Gerard Piqué Pulls Prank Over Shakira’s Baby News

12/28/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Gerard Pique Pulls Prank Over Shakira's Baby News

Hold off on the congratulations — at least for now.

News and social media sites lit up on Thursday after Shakira‘s boyfriend, FC Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué, posted a message on Twitter, announcing the arrival of their baby boy.

“”Our son has been born!” he wrote in Spanish. “We’re very happy! Thank you all for your messages!”

But the baby buzz was short-lived after the father-to-be’s fan following started calling out the coincidental timing of it all — Dec. 28 is Dia de Los Santos Inocentes in Spain and parts of Latin America, a holiday much like April Fools’ Day.

And all bets on baby’s birth were officially off when Piqué confessed to his prank with a follow-up message Friday morning.

“He has a name! His name is Innocence!” he Tweeted. “Happy Day of the Innocents to everyone!”

— Aaron Parsley and Anya Leon

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Mandy on

That’s cute! Wishing them the best of luck when their baby does decide to make an entrance!

Swer on

Lame prank

Anonymous on

Very lame

Ava on

So funny, I forgot to laugh.

Emily on

There isn’t a confused face up there lol

Veronica Lloyd on

Very funny!! Ha Ha Hee Hee HoHo

prince'smom on

haha feliz dia de los santos inocentes!!!

Just My Opinion on

Good one!

joyce on

Not something to joke about…Now when you have your child we will only believe it when we see it.

dweeb on

It was stupid and immature. Get over your jealous self joyce.

Lenjkel on

Personally I thought when you are about to become a parent your supposed to be growing up and being the adult!!!! I do hope he grows up before the baby actually does arrive or all I can say is lord help them all!!!!

kim on


sad on

what a jerk!!

Anonymous on

Omg please people….it was a joke, like none of u have ever played a april fools joke!! Its not like he joked about her having a miscarriage or something cruel like that!

kbdil1 on

All you commenting need to lightin up. It was a joke. My husband did the same thing when I was pg with our 2nd on April Fool’s Day in 2010. It was funny and even funnier when I actually went into labor the next day.

Riley on

So basically he was just very early with the news lol

Mallory on

Joyce I’m gonna take a guess that they don’t care if some stranger in America cares about their baby at all

sookie on


RKF on

I don’t find that amusing at all. If, God forbid, something happened to Shakira’s baby before birth (or during, or after), it wouldn’t be so funny, now would it? Jerk.

goodkarma on

amazing what some people think is funny…..

Anonymous on

I think you are all the ones who have to grow the f*ck up, not him. You don’t know how to read? Today in Spain is el Día de los Inocentes, which is the equivalent to a April Fool’s Day in other countries. You are supposed to make jokes!!!

just me on


Jazz on

He’s such a jokester but its really not funny. Its not right to joke aout things like that, so many people actually believed it and many internet sites announced that lie. Lame.

Veronica Lloyd on

Who gives a rats ass Jazz?

emma on


aL on

Stick to soccer dude & give up comedy.

Maria on

Not funny at all….Shouldn’t lie…I mean kid about your baby being born-Bad Karma Dude!

Todd Roberts on

It would mean something if anyone really cared, and why should we?

Todd Roberts on

Who really cares if they did have a baby? It’s not like it’s a friend or relative, just an athlete and celebrity that you’ll never know.

Anonymous on

Seriously, people maybe they want to have the day the baby arrives to be a few hours of happiness just for them and their family, before the media gets a hold of the news.

dweeb on

He could of said it was dead. There are worse “pranks” out there. It’s stupid and immature…

Jazz on

He’s jokester but its really not funny. Its not funny to lie about things like that, he really fooled lots of people with that lie and many internet sites were posting the news of the alledged birth. Not cool.

Randi on

Are you saying a gossip site has never reported lies before? That’s all they do!

Randi on

What I find funny is that some people are so upset about something that doesn’t involve them! It’s a JOKE! And I say if something happened tithe hold he would look like an idiot, come on! You are all upset because you fell for it! And as for the Internet sites posting the news that was a lie, Duh! What the hell are gossip sites for? Being on you should be aware. We all know not everything they have ever posted was true, and half the time is comes from them! Get over it!

Jazz on

Not only did he fool lots of people intentionally, but it can be dangerous to be joking about something so serious like that. It really isnt funny.

Goolll on

Wow…people need to relax. It was a joke. You will have a hard time being a parent if you have no sense of humor.

Katie on

Terrible.. Really lame like everyone else said. Wasn’t funny.

Yeah, I said it on

That’s gay. Really.

kate on


Anonymous on

Jazz- How is joking about something like that dangerous? Who does it hurt?

Anonymous on

Todd Roberts- In my opinion, a new life coming into the world is always something to celebrate! 🙂

Jazz on

Anonymous–It could be dangerous or hurtful cause it could be bad karma for them.

dweeb on

Not bad karma! Noooooooo…anything but that! Was it bad karma to tell my mum I have a tattoo when I actually don’t????

Kat on

Punk azz move

ch on

that’s right ava!! oops I did not laugh.

shieroc on

I don’t think pranks like that are funny. They both have fans who wish them and their unborn child the best and this is misleading to them. Not funny.

J Dupuir on

With this kind of joke we realize this guy is a loser and a jerk.
Bad, bad, bad, taste.

Kim on

Violence is something to be upset about. Not this, a stupid joke, maybe not in the best taste, but seriously people…outrage??? Not worth it… Could be spent on other issues…

dweeb on

Yup…a bunch of touchy morons…

meghan on

You people are a bunch of idiots.

shannon on

The joke was stupid, but those pink sneakers he is wearing in the pic are truly hysterical.

Anonymous on

This is not funny, bad to be joking bout something serious like the birth of your own chid

Anonymous on

Haha, check out all the angry hyper-sensitive folks that got the wool pulled over their eyes. Good one, Gerard. lmao

Veronica Lloyd on

People Magazine : Stop beating a dead horse . Enough Already!!! Let it go !!

Anonymous on

Veronica Lloyd- How are they beating a dead horse? They posted about the prank ONCE!