Romeo Beckham’s Playful Debut In Burberry Video

01/04/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Romeo Beckham is taking the modeling world by storm! In a recent promo video released by Burberry for their 2013 campaign, the 10-year-old — who was named the face of the brand’s children’s line in December — sports hunter green shades and a megawatt smile as he runs circles around his fellow fashion stars.

In the clip, David and Victoria‘s cute son swaps out his tailored suit for edgier threads including a sleek leather jacket and black denim duds. Later, he dons (and clowns around in!) a mini purple metallic trench to the delight of his costars.

Romeo Beckham Burberry Campaign
Courtesy Burberry

After watching Romeo at work, it’s official — the little guy has some serious swagger. Our evidence? After popping his collar (taking after dad, maybe?), he breaks out into a runway-worthy walk.

— Anya Leon

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Kathy on

He looks just like his Dad, adorable!!!

Kristy Lou on

As much money as they have, he should be wearing braces..ya think?

Anonymous on

That comment seems unnecessary Kristy Lou. As the article indicates, the kid is 10, generally that’s a bit young for braces.

Syl on

Reply to Kristy Lou…..why would he need braces? His teeth are staight, just a gap in the middle….lots of famous people have it, incase you didn’t know. Way to go about giving a kid a complex when he is adorable, just the way he is.

Jamie on

@ Kristy Lou – He is 10. Give the poor kid some time to lose his baby teeth and then maybe he will get braces. What is wrong with people and being so critical. Especially, towards young kids. Think before you make such silly comments!

Terri on

Actually he is probably too young for braces. As our dentist has told us, spaces between the baby teeth is a great sign that your mouth has enough room for your permanent teeth and he might not need braces.

Shell on

Cute kid. Horrible advertising. I guess I don’t get the combination of the stoic adults, and this cute kid acting like a kid. It was just an odd advertisement. The only think I liked was the cute kid. Too bad they didn’t allow the other models some personality, too.

Sheri L. on

His teeth are straight and his face will grow and teeth will come together…not rocket science.

Kellie on

such a cute advertisement!

Booya on

He is a cute kid with a lot of spunk! I hope his parents remain ever-present in his budding career, allow him to be and remain a child a child, and support him if and when he ever changes his pursuit of happiness.

Petra on

Okay that boy is truly cute, have to give ’em that

Ariana on

Cute boy but I hope they get some braces on him soon. I know they’re English but still….

Ginny on

Looks like a happy kid!

pb on

I have a 10 year old & her Dentist won’t put braces on her until she loses 3 more baby teeth. Apparently Kristy Lou doesn’t have children or a child this age. People are so negative & judgemental, to criticize a child is simply immature & shows how unhappy people are within themselves. Give the kid a break!! He’s adorable!!

Anonymous on

next beiber

Robin on

It looks like Burberry is desperately trying to change its stodgy image. The Beckham kid is cute, but I don’t like the fact that some of the female models are not wearing pants. The combination of using a 10 year old model and sexed up 20 yr. old models is a bit tasteless. Why couldn’t this company do just a Kids Burberry video and leave the adult models out? The company can always have a separate, sexier version of the commercial without the child in it.

KW on

Cute kid. Gawd-awful, strange commercial.

Robin on

That’s a strange video, but the kid is cute.

Anonymous on

Kristy Lou…. Most Definitely, I agree with you!!!!!

rhonda on

Yup to the chick on braces. Let the kid grow into his adult teeth.

Dayle on

He needs his teeth fixed.

kate on

Go to school and do your math kid

Canadasue on

Handsome little fellow! 🙂 Kristy Lou, you obviously know nothing about 10 year olds. My son is 10 and 1/2 and he still has quite a few baby teeth left, particularly molars. This is normal. I can’t imagine Romeo getting (or needing) braces if he still has baby teeth. Shame on you for criticizing a child!

Kirsha on

i agree, wait until he is about 13, then see if he needs braces. My question is this, does that not rank up there with girls striving to be thin? Just because his teeth are not “perfect” you all think that it needs to be fixed. As one person said, there are actors out there that have the space between their front teeth and are fine with it. I was told by a dentist when I was younger, if your bite is perfect, then why fix a flaw and cause damage later on in life. I personally have spacing between my four front teeth, because my bottom jaw is longer then my top by 2mm. Yes, I could have had that fixed and gotten braces, but like I stated above, it would have damaged my bite and caused me more problems in the long run by getting braces. Live the child alone, it make him Romeo Beckham, unique.

ana on

Ariana, you’re an idiot!

ava on

He is so cute!

Grace on

Yes, He does need braces, no he is not too young. There I said it. It doesn’t make me a monster or insensitive, just a person with an opinion, so save it. If it was any other random kid, the comments would be flowing. A talent agent would tell parents the same thing, constructively. He’s not exempt because he’s Beckham’s kid. It was surely the only reason he was chosen. How many other “models” look like him? Those kids are practically perfect looking. That’s the industry.

Carolyn on

Actually, many kids get braces when they’re young and then a second set when they are adolescents. That was the case with my son who had teeth like a diving platform before the first round of braces. Waiting wouldn’t have worked for him.

Grace on

Ana, why call someone an idiot just because they have an opinion? It’s immature. That goes for anyone who maligns someone else – A mature woman or gentleman wouldn’t dare stoop so low. How about “I disagree with you”??

Marky on

That small gap means he has space for his molars as they come in. Really? You are insulting a 10 yr old? How does it feel to be so “mature”?

Romeo is a great looking kid with what appears to be a great personality….apparently his parents are doing a few things right!

Lyrak on

Adorable child; ridiculous commercial.

Bree on

Wow does he ever look like his Dad!! The resemblance is insane!!

As for all the comments about him needed braces, that kid has got straighter teeth that I do and my dentist has never once suggested or even hinted at me needed braces.

The only thing even close to being wrong with Romeo’s teeth is that he has a gap and considering the fact that at 10 those are probably still his baby teeth who cares.

My husband has severe dental problems (We are talking in hospital surgery at 12 and 13 and braces) and so as soon as our daughter got her first teeth we started taking her in to the dentist, she has the same gap that Romeo does and even with all the family history the dr is not only worried but happy to see the gap because it means she will have room for her adult teeth.

There is nothing wrong with Romeo’s mouth that I can see and if there is, leave it to his parents to take care of it. While I have never met them, nor do I expect to, from everything I have seen a read they are great parents and if any of their children need braces or any other medical attention they will make sure it is taken care of.

smartgirltoo on

KID has the genes …. adorable!! Hope they are raising him to have good manners too!

Anonymous on

Maybe his parents simply don’t want him wearing braces because of the stupid gap? Vanessa Paradis, Anna Paquin both are famous for their gaps, every person has a little flaw that makes them special

Janis on

Spitting image of his daddy!

Bella on

This boy has an eating disorder…

Stephanie on

The comment he needs braces is horrible. He is 10. However, kid are getting braces at a younger age. I know 5 kids who got braces when they were 8. (I think that is way too young. I got mine when I was 14). Let the kid be a kid!

bchs71 on

Reply to Shell on Jan 4. The concept I got here is a kid playing with dummy models…that is why the other models are stoic…then when he pulls on one…it came to life with a smile. I loved the concept, loved the looks and thought, “OMG, this kid got all the right genes from both parents and is going to be AMAZING!”

erilynne on

10 is too young for braces. He would just get them put back on AGAIN a few years after he gets them off because of his baby teeth and teeth moving as he gets older. Wait it out and see what his teeth do next 3 years..

Had a friends sister’s parents do that exact thing. She’s wearing braces again at 16 because she was too young the first time.

loren on

Romeo is adorable, teeth and all. Looks like a regular 10 year old boy. All the best to the Beckham’s, they are a lovely family.

Linds on

Wow lots of comments on his teeth! He is only 10 years old and still has more teeth to come! People made fun of me when I was young because I had really gappy teeth but as I got older it slowly closed together and people ask me all the time if I ever had braces before – NOPE! just gappy teeth when I was young so my mouth had room.

He will always have a great smile! 🙂

Mary on

He does NOT need braces (and they do put braces on younger kids because my daughter had them on at age 8, sigh). I think he is adorable and is going to break some hearts when he is older!

anna on

When will they stop those ridiculous retouches, the model arm is ridiculously thin even before you compare it with the kid’s hand….

karr on

OMG..Model’s arm with pink trench coat it’s the same size Romeo’s arm!!…awful

Amy on

Ugly clothing AND boring promo.

gamma 11 on

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