsters, but Jensen Ackles is diving into a whole new dimension: daddy duty.

The Supernatural star, 34, and his wife Danneel Harris Ackles are expecting their first child later this year, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The actress, best known for her roles as Shannon on One Life to Live and Rachel on One Tree Hill, will debut her baby bump when she accompanies Ackles to the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday, where the dad-to-be is scheduled to present.

“Thank you for all the well wishes,” Harris Ackles, 33, Tweeted Monday evening. “We are very excited about our soon to be new addition.”

The couple tied the knot in 2010 in the actor’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! This is so exciting and I’m so happy for them!

Congratulations to Jensen and Danneel!

I absolutely love that Misha’s daughter Maison, Thomas Padalecki, and Baby Ackles will be so close in age. That’s awesome.

Mel on

So happy for them!!!! Congrats Jensen & Danneel!!!

Kelly on

Congrats! Love Jensen (aka Dean) He’s going to make a great dad!

M on

It’s ridiculous how happy this made me. They are such an awesome couple, and I wish them nothing but the best. So exciting that all the Supernatural kiddos will be so close in age.

Ashley on

EEEEEEEE!!! That’s so exciting!!! I was waiting for this announcement!!! Congratulations Jensen and Danneel!!!

Staci on

This is so exciting! Congrats to them!

happyhobbits on


gm1077373 on

This will be the most attractive baby ever

Carrow on

I cannot believe that gorgeous man is from my hometown….

cherrysoda99 on

I am so happy for them, honestly! I know they’ve both talked about wanting a family, so this is fantastic.

I’m also kind of hoping it’s a girl – so Thomas Padalecki can have a little girlfriend. 😉

Cindy on

LOVE him!

ocnlvr83 on

Now people can stop bugging them at conventions and on Twitter about when they’re going to have babies.

Jo on


It’s going to be amazing to finally have a Baby-Ackles!! 🙂

Anonymous on

congratulations Jensen. it pains me that its not my child, BUT, your wife is beautiful and your baby will be to.

Jess on

They are such a beautiful couple, and I wish them every happiness in the world. ❤

Anon on

OMG. *dead*. So happy for them. Can it please be a boy so that J&J’s sons can be BFF’s? Or better yet… a girl… so their babies can get married?

(obviously kidding around here. Very excited!)

Jane on

I’m so excited for Jensen and Danneel. I have been waiting for this news since Jared became a dad 🙂 Wouldn’t it be cool if Jensen had a daughter and his daughter got together with Jared’s son?

Kimberleigh on

Oh wow! Im so happy for them! They are such a gorgeous couple!

Beth on

Congrats to them! 😀

Hope on

I remember him from Smallville! Congrats to him 🙂 I’m sure that baby will be a cutie.

Stephanie on

Yay! He also survived being on a soap opera! so chasing supernatural is just a walk in the park 😉

Wishing them the best!

Lauren Kaminski on

Coingratulations! I like both of them and they’re going to have a very cute kid.:)

cady on

Yay! Another gorgeous tot to populate the Hollywood scene! Hope Daneel has an incredible pregnancy!

Linda on

Congrats to the couple! Get your sleep now 😉

Jasmine on

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

This is AWESOME news! SO excited for them!

Bunny on

So happy for them ^^ Sure it’s going to be a cute little baby awwwwwww, I’m just so happy and asfasgsdjghkl

sarah on

Awwwwwwww so adorable.

Thomas and the Ackles baby can be bffs like their daddys!

Natasha on

I am absolutely excited for the two of them. That is going to be a wicked cute baby.

teri on

He is such a pretty, handsome man. Too bad People Mag seem to limit their Most Sexiest to most popular movie stars (at the time) cause he should have had a cover by now.

Congrats to them!

Julianna on

OH YAY! He’s going to be an amazing dad! Congrats to Jensen and Danneel!

Harley on

OMG yay!!!!! That kid is going to beautiful no matter which parent he/she takes after.

Mrs Peele on

So very happy to hear the wonderful news! Congratulations to both. Jared, Misha and now Jensen – all together. A great bunch of dads!

Cantaloopy on


I’m so happy and excited for Jensen and Danneel! They’re a beautiful couple and I’m sure they’ll be fantastic parents!

amelie on

Congrats! Big fan of Mr. Ackles here, the kid will be gorgeous.

Anonymous on

YAYYY! Huge fan of the show, and so happy for him!! 🙂

Alexa on

What a pair of hotties! Sorry to Gen and Jared, but these two are way better looking. LOL

I hope they have a girl because baby girls are sooo cute and sweet and cuddle-lisciouss!

Melissa on

Congrats! I am so happy for them!

Alicia Nicole on

I’m so happy for you!!! Now we have 2 supernatural babies!!!! That is so awesome. they can be best friends and everything.

Kind of ironic how Dean plays Sam’s older brother but Sam’s child is now older than Dean’s haha.


Mockingbird94 on

Yes! That’s great! Congrats!!!!

Daffygrams on

Wonderful news!!

Katey on

Brilliant news! And with these two as parents, this baby is hitting the gene pool jackpot!

L on

I’m so glad for them! Jensen will make an amazing Dad. And the genetic pool will rejoice.

monica on

Hes so hot congrats

Liz on

all the hot ones come from TX 🙂

congrats, guys!

kjc on

Congrats to Jensen and his wife.

The only thing I’ve ever seen him in was Days of Our Lives way back when he played Sammi Brady’s twin brother Eric. I’ve never watched the show that’s he is currently on, but I think of him whenever I see the commercials for it. I’ve always wanted him to come back to the Days roll.

Lila on

So happy for them! She is the luckiest woman alive.

Louise on

Right now I feel like a child on christmas day opening his presents! So excited I felt when I heard this! 😀

Congratulations for them! Really happy for my favorite celebrity couple! (and a little jealous! lol xD)

Anonymous on

Aww, congrats to them! As an aside, has anyone else noticed that most celebs seem to be more secretive about their pregnancies now? It used to be that a celeb would announce the month or time a year (spring, summer, etc.) they (or their wife) were due. Now they usually just say they’re expecting.

I wonder why the change?

sad on

they will have a beautiful baby, congrats to the happy couple.

Lia on

Aw, congrats to Jensen and his beautiful wife! Wow that’s gonna be a pretty kid. 🙂

KellyD on

I’m so over the top with the fact that Jensen and Danneell are parents!!!

Alayna on

WAHOO! Congratulations! I was in the very first episode that Daneel starred in One Tree Hill (I was an extra!) She was so pretty and I remember thinking ‘whose this new girl?” It was Danneel!! So happy for them.

linda garlinghouse on

hi kjc, if you liked Jensen on Day’s you will absolutely love him on SN, please do yourself a favor and watch it. You will love the show, it is my favorite ever. My daughter kept telling me to watch and one night we watched the first 3 episodes and the next day I started the rest and didn’t stop until I was caught up thru season 4. I’ve gotten all my friends hooked and have never known anyone who hasn’t watched then loved it. Such a great storyline, family is the main thread, friends next and the writing is great. Treat yourself and let me know what you think.

J on

Yay! Congrats!

Allison L on

He’s going to an adorable dad, and their kid will never be afraid of a monster under his/ her bed.

Casey on

Am i the ONLY one who didnt know they were married :/ ??

Anonymous on

36 people are mad about this article? Really? Why? They are a happily married couple who waited until they’d been married over a year to make a baby. Congratulations Jensen & Danneel!

Anna on

This is exciting! Congratulations to them – they seem like they will be great parents.

Lindsay on

I hope the baby won’t come between family and career for Jensen. It might be selfish for me to think that way, but I am only a fan, not the mother of the unborn child…

Paige on

Congratulations and best wishes to Jensen and Danneel! Love him on Supernatural (I’m a casual watcher but my mom and brother are diehard fans) and loved her on One Tree Hill.

Going to be a pretty baby. 🙂

Colleen on

Congratulations Jensen and Danneel. I’m so happy for you both! Blessings!

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who mentioned several several people being mad about this article)- I’m guessing that half of them are women who did it jokingly because they wish they were the ones having Jensen’s baby, and the other half did it just to be a-holes!

Anonymous on

I’ve never watched Supernatural, but I loved her on One Tree Hill! They will definitely make a gorgeous baby.

Tara on


Gaelle on

that’s so awesome love supernatural ❤

Angie on

contratualtions to Jensen and Danneel!

Sarah on

Yay i loved him in supernatural and i am crazy about that show and he is so cute congrates jensen.

jasper on

Congrats Jensen & Danneel!!!

So~~~Happy for them , its wonderful news !!!

nirvanka on

but guys
what if it’s a girl
and she has Jensen’s eyes

Aabysinyaa on

I am ridiculously happy for someone that i’ve never met.

OMFG I am so happy for them!

D on


I absolutely love both their acting, and on the behind the scenes for OTH and Supernatural, they both seem so fun!

Plus they are an absolutely gorgeous couple!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! ❤ Much love and happiness xo

Janae on

While I have to admit that this article made my currently vacant uterus twitch a little…I’m so happy for them! Congrats on what is sure to be a beautiful baby. It is super cool that Jensen, Jared, and Mischa will have children so close in age.

lindsey on

I told my 5 year old daughter (whom at one point requested to attend the 9/12 Dallas con so she could meet him bc he should be her ned daddy) and she said… “Momma! We need to go see them! That’s wonderful! We have to tell them congratulations and bring their new daughter a present. She’s gonna be beautiful!”

nickesha guiscott on

congrats u guys i have been waiting for thomas to have a play date, uncle jared must be thrilled, supernatural for life

RRRox on

Aww! I am so happy for them, they will make a great mama and poppa! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ackles!!

torrey jenson on

oh lord! is this going to be one beautiful baby or what!! he’s totally the hottest man on the planet—including zac efron.

Sarah on

I remember him on Days of Our Lives!

Chelle on

In that photo neither of them are smiling, What’s up with that?

Sara on

I am ridiculously happy with this news! Congrats to Jensen and his lady and new Baby Ackles!!

Tina on


Ani on

Congratulations to both Jensen & Danneel 🙂

Misty on

That is going to be one gorgeous kid!

Stormie on

They are such good people and I’m so very happy for them.

Linda on

As a grandparent, I know how excited their parents must be about this wonderful news. Jensen and Jared remind me of my son and his best friend. Handsome and awesome young men. Great actors, great show!

psnlh1 on

How has he not made People sexiest men alive list?!?!

happy on


Mandy on


He did in like their honorable mention-esque “sexy at every age” page for 34.

Personally I think he deserved better than that! ;D

mys on

Congrats to them both and to their upcoming bundle of joy!:-)

D on

I have no idea who they are. I’ve never seen them before, ever. But congrats anyways, here’s to a healthy baby.

barbara mckinney on

i am very happy for this couple! It is so refreshing, in this day and age, to see marriage before babies! Jared and Jenson did it RIGHT! : )

MommyBunny on

They are going to have SUCH a pretty baby, boy or girl. 😀

bahar on

I can’t believe it !!! congratulation Jensen . 🙂

Geneva Smith on

I love them both, congrats!!!!!

Connie Troia on

Love Supernatural, awesome show! Congrats to Jensen and Danneel you two will make great parents. By the way Jensen wrote to u in Oct. 2012 if u get time and u read this could I get autograph pic…. Thanks and Congrats. Love you and Jared. Connie Troia

Linda Rains on

Beautiful couple = beautiful and beloved baby. Congrats to Jensen and his wife. Jensen resembles my son Chris. Jared resembles his best friend Jon. I love their show!!

Stephanie on

aww YAY their gonna make great parents ❤ that baby is gonna get all the love it deserves….. congratulations to them both i hope everything goes well im so excited ❤

Nia on

Rachel and Dean!! Haha!!!

But seriously, congrats to them. May she have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

I can just see Jensen singing to his new bundle of jow…awwwwwww

Jane on

Danneel announced a few days ago on Twitter that she ad Jensen will be welcoming a baby GIRL!!!! So excited for them

Terry Christensen on

Oh gosh!!! Jensen and Danneel had sex!!! Just like millions of people worldwide who says their kid will be pretty cause they are??? Such big fuss for something natural can’t really make me scream and shout hope she knows how lucky she is with that sexy hubby!!!!

Nina on

Damn that will be one good looking child!