James Marsden Welcomes Son William Luca

12/19/2012 at 01:30 PM ET

James Marsden Welcomes Son William Luca Christopher Polk/Getty; Courtesy Rose Costa

James Marsden is a father for the third time.

Brazilian model Rose Costa delivered a son, William Luca Costa-Marsden, on Friday, Dec. 14 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has learned.

The 30 Rock star, who briefly dated Costa after his split from wife Lisa Linde in 2011, picked the name and is being very supportive, a source tells PEOPLE.

Marsden, 39, is already dad to daughter Mary James, 7, and son Jack Holden, 11, with Linde.

A rep for the actor could not be reached for comment.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lesley Messer

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! That’s a great name.

kim on

“briefly dated” is an understatement. one of my good friends is friends with him and he said that he had a one nite stand with this chick and she ended up knocked up. sounds like a GREAT guy.

Charleigh on

Why does it matter if it was a one night stand or not? The article says that he is being supportive and that the child has his last name. That to me says he plans to be active in his sons life. That’s all that matters. How many guys do you know that actually accept their responsibilities after a one night stand? In my experience, not many.

Sam on

In your experience? Hmmm!

tori on


Shakes on

Kim; how is he a bad guy for having a one night stand? I mean, didn’t she also have a one night stand? If a woman is going to run around giving it away maybe she should consider the pill or whatever. Maybe he should have used something as well be there were two people there, right? Lots of people have one night stands. I’m no proponenet of it but it happens every day.

Bee on

What an idiot. Separates from his wife and then goes and knocks up some random model chick. Fantastic.

klutzy_girl on

Ugh. Why are you all blaming only James? It took two people to conceive that baby. And it sounds like James is going to be involved, so who cares? That’s a good thing that he wants to be involved in the baby’s life.

If it’s true, not like this was the first baby to be conceived via one night stand. Not that big of a deal that he even had one in the first place.

So calm down and stop judging.

Really??? on

Maybe focus on the fact there is a brand new beautiful baby that will no doubt be loved by both of his parents! Yay!

Staci on

His wife is the one who filed for divorce. “Briefly dated” I’m sure means a one night stand, but like ‘Shakes’ said, this chick also participated in the one night stand. If you’re a woman having casual sex, get on the pill or -shocker- you could become pregnant. That could have been her plan anyway, sleep with a celeb, have a kid and live off of child support.

sarah on

Just another gold digger. She has him for 18yrs.

Aud on

Wow, kinda harsh on James here in the comments. From what I learned in science class (and with experience), it takes TWO to make a child. If he’s an “idiot,” then what is she, an innocent bystander?

kayakkimi83 on

Kim- so why are you acting like this is HIS fault. If this was a one night stand she is just to blame…not like he raped her. As a woman I can say women have no one to blame but themselves for getting pregnant. I feel bad for the kids….

RKF on

@Kim – I’m so sure you have a friend who is friend’s with him. Right. There’s always that person on here who either “knows” the person, or “knows” someone who “knows” him. Unless your friend can verify this information, it’s called hearsay.

rhonda on

Chick looks like Alyssa Milano. Neither one of them heard of birth control.

merry on

Ahh, that “idiot” comment makes me frustrated, but I am happy so see so many positive responses, thank you ladies, for some class. Congratulations on the baby.

Sadie on

A lot of guys would deny paternity and fight the related costs of a one night stand baby. He sounds alright to me. And he’s great on 30 Rock.

Aritul on

Briefly “dated.” Is that what we are calling one night stands these days?

Kim on

He’s HOT

Daniel on

That’s sarcasm right Kim?

Tara on

Agree Kim, hot but very short, being large chested, that is one thing that pushes up my insecurity, if the guy is eye level with my chest….I just felt the need to randomly share that…. Sorry if that offends people. I love him as an actor though!

Tina on

Slow down, James. Rackin’ em up like pool balls.

Tara on


Anonymous on

She could have been on birth control. I was on the shot and i somehow ovulated anyways and got pregnant with my oldest. It does happen, just saying.

Connie on

Regardless of “briefly dated” or “one night stand”. I think he is a good guy to man up and take care of his child. He did not deny paternity and help deliver his child. Where is he wrong here? If indeed it was as one night stand or briefly dated. This baby was unplanned and both are taking care of it. Congrats to both of them.

trena on

People are so judgy, its none of your biz nor does it affect u, look in your own house. A child is a blessing, congrats to them

Emily on

Congrats to them both.

Alan on

If everyone starts having a one night stand baby, there will no difference between us and animals. Also they could get an STD. If not marriage, at least have a real relationship before having a baby. Will he love this baby as much as he loves his other two kids ?

kim on

yes, everyone it does take two to tango. BUT he should have been smart enough to use bc. im sorry, but as a woman, i can say not all women can be trusted. ive seen it happen too many times.

@rfk, i know this as a fact, as my friend hangs out with him on a regular basis and i see pics of them on fb. also, my friend and his mom were trying to set me up to date james. fortunately for me, i started dating someone else at that time, which also happened to be around the time that this chick got pregnant. so no, its not just heresay

Jae on

“one of my good friends is friends with him and he said that he had a one nite stand with this chick and she ended up knocked up. sounds like a GREAT guy.”

Right, because I’m sure he slept with her with the intention of getting her pregnant and never speaking to her again. However she “ended up knocked up” as a result of this one night stand, she’s as much responsible for it as he is, so I guess that makes her a GREAT lady too?

As long as he is supporting the baby and there for him, I really don’t see what the problem is, regardless of how the baby was conceived.

Emily on

Eh…its pretty much the same thing that happened with Kimberly stewart and.. (i cant remember his name)..but they’re fine with their daughter, Deliliah. If it works for some..Im not judging.

Montie on

As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” He’s a stand-up guy for taking responsibility and not pulling an Eddie Murphy. Plus, it’s pretty obvious he loves kids. It was on the local news recently, that he went and read to his sister’s third grade class.

Jae on

@Kim “yes, everyone it does take two to tango. BUT he should have been smart enough to use bc.” SHE should have been smart enough to use birth control too. Is it not her body? And if SHE can’t be trusted, how does that make HIM a bad guy?

As for whether or not James Marsden’s mother tried to get you to date him…well now you’re just making yourself sound like a fool.

AN6ra on

This is just SAD! That stupid girl might have actually thought he would marry her or something? But at least she’s set with the alimony!

Alex on

gosh these brazilian ladies are really fertile. She’s not the first one who ends ups with a baby after a brief fling…

Noneya on

Hey Kim – I think he probably IS a great guy! One night stand or brief fling, whatever, he could have denied paternity and caused a big scene – instead, he’s being a stand-up guy and FATHER to his newborn son! Lighten up will ya!!

Stacy on

It’s always amazing to me when grown adults accidentally have a baby. Birth control is cheaper than a child.

_Kristine on

Why is there so much assuming that there was no birth control used? Good grief, condoms break, hormonal birth control fails – especially if there are particular meds being taken with it.

She got pregnant, he’s supporting, good for them. There doesn’t seem to be any crazy drama, denials, or airing dirty laundry all over the world.

Kind of a boring story, really. Isn’t there more Kate news? 🙂

Tiffany on

I really like him as an actor but as a person, now, not so much.

It is kind of a slap in the face to the woman he was married to and his other kids. Seriously, you are to old to NOT use a condom. You really should know better by now. So now he has 3 kids, with two different women that will grow up in broken homes. Wow.

Samantha Lowry on

newsflash to all actors, any woman who claims to be on birth control so no need for a condom, is more often than not, lying. Women don’t take birth control unless they’re in a committed relationship. Promise. You are the meal ticket. These women have no problem having a baby with you beause then they are set for life. (we’re looking at you Mich Jagger) She’s a dumb model, but not so dumb as to know the advantage to getting pregnant by someone who has millions of dollars. Really, how many times do we read a story like this? I’m just shocked that rich men havn’t figured this out. I guess that one night stand without a condom was worth it?? Ummm..doubt it.

Aneta on

I guess I am no sure what the big deal is? They had a fling, she accidentally got pregnant, kept the baby (which is a good thing) and now they have a beautiful new baby.

Unkown on

This reminds me of Ryan Phillipe.

Stacy on

I find it sort of creepy that the sick & twisted James played in Bella Mafia was named Luka and this baby’s middle name is Luca.

liarlairpantsonfire on

has no one in hollywood heard of birth control???????? he and ryan phlippe did the exact same thing. get divorced, have a one night stand, have a baby. how do you explain that to your other kids?

Never on

That’s not all he and Ryan have in common. They also both fooled around with Amanda Seyfried after they had their babies. And everyone knows she’s a total nut job! Bad choices guys

K.W. on

seriously – look at the man…most of us would have had one night with him too given the chance..

JAK on

@Samantha Lowry You said, “Women don’t take birth control unless they’re in a committed relationship. Promise.” Where on earth are you getting this from?!? I know that I, along with many of my friends, are on birth control, and none of us are in a committed relationship (FYI we’re in our early-mid 20s). I would even argue that more women who aren’t in committed relationships are on birth control because they want to protect themselves from getting pregnant. You shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations, especially when there’s nothing to back them up.

That being said, congrats to James Marsden and Rose Costa! No matter how the baby was conceived, the birth of a cute little baby is something to be happy about!

B on

I know none of the details surrounging this, but I can’t help but feel badly for his ex-wife. It’s so sad when a relationship with children ends, and then he goes out and sleeps with someone and immediately they get pregnant? That had to hurt.

I wish them all happiness and hope that things are amicable for the sake of all the kids involved!

Eduardo on

Congratulations my sister Rose and James!! Luca we love so much baby!!!

Shelly on

Congratulations to them both. They were two consenting adults, and both should have known to use some form of contraception, but it seems like he is stepping up and has decided to be a supportive co-parent. In the end, the most important thing is that this child has two loving parents, and that seems to be the case.

Bugsmum on

Anyone else a tad confused by the maths here? “The 30 Rock star, who briefly dated Costa after his split from wife Lisa Linde in 2011” ??? I’m going out on a limb as assuming they briefly dated a few months AFTER he split from his wife.

Congrats on the healthy arrival of this precious wee soul.

Marge on

They sound like a wonderful couple. I feel bad for a child born out of a one night stand. But he is a great father to two children already so I’m sure he’ll be just as good to this child.

Tseug on


Lacey on

At least hes supportive, which a lot of fathers can’t say these days.

Stormy Fireriver on

Why don’t men wear condoms anymore?

Charli on

Glad I read the comments because they help the article make sense. Didn’t realize it was a one night stand but shouldn’t condoms be an essential part of a one night stand? They are both fortunate that they ended up with a beautiful baby and not a disease. Use protection!

B.J. (the girl) on

I remember when Mary James was born. Dang. This is all rather surprising, I didn’t know he and his wife had split up.

Anonymous on

Even though he is doing the right thing he was stupid to not use protection with this one night stand when he should know that as a rich celeb women would love to get pregnant to get the child support. Also he could have gotten an std. He had just separated from his wife. Of course she is a golddigger and a slut. Each one is a ho.

Anonymous on

_Kristine- I was just thinking the same thing! So I’m just going to ask directly (since anything less doesn’t usually get answered!): Why DO so many of you assume he didn’t use a condom? Why do you believe that birth control never fails? And have you honestly never heard of birth control before?

Please, somebody answer. I’d like to know, and I’m sure _Kristine and the other anonymous who voiced pretty much the same thing would, too!

Jen- How do you know the other kids “probably won’t know their brother”? It sounds from the article like James is going to be very involved in this baby life. So I would imagine the kids probably WILL get to know their brother! 🙂

Anyway, I can’t believe people are calling the birth of a baby “sad”! A new life coming into the world is never sad! Congrats to them on the birth, and welcome to the world William!

Anonymous on

Also, I hope he DOES play an active role in the baby’s life, unlike Ryan Phillipe and Jude Law, who never seem to see their youngest children (who were concieved under pretty much identical circumstances!). I feel so sorry for those little girls, as someday they’ll be old enough to wonder why their daddy loves their older siblings and not them!

lulu on

She got James exactly where she wants him. She is set for llife. Very disappointing.

janie on

Please. He probably cheated on his wife with this woman. I’m sure now that Brazilian Bastard has been born, Marsden’s wife is doing the math. What an ass, and a tramp. The poor kid.

Anonymous on

janie- The news of the split was announced in October 2011. It is now less than two weeks before January 2013. Unless Lisa is an elephant, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the one-night stand happened a few months AFTER he and his wife split.

And why would you feel sorry for the baby? He appears to have two parents who love him very much. That’s more than a lot of kids can say, unfortunately!

Anonymous on

LRH- I’m guessing that’s why they waited almost a week to announce the news (note that the article says the baby was born on December 14th). Most likely they did a paternity test immeditely after delivery and announced once the results had come in. 🙂

Anonymous on

ARGH! In my first post, where I asked whether or not you “birth control doubters” has heard of birth control before, I naturually meant birth control FAILURE! You’ve made it pretty clear that you HAVE heard of birth control before! 😉

Sam on

They’re not the first people to get pregnant after a one-night stand, birth control or not, and they won’t be the last. The important thing is that he’s “being very supportive.”

Jerri M on

I think “Briefly Dated” is code for “having an affair with until his wife found out”. His wife was a big deal back in the days and was really loved by the viewers on “days of Our Lives” when she played a really touching villain. She gave up her job to take care of the kids and he is cheating around. No hollywood star will have a one night stand without using a condom – she was probably the slut on the side while he was married.

Reagan on

wow. that will be one good looking kid.

Dawn on

Very disappointed in James. Why do these guys constantly NOT use protection??? It’s not only the pregnancy aspect, it’s the STD aspect!!! One night stand or not, he’s stuck in this situation for the rest of his life. I see him in a whole different light now. I thought he was more of a responsible guy. Sad.

Amber on

Congratulations to the couple! I love the name William! I wish them all the best with their little one; I’m sure James’s children will love their new sibling!

Amber on

Although this may not be the best situation, it is not our right to judge them. AT LEAST James is playing an active role in his son’s life. How many fathers walk out on their children upon learning that they impregnated someone? He is taking responsibility and I highly respect that. A child is a blessing and I wish them all the best!

Anonymous on

She knew what she was doing. Too late now. He’s an idiot.

klutzy_girl on

Wow. So many of you care far too much about individuals that have nothing to do with your life. Getting worked up over someone for choices they made that affect only them is very unsettling behaviour to have.

jer on

For all the people that are judging James and Rose, here goes the truth:

James was only legal married to his ex wife. They stopped having a couple “marriage” years ago” before they got legal divorced.

Rose was single and they really dated for few months. To get to the point to have sex with no protection something more was going on between them.

It took two people to conceive that baby. And it sounds like James is going to be involved, so who cares? That’s a good thing that he wants to be involved in the baby’s life even tho he is not in a relationship with the mother. He is already father and knows how precious is to have a baby. sigh

jaja on

“Women don’t use birth control unless they’re in a committed relationship”?! On what planet? Women use birth control in and out of relationships to be responsible. Nonetheless half of pregnancies are unplanned. LOTS of people (men and women) use birth control and still end up with a pregnancy. Stop judging!

meghan on

jer, don’t act like you know these people.

Anonymous on

meghan- Perhaps jer DOES know them, or at least knows someone else who does. She wouldn’t be the first person to know a celeb or someone in their inner circle to comment here!

jaja- Finally, someone who realizes that birth control is not foolproof, and that we can’t know he didn’t wear a condom unless we were in the bedroom! I hope all of you acting like birth control is a magic bullet don’t actually think that, or you might be in for a rude awakening some day!

Anonymous on

klutzy_girl- Um, no, their decisions don’t affect only them. They also affect the baby who was concieved as a result of the decisions!

Alan on

@jer tell all this to James’ kids. Will this kid be accepted by the Marsden clan as much as the older ones ? Also, if Rose was single why did she go back to Chris Santos ? If it’s ok to have kids with flings, then you can also get an STD, besides babies. Both James and Rose should be ready for more STDs and more babies. A father is not just FINANCIALLY SUPPORTIVE but also physically, mentally and emotionally supportive to his kids. This is just an ATM BABY for Rose. Also if ‘James and Lisa’ were just legally married and sexually seperated, was it ok to have sex and baby for James with another girl? Is the Marsden clan as happy on the new arrival as Costa’s family and friends? If it’s ok have a ‘fling’ baby, then why are Jude Law and Ryan Phillippe notorious for having a fling baby? Will James Marsden mention this baby in his interviews and publicly hang out with him?

bluebell39 on

1) It takes two people to make a baby (as many have stated)

2) Birth control? Were you all in the room with them? You can use all the methods you like but none are perfect. I’m a kid and I realize this. I feel like I should put this in caps. Im surprised with the harsh comments on this specific topic, is it simply a misunderstanding or poor education?

3) They didnt abort, he didnt deny the baby, they arent putting him up for adoption, and they are both going to be in the childs life. Where is there any room to judge them? The morals of having a one night stand? Nobody wins in that arguement.

4) Its nobodys place to simply assume what they are like in person (gold digger, dog etc)

5) Three kids is not something to get worked up over.

Losing faith in humanity on the internet is becoming a constant thing. I clicked this link because I like him as an actor and was interested in his personal life of course, but I didnt come here to get juicy gossip and hate monger. :S

PleaseThink on

James ex wife, and all her friends must be posting these negative comments. I can’t imagine how people would write these horrible slanderous comments about Rose. This is an character assassination, if Rose wanted to make money she would sue the father of the child and she is not doing that.

Ahhhh, James on

Not passing judgement – just making some observations.

James is hot. Divorce is very hard, even if you WANTED it to happen, especially with children. Rose and James had a one night stand or brief…relationship; either way, they are not a couple, as a few people posted. And either he was a dork for trusting her when she said she was protected, or he just didn’t bother; I doubt she was a virgin and it’s interesting that the first person her birth control “fails” on is a gorgeous, super rich American actor (how many Brazilian models are we reading about having babies with unknown men, I mean, honestly?). Points for him being there for the baby, but how DOES one explain this to his children from his marriage while still teaching the children values and morals? Men, uug!

Courtnay on

While I am glad that he is stepping up and taking responsibility, I can’t help but feel bad for that little boy who will be, more likely than not, used by his mother to pay for an extravagant lifestyle she thinks she deserves.

Anonymous on

It’s clear that Rose was looking for what she thought would help her ‘advance’ her status. Unfortunately she must’ve missed the memo that James is not an A-list actor. Everything about this story just oozes of Rose wanting her 15 minutes of fame considering she had another man who clearly loved her, but jumped at the opportunity to have a one nighter with an actor who was more known than her actor boyfriend. If she really didn’t want the attention, then the story never would’ve been leaked to the media in the first place when she was pregnant. So many actors have children people don’t know about, but Rose wanted attention and she’ll get it until the next big story comes along. I feel the most sorry for the little boy because it’s sad that one day he’ll read about how he was the result of a one night stand on the internet.

RC Cola on

Apparently neither of these two so-called adults have ever heard of a condom. That poor kid.

Lisa on

Rose is a wonderful mother raising a beautiful, sweet son. They are family and fully embraced and loved by Lisa, Jack and Mary. Blessed and grateful to have a friendship with Rose and see all the kids just being awesome, sweet little siblings. All is good. We are blessed.