BumpWatch: Jessica Simpson – Curves Ahead

01/04/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson - Curves Ahead

Blonde bombshell!

An expectant Jessica Simpson shows off her assets as she leaves a restaurant Thursday evening in Oahu, Hawaii, where she’s currently vacationing with her fiancé Eric Johnson and their 8-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew.

“I find myself going for more sophisticated looks, but I do think that’s kind of trendy right now — just a classier-looking woman,” the Fashion Star mentor, 32, tells PEOPLE of her recent style choices.

“I love to show off my curves, but being a mom, I guess I do it in a little bit more classy way, even though for Halloween I was a milkmaid – but there are moments.”

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Anna on

Saying that you dress in a little more “classy way” now that you’re a mom and being photographed (not the first time) with your boobs hanging out and on display tends to negate that sentence. Yes, you’re still a young woman and you can show and enjoy your curves, but we don’t need to see *all* of the girls to know that you’ve got them. A tank top, or modesty panel will help to provide some “class” while still letting you show off what you’ve been given. Keep it classy Jess!

Enough already! on

I completely agree Anna. Many people dress like this in public. That doesn’t excuse it, but they do. The part I take issue with is the fact that she refers to this type of clothing as “classy”. I have seen pictures of street walkers classier than the past few photos of her. Just wear a tank under this and it would be acceptable, not ho-tastic!

Kim on

She looks great! Radiant.

Vanessa on

She looks like a tramp!

Onyia on

Vanessa calling another woman a tramp is much, much trashier than her chest being exposed. So many women (most of whom will never admit to this) are threatened by her. She’s young, radiant, successful, rich, in love and just all around happy… Women love to bash other women and when we do our own insecurities just overshadow any negative attention we are trying to cast on the other woman. Learn to appreciate and love each other ladies! Man bash all day if you want but verbally attacking this woman only makes you look really sad and insecure

LF on

Kudos to you Onyia! Couldn’t agree more! Women should support other women rather than hammering them down.

Magnolia on

Personally, I hate when other women tell women that they are insecure just because we want her to put her boobs away. Truly, like we’ve never seen tatas before!?! It feels just as bad coming from you telling someone that they’re just insecure… I can tell you that 9 times out of 10, we just want her to put her girls away!! No insecurity AT ALL! I think she would be jealous of my relationship as my husband actually MARRIED and COMMITTED to me for the last 12 years now!

anonymous on

sorry, but dressing trashy and flaunting your unmarried baby bump, when you supposedly come from a Christian home is disgusting. She may be happy with her man-hopping life, but we don’t have to see it!

Tessa on

Agree Onyia! Cattiness doesn’t look good on anyone. I don’t think that is the classiest outfit, but if it makes her and her husband happy, who cares?

She’s on vacation as well. 98% of the time I dress more modestly, but I have great boobs and a toned body -on vacation, I show it off more.

Focus on things you have control over, ways to maintain/improve your life and more positive thoughts. Jessica isn’t going to change per some negative reviews. And bashing women is no different than bullying. Our lil girls being exposed to that is a far worse thing than seeing boobs.

Elspeth on

Why is it okay to bash men all day and not women? That’s the most ridiculous think I’ve ever heard. I also hate the “any criticism is secretly jealousy” thing. I don’t like her at all. I have a friend that worked with her that says she’s terrible to work with and is a spoiled brat. And guess what? I’m younger than her, actually married (and not being used for my money), went to college, and am successful in my field. I don’t have as much money as her, but a lot of the money I do have goes to charity (unlike hers). What am I jealous of? Her 80 IQ, her closeted gay dad, her jobless husband, or her two illegitimate children? Maybe her droopy chest?

Vanessa on

Insecure? Not even close. I don’t need to flaunt my stuff, when I have a awesome husband and I am secure with myself. She is a mom, engaged and having another baby, just think she should be a bit more classy.

Romy on

I agree, that really needs a tank top or a panel sewn in for her if she’s going for more modest or classy. It’s just showing way too much, it looks like there could be a wardrobe malfunction any second.

Vanessa on

Really??? This is the second longest pregnancy after her first one…. sheesh..

Rusty on

Ask those two leering guys if they think that look is “classy”. I’m guessing she’s at the beach, but the “girls” need more coverage.

jessi on

I don’t understand why she is constantly showing off so much of her chest. A little cleaveage…whatever. She has built a career on her looks to some degree. But there is always just SO MUCH SKIN. If she said “I have big boobs and love to flaunt them, so get used to it” then that’s her prerogative. Not OK to me, but at least honest. But I’m truly confused as to how these constant displays of 70% of her chest area are classy in her eyes? Plunging neckline on an evening gown is one thing; plunging neckline on everyday-wear is another.

And also? How does she not have constant wardrobe malfuctions dressed like that? I wear regular modest v-neck t-shirts and my babies tug on them and reach inside and twist and turn themselves around so much that I’ve come close to flashing many times. Just having a baby on your hip will shift your clothes around a bit. How does she carry her daughter while wearing outfits like these – or bikinis or coverups or whatever? Or does she just not?

Magnolia on

How often do you see her carrying her daughter jessi?

Onyia on

Magnolia everyone no matter how amazing you feel about yourself has insecurities. Bashing other people does show insecurity. It makes people feel better about themselves. I’m happily married to a very sexy firefighter and am 4 months pregnant, yes there are nights I will wear a lower cut dress which doesn’t set me apart from the masses here in Orange County. I’m comfortable with it… I don’t so it at work where I’m a second grade teacher, there is a time and place for everything but it’s not your business or anyone else’s to bash someone for something they perceive as beautiful and makes them feel good about themselves.

Anna on

I agree…showing the ta-ta’s 98% of the time ain’t ‘classy’. And Vanessa is right – second longest pregnancy already. She’s tiny and it’s a 2nd so she’s really going to show early and forever. Blessings for being able to multiply, but reign in the boobs. It’s just gross.

Yeah, I said it on

When was it suddenly “ok” to stop wearing a bra?

rachael on

She has all the money in the world to dress nicely, but I never seem to see any of that… Jessica, we know you were blessed in the chest department, but not everyone wants to or appreciates them hanging out in every picture. Stop and look in the mirror before you leave next time, we know you have those!

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

“I find myself going for more sophisticated looks, but I do think that’s kind of trendy right now — just a classier-looking woman.” She wouldn’t know classy if it bit her on her ginormous boobage flopping out of her top. I can’t decide if she’s patheticly stupid or trashy, or both.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

What is the single best way to not get sued for breech of contract with a weight-loss company who has hired you as their post-pregnancy spokesperson who has lost the baby weight using their program? Get knocked up again.

Anonymous on

She looks really happy, and I think that’s what’s most important. Also, it looks like she is indeed being more careful about what she eats this time, as she looks a lot smaller than when she announced her first pregnancy! 🙂

Mimi on

Curves? I’d say boobs ahead. I don’t get why this woman feels the need to keep showing off her boobs every time she has a chance. She may look happy alright and that’s good, but she looks pretty trashy, sorry.

Marky on

Every time I turn around, I see some celeb with their (generally fake) boobs hanging out everywhere in article after article. I see Jen Anniston’s boobs in teeny bikinis, for instance, with not one single comment. Jessica might as well have a target on her behind for everyone to make rude comment after comment about whatever she wears, wherever she goes, and now?

The 2nd longest pregnancy?? 1 week, and that’s the crap dished out, yet when others are pregnant, you can’t read enough about them. Vanessa in a bikini a couple of weeks before delivery, and wow! you love it, she’s gorgeous, and how classy! Jess could do the same and no one would shut up about it. Talk about a double standard! Sheesh! Rude, rude, rude!

She lost the weight for and with, WW, and will again. WW is a program for a lifetime, not for a year after you have a baby and then you never get to be pregnant again. Jen Hudson can’t have another baby because it would “mess up her body” for WW? Really??

Ashley on

Marky, you’re spot on. The public is fickle about who they love and hate. The hypocrisy is so thick, we could all choke on it. Regardless if we’re talking pregnancy, beauty, infidelity, doesn’t matter. One goes for one never goes for another. Some people love to hate on Jessica. Why? Probably b/c she’s a millionaire from her business empire but people think she’s stupid. Funny thing is, I think she may have fooled everyone with her stupid persona. She is running a company just fine so she’s not as stupid as we think. Anyways, people will continue to judge and play favorites to their actors/singers with no rhyme or reason.

Magnolia on

IMO, and only IMO, her boobs are as big as newborn babies (each one as big as a larger newborn baby) and if she wants to walk around telling us how “classy” she INSISTS on dressing, yet her boobs are shoved in our faces with these photos (that hardly ever focus on her beautiful face)!! Every other day on this website alone there are more and more boob shots of her; its gross! And, NO, I can’t NOT look at the photos when they include them on the headline page! I don’t have to open up the story to have Jessica’s huge boobs shoved in my face. Six words: Boobs hanging out is not classy!!

Anonymous on

She’s on vacation. You all need to get a life.

irene on

This was supposedly taken when she went out for dinner. I think she should cover more- at least wear a tank top when not on the beach. I don’t think she ever looks classy!

Momma_squared on

Get a grip people…she’s on vacation in Hawaii…should she be wearing snow gear? That is not the pic from the article where she’s talking about being classier…it’s a paparazzi photo from her vacation. Calling her a tramp for wearing a sundress in Hawaii seems a little extra judgemental to me.

Karen on

Jessica looks beautiful! I can’t believe how many haters are on here.

lynn on

If she’s considering herself to be a “classy” dresser, I hope I never find myself being a classy dresser!!

Susie on

She’ seems like a nice enough person and is s a very pretty girl, but, I agree with the rest of you. Cover up the boobies in public.

Susan on

There’s a difference between sexy and slutty, someone needs to point that out to her. And ladies, when you’re putting on weight, for pregnancy or just from eating too many pop tarts slathered with butter, popping the boobs out doesn’t make you look smaller, or more attractive, it only makes you look like an overweight girl who is now desperate, too.

dee on

Oh yeah, classy all the way with your boobs hanging out 😦

KiKi on

As the saying goes, money can’t buy you class! Prime example!

Squirrell on

1) Please visit somewhere cold.
2) Wear a turtleneck.
3) Then give that response; it will resonate better.

Anonymous on

gross/annoying fame whore

What’s with never brushing her

No name on

I personally think she’s gross for one thig only and that’s the comment she made in an article awhile back on how se hardly ever brushes her teeth. That’s just plain right NASTY!!! She says she don’t need to that sometimes she gargles with mouthwash or uses a t-shirt to whip her teeth. For someone that’s somewhat pretty you’d think she’d fully clean, I mean if she don’t brush her teeth what else is she not cleaning, does he even shower. What is it with stars they think there better than the rest if the world they assume b/c there stars they have no need in personal hygiene. Please get real and cover up we know what you have and dont want to loose our appetite.

Amber on

Going out to dinner with your boobs hanging out is not sophisticated, it’s just sleezy.


Cover the boobs and start brushing your hair !!

Sarah on

I guess the people who are making the comments about wardrobe malfunction have never been to Hawaii! Cleavage is fine…it’s very Aloha!!

Anonymous on

She needs to get over herself.

Danielle on

Jessica looks good any ways…….with a bump or with Daisy Dukes shorts, it’s her inner beauty that comes shinnying .

Lisa d. on

Enough,she is overexposed.I am tired of reding about her.

Heidi on

Sorry to be the one to burst you bubble, Jess, but there is absolutely nothing classy about big implant pregnant boobs thrust out of barely there cover ups.

Kimberly on

Jrssicas boons are REAL7 Can’t u tell the difference between implants & natural breasts? She’s spoken of this many times! That’s why her boobs are beginning 2 “droop”, because they’re REAL! Check ur facts or look at pics of women w/implants while pregnant! Geez, get over it haters! Obviously, she must still be quite interesting or y’all wouldn’t bother commenting about her!

Kimberly on

Sorry bout the couple of mispellings…… I wasnt looking at my phone while typing, lol!

Mike on

Every picture taken you have your boobs hanging out. I guess you think it’s makes you look sexy. Not.

Heidi on

Nothing classy about exposed big implant – enhanced pregnant boobs.

Anonymous on

I’m sorry…classy?! Dresses that do not flatter your body that’s still recovering from your first pregnancy is not classy. While I love reading People magazine, I question its reputation of putting multiple stories in one day of celebrities seeking desperate attention.

Anon on

Totally agree with you Anna! How can you say you dress classy when your boobs are hanging out of your clothing???!! Thats not classy at all. Cover up a bit. You don’t have to show off everything. Leave some things to imagination

paula on

Such a pretty girl. She could cover up a little more and her curves would still be there. I don’t get why letting them hang out is “classy”. But do you sweetie.

Cinder Lou on

She calls that dressing in “a little bit more classy way”? Ouch! That must mean the dress must actually have a skirt, too.

mobile20 on

Two words: Bra and Brush.

Just_Jasmine on

There is nothing classy about having your boobs out for the entire world to see (mom or no mom) – she looks like she’s trying to hard.

Jester on

Poster Anna took the words out of my mouth. Thanks for posting all of this and I agree. 🙂

Denise on

She looks great! People have got to stop criticising each other. Why is it ok for us to criticize Jessica or anyone else? We have a bullying problem in this world. And how can we expect our children to respect people if we don’t do it ourselves. It’s not ok to say that Jessica looks like a tramp. It’s not ok to say that she needs to put a bra on. Shame on all of you with your negative comments.

Magnolia on

Denise, if that woman showed up at your kids school in an outfit as “classy” as that I can almost guarantee YOU would whisper something to another mom about it! Would you still call it bullying then? Don’t reply… All you would do is say how you would say how wonderful her boobs would look! 😦

dweeb on

Good grief…this is not bullying. If I threw eggs…spat at you and called you stupid and retarded…that’s bullying.


Put your boobs in some clothing already Jessica!!!!

Onyia on

Why Donna? To please you?

Magnolia on

To salvage some little bit of “class”!!

Sammie on

she needs to reign in those jajumbo boobs a bit. yuck

Aria on

That’s far from classy.

Tara on

Oh please! She looks great, it’s out to dinner in California where it’s 60 degrees not in Minnesota where it’s only 20 degrees or if she was dining with The President of the United States.

Miriam on

She looks incredibly happy and seem to be enjoying her pregnancy. So what if her “girls” are showing a little more. Just let her enjoy this beatiful time in her life.

valeskas on

If you got it, flaunt it.

ceretha wyatt on

Yuck and ewwwww….

Stephanie on

Ignore those haters, Jessica. You look gorgeous, and if I had a rack like yours, I’d show them off too! 🙂

Magnolia on

Stephanie, my rack IS like hers and I don’t do that!!

Tara Fullen on

trashy and classy, so close yet so far apart. jess, you are one trashy cow.

epmmrp on

If you gotta them, flaunt them.

Suz on

Buck teeth. Enough said

Sarah on

Oh yes Jessica you are so “classy” letting your tits hang out so that the entire world can see every burgeoning vain that is popping out of your “real” breasts.

Onyia on

Let me get this straight Sarah…. Showing cleavage while on vacation in a warm tropical destination is not classy but using words like ‘tits’ is? I’d say Jessica wins this battle and you come out looking a bit insecure and bitter (:

Em on

I can say another woman is beautiful without her breasts being shoved in my face. I understand that she is on vacation in Hawaii. She looks happy and that’s wonderful. I’m glad she’s having another child–babies are blessings! However, when she talks about dressing in a classy way yet wears things that have her one deep breath away from a nip slip… Well, it’s difficult to take her seriously. I wish she would let her beauty speak for itself instead of thinking she has to flash the ladies to be sexy. Not hating, just observing. Congrats to her.

kristy on

LEAVE THIS POOR GIRL ALONE!!!! Who cares if she shows some boob, or a lil butt. She’s a Beautiful Woman who is pregnant. Just let her be Jessica. THANK YOU!

Onyia on

Jealousy is such an ugly, ugly trait! She is young, beautiful and looks absolutely radiant. Why people insist on being so negative and judgmental is beyond me. From my own personal experience, those that tend to insult others are typically doing so to feel better about themselves. Head out to the gym ladies, get your hair done, improve yourself to feel good about who you are! Bashing a beautiful, young pregnant woman only lowers your stock…. (:

Magnolia on

Two things Onyia: 1) most people are saying she’s very pretty, just less boobs, no insecurity there and, 2) tell HER to get her hair done! It’s a mess there!! Again, no insecurity, not from me, my boobs are just as big!!

Hea on

Marky is right, the double standard is amazing.

We see celebs in bikinis everyday and the only ones who get complaints are the ones with big boobs. Boobs are boobs no matter what size they are and nobody has to wear turtle necks to cover them up in order to be classy. Jennifer Aniston is no more classy wearing a bikini than Jessica is.

Anonymous on

Haters!!! Thats what some of you seem like….the woman is on VACATION…in HAWAII!!…She doesnt need to dress as if shes going to the opera!, C’mon now….And she DOES have naturally big boobs, whether they are covered, or not, they ARE going to be the vocal part more often than not!!…Enjoy your 2nd Pregnancy Jessica!! People will hate no matter what!;)

Trish on

Wait – did she say “classy?” I’m sorry, I choked on my trailer park coffee. Always remember, Jess: when your breasts become a separate zip code via pregnancy – and you expose them in a shockingly overt way – that ain’t classy. Please refrain from reflecting your Dad so much. He’s a hypocrite as well :-O

rhonda on

Clearly People Magazine is now going to show every wardrobe choice that is not classy to the public. So everyone will natter on and draw in more individuals to view the site and make rude comments. At least she isn’t wearing sky high heels. I find that less classy when you are totally off balance and chances of hurting yourself and the baby are more risk then wearing a top that clearly isn’t bothering her but seems to be offensive to 90% of your readers.

Anonymous on

Those giant teets belong in a 36 EEE nursing bra and nowhere. else. nowhere.

Jessica on

Jessica has major insecurity issues. The only thing she has going for her is her chest and that is why they are on display a lot.

What a very sad way to get attention.

Dee on

This does not appear classy on any level. Excessive cleavage does not impart class. You missed a letter. Crass.

Anonymous on

Jessica Simpson would not know “classy” if it hit her in the face. And that dress looks like it came from WalMart. Go away, Jessica!!

Cara on

If she truly wants to be a classier person she needs to stop wearing clothes with her watermelons hanging out. She just looks fatter with huge melons. And to be classy you need a filter on your mouth. You can’t change trash into class without effort.

Brat on

She really doesn’t know how to dress for the new size. Just because your bigger doesn’t mean you have to wear mu mu’s and try and distract people from that fact by having your breast out. Your D Cup runneth over.

You know who wears the tops that low, teens trying to appear older, prostitutes, and strippers.

Serena on

Heidi…Jessica Simpson does not have breast implants. Please do not perpetuate made-up stuff as fact.

Jay on

Please make it stop!! She looks very trashy!!

Anonymous on

Leave something to the imagination. She might be the nicest person in the world, but she looks trashy. You can look “sexy” without your assets hanging out.

nolwazi on

she is great i like her,but too much chest exposure

ssiklleb on

I bet all you haters are ugly, fat with sagging boobies! It’s a free country she can dress they way she wants. Stop hating. Sheesh! Jessica you are beautiful love your boobs and the dress is cute. If the dress is from Walmart what does that have to do with you? Serious? She’s a millionaire and can afford to live ya’ll life’s and hers. Get a grip hating bitches.

Magnolia on

You can pretend that she can live YOUR life because you put too much emphasis on money, but it takes WAY MORE THAN money to live my life… Don’t judge hater!!

lola on

Jessica you look happy, relaxed and radiant, but from one large chested woman to another a little cleavage is appropriate and enough to tick off all the flat chested, jealous bitches. A small modesty panel is classier on vacation and everyday. A lady need not show everything. Weak women will always find something to bash you about, don’t hand them more amunition. Words from my Grandmother years ago. Strong women stick together NOT tear apart.

Em on

Well said lola!

Donna on

She’s beautiful…..Let her wear what she wants,.. So she’s got a chest…get used to it.

Dorie on

Classy?!! You are NOT classy Jessica! You’re a MESS!

Sherry on

who cares! she’s on vacation in hawaii…it looks almost like a cover-up anyway…and it is probably hard to cover up those big girls. I am large chested and they just don’t make dresses and tops that cover the boobs enough. I think she looks great and should be able to show cleavage if she wants.

Sherry on

It is a swimsuit cover up, not a dress. It is common to go everywhere in Hawaii wearing a swimsuit and at least she has a cover-up on! It is impossible to find a swim suit that effectively covers large breasts. Leave her alone! Not that she even cares what any of us thinks!

No Name on

She’s pregnant people, GET OVER IT!

Go Jessica, your awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Guest on

For all u ppl that are being negative about her with her boobs out… She’s in Hawaii on vacation give her a break! If she’s proud of her bump then more power to her… Get over yourselves!

Dennis on

Shes so pretty

OldLady on

To MaryMarthaetc…..Stupid, trashy or both? Definitely the first and visually the second.

Myranda on

very true jessie……..being young and having a body that youre proud of is great but this is nothing that a “functioning” mom could actually wear…very trashy my dear, not classy at all

Peggy Smith on

Great dinner attire – if you’re eating at a bar or a strip joint!

KF on

She looks trashy. Is she afraid people will forget about her? She’s using the cheapest of tactics to stay on people’s radar. I’m thinking it’s a result of low self-esteem. At any rate, yuck.

Rosey on

Classy looking, perhaps the term is relative. With that being said it doesn’t bother me how she dresses. We need more happy positive people in the world and as much as it’s fun to hate on her, wow, she is one happy mama

gyl on

She looks great. I had a friend who died of breast cancer and her policy was- if you have em, flaunt them. I tend to agree. For all the haters out there, she is worth millions, has a man, a kid and a half, AND does NOT need our approval.

RKF on

Why is she insistent on proving to us she has breasts? Good god – enough already.

Texgirl2001 on

I think Jessica invites some of this on herself. You make a statement about dressing classier now that you are a mom and then you wear a dress that leaves your chest overexposed.

Yes, she is on vacation. No she doesn’t need to wear turtlenecks. Class means being aware of the image you portray no matter where you may be and holding yourself to a higher standard.

Anonymous on

She looks great. When u have boobs as big as hers, it’s hard to keep them under wraps, especially when pregnant as they become enormous. It looks like she is showing everything but half her boobs are still covered … Just speaking from personal experience as someone who also has a giant rack and who has been pregnant twice. Rock on Jess, you look great!

weezer on

Put a bra on biotch! You’re an embarrassment!!

Ann on

Always looks sloppy…..needs to cover up the girls as no demand for saggy boobs on display…….

jb on

This poor girl has no idea what class is. Check out Helen Mirren’s latest picture elsewhere on People’s site. She is what defines class. She has a beautiful, amazing body, especially for a woman of her age, but she doesn’t have to flash the skin or boobs to prove it. She exudes both class and sex appeal, without exposing herself to the world.

candoz on

Seriously, she needs to take a little more pride in herself…dress a little better AND COMB YOUR HAIR ! and look in the mirror before you leave the house !

me on

I have seen lots of women with a bit of their self showing that look classy…but…she looks sloppy at BEST. It has nothing to do with who she is or how much I like her or not….or even what I think of myself. It has everything to do with sight. I don’t see sophisticated, sexy..certainly not classy! She is trying too hard. The best thing she can do is cover that big mess up, keep as much weight off during this pregnancy as appropriate. Go on a diet after the baby and then she might look a little more classy in such an outfit (only 10 sizes smaller)!!!

Karen on

She’s really strayed from who she used to be. After giving everything to John Mayer and Tony Romo, and having them reject her,she seems desperate to prove she’s desirable. She’s like a younger Demi Moore: trying to prove she’s still got it. I really like her, but she’s really become a sad cartoon character of what she was.

Tara on

jessica, maybe your fiance likes to see your boobs on display at every opportunity, but the rest of the world does not need to see that so please try to exercise some decency and that “class & sophistication” you seem to be going on about. oh, another word of advice, try to keep your lips together when out in public (i have noticed your obsession to having your mouth gaping open when you are being photographed) we all do not need to see how you are planning to reward eric for taking you out to dinner … although i guess you have to do that so you won’t forget.

Laura on

First she is on vacation with her family and it looks like a swimsuit cover up. Second a picture of her looking modest is not going to sell. This was taken from the side, who knows how it looked from the front. From the front it was probably fine, that wouldn’t sell the pics. She is proud of her body and she should be allowed to dress how she wants.

Laura on

P.S. for everyone who thins Jess looks trashy, google Kim kardashian and see what she wore last night. Tight skirt and see through shirt with a blazer that’s a size to small. At least Jess looks appropriate for a day at the beach or on vacation. Kim is on a red carpet at an event looking trashy.

Millie on

I have the same rack and had them when I was pregnant too doesnt mean that you have to flaunt it every chance you get. She looks so trailer trash!

happy on

She looks like a Kardashian now. It’s a bit much…way too much.

Shannon on

If you’ve got it, FLAUNT IT! Jessica you are gorgeous, sometimes you just can’t keep those puppies in. She’s on vacation people, let her go.

happy on

I have big boobs too but I wear mine under clothes!

happy on

And take off the plastic hair! I can’t believe people still wear that garbage. Be happy with what you have!

Anonymous on

Honey, put those girls away!

Shelley on

Oh Jessica! Lol. She’s an attractive woman, but she really needs to cover up if she wants to look classy and sophisticated!

esymmons on

Leave her alone. She is finally happy.

Me on

She still thinks it’s Halloween!

Rachel on

all i can do is laugh at most of these comments. the jealousy is seeping from you all. you are clearly desperate, insecure woman, more then likely huge, who feel the need to read about someone you claim to hate, and then take time to trash her , hoping others will agree so you can all feel better about your miserable lives. its really really sickening. i pity all of you

Anonymous on

I love boobs!

Tiffany on

Nothing about that is classy OR sophisticated, lol

desiree on

i think the dress is really cute 🙂 she’s always had large boobs, but she has an 8 mth old and she’s preggers again. of course she has clevage… so what!

me on

Classy, you mean trashy!

Anonymous on

i think referring to yourself as “classy” two or three times in the same breathe proves you’re not

who cares on

I think she’s beautiful, but she does need a boob reduction…the baby is also very beautiful…..I hope she doesn’t grow up with that boob problem

joanna on

Jessica looks much better in that than Kim K.

Anonymous on

She’s vacationing in Hawaii, not Utah. Get over yourselves people…she is in a tropical climate enjoying the beach with her family. She is allowed to wear a swim suit which she clearly has under her beach cover– we live in America not Iraq.

Oh, and here’s a little FYI: pregnant woman have larger breasts than normal, so a lot of what she wears will appear to be more ‘revealing’ in the coming months. Perhaps all those sharing nasty, negative comments should take a nice vacation with their families rather than moan and complain and what Jessica Simpson is wearing.

nina on

The words classy and Jessica Simpson really have no worry – there is no way the two will ever be associated with each other. Now should she at 32 be a little more discrete about her wardrobe? One would hope. But since she has continued to delude so many that she is actually a fashion designer and at the helm of a fashion empire, then perhaps she can continue to pretend she is still 21 too. Whatever makes her keep up the brand!

dweeb on

Oniya it is about self-respect…that’s why we prefer modesty!

Alex on

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And she’s definitely got it. Good on her. I think she looks amazing.

Denise on

MAGNOLIA – Jessica is on vacation in this picture, not at my child’s school. And how rude of you to “guarantee” that “I” would say something to another mother. I absolutely would not. I judge people on their personality, not their clothes.

Magnolia on

Sure Denise! I think everyone would like to think they’re not judgmental but everyone is lying to themselves! I don’t want anyone to think I’m this cold bitch because that’s totally not true, but I’m certainly honest with myself and know that if I could whisper it in a friends ear and it would stop there I would totally say it… So would you!!

Anonymous on

did someone say bimbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dress like maybe a mother and a wife someday.
your children will love these pictures. going out to diner
does not mean.. not catching your food in your clevage…….

Lordhavemercy on

Wow, I am sure that is her swim suit underneath, she is in Hawaii after all. Give her a break. I am sure most people there wear the swim attire under their clothes. She looks beautiful, happy and well relaxed!

jag1018 on

She apparently doesn’t understand what “classy” means. She really needs to put *them* away for a change…

fairandsquare on

What’s all the fuss about? Woman looks just fine. I don’t think her dress is revealing at all! Move on

liabout on

Well we all know that she has big boobs cause her father told the world that was her best asset. However, being pregnant for the 2nd time and still not married doesn’t really make her classy or a good role model for our younger generation. Put it away, one boob looks the same as the next, some bigger, some smaller….

Candis on

She dresses for herself and for her own comfort, not for ours.

We would all be better people if we would pay attention to all the good work she has done with Operation Smile and not her breasts or what she wears. She’s a person who gives a great deal more to charities than I do, and deserves some respect.

Magnolia on

You are absolutely right Candis!!! 🙂

cloeyny2mn on

I’m large chested and I would feel like a walking neon sign screaming “check out these huge knockers” if I dared to wear something that low cut at night let alone during the day. Whatever rep she gets for being a ditz with boobs she’s earning.

happy on

Rachel must be 10…you glorify someone with no morals. SMH

fairandsquare on

Dear Gossip-hungry people:
We are so concerned about what people are wearing these days that we can’t focus on REAL issues concerning our well being and our childrens’. She is on vacation for god’s sake. It’s not like she is walking half-naked like I see others in show biz . Gee! Can we please let her enjoy her time away from gossip-hungry people like yourselves?

DR on

Thats not sophisticated and she couldve combed her hair

Lauren on

“Classy” and “Sophisticated” are not exactly the words that come to mind when seeing her outfit. She’s got millions of dollars (yes, life is a cruel joke like that sometimes), but you would think that she would find a better outfit. You can be a mother, have curves, and be sexy, but seeing her never-ending collection of “peek-a-boo” tops is getting very cringe-worthy, very fast.

I’m not saying that she should wear a muu-muu, not at all. Yes, Jess, we all know how proud you are of your ample chest (as oppoed to any genuine accomplishments or admirable personality traits), and we’ve ALL seen it on display multiple times, yet for some reason, this is not exactly an outfit that radiates the message, “I am a nurturing and respectable mother.”

Anonymous on

does these stars not realize that class comes from within and conservaive dress shows much more class.

Kim on

I clicked hoping to be surprised – nope, she looks like a sloppy mess. Nothing to do with her weight, she’s a wreck.

Cynthia on

Its clear she doesn’t know what classy means. I fear what she thinks trashy means if she doesn’t know what classy means.

Karen M. on

“I love to show off my curves, but being a mom, I guess I do it in a little bit more classy way…” And when might that be, Jessica??

Lori on

It is just my opinion but after reading all the mix feelings of comments I believe that Jessica Simpson suffers from depression and body image problems. Look at how they were raised! I remember all the comments about her daddy and how he would kiss her on the lips etc. She has her clothing line, fragrance and much more. It would be best for her to try to stay out of the lime light. After Maxwell was born every article was about how depressed she was she wasn’t losing a pound and Eric was doing all he could to help. If it was that hard to lose the weight why would you get pregnant again when you signed for Weight Watchers and just started making ads for them? She needs to drop out of Weight Watchers and let someone else do it. She knew what she was putting in her mouth to gain those 70 lbs and it wouldn’t surprise me if she wasn’t anorexic when she was wearing her daisy dukes for the movie. Jessica is a beautiful woman but doesn’t deserve to have an article about her in every magazine.

shiloh on

she is such a skank! why does she deserve any publicity at all??? No talent, just famous for being famous.

shiloh on

she is just gross

Brenda on

I think she looks fabulous!

jeh on


Amanda on

She keeps on saying that word, but I don’t think it means what she thinks it means. 😉

Kelly on

She’s in her 30s and was raised in a Christian household (or so I’ve read). Why does she insist on parading around half clothed or dressed like a teenager. I just don’t get why these celebrities have to draw attention to themselves, constantly.

claireadele on

jessica is a pig, with her loser unemployed boyfriend, no wonder he is a wizard of diaper changing, thats ALL he has to do….

Not a fan on

The girl is so low-class and so desperate for attention (hint, Twitter updates/pictures daily). Why do you see the need to flash yourself? Jessica with her sperm donor / ugly boyfriend who doesn’t work (I think he is actually the nanny cause you rarely see Jessica holding the kid, (but then that would cover her boobs), is truly beginning to look like trailer trash.

Guest on

I’d rather see her huge boobs than KK’s huge ass. Jessica Simpson is “way more sexy” than KK, preggo or not!

Cindy on

I think she looks very healthy,happy and glowing! Good Luck to you and your family!

Not a fan on

Hey Jessica: Who says flaunting your boobs and never brushing your hair is sophisticated? Having a “fiance” that never works and follows you around like a paid nanny/baby daddy is pathetic. In five years you will have two kids being raised by nannies cause Mommy is too busy looking for another paid “fiance”.

kmp on

There is nothing classy about what she is wearing

Reesca on

I hope she takes a break from having babies after this one. Her first pregnancy lasted forever and here we are again playing the waiting game.

Brandi on

Lol Reesca – you’re speaking as if you are a close friend of hers that has to hold her hand through her pregnancies. I’m guessing this is probably not the case and you are a total stranger, so if you are playing the waiting game for this new baby on the way…lol you really need to get a life.

Anonymous on

if that’s her idea of classy–hate to see her idea of modern.

hkennedy on

Someone needs to wake her up ! , she has a long way to go , before she is called Classy , trashy yes !
and her style of outfits are just nasty

Just gross. on

I must have been in a coma when having your boobs on display for everyone to see was classified as “classy”. Pregnant or not, there are ways to cover yourself up.

Gladiola on

Does this woman know what the word sophisicated means? Jessica is dressing really shabby and is in dire need of a complete makeover starting with that mop of hair; someone buy her a bra and a full-length mirror please.

KC on

To all the people saying how her boobs are hanging out in this picture…..of course it’s going to look that way with the angle of the picture. If you look, you’ll see it’s not straight on picture of her. Apparently, you all are so perfect that you all never screw up in any way.

Raven on

Put them things away girl for the sake of your baby

jan on

If you are a classy lady; shut the front door before you fall out of it.

ShirleyA on

“Classy” must have a new definition that I am not aware of.

cb on

Sophisticated? Classier? She’s delusional, or just has no idea about style, whatsoever.

Miss B on

She’s beautiful!

Kim on

Classy? Sophisticated? Oh dear……….

Kairy on

She thinks tweeting pictures of herself with a bathing suit so small that her boob stretch marks and areola are on display is classy?!?!? I shudder to think what her idea of “trashy” is!

guest on

Ok I don’t know what her definition of “classy” iShs but what she is wearing and what she has been wearing is “trashy” I would wear that beach baby outfit on the beach – Showing off “most” of your breasts is not classy – Come on Jess you have a fashion line you know the difference and if you don’t you shouldn’t be in business.

Anonymous on

classy not

kirstenquigley on

I believe she confused “classy” with “trashy.” I’m a new mom as well, but I don’t let my chest hang out in public like she does. It’s not attractive!

MeMe on

What is so daring about her outfit? She is showing cleavage but nothing distasteful…even for a pregnant woman. We have all seen a lot worse and a lot more skin from others..this isn’t that bad!

Anonymous on

The last article her bathroom pic, I mentioned she was a pig, now this pic, she is still a pig.

bawa on

Oh please. Supposedly she claims to have an IQ of 151. Sorry don’t believe a word of it. She’s acts, looks and speaks like a dumb A$$. Anything for publicity. Just plain and simple white trash. Probably can’t even spell the word “class”, let alone know what it means.

Anonymous on

Love her or hate her, you have to admit she’s definitely had an impact on you as 160 of you took the time to comment about her in less then 2 days. Give her a little credit. She is smarter then you think she is. When’s the last time 160 people cared about what you did in your life never mind whether or not you showed a bit of skin?! And good lord people, they are just breasts! Every second person is the world has them. What century are we all living in here?!

Likethat on

And this has a fashion empire. It is so ironic that she can’t find clothes to cover herself. Put your boobs back in your clothes. Ugh. WW needs to fire you also…nobody relates to a dingy blonde millionaire.

biscuit on

woah, fat!

my_opinion on

her dad must have picked it out cuz we all now obsessed he was with her breasts….

Shawna on

I dont care where she is or how warm the temps are… put away the boobs! We know she has double Ds when shes not pregnant thanks to her own daddy’s remark… we dont need to SEE them in every pic! All female celebs need to understand front-less tops and dresses are not sexy, theyre skanky and send the WRONG message to impressionable young fans!

doug on

These women and there size double G implants are so gross. Too much of a good thing, can actually be a bad thing. So gross. Even stars with smaller breast implants look gross when they show too much. Except Jen, thats different.

Kay on

Jessica looks great! Haters will forever exist. Who cares what any one of you like/dislike? She is glowing and happy! Good for her!

Brandi on

Seriously?They’re BREASTS…no nipple is showing in any way whatsoever. These breasts are just guilty by association because they happen to belong to Jessica Simpson. I swear, if she were to leave the house tastefully covered from head to toe…someone would have something negative to say because she is Jessica Simpson. The girl looks happy and so I’m happy for her. She’s not hurting anyone so people need to find something more worthwhile to have a heart attack about. #GetAHobby

Olivia on

What a slutty whore she is anyway!! And to name her baby girl Maxwell give me a break she should have named her something like Dawn, Darla or Darlene!! Never have liked the whore anyway!!! She’s such a drama queen like Pia toscano, and the Kardashian tramps!! UGH don’t like her at all

debbie on

With a side order of discusting boobs..ughhhhhhh

ashley on

As a woman Im disgusted at a lot of the comments I read on here. Women say men judge them on the way they look but look on this site , its all women saying negative comments about the way another woman looks. I wish people would show pictures of everyone on here who is calling her a tramp and fat.

Donna on

Yes, right…Nothing says classy like being photographed with your boobs hanging out… or better yet, photographing yourself in a bathroom mirror with your pregnant belly hanging out of a bikini. Yes, nothing says or shows class more than that!

fabians wifey on

I think she is beautiful and can dress however she pleases..if her husband doesn’t mind then why should we. We need to empower eachother as women and stop being so negative. Who hasn’t seen a boob before..seriously people..stop being such Negative Nancys

Carrie M on

I ask yet again – how much attention does this girl require?!

Anonymous on

Jesus. Put on some clothes Jess.

Erica on

Wow…..all I see are boobs, I’m shocked Maxwell hasn’t yanked them out in public yet. Jess, please hire a stylist and brush your hair, you look too much like Britney Spears.

Manuela on

I think she looks great. She is on vacation. If she wants to show more cleavage, more power to her.

anon on

Oh come on people She owre these dresses before & many women do & there comfortable.. I mean seriously The woman has boobs big deal. I think most women do. Women pay to have those boobs too. It’s life & why the F shoudl she hide them.. Look at Sophie, Kim Christine Hendricks.. theya ll have them.. & show them Big friiging deal lighten up.

Kinzee on

Her hair bothers me more than her clothes…it’s always a mess.

dumplin on

If that is looking classy wth! Its most ugly and whats with hair anymore looks very unkept and dirty all the time…….downhill to me

macey on


lisa on

I think we should stop discriminating and call small chested girls tramps too. I hate seeing all the girls (of all sizes) at my school in booty shorts and sexy tops. I wish classy WAS a trend right now.

Marky on

Clairadele, looks as if the one who is a “pig” is you, much as I hate to say it. Not the all the “rocket scientists” commenting on here could possible figure this out, the interview was NOT done at the same time her picture was made. It is painfully obvious she was interviewed earlier, it was saved until now, and they could slap the 2 together so all you rude people could drag out every hateful comment imaginable, then the writers could sit and think up the next stupid idea that would get everyone’s knickers in a knot. Like I said earlier, too many of you pick and choose who you will slam, just like you did at recess in school, in high school, and at work, when you were (and are) the bullies everyone hated. You tell yourselves that the celebs don’t read these comments anyway, but look what several of them have said; many do, and are very hurt that people are so hateful toward those they don’t even know. I wouldn’t pay 15 cents to see Jen Anniston in a single thing; I don’t and didn’t even watch Friends because I think the acting is so bad, but I don’t slam her at every turn and talk smack about her just because no one knows who any of us really are!!

Brandi on

Best comment EVER! I was thinking the same thing, obviously the classy comments were made at a different point in time and not while she was wearing this dress on vacation but the writers at People love to stir the pot. I think it’s sad that people aren’t taking the time to really look at her situation. She’s expecting and on vacation…I would take a break from my everyday routine of dressing up and primping and just RELAX and enjoy my vacation to yhe fullest. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Sad that people are so quick to judge her. I hope God is more understanding than some of these people have been about JS when their days of judgement come…

John on

what a train wreck! when is wearing a moo moo classy???

Lyrak on

She thinks THAT’s “classy”? There’s the problem, right there.

Anonymous on

She’s so trashy! Money can’t buy you class, honey!

Tee on

Classy is not a word I associate with her. As many photos taken and published of her over the years, I can count on one hand how many outfits truly fall into classy looking on her. Her latest WW commercial hides her boob girth quite well. Before pregnancy, birth and nursing, I don’t recall them being HUGE. As for the bra comment, look closely, there appears to be an undergarment on her chest under the dress, now it may very well be a swimsuit top, but she’s not braless. If she’s still nursing, going braless is nearly impossible out and about as she’d more than likely leak milk. Classy dressing = images of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, perhaps Julia Roberts, Faith Hill, to name a few.

Kandee43 on

Classy? more like Trashy.

Sandra on

I personally think Ms Simpson is doing all these nonsense for attention, the world is waiting on baby Kate prince/ss, also Kim baby, so she feels the need to be in the center of attention, I mean seriously we all know Jess is old news. This is from a six month old pregnant, happily married woman.

Anonymous on

Classy? Does she even know what it means (I know her vocabulary is limited)? Maybe classy in the trailer park she is from.

Diana on

Wow. There are so many hateful people out there. Do you find something negative to say about every single celebrity? Sounds like envy to me. She’s on vacation in Hawaii. I really don’t see anything wrong with what she’s wearing.

No name on

When you first get pregnant you do loose weight before you start gaining it. And another thing se may have a clothing business but that’s all the smarts she has because she definetly can’t sing worth a flip. She sucks at singing her and her sister. But her sister looks better with short har she actually is prettier than Jessica.

Carolyn on

That’s classy? Someone referred to it as a sundress? Unlike any “sundress” I’ve ever seen and possibly one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever laid eyes on.

terri on

Her breast is practically hanging out of her top. How is that “classy”?

Rhonda on

Jessica, that’s not a good look girl. You have been showing too much cleavage lately. We know that you’re proud of your massive bosom, but we don’t want to see it all the time.

Rachel on

She has breasts. Get over it.

heather on

jessica looks great!!!!!

Olivia on

I swear all u morones do is obses over this drama queen!! UGH when will it all end, we all know after she has this baby she won’t stick with weight watchers and will be back to the sme thing!! If your going to obsess over something try Kate she’s beautiful and not a drama queen, she’s prego to atleast she don’t flaunt herself like this tramp

Meg on

All the women who are defending her are obviously just as stupid and trashy as she is.

Julie on

i think People magazine should eliminate the option to comment. on articles. Even though someone chooses to read an article they whine about having to read about the person and spew hatred, cruelty and are plain old rude. What will it take for us to realize that bullying is wrong no matter if the person is a star or a 13 year old student. Its not going to stop the haters they will always find a way to spread their “tidings”. Jessica congrats on the baby, dress as you like and love yourself!

KG on

That’s classy? I thought it was a page out of the Kim Kardashian what the hell that’s not fashion book.

Ellen on

Ugh, she always looks a mess – dirty hair, cheap clothes, an unfortunate face. And the worst? Everything she says sounds incredibly stupid.

Mandy on

Oh come on people. RELAX! She’s fantastic, and she does look classy. She balances out the skin she shows up top with a long flowing dress. She has huge boobs. Those things are hard to hide. She’s a good role model compared to 90% of celebrities. Give the girl a break!

Ann on

She always looks sloppy……..why is she in the news daily? Kim and her are always in the news……BORING!!!

Sue on

Seriously…. classy?……hee hee hee…. I can’t stop laughing…..

Lori on

I think it’s okay to flaunt the boobs, she’s on vacation.

I think one thing that the haters and the lovers are missing is the hypocrisy or plain stupidity of Jessica’s statements. She says she’s dressing classy nowadays, but her outfits clearly aren’t classy. They’re not trashy, but they’re not sophicated or classy. Don’t say one thing, then do the opposite. Flaunt your boobs, just don’t say you’re dressing classy. Total contradiction.

LA girl on

Wear a tank under that dress. No one wants to see that much of a mother and pregnant agains breasts.

sillyme on

Note to Jessica: Showing off one’s “curves” does not necessarily mean showing more skin.

teri on

wow!!! for someone who would not have sex with Nick Lachey BEFORE they got married, now she is on her second pregnancy with fiance whoever he is. talk about being a hypocrite….is that what your christian upbringing teaches you. not to mention the “girls” REALLY!?!?!?

nikki on

Thank you TESSA!! This is why our world is so nasty, I wish more women were like you.

Anonymous on

I know I don’t want to see someone’s boobs hanging out when I’m at dinner, seriously, she can’t wear a tank top?

Lisa11417 on

Wow….it amazes me how uptight so many women are. There is nothing wrong with the human body and she looks absolutely amazing. Get over yourselves and stop putting other women down…jezz. Its pathetic.

Anonymous on

She looks amazing!!

J on

Hey Tara and Anonymous, being on vacation as well as hot weather doesn’t mean you need to show as much boob as you can. You can keep cool and be relaxed and still cover them up.

J on

Sherry, lots of us have larger breasts and yet we can find clothes to fit them. You need to look harder if you say you can’t find anything.

lovely123 on

I know where I want to place my head (heads!).

Pixeldustnbytes on

Um, classy? Do something with the hair girl! We get that you like to flaunt the girls but really, if you aren’t going to do anything about showing them in a more tasteful way, DO SOMETHING about your hair! You are rich. You can afford wigs or weaves or treatments.

Leila on

She calls that classy? Looks more like desperate for attention.

Cara on

good lord people she’s in Hawaii, what do you want her to wear, a turtleneck?

Sascha on

Wow! No wonder people all over the world are hurting themselves due to cyber bullying! The comments on this post have been absolutely ridiculous, unnecessary, and hurtful. I can’t believe how some of you have been so nasty about Jessica’s children and her relationship! Is she the ONLY woman to be an unwed mother? Does that make her a slut or skank? I should NOT matter whether you we’re born to unwed parents, cheating parents or if you parents were drug addicts. Each and every child has the potential for a bright beautiful life, no matter what! My mother was an unmarried single parent to 2 children, we still had great childhoods and everything children with married parents have ( minus 1 parent). Maxwell and her soon to be sibling are blessed to have 2 parents (no matter if they are married or NOT) who love them a lot. We wont to into the OBVIOUS double standard with hundreds of celebs who have given birth and were unmarried and dressed WAY more revealing. Most of the celebrities who WERE married when they have birth are NOW DIVORCED!!! (ie: Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Heidi Klum)
Yet everyone spews out all of this hate and disgust toward Jessica and her 4 inch cleavage while she is on vacation in Hawaii. REALLY? You wanna bring up Jessica’s Christianity? Is it Christian to Judge? To Hate other people who YOU don’t even know? To talk about someone else’s child and unborn baby? To criticize a relationship other than our own? I DON’T THINK SO!! Some other rude person brought up Jessica being a role model to the youth today. Do you think bashing Jessica and her family is a good example for youth? I bet some of you wouldn’t even let your children read what you typed. OR if you child was the one doing the bashing to one of their peers I’m SURE you would be pissed at them, to say the least!

Sascha on

Sorry for all the grammatical errors. Typed on my iPhone.

cc on

Being on vacation is no excuse for not covering up your boobs I for one do not like seeing boobs and bellies hanging out. Sometimes overexposing yourself can lead to all types of issues with the crazy folks.

sugar on

to me the way you dress says a lot about how much you respect your body