Melissa Joan Hart Shares Son’s Plea for Less Phone Time

01/03/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

As a mom of three boys, Melissa Joan Hart knows all too well how to tackle even the toughest brotherly love.

But for her sons Mason Walter, 7 next week, and Brady Hart, 4½, it’s more often a lesson that love, well — hurts!

“They are boys, for a minute they are best friends and it’s usually 20 minutes and then it’s full on wrestling,” the Melissa & Joey star, 36, joked while cohosting Thursday’s Anderson Live.

“Then I have to pull them apart because the youngest one is always going to get hurt.”

Between her time spent overseeing her boys’ sibling bonding sessions and late night feeds with the family’s newest addition, 3-month-old Tucker McFadden, Hart is feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

“I am a little exhausted. I have not [slept] a solid night. Two hours at a time,” the actress says. “It’s a loud house, it’s a very busy busy house.”

Melissa Joan Hart Shares Son's Plea for Less Phone Time
Courtesy Melissa Joan Hart

And she’s about to get even more caught up in all the commotion; The actress’s New Year’s resolutions include taking a time out from her phone and concentrating more on her kids. “[Brady] will be talking to me and he’s like, ‘Mommy, put the phone down. Look at me, talk to me,'” Hart admits.

When the going gets really tough, however, the hands-on mom isn’t afraid to occasionally pull out her secret weapon.

“My Bloody Mary, that’s how Mommy can do it all,” she jokes, sharing a picture of herself sipping on a cocktail while cradling her baby boy.

– Anya Leon

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Addie on

Wow Tucker is such a cutie, just like his older brothers! Although i’m not surprised, since Melissa and Mark make the most gorgeous children!

Meg on

I completely relate! I have the same new year’s resolution (about the phone). what a cute baby!!

Michelle on

Anyone else think that the baby looks like Joe Lawrence, woahhhh.

Just sayin’! lol

Anonymous on

Awww, Tucker looks just like his big brothers!

ava on

So many moms ignore their children for their phones. Sad, but at least Melissa was honest about it and wants to work on it.

cn tower on

Co-hosting Anderson Live? I thought it was cancelled.

Anonymous on

It is cancelled. At the end of this season. They still need to finish it out.

Anonymous on

cn tower- I’m not sure, but I think it was a different show of Anderson’s that got cancelled.

cn tower on

Anonymous – his show on CNN (360) is still running so it must be the talk show that was cancelled. I hope the network decided to save it though..

macey on


Jacksgran on

Kids seem to need you more when you pick up the phone. This is just a fact of life.

Anonymous on

What a cute baby!

Lori on

@Jacksgran…. funny you should say that. I was just telling my own mother, who I was trying to have a conversation with, that the kids were playing games they got from Santa and were really busy all day. They didn’t need a thing from me until I got a phone call! Then…. the world was falling apart and I needed to fix everything! LOL! Love Melissa! Great mom!

Ami on

Love her! She is very easy to relate to.

Susie on

They’re letting anderson’s show run till the end of the season, then that’ll be the last season.

Julie on

I totally agree that phones are far far to invasive to our lives. When you are in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of you doesn’t hang up the phone long enough to pay for her groceries and doesn’t think that is rude. In that same grocery store there was a little one in the cart singing kiddy songs soooo cute but Mom couldn’t hear because she was on the phone gripping about all she had to do. Family & manners should never go out of style!

Mary on

Sadly, people’s phones have taken precident over everyone and everything else. No matter what people are doing if their phone rings they will not ignore it or God forbid turn it off. Children are becoming used to looking at the top of adults heads when they are speaking to them. Rudeness has now become acceptable.

tm on

anyone else see anything wrong with the picture of her drinking while holding a baby….?!

K on

Those making comments about her bloody mary obviously don’t have multiple kids, lol. Not all of us that like to drink are drunks and one bloody mary doesn’t make you incapable of being a mother. Lighten up. Sidenote…how precious is that baby?!!

dawn on

Anyone Find this statement sad?
“When the going gets really tough, however, the hands-on mom isn’t afraid to occasionally pull out her secret weapon.

“My Bloody Mary, that’s how Mommy can do it all,” she jokes, sharing a picture of herself sipping on a cocktail while cradling her baby boy.”

K on

Why is that sad? She’s stressed, busy, wants to relax with a drink. So?

amy on

@ dawn…she was JOKING. Some people have senses of humor.

mandy on

I was also wondering about the statement &photo, basically “endorsing”, the use of alcohal, to, “cope/deal” with stress…. Life, really!! But then, wouldn’t ALSO then be MISSING OUT on it (life), as well??!!! I sure HOPE is was “just a joke”. I also hope it is not MISTAKENLY taken seriously!! Concidering several ppl actually take “advice”, from some of the things they read. It was, in my opinion, just in poor taste. I can see the joke, but the forum was all wrong, &the audience, not 100% clear(known). Not the right time or place, sorry….

Charli on

It’s funny because when I’m not on the phone the kids are playing by themselves but the minute I’m on the phone they all want my undivided attention. lol

nicki on

She is so down to earth and real; nice to read about a celeb who is not trying to portray the perfect mom nonsense–all of us have things we can and should work on to improve as mothers. Cute baby too!

melissa on

thank god a kid who actually has some sense. I hate people on the phones all the time… nothing is THAT important unless your at work or an emergency.

Vivian on

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