Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting First Child

12/31/2012 at 03:45 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Expecting First Child
Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc/Sipa

Talk about onstage pyrotechnics!

Kanye West dropped a bombshell during an Atlantic City concert on Sunday night, revealing that he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are expecting. The reality starlet is about three months pregnant.

Kardashian later confirmed the news in a blog post titled,”New Year, New Beginnings.”

“It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us.”

“Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo.”

The news of the Kardashian’s pregnancy was quickly followed by an outpouring of congratulatory Twitter messages from family members.

“Oh BABY BABY BABY!!” shouts Kim’s mom Kris Jenner.

Adds sister Kourtney: “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!”

“KIMYE! Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!” sister Khloรฉ wrote.

Kardashian, 32, and West, 35, went public with their relationship last April, about six months after Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries. The divorce action is still pending.

During Sunday’s concert at Revel Resort’s Ovation Hall, West was singing “Runaway” when he went into a freestyle ballad with the words “and now she’s having my baby.” The crowd of 5,000 broke into cheers.

Then on the last song, “Lost in the World,” he cut the music and asked the audience to applaud for his baby mama.

— Mike Fleeman

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Dear God. I feel so sorry for this poor kid. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

LadyL on

Very classy, they haven’t even been together for 1 year & she is still legally married to another man. I guess since she couldn’t get her fairy tale she had to settle for being a “baby mama”….no doubt their kid will be cute im sure.

silly sara on

Kardashian aint nothing but a ‘gold digging whore who will lay down with any dude to make money cuz she has NO talent to do anything on her own & she doesnt want to work. Shes just a stay-on-her-back &- knees whoe!! Notice Kris wasnt weak to her, so she left him. Kanye is just an ignorant nig*ger who likes low class bi*ches!!!

hate drama on

Like you

Ellen Poriles Weiler a/k/a "Oysterdiva" on

Another poor decision. Stop the bleeding!

Mel on

Nothing like be married and getting pregnant by someone else. Wishing that baby the best, it’s gonna need it.

klutzy_girl on

Holy crap, was not expecting this when I woke up!

Congratulations to them, I guess. Poor Khloe, though.

Anonymous on

poor kid…airhead for a mom and a jackass for a dad……

L on

Congrats for the baby is all.

Melissa on

Congrats! They seem very happy together. For all the people saying she is still married to someone else, yes she is but it is not her fault he won’t divorce her.

Mel on

I actually think they make a good couple in their own way.

Kayne seems to like the entire crazy/big family concept (he hasn’t been ‘right’ since his mom died) and I think Kim’s family will provide that for him.

You know Mama Kris is going to milk this baby! They should just name that child ATM.

Alaina on

I’m happy for them, what a beautiful baby he/she will be!

I do, however, wish it would’ve been Khloe who was expecting since Kim’s still legally married. Maybe this happened b/c Amber Rose- Kanye’s ex is expecting. Hmmm. But Kanye’s ex is also engaged.

Anonymous on

Just adding to the trend…. #TheFuckery

Lisa on

Khloe has got to be so annoyed!

KK on

Ugh. That poor kid. And how classy! Kim is now a “baby mama” just like countless other women who have kids with guys like him.

I feel bad for Khloe…she seems to be the most down-to-earth of the whole money-grubbing clan, and she’s been married to Lamar for awhile now and the article even quotes her “struggle” to get pregnant. (the article on the front page of Yahoo did, anyway) As someone who has been there, I definitely feel for Khloe…and I feel bad for Kim and Kanye’s kid, being born to parents like that. Good luck kiddo, you’re obviously gonna need it.

silly sara on

Khloe is no better. Shes just like kim they all wabt babies so they dont have to work! Their all whoes with no talent nor brains. These kids are just atms for them.

Kelli on

this will definitely be the most conceited baby ever!

Michelle on

That’s messed up to talk about an innocent child, unborn baby at that! No one knows on this site leaving comments knows them personally so atop talking about them. Don’t assume that child is domed or going to be conceited…. Kids change people sometimes and sometimes kids learn what NOT TO BE from their parents. Regardless, it’s not her fault she is still married, he won’t divorce her! She isn’t going cheating or killing someone like you all are making it out to be! You can’t believe everything you read in the news/tabloids, either! Every single one of you have made some extremely questionable mistakes or did things you regret but there isn’t a million people out there talking trash about you! What gives you the right to judge her especially as a mother!? Nothing! I guess you’re better than her. I’m sure it makes you feel better to talk about someone else… Whatever justifies it and makes you feel better, I guess!

Meep on

I am not the type of person who thinks that couples need to be married in order to have children BUT… being legally married to another man, while getting pregnant by someone else is just… wrong. In my opinion of course. I know it doesn’t mean much, and I’m not even a fan of these ladies, but from what I’ve read/seen, Khole deserves to become a mother before Kim (or even the other one who already has kids).

Kim on

congrats Kardashian’s, just another way to ring in the monies! Poor kid! I’m sure it will be filmed, every bit of it ๐Ÿ˜›

Candy on

Oh god here we go with another chapter to the unending Kardashian TV series.

Alexa on

“applaud for his baby mama”?

Wow, how classy.

Moira Smithe on

It’s just kind of gross that she’s banged so many guys and let’s some a-hole cream pie her while she’s legally married to another dude.

Natalia on

What’s gross is that you used the term “…cream pier her”

Brooke on


Seriously, this horrid human being is still married.

Crystal on

I used to be a HUGE Kardashian fan but now they bother me. Or more KIM bothers me. I can’t believe she is expecting a baby while still legally married to someone else. I know she was eager to start a family but this is ridiculous!

Kris won’t give her a divorce?? %&$# happens. Get the divorce out of the way. Focus on your relationship. THEN think about starting a family with your new guy.

I’m not saying she should get married again because she is twice divorced. I do think she rushed into this relationship too fast. Now, a poor innocent baby will be the product of this disaster. Like others said “good luck kid.” You’re going to need it.

Abbie on

I could care less about Kim K and Kanye, but when I saw this I felt bad for her sister Khloe knowing how much she has struggled to conceive with her hubby. I hope Khloe and Lamar are soon to follow.

Nicky on

Kim has been on the pill since the age of 14. She said it herself and her mother confirmed it. She made it clear that she didn’t want to have kids straight away with her previous partners because of her career. Even with kris. Yet unlike her other boyfriends/ husbands she meets kanye who happens to be richer and more famous than her and out goes the contraception and within months she’s pregnant. Kanye made his bed she laid in it now she has him for 18 years.

bbynewyear on

That is gonna be one ugly baby!!!

Thursday on

Lol,Kims a WHORE.I guess she finally decided to keep this one.Read between the lines all you want .No congrats from me.

Kanye can be an A**.but I do feel truly sorry for him.He’s now stuck with this money hungry, fame whore family(dude should’ve put something on it-stupid him).

Cue the baby related magazine deals,tv deals,and product endorsements.This family walks around drenched head to toe in designer duds.And people continue to buy their cheap crap and line this family’s pockets further.I hope kim doesn’t have a daughter and whore her out too.

kat on


Such hate….and for a baby and it’s mother! Get your ass back to the end of the jealousy line you wannabe!!!

Christy on

Babies have perfect timing no matter where their parents are in their own lives :)) Congratulations to the new family!! :)))

Romy on

what a horrible decision, and I’m sure it was a decision not an oops.

Leslie on

Get ready for the most over exposed celeb baby in the history of celeb babies. For Christ sakes this woman couldn’t even keep a kitten alive. Now she is having a baby?!?! My heart breaks for Khloe.

Rachel on

His face in that picture says it all… Lord help me.

Rachel on

Kanye, Kanye… Imma congratulate you on that baby and all that… but you picked the WORST girlfriend ever. The worst.

lola on

Really skanky dude. Knocked up by a man you’ve been dating for less time it actually takes to gestate and birth a baby while still married to another man. What a woman.

Niko on

If fatherhood doesn’t teach Kanye West much needed humility, nothing ever will.

Isabel on

That child will have the world’s largest ego.

Here’s to seeing how the clan milks this pregnancy for all it’s worth. I’m sure there will be a television show, book, clothing line, etc.

Niko on

I see what you did there, Rachel…LOL!

Stacey on


erica2 on

@ alaina you are right kanye knocked up Kim because his x amber rose is flaunting her pregnancy with wiz kahlifa but we cant forget that Kim is trying to compete with her one and only true love Reggie Bush who is expecting a baby with a nobody model that looks like a knock off version of kim…smh..I cant help but to feel sorry for khloe and Lamar hopefully she will get a visit from the stork in 2013

rachael on

My first thought when I heard this… really, is birth control not available for celebrities anymore, or do they choose not to use it? Babies are not puppies and require a lifetime of work, not saying they won’t take care of it, but I’ve never seen two so centered on themselves before.. I wish they all the best, lord knows this baby is going to need it.

jane on

18 years, 18 years…

Anonymous on

And on his 18th birthday found out it wasn’t his. Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger…

Anonymous on

Of course she got pregnant, Reggie Bush got some girl knocked up so now she has to get knocked up too. At least they have the money to raise it ๐Ÿ™‚

Elle on

Love it, Rachel. Lol!

Indira on

Ugh, he’s such a talented guy and she’s such a waste of space that’s famous for getting laid on camera. Theyre grown ups and can do what they want, i only hate that this will keep her in the limelight FOREVER because she’s now attached to one of the biggest stars of this generation. I just wanted Kim Kardashian to GO AWAY.

Rusty on

Breaking news! A still-married, over-exposed reality starlet desperate for her next 15 minutes of fame got knocked up by her douchebag boyfriend. Get ready for up to Peoples up to the minute “exclusives” with the Rapper and his Babymama.

I hope they have a healthy baby and are that they are happy together… but they can both go away.

celebsarah on

This baby has the potential for the largest mouth/butt combo on the planet. :/ Krappy idea.

Monica on

Honestly I’m not surprised. This is just another example of famous people (who are role models whether they like it or not) setting a bad example for our youth. How many celebrities just this year had a baby out of wedlock? Hello- JS is on to #2 within a year!! This is NOT what we should be teaching kids that is ok.

Someone's Mommy on

Geez Liz- what a horrible, horrible think to say. Can you imagine if you were pregnant and someone said that about you? How terrible.

Anonymous on

Monica- It’s not just celebrities. Probably well over half of the children born nowadays are born to parents who aren’t married. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s reality.

Also, I think it’s a bit premature to say that Jessica is about to have her second child out of wedlock. For all we know, she and Eric will get married before the birth, and thus the baby will be born within wedlock!

Anyway, congrats to Kim and Kanye!

Annie on

Actually, Jessica said she was going to wait till sometime AFTER this baby was born to get married. And I can’t imagine why you would think it’s suddenly important to her marry before she gives birth this time when it was not important the first time she brought a child into the world. Im just being “realistic” right now and pretending like marriage is important to Jessica is not.

Anonymous on

Also wanted to say that, I, too feel bad for Khloe and Lamar (and yes, I realize that Lamar already has two kids, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that struggling to have a baby with Khloe is any easier on him than it is on her! In my opinion, he deserves just as much love and support as she does!).

My hope is that they will soon be blessed as well. They more than deserve it!

Anonymous on

liz- What an incredibly mean thing to say! You’d better hope that karma doesn’t come back and bite you on the a*& someday!

Vanessa on

The poor child. It’ll be nothing but a fashion accessory and raised by nannies when they aren’t pimping him/her out.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Too bad that baby can’t run away from home before it’s born.

ecl on

None of you has any idea of what kind of parent she will be. Nicole Ritchie drove the wrong way on the freeway while high just before getting pregnant, yet everyone thinks she is a saint these days.

Plus, Kim comes from a very tight knit family. She may very well prioritize her child. Certainly Kourtney doesn’t appear to be a bad mom, although again, how would we really know?

ABM on

All of you with your negative comments, have a seat & find something better to do with your time, besides talk down on others you all have no clue what THEIR going to do or how THEY will care for THEIR child. K?k.

Anonymous on

ecl- I couldn’t agree more (except for the thinking that being proud of someone for seemingly turning their life around for the better overnight upon becoming pregnant for the first time equals thinking they’re a saint, that is!)!

In fact, I was just going to say the exact same thing about the Karadashians seeming to be a very tight knit clan. They seem to take the “it takes a village” approach to raising Mason and Penelope, and I doubt it will be any different with this baby!

Certainly a nanny may be in the picture, but I doubt she’ll be doing much if the proud grandparents, aunties, and uncle have anything to say about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

Getting pregnant while married to someone else is THE definition of a trashy whore.
None of these Kardashian’s seem to have an ounce of common sense. Guarantee they will be split up before this baby is even born. Some people are not cut out to be mothers and Kim Kardashian is one of them, without a doubt!

theadventourousfoodie79 on

I don’t necessarily agree that it’s tacky for her to get pregnant out of wedlock but I do think it’s somewhat tacky to be getting pregnant while she’s married to someone else and having Kanye ask for applause for his “baby mama”.

I do hope that she at least had the decency to tell Khloe first that way it wouldn’t come as a shock and seriously,what exactly is Khloe supposed to say,”I’m angry because my husband and I have been trying for years and my sisters get knocked up at the blink of an eye.” I figured it wouldn’t be long before Kim would be pregnant after she started talking about freezing her eggs and all. I’m personally surprised she waited that damn long. I half expected her to announce she was pregnant in that whole mess.

To me the bigger thing here is not that she’s pregnant and unmarried it’s that she and her sister,Kourtney,seem to be content to get pregnant by guys who are total jerks. Scott has shown time and time again that he only is focused upon himself and how much attention he can get via his “baby mama” and his kids and Kanye has proven he views Kim as nothing but a “blank slate” he can mold into whatever form he wants her to take.

I sort of wonder how he’s going to deal with his child being shoved down the media’s throat but seeing as he and Kim like nothing better then appearing on E! News and every other gossip show on the planet this child is going to have less privacy then celebs twice his or her age.

merry on

Wishing someone a miscarriage is really sick.


Liz: What a horrible thing to day :O Every lightbulb is brighter than Kim Kardashian, BUT I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!!!!

acg on

i know kim’s a fame whore and kanye a bit of a jerk, but still good for them, except for being called a baby mama, just doesn’t sound right to me. And while it’s sad for khloe to have a hard time trying to have a baby, that doesn’t mean kim can’t have one before her. Should everyone in khloes family who wants kids, not have them, just because it has been hard for her? no. Im sure khloes is happy as with the news.

NotInterested on

What kind of world have we become….when the breaking news is whats going on in Kim Kardashians uterus. Who really cares? She received fame and fortune for being a porn star….her baby daddy received fame and fortune for being an a**hole. Really… how about some real journalism/? Following stories that change humanity….

Dahlia on

I hope she has a miscarriage too, for the child’s sake. The world really doesn’t need anymore babies, and if new ones are going to be born, they should be born to good parents. There’s no shortage of low-class people around.

And for the people offended by the miscarriage comments- so what? If someone wished that I’d have a miscarriage, I wouldn’t care. She’s very early on in her pregnancy, early enough for an abortion which there is nothing wrong with, therefore she’s early enough for a miscarriage without it being tragic.

Amanda K on

Wow. He must have much lower self esteem than everyone thought. Most guys with respect wouldn’t be having a kid with a woman who has a sex tape

Donna on

We are talking about an innocent baby here. Some of you people are just sick.

As for the parents, well, the jury is out. They are each rather disgusting in their own way. If Kim uses her mom as a role model for motherhood, God help her. Kanye needs to keep his lip zipped or at least think before he speaks. It’s good practice for being a dad.

Lisa on

Wow Dahlia… apparently there’s no shortage on heartless bitches either.

Anonymous on

Dahlia- “Sheโ€™s very early on in her pregnancy, early enough for an abortion which there is nothing wrong with, therefore sheโ€™s early enough for a miscarriage without it being tragic.”

If that’s truly how you feel, then I sincerely hope you never have kids! I also hope that if any of your friends or relatives ever miscarries, they don’t look to you for support!

A miscarriage is tragic no matter how early on you have it! As my mother, who’s had two first trimester miscarriages (and had to endure more than a few “Well, at least you weren’t that far along,” comments after each one), put it, “It doesn’t matter if you were only pregnant for a few months. It was a child to you, and it’s hard”.

Not only that, but for some couples (including my parents, whose first miscarriage came after several years of battling infertility), a miscarriage packs a double-punch: They have to deal with losing a child AND with the fact that they may never concieve again.

It’s one thing to FEEL a certain way, but there are some things that you just don’t say!

604alovehaterelationship on

The Kardashians continue to keep it classy. You would think she might have been able to control herself until she got divorced.

Who would expect anything more from Kanye?


Meh on

Wishing a miscarriage, what kind of sick life do you live woman where that is acceptable? I’m sure you’re one of those people who get arrested for threatening celebs, aren’t you? Get a life Dahlia.

Congrats to Kim and Kanye. I’m sure the baby will be gorgeous.

nicola on

Everybody on here is talking about kim and kanye congrats to them both a baby is a blessing nobody on here know these people personal y’all only read about these people n not everything you read is true,granted how she became famous to me she is a smart business woman and just because she is still legally married its not her fault if he don’t want to give her a divorce that means she is suppose to put her life on hold,and everybody is forgetting she has known kayne for 11 years she didn’t just meet him and they having a baby these r two people that has been friends for years,am happy she finally found someone to make her happy and not trying to use her

Anonymous on

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and believe me it is TRAGIC AT ANY STAGE!!!! That is sick wishing that on someone!!! I wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy!!!

Cris on

@Dahlia. Your mother should have miscarried you.

Tam on

Maybe Kanye will rap about something other than his ego. Congrats to them.

erilynne on

I know you can’t stop surprises happening but maybe she should have tried to at least wait till she was divorced to get pregnant….and being called a baby mama is so ick.

I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashian’s but I feel bad for Khloe. Her & her husband have been trying but difficulty having a baby and now this. Must be tough. Kind of ironic how she’s the only one actually married and doesn’t have kids but the other two aren’t and will both have babies soon.

Beth Miller-Watkins on

Doesn’t anyone get married and then get pregnant anymore? Couldn’t she get her 2nd marrige tee-totally ended before getting pregnant? I would be happy if it was Kloe and Lamar announcing, seems they are the only two that have any brains and sense!

Dahlia on

Lol, typical answers from the offended people. I just had the courage to say what most people were already thinking. If anyone on this planet really needs a miscarriage, its Kim. Nothing wrong with saying the truth.

A. on

Awww congrats! Such wonderful news that this dirty whore (and adulterous one since she is still LEGALLY married) is going to have a bastard child with her jackass boyfriend!

freya on


Sarah on

Their baby is going to be beautiful!! Congrats Kim and Kanye!!!

Sarah on

In response to Freya, Kim is a genius businesswoman! She made money off her brand, herself. Good for her! She obviously has a lot of people who are fans of her including myself, a family who loves her, a man who loves her, and a beautiful baby on the way, plus lots of money. Maybe you are a bit jealous because you may lack those things! No reason to hate people who have money and are happy!

Anonymous on

I dont see anything wrong with Dahlia said. Millions and millions of fetuses are aborted at this stage of pregnancy. Most of you saying its sick are pro life and/or moms.

Anonymous on

Annie- No, Jessica said when she was pregnant with MAXWELL that she was going to wait until after she gave birth to get married. She hasn’t said anything one way or the other until waiting until this baby is born!

Also, her sister Ashlee rushed to tie the knot with her baby’s father when she became pregnant, and we see how well that worked! Getting married simply because you’re pregnant is almost never a good idea!

Anonymous- (the one who agreed with Dahlia and probably IS Dahlia) So if you got pregnant and had miscarried in the first trimester, you wouldn’t be sad and mourn the baby that you lost? If so, then I hope you never have children because obviously you don’t really like or want them!

Anonymous on

Also, Dahlia and annoynomus, plenty of people abort babies in the second and even third trimester, too. So does that mean you guys think that a spontaneous loss at that point isn’t tragic, either?

Anonymous on

One last thing, anonymous. After re-reading your comment, I think you may have mis-understood what people are saying in reply to dahlia. As far as I can tell, no one is trying to say that what Dahlia said about people getting abortions in early pregnancy is sick (that doesn’t mean that some of us aren’t THINKING that, though!).

We’re saying that her wishing a MISCARRIAGE on someone is sick!

Anonymous on

Amanda K.- And what’s wrong with making a sex tape? While I would never do it myself, I have never gotten what’s wrong about videotaping yourself being intimate with the person you love.

What you SHOULDN’T do is share it with the public, but from what I’ve read, Kim and Ray J. didn’t intend to. It got stolen from them, I believe.

Meh on

I’m pro choice and I am not a mother, Anonymous and u still feel what Dahlia said was wrong.

Kristina on

I already have a feeling this is going to be the most annoyingly publicized pregnancy ever. It is also kinda sad that these two idiots are procreating. I really wish it was Khloe and Lamar instead.

Anonymous on

Abortions and miscarriages are both basically the ending of a pregnancy. Its not even a baby yet. Its a ball of cells that is separating and has the potential to be a baby. If Dahlia had said she wished for a still birth, an unhealthy child, or for the baby to die crib death or hit by a car as a toddler then yea thats messed up…..but really, its not a baby yet at this stage. A miscarriage or abortion at this stage are common.

kat on

Just what the world needed…KK and KW procreating…! LOL


This won’t last long. I just can’t see it. I hope Chloe and her husband will be able to have a baby soon.

jere on

This is the most disgusting piece of news to be published this new year! Why they are announcing it is a mystery. They should be hiding this news. HOW much more immoral can either of them get???? As if we don’t have enough biracial children already that do not know which race they fit into! Damn crazy to do this to a baby. God help him. An illiterate mother and father surely will not help the problems waiting for this baby. GAG! It is sickening.

jere on

Gee! but he is ugly! And she is totally illiterate! She cannot even put a correct sentence together. What a sad day!

She is immorality at its highest peak.

MWM on

I cannot believe that this is top news on stations. First of all, it is a shame that many stars think it is fine to have children out of wedlock. I am not a prude by no means, however many kids look up to stars, and this is the example they set? Secondly, isn’t she still Mrs. Humphries? Nice example of good morals. Finally, Kris Jenner, you may be thrilled to be a grandmother again….but come on, be a little bit more lowkeyed1 Pardon me for being so bold, your kids are having bastard children…well most of them anyway! Grow up!

Greg Lowe on

These two literally make me want to vomit.

No one on

How come people have so much hate? Ya’ll know them personally? Didn’t think so…gosh people can be so spiteful. I, for one, do watch her TV shows and think he’s an amazing musicion (despite his actions in the past). Maybe she doesn’t portray as the biggest genius in the show but so what? I’m not from the US and always thought that Americans are so liberal…ya’ll just proved me wrong..who cares if she’s married? She’s been trying to divorce that tool for how long? And besides..if she wants to have sex or dress provocativaly…it’s her damn right! Damn…if she was a guy, you people would be just cheering him on..well, what can be known is that they’ve known each other for years before this relationship so I’m not surprised at all they would be happy to “reproduce”. Ahhh people make me so disappointed..what did she do to you all? If you don’t like her, switch off the damn TV!!!! It’s all of us who watch her that make her more money…so blame yourselves! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the family…they’re dramatic and weird but entertaiment is something they know..please guys…go have a life if this upsets you all so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just amused..

A&W on

This saddens me. My husband and I have been struggling to conceive and THEY are expecting?! Amazing that selfish famewhores can have children and we can’t.

Shelly on

These people live foolishly in the eyes of the world because they want to! They are a joke to me! Neither of these individuals have any regard for no one but themselves. I am truly annoyed by their ignorance and foolishness. What I Luv about Humphries is he & his family love the Lord and he does not allow this mess to get in his way of doing what is right!

J on

So her going through all that effort to freeze eggs and get Khloe all riled up again about possible fertility issues was just for the show then?

J on

Oh good Lord, enough with the comparing immature pregnant celebs to Nicole Ritchie.

J on

Hey No One (Jan 6th), the same can be said for you about going and getting a life after the novel of a comment you wrote…

kelly on

i hope the pregnancy goes through smoothly and safely. but……kanye, you may have to rely on the Lord alone at this point, because i’ve just got this funny feeling that there are going to be some HUGE regrets in the future because you will realise that you misjudged this woman for who she truly is and what she’s truly worth. and only the Lord will get you through those disappointments that are sure to arise, due to the relationship you’re in, brother. i hope khloe gets blessed with a child in 2013 as well.

Sue on

Kim had her “wedding of the year” and made a reference it was going to “Upstage Kate Middleton’s”. Now Kate announces she is prgnant, now Kimbo Bimbo announces hers. I am 100% convinced Kim thinks she is a princess, and is “competing” with a very classy lady that Kim can’t hold a candle to, let alone ANY respect or morals. KIm, YOU ARE NOT ROYALTY and never ever will be anything as classy as Kate is. EVER.

Tally on

I could care less. I hope she stays out of the limelight for good

Hooty on

“First” child? How many are they planning to have? They could name it… KKK. LOL!

Chelle on

Way to go to all the media for glorifying not only the UNWED pregnancy BUT also promoting it’s alright for a still legally married woman to get herself knocked up. I’m very disappointed that PEOPLE would not try to be better sensitive to morality issues. But you were there to make sure to profit from this no-talent TRAMP with no morals.

Anonymous on

everyone has a unplanned child its called life

tazarinie on

they’re both losers

Anonymous on

why does he always look so discusted always has a nasty look on his face.

Paul Lemmon on

How awesome! the 2 most untalented nothings in the entertainment industry are about to give birth to a child, the super-untalented likes of which the planet has never witnessed. appropriately, the result of this pop culture apocalypse will most likely be covered with helicopters and 24/7 news coverage.

Shame on us.

Sally on


nowitall on

I could give a rats a** about either of them. I’m just sick of all the media attention they’re getting. It’s just rediculous!!

sophie on

Omg I wish it was kloe instead

hate drama on

Why is every one so I happy when they don’t even know them or their family. Good luck Kim your in my prayers.

jessie on

I feel like Kris Humpries deserves the annulment. Congrats to Kimye but they really did make a fool out of that guy. He deserves to make a fool out of her and get an annulment. That way he can marry someone who actually loves and wants to be with him.