Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Expecting Second Child

12/25/2012 at 12:15 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Expecting Second Child
Courtesy Jessica Simpson; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

It’s official: the stork is once again headed to Jessica Simpson‘s house!

Just seven months after the singer and actress delivered daughter Maxwell Drew, Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting their second child, the couple announced via Twitter Christmas Day.

Amid growing pregnancy speculation online, the Fashion Star mentor, 32, shared a photo of her baby girl wearing holiday pajamas and smiling in the sand atop the words, “BIG SIS.”

“Merry Christmas from my family to yours!” Simpson writes.

Recently, Simpson has been spotted around Los Angeles in loose-fitting clothing. She also appeared, in a figure-hugging black dress, at best friend Cacee Cobb‘s recent wedding to Donald Faison, where she served as maid of honor.

Simpson also had been touting her recent post-pregnancy weight loss of 60 lbs. after starring in commercials for Weight Watchers and working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

— Andrea Billups and Sarah Michaud

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Amanda on

I know people will bash her, but she seems so happy now, so I am happy for her!

wee on

Someone like you would Amanda. Trash.

Shell on

Stupid comment wee. You look ignorant……

Tasha on

Little jealous wee? Why would you call somebody trash. To me that is the most childish thing to say. She is happy, and I think you need a new hobby.

denise on

Best Wishes to all!!!!!

Monique on

Nothing better than babies.

geokrusch on

That baby is too cute for words. Congratulations to them!

merry on

Good for their family. Maxwell is cute (and I like the name, too).

Lucille Austero on

Her daughter is adorable!

Gloria on

Congrats Jessica and Eric! It’s wonderful to have them so close in age and grow up together!

h0 on

Cute. The siblings will be close in age only a yr and a few mos apart.

jessica on

She’s adorable, congrats!

LM on

Congrats Eric and Jessica and Happy Holidays. What a great holiday gift for their family to have another little one on the way.

Jackie on

Hey…good for them. Theyre happy and can definitely afford it. Congrats and Merry Christmas

derrikluvjsimps on

maxwell is too cute!

brittany on

sooo happy for them….im sooo sick of people bashing jessica for her weight & going on about how long & big she was during her pregnancy…i dont understand how people can be so mean…im the proud mommy to my little girl lola grace…she is the best thing ever<3…congrats to jessica,eric,&maxi!!!

Gigs on

Yay!!! Congrats! They are one of my fave Hollywood couples!!!! I’m happy she’s happy.

Kathy on

Maybe someday she’ll find time to fit in a wedding….two illegitamite children is tres tacky.

Eden on

Kathy, your entire comment was tacky.

lili4582 on

Good one, Eden!!!

Guest on

Agreed Eden.

Theresa on

Lol.. too funny!! I totally agree with you Eden!!

Nicole A. on

I don’t entirely disagree Eden.

From someone who preached purity, remaining a virgin til married (the first time) it is tacky.

Why can’t many celebs do it in the right order anymore?

I’d love to see more situations like the Tatums, and less like the Berry/Aubry/Martinezes.

therealpatty on

Jessica still reeks of insecurity and low self-esteem. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they aren’t married yet. She just might find herself alone with 2 toddlers.

Jessie on

Grow up Kathy. They love each other and their children, which is more than many married couples can say.

Tracy on

I agree Kathy maybe they should think of a wedding.

Funtimes on

So are you and your tacky comment Kathy, get a grip she can do what ever she wants. At least she’s in a happy relationship and the babies will be brought up in a happy household.

lisa on

Kathy, shut up bitch.

Mary on

Bitter much Kathy?

ere0924 on

Hey Kathy, maybe one day you’ll find time to stop caring about what other people do. You might even be able to squeeze in time for a lesson on class.

Allota Vahgina on

I agree Kathy! Tres nasty!

Kim on

I agree 100% Kathy. These kids deserve a committed family. Why doesn’t he want to marry the mother of his children???

kelli on

Get a life Kathy.

Rachelle on

Kathy, your comment is tacky. Your comment about illegitimate children leads me to believe you’re saying that based on faith, but a true Christian wouldn’t cast judgment. Have some class. It’s Christmas.

Sophia on

Seriously Kathy? That’s STILL coming up? Half the kids born these days are “illegitimate” (if you want to keep using outdated terminology to put people down), and I’m pretty sure, coming from a family with unwed parents myself, they’re not going to grow up feeling any less loved or secure or happy than kids with married parents. It’s such an unnecessary thing to even bring up. The main thing is that Jessica, Eric and Maxwell seem happy, healthy and in love. I don’t know what’s more important than that.

Lauren on

What an ignorant comment to make. In this day and age there are tons of couples having kids out of wedlock.. These actually seem to be the couples who last. Welcome to a new era.

She seems so content and happy now, I truly am happy for her.

Pnut on

Seriously, Kathy?? So many marriages these days are about the WEDDING instead of the marriage. Children are a much bigger commitment than getting legally married. Saying “illegitimate” makes you sound ANCIENT, and like someone who has no idea what true love is really about.

Lisa on

Kathy, did you not see the part that said fiancé?

Jess on

Wow.. Really Kathy? I feel bad for Jessica Simpson, it seems like no matter how great she is doing there’s always some “tres” snobby, jealous, ignorant person out there who just can’t help spewing their jealously. Jessica was married once, engaged for years and yeah she practiced abstinence and was a virgin, but what happened? It didn’t work. Now in the dating world, there’s hardly any sane man out there who waits for sex, if you don’t give it up, someone else will. Everyone is replaceable, remember that Kathy.

On another note, has it ever occurred to anyone sometimes babies aren’t planned? If you’re having sex at all, and you’re fertile, there is always a risk. So I feel like she works her tail off and has a fortune, if she wants 300 kids and to never get married, she can afford it. As for the principal of marriage, should she get married, yes, but if I had to bet, that was the plan Nd she was probably trying to lose weight and adjust to motherhood and keep up with her man.. Life happens. Literally.

Jessica has a great spirit and attitude. If she is insecure it’s because of ignorant people who are really just jealous of her success.. Think about it. She got bigger before she was pregnant, she has millions, if she was soo desperate and insecure, then she could have paid someone to help make her thin. Now she has a beautiful daughter, a sweet man to love her and another angel on the way.. Life is precious and not to be toyed with.. God has given her some pretty amazing gifts and so what if she is excited to shout it to the world! Let her! And when or if she’s ready she’ll get married but if not, it’s not your place to judge her that’s God’d job…

Heidikanshe on

Well said Jess!! Life happens, enjoy the things that matter most!

Big Fan on

It’s nobody’s business….let her be happy dear God! She has the money to take care of them and seems like a great mom, leave her be.

Jester on


Diana S Fetterman on

I don’t know why some people would bash her for being pregnant so quickly, it happens and it will be great for the children to grow up together. This is happy news for them both.

Tracy on

There not bashing for being PG it’s cause she’s not Merried and #2is on its way

rl on

Congrats to their expanding family! What a blessing. 🙂

edna hill on

Congrats Jessica. This is exactly how I was. I had my daughter Tiffanie in January ’98 and got pregnant 6 months after delivering her. I had my son Tyler in April ’99 and got pregnant 7 months after delivering Tyler I got pregnant with my last child and delivered Jon in August ’00. I love that they are this close in age because they are really close. Once again congrats!!!!!!

NM on

Okay, so get married now. Quit giving the farmer his milk for free!

Anonymous on

Lmao NM ^

Andrea on

As much money as she has, I don’t blame her for not rushing into marriage NM.

::eyeroll:: on

NM, was your comment meant to convey your prudishness? ‘Cause it didn’t have a lot to do with Jessica and her dude.

Anonymous on

CONGRATULATIONS! My girls are 16 months apart and are very close.

Lilah on

Congratulations Jessica and Eric.

Elspeth on

My sister and I were 10 years apart. I would love to have a sister close in age. There’s nothing wrong or unhealthy about the second one coming so quickly. If you have the nutrients to ovulate, you have the nutrients to carry a baby.

Emily on

That is an uneducated statement Elspeth. Congrats, though! What a beautiful family!

Lacey on

As long as she is healthy and the baby is healthy, that is what matters. I hope she has a safe pregnancy. It’s generally not recommended to get pregnant so close to having just given birth. But she seems like she is really happy and is staying healthy. Congrats to Jessica and her growing family! Maybe she will have a boy this time and will have one of each!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

SoNotHollywood on

Good for her! Forget about what the media says, or people bashing her for getting knocked up again. She is focused on family and that’s what matters most, not what the scale says.

loricarter1 on

Please! Illegitimate children are tacky? Are you under a rock? Congrats to them! Have children close together is WONDERFUL! Always a playmate! I had two 4 days shy of a year apart and they were best friends and still are. Had the next 2 years later.

chloe on

Good for them! It’ll be nice for her kids to be so close in age. Much congrats to their family!

Lisa Sears on

What happened to getting married? Nice example they are setting for their daughter/kids. Skanky!

Jess on

Lisa you are just down right obnoxious.. If she’s a skank, then I wonder what you must be….. It’s funny the most judgemental people are usually the ones who have the most to hide.

I’m so over these comments.. Rude, jealous and obnoxious people! Congrats to Jessica and Eric! God bless your little family and hope for a happy healthy baby for big sister, Maxwell! What matters most is putting family first 🙂

Lu on

Lovely couple! They seem so happy. Good for them!

kitamaat on

Who cares if they’re married. She looks happier then most married people. Congrats to them on the new baby!!!

Laura on

She is going to really mess up her body having kids so close together…Also she is just making this guy stay with herhe was married before and has no intention on doing it again so he knocks her up..They r not even a couple

JM on

Congratulations to them!! Raising kids close in age is a great thing and they can afford it so more power to them!!

iHeart on

Jessica, you always know how to make a big announcement (remember last halloween with what she did dressed as a mummy) her daughter is so cute

Anonymous on

why don’t they just get married already…

bev on

why do people care she is pregnant again? because she got fat the first time? oh no she actually didnt care what hollywood thought of her gaining weight!!! people are so stupid. the woman is growing up and starting a family, there are alot worse people out there who shouldnt have kids yet everyone is all over her for getting fat and knocked up again… leave the poor chick alone….if she is happy thats all that matters

kke on

What a Blessing! !

amanda on

I think its wonderful to have kids close in age. If they are happy, then that’s all that matters.

Tiffany on

congrats to both if you. in health and happiness,always!! 🙂

lisa on

good for her. i just hope this time she does not eat a lot on purpose.

Alexandra on

Having just given birth to my second baby 6 days ago, all I can say is good luck! :). My girls are almost 2 years apart. The “big sis” will be 2 on January 5. And I thought I was having them close together and was a little nervous that I would miss out on the baby things my older daughter did because I was distracted by my newborn daughter.

Hope she has 2 girls as well so they can be close like Jessica and Ashlee!

Suzie on

Congrats! It’s their own business how close they choose for their kids to be in age. She seems happy and that is all that matters. I just hope she doesn’t name the baby Folgers if its a boy, lol. Again blessings to them and to a healthy baby.

Rayne on

Maxwell is just precious! Jessica seems like a very good mom and I am happy for her. I could not care less if she is married or not. These days marriage is not taken seriously and people marry on a whim and divorce like it is nothing. Also having a baby so soon after being pregnant happens every single day in this world. Give her a break!

ds on

I guess she is going to pop out the kids and not get married. That is kind of trashy

Sherry on

Congratulations to both of you! What a wonderful present! God Bless you & your family Jessica!!

Latrice on

Congrats to Jessica and Eric on the pregnancy hope everything goes well as long as the baby is healthy that’s all that matters.

am on

Congrats to Jessica and her family. I still remember how years ago before Nick she promised she wouldn’t have sex before marriage. Don’t get me wrong Im still happy for her. But I think she needs to remember the promise she made years back. Especially with younger kids reading about her and looking up to her story.

peggy smiith on

Well this is the day and time in which we are living in babies before marriage and not waiting 6 weeks- going to the Dr for your check up before having relations- its spoken no big deal… NO morals and another generation coming up under this type of living arrangements. Although I think Jessica should have given her body a little more time to heal- get used to handling ONE baby just a little longer before springing out another… It is she that will feel it all in due time. Hopefully her man will commit to a long term fatherhood figure! Hope they will keep that REAL. The rest of this so called play life is fairy tail.

Kelly on

congrats to them! I’ve never loved Jessica but she seems so happy and sincerely looks like she loves being a mom so I say congrats!

Just Me on

Get over it and enter the 21st century already. Some of the happiest couples have chosen not to have a marriage ceremony. Their decisions and beliefs are really none of your business you judgemental old biddies!

Maybe someday she’ll find time to fit in a wedding….two illegitamite children is tres tacky.”

Okay, so get married now. Quit giving the farmer his milk for free!”

BBB on

Well, I hope Weight Watchers nullifies their contract with her, no point in waiting for her unsuccessful weight lost attempts in a year.

robin on

I wonder if she broke the Weight Watchers contract by getting pregnant again. She’s so pretty but so annoying. I feel bad that she had those nutty stage parents growing up.

occipitallobe on

I remember that Gae Exton said “Two illegitimate children is pretty tacky” when she was expecting Alexandra; but she and Christopher Reeve never did wed. Marriage seems silly to me (that’s just me) but the thing that’s really odious is an accidental pregnancy, it’s so anti-intellectual. People who just “let life happen” to them seem so odd. Yet, this woman is somehow supremely successful/prosperous, so her method might be OK. I don’t know what her boyfriend DOES all day, but it doesn’t really matter, whatever works. Maxwell looks like him. He looks nice when he takes the baseball cap off.

jj on

Weight or no Weight… Money or no Money.. Fame or no Fame… I have never seen this women more happy. Good For her!

Brenna on

I think Jessica Simpson is about as real as they come by Hollywood standards…she has never tried to be anything that she was not, I like Jessica S. and she has a beautiful family.

itznia on

Good for her!! She seems super happy!!

karen on

Tori Spelling is married and she’s not so do not compare.

Arijana on

Maybe she waited until the first trimester ends

alc on

Congrats! Finally she is truly happy. We should all be congratulating, not bashing them for their family.

shidley on

Welp. So much for all the hard work at losing all the weight…lol. Congrats, but man- too funny.

Anonymous on

I have boys less than 15 and then 16 months apart. I was an infertility patient and after the first, was surprised and surprised. Let’s be happy for all. Wishing Jessica and Eric and healthy baby.

Mustang Sally on

Here we go again with a second predictable round of “fat bashing” of Jessica immediately post-delivery, followed by gushing support after she again loses the baby weight.

BTW, nature has a built in system for causing pregnancy to be easier in the months following a previous pregnancy, so that’s probably why it was so easy for her to get pregnant again. Sometimes it happens only weeks following the first delivery! She may as well get it all over with now while she’s young and energetic.

Expect a wedding fairly soon (my guess).

Judd on

Oh I wish that were true! I’m still waiting 3 years after the birth of my son for another!

margieo on

I KNEW she was going to announce it on Christmas. Congratulations to them!

Trista on

Congratulations and merry christmas

Nycole on

I just don’t get the stupid antics she always resorts to. I suppose in her mind it’s “cute” but I see it as a little silly.

Jess on

Ok I’m laughing now Nycole. Her antics? Her silly behavior as its called is what keeps her in the spotlight and how she makes her money. People see her or hear something, google her and then in the process see her shoes or purses or clothes.. She is laughing all the way to the bank while everyone jabs her for her antics. My guess is that if now during this pregnancy then after she will marry Eric and then if she doesn’t have more kids she’ll get her tummy fixed if she has to. But I will say this her previous pic was gorgeous.. I wish my bump had been so pretty! So excited for them! Babies are really an amazing gift.. Surprised though that some people just haven’t caught on to Jessica’s ability to draw people in and make a profit while they surf the web dissing her. Craziness.

Amanda on

My younger sister and are are 16 months apart. My mom was fine, my sister was happy and healthy, and she and I are super close t this day. As long as Jessica has help and support they’ll be great! Congratulations to them!!!

Ashley on

CONGRATS to Jess and Eric. They truly seem happy and that’s the most important to having a family. I’m sure they will get married one day soon. And I have a funny feeling she won’t gain as much weight since she’s learned from her first pregnancy. Also, she knows the media will be following her till she gives birth.

Anonymous on

they are just never going to get married are they! Don’t get me wrong i am anything but bashing them but they have been engaged for how long they should try and have the wedding before the second bbay comes.

B.Reed on

I’m happy ur havin’ another.

Jennifer on

I wish them nothing but the best, but I do have to say whenever I hear about women getting pregnant again so soon after giving birth I am in awe they had the energy to have sex again that early on!! I freely admit we didn’t have sex for 9 months after our son was born. He was colicky and a poor sleeper – we had NO desire!! LOL! They may have some help which made it easier, but even so, your body has just been through a lot.

Regardless, it happens, and I am sure they will continue to be great parents to their second child. Congrats to them!!

queenslogic on

Jessica now needs to get married since she’s having now two children it’s time for her to graduate to being a man’s wife not his live in baby mama. What’s wrong with women you lay up and have kids for a man, but you’re not good enough to be his wife? Jessica comes to me as someone who doesnt think in terms of the example she’s setting for her children. Jessica ask yourself when will you and Eric be ready to get married and get out of the eternal engagement stage? If she hasnt married in the next year or so she’ll be stuck as a baby mama instead of being made a wife.

paula on

Well damn!!! Having 2 kids in diapers is tough. Oh well, have fun with that.

sandra on

I wish her and her family all the best, nice family:)

WhyNot on

My kids were only 13 months apart. I didn’t plan it that way, but sometimes, no matter what contraceptive is used, Nature rules. I am happy for her, because she loves being a Mom, she has the ability to provide a good life for her children, and she is obviously happy about it. She will probably be more cautious this time in her eating habits, and hopefully Weight Watchers will continue to work with her through this pregnancy. That would be an awesome testament for how well their plans work. Merry Christmas

tbone on

i wish i woulda bet money that she would announce this on x-mas!!!! im happy for her. im not sure if its outta jealousy why people talk bad about her, shes not a druggie or alcoholic, she can afford to have as many kids as she wants and she seems as though she takes care of her daughter enough. congrats

Momof2in1year on

My OB/GYN was head of OB at a large Southern CA hospital. He had no problem with my getting pregnant right after having my daughter. We discussed it at my 6 week post-partum (he also told me I could have sex in 3 weeks if I wanted to do so). It took 18 months of focused effort for the first, so I decided to wing it with #2. My daughter and son are less than a year apart and I wouldn’t have it any other way (they are 14 & 15).

My doctor recommended waiting longer healing after #2, but we lost #3 six years later in 3rd trimester and #4 a year and two weeks later at end of 2nd trimester.

Congratulations to Jessica and family– she seems happy.

ccct0304 on

So many hypocritical people commenting on this about her not being married before having kids… technically speaking, your not suppose to have sex before marriage according to “God” which I’m pretty sure a lot of you “women” do anyways.. So as opposed to trying to advice people on what “rule” to follow, start taking your own advice;)

sammy on

Gosh some people are so quick to bash. Many couples have kids close in age. Good for them. They seem happy and Maxwell is adorable.

markly on


jennnlynnn on

My children are 17 1/2 months apart and I love the closeness in age! They also happen to be the best of friends! Everyone has an opinion but no ones opinion matters unless you are Jessica or Eric. Blessings to them.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Wishing them all the best wishes for the new baby that is coming! Happy for the family!

Karen on

It is amazing to me that it is completely acceptable in society to have babies before getting married.

Bubbles on

It’s amazing to me what an asshat you are, Karen.

anne on

I bet she won’t make the mistake of gaining 60 pounds this time.

Alison on

Even though I’m happy for her, I can’t help but feel sorry that she worked so hard to drop the weight and now it’s going to pile right back in again. I know his hard it is to lose that amount of weight and it’s hard to watch it go right back on.

marg on

my daughters are 14 months apart and its the greatest gift. they are best friends and their biggest fans. best wishes to Jessica and her fiance.

anna on

I am happy for her, but was there really a need to announce it? It was already announced a long time ago by everyone and their mom. Who didn’t know jessica was pregnant again?

anon on

Wow just a write up & no conratulations to Jessica & Eric from People mag.. How tacky.

sunniemonnie on

Christmas Cutie Maxwell…

This is an adorable way to announce the new one.

anna on

She didn’t get knocked up 6 weeks after giving birth…..6-7 months is perfectly fine if you want to get pregnant again. If your body couldn’t handle it than she would’t still be pregnant. It doesn’t take your body that long to heal. Our bodies are very resiliant.

Jessica on

Really people, just because it is YOUR belief to be married before children doesn’t mean it needs to be hers or anyone’s. It’s her personal decision that has nothing to do with your life.

Half of you married people are misserble and with be divorced soon anyway. What’s worse Jessica’s situation or yours!?

Anonymous on

She always announces her pregnancies on holidays remember I’m a mummy on halloween.

Joanna on

Maxwell looks so happy in this pic. If she was old enough to understand what was going on I know she would be as happy as her mommy and daddy probably are. Jessica wouldn’t have posted this pic if she wasn’t thrilled about having a second so close to her first. I wish them all the best.

Anonymous on

I hope little “Wella” does not get jealous of her baby brother or sis. Congrats to Jess and Eric on becoming pregnant again. May God bless your family!

Windy on

Wow! Congrats to Jessica and Eric!

K.W. on

Good for them..they seem happy and she’s probably a great mom…If we’re not supporting her and / or her children w/ public assistance – it’s none of our business how many kids she has in or out of marriage..

Chrissy on

If you covering your stomach every time wasn’t confirmation enough….

Better hire another nanny as I’m sure you won’t be doing most of the work.

Tara Fullen on

i hope ww sues her for every penny she is not worth!

KO on

She’s smart not to marry him. She’s the one who stands to lose financially a la Ma Spears. Congrats to her family. Considering how excited she was with her last baby I bet it’s been hard to keep this one quiet.

Danielle on

Congrats to Jessica and Eric, I hope you have a son this time…..and your family will be complete…..Having an only child it’s not a good idea…….God Bless.

Niki on

Congrats to you and your Family

pixie on

Oopsie! 🙂

Kam's Nana on

The distance between her pregnancies is not that uncommon. They seem extremely happy as a couple and a family. No one elses opinion should matter.

Bubbles on

As always, the morality police come out in this site, talking about ‘illegitimate children’

Yawn..get a life.

JustMe on

Good for her, siblings close in age are a good thing. My 3 kids are only 29 months apart, & now as adults they are all super close. Planned or not planned, babies are amazing :).

Erin on

Maybe in the new year Daddy can get a job! Congrats, though!

Miral on

So is there any takers on how much weight this cow is going to gain again!?!?! I think shes going to pig out like she did last time and top scales at 75+ pounds. Obiviously she didnt learn from the first pregnancy and any doc would tell a new mother to be careful about getting pregnant so close together. It isnt healthy for the mother nor healthy for the second child. She is breeding like she is a rabbit with a man that does not have a job. hmm wow! Hope this baby is healthy and doesnt end up with a stupid name!

elz on

Miral……calling simpson fat cow….realy?…..I’m sorry you are so shallow…you must be a pretty unhappy person. Poor you.

THB on

Congrats to her. But why don’t they get married?

lulu on


Manon on

I agree, Jessica seems SO HAPPY! I’m happy for her! Hope this next baby is a BOY!

katie on

Congratulations to them! I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy.

Nicole on

Anyone else remember Brittney going down this path?

wee on

Get married.

Kim on

Congratulations. Call me old fashioned, but I think it might be past time to consider getting married……now.

Denise on

What an idiot. This isn’t news, there’s no surprise, everyone has known for a month that she was pregnant again. Who does she think she’s fooling?

SG on

It isn’t that hard to find time for intimacy Stacey. My daughter is also 7 months and there hasn’t been a shortage of it just because we have a baby. You simply have to make the time for it.

Sk on

I’m sure people at Sandy Hook are rejoicing in this piece of trailer trash news!!! Hope your cervix can pull through talentless skank!!!! Hope you enjoyed watching our funeral services and our Christmas celebrations!!!

SarahJane on

Good for her! I wish her the best. I also had a baby girl in May and I cannot imagine going through that again so soon! It all depends on the pregnancy and birth though. She just looks so happy & as long as she’s healthy that’s what matters! I just hope that she keeps her weigh loss struggle in mind. Not that I care if she’s heavy, but it can be very hard mentally and physically to have so much to lose.

bobi on

You are too rich to marry an unemployed man. Do not get married Jessica.

stephanie on

i don’t know why it bothers people whether or not she’s married. being a good parent does not equate to being married. not to mention, she has enough money to raise them herself if she has to. the problem i have is not listening to your doctor when he says no sex for 6-8 weeks. and some women.. ie tori spelling, wonder why they have complications during pregnancy. it’s not a a suggestion just for the hell of it. there are reasons they tell you that.

Christine McCaffrey on

Guess he thought she looked good after the weight loss??? Congrats to them! They seem to enjoy being parents — more power to them! My girls are 18 months apart and are super close!!! I know two people who were delivering baby #2 on near Baby #1’s birthday party!!!

Teresa on

Kathy wrote: “Maybe someday she’ll find time to fit in a wedding….two illegitamite children is tres tacky.”

Actually Kathy an adult who can’t spell is tres tacky and just plain pathetic.

Contrats Jess & Eric!

Seasons on

Torture we have to hear about her again for another year. Ugh! She seems like she’s faking her happiness. Her and her butler fiancé should go get married but then she won’t want him. Maybe she’ll close her legs after this one.

Sammie on

wish someone would tell her to get married now. one oops OK but really when you’re going on your second and you keep saying your ‘engaged’ it sounds trite.

sad on

I thought she was a christian, having babies out of wed lock is so unchristian. .just because most of hollywood is doing it does not make it right.

Chi on


Kristy on

Congrats Jess, Eric and baby Maxwell! Very happy for them and I’m sure they’ll love having their babies close in age. I agree that Jessice seems very happy these days, awesome news!

Anonymous on

Poor child will never know what it is like to be the only child. For a person who made such a big deal of being a virgin when she got married has gotten pregnant with twice before getting married.

rebecca turner on

Congratulations Jessica and Eric!! Jessica looks great and seems so happy to be a mom! Maxwell is adorable! What a blessing for their family ❤

Doreen on

Oh baby!! LOL We all pretty much figured….but I don’t think Weight Watchers should pay her 4 million dollars for losing weight. The whole thing is ridiculous!! She just lost it and now, she’ll prob gain much of it back. Doesn’t make sense to me. I like Jessica but she’s a cash cow!

Robyn on

For everyone that says she needs to get married..I totally disagree! I have two children (with the same man) and I am NOT married and quite happy at that. I will get married when I’m ready and so will jessica. Congratz to Jessica and her growing family!

CanadaGurl on

Stupid girl

Sam on

So . . . . when is he going to legalize this union so that these children have a solid basis?

april on

So Sam, being married makes a solid base? Happy parents make happy kids, not married. As I believe in marriage I also realize it is a state of mind and a piece of paper.

Rhonda on

I was only 5 months old when my mother got pregnant with my sister. We’re very close now, almost like twins. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Jessica’s children will also probably be very close, even if her second child is a boy.

Kathy on

Would be nice if she fit marriage into her busy schedule….two illegitimate children is tres tacky.

Brandi on

Kathy – maybe you’ll find time to fit in an EDUCATION and learn to spell your insults correctly before you try to pass judgement on anyone else. Judging her for having two illegitimate (take note of the spelling) children when you can’t even SPELL the word right is tres tacky and makes you look like the moron I suspect you are. #SpellCheckIsYourFriend

dana on

More power to her if she can handle two little ones close to age. My son and daughter are only ten months apart.

Misty on

Good for her. She can afford it and seems to be very happy as a parent.

BH on

Somebody should keep their legs closed.

Brandi on

BH, I think the only thing that needs to be shut here is your MOUTH. #Grow Up

Tara on

Doesn’t anyone remember that Tori Spelling got pregnant immediately after her third baby? They make it sound like Jess is the only person that’s ever had a baby close together. Happy for her and her family

Guest on

I love how people comment on here and “talk” to the celebrities like they read these comments. LOL!!

Beth on

Congrats on your growing family!

Nicole on

Yeah if she were a black celebrity being unwed with another child on the way she would be ghetto. Smh. You folks are such hypocrites. Please!

Gracie on

Maxwell is very cute, and I do love the name! Weird to think of having another child so soon, and before they’re even married, especially considering they’re already engaged. Best wishes to her though, such a cute little family and she seems very happy!

Stacey on

Wow, Tori Spelling was bashed to NO end for having her last two kids close together, but with Jessica Simpson everyone is apparently thrilled. Go Figure.

april on

Congrats! So many judgmental people. Leave them be. Let them enjoy their life and their babies.

Lisa on

Don’t like her – she thought she could do so much better than Nick (broke his heart in the process). Now she’s stuck with a jobless loser and Nick has done better!

Brooklyn on

This is the same girl who wanted to stay a virgin until she married Nick Lachey, why don’t you try and get married first and then start having kids.

Anonymous on

If she is happy that is all that matters!! Congrats to Jessica on expanding her family!!! Much Love!

gyl on

Good luck to them for another beautiful baby. Hopefully, the wedding is next.

Anonymous on

Am I the only one that finds it strange that she wouldn’t have sex with Nick Lahey before they were married yet now she is having her second child out of wedlock!

KC on

Do people not get married anymore before they start spitting out one kid after another?

Teresa on

Congrats Jess! Enjoy your family and don’t listen to all the naysayers!

renee on

Congrats to the happy family. My boys are 13 months apart and great friends. Good luck.

PS. Maxwell is a beautiful baby.

jil on

Can’t we just be happy for people who are happy? Congrats Jessica and Eric.

stef on

Wonder if they’re in Hawaii to get married??? (I have NO problem with them NOT being married and having children together…I’m just wondering if we’re going to next hear that they tied the knot!) Congratulations!

Bettina on

Best wishes to them!! How wonderful, also for their first born to get to have a sibling to grow up with in such a close age-range.

(but one does have to wonder a bit, if she didn’t wish, just a liiiittle bit, that she had two babies the first time around, instead of having to go through pregnancy, BIRTH, recovering and growing back together, gruelling diet ect. aaalll over again, with everything still so fresh in her memory ;))

But God works in mysterious ways!

Rowan Hawthorne on

Leave the poor woman alone! Lots of people decide to have their children close together. She has weight issues… She fluctuates… She gained weight in her pregnancy…. LEAVE HER ALONE! SO what!! People gain weight. People have babies. She is normal and deserves the respect of being able to live her life in some sort of peace.

Crystal on

I’m not at all surprised she is pregnant again. In a magazine interview she was quoted saying one of the doctor’s rules she broke is waiting 6 weeks. “My man is sexy” was her reasoning. Well your “man” has knocked you up twice with no marriage commitment in sight. Great example you are setting Jessica. You saved yourself for marriage and then after you divorce him you sleep with every Tom, Dick, and Harry in and out of Hollywood. You are no longer an example. You are a statistic. Fantastic! Keep up the good work. :/

Holly on

Not jealous at all, Crystal, just hate hypocrites. Don’t preach what you can’t back up.

Mar on

Jessica is happy when she is eating like a pig!!
Not a good example!!

It’s me on

If u ask me I think she is trying to force something we all know will either end in divorce or split city! What does that guy do anyway….looks like is trying to ensure a meal ticket! I think it’s stupid of her to get preggo again so soon! She is gonna get fat again and stay that way.

Maximus on

If I were WW I’d send that heffalump a bill…………for our wasted freakin time!

heather on

Stacey, I think she made it public that she didn’t even wait until a month after giving birth to the first one before having sex.

heather on

She really likes announcing her pregnancies on or around holidays huh?

Anonymous on

As long as she is taking care of those babies and paying for it from her own bank account it’s no one’s business!

Congratulations to all! I wish you an easy pregnancy and delivery and a happy, healthy baby!

Lana1021 on

Congratulations you both seem like amazing parents and a great family so this new baby will be really blessed and will have a big sis to help show her life.

Aria on

Babies are a blessing.

Susan on

This happens all the time, all over the world, if it is what they want, then so be it. I hope that she will work with Weight Watchers and maintain a healthy weight during this pregnancy. Too much weight gain is not good for mom or baby. Pregnancy is not a time to “let go”, take care of yourself for you are also taking care of the baby.

Amy on

What an idiot! Are they going to get married now since they’ve been engaged for over 2 years?

goodkarma on

cutest baby pic I’ve seen anywhere lately; best wishes!!!

cmonppl on

Good job Jess. Now you’ll have not one but TWO white trash, bastards.

shoan, on

if she doesnt want people to judge her then why does she let the public know what she is doing why should he marry her when like the one post said he is getting the milk for free the stars have the money why dont they use birth control seems to nme she wasnt trying she said she wanted to wait

tanya on

Congratulations Jessica and Eric!

tweeter on

I am happy for her, but when you have a multi-million dollar deal in the works, you’d think you’d be a little bit more careful?

Barb Wozniak on


Pat on

She seems to like that particular pose. She was in the exact same one with Tony Roma.

queenslogic on

Hey Jessica there’s this thing called getting married why are still a baby mama and not a wife?

Monique on

Stacey – I had two babies 14 months apart who have always been on the 95% growth curve and are now 12 and 13. You have no idea what you are talking about. Loved having them close together and they have always been really close.

Shonda on

Good for her. It is really common for people to have babies close together these days and her daughter is adorable

alyce on

Who cares?!? I will give her credit at least shes not a teenager like most Texas girls when they have baby #2 here inTexas usually they are in 9th grade and tax payers are supporting them!

Tee on

When she marry’s the Daddy, I don’t care. The fact that she’s pregnant so soon, so be it. What I am very annoyed about is the fact she was paid millions to be WW’s spokesperson, that company should STOP paying millions to celebs to lose weight and give alllllll those millions to REAL PEOPLE who are overweight and can’t afford their program, and gym memberships! She gained ALOT of weight while prego with Maxwell, and she was nearly a 10 pound baby, be interesting to see how much she gains back with this one and it’s birth weight. And lie with Maxwell I’m sure the media is going to run this in the ground and most will grow sick of seeing her pegnant belly stages for the next 7, 8 months.

Chelsea on

To SK. Clearly you are so broken up by the Sandy Hook tragedy that you have nothing else to do but come to a celebrity gossip site and complain about news on a celebrity.

Liz on

@Kathy who said-“Maybe someday she’ll find time to fit in a wedding….two illegitamite children is tres tacky”

You’re the tacky one for being so judgmental….but let me guess, you’re a saint!

The Good Parent on

Except for getting her pregnant what is this guy’s job?!

yari on

first off congrats! secondly marriage doesn’t neccessarily equal stability. they are obviously happy and committed to one another and thats what matters most.

Holly on

I can’t stand hypocrites. She used to preach no sex before marriage. Now she has two kids before marriage.

veronica on

First of all she was a virgin when she married nick. Second of all THE LORD BLESSED HER.WITH TWO BABIES! Some woman can never have children. And some woman should never have children. It’s sad and pathetic some of y’all have to talk negative about a blessing. She found a wonderful man whom loves her and she’s happy. Don’t be jealous, and miserable keep your negativity away from us happy people.

Holly on

Not jealous. Why? She should have practiced what she preached.

ccct0304 on

She did practice what she preached and had sex after being married, and as you can see that MARRIAGE FAILED! She seems so much happier now than what she ever did w/ her ex-husband. Why fix something that’s not broken?!? I hope you live a “saint-like” life and never had sex before marriage hypocrite;)

judie7112 on

I think Jessica Simpson has finally found her niche. She is a great mom and was meant to be one. Congratulations on your second pregnancy. You will be so happy to have them close together. My oldest two are sixteen months apart (grown now) and have always been so close. When my son was born my daughter called her baby. No one could see him or touch him without her approval. She thought she should have a say in everything about him – they are still very protective of each other and they are parents themselves. I am so happy they stayed this close. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently. It is easier, better and most of all more loving. Good going girl. Eat what you want as long as you aren’t hurting the babies or your health don’t worry about it. Eric doesn’t look like he minds at all. He still looks at you with love and a twinkle in his eyes

Upyurs on

She should not get married unless she wants to pay this unemployed alimony for the rest of his life.

Tori was in her 40s and on her 4th child, Jessica is nothing like Tori.

Congrats Jessica! I’m so happy for you!

Jane on

I hope she takes it easy and doesn’t gain a ton of weight like last time, and 2 c-sections in a year can be dangerous. I had back to back babies (natural deliveries luckily) and it was hard going from pregnant to breastfeeding a baby to pregnant again. I felt like a milking cow for 3 years. She seems happy, so I’m happy for her. I guess the marriage will be postponed again!

Wendy on

I am so happy for them! Congratulations!!!

Deanna on

Irish Twins! Sending smiles and well wishes.

Amy on


Amy on

My kids are 18 months apart and they are just the bestest of friends!

beth on

who cares?

shelby on

I don’t think being married before having children makes you a better parent. Marriage is no guarantee that a couple will stay together. Divorce rates are incredibly high nowadays. I chose to marry first and then I started a family. However, I do not go around bashing and judging others based on my own beliefs. Most people that say marriage before children due so because of religious beliefs. Doesn’t your religion also teach acceptance and tolerance towards others? I’m positive that she did in fact have sex with her first husband. The whole idea of waiting until marriage to have sex when this would be a second husband seems ridiculous. Which is why some brides that get married a second time don’t wear a white dress.

beth on

I do go to People on the internet a lot. Really sad that you all posts these comments about someone you don’t know. Honestly, get a hobby! Who cares if Jessica Simpson is pregnant again? Really? More important things going on in the world.

IRM on

I just hope this pregnancy doesn’t take as long as her first one. The first one just went on and on and on.

beth on

Everyone needs to stop attacking and worry about their own life. Stop commenting & judging on someone you don’t know. Think about how you are conducting yourself.

4mom on

My third and fourth child are 14 months apart. I breastfed while I was pregnant and weaned my daughter when she was a year. Two months later my 8 lb 10 oz son was born. He was perfectly healthy and so was I. Being pregnant and breastfeeding made me more tired but otherwise no problems. Having small children doesn’t keep you from having sex and my husband and I are college educated so we aren’t dumb hicks either. Life happens to the best of us and we try to make the best of it. I would not give up my 1 & 2 year old or my 5 & 9 year old. Congratulations and best wishes and may your children be healthy and happy!

Kristy on

I find it amusing when people go on and on about how when Jessica was younger she vowed to be a virgin getting married or not having kids out of wedlock – she was more or less a naive, kis/young woman, at that time. She DID stand by her promise. But you know what? Life happens, and she’s experienced a lot. She waiting for sex until her wedding night and it still didn’t make any different to the outcome of her first marriage.

I waited until my wedding night, but if something were to happen and my hubby and I parted ways, I probably wouldn’t wait until marriage the next time. Marriage isn’t the be all and end all. Being happy and in love and good parents is. That’s all Maxwell and her new sibling need to know is that their parents loves each other and their children. Life is different for everyone, and what works for some doesn’t always mean it’ll work for others. So lay off them. Ok, rant over. Yay Jessica and Eric!

Laine Atcheson on

Man, is that baby the cutest thing ever or what?

madison on

pregnant already? typical white trailer park trash.

Sabrina on

Good for her!

Molly on

I have 2 kids that are 14 months apart. I def. was not planning it. Sh*t happens. They are 2 and 3 and are the best of friends. If this is what she wanted, or didnt want, it does not matter to you and me. It’s not going to affect our daily lives. To those complaining about them not being married….once again, who cares?! Its her life and she can financially do whatever she pleases. Bashing her only makes her better than you.

Lisa on

Congrats. Maxwell is beyond beautiful and looks so happy. May you blessed with another healthy baby 🙂

Tiffany on

People have every right to say what they want. In this OC society a person can have two babies out of wedlock but your rude to ask if they’re getting married? Ha! For the record, this WHOLE story isn’t any of our business and money or not a baby mama is a baby mama. Ask halle.

Tiffany on

typo *pc not OC

Kandee43 on

We know she can have babies but when’s she getting married… geez!

ash on

My 1st and 2nd are 12 1/2 months apart. And then 18 months between2 and 3rd kid and 3rd and 4th are 18 months. Right now they are ages 8,7,5,4 love it they are so close. Bur it is extremely hard on the body……. Congrats to jess!

Bug on

Hope she is happy and that they get married after this little one. I’ve seen children even closer in age than Maxwell and the new baby will be. There have been ladies to show up to their 6 week post-partum checkup and already be pregnant again, so give Jess a break. I hope her mom Miss Tina is the one that’s doing ok after the breakup with Joe.

Marky on

Some of you posters are absolutely nuts! How is it you can’t have sex with your SO for more than 9 months after you have a baby, and you think that’s more normal than having sex a few weeks after your baby is born? I was ready when my first was 3 weeks old! I waited because the doctor told me to, but I was mopping the kitchen floor and doing laundry, hair combed and make-up on, when he was a week old. Sheesh! Unless you had a c-section, or had a terrible physical problem at delivery (torn aorta, threw a clot, something like that), it’s not impossible to function after delivery. Some of you have turned childbirth into some sort of an excuse for not doing anything most would consider normal! My husband and I always had a great sex life even though we had 4 children close together. Yes, they are successful, educated, functioning adults, sure of themselves and good parents, in spite of it, lol!

Jessica should be given the same benefit of support you give your favs; this is not supposed to be a slam site or a place to bring the biggest insults you can manage to throw out. My mother got pregnant 7 weeks after I was born (not her plan) and my sister and I still close. I kind of hope she has another girl so they can have an opportunity to have that same relationship. My girls are 15 months apart and they are still close as adults.

Carolyn on

Why doesn’t this guy have a job? I know Jessica is wealthy, but what self-respecting young man doesn’t at least contribute to his family?

Ann on

Does she plan to marry the babydaddy which is none of our business and does he have a job?

Seasons on


Amy on

best wishes.

Norma on

Oh good God, give her a break. She’s rich, she has money, she’s 32 yrs-old. She knows what she’s doing. Having her kids close in age and taking time now to build her family at this point in her life is worth it. I have 3 kids back to back and it was tough those first 5 yrs but now it’s smooth sailing. My kids are 6, 8 and 9 yrs old. Best thing I ever did was get those birthing years over with – and fast! lol. Blessings to Jessica.

kittie on

Everyone keeps referring to kids born a year apart will be the best of friends. Who told you that? They might be, they might not. My sister and I are five years apart and were the best of friends it depends if siblings mesh together and when the siblings get older then you will see. I know plenty of siblings that are close in age and dont even talk to one another. SMH!!!

LM on

Lol- just read all of yesterday’s posts calling Jessica trashy, skanky, etc. I hope you all found time to be loving to family and friends on Christmas Day, instead of just judgmental peeps on a message board.

Anonymous on

She makes me sick with the whole weight watchers thing, she knows what she’s doing. Pregnant or not Jessica Simpson is no weight watchers girl, they’re dumb for paying her millions to not follow their program. I guess she has another excuse now for excessive weight gain.

terri on

So easy to do when you dont’ actually have to take care of the kids! Nannies are great or so I hear!!

momjeans on

Why did she have to “officially” announce it on Christmas day? Like she is trying to steal the thunder and make it “her” holiday. I guess I don’t know whom she assumes to think she is. Especially with all the other tragedy lately. She could have stayed under the radar for a little while longer. There were already the rumors that could have sufficed her. But, no. Not Jessica Simpson. And yes, that is Jessica SIMPSON, unmarried, maiden name.

momjeans on

Why did she have to announce it on Christmas day? This isn’t Jessica’s day? Whom does she think she is? Does she think she is gifting the world with the announcement of another illegitimate child? Yes Jessica Simpson (and it is still Simpson, maiden name for an unwed mother), you could have stayed under the radar a while longer. You don’t need to be in the news these recent days, you already had the rumor out there to suffice it for now. With all the tragedy in the past week or two, you didn’t need to steal the thunder from the other articles that are celebrating the lives of the little ones that were taken from their families and didn’t get to be here on Christmas day. Shame on you

Shelliec69 on

It’s good Jessica is so happy, and whether she gets married or not is really her business. I am just wondering if WW will drop her. Regular members who are pregnant are not allowed in the program. She should not be the spokesperson.

rhonda on

Congrates on the new coming addition.

Prayers for Eric & Jessica along with baby Maxwell to in the coming new year.

Deb on

Not to put a damper on your happiness, but before baby no. 2 arrives, don’t you think it would be nice to make it official (husband and wife) with you and Eric (after all you are engaged).

Kara S. on

Very happy for her and her family. A baby is a blessing! Congrats Jessica!

Lori on

Why question why she is having another baby so soon after having her first baby in May. There are so many women that have babies that close together. Happy for her.

tori on

Sorry,two babies and still not married = poor example and way more then tacky no matter how much money you have!

Jessica on

I would not want to be Jessica Simpson in a million years. IF they are SO damn happy with one another then why are they not married yet?

Everyone knows how this relationship will go:

A. they get married and end up divorced or
B. they split up

Either way Eric has it made, He’ll get child support and lots of it.

Jessica is effin’ stupid to put up with this leech.

Mimi on

Maybe she’ll have a boy and name him Mary Jane…lol;)

Twyla on

I think it’s funny everyon’e saying “why doesn’t he want to make her his wife, not just his baby momma”. Maybe here in the 21st century where women have a life outside of their men, she’s the one pushing off the wedding.

Just My Opinion on

Is Eric Johnson employed?

Just My Opinion on

No Eric will never marry her, he would have to sign a prenup. He’s milking that cow, but what he needs to think about is the amount of child support he’ll have to pay if they split.

Teresa on

She is not gonna mess her body up by having kids that close together. SOME of you need to do your research and stop posting what you dont understand. I have two girls that are 11 months apart, my oldest was only 3 months when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant for my second child. My second was healthy and so was I.

Sass027 on

There’s nothing wrong with Kathy’s comment. There ARE still people in this world that were raised with the belief that you should be married before you have kids. All you people that think it’s ok to have children out of wedlock voice your opinions openly, and so can we. So stop putting people like Kathy down.

Kat1129 on

Losing weight is so easy for celebrities with personal trainers, personal chefs and getting paid to do it.

MissScarlett on

Ugh! Wish she and that Honey Boo Boo would both get lost. Best Christmas gift ever not to hear about their trashy lives again.

Anonymous on

you can afford it. congrats!

suzy diamond on

It’s great and second baby. Now, get married already!

NM on

Okay, now that baby number two is on the way, get married and be a responsible parent for your children. Stop giving the man the milk for free! This is ridiculous. Yes, I fully realize that there are some that don’t believe in marriage or think that you have to be married to have children, but I do. She’s acting very irresponsibly by bringing illegitmate children into this world. They’ve been engaged forever, now they need to make it legal, and I’m NOT talking about a piece of paper, that has nothing to do with a marriage, it’s a legality!

pinklily on

I’m curious to find out if Jessica gains as much weight this time around since she has/is learning how to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.

Dramatic weight gain or not… congratulations on the upcoming birth of baby number two!

Guest2012 on

Yup, proven fact that getting pregnant again right away will keep him. I would just worry about her healthy with the yo-yo weight gain and so much too, then the loss and now gain again. I don’t think she’ll like the pressure of losing the weight again in the same amount of time or sooner than with her first and with two kids under say 14 months old and trying work at her relationship and in the public eye will be very difficult.

tracy on

get marrie.

melissa on

SO WHAT if she is not married! It’s not like she’s Honey Boo Boo acting like WT.. peeing on couches and what not. Good grief! She will get married when she is ready!

Yma on

Omg, people’s reactions to this are killing me. Hahahaha! Its a celebrity gossip magazine, to be read for entertainment. If Jessica Simpson’s life (or any other celebrity who you don’t actually know personally) affects yours this much, you might need some sort of hobby.

kbo on

Hey morality police…Mary was a baby mama too.

Pinky on

It is not the illegitimate children I find tacky, it is the reason to not marry because you want some big fancy People covered wedding with a fabulous figure that I find tacky. If people cared more about the marriage and commitment and less about the ceremony they might find themselves in a long happy marriage.

Lili stiefel on

Crazy comments…best wishes

Kairy on

Wow I know she’s not too bright, but I thought she knew how babies were made! This is why the world is full of idiots

Charli on

That’s an adorable pic! I don’t know why people bash Jessica. She seems happy and she isn’t hurting anyone.

heather on

best wishes to the simpson family.. maxwell is absolutely adorable like her mom!!

Nef on

Wow, Kathy has so much vitriol on Christmas she has to post her comment at least twice. What’s a matter Kathy, you get coal in your stocking? Maybe that’s a sign you should stop judging others and work on your own attitude.

Anonymous on

Stop making it popular to make fun of her PEOPLE!

Jessica on

I thought they were going to get married in October or something? Wasn’t that why she was losing weight? Did they get married and I’m out of the loop? Just curious, not judging. 🙂 And ‘grats on the new baby!

kitty62862 on

I wish them the best, and I hope she is healed well enough from the cesarean, not to have complications. Maxie is adorable!

Tammy Jones on

I thought this was already public knowledge? I’m happy for her, she glows with joy these days.

Lori on

Congrats!! I wish they would take the time get married before she balloons up!! I remember before see married Nick she was a virgin! But, so happy Jessica!!

terri on

Good for her …if…she actually takes care of her children and not some live in nanny paid to do her work.

Anonymous on

We date, we get engage, and we got married, then come babies…. Now he is nothing but a baby daddy… stop using the euphemism (fiancé) to describe his place in her life…. They are going on a second kid if he is not a husband by now he will never be.

Monica on

People are mean. I get that she looks like a huge hypocrite with the waiting until marriage thing but what is done is done. She did not turn out to be the role model she initially was but whatever. The girls who looked up to her (I was one of them) are all grown and worrying about their own lives. I have friends who are in long term committed relationship with children who have better home lives than most children who have married parents. Her kids are no less loved than mine. I think Eric looks the worst out of everyone in this situation since he shacked up with Jess without being divorced from his first wife.

Ings5kids on

My issue is that during her interview with People she made a big deal saying how she was not going to have another so soon because Maxie deserves to have all the attention for awhile. Well it looks like she is as dumb as she sounds cause here she is a few months later with an oopsie baby, As for how do they have time/energy for sex? Well she clearly stated she had a night nurse/nanny. I did not have a nanny and did not have issues finding time but I used bith control unlike her.

melody on

good for her

kim on

some of the comments on here are disgusting, offensive and repulsive. didnt your mothers teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all?? congrats to the new happy family…

Jessica on

YAY, congratulations on another baby. Having a child is such a miracle and a gift. I am so happy for the family and for baby Maxwell. How fun to have a sibling so close – a forever friend. Merry Christmas indeed!

Sue on

It may seem like good news, its another unmarried woman making a choice to have a baby. With recent tragedies in the world, maybe they should be married to promote family & love instead of thinking its ok to keep having babies without committment

Virginia on

Congratulations! My 2 younger boys are 368 days apart! They are the best of friends!! P.S. Maxwell is too cute for words!!

Daffygrams on

Congrats to Maxwell and her parents!

samira on

Ccongrats to them. Children are blessings however way they come. Hopefully they get married soon and set a goof example especially as she’s a Christian

Erin on

as a healthcare professional i am just going to say one thing to anyone who may be reading this, it is unsafe to get pregnant so soon after a c section. you can do it but it is not advisable. on another note her first baby is beautiful! i hope this pregnancy goes smoothly for her

susan on

Weight Watchers pays her MILLIONS TO BE THEIR SPOKESPERSON, AND SHE WAITS WHAT? 2-3 MOS AND SHE’S EXPECTING AGAIN?!?!? Can we say “take the money and run?!?!?” She will never marry. All that BS abt “waiting until after I give birth…” and now she’s knocked up again?!?! Seriously Jess, your time in the spotlight is OVER..go away and become an unwed baby making machine…nice Christian girl my a**!

mandy on

Great,,,,,9 more months of shovelling food down her gullet with the “pregnant” excuse. Oh but…I am sure she will be very healthy about it!! HA!

sara on

Congratulations!!! So excited for them.

Jaye on

Maxwell is adorable- I love to see babies looking happy! Hopefully her parents will see the value in committing further to marriage. You are parenting together until death, so you should be committed to each spiritually and legally until death as well. Maybe there are functional non-married parents, but I do not know any. And for those far and few between that do work, if they are a good parent, they will acknowledge that a committed, loving marriage is always better to have first before having children. It baffles me when people get all touchy about it, come on..its common sense.

Lanh on

Jessica, are you ever going to get married? 1 divorce, many men later, 2 kids out of wedlock, a sister who has gotten divorced and now your own parents splitting up. Not exactly the preacher’s daughter that you had everyone sold on!

Jessica on

Jessica Simpson Confirms: I’m Pregnant Again and stupid as ever because I have to trap a guy with not one but TWO babies just so he’ll (hopefully) marry me.

I had a great guy in Nick Lachey, but I though he was cramping my style so I kicked him to the curb because I do what Daddy tells me to do, I’ve been through many men since my divorce and I met my freeloader loser paid fiance when he was still married to his wife.

cassie on

Ya Amanda that will happen but I will still b proud of her.

Garett on

Best wishes to the famly!!!

Jan on

Not bashing her but I think it’s funny she came from such a Christian home and waited to have sex with Nick. Now it’s like she can’t find time for a wedding of some sorts but she can have more babies.

Misty on

She is a freakin’ HYPOCRITE!

Misty on


jncoc4 on


Rachael on


What kind of idiot proclaims a couple is NOT a couple before they are married?

And how is it anybody’s business whether Jessica is married or not? Some of you just love to judge. It;s her choice, not yours, you dolts!

Julia on

Jessica should be ashamed of herself! that man is never going to marry her!!!! what happened to all that Christian purity she had before marrying nick??? such a damn hypocrite.

Leann on

Congrats on the happy couple. It does not matter if Maxwell and the new baby will be close in age. All that matters is if the baby and Jessica are healthy. I am glad to see Jessica happy. And married or not you can see that the couple love each other.

Sue on

Gee how above marrying the guy you’re sleeping with? Seems like her whole family has given up on any family values. Nick was probably happy to get away from all those crazy nuts!

ecl on

Changing your beliefs over a ten year period does not make you a hypocrite. She is allowed to grow and change as a person. That’s what people do in their 20’s. I would hope that we are allowed to gain life experiences and adjust what we believe. Otherwise, perhaps you might like to bring up some of the dumb things I said when I was younger?

Doreen on

Marry her and make an ‘honest’ woman out of her!

Renee on

Aww bless her. I have a 15 month age gap between my 2… it’s AMAZING! Congratulations to the happy family

cc on

I would like to know why is it ok for her to be pregnant again but when Kourtney K was carrying her second child some of you same people were saying how she should get married and also made some of the nastiest comments about her. If it is good for this one it is good for all the other women that have babies without the benefit of marriage. Dont have your picks about which one it is ok to have an a child out of wedlock.

It’s me on

Gross….I think she is trying so hard to make something out of nothing! PLEASE how long do you think this relationship is gonna last? What does this guy do anyway besides provide sperm?

Anonymous on

Ings5kids (and others who mentioned Jessica not using birth control- How in the world do you know she didn’t? Were you in the bedroom with her and Eric? Do you honestly think that birth control is 100 percent effective?!

Tee- While I’m not denying that Jessica gained a lot of weight, Maxwell’s dad is quite a tall guy and, according to Jessica, was also nearly ten pounds at birth (in fact, if I’m remembering correctly, Maxwell ended up weighing only one ounce less than he did!). So I’m guessing Maxie’s size is more due to that than the amount of weight Jessica gained!

Jane- Why the assumption that Jessica is going to have another C-section? She may very well have a VBAC for all we know!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I don’t get all the bashing, especially about Eric not having a job. I didn’t realize there was something wrong with men being stay-at-home dads!

Also, Jessica’s situation is hardly the same as Tori’s. Assuming she did what most celebs do and announced at three or four month mark, Maxwell was around four or five months old (remember, she was born on May 2nd, so she’s actually almost eight months old now!).

Getting pregnant with number two at that point isn’t unusual, nor is it usually that risky since most women are usually pretty well healed (even if they’ve had a C-section) by then.

Tori, on the otherhand, got pregnant with her fourth child just ONE month after having her third, when she would have been just beginning to heal (in fact, I’d venture to guess that she hadn’t even had the stiches/staples removed from her incision yet!). Plus, she’d had a total of three C-sections by then, whereas Jessica’s only had the one,

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that Maxwell is adorable!

Heather on

There sure are a lot of self-righteous people here. Who CARES if she’s married? Who CARES when she gets pregnant again? Some people just never have anything nice to say. I can think of a hundred things more “nasty” and “skanky” than having a second child closely spaced from the first. Those of you with these strange comments really need to get a life!!

Jess on

Hilarious Stacey! If her body couldn’t handle it, she wouldn’t even be pregnant to begin with. Woman’s bodies were made for this particular job.. Think about it, there used to be woman having babies ever year back in the day with no hospital and in some little log cabin. They were just fine, and she will be too. Besides she had a c-section and before becoming active you have to get the green light. And as for the time issue, most normal people have to make time, people with money have help on hand 24hrs a day.. Hello.

djdjd on

It’s actually not healthy to get pregnant so soon after giving birth to a baby due to the fact that your body has to heal, and also is going to have many nutrient stores that are not even fully replenished yet. It’s completely selfish. Close your legs or use birth control. Does no one practice self control these days?

Vanessa on

I don’t get it. She was determined to lose all the previous baby weight, going as far as doing Jenny Craig and then she goes out and gets herself pregnant again only a few months after giving birth?

erilynne on

I love her but I wish she would get married finally THEN have her pregnancies!

NG. on

I hope people realize that in this century, there are plenty of people out there who are against the institution of marriage. They do not feel like going through all this legal stuff with the possibility of splitting. It’s a different lifestyle than what you may choose – but that’s not really any of your damn business. “Illegitimate children” are not tacky; you’re just ignorant as can be. I give my congratulations to Jessica and her fiancée, and the soon-to-be big sister, Maxwell.

kacizeta on

My two youngest are only 13 months apart and are the best of buds. They are boy/girl. Now that they are 5 and 6 life is much easier and they have each other to play with! I am SO glad they have each other!

Anonymous on

How is it that when a Kardashian gets pregnant it’s not judged, it’s strictly praised, but when someone who is famous for a legit reason (her voice), she gets criticized for not being married? The Kardashian family is famous for being rich snobs and sex scandals. Why not ostracize them instead of praise their pregnancies? I also don’t recall there being any backlash when Brad Pit and trash Jolie got pregnant multiple times.

Get over yourselves.

Anonymous on

Kathy- The only thing tacky about any of this is you sitting on Christmas Day and judging someone you’ve never met. We’re not in the 50’s anymore sweet heart..Welcome to 2013..

Anonymous on

You don’t have to be married to have children, marriages end sometimes. The thing is ,is to raise them and love them. Jessica deserves to be happy. let her be. Nick has moved on with jess’s money and has a new family.

Rachel on

Is it just me of does it seem strange that she would tout saving herself for marriage only to end up having two children out of wedlock?

JJA on

I am speechless with so much stupidity… some comments are from another world. People who judge her for not being married should be locked up somewhere so we don’t have to take this absolute non sense. YOU ARE STUPID!! How can a piece of paper determine the commitment of a couple who is healthy and happy, and having healthy and happy babies?? Please stop posting your ignorance. Stupid people!

michael on

whats the big shock? its basic biologly. part A goes into part B and POOF, you have a kid.