Alyson Hannigan: No Sibling Rivalry Between Satyana and Keeva

12/21/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Alyson Hannigan No Sibling Rivalry Between Satyana and Keeva
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An only child herself, Alyson Hannigan had her fair share of fears when she found out she was pregnant with her second child.

But with some encouragement from her parents — and a special present from her baby sister! — the actress’s daughter Satyana Marie instantly washed away her mom’s worries.

“We did a lot of making it a really big deal, like, ‘You get to be a big sister!'” Hannigan, 38, told PEOPLE during the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies luncheon on Dec. 7 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“When the baby arrived, we had her give her big sister a big play structure in the backyard. It was a gift from the baby to her big sister and [Satyana] loves it.”

Noting there hasn’t been “one moment where we’re like, ‘Oooh, sibling rivalry,'” the mom-of-two admits there’s nothing but love between 3½-year-old Satyana and 7-month-old Keeva Jane — almost a bit too much of it!

“The other day [Satyana] was hugging [Keeva] so hard I was like, ‘I think her head might pop off.’ I don’t want to be like, ‘Ooh!’ because I don’t want her to have a complex about her sister,” the How I Met Your Mother star explains.

“But I’m like, ‘Oh you know, I don’t know if she can really breathe right now! That might just be a little too hard,’ and Keeva’s just as happy as [can be]. It’s so great.”

Although she may be busy refereeing the tough love tactics between her two girls, Hannigan couldn’t be happier with her greatest role to date.

“My whole world changed for the better as soon as I became a mom,” she says. “It’s not only the hardest, but absolutely the most rewarding job ever. There needs to be a better word than ‘job’ because jobs you get time off and you never get time off from being a mom.”

Even when she’s logging long hours on her day job, adds Hannigan, who is often joined by both girls on set.

“I’m so fortunate I can bring my kids to work and so my baby comes with me every day and we have a nursery set up,” she says. “I’m a lot more fortunate in that regard, but I think, just do the best you can and hang in there because [balancing it all is] so hard. There’s always some sort of degree of guilt like, ‘Am I doing okay?'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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marina on

What a sweet article!

poppykai on

I thought the same thing about my children when my youngest was a baby-No sibling rivalry. Then around 2 years old, the gloves were off and it was constant bickering and fighting between them. Now at 8 years and 5 years it hasn’t eased up that much, but they do have their moments of liking each other as well.

Best of luck with both of your little ones. I hope there will always be peace in your home.

Anonymous on

Awww, how sweet!

Viera on

wait till they older ..Holy Batman …..My kids were perfect till my daughter turned 2 and started to bug her older brother. Now some days I feel like I’m in the house with screaming running monkeys

Cara on

yep, agree with poppykai, the sibling rivalry kicks in later !

Anonymous on

Sibling rivalry COULD rear it’s ugly head later on for Satyana and Keeva…or they could enjoy the wonderful bond that my brother and I did (and, for that matter, still do!).

We have the same age difference as the Denisof girls, and while we would squabble occasionally (usually over things such as me having snuck into his room when he wasn’t around and played with his toys without permission!), we got along really well most of the time.

In fact, in our case, the old cliche about the older brother protecting his little sister couldn’t have been more true! 🙂

Meg on

The dynamic between sisters is a million times worse than a brother and a sister. It will kick in eventually for them!

Lau on

My sister and I are 23 and 21 years old. Hasn’t been any sibling rivalry yet : )! People have a hard time believing that jealousy can’t exist but it happens. Love my sister!

Teri on

Sibling rivalry?? At 7 months old? Haha yeah…. They have nothing to fight about yet.

Stephanie on

My oldest loved his baby brother…until younger brother started to walk and get into his toys. It was downhill after that…lol Much luck to you and your little ones:)

lilly on

this is stupid. they arent old enough for sibling rivalry at 7 months. get better writers.

LuluAZ on

Just wait….they’ll start arguing soon enough!

landy on

Please enjoy it will it last. My eldest 20 and her Brother 18 still squabbles over petty issues and the two youngest 10 &12 fondly referred to as “the gremlins” starts from the moment they open their eyes. Yet greáter defenders of each other you will never find

valeskas on

Wait until the little one is a bit older. When they are babies, there is no jealousy, but it will happen, I went though the same thing with mine.

joan on

There can be sibling rivalry at that young age, if the oldest feels jealous at the younger one. My eldest, when 3, dumped her 5 month old sister out of the playpen onto the floor. Thankfully, it was only a few inches and it wasn’t head first and i probably broke the sound barrier running to catch her.

My nephew used to try to poke his baby brother while swinging. Kids dont always understand why the attention is gone.

Heather on

Wait until they’re older. They’ll argue over who has the uglier name.

Teri on

Hahahaha!!! This made me giggle!

Nicole on

It’s funny you say that because everyone I’ve ever known named Heather is, lets just say, very promiscuous.

KW on

Get a grip.

newaddress on

Why did she use “like” three times, superfluously (and colloquially)? She sounded like a 14 year old.

All the “singletons” I know are happy having been only children. I think in some cases it’s better when you are an adult (I like my sibs now but would have wished two of them into the cornfield when I was a kid).

I agree with the poster who said when these kids are older they will wonder about their first names. Very funny!

Tara on

Wait till later, when they both figure out how to count! I have a baby brother, and I love him to pieces but there is sibling rivalry. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, it kind of makes us closer cause we pay attention!

Amber on

Their will be rivalry between them my kids are 4 and 5(a boy and girl) and they are now at this point starting to fight and I have a younger sister(8 years younger) and we fought too but still loved each other that is just the way it works

Amber on

I meant there will be rivalry not their

NM on

At their ages, their not old enough to know what sibliing rivarly means! Seriously, this is pretty ridiculous! Give it a few years, and you’ll find out.

Sam on

Sibling rivalry can happen that earlt. My sister and I (3y1m apart) have never gotten along…in fact, we were, and still are, terrible to each other. We chose to live with different parents when our parents divorced, we live in different ststes now and only stay in contact through Facebook and even then only on birthdays. I hope her girls are much luckier than we were…

weezer on

Oh, just wait until they get a bit older and become teenagers, all hell is going to break loose! My sister and I fought a lot as kids but, now we’re best friends!

joney on

Good one Heather. I think the name Keeva wins.

Kim on

Maybe when they’re older they will fight over who has the dumber name…..

Trina on

My girls are 2 1/2 years apart. They are now 6 1/2 and 4. At first it was sweet, no presents were given, but I tried very hard to make things special and “even”. My oldest pretty much wanted the youngest to go back to the hospital as soon as she got into toys. A lot has been taught about “asking first” and taking turns which are great for any relationship. Now, they are pretty good friends, but jealousy pops up when one thinks something is unfair.


She’s in La-La Land. Just wait until they’re older. Perhaps she can get an after-Christmas deal on some boxing gloves for the kids and ear plugs for her.

Anonymous on

The baby is 7 months old and no sibling rivalry. HA HA!!! Give it another 18 mos, then lets revisit this topic….

Sara on

Wait until they start playing with the same toys, then they will be ripping each other’s throats out! Happened with mine 🙂

Dona on

This is just a blanket comment on all baby/pregnancy/parenting articles about celebrities –

I still think to myself once and then that there might be something REALLY interesting or unusual in an article such as this, given that someone think it warrants publishing. Always a disappointment. Why do celebrities, and the media, think its so amazing that these people parent their children and or care about their kids. It’s not amazing that she loves her family. It is natural.

I also remember when Gwyneth Paltrow first became pregnant a number of years ago and that it was a sensational thing. Pretty much thereafter I have never stopped hearing about every single pregnancy, birth announcement, morning sickness, etc. This is not only boring but it’s insulting to the reader to presume that we only have an interest in, or acceptance of our own families, as a reflection of celebrities doing it. And the fact that almost every female celebrity of child-bearing age is pregnant or has small children disgusts me as it appears “trendy” to have children. Will it be “in” when your kid is 16 and having all the teenage hiccups? Or is it only the Thing so long as you can show off the newest, weirdest, most expensive stroller and that unique (but wholeheartedly unoriginal) baby name!

Give them actual names and stop professing to the world how much you adore them. It will be self-evident to those who matter if it is true.

JessicaB on

Being an only child I paid special attention to my neighborhood friends and their sibling relationships. We all moved back to the neighborhood, and our kids play together now. When I hear my friends talk about how they got along with their sibs I have to laugh. I remember some pretty brutal exchanges, that they, have apparently forgotten. To hear them talk, it was always a love-fest. (Not!)

My girls are very close in age. The sib stuff started about the same age as the difference in age between the sibs. So thinking this will kick in in a little over 2 years.

Jess on

I think she also means about satyana getting jealous and having the problem Of sharing mommy and daddy’s attention!!
That’s also considered sibling rivalry! Rivalry for attention and all those things as well!

RKF on

Why would they have sibling rivalry? They’re 3 1/2 and 7 months old.

Aj on

I think Alyson handled the situations perfectly. Satyana thinks Keeva bought her a playhouse hehehe. I guess it probably would’ve worked on me when I was 3 years old. I had slibling rivalry with both of my siblings growing up (I was the middle child). I didn’t like my younger sibling AT ALL until he started kindergarten.

starxdreamer on

i have always loved Alyson. From her Buffy days. More power to her. Raise your kids to be people, not subjects.

Jacksgran on

To young to tell! Good Luck!

Kim on

My comments never make it on here – so when it involves kids or babies it gets edited?

Margie on

These comments seem really judgemental. I have heard that kids with attachment parents have less fights and are closer.