Ryan Murphy Welcomes Son Logan Phineas

12/26/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Welcomes Son Logan Phineas
Christopher Polk/Getty

Ryan Murphy is shouting out with Glee!

The show’s creator and his husband, photographer David Miller, welcomed their first child — a boy! — on Monday, Dec. 24, E! News reports.

Son Logan Phineas Miller Murphy arrived at 9:47 a.m., weighing 6 lbs., 6 oz and measuring 21 inches long.

Sharing that Christmas came a bit early for the couple, the proud new papas sent out a birth announcement to family and friends that included a sweet snapshot of their son inside a festive stocking.

In October Murphy, 47, hinted at pending parenthood, telling The Hollywood Reporter he was hoping to start a family soon.

“I think I’ll be incredibly fun and overwhelmed and all about manners,” he said. “I’m excited to have somebody or something come in and say: ‘Really? I don’t care what you think. I’m going to do what I want.'”

In addition to Glee, Murphy is also the mastermind behind The New Normal and American Horror Story.

– Anya Leon

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tomfoolkitten on

now the question is: are David and Bryan going to be calling their son Logan on The New Normal? 😉

Kevin on

That makes no sense tom fool. If you’re going to try being funny, you might try actually having a joke to play.

guest on

Tom- great question! love that show

Kevin on

Congratulations to all three lucky guys!

Pnut on

Great news, and a great name.

Kaylin on

What wonderful news! I’m sure that little boy will be adored and cherishes.

GleefulNews on

I love Ryan Murphy and have so much respect for him because of the opportunities he has presented for so many talented young singer/actors! Congratulations to him and his husband on the arrival of their new son, Logan! What a wonderful Christmas blessing!

Leslie on

Whose sperm did they use? So its technically only one of theirs. How about the egg? Random, right? Sick people. Obviously it doesnt work naturally this way, but people want to live their way, not the way thet were creayed to live. God’s wrath is coming people, stop asking why why why.

American Mom on

So true Leslie. This is NOT normal and it is right. No hate, just truth telling in love. The corruption of the traditional family leads to all sorts of problems in society. It will only get worse and worse. Our country needs to return to God.

Kevin on

You people with your presumptions of what God wants. Did you miss the parts of the Bible that recall how polygamy was a “normal” way of life? How about the sections where Jesus said to pick out the plank in your own eye before pointing out the speck in another’s? “Truth in love?” American Mom, you are a homophobic, ignorant woman who shouldn’t have the authority to make a bologna sandwich, let alone decide what is “right,” “normal,” or God’s plan.

Emily on

You’re right Leslie! People should be judgmental jerks instead and pretend they’re straight to make you happy. If god existed, I’m sure he would prefer that his followers would treat other people like monsters instead of demanding that they love one another despite their differences.

Meg kite on

If you read the bible, God’s message is all about love, especially if you adhere to the New Testament, which as a Christian you should. God creates ALL love. As such, it cannot be a mistake. Judge not lest yee shall be judged. Or did your hate filled mind choose to skip that during religion class.

From a devout Catholic, congratulations To Ryan and his partner on their beautiful blessing. May he be raised knowing what all children should, love.

Love on

You can’t be a devout catholic and agree with this, Meg.

Jimmy on

All of you who are saying this is sick, think about this… how many heterosexuals create a kid by mistake, then just leave it in a dumpster somewhere? This baby was created because these parents actually wanted this baby!! So please take your bible thumping, holier than thou attitudes and shove them!!


To leslie and the american mom F.U. on your go back to god thing or god wrath whatever people are people I believe in equality for everyone gay or straight…I’m pro-gays for everything oh and pro-choice too…you still going to tell me go find god?

JQ on

You know, I’m not sure what I think of gay marriage and the children involved. However I’m glad that Leslie felt she could speak up about her beliefs because nowadays everything is so PC God forbid you hold a different opinion and dare to voice it…

Becky on

I haven’t ever seen Glee, but congrats on the new son..Love the name..

Lynne on


klutzy_girl on

Awesome news! Love the name. Congratulations to them!

Can’t wait until AHS returns from hiatus.

Just My Opinion on

Sick, Sick, Sick!!!

Just My Opinion on

Who’s the wife?

Denise on

Leslie: You’re incredibly stupid. It’s not about the sperm, its about raising the child as your own. For someone who seems to fear God so much, you sure are mean. You’re the one who will feel his wrath.

randi on

Thank you, Denise! I agree!

Donna on

You know, just because he says its the new normal doesn’t make it normal. Its different. Just like having 2 heads is different.

Sally on

Leslie, if you nut jobs spent less time talking about how god’s wrath is going to rain down at any moment and spent more time actually helping people as Jesus would have done maybe more people wouldn’t immediately roll their eyes at you. As the child of a gay parent I can promise you that I don’t have two heads or run around public naked just because I have two moms.

Mom of two on

Wow Lynne and Leslie, how about just saying congratulations to two people who are obviously thrilled to welcome a new person into the world, have the ability to love and support that child and bring it up to be a decent person… something your parents have failed at… People in glass houses….

Aidan on

Funny how after the child of two members of the lgbt community is born, everyone automatically assumed the child is a boy by looking between it’s legs.

JQ on

That’s usually how it’s done…sorry but the vast majority of people’s gender identity coincides with their genitals…hello just a fact…

Nikki on

So happy for them! And for those who only have nasty things to say about a precious new life, maybe you should just say nothing at all.

natalia on

re: Leslie
“Whose sperm did they use? So its technically only one of theirs. How about the egg? Random, right? Sick people. Obviously it doesnt work naturally this way, but people want to live their way, not the way thet were creayed to live. God’s wrath is coming people, stop asking why why why.”

You are the sick one lady. Family and parenthood is all about love and cherishing a child no matter who the biological parents are. If your narrow version of what is correct is man+wife=children and everything else angers God… then you have never understood Jesus’ message.

jane tyler on

Ha, ha, ha…Denise…way to tell off!

Sandra on

Denise: Well put!

Congrats to the happy couple – I am sure they will make great parents. Love the name Logan.

BL on

Wonderful news!

DaisyMoon on

Hands down, best written show on television…
“The New Normal”…

(Love the baby’s name)

Donna on

This is wrong for so many reasons……so sad for the children involved.

kh in sj on

What’s so sad and wrong about being loved and wanted by two talented, intelligent, loving parents?

K on

Of course the randoms all come out saying negative things. Congrats Ryan!

Krista on

Some of these comments are sad and pathetic. Congrats to the happy couple!!!!

Tara on

Hey crazies, get over yourselves. While I have enjoyed your comical interpretations of what God thinks, I think that will be just about enough. Have your forgotten that your God made us all in his image? That being said, it seems that if you have anyone to be mad at, it’s Him. For now, please take your misguided, judgemental, homophobic anger someplace else. Isn’t there a Fox News special you’re missing or something? Go away.

Anonymous on


Showbizmom on

Congrats to the two happy Dads!

Fact: 1. Married heterosexual gal with three kids.
2. College educated with a BS and MBA.
3. Pretty awesome job where I make enough money to afford my kids some luxuries.
4. Blessed beyond anything I could have ever foreseen.
5. Happily in love with the same man since I was 20.
6. Believe in a higher power I call God some call him or her other names but whatever.
7. Never sexually, mentally or physically abused.
8. Normal upbringing,
9. I have TWO (2) DADS whom I LOVE more then anything!
10. Never felt abnormal, deprived, or embarrassed by my parents.
11. Okay, I lied. I have been embarrassed by my fathers. You would be too if your dad showed up to school blasting ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ in a very sad look Delorean knock off.
12. Don’t feel sorry for me or my siblings, we’re just fine. Happy New Years!

Erika on

It was nice reading all your facts Showbizmom! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Number 11 made me laugh out loud!

Lilyflower on

@showbizmom- as the daughter of a gay man your comment made me smile. Well said! I too grew up happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Congrats to the happy couple!

Jimmy on

Showbiz mom,

Thank you for saying all this!! Yes I would be embarrassed by number 11 to!!

Yupisaidit on

Sad, sad, sad. These guys may love their child (which is great), BUT this is disgusting! I’m so sick of same sex this and that. If you wanted a child, then you do what is NATURAL! Get a WIFE and have one.

Nicole on

The only thing disgusting here is you and your judgmental views. If you are going to interpret what the bible says, mak sure you interpret EVERYTHING. have you read the bibles view of women lately? Good luck with that.

Jimmy on

Hey Yupisaidit,

You are so sick of same sex this and that, yet YOU made the decision to click on the article and read it!!

Kara on

I agree with American mom and the others disgusted by this.


The Bible says people will reap what they sow and that God will not be mocked. His design and plan is one man, one woman.

Sorry people disagree but that’s a fact. Call me ignorant or any thing else, but I’ll never believe otherwise.

joan on

Man, there are some stupid in this world.

“what god wants?” evidently, you haven’t read the entire bible, where a man could have multiple wives and it was forbidden to eat seafood or wear polyester.

“a normal family” – what about divorced parents, widowed parents or those single people who adopt? A man and a woman doesn’t necessarily make a family – LOVE makes a family.

And before you start criticizing gay parents again – who raises gay people? They usually come from two straight parents – aint that a hoot?

Gay people have been around FOREVER people. Stop acting like its new.

Rachael on

For the love of God, stop trying to inflict yours on others!

For pretending to Christian, some of you bitches sure are judgmental and hateful of anything that doesn’t fit your narrow view!

gilda on

My my my. What a judgmental and self-righteous world we live in. Personally, I don’t think it matters who marries who. I think the REAL message is To. Love. It doesn’t matter if it’s same sex or not. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. So love while you can, and enjoy the experience. It will enrich your higher self in the long run. And congrats to the new family!

krystle on

I find it ironic that the title of this blog is called “moms and babies”…….so who’s the mom, him or his “husband’?

Isabel on

Leslie, maybe your God should focus on all the child molesters in his houses of worship before judging a loving family.

Erin on

All of you so-called “Christians” need to step back and look at your own lives and actions before throwing out nasty, rude, and uncalled for comments at Ryan Murphy and other homosexual couples.

As a Christian, you are supposed to accept people for who they are and not judge – so why are you judging others? Are you without sin? Is your life perfect? I sincerely doubt so. Just because someone doesn’t live their life the way YOU believe life should be lived, doesn’t give you the right to degrade them, call them names and the like. They are human beings, too, you know.

Now that I’m done with my soapbox, I’d like to congratulate Ryan and David on their new addition!

melanie on

Beautiful news- congrats to the happy couple!

Erika on

How awesome! Congrats to the both of them!

julianna on

Cute name! Congratulations to RM even though I don’t like him.

jessicad on

I’m so happy for them, they deserve it! I recently started watching Glee and it’s truly amazing how he incorporates so many different types of people into the show, I love it. I believe the more people see diversity the easier it will be to accept and love.

I say this constantly, but you people claiming to know what God wants or claim wrath is coming…didn’t God give them this baby? Children are a blessing from God right? Your argument makes no sense, and I’m really starting to think some of you who are so disgusted by this are actually gay and angry that you don’t have the guts to live your life the way you want so you take it out on others who do.

Sami on

Just My Opinion, Lynne and Leslie need to realize it’s just like anyone else welcoming a baby!!!!!!! Congrats Ryan and David!!!!!

Mallory on

doesn’t God say DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS?? What’s wrong is people like all you “God fearing” people I’m not a religious person but it’s because of this it’s my understanding that God’s good and humble and believes in love and tolerance if that’s the truth then there’s nothing to FEAR about Him.

Blankita on

I don’t care about the Bible mambo jambo but I just feel sad about a baby being raised without the kind of love only a nurturing mother can provide. There are gay men out there who feel the same… I am breastfeeding my months old as I write. With that being said, all the best to both dads!

Kat27 on

Ryan Murphy is a genius! Congratulations to the whole family. Baby Logan is blessed to be in a family with two people who will love and support him. I pray he grows up to be more open-minded and loving than some of these GAYTERS who are posting. Love is all we need

melissajean0 on

Did you bashers know that there are missing parts of the Bible that refer to Jesus and a man he brought back to life that are homoerotic? They we’re taken out of the Bible and found later. Adam and Eve weren’t the first man and woman. Adam and Lilith were. Don’t believe me? Why was Lilith referenced later. Stop bashing people for the way they love. You’re no better. And I’m not wrong, I’m educated. I suggest you educate yourself better before referencing God and Jesus.

shannon on

I am not about to go on a bible thumping rant like some, but i will honestly say this makes me very uncomfortable. I just hope they are good to the baby, and good to each other.

Hea on

So many harsh and hard people on this site. I hope none of you consider yourselves “good christians” or whatever because you can hardly be good if you call people disgusting and wrong.

Margaret Leonardi on

Congratulations to them! As long as a baby has 2 parents who love him/her, who cares if they are different sexes or the same sex. If they are happy, leave them alone. Wishing them all the best.

JJ on

Congratualtions to Ryan and his husband. There is nothing greater than seeing a child born to a family where he is obviously going to be cherished and loved. I don’t feel sorry for this sweet little boy, I feel sorry for the poor children born to homophobic a-holes. Take a look in the mirror if you want to see disgusting – cause it sure isn’t this new family.

DontGetIt on

what boggles my mind is…….I completely respect them for being gay dudes…..like who cares….but they won’t even sleep with a women for the purpose of procreation? I mean….they are completely capable of having a child the normal way like any other dude….their sperm still works the same way. to do it it surrogate is like…sayin….”I refuse to go near there regardless…like they are scared of it or somethin” like i just don’t get it.

Marie on

Who was the surrogate?

gunnerjohn on

People shouldn’t comment if they don’t like the fact that they are gay and have a child. People who aren’t judgmental and ignorant are happy for them and don’t need to see these hateful comments. Times are changing and it’s time to catch up and get used to this because they aren’t gonna stop just because you don’t like it.

M on

Yuck!!!!!! Poor kid.

ch on

I agree pnut!!

Catca on

First of all, congrats to Ryan and David on your new bundle of joy!

Now on to the Christian comments. Bashing the Christian’s on here for their comments is inappropriate. That doesn’t mean the comments from the Christian’s are appropriate either – they’re not. Here’s a hint to the Christians. I know you are espousing your faith and there is nothing wrong with that, it is your faith and one of the tenets in some of the Christian faiths is to spread the word of your faith.

Here’s what makes what you are doing inappropriate. The timing and venue are completely wrong and your comments are made in a disrespectful manner. If you want to share your faith with others, learning to do so with respect and compassion and at the right time and venue would go much farther to attracting new people to your faith as well as gaining respect and admiration for your beliefs.

In this venue and at this time, the only two appropriate options are to wish the new family congratulations or keep your silence.

Mindy on

Aw Congrats!! Love the name as well 🙂

To all you Bible quoting self righteous crazies – how many of you have had a son and circumcised him? Because in the New Testament it is strictly forbidden to do it.

Acts 15:1-21
1 Cor 7:18-25
Pretty much ALL of Galations..
Psalms discusses how God makes us in HIS image and we are perfect.
Genesis says nobody should cut another’s flesh.

So before you go off about this being off subject – the point I am trying to make is that many of you have gone against this extremely hardcore Biblical writing AGAINST mutilation of another person and yet you point the finger at same sex couples because the Bible supposedly against it? Show me anywhere.. anywhere that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. I know it says in the end days women will be lovers of women and men will be lovers of men but does it call it a sin?

So this brings me to the point of my comment. There is another Biblical passage discussing how one should remove the plank from their own eye before pointing out the splinter in another. And how nobody has the right to judge or say what God does or does not like.
So get off your holy high horses and go deal with the sins and wrong doing in your own lives and leave the happy couple alone.

de on

If those viewpoints leslie and her ilk shared are basic Christian then Jesus was a real jerk. Ha! Even this former Christian turned pagan knows Christ’s was a message of tolerance,acceptance and most importantly,LOVE. A child is the embodiment of love regardless their parent’s sexual orientation.Incidentally after being a life long Christian until 8 years ago I still didn’t share your views Leslie.Ultimately it was attitudes such as yours that forced my hand.

Do your research folks. Much of it the Bible is borrowed ideas and myths from various pagan lore. The holiday we just celebrated as Christ’s birthday really isn’t. Just religious propoganda to appease the pagans as their way of life was taken via the Church. Your coveted Bible is man made and meant to cause rife/turmoil and used as a means of control to this day.

Wake up America,indeed! A loving God would not condone such hate and sick abuse of his word.Be a vessel of light and love as was Christ’s message.

mary on

I have read some of your posts before. And I respect them and agree. Haven’t we all been embarrassed by our parents at one time or another?

I hope one day we all can live with acknowledgement and respect for one another. Regardless of religion, or sexual orientation. I am not saying that people have to agree with others (notice I didn’t say choices, because being ‘gay’ is not a choice) just RESPECT……

And to those who are saying our country needs to go back to GOD…. REALLY? NOT everyone believes in the same GOD or in GOD at all.

mary on

Argh people you’re missing the big problem…… this poor kid is gonna get the shaft on gifts….. JK…. I forgot to say congrats before…..Congrats you two…..

Lauren on

Congrats dadies! 🙂 god bless your little baby boy!

Hea on

Bashing and condemning is not anybodys right as a christian or whatever. That’s not faith talking, it’s hatred and bigotry. If it was faith then you’d understand the beauty of love and life and you wouldn’t mess that up with what the bible does in fact not say.

Marriage is not natural so that is not the natural way to go about having kids. It’s the traditional way of going about it. I hope all of you haters get what you deserve and I hope you one day understand the immoral ways of your actions and your words. Love is love. You do not have the right to condemn others and hide behind your book.

Carol on

I find this so heartbreaking when there are so many LEGALLY married heterosexual couples who would love to be able to have a baby but cannot. This is a slap in the face to those couples! Babies are created by male and female, not male and male or female and female. There is no way this baby will have any sense of normalacy and morals. Poor child.

Isabel on

Don’tGetIt, you’re kidding me. You find it odd that two homosexual men wouldn’t want to have sex with a female? You can’t be that stupid. Then again, judging by some of the comments here, you probably are.

Hea on

” Carol on December 27th, 2012
I find this so heartbreaking when there are so many LEGALLY married heterosexual couples who would love to be able to have a baby but cannot.”

Law and love is not the same thing. There are plenty of LEGALLY MARRIED homosexuals in this world as well with the rights. Gay marriage is allowed in my country and I am so so so happy to say I actually live in a country with equal rights and understanding of HUMANS rather than mixing religion with a poor excuse of “morale”.

If heterosexual couples can’t have kids then they have ways to go about it as well. It is not the gay communities fault if a straight couple can’t procreate naturally. If Steve and Susan can’t have kids then perhaps it’s not what nature or their God wants for them, huh? They should just drop it and understand that it’s not their right nor priviledge?

If a childless couple is against other childless couples having babies then they don’t deserve one of their own is my now growing opinion. Do not be so judgemental and do not be so selfish and perhaps kharma will be on your side.

Erin on

im just curious….wont the child wonder about its bio mom ever? how are they feeding this child? donor milk because they cant breastfeed…im sorry but biologically homosexuality makes no sense to procreation…cant argue that at all

S on

this baby WAS created by a male and a female. he just happens to be being raised by 2 males; and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! these two are LEGALLY married; financially stable, loving and READY to be parents! who’s to say these two are not going to do a better job raising that child than many heterosexual couples in the world!

Anonymous on

Erin- How are they feeding the child?! Do you ask the same question about hetrosexual couples who use surrogates? Or about single women or hetrosexual couples who adopt? Or women who otherwise can’t or choose not to breastfeed their children?

Same goes for the question about whether he’ll wonder about his mom. Do you ask that question about children adopted by hetrosexual couples? Because plenty of them wonder about their birth moms, too! Also, it’s very possible that Logan’s mom will remain in his life (and thus he won’t have to wonder about her!).

Anonymous on

By the way, congrats to them! I wonder if this was surrogacy or adoption, and if it’s the former which one is the bio dad!

mom of three on

Dontgetit- I would say that there are several reasons why one of them didn’t just have sex with a woman to have the baby. One, they are legally married. It would be inappropriate (though I’m sure it happens…I can think of a Cher song about it now actually) to suggest that a wife whose husband was infertile should put her marriage vows aside and sleep with someone else to have a child.

Also, if one of them slept with a woman, that would make the child equally his and hers, not theirs. However, if they use an egg from one person and have another person carry a baby that is not biologically theirs, they can have a contract that the birth of the baby is a business deal, and the birth mother does not have biological rights to the child. Just clarifying, in case someone else is wondering.

I agree with some other posters that it seems hard for a baby not to have the nurturing hand of a mama, but there are babies who do it all the time. Maybe one dad is more nurturing than the other.

Lauren on


WHy do you care how others choose to live there life?
Why do you waste your time arguing with people – there not going to change the way they think.
Why do you fight and have so much hate towards one another?

The comment section is meant to be for blessing Ryan and David with their beautiful baby boy, not for carrying on like a bunch of baboons.

If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.

Congratulations Ryan And David, Logan is the cutest little boy! I adore his name!

Have a great day everyone