Mini Must-Have: Estela Monteverde’s Colorful Doll Carrier

12/29/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

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After stocking up on stylish finds with mom Ali Landry at The Children’s Place Dec. 5, Estela Ines strolled out toting some precious cargo of her own.

With her LIV Ostrich purse and plush penguin pal in hand, the adorable 5-year-old kept her baby doll cuddled close in a printed pint-size carrier while walking back to the car.

After basking in her cuteness, we couldn’t help but notice that Estela’s babywearing gear looked very familiar.

Turns out she’s rocking the Ergobaby Doll Carrier in Mystic Purple ($25), a mini version of the brand’s grown-up carriers.

And just like the adult collection, they come in four fun colors and can be worn in the front or back.

— Anya Leon

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ava on

She is so cute!!

Anonymous on

I’m all about little kids and she is adorable, however I feel like we’re going backwards in time. What are we teaching our kids as far as gender roles when we start giving them baby carriers at such a young age? Yeah, it’s so precious…seriously…and we wonder why shows like Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant are so popular.

twk on

Anonymous lots of children (boys and girls) naturally have in interest in babies and playing house at this age. You have no earthly idea if she also likes to build and construct things with legos and blocks. She has a baby brother that I am guessing she saw her mother saw her doing the exact same thing. It’s human nature. If we are going get rid of any toys that have gender roles attached to them what will be left?

Amy on

Children learn by mimicking the adults in their life. Especially if they are the first born child like she is. Her mother just had a baby last year and she is role playing.

This is not rocket science…

Anonymous on

almost every little girl and boy love to play mommy and daddy and they have these carriers in other colors too. Its called pre-tend play and if you have problems with anything, it should be with little kids playing violent video games rather then pretend play

Amy on

In response to the 1st Anonymous post regarding this being the reason for 16 and pregnant/Teen Mom: That is complete hog wash. Its easy to point the finger on teen pregnancy but in reality the real reason for teen pregnancy is an unstable home life, not being educated properly (shocker – it may be the parents fault) among other circumstances. It most certainly is NOT because little girls like to play with baby dolls. I can speak from experience on this. I LOVED baby dolls, all the way up to 8th grade, yet here I sit a responsible 26 year old without any children. How can that be you ask? Maybe because my parents and Sex Ed teacher actually taught me the importance of protection and waiting until you can financially support the child. Or it could have been because I didn’t have a doll carrier. Yeah, thats probably it.

Brit on

My daughters have that carrier in the hawaiian print- so it’s a few years old. It is super cute and both girls ( 6 and 1) love carrying it. The only downside is there are no shoulder clips, so if your child has narrow shoulders or is under the age of four, the straps will keep falling down. We usually end up tying a piece of ribbon around them in the back to keep them up. Ergo may have changed this, but I thought I would share. 🙂

whatever on

$25 for a doll carrier!? Most people can not afford an actual baby carrier for that price. Give me a break.

Why don’t you create one on your own with fabric, glue, tape?