Moon Bloodgood Welcomes Daughter Pepper

01/03/2013 at 07:30 PM ET

Moon Bloodgood Welcomes Daughter Pepper
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Moon Bloodgood is a mom!

The Falling Skies star, 37, and her husband Grady Hall welcomed their first child, daughterย Pepper, on Saturday, Dec. 15, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’ve never been happier,” the actress — who chose not to find out the sex of her baby prior to delivery — told KoreAm in September.

“I know now what happiness feels like. Everything just looks brighter, the world just looks sunnier. I think it’s the hormones or something because I feel fantastic. I feel truly like I have purpose, and that purpose is not about me.”

Named one of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful People in 2006 — and a regular on Maxim‘s Hot 100 list — Bloodgood, who married Hall in August 2011, is also currently appearing in a well-received role in The Sessions, costarring Helen Hunt, John Hawkes and William H. Macy.

When viewers last left her Skies character, Dr. Anne Glass, it had just been revealed that she was expecting.

“Obviously the pregnancy is going to be written in — that I can say,” Bloodgood shares. “But come on, it’s science fiction with aliens, use your imagination.”

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Grace on

Pepper??? That’s the name of a dog, not a little girl. Considering her own name, no surprise. Congrats nonetheless.

Seattlite on

I have a few relatives named Pepper and knew some people in school with that name. Just because it’s not a name you are familiar with doesn’t make it strange or unusual.

beebee on

Yeah, it does.

anna on

Right and I know a few people and have a few relatives named bullshit. Why do people get on here and lie. Ya know since the name pepper is so common and

holly on

Grace, your own name is a noun, do you hold a grudge against your parents?

Candice on

I thought her own name was a joke.

American Mom on

Perhaps Native American- that’s what I always assumed and it sounds beautiful.

Sophia on

Um no, American Mom. Its obvious you’re not familiar with Native American tribes. Neither her nor her name is Native. Dont make assumptions about a culture you’re not privy to.

Nicole on

Third generation hippy?

Tracie on

Her first name is Korinna, her middle name is Moon. Look it up on her background history first before making quick judgement : )

kiwibunnz on

I don’t think I’m a hippie and I love the name Pepper. Was my choice for a girl too, but I had a boy. Would use if I have a girl oneday still.

RKF on

Pepper Hall?

Oy. Poor child.

Keis on

I’ve never seen so many ignorant folks than here. Are you all who are making such nasty comments unaware of others heritages that allow for certain names?

Bethany on

My best friend at work is named Pepper. I think it’s a great name! And she always gets compliments because you don’t hear it very often.

Cathleen on

I think Pepper is a cute name. Congrats to her!

Carmel on

c’mon it’s not THAT weird! Pepper Anderson – Police Woman! Pepper Potts – Iron Man LOL my granny’s sister’s nickname was Pepper. It’s NOT unheard of just because YOU haven’t heard/read about it before LOL Not everyone is John or Sue

Becky on

I have a cousin name Pepper, so not that unusual for me..I actually like it…

vada on

I bet her daughter is just a little beauty considering her mother is drop dead gorgeous. So happy for her and her hubby.

pep on

only stars can name their kids like that us in the real would never do that for fear they would get beat up or teased .. its the parents that need to be punched in the head dont they realize that the parents love the name the kids have to live with it ..

holly on

Actually it’s the judgmental drones that need to be “punched in the head”. Enjoy your life as you try to keep up with the Jones.

Amanda on

I like the name Pepper. I knew a girl with that name when I was younger.

Marky on

Okay, loser posters! Moon Bloodgood is half Korean, and Moon is a very common Korean name. She was born in the USA, to parents who met when her father was stationed in Korea. My daughter is Korean and we have KNOWN women named Moon! Get over your snotty selves, and realize everyone isn’t from your town, naming their children after your favorite friend. Pepper is not an unheard of name, and this is not your baby. Being so rude is not “an opinion”, it’s just hateful. Say congrats and move on! I see there were no comments about how they had been married for longer than 20 minutes when the baby was born; guess you just couldn’t wait to find something else to insult this actress for.

LHR on

Well said!!! While there are celebrities that come up with unusual names this one is not one of them. My niece is named Pepper, and I had two friends while in college with the name…one as a first, one as a middle.

Just because a person doesn’t like the name doesn’t give them a reason to lash out at this woman who is ecstatic about becoming a mom. The saying runs true….if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all!

Christy on

Considering there are all sorts of children walking around Hollyweird with wretched names because there parents are quite frankly idiots and attention hounds, Pepper is very low key and normal sounding! Congrats to Moon and Hubby!!!

mama3 on

Why not salt?

Willa on

Wow. So Judgemental. Do you have to grow up with the name? No. So chill out and stop spreading all the Negative energy around.

Congrats to Moon and her Husband! Babies are a Blessing!

Elspeth on

I bet if she’d named her kid some misspelled monstrosity like Piersyn, Kyndall, or Lexi nobody would say anything. At least this name is cute and different, not trailer trash different.

Lily on

โ€œI know now what happiness feels like. Everything just looks brighter, the world just looks sunnier. I think itโ€™s the hormones or something because I feel fantastic. I feel truly like I have purpose, and that purpose is not about me.โ€

Them why didn’t she name her Sunny instead of freaking PEPPER!

Anonymous on

pep- No, kids need to be taught not to tease other kids just because they have an unusual name! And frankly, if a kid actually beats another kid up because of their name, then they (the one that did the beating up) need some serious help!

Anyway, congrats to the couple! Did she ever announce her pregnancy? I don’t remember seeing it on here.

Magnolia on

You’re absolutely right and they seem to learn the behavior from the ones who post the nasty things!! Parents pass on behaviors they don’t even realize… Teach children to love people for who they are, not judge them for something they can’t even control, like their name!!

Robert on

So if she has another kid does that mean she will name them Salt? lol. jk congrats on healthy kid

wanda on

If she has a boy next she can name him “Salt” then she would have a matching set.

Diana on

I like Pepper, it’s very cute and it sure beats a name like Grace o the other poster below named Candice…who names their kid Candy? What a joke

Nini on

Oh gosh, some of you are really narrow minded. Giving your kid a name is not to please someone. You do it to give your child a part of you. Naming her little girl Jennifer or Stefanie would be kind of wrong.

Not only stars give their kids unusual names. I am German, of Hungarian/Austrian and Croation descent, and have an unusual Greek name. My boyfriend is German and of Czech descent, looks Scandinavian and has a Portugese name.

We both love our unusual names and wouldn’t trade for anything. If we had kids some day we wouldn’t name them Jane or Joe!

noly on

Pepper? It’s a little bit different but not terribly

Tammy on

Bloodgood was born Korinna Moon Bloodgood in Anaheim, California on September 20, 1975. Her father, Shell Bloodgood, is an American of Dutch and Irish descent, and her mother, Sang Cha, is South Korean. Her father was stationed in Korea when he met her mother.

There, now you have it…the origion of her name. Not a ‘third generation hippy’…not ‘Native American’…just a normal person with an unusual name. I think Pepper is cute for a name. Besides its HER baby, not YOURS…so shut it.

Anonymous on

wasn’t Barbie’s little sister named Pepper?

chaotte on

I know of a family. All girls. Pepper, Cinniman,Sage, and Honey. So what?

Hea on

Marky – Well put! Where I live, we usually don’t name our kids Nicole or Candice either. It would most likely be considered white trash and strange in my country. I’ve met a few Nicoles in my days (all of them born to teen moms actually not that it matters) but never a Candice. Ever. Things differ around the world.

Jen on

Moon Bloodgood??? Pepper??? I’m going out on a limb here and saying that she was raised in a commune by Mystery Machine driving hippies…

Kyla Bree on

First thing I thought of was Angie Dickinson, when she played “Police Woman”, on TV in the 70’s. Her name was Pepper, I thought it was a cute name.

buckycatt on

I just named my girl cat Pepper Lee after Pepper Potts and my mom’s middle name. So I think it’s a purrfectly wonderful name.

Kim on

I had a black Lab named Pepper…..

LEB on

Anon, no, Moon didn’t announce it in the way that many celebs do nowadays, with a tweet or FB post or whatever. She did Comic-Con in mid-July (in her second trimester) with the rest of the Falling Skies cast, she appeared on the cover of KoreAm in September, and she did the red carpet for The Sessions in October (where the photo accompanying this article was taken). I knew from the KoreAm interview that Moon was due last month, and am very glad to know that the baby has arrived and (apparently) all is well. Congratulations to her and her family!

Kim on

@Anonymous; Barbie’s little sister was Skipper, not Pepper.

Shea on

Her own name is a combination of her father’s last name and her mother’s Korean heritage- not hippy, not Native-American. Pepper is relatively normal compared to some of the weird ones coming out of Hollywood. Poor woman probably had massive amounts of teasing with her own name (Just read some of these posts!)- do you think she’d subject her daughter that? At least she didn’t go one way and pick from the top 10 most common names and go the other way with a 7 name never-to-fit-on-a-signature line.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

For all those who talk about how scarred children are by unconventional names, here’s a mama who must have enjoyed her own enough to give one to her daughter. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

moon and pepper? Thats funny in a very sad way.

Sun on

Very unsual names that seems to run in their family tree. Congrats to the family.

Anonymous on

Cute name! Congrats! And to all the negative Nancy comments out there…try congratulating instead of judging. Geez.

robinepowell on

I had to look her up to be sure, but she’s from that short lived show, Journeyman.

Maggie on

Congratulations Moon & Grady. Two lovely and loving people like you deserve all the happiness that welcoming a new child brings. I have no doubt that you will be amazing parents. Miss you and wish you all the best. Looking forward to seeing you on Season 4 of Falling Skies!!

Lyoness on

I like her name! Sounds fiesty!! Maybe this name is just common in the South. I know an older woman in our church named Pepper. She’s in her late 60’s. I went to High School with a girl named Pepper as well.

Anonymous on

She is very beautiful and her name is unique i love it.

Kim on

Pepper? American Horror Story anybody? enough said.

oregon sunshine on

I knew a girl named Pepper, but it was her nickname, not sure what her real name was. I thought it was sorta cute. Anyway, I love Falling Skies and can’t wait to see what happens. It is coming back right?? lol

Anonymous on

Kim- You are correct. Barbie also has three other little sisters: Stacie, Kelly, and Krissy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Elle on

Congratulations! Beautiful name!

Judy on

There was a cartoon awhile back called Pepper Ann. It’s not too off the wall. Who knows, maybe she’ll grow up to be a doctor….Dr. Pepper Bloodgood! Congrats!!

Karateleshi80 on

Its a cute sounding name but I prefer the spelling Pepa. Anyway it’s better than Cyrus and Blue Ivy and she didn’t use a name another celeb has recently used.

Deborah on

I have a daughter named sunshine and one named summer ,there is nothing wrong with naming a child different names they make them unique any body can be a sara or joe or whatever but it takes someone special to have a unique name’

Anonymous on

Judy- Actually, she’d be Dr. Pepper Hall (Hall being Moon’s husband’s surname). ๐Ÿ™‚

Oscar Hilliker on

It is about time they put a tough female character in a show, I like Dr. Glass!

Kerry on

My daughters name is Daisy Rainbow Anastasia, I adore Pepper!

Deborah on

Congrats on the birth of Pepper and shame on the haters that have negative remakes about the parents choice in naming THEIR child.Becareful living in glass houses your chance is coming and when the shoes get on your feet I hope the give your a corn on every toe

Kevin on

Bless you both on your first let the Sweet Journey begin ! ๐Ÿ™‚