Kerri Walsh Jennings Is Expecting a Girl

12/24/2012 at 08:15 AM ET

Kerri Walsh Jennings Expecting a Girl
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty

Kerri Walsh Jennings is thinking pink.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist found out the sex of her baby on the way live on Today Monday.

Walsh Jennings, husband Casey Jennings and sons Joseph, 3½, and Sundance, 2½, continued a previous Christmas tradition, having their doctor pen the baby’s gender on an ornament to reveal that come April, they’ll be welcoming a girl.

“We’re going to share something so special today and I’ve been dying for two months to find out,” the beach volleyball star, 34, said before breaking the news through tears. “Oh my God — we’re having a girl!”

“It feels a little cheesy if I overthink it, but I’m just not going to overthink it,” Walsh Jennings told Today prior to the announcement. “I feel like people are along for the ride with us. We’ve gotten so many words of encouragement … I welcome all the love and prayers I can get!”

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— Sarah Michaud

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Rosy on

Yay. I love her!!!! congrats!

Lindsey on

Talk about girl power!! Awesome!!

ksu2000grad on

Congrats to Kerri and Casey!!! Thanks PEOPLE, nothing like ruining the surprise for those in later time zones watching the Today Show this morning.

Martha on

Congrats, I wish you a safe delivery.

Anonymous on

That is a great Christmas gift

Tiffany on

I was the opposite. We had 2 girls and wanted a boy. Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love the baby if it was another of what you have but it’s nice to be able to have at least one of each.

BH on

Is anything private anymore?

Brandi on

Bah humbug to you too BH! It’s very simple…. if you don’t care to know, then don’t read the article or watch the clip!!

Lady on

That was cute, congrats!

Marcia on

Congrats to them! I had read somewhere that she was sicker with this pregnancy and that happened to me with my daughter. Love her!

Laine on

Strong and dedicated Kerri having a daughter? I can’t imagine a better role model for a little girl. You’ll be a wonderful mom to your daughter, Kerri!

Brandi on

Lol the music that started playing while she opened the box made me laugh, it sounded like something from The Price is Right or Mister Rogers….lolol 😉 What a special thing to share with everyone…congrats to Kerri and her growing family!!

Lilah on

Awesome! Congratulations!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations on a girl being added to your wonderful family!

How very exciting!

Annie on

That was so sweet! I love her! Congrats on a little princess!

kristy on

My Christmas just got a whole lot sweeter. I knew she would have a girl. :’) Congrats!!!!!

Denise on

This woman should watch the Dutch charity event Serious Request. The entire country is raising money to help prevent babies from dying in Africa. Why does this woman need words of encouragement? It makes me sick, she needs to learn to place things in perspective. The gender of your child does not matter, you should be grateful you have two healthy children and a third one on the way. Save babies, do not bore the world with your ‘announcements’.

Tee Tee on

BH, it’s not like she told you what position the baby was conceived in! All she did was share that she’s having a daughter. What is inappropriate about that?

Congratulations to Kerri and her family! I’m so excited for them!

Liz on

i am happy for her. She has 2 boys and i think she needs a girl.

meghan on

Denise, what the hell does what you are blathering on about have to do with the topic at hand? She’s not allowed to be excited about having a daughter? Somehow talking about gender means she doesn’t worry whether the child will be healthy? It equals that she isn’t grateful for what she has? Projecting much??

Denise on

Meghan, what struck me was the fact that she stated she received ‘words of encouragement’. She doesn’t need them, she has everything she needs to bring this new child safely and healthy into this world. There are women out there who don’t even have the tools to find out the gender of their baby, let alone the tools to give birth safely. I get she’s happy she’s having a girl, but really, in the bigger picture, these stories just aren’t as important.

It has nothing to do with projecting, it’s about opening your eyes to the world. When you see how much sufferig there are, when you see healthy babies dying because these is no proper medical care – that’s when you realise this article can push the wrong buttons with some people.

Keira on

Wow Denise- happy holidays to you too. Just because there is suffering in the world doesn’t mean that a person can’t be happy in their own situations. I’m sure Kerri would have been just as happy to have a boy. It’s people like you that make people feel guilty for their own success and happiness. Relax and enjoy life.

SmiaVS on

Joseph and Sundance? Should be interesting to see which direction they go this time….

Also, People, gender does not equal sex. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to know a child’s gender before that child is old enough to tell you if (s)he feels like a boy or a girl. Why is that concept beyond the grasp of so many?

Natalie on

Yay! That’s awesome! Congrats Kerri and Casey! I’m so glad they got their girl. I grew up in Las Vegas with Casey and all his brothers so it was fun to see them in the background. Hi Jennings family! :wave:

Tee Tee on

Denise, I see the point you’re trying to make but I can’t agree with you. Kerri receiving words of encouragement don’t take away from the sorrow in this world. It’s not fair to accuse her of not looking at the overall world just because she spoke about her personal life in an interview. Given that logic, no one, celebrity or otherwise, should ever speak about their personal life or anything deemed frivolous. Do you really believe that?

Sunshine on

I don’t think it’s cheesy! What a great way to celebrate – Congrats!

TV on

If she’s just finding out today what she is having then why was she flapping her mouth all night last Wednesday about being excited to have a little girl? We had to hear all about her sons getting a sister next year while doing security for the Miss Universe pageant. By the time the night was over I was happy that I didn’t have to feign interest in hearing about her pregnancy anymore.

Jennifer Sanchez on

Congrats Kerri!! Kerri and Misty are awesome!

Marky on

Denise, you really need a reality check”, big-time! I have worked with the poorest of the poor in Haiti since before the earthquake. It is so stressful to try to raise money for everyday food, clothes, and support for the myriad orphanages required because everyone in the family dies in floods, earthquakes, Cholera epidemics, and many are burned and can’t care for their own children due to the severity of the burns.

The multiple tragedies happening in their everyday lives does not keep people such as my DIL from needing or wanting “words of encouragement” while pregnant. The self-righteous pricks who claim people should be worrying about those who are without and in need, and complaining about other people who may be excited about their own baby, furnishing a nursery, or mentioning they are afraid about their baby’s health, needs, or whatever, because all anyone should be concerned about is a group in Africa, or somewhere else, generally aren’t helping any of those people themselves.

That’s the weird part to me; as long as I have been working with those in extreme need, in this country or in Haiti, I’ve never heard any of my fellow workers (or myself) make rude, harsh statements like yours. Your attitude reflects badly on those who are “in the trenches”, so to speak

RachaelMall on


Famous people are not immune to miscarriage or stillbirth, no matter how wealthy they are. And it doesn’t matter if she’s on her 10th kid, a mother always needs words of encouragement!

DaisyMoon on

She’s an animal on the court…love her!

On another note…how awkward are interviews via satellite?


Erin on

awesome!!! i have two sons, and if my third was a girl id be crazy, i already told my husband id be screaming in that ultrasound room! hahaha…

Becca on

All babies are a blessing. Hopefully both mom and baby are healthy. Baby girls are soooo much fun to dress up. Congrats😀

Shawna on

So according to SOME PEOPLE, a woman should not have children because other children around the world are dying and need to be adopted. Here’s an idea… TEACH 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES BIRTH CONTROL! If you know you cant feed them or keep them healthy and alive, stop having them and expecting the rest of the world to save them! And according to SOME PEOPLE, a healthy American woman who already has children, doesnt deserve words of encouragement or congratulations! SOME PEOPLE need to just stay off the site, stop reading the articles and for the love of it all… stop posting your CRAP just so you can see it in print and get attention!

Akri on

Congrats to Kerri!! They’ve wanted a girl for a long time.. Maybe another Olympian in the future..? I hope she has a good pregnancy and the baby’s healthy.. Merry Xmas everybody.. And btw Denise.. You’re an

Mandy on

OK To all the SCROOGES on here fussing about the celebrities and them having babies and fussing about how they had their babies, GTFO!!! Seriously, if you don’t want to hear about their journey into parenthood then do not come to a site called CELEBRITY BABY BLOG!!!!!!! Quit your whining and complaining, and just do yourself and the world a favor and leave this site and don’t come back!

I’m excited for Kerri and her family! I’m sure if it was a boy they would have been just as excited because she’s been happy all along that she is pregnant. Congrats to them.

Randy Woods on

I know you are a celebrity driven magazine, but I don’t understand why, with BILLIONS of people in the world, celebritites think their babies are somehow more special. They already have tons of money, yet some feel the need to sell their babies photos to magazines, To me it is just sad

Holiday on

And the third times a charm! How awesome she finally gets to experience a daughter.

Anonymous on

Randy Woods- I think a lot of celebs do magazine shoots so that they can control how the first shots of their baby get out (think about it, if your options were to either have the paparazzi hunt you like a rabid animal until they get the first pictures of your baby or releasing the photos yourself via magazine, twitter, or whatever, which would you choose?), not because they think their babies are more special than other people’s babies.

Also, if you don’t like reading about celebrity babies, then you might not want to be visiting this site. Just a suggestion. 😉

Anonymous on

Oh, and cool that they’re having a girl!

LTG on

Congrats to the Jennings family!! So happy for them!!