Busy Philipps Hits the Beach with Her Bestie Michelle Williams

01/04/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jason Segel, Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps in Mexico

Busy Philipps kicked off the new year at the beach, vacationing at the Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico Tuesday with close friends Jason Segel and Michelle Williams.

The Cougar Town star, 33, who’s expecting her second child later this year, bared her belly in a red bikini while her former Dawson’s Creek costar chose basic black.

Williams, 32, brought along her beau of a year — Philipps actually introduced the two, figuring that her best friend and Segel, her former Freaks and Geeks costar, would make a good match.

The couple are now living together in Brooklyn with the actress’s daughter Matilda Rose, 7.

Cougar Town premieres its fourth season Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TBS.

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tigrezz on

WOW, we GET it, she is pregnant, how many more celebrities need to show off the tummy bulge from pregnancy?? So over it, ugh . . . .

dweeb on

No kidding…

Lexi on

Busy is just enjoyng the beach in a bikini, something a lot of pregnant women do. This isn’t the same as Jessica Simpson photographing herself in front of the mirror boasting about being knocked up. Big difference but I know what you mean…time to cover up.

amanda on

I didn’t know Busy was having another baby nice!! I wish I was in mexico.

Rachel on

tigrezz you desperately need a life..she wears a bathing suit at the beach and that bothers you? Wow..seek help for your obvious insecurities

dweeb on

She can still show off her bump in a one piece. Talk about someone being stupid…just look in the mirror

Nicole on

Why is someone who doesn’t agree with you stupid, dweeb? I don’t see the problem with her wearing a bathing suit on a beach just because she’s pregnant. Sorry she doesn’t want to cover up because the paps might take a picture that offends you.

merry on

She’s hardly showing off, she’s just walking in a hot weather on a beach, hence the bikini.

Well thank you, Busy, I love Jason and Michelle as a couple.

Jeana on

I love all 3 of them !!

Lauren Kaminski on

She looks fat and pregnant.

Carol on

Okay enough of the bare pregnant tummies, it is not sexy and we really don’t care…

amber on

what a shallow thing to say about a bare pregnant belly, Carol. Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world…such ignorance to say something like that. Yes, pregnancy is sexy! Regardless if they have nothing covering the belly or not. People like you are the reason woman find themselves unattractive during pregnancy because of remarks like this one. Oh and believe it or not….she is on a beach…its hot and being pregnant makes it hotter. Fyi!

Tina on

No, that is not sexy amber.

Lala on

I’ve been pregnant 2 times, and never felt the need to bare my belly. I’m with the poster above, I don’t really find bare pregnant bellies attractive. While I agree pregnancy is a beautiful thing, I don’t think all aspects of it, need to be flaunted.

Blumizu22 on

Why would it have to be sexy? Is that woman’s only function? Why is the so called “non-sexyness” of her body offensive?

Anonymous on

tigrezz, she didn’t ask to be photographed, nor did she post a pic on her twitter page. She is simply enjoying a sunny vacation with friends. She is entitled to wear what she wants and not be judged for it.

SKG on

She’s on vacation and not looking to be photographed. She’s not flaunting her figure on Twitter like Jessica Simpson (who’s clearly desperate for attention these days).

CCmommy on

Tigrezz why don’t you stay off this website together w/ Carol, along with not watching tv or opening up a magazine, I guarantee you will not be bothered with having to see another bare “tummy bulge”. Then you go ahead and work on your insecurities;)

Anonny on

Some of you people are royal jerks. She’s at the beach, enjoying her vacation, not flaunting ANYTHING! Imagine if that was YOUR mom people were saying nasty things about, then what would you have to say? YOU got here somehow, pretty sure it wasn’t a miracle, it’s just the circle of life. Give it a rest!

Ally on

Awww, be nice people! She’s at the beach and I’ve seen plenty worse than that in a bikini, and they weren’t pregnant!

jones on

Wow, some of these posts are really rude. Both Michelle and Busy look great and Busy is on vacation with friends, not posing for photogs (like Tori Spelling in her skimpy tankini) so she should wear what she wants.

Anonymous on

Never knew Busy was pregnant, she’s so beautiful, all the best!!..

Yeah, I said it on

Pregnant or not, she’s fat.

Nicole on

Please post a pic of yourself for everyone to judge..,

Sonia on

@tigrezz, it is not “bulge” it is a baby! Grow up

Jenny! on

Why do women get so offeneded when a preggo lady goes to the beach in a bikini? I DON’T GET IT! what is she going to do.. sit there like a blob at home? Get over it ladies, u can have fun on the BEACH no matter how big u are. It’s a beautiful moment that should be showen in many ways.

Kresta on

Busy was very big in her first pregnancy and she will most likely be very big this time, too. But she managed to lose all her ‘baby’ weight the first time and I am sure she will this time, too.

Rae on

Is it just me or was ur first thought…why is he with her and not Lilly??? Ohhh..right, that show isnt real..lol

Corie on

I am going on a vacation in Mexico next week. When I told my insecurities to my boyfriend about being in a bikini on a beach he said : “Do you really think people will waste any time thinking, oh look, she looks chubby?” Now, reading the comments here, I’m thinking, yep, they might.

Robyn on


ang on

Michelle Williams looks worse to me.. She looks like a walking stick that is the color of white paper.

Molly on

So she’s supposed to go against her natural coloring and tan just to please you, ang? Get over yourself. She looks lovely, and won’t look like a leather handbag in 10 years.

patti on

Hey, tigrezz…she is on vacation. Why should she have to cover her baby bump? it is not her fault she got her photo taken. It is not like she is out there posing for the camera. She’s not on the front of a magazine naked trying to promote herself like other women I have seen.

jennnlynn on

I think she is beautiful! She is in no way “fat” just because she isn’t the Hollywood norm of being a “twig” doesn’t mean she is fat! I would rather look at her and see a beautiful shape then see someone like…Ashley Simpson!

guest on

Is it just me or does Jason Segel look like a younger Isaac Mizrahi????

justbehappy on

I like all three of them. I’m happy for them all.

Lori on

Carol…. what a stupid comment! Are famous women supposed to stop living their lives when they become pregnant? I went to the beach when I was pregnant. The only difference is I am not a celebrity. However, I DO have photos!!!! Mine just weren’t taken by the paparazzi and didn’t come with a huge paycheck attached. I am quite certain (given the fact that she isn’t looking at the camera), that she didn’t call the photographers to let them know she was on vacation! If it bothers you that much… DO NOT LOOK!!!

Mayla on

“WOW, we GET it, she is pregnant, how many more celebrities need to show off the tummy bulge from pregnancy?? So over it, ugh . . . .”

Dear Tigrezz… she’s on the beach at a private vacation and is being photograph by the paparazzi. It’s not like she should be ashamed because she’s pregnant and she can’t really hide it. I’m “so over” pathetic people like you, who make dumb comments just looking for something to judge and complain about.

LM on

Well Corie – you may as well just put on the suit and have a good time. Apparently it doesn’t matter what you look like, some miserable B will always judge you. Yesterday People posted a VS cover model and some poster said she was unattractive because her shoulders were too big. Hilarious. So even if you look like a super model, you’ll always be ugly to someone.

Jen DC on

mm indeed she’s “fat” – carrying around an extra 10-15#s of amniotic fluid and baby weight will do that to you. I think she looks lovely, tanned and relaxed!

@Corie: Here’s the thing: Stop thinking about what OTHER PEOPLE are thinking of you. Are they paying your bills? Living in your house? A parent or sibling or significant other? No? Live your life. People are gonna talk about you regardless of how good you think you look to yourself. It’s the way of the world. Slap on that bikini, get a tan on your chubby belly, hips and thighs. My chubby belly and thighs loved the sun they got in Belize and I was even complimented by a few people!

klutzy_girl on

So happy Busy introduced Jason and Michelle – They’re such an adorable couple.

And I think she looks great. So excited for Cougar Town to come back Tuesday!

J in NYC on

I love them! What a fun group!

Lala on

I’m not ripping on her, because she’s wearing a bikini while pregnant. I’m ripping on her, because she could have at least worn a more flattering one! She needs more support around her chest.

Tiffany on

I love Jason and Michelle. I hope they get married eventually and continue to have a very happy life together 🙂

stephanie on

@tigrezz, why does she have to hide it just so you’re sick of looking at them? she’s walking on the beach, she’s not flaunting it. people wear swimsuits at the beach. she’s not walking around new york city in a bikini. she’s on a.. oh my gosh… beach! if you’re so over it, don’t bother reading it and getting yourself all worked up.

val on

People who are calling Busy or any other pregnant women are probably some skinny bitches !!!

Ellie on

Wait, a woman wore a Bikini at the beach and this is a headline? How ridiculous!

RKF on

I like all three of them. They seem to be normal, people-next-door types who aren’t obsessed with the Hollywood mentality and image.

As for the negative comments about Busy being pregnant in a bikini, are you kidding me? Are pregnant women supposed to stay away from the beach and wear a snowsuit at all times? I seriously question if some of you have undiagnosed mental illness.

Janet on

I think they all look great! Love the confidence…and a red bikini…awesome.

Kate on

Newsflash! Pregnant women are allowed to go to the beach! Claw your stupid eyes out with your KFC sporks if you can’t handle it, losers.

Anonymous on

Lala- And how exactly is she flaunting it? As others have said, she’s enjoying a vacation at the beach, a place where countless women (pregnant or not) wear bikinis, and clearly didn’t ask to be photographed.

Corie- I agree with the others (except the bit about getting a good tan. I say enjoy the sun, but slather on the sunscreen! Skin cancer is never pretty!). I’d also like to add, though, that you shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to wear a two-piece, either. If you truly don’t feel comfortable doing so, than wear a one-piece and wear it proudly! Or compromise and wear a tankini that looks like a one-piece (i.e., the bottoms and the tops touch or even overlap one another).

Anonny- As the daughter of a couple who struggled with infertility AND had suffered two miscarriages (and the friend of far too many other women and couples that have dealt with one or both of those things), I must respectfully disagree. A pregnancy is not only a miracle, but the greatest one of all: the miracle of life!

Anonymous on

On the subject of pregnant belly “baring”: I will never understand why so many people think pregnant tummies are gross and should be covered up (and yes, I understand that for some people it’s due to their religious beliefs, and I respect that. But considering how small a number of people have those particular beliefs these days, there’s no way that all of the people on here objecting are doing so because of said beliefs!)…especially since most of those people have no problem with pot-bellied men (and somehow I very much doubt any of them are pregnant! ;)) letting it all hang out at the beach!

Anonymous on

Yikes! Naturally I meant to say that my parents HAVE suffered two miscarriages. They may be getting slightly up there, but they’re certainly not dead! 🙂

Getoverit on

Congrats on her pregnancy! I agree with alot of the posters, Busy did not ask to be photographed. She’s just minding her own business with friends on vacation. She’s on a beach. What do you want her to wear a winter coat with UGGS? I rather see a beautiful pregnant woman then a fat obese slob with cottage cheese on her thighs in a bikini. That to me is more of an eyesore. If you don’t want to see her stomach look the other way!!!! Jealous witches!

Sarah on

She is not fat and she looks good get a life some of u here judging such post ur pix let see how good u look. When i was pregnant my tummy was so big that wearing clothes makes me wanna cry i wanted so much to wear just bikini but am in a country were that is forbidden so let her enjoy her vacation u dont know how hot and discomfort some pregnant women feel. So let her be.

Katie on

Busy looks beautiful pregnant! I wish I actually looked that good pregnant couldn’t tell I was pregnant until I was about 7 months along lol. And I love Jason and Michelle together as well, very cute couple!!

For the haters.. keep hating.. like others have said, deal with your own insecurities and stop ragging on other people who clearly enjoy life and don’t suck out the meaning of life like you do.

Jen on

Tigrezz- what?? Paparazzi captured photos of her while she was having fun and vacationing with her friends. And even if she did do a pregnancy photo shoot or show off her belly, so what?? How does that bother you?? It’s her freaking life, her belly, her baby!!!

valeskas on

Love Jason and Michelle.

erilynne on

Have you even thought that they’re not trying to be sexy or attractive? Maybe they would just rather wear a two piece because its more comfortable than a one piece maybe?

It’s pretty obvious that besides the comfortable level, it looks as if two piece bathing suits while pregnant are more popular than a one piece these days.

Ash on

PLEASE tell us where I can find Michelle Williams’ bikini! I’ve been searching for one like this forever and the style is perfect.

Anonymous on

Lexi- And so what if Jessica was boasting? She has every right to be proud of the fact that she’s pregnant!

NA on

Too bad people don’t follow the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all” rule any more.

Hea on

Yes please, all you pregnant women out there… cover up in muumuu’s so we don’t have to look at you. And all of us with fair skin such as Michelle should immediately call and book ourselves a full body airbrush session so we all look like carrots or cancer waiting to happen. I hope my town has a salon..?

Boop on

I’m not gonna lie- I kind of want to see Jason in a bikini lol

Amanda on

She is a celebrity and is with other celebrities, I wouldn’t leave the house in anything that unflatering and I am not a celebrity with paparazzi following me. She doesn’t look pregnant in that suit, I am sure there would have been something a little more suitable