Chris Pratt: My Premature Son Is ‘Totally Healthy Now’

01/03/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Chris Pratt: My Premature Son Is Totally Healthy Now
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Chris Pratt is one proud papa.

Since welcoming his first child with wife, actress Anna Faris, the actor has been busy basking in baby bliss with his son Jack.

“Oh, God, he is just … he’s amazing. I love him so much,” the new dad, 33, raved during a Wednesday appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. “He’s just a ball of joy. He’s terrific.”

The 4-month-old has been hitting his milestones — he recently started laughing, shares the Zero Dark Thirty star — which is reason to celebrate as baby boy has completely bounced back after being born over two months early.

“He was born nine weeks premature, so we spent a month in the intensive care unit with him,” Pratt says of his son, who was named after Faris’ father.

“But he’s totally healthy now. He is just so perfect and I love him so much.”

— Anya Leon

Bonus: Pratt shows Conan O’Brien how Jack does his exercises (skip to 3:15):

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smalltwnfashion on

I. Love. Them. And I’m so happy Jack is healthy.

Teena on

Congrats 🙂 My son was born just 4 weeks prematurely, but spent two weeks in intesive care due to cerebral bleeding. It’s such a horrible time, but you can’ be prouder when they catch up. Jack will probably soon be just as ‘normal’ as the other kids.

LuvBigCity on

I love how Chris is so into his little boy, so sweet to hear this. Congrats to those 2, having a baby is emotional enough but a preemie can make it hard . Good for them and their healthy baby.

Diane on

When you have a child that is born early, your heart races every time you want into the NICU; you never know what they nurses or doctors are going to say. It is also the most frightening thing any parent can go through. My son was born 12 weeks early – I have noticed that preemie kids are stronger, more determined and have a much stronger bond with the parents then full turn children. Why because both parent and child are fighting together to come out the other side.

Lynda on

I really agree with your comment Diane -! I have 4 children. The first 3 were all full term large babies-8.9 pds thru almost 10pds. My 4th was born at 33.5 weeks and weighed in at 4lbs 11 Oxus. My husband and I knew the reasons, advanced maternal age, followed by prior three c-sections and then a condition called Placenta Accreta. Hoever, it is so so hard walking in and praying the next test they do does not show problems, not being able to hold the baby right away, seeing all the other babies in the NICU etc… It is a hard journey but that was only for 16 days. She is beautiful and God Bless her- a healthy and strong baby girl that will be 17 months old this month. They did not mention why he was early but, God Bless them and their little boy. I love both of them as actors-!!!

Isabel on

I loved the clip he showed of Jack when he was on Conan. So cute!

Colleen on

Love this couple so much! Adore Anna’s movies.. So happy their son is doing well. My son was also about a month premature and spent 10 day in the Neo Natal Nursery. It is scary and very hard on everyone. Today, he is 9 and very healthy and actually pretty big for his age. Congratulations and more love and happiness and health for the new year to the family!

KT on

My daughter was born 5 weeks premature. I can relate…it was a scary time at points…but we are so fortunate to have such great healthcare in this country! Now my daughter is doing wonderfully. I am so grateful. I am sure they are as well. Best wishes!!!!

mileysucks on

Ahhhh! I love a happy ending. Babies are such little treasures.

KD on

My son was born 8 weeks early, weighed 2lb 10 oz and was in the NICU for 6 weeks..he is now 4 yrs old and the most social, biggest ham I know…he’s still small at about 38 inches tall and 28 lbs but oh does he make up for it in personality…he needs to be in theater and music. LOL.

Amy on

I had twin boys 10 years ago born at 26 weeks and 5 days. Spent countless days and nights in the NICU. I kept praying for James and Joshua, but they both passed away. It was the hardest thing ever! Then one year later my son Shane was born 7 weeks early and we spent 3 weeks in the NICU and then took him homer. He’s 9 now and doing awesome. I’m so glad that Jack is doing great! Best wishes for their family.

Emily on

Why was he 2 months early?? Glad that experience is over and done with and they can enjoy their lovely son.

Stacey on

So glad he’s doing well! My son was born 14 weeks early and spent 12 weeks in the NICU and it’s so challenging and draining but worth it when that sweet baby comes home! He’s now a healthy 2.5 year old. Congrats to them, I’m sure he will do wonderful!

Aneta on

Love the part where he does the excercises with his son, what a great guy!

me on

I had severe pre eclampsia and delivered my daughter at 30 weeks followed by almost 10 weeks in the NICU. She is almost 20 months old and all caught up.

Congrats to them! It isnt easy but so worth it.

Cb on

Same here, had my son @ 34 weeks, weighing 3lbs, 13 oz., and born on 3/13. He’s 17 now. It’s tough at times, but they’re stronger than they look. Still melt your hearts, though :).

Amanda on

I know exactly how they feel my second son was born 10 weeks early and spent a month in the nicu and hes healthy and happy, so that is all that matters.

Melisa on

Oh my gosh what a happy dad….and that criss cross applesauce exercise business is WAY funny!!!

librababe on

So beautiful to hear a father talk about his son that way. I’m glad Jack is healthy and happy! I am a close relative of a 12-week-early preemie…she’ll be 3 this month and is doing amazing. I wish the best for this family and all those with little fighters in NICU.

FussyMadam on

Love him on Parks and Rec! Happy for the good news and THRILLED he and his wife didn’t make a media event out of his condition. They kept it private. LOVE that! Bet they will be good parents.

marie on

I have a son born at 30 wks, that is so strong & smart, we are blessed. I just had girls born 6 wks. early & they are home. The NICU is scary but the nurses & Doc’s are wonderful.


Julie on

Amy, I’m so sorry o hear that. That’s tragic! Grateful to hear God blessed u with Shane 🙂

Julie on

Amy, I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s tragic! Grateful to hear God blessed u with Shane 🙂

Bree on

Love this couple!!

My daughter was not pre-mature (in fact the opposite, she was 13 days late!!) but had a hole in her lung and so was in the NICU until it healed. That was the longest hardest time of my life. Thankfully she recovered without surgery and is now the happiest, healthest 1 year old I have ever met, she also takes great pleasure in proving to her father and I just how strong and healthy her lungs are by squeeling and screaming at the top of her lungs lol

Glad to hear that Jack is healthy and they are able to move on from the NICU and enjoy their beautiful baby boy 🙂

pixy14 on

so cute! my little guy was 7 weeks early 🙂

Renee Goldschmidt on

That is wonderful that their baby is doing so well…I have twins who were born at 26 weeks..14 weeks early and they are doing great!!! It is very scary having premature babies!

Sarah on

I think it’s beautiful so many people are commenting on their experience with their premature babies and/or time spent in the NICU. It is important to connect and share your experience since many people haven’t gone through this and can’t relate or ever understand what it is like.

I’m so happy for them and their healthy boy and his positive attitude! Having a son born 6 weeks early and in the NICU for 40 nights, he taught me so much about strength and the power of optimism. Diane, I loved your post about the strong bond between parents and preemies.

Irishdaphne on

My youngest son was born 7 weeks early. It was scary at first and I can definitely relate. He is almost 16 months old now and one cannot tell he was born premature. He is healthy and caught up. I love the video.

Kelly P on

My son was born 6 1/2 weeks premature, spent 4 weeks in NICU. Totally get it – it’s the worst feeling in the world to leave the hopsital after giving birth with an empty car seat and a baby room at home with no baby. He’s 15 months old and doing WONDERFULLY!! No one really gets it until you’ve gone through it. You’re a great daddy, Chris! Congratulations to you & your wife.

Cyndi on

My daughter was born exactly 9 weeks early AND spent 1 month in NICU. I can understand how hard that is. So glad to hear all is well with them (and us as well!)

Cathleen on

Chris is hilarious! And he is obviously so in love with his new baby, congrats to Chris and Anna!

Sun on

Oh my gosh, how cute is this video?! LOVE IT! Congrats to Chris and Anna on their beautiful son. 🙂

Nicole A. on

I love everyone’s comments!

My twin daughters were born 7 weeks early, and spent 21 days in the NICU.

I am proud to say that they are nearly 4 years old and thriving.

Unbelievably smart and kind. 🙂

Best wishes to Anna and Chris’ little family! Way to Grow, Jack!!!

Patti on

My granddaughter was born in November 5 weeks early and spent a night in the NICU. We were shocked she was born early as there were no indications during the pregnancy. She was 5.4 at birth and was weighed 12/7 and weighed in at 5.1. today at a Dr. visit she weighed in at 8.1. Our little preemie is gaining like there’s no tomorrow!!!

SarahJane on

I’m so glad to hear Jack is doing well! Our daughter was born last May and was 6 weeks premature. She spent 12 days in the NICU. It was so difficult to leave her there. When I read their son had been born early I was hoping for the best for them. They seem so sweet. I’m glad that they shared their story!

Melissa on

Happy to hear he is ok now. My son was born with PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn) and had to be in the NICU for 4 weeks. It was scary, but the Doctors and Nurses take care of our babies with Love and Dedication. My son is a healthy and happy 6 year old now.

Cindy on

My daughter was born a month early with no complications but by son was born at 26 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for a month and a week. Its not only one of the hardest things any parent has to do but also the scariest. Everytime you walk into that NICU or everytime the phone rings your on pins and needles. Im so happy he is doing so well.

heyyyy on

I was born 25 weeks early and i had to be in Intensive Care Unit for a year. Of course during my stay at the hospital i had complications because i was the weakest one. I know I drove my parents crazy with all the hospitals stays and wondering if I’d make it or not. I’m now 19 and couldnt have asked for anything better. God bless them and the posters for sharing their precious stories 🙂

Misty on

I’m so glad baby Jack is okay! This is a great couple.

liarlairpantsonfire on

oh i’m so glad. when they said the baby was early, and then we basiically heard nothing i worried for the little guy. isn’t medical science amazing!? congrats to thw new parents!

Michelle on

How adorable, seeing a father have so much fun with his baby boy! Congratulations to Chris and Anna, thankfully everything went well and Jack is healthy and happy.

Anonymous on

Emily- They haven’t said (and it’s possible that even THEY might not know, as sometimes a woman simply goes into pre-term labor for no known reason).

Anyway, I’m glad Jack’s doing well now.

Holiday on

After developing hellp and pre eclampsia my daughter was delivered by an emergency csection 5 weeks early. She was 5 pounds 10 ounces but lost an entire pound. I know how scary it is to have a preemie and I am glad their baby is doing well! My daughter is 2.5 and smart as can be 🙂

Anonymous on

Amy I am so sorry to hear about the loss of James and Joshua. I feel your joy in having Shane healthy. As a NICU nurse I fall in love every day with the tiniest and toughest babies. I often share the roller-coaster ride with their parents. It can break my heart into pieces. It can also make smile while driving home from work alone. I feel so blessed to share in such a significant part of these wee lives. It is a privilege and a passion. I love hearing that NICU nurses touched your lives so deeply. It gets us through the hard days. God bless your tiny prize-fighters and their coaches, mom & dad.

Laine on

I LOVE Chris Pratt! He is hilarious and I adore him on Parks and Rec. Those little exercises are adorable. I am so glad that little Jack is okay. Best wishes to them and their adorable little family.

Tara on

man chris has gained a lot of weight. not flattering at all. i guess anna never expected that during her vows.

#devmz on

so happy for them

jennifer on

I know how hard having a baby premature I had my twin’s at 24 1/2 week’s it was really hard.

Anonymous on

I am curious to know why boys born premature having a more difficult time?

boohoobytch on

God bless that baby

Charli Mabriel on

Anonymous (NICU nurse). Thank you for everything that you do, wonderful, caring people like you make that terrible time for any parent easier.

Becky on

Congratulations Anna and Chris! My son was born 15 weeks premature an spent 114 days in the NICU. It’s a tough time but it’s great to have them home and thriving.

Elizabeth on

Tara – Chris had to hit 300 pounds for his new movie Starbuck:

He’ll lose it all once the movie is done. Did you see him in Zero Dark Thirty? He’s totally ripped.

Felicity on

I had preeclampsia and my daughter was 6wks early and spent over 3wks in the NICU as a “feeder and grower.” It is so scary to see a tiny baby hooked up to monitors and needles. Now she is a happy 5 year old! You would never know she had started her little life in such a way. Best wishes to baby Jack.

Anonymous on

Elizabeth- Thanks for pointing that out! It’s easy to forget that sometimes actors have to gain or lose weight for a role. Considentally, I’m pretty sure Anna DID know and expect that before marrying Chris. And maybe, just maybe, she finds him sexy no matter what he looks like!

Not everyone cares about looks!

Judy B on

Chris and Anna were on an episode of Bravo’s Top Chef. The contestants threw a party for them. I have to admit that before I watched them on Top Chef, I had heard of both of them but did not know much about them. After watching them they are very down to earth, very nice people. I wish Chris, Anna and little Jack all the best.

Brooklyn on

Just realized that Jack is the name that Monica & Chandler named the baby on Friends which Anna Faris’ character Erica gave birth to. I’m sure Chris & Anna didn’t even realize that but kinda funny!

Melissa on

Wow, what a coincidence, maybe she grew to love the name Jack after being in Friends 🙂

Brooklyn on

Just watched the video. So cute!