The Carey-Cannon’s Very Merry Christmas

12/26/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Happy holidays from Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Dem Babies!

Posing in front of the perfect seasonal backdrop — their twinkling tree surrounded by a pile of presents — the American Idol judge and her husband cuddle up with their twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott for a sweet and festive family photo shoot.

“Merry Christmas from the Carey-Cannons!” the songstress, 42, Tweeted Tuesday, along with a photo of the foursome frolicking in the snow.

Enjoying the winter weather in Aspen, Colo., Monroe, in a pretty plaid nightgown, spent time getting up close and personal with Santa, while her 19-month-old brother Moroccan suited up in striped pajamas before joining his sister for a sweet treat — candy canes!

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Twins Christmas
Fresh Air Fund/WireImage

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Maddie on

At first i thought it was over done, Mariah creating a website for ‘DemBabies.’ But it is actually a really neat way to watch them grow up, and takes away the paparazzi element considerably.

Love this photo of all four of them, Mariah looks amazing and so happy. You can tell both her and Nick love those kiddies 🙂

Anonymous on

What a happy family

gagirl on

Just a beautiful family. I’m so happy she finally has it all. 🙂

Gloria on

Beautiful family!

Amy on

Such cute kids, and the girl is a clone of Mariah!

Mimi on

Don’t usually care for Mariah, but this photo looks like a real, happy, fun family. Looks like marriage and children have shown her what’s real in life. Good for them all. They’re adorable.

Bree on

@Maddie I agree!! I don’t think I have ever seen a paparazzi shot of either of these two babies. Nick and Mariah have done a great job controling what the public is able to see of them and when.

Andrea on

Why does her daughter have those weird glasses on?

shell on

Why does anyone wear glasses? Usually because we can’t see. I can’t believe you would even ask that question and then make a rude comment about what those glasses look like.

Kim on

@Andrea, very possible, Monroe has strabismus or eye tracking difficulties, which require infants to wear specialized glasses.

Lilah on

Love Nick and Mariah! Such a beautiful family! Stay together, please!!!

Jacksgran on

Beautiful family!!!

tieraney on

Mariah looks so great and I love that she’s not all made-up! she should go natural more often.

Phyllis on

Beautiful family, many blessing to you all and the kids, to nick, God total healing in your body in Jesus name. Much love!

Mary on

Her daughter is probably wearing the glasses because she has vision problems. Just saying. Smh

just me on

good lord the forehead on that boy

Rayne on

These two have really grown on me. Sweet kids too. There seems to be a lot of love.

Laurie on

Cute picture!

Graciella on

Whao!!!!!!!nice pix ova dere

kel on

why do u morck such happy family?

Tee Tee on

It’s no secret that I’m not a big Mariah fan but I sure do think they are doing a good job with these babies! What a sweet, down to earth family picture! I agree with another commentor… she looks very nice without make up!

joan on

Im sorry, the babies are not attractive.

Anonymous on

This has got to be the BEST I have seen Mariah look in a long time. Virtually no make up. She looks so calm and happy. Her smile looks genuine- not forced. All her bits aren’t spilling out all over the place….BRAVA!

shell on

What kind of person makes rude comments about how a baby looks? All babies are beautiful.

precious on

Nice picture, I’m so happy for there family

mia on

To the cretin that said the babies are not attractive. You are blind. Those kids are beautiful. Angelina Jolie’s biological daughters are not attractive as well as Salma Hayek’s kid, but the twins are adorable.

Amy on

Love the picture. What a beautiful family 🙂

KrabbyPatty on

Am I the only one who thinks that this photo looks forced? It has the feeling of posing and hamming it up for the camera. nick looks like he is overcompensating with that smile and Maria looks tired and like she wants to get it over with. Those babies are really cute though, yep definitely cute!

Workingmomoftwo on

How can people be so horrible as to pass judgement of looks on innocent children. Our nation just laid to rest 20 beautiful children less than a week ago and now people are back to their evil ways of judging kids by their looks. These children are all gift from God. Perhaps you would not pass judgement on these babies if you knew they may someday cure a cancer that could take the life of your child. Or they could be the teacher that serves as a shield of armor for your child. Grow up people.

Truthful on

Truth. Be told!

SuzyQ on

Sorry to say but not all babies are beautiful

Lady on

Love this family! Mariah looks so natural & beautiful….gorgeous babies…looks like they had a very Merry Christmas!

janie on

Those babies are adorable.. They are such a lovely, genuine family. I’m so happy for Mariah and Nick.

Marquisha Jerry on

I agree with u and especially if the people that is saying it doesn’t have any kids people better watch wat they say about the babies. Smh

mistie on

What adult makes horrible comments about a child. We have enough issues with kids picking on other kids, but an adult going afer a child, a toodler at that is disgusting. You can think whatever you want but stop from saying it geez.

Demnotcutebabies on

Eewwww. Whats up with monroes forehead?

Amanda on

Seriously, huh! Maybe he’ll grow up and be a model. Tyra Banks always joke about her big “five head” LOL

Anonymous on

I have to agree picking on children that are so innocent and sweet just shows what kind of person you are. And I pray your children don’t grow up to act like their parents ignorant and stupid!!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

No one is saying it to their face. Just saying they wernt beautiful babies. One lady said Brad and Angies kids were ugly ..its all opinion. You post oics of your kids, their gonna be judged. Iam sure they’re very smart and sweet. Just not very cute. Smh

Denise on

Amanda, how ignorant is it so say people aren’t calling these kids ugly to their faces. This is the internet, these comments can still be found in a couple of years when they can read. Have the tragic suicides of so many bullied kids these past years taught us nothing? We as adults should give right example, or we will forever face bullied kids commit suicides or even killing sprees. We should teach kids that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and we should NEVER talk down on infants or anyone else for the way they look. People like you are murderers too, but you kill with words.

mother of two on

I have to agree all children.are beautiful no matter what. And for all you disrespectful morons out there attacking these sweet innocent children it just shows.what kind of person you are and I hope and pray that your children do not grow up like their parent ignorant and stupid

me on

Sandra, sorry, but I don’t believe you are sorry at all to have made a nasty comment. In fact, I’m sure you’re tickled pink that it caused a stir.

Sorry, but it’s just my opinion.

lou on

Love that this couple 1. got married first, 2.then had kids 3. Celebrate holidays as a family! They seem to put the children first, not themselves! God bless em!

Courtney on

Wow, people are harsh. That’s what baby glasses look like, they aren’t “weird,” and she’s wearing them because she has vision problems- which most of us will have at some point in our lives and need corrective lenses for. No wonder kids are so nasty to each other these days, we’re judging them from the infanthood…

Monika on

All babies are beautiful to their mom. That’s what matters. I’d like to see the idiots throwing daggers at these babies

MB on


Their parents are pretty great, too. I can’t get enough of their amazing, talented, beautiful family. Mariah’s fans know that this version of her, unmade up, enjoying life, and grateful for all she has, is how she truly has been all along.

Marky on

It is a really amazing thing to me that adult posters would even consider getting on a website that some of these celebs actually do read, and proceed to insult their children for any reason! Stating stupid things about their appearance, about Monroe’s glasses, and about the parent’s looks, as well??

This is a sweet picture of a loving family–Mariah looks so content, and happy, Nick looks so happy and grateful to even be alive and having a lovely family. The children are precious; Morocco has a high forehead just like my son did, but as an adult, he is very handsome.

Everyone just needs to say something nice and let it go at that; do you say such rude comments when your friends send pictures of their family for the holidays? And why make a stupid hateful comment about the Jolie-Pitt children?? Too much coal in your stockings for Christmas, nitwits?

Anonymous on

Happy family.

shannon on

Nick always looks happy. He makes me smile. I bet he is a great dad.

angel onyii on

beautiful family indeed

Bisodun on

So cute. They look so happy. I hope they remain like this.

Amanda on

Very cute family picture!

Babies wear glasses for the same reason adults wear glasses and those glasses are the BEST for babies/toddlers. My son had just turned 2 when we found out he needed glasses (which by the way neither his father or I do so watch what you say because it can happen to any child, even yours!) and we went through 2 pair before getting miraflex which are virtually indestructive! He has had those almost a year now and they are great, he gets lots of compliments on them too (we have the rectangular shape in dark blue). When your child needs glasses to save what vision they have you do it without considering what some low life might think about them.

suzanne sauve on

Mariah, you’ve never looked more beautiful. Love your natural elegance.

KW on

Great one of the parents, not so great of the little ones. Usually parents go out of their way to make the little ones look better.

CestLavie on

Beautiful family. Hope it lasts a long long time.

Sabryna on

This is a beautiful picture of the family, mainly because they are casual and more natural. There are times when you wash your face and hair. They are gorgeous twins. I hope all of this makes her very, very happy since she now has everything a woman would want – family. All the material stuff is nice, but the smiles and warm bodies count.

M on

Gee.. I wouldn’t post very many pictures either if all people did was rag on my children. What a sorry society we’ve become. Not even the innocents of childhood is safe. I like the picture, it shows family bonding which is at an all time low. What an ugly group of people, you should be ashamed.

Joline on

Mariah looks so much better without all that makeup. Such a pretty face. Wish she would go a little more natural more often.

Anonymous on

Love your family, it is awesome!

Lerxst on

I have always liked Mariah Carey’s voice even when I was a teenager. I like most black women except for the bitter & angry ones who work in my office. (There’s a TON of stuff on the net about that subject. I just haven’t had time to read it. )

Nina on

Loving how happy Mariah looks without all the glitz and glamour.

Dennis on

I am curious as to why Monroe needs glasses? Is it a lazy eye?

kim on

those were the best pics she could get of the kids?? they arent even smiling. they look bored to death.

Anonymous on

I dont like Mariah for anything but i have to admit this is one cute well done picture — good job!

Sarah on

Geez people are mean how can someone call any baby ugly, u guys really need to get ur head check. Those kids are cute so is their perants. I have always love u maria wishing all d happiness in the world.


How is it possible to find these babies unattractive? They are soooo ubercute!!!

Donna on

Sorry but all babies are not physically cute, face it, they aren’t. They are all beautiful in spirit as babies are a special gift, but that doesn’t assure they are attractive. This little boy looks like he has something wrong with him, his forehead is huge, and I know 2 little ones who had problems that made them have huge foreheads. I wouldn’t pose him prominently in front the next picture, making his head look even bigger than it is. Just because they are a stars kids does not mean anybody has to say they are beautiful, cute or anything if they don’t think they are, and maybe if the captions on the articles weren’t written to make us think we are going to see the prettiest babies in the world people wouldn’t comment like they do. Just say a Happy family photo, or the sweet toddlers, etc. Don’t set them up for comments!

nowitall on

I think people should look at their own family and kids before they make negative comments or critisize others. What if you posted a picture of your kids and everyone started picking them apart??? In your eyes your child will always be beautiful, think about that before you make rude comments about innocent children. For God sake grow-up….

Sandy on

kids don’t look so cute in this photo.

Lorrie on

These precious babies are beautiful……in God’s eyes…..that’s all that matters.

pheonix on

I’m reading all these comments of people and I can’t understand how some people are so rude all Gods children is beautiful no matter if they wear specks or have a fore head that is big every child is a gift from God no matter what they look like so please people consider the parents feelings.

Naomi on

Mariah is and will always be my favorite singer. All ya’ll are just hatin on her cause you’ll NEVER be as beautiful & talented as her. Nick and her are proving to be one of hollywoods BEST couples. Leave this wonderful, blest famoly alone!

Someone's Mommy on

Baby mine, don’t you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine
Little one when you play
Don’t you mind what you say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine
If they knew sweet little you
They’d end up loving you too
All those same people who scold you
What they’d give just for
The right to hold you
From your head to your toes
You’re not much, goodness knows
But you’re so precious to me
Cute as can be, baby of mine

rachelrae on

If you don’t have something nice to say then keep your nasty opinions to yourself. Just because you have the right to your own opinion doesn’t mean you should always use it.

B.J. (the girl) on

Haters are gonna hate! I’m a longtime MC fan, and it’s nice to see her looking like a regular family woman. I think the kids are adorable (both of them!).

Angie on

Just beautiful family and they have it all!