Spotted: Reese Witherspoon Snaps a Family Shot

01/04/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Life’s a beach for Reese Witherspoon, who spend New Year’s in the sand with her family.

The actress was spotted in Hawaii with husband Jim Toth, their newborn son Tennessee James, 3 months, and her elder children Deacon, 9, and Ava, 13.

Witherspoon, who recently said she was “crawling back” to her pre-baby body, topped her ruched navy one-piece with a cover-up for the day in the sun.

Lending a helping hand was big sister Ava, whom Witherspoon calls “so awesome” with the baby. The teen carried her little brother around the beach while Witherspoon, 36, snapped photos of the pair.

Reese Witherspoon Snaps a Family Shot

Reese Witherspoon Snaps a Family Shot

Bonus: Witherspoon talks to Chelsea Handler about her son’s “redneck name”

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Kim on

Gosh, her daughter has grown up! Cute family!!

Emilie on

Doubt she’s expecting again. She probably just hasn’t lost the baby weight yet. She said recently that she was going to work on it slowly but surely.

sienna on

Gee, it kinda looks like Reese is preggers again….

mee on

Was thinking the same thing. Ive seen the whole reel of photos from this day at the beach….there a few others where she def looks preggers again….but baby is only 3 months. Shes showing alot if shes only a couple months. Jessica simpson hot preggers right away. Maybe its easier to all pop out all your kids THEN lose the weight

Belle on

Her stomach probably hasn’t gone down all the way yet. That happens especially since he’s her third.

Mytwocents on

Really cute family

martha washington on

awww! I don’t think she’s pregnant again if she’s “crawling back to her prebaby body ” (which is totally normal since she gave birth 3 months ago)

Anonymous on

OMG – people she just had a baby 3 months ago!!!

Carrie M on

What a cute noggin! He looks delicious!! AAWWW!!!

Kelly P on

She is not preggers again, geez! Just the way she’s standing. Most non-celebrities carry that pooch/loose skin for a few months, then it goes down.

Jay Rhey Moses on

She looks Amazing β™₯ & What an Adorable Family &+ I LOVE All There Namesβ™₯

4mom on

She has a 3 month old and he is her third child and she is 36. It is not as easy to get the weight off unless you are into personal trainers and strict diets. Give her a break! My 4th was born when I was 38. The weight has been a lot longer coming off especially in my belly. What a beautiful family she has! I have a 9 year old daughter and she is really into the baby when she wants to be, but other times she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Lol

CCmommy on

So if she were to have a flat stomach after 3 months, it’ll be a problem and would be considered a bad mom for going to the gym as opposed to staying home 24/7 w/ a newborn. But since she’s not doing just that, now you are complaining that she still looks pregnant… make up your mind!!!

Amy on

Amen CCmommy!!!

Latrice on

I love Reese Witherspoon I think she is just a great actress and here kids looks beautiful I know Tennessee will grow up t be a great person just like his mom

MistyMoo on

I probably shouldn’t be commenting on a 13-year-old, but dang, I wish I had Ava’s legs!

Anonymous on

Ava is on her way to being just like her mom

Cam85 on

Is it just me or does she look pregnant again?!!

KrisAnn on

Her hubby looks like he could use the gym and some self tanner! Ewww

AnniePoo on

Does the media have the world so deluded that we don’t remember what women who’ve just given birth look like? That’s why Pink, Jessica Simpson, and a few others were dragged through the mud for not returning to pre-baby weight within 3 hours of delivery.

amit on

We are so used to seeing celebs starving themselves right after giving birth and looking really skinny weeks later, that a normal woman who is on a beach just 3 months after she gave birth looks fat to some people – that’s just crazy. Reese is and looks great!

Tania on

1000% agree! Reese looks beautiful and normal. It took my belly a few months to go down. She is a very healthy individual–she eats well and is a runner. Some ppl’s bellies just take a while to go down! What a beautiful baby and gorgeous family! πŸ™‚

Amber on

This is a BEAUTIFUL family!

Rebecca on

Finally, a celeb who looks like a woman should look only 3 months after giving birth!! I had my second child a month befor little Tennessee arrived, and my belly looks about the same as Reese’s. I’m certainly not pregnant again! For heaven’s sake, it take almost 10 months to put the weight on, why are we expected to immediately shed it all!! Thanks for looking like a real woman, Reese! You’re beautiful!!

Michelle on

The word is PREGNANT, NOT preggers.

paticular on

Stop making excuses for her. She hires nannies and a nurse for the kids. But she can’t hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist for herself? She’s a professional actress, acting like a Midwestern housewife. Let her spend some of her money on getting into good shape instead of new shoes and purses. Letting herself go is NOT a good example for other women. And for the person who admits that they shouldn’t be commenting on Ava’s looks, then DON’T DO IT! She’s a 13 year old kid. Leave her alone.

Jessica on

WTH is wrong with you paticular? She’s setting a bad example because she isn’t dumping her kids on nannies and running to the gym to look super skinny again? You sound like a pathetic troll. And the person who commented on Ava’s legs didn’t say anything bad. She was complimenting her. She sounds like and amazing big sister! And Reese looks great! She JUST had her baby and anyone who thinks she should be back to a size 2 right away is a judgemental superficial jerk!

summer wonder on

You people are crazy! Finally a celebrity who doesn’t starved herself to be a size 3 within 2 months of giving birth and she has to be knocked up again? Jessica Simpson was paid to lose weight that fast. Reese rather spend the time with her husband and kids then hours at the GYM and I say GOOD FOR HER!

ktanne2639 on

It’s a LOT harder to lose baby weight the more children you have and the older you get. I’m only 31 and I just had my 5th. It’s a million times harder than when I was 23. She’s just got a little pooch but I think she looks absolutely fabulous for having her 3rd only a few short months ago. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do- focus on the BABY!!! Such a cute little family!

summer wonder on

Hey paticular climb off your high horse will you?

dsfg on

Rebecca, I agree that the people saying Reese looks pregnant again are unrealistic, rude, and ridiculous, but so are you. What is a “real” woman? So if you lose all your baby weight right away you aren’t a “real” woman? Women who don’t look like that three months after having a baby don’t look like a woman should???

Sorry, but everyone is different and taking ten months to lose baby weight is no better or less normal than taking ten days. I get tired of people making rude comments about celebrities just because they don’t have a washboard stomach, but I also get tired of people making snarky comments about women losing their baby weight right away. Everyone’s body is different.

Rebecca on

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to infer that someone who loses baby weight quickly is less of a woman. I was simply trying to celebrate the fact that a celebrity wasn’t hiding out in her house and starving herself to look perfect right after giving birth. She’s proudly on the beach, enjoying her family and not stressing about her body, which is refreshing. Good for you if you looked back to normal within 3 months of giving birth, but I certainly don’t, and it’s disheartening to see so many celebrities who seem to look perfect right away. It’s nice to see a celeb who just had a baby without the words “Reese’s Amazing Post Baby Body!” splashed across every photo.

dsfg on

paticular, she’s Reese Witherspoon, not Pamela Anderson. She’s a good actress. I’m sure she can get good roles even if she stays that size for the rest of her life.

And I agree, no one should be making comments on Ava’s looks, but, as an adult, I think it’s inappropriate to make negative comments about ANYONE’s looks, regardless of their age.

dsfg on

“The word is PREGNANT, NOT preggers.”

Haha, Guest, I had to laugh at that. I get annoyed by the term preggers too. It just seems like a trailer trash word.

L883228828 on

Reese has carried stomach pooch off and on when not pregnant for years. I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think she’s having a hard time getting the weight off her longstanding troublesome spot.

stephanie on

@amelia…. she looks that way because she JUST had a baby. bellies doesn’t disappear instantly. at least she’s spending time with her family instead of obsessively trying to get rid of baby weight so people like you don’t comment on their weight.

Ivy. on

Ava is so grown up! I remember when Reese was interviewed and said her daughter was too young to wear a two piece (this was years ago, when she actually was) but now look at her! She looks super sweet with her baby brother.

Michele on

People realistically it does take 9 months to have a baby and almost a year for your body to go back to normal. And she may be breast feeding. Leave Reese alone she looks like a normal person should after just given birth 3 mo tabs ago. Reese is a real woman.

Isabel on

The same people making rude comments about her weight would probably berate her if she showed up at the beach, slimmer than ever. They’d accuse her of being shallow and say that exercise must’ve been more important than spending time with her newborn. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Thankfully, Reese will never care about the opinions of anyone who posts a comment on here.

Cammy on

Wow! I thought at first her daughter was her sister! I guess that’s very possible if you have children in your 20s and not 30’s as I did! LOL

Anonymous on

This is her third child so it’s not as easy to loose it. Reese is 100% mom and is not able to be at the gym 24 seven, she’s breast feeding and taking care of her babies. She’s not leaving them with the nanny all day and night.

Rachel on

sienna preggers is not a word.. please get educated you unreal moron

dsfg on

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Reese since the baby was born where she looks like she lost most of the baby weight. Even in the bottom picture she looks thin. I think it just might be the blue dress or maybe the wind is blowing it out that makes her look bigger in the first picture.

Anonymous on

Rachel- Someone using a slang term you don’t like hardly makes them an uneducated moron! The term “preggers” practically makes my skin crawl, but I find your comment far more offensive than Sienna’s (and the other posters who used the term! Sienna was hardly the only one!).

Michele- Good point about Reese breastfeeding. If she is, then she can’t very well do some extreme diet without putting her baby’s health in jepordy!

Rebecca- I see your point, but to be fair we can’t possibly know (at least in most cases. Some celebs are extremely open about the extreme measures they take to lose the weight) which celebs have a “perfect” body so soon after giving birth because they starved themselves (or worked out like their lives depended on it), and which ones have simply been fortunate enough to bounce back that quickly without taking any extreme measures.

So I also agree with BOTH you and dsfg!

Anonymous on

As for the comment on Ava’s body, I don’t get the uproar. It was clearly a compliment! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I love the pics. I only wish there was one of Deacon!

Anonymous on

Oh, and I’m with the majority as far as Reese’s tummy goes. I think it’s just a post-partum one, not a pregnant one! At any rate, I HOPE it isn’t a pregnant one, because if she were pregnant enough to be showing, that would mean that she pulled a Tori Spelling and got pregnant no more than one month after her son was born! Very dangerous!

And before anyone brings up Jessica, assuming she announced around the three month mark like she did with Maxwell (she made that announcement on Halloween and Maxwell was born on May 1), then she didn’t concieve until Maxwell was around five months or so. That’s not nearly as bad!

Anonymous on

Leave the woman alone?! She’s 3 months post-baby! So effing what if she isn’t back to a size 00?! Like *you* would be that soon after having a child.

merry on

Obvisouly she’s not pregnant, definitely not to show big belly when she had her baby three months ago.

I like the way Ava holds her baby brother, such a nice bonding time.

Linda on

I feel sorry for celebrities because the media has put so much pressure on them to lose weight immediately. Why all the pressure?? Of all times, why can’t they leave a woman who just gave birth alone? They should be more understanding, especially since they have a newborn in the house. Can’t they hound her maybe 9 months later? Her body went through an ordeal giving birth and needs to rest. Stop pressuring them to lose weight so fast! Having a newborn is hard enough. They could at least be given a break during the first months of motherhood.

Anonymous on


Bella on

Reese is very tiny.. that’s why she still preggers’s..

2Park5 on

That’s Ava she is going to be much taller than her mom

Meep on

Good grief people, she just had a baby 3 months ago… give her a break. She’s doing what NORMAL people do and losing the weight slowly/healthily. There is nothing wrong with that. That said, I just want to say that she has an adorable family. Ava is the spitting image of Reese… it’s almost uncanny how much they look alike.

Katie on

She seems to be a normal woman who is losing the weight on her own time not within 6 weeks after having a baby, kudos to her! She looks healthy and great, it took me 9 months to lose all my baby weight and I was 26 at the time (now 31) and I was 5’6″ 120 lbs and only gained 23 lbs during my pregnancy.

Beth on

Reese definitely looks pregnant again. Seeing pictures of her in the last couple of months, it looked like she had lost her belly already (not that she had to, but it looked like she did, some ladies just lose the weight quick). Anyways, she’s a cutie and so are her kids. Happy for them no matter what!

justme on

I wish magazines like People would stop photographing and publishing photos of celebrities’ kids, especially during private moments like this. The kids didn’t ask for this invasion of privacy.

Boke7 on


ran on

she does not look pregnant she looks like a mother that had a baby three months ago like most real moms I so respect her and Jessica for looking healthy and real during and after there pregancy


How sweet, and jeez, give the lady time to get the baby tummy off before you make her pregnant again. Good grief! What a, nice family!

Teena on

Lol, seriously…those people complaining that she looks pregnant again obviously never gave birth themselves. Go, find yourselves husbands, get pregnant, deliver and THEN do the talking…

Becky on

With this being her 3rd baby, I think it’s probably going to take her a bit to get the baby weight off. It’s refreshing to see a star not ashamed to show herself with baby weight, and not out there doing whatever to get back to her pre baby weight. You rock Reese. She has the most beautiful children.

hannahsmom on

Obviously those of you who think she is pregnant again have never had a baby. My body bounced right back after I had my first (in my 20s) and definitely did not when I had my second (in my 30s). It took a whole year for me, as it does for many normal women.

Hea on

She’s not pregnant people, it’s fabric.

Lovely shot of sister and baby.

Susan Thorn on

Reese seems like the most normal person in Hollywood. The fact that she is wearing a cover-up, presumably because she is not yet in the physical condition that she prefers, rather than work out ad nauseaum at the expense of time with her family, just proves she has her priorities in order. Love her! Can’t wait for her next film XOXO

Diana on

She does not look pregnant again… She looks like she just gave birth 3 months ago. I would assume most of you that think she is pregnant have not had a child before, because that is a VERY normal 3 month Post partum belly. The way most celebrities look after 3 months is not the norm.

Myranda on

Im just wondering if all of these people that are commenting on “preggers again” have ever once been pregnant much less have three children. I simply laugh at some of the idiotic comments and those without couth…..I honestly think that she is about the most normal celeb in the world and it is obvious that she is a woman of strength, focuses on her career, but loves the idea of living life and family more.

Akali on

She looks and is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I applaud her for making it a priority to spend time with her kids first and working out second. I know the struggles of trying to slim down after having a child, and I think it is just so great that she is being a good mom and wife and not falling victim to the “I need to lose all the weight I gained in 9 months in 1 month” mentality.

Mechelle on

Some of the comments are right. She’s older and it’s her 3rd child, you don’t look like you did after babies in your early 20s! I lost weight quick with the babies In my 20s and had a baby at 36 and it was a lot harder!

Kerry on

Some people take longer to get back to pre pregnancy weight. Lay off. She looks great.

Audrey on

I hope you all know that she may look pregnant but its not possible for her to be that far along in such a short period. When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t even start showing a relatively big belly until I was about 6 months along. For those who say that isn’t healthy, my son was a healthy 6.13 lbs and 21 inches. Everyone said I looked only 3 or 4 months pregnant throughout my entire pregnancy. Yes I was a petite pregnant woman but I can tell you the “normal” pregnant woman would not have the size belly Reese has in a short 3 month time span. PLUS even if she was pregnant, common sense would say she didn’t get pregnant the day or even the week after having Tennesse so she would have to have that size belly after only being 2 – 2 1/2 months along. Please people, have more common sense than that!!

jas on

These pictures really made me smile. I know her two older kids have had very priviledged life, but they seem, from the few glimpses we get into their day-to-day life, like caring, compassionate, and happy children.

I just LOVE the picture of Ava holding her baby brother–she’s a natural like I was at that age, and it’s apparent she’s excited about being able to help out and babysit, rather than feeling resentful of a new sibling. Babies are a blessing, and little Tennesse is such a cutie!!

Kudos to a family that seems down-to-earth and grateful for all they have. Happy new year Reese, Ava, Deacon, and Tennesse!

(And as for the pregnancy questions…Please give me a break! she looks totally normal considering she gave birth a mere 12 WEEKS ago. It takes almost 10 months to put the weight on, as other posters have pointed out; it’s only fair that it should take about the same amount of time to reach pre-baby weight. I think Reese looks very healthy and most importantly, happy!

jas on

oops, sorry, I misspelled Tennessee in my previous post.

Unkown on

She isn’t pregnant. There was a wind, and her body is not entirely back yet. Rude much?

dsfg on

Audrey, I have to agree with you that people are ridiculous for even thinking she could be that pregnant in 3 months or less; it’s obviously the wind. However, why would you feel the need to post about how you didn’t show much when you were pregnant??? How is that at all relevant to your point? Congratulations on being a small pregnant person, pat yourself on the back if you like, but that has nothing to do with Reese or the topic at hand! Lol . . .

Anonymous on

Is she pregnant again??? REALLY folks, she just gave birth 3 months ago, she’s to have a belly, yeah when she goes out in her evening attire for teh awards shows an such she wears spanks but really this is what most women look like after given birth…..a REAL woman, not one who goes to the gym every day to gt back into her jeans, she’s shows everyone what a good mom is, taking time for her family instead of caring what y’all think

Kathy Engebretson on

Having been a RN in maternity for many years, she looks like most post partum women do….unless they are pushing themselves into a paticular model. If she’s nursing, she will need extra calories to provide adequate nutrition for her son. My daughter had her 2nd baby 4 months ago and hasn’t lost the weight either. So to all the critics I say LIGHTEN UP!!!!!

Lainey on

Am I the only person horrified by People publishing a photo of a 13 year old little girl in a bikini without her permission? Yes, it’s a cute family photo, but it should have stayed private.

I would not want a picture of my near naked barely teenage daughter in a national magazine & on a website.

Highly irresponsible!

Anonymous on

dsfg- Actually, what Audrey says DOES have revelence to the topic at hand. Seems to me she was using her experience to illustrate her point (that Reese couldn’t be that pregnant in three months). πŸ™‚

Audrey- Finally, some common sense! For her to have that much of a belly from pregnancy, she’d have to be around five or six months along…which is impossible since she just gave birth three months ago!

As others have pointed out, it’s fairly obvious the wind just blew up her cover-up a bit!

Dana on

The only place people would say “is she pregnant again?” at 3 mos postpartum is LA! I was a prenatal & postpartum fitness instructor and trainer for over 6 yrs. 1st rule- 9 months on … 15 months off. 2nd rule- no workout or exercise for at least 6-8 weeks post birth or until written release from doctor.

In the “real” world, postpartum moms would only be walking, light weights and if nursing eating extra 300 calories/day!
The female body is so full of hormones, that stressful exercise prior to 6-9 months postpartum can actually cause injuries!

Reese is doing it right! You go girl!!

Rusty on

My son is 6 months and I’m actually a size smaller than I was pre-pregnancy… but with out spanx, my stomach looks just like Reese’s. I’m 39 and Reese is 36 and our abs don’t bounce back the way they did at 22. I’ve gotten over it, I’m sure Reese has as well.

dsfg on

Actually Anonymous, it ISN’T relevant. The fact that she didn’t show until she was 6 months along has nothing to do with the fact that Reese can’t be that far along at 3 months.

Most people show well before 6 months. Most people show by 3 months, actually, but not that much. It’s definitely the wind in the picture.

dsfg on

Lainey, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. You can’t see her face or her whole body in the picture. If her mother didn’t want her photographed like that she wouldn’t let her wear it. I’m sure she wears it in family photos.

And yes, I realize that some perverts and pedophiles might look at it the wrong way, but we can’t let the world revolve around them.

Crystal on

What a beautiful family. Loooove the picture of Ava holding Tennessee. She looks like a great big sister. I’m sure it’s nice having a baby around the house! They just make everything better! Super sweet! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

dsfg- Apparently you didn’t read my whole comment, as I said that she was clearly using herself as an EXAMPLE of how women don’t tend to show that much at three months. But whatever. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree!

Lainey- dsfg pretty much said it all, but I would like to add one thing: If Ava is anything like I was at her age, she probably wouldn’t be amused at you calling her a little girl! πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Lainey, I also meant to add that if they had wanted this to be a private moment, they would have stayed at home. Last time I checked, beaches aren’t exactly private places (and even if the beach itself is private property, that doesn’t prevent someone going by on a boat from seeing your activities!)! πŸ˜‰

Terry on

I continue to be surprised by the rationale behind these inane comments. She is having a lovely family day at the beach with the kids and viewers cut her up for her” tummy” or possibly being pregnant, blah blah blah 😦 Sure she can afford staff to assist her but they intrude on your privacy. She is trying to blend her family and that is more important than losing the baby tummy right now.

dsfg on

“Apparently you didn’t read my whole comment, as I said that she was clearly using herself as an EXAMPLE of how women don’t tend to show that much at three months.”

I can assure you I did read your entire comment, I just don’t agree with you. Of course we can agree to disagree, but I’d appreciate it if you could do so without the immature snarky comment from above. Let’s try and discuss things like adults here!

The original poster was talking about her self at 6 months gestation, not 3 months, and she also said she was an unusual case, so I’m not sure how that is using herself as an example of how Reese could not possibly be showing that much. I do not think someone saying “I was smaller than most pregnant women normally are at 6 months” is in anyway relevant to whether or not Reese looks like she is 3 months pregnant or less. We’ve seen Reese pregnant 3 times already, and she always looks pregnant well before 6 months and the photo above is obviously a bad picture of her with the wind blowing her dress out.

Anonymous on

dsfg- I see your point now. πŸ™‚