Pregnant Kim Kardashian ‘Feels Really Good’ Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Kanye West

01/01/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Pregnant New Year's Eve with Kanye West
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The year 2012 was good for Kim Kardashian. But, oh baby, is she ready for 2013!

“It’s been so exciting,” she told PEOPLE of the whirlwind of emotions she’s felt since finding out she was pregnant. “We’re very, very happy.”

With just a hint of a baby bump showing under her form-fitting black Julien Macdonald dress, the reality star rang in the new year in Las Vegas with the man she’s spent 2012 with: Beau and baby daddy Kanye West.

“I wish I could share a drink with you all, but I can’t for a little while,” she told the crowd at Mirage’s 1 OAK just before leading a countdown to 2013.

With the crowd cheering and confetti flying as the clock struck midnight, Kardashian, 32, stood on an elevated banquet adjacent to the deejay booth and passionately kissed West.

As the night continued, the duo rarely left each other’s side, with Kardashian dancing behind West while her party sipped Grey Goose cocktails. Kardashian stuck to water as the Grammy award-winning rapper occasionally rubbed her belly.

Now that the new year has begun, Kardashian is working on being healthy for her unborn child.

“I’ve felt good. I’ve felt no morning sickness but it isn’t the easiest,” she said. “People always say pregnancy is so easy and fun. It’s definitely an adjustment; It’s learning about your body, but I’ve felt really good.”

While the announcement of Kardashian’s pregnancy came as a surprise to a lot of people, she doesn’t want to be surprised when it comes the sex of the baby.

She said, “Of course I do want to know!”

— Mark Gray

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Tee Tee on

::sigh:: Why do I get the feeling that this pregnancy will be longer than Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy?

Meep on

It’s been what, three days? I’m already tired of hearing about it. I think TMZ has posted seventy stories about her in 72 hours. Next thing you know the media will be releasing detailed reports every time she goes to the bathroom.

bbynewyear on

Ugh. Go away.

LadyL on

Pretty sure Amber wore a similar dress to the VMAs when her & Wiz announced her pregnancy…….funny how that happens huh. They’re too pressed on keeping up with their ex’es this all seems so FAKE. I’m already sick n tired of hearing about this skank’s pregnancy & she’s only 3 months…..LORD help us all for the next 6 months!!!!!!!!!

pinklily on

I personally would rather hear (or read) constant news on the royal baby over Kim and Kanye’s baby.

Reesca on

I’m already sick of hearing about this pregnancy. What a trainwreck this whole situation is.

Jennifer on

SOOOOO over this story and we’ve got months and years to go. Bleh.


LuvBigCity on

I feel bad saying this but it its hard to be happy for these 2. She is waaaay to into herself to give this kid a life that doesn’t involve a camera and he is a ticking time bomb. This is going to get messy when it ends, cause it will, the relationship.

Rusty on

Fascinating! Kim feels Good! I can’t believe it! I’m soooooo excited to learn all Kim K and her amazing, wonder pregnancy! Tell me more! Maybe People Magazine can update us tomorrow and the day after that… and the day after that.

Jen on

Ugh!! So gross. I just have no respect for her OR her family. Disgusting group of people. Her divorce isn’t even final and she hasn’t even been with Kanye for over a year and she’s already pregnant??? This girl has issues.

Brandi on

Just curious…all of you do know it isn’t mandatory to read this (or any other article) about her or the pregnancy, right? I wasn’t sure if all of you understood how the internet works. You CAN scroll past these stories and never even give them a glance. I do it all the time. Try it.

Kim on

She’s only three months and there’s tons of pics of her holding her ‘baby belly’ which I can’t see at all, also stories on how baby body and how pregnancy is hard. Really? How hard can it be when she has admitted she hasn’t gotten any morning sickness? That’s the hard bit in your first trimester, love! Needs a reality check I think, already cashing in on this baby. Apparently they were trying since not long after they met. Why in Earth for bring a baby into that situation. Just got together, he’s a douche, she’s a publicity whore and not even divorced yet. Sort your **** out and then think about whether or not your relationship is ready for this!

If I were Khloe I’d be so so upset. Trying for three years with no result. And classy Kanye (yeah right) will make an awesome baby daddy. Turned off him when he did that thing to Taylor Swift. But anyways lets not see more news everytime she decides to scratch her butt. It will be a pregnancy as long as Jessica Simpsons thats for sure!

J on

Girl can’t even keep a pet for a week, has no idea what she wants from a partner, yet she lets this piece of trash knock her up. Alrighty then…

dsfg on

“Disgusting group of people. Her divorce isn’t even final and she hasn’t even been with Kanye for over a year and she’s already pregnant??? This girl has issues.”

She’s not with Kris anymore, she hasn’t been for over a year. Regardless of whether or not she’s married to him, they haven’t been a couple for over a year. The only person who seems to have an issue with this is you, and I doubt you even know Kim or Kanye.

Anonymous on

she is going to be huge!!

Michaele on

What a great role model she is for my two young girls! Married and pregnant……OH! it’s not her husbands baby???