Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Welcome Son Cyrus Michael Christopher

12/19/2012 at 05:45 PM ET

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Welcome Son Cyrus Michael Christopher
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It will be a very happy holiday for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy!

The Homeland star, 33, and her actor husband welcomed their first child, son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, on Monday, Dec. 17, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Since confirming her pregnancy in July, Danes has stayed mostly mum on the subject of baby — including keeping the sex a secret — but tells PEOPLE in its new year-end double issue that she looks forward to “getting to know our new Dancy” over the break.

Danes, who won an Emmy in September for her role as bipolar CIA agent Carrie Matheson on the hit Showtime drama, wed Dancy, 37, in a private ceremony in France in 2009.

— Jennifer Garcia

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B on

A new baby is never anything but a blessing… congrats to them!

Kelsey on

Congrats to them! I bet he’s a beautiful baby!

Divya on

Woohooo!!! Congrats to them!!!

Laila on

Congrats to them

shaneforshame on

“keeping the sex a secret”? Maybe she didn’t know the sex. I think it’s really creepy for people to know the sex, and to name babies before they are even babies. I would never want to know anything about the baby until it was out.

she is such a great actor, and even better with brown hair!

SG on

Seriously? It’s “creepy”? People write the most ridiculous comments on this site…honestly, I’m astounded. Yes, it was truly a “creepy” experience to know I was having a baby girl and to give her a name…and it was “creepy” for everyone else around me too. I considered her a “baby” the minute I knew I was pregnant…it’s not like babies magically become babies when they are pushed through the birth canal or delivered by c-section.

Mar on


anna on

Lol so true. I thought the same thing. How is it creepy to know the gender of your child?

Julian Flores on

Y’all need to take a Valium & chill.

Cindy on

I did wanted to know the sex of my baby, I couldn’t wait that long and than I’m also prepared at buying specific stuff for him (or her).

And there’s a way of knowing the sex of the baby, now I do know how. You have to look at the belly. The way the mother is carrying the baby.

kaitiemac374 on

No, that’s how women carry their weight. There’s no scientific proof that the size or position or any of that can tell you the gender. Example: fraternal twins. Example two: no woman’s body carries the same for each pregnancy or gender. Unless you consider it scientific I would stick to sonograms, maybe even Chinese gender tests but not all wives tales are true just because they may apply to one person in one situation.

kaitiemac374 on

That’s a wives tale. Not scientific fact.

me on

yeh right

Teresa on

“Babies”are always babies. Most people have at least a name if not two picked out before delivery

holly on

How old are you, twelve? Shaneforshame, of all of the comments I have read in all my years of browsing the internet, yours ranks as one of the top three stupidest remarks I’ve ever come across.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to Claire and Hugh! How very exciting and what a wonderful Christmas present for the entire family

Carrie M on

Wonderful news Claire! Enjoy him!

Anonymous on

Is named after Miley or Billy Ray?

BlueShadow on

Glad she named her baby a name he won’t be embarrassed to tears over when he starts to school. Congrats. to Mom and baby….oh yeah…and the father too.

Latrice on

congrats to Claire and Hugh on their baby boy I have always like Claire Danes I think she is a great actress

renee on

congrats to you guys on the birth and for keeping it out of the press until now!! yay!!!!

Katie on

Congrats to the new mum & dad! Love his name too!

I have never heard anything more bizarre ‘shaneforshame’. How is it creepy to know the sex of your unborn child or to have a name picked out?

Tara on

They must be a fan of Jonah Hill! Congrats on the baby!

Nora on

Or Cyrus the Conquerer from history. Or. Just the name.

Megshell on

Congrats! So awesome! I wish them lots of love!

Marge on

God bless them and their child! And so happy a normal name for the child.

amanda on

congrats ! what a wonderful joy before christmas !

nicole on

Congratulations on your new addition! What a nice name for boy!! hope you have a wonderful holiday!

ksu2000grad on

My nephew/godson’s name is Cyrus and I’ve been a big fan of Claire (I have a niece named Clare, also) since MSCL. Congrats to her and Hugh!

Melissa C. on

Stop with the “i’m so glad he has a normal name” like michael christopher isn’t so over done. I am so tired of traditional boring names. Mine for example SUPER LAME! thanks mom i had to be in a classroom with 7 other Melissa’s It’s NOT COOL to name your baby something EVERYONE else has OKAY~!

Melissa on

The babys’ name is Cyrus Micheal Christopher not just Micheal Christopher

anna on

Agree! Luckily his first name is more unique than traditional. He wont see five people turn their heads when someone calls his name.

Charli Mabriel on

So agree SG. Creepy – huh? I would never judge someone for their choice but I liked calling my babies by their names when I was carrying them.

I’m so tired of the argument that let’s just wait for it to be a surprise. It’s a surprise @ 20 weeks too!

BBB on

He left his pregnant wife for her and now everyone should be happy that Claire Danes has given birth to her first child? Um, they can go to you know where for all I care.

Guest on

No he didn’t. Claire dated Billy Crudup who left his pregnant girlfriend.

Emilie on

I think you’re thinking of Billy Crudup. Crudup left Mary Louise Parker when she was 7 months pregnant and shortly after it was reported he and Danes were an item.

Congrats to them. I’ve loved Claire Danes since My So Called Life!

BBB on

correction: he left his pregnant FIANCEE for her (wasn’t yet married)

janie on

Hugh Dancy did not. You’re thinking of her ex-boyfriend, Billy Cruddup. The guys do look a little bit similar.

Corey2 on

To shaneforshame – what is creepy about knowing the sex and naming the baby before it’s born? You’re a trip. LOL

Kelly on

How lucky for her that her husband didn’t leave her for another woman while she was pregnant, but I guess karma decided to pick another time to deal with the likes of her. Oh well, from what I hear her husband would be more likely to run off with another guy, anyway.

Guest on

You are thinking of Billy Crudup, whom she dated. He left his pregnant gf. Her current husband did not.

Mallory on

Wow! It’s a shame people have to come on here and comment with nasty things! If you don’t like it then don’t read the story and don’t comment…plain and simple. Congrats to them!! Babies are always a blessing and I think they are both great actors and people!

Marky on

Shaneforshame, you have some sort of silly issue, it would appear. If you don’t want to know the sex of your baby before delivery, don’t find out–your choice. If others do–their choice. NOT creepy at all. For many people who actually are excited about their baby, it’s a surprise no matter when they find out. There may be a good reason to find out, and it may be unavoidable, as well, since some babies make it very obvious during the sonogram. I would have loved to have know what my babies were before they were born; it would have made preparing for them so much more exciting. When we were adopting, we knew the sex, and it made us so exited as we got the room ready and looked for the various items we needed for her. With having 3 children in 4 years, I had little time to waste, and I thought it was way more fun! I do understand everyone doesn’t feel the same way, and sometimes baby doesn’t cooperate, but still…….

Rae on

Hugh Dancy didnt leave his fiance for Claire Danes. It was Billy Crudup who left a pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Claire Danes, then she broke up with Billy for Hugh. I dont see why you think they are so horrible.

Congrats on the new baby!!! I have been a huge fan of both of them for a long time.

Guest on

Thank you for setting the facts straight!

Not A Fan on

Claire Danes is horrible because she took up with a man who was engaged to a pregnant woman. She had no problem being a party to infidelity, and to possibly destroying a pregnant woman’s life. I guess that doesn’t matter to you.

Oh well, I’m sure when she gets her next role with a willing costar, she’ll leave Hugh. Patterns often repeat. That’s why they’re called patterns.

JMO on

Aww born on my birthday! Great name too! Had no idea she was due so soon!

Mallory on

And Billy Crudup was the one who left his pregnant fiancée, not Hugh Dancy. So just leave that out of this and be happy for Claire and HUGH!

stef on

shaneforshame why on earth do you think it’s ‘creepy’ for people to know their baby’s sex before it’s born??? Aren’t you being a bit dramatic with feeling ‘creepy’ over that??? MANY people choose to learn their baby’s sex before it’s born…that hardly makes it ‘creepy’. And for the record, Claire Danes DID find out her baby’s sex ahead of time, she chose not to share it.

JessiMarie on

I love his name. Congratulations.

Miss B on

such a great actress! great news.

Amanda on

It is nice she gets to enjoy the birth of her child and the child’s dad around. Mary Lousie Parker was not so lucky…

Molly on

Congrats! Cyrus is such a cool name, not very common but not bizarre at all.

Judith sanker on

Who will be the one to get up at night when to be feed and to be change .

me on

Damn, I was hoping it would be Temple Grandin Dancy.

Crystal on

Cyrus is an ugly name. It just is. I like Michael Christopher though. Congrats Claire and Hugh!

meghan on

Maybe Mary Louise Parker shouldn’t have had a bastard with a man whom she obviously didn’t have a solid relationship with. Get over it already. All the people involved have.

Not A Fan on

Are you really using the world bastard, in that way, in 2012? How very “Scarlet Letter” of you.

You’re pathetic!

Lizzie on

Shes a home wrecker. Watch out for Karma, girl!

Barbra on

Whatever. Never liked her. I wish someone had an affair with her man while she was pregnant. So that way she’ll understand the gravity of pain she caused Mary Loiuse Parker. Never.

soph on

Calm down, Barbra.

Charli Mabriel on

Cindy, I don’t buy that at all. Both of my babies (boy then girl) stood straight up, my tummy was the same both times.

Anonymous on

Congrats!! Now hurry back to work…I miss Homeland already!!!!!!!! LOL!

Lauren Kaminski on

Awww love his name! Congratulations.:)

Frances on

Aw! So happy you made it through w/out your man cheating on you. You were sooooooooo much luckier than Mary Louise Parker.

Frances on

meghan –

You’re comfortable calling a baby a bastard, but offended that people think Danes is a whore?

Who dropped you on your head when you were born?

Danielle on

Congrats!!! Such an amazing gift for a talented actress!!! Enjoy your Emmy and parenthood. Looking forward to a new season of Homeland!!!!

Amy on

BBB, get your facts straight. Hugh Dancy didn’t leave his pregnant fiancé for Clare Danes. That was Clare’s ex-boyfriend Billy Cruddup, who left Mary Louise Parker.

Michelle on

@shaneforshame: before they are even babies, what a weird statement. They are babies well before they come out of the mother.

Vanessa on

The first thing that pops into my mind when I hear Cyrus is “Cyrus the Virus” from Con Air.

janie on

I can’t believe she’s only 33.

Happy she’s a mom and happily married.

Anonymous on

Babra- You would honestly hope for an innocent baby to grow up in a broken home?! Sad! Fine if you’re upset about what happened with Claire and Billy, but show a little compassion for the sweet baby boy involved (and don’t try to argue that Clarie and Billy didn’t show compassion for the sweet baby boy involved in THAT situation. Two wrongs don’t make a right!)!

Amanda- How can you say Mary-Louise didn’t enjoy her son’s arrival? Not everyone who’s been dumped during pregnancy feels miserable when the baby’s born!

Emilie- So THAT’s what people get so upset about? That Billy started dating Claire shortly AFTER he split with Mary-Louise? Wow! I didn’t realize that dating someone who was single was a crime!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

As far as finding out the gender before birth goes…I don’t find it “creepy”, but I AM a bit surprised that so many people do it so that they can decorate the room “properly”. Why? Because, although it doesn’t happen very often, ultrasounds can be wrong! Why would you want to risk decorating specifically for a girl, for example, only to have a boy pop out?

And in terms of the “surprise” element…Would any of you saying the gender is just as much of a surprise when you find out during pregnancy open your presents before Christmas (and by “Christmas”, I mean whenever your family has their holiday get-together. I realize not everyone has their Christmas celebration right on Christmas Day, or even Christmas Eve!)?

That’s how I see finding out the gender of a baby before it’s born! To each their own, though. I’m just sharing my thoughts on this issue! 🙂

Anonymous on

Oh, and about picking out a name before birth…I don’t think that’s creepy, but I personally wouldn’t do it. I’d be afraid that I’d get to know the baby by that one name only for to discover upon meeting him/her that it just doesn’t “fit”.

So what I’d do instead is pick a few different names that I liked (for each gender, since I wouldn’t find out the gender prior to delivery), and then wait until I met the baby to see which one “fit” best. 🙂

macey on


Aurora on

Claire Danes is a classy lady and an excellent actress.

Nora on

I love them both and an soo happy for them.

I think should tie a like button to comments. Maybe it would kill some of the negativity.

Katie on

@Shaneforshame, it’s “creepy”?? Really?? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m currently 8 months pregnant and I know it’s a boy, and yes, he has a name. He’s already a baby–not a mutant–so why not know if that’s my personal preference? Plus, I wanted a very gender specific nursery because I had very different ideas for a boy or a girl. Nothing creepy about that in my opinion–just practical!

Lance on

Oh thank heavens they gave their baby a decent and good name! I’m glad it wasn’t something like Blue Ivy. Sanity still exists in some parts of Los Angeles.

Nulldood on

Babies are easy when you’re rich. 24-hour live-in nannies and babysitters let you sleep through the night like nothing ever happened.

For everyone else, babies are nothing but crushing burdens that rob you of your freedoms and every spare dollar you had. Yayyy! We get to stay broke, sleep-deprived and trapped! I’ll pass on that “blessing”.

Rae on

What a horrible thing to say. Babies are a gift and blessing for anyone who has the priveledge of being parents. Lets hope you never have that blessing your life. You dont deserve it.

Kira Alleyne on

BBB, he didn’t leave his pregnat fiance for her! That was her previous boyfriend!


Who says Billy Cudrup left his pregnant wife for Claire Danes? Maybe their relationship was broken long before that. You don’t leave your loving wife for another woman if there weren’t other issues already. Grow up, girls!!!

Congrats Claire. You’re one fabulous, beautiful actress. Bet you’ll be a grea mom, too!

meghan on

Well, Frances, that’s what a child born out of wedlock is. If it bothered MLP so much, she should have married.

Pearlnecklace on

correction: Billy Crudup left Mary Louise Parker for Claire Danes, when parker was she was six or seven months pregnant.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Hugh and Claire! They seem to be class acts and it is refreshing to hear about a MARRIED couple having a baby. (nothing against non-married couples…) What a lovely early holiday present! 😉

Becky on

I’m happy for their new blessing. Congratulation to them.

Ruth on

Congrats and all the best on the birth of Cyrus.

Anji on

Wow, Cyrus is just about the ugliest name I’ve ever heard

Ruth on

shaneforshame on December 19th, 2012

“keeping the sex a secret”? Maybe she didn’t know the sex. I think it’s really creepy for people to know the sex, and to name babies before they are even babies. I would never want to know anything about the baby until it was out.
I remember going with one of my daughters to the first scan. The doctor asked me if I wanted a baby granddaughter or grandson and I answered that I just wanted her to have a healthy baby. However I was delighted to know that the foetus was a girl, now 11 years old. It was an extraordinary moment knowing that this tiny creature would be our grandchild within 6 months.

When I had my children we didn’t have the option of knowing the sex or any other details but this information can be important for medical reasons especially if there are genetic problems. Some couples want to know, others don’t, but it is wonderful that they have this option.

All the best to Clare and Hugh on the birth of baby Cyrus.

Anonymous on

Love her, love the show, wish them the best of luck with their new little angel.

kim on

@shane, HOW exactly is it creepy??? and fyi, even tho its not born it IS STILL a baby, very much so!! i pray that people like you NEVER have children. what a scary thought!!

julianna on

Oh, my! That’s so exciting! Congratulations to Claire and Hugh for the arrival of baby Cyrus – I love his middle names,

erikagarver9 on

and to name babies before they are even babies.

Sophia on

How lovely for Claire, Hugh and Cyrus to have each other, married or not (it continues to astounds me that in 2012 people are still rattling on about their own outdated marriage beliefs as if it’s impossible to provide a kid with a good, loving home unless you’ve got a marriage certificate), whatever the parents’ dating history, whether they found out the baby’s sex prior to birth or not and whether they chose a name, however good an actress the mum is… Seriously some of the commenters on this site are actually insane. Congratulations to Claire and hugh, and welcome little Christmas baby cyrus 🙂

Anonymous on

LMAO- Billy left his pregnant girlfriend, not wife (some of the other commentors here have said they were engaged, but from what I’ve read in other articles here on PEOPLE and elsewhere, that wasn’t the case. Or at least if it was, they never made it public!). Other that, I agree with you entirely!

We can’t possibly know that Claire was the reason Billy left Mary-Louise. She could have been a catalyst for a decision he had been contemplating for some time, or Billy could have left Mary-Louise and then realized he had feelings for Claire.

The only ones that know for sure what happened are Mary-Louise and Billy!

Rae- Are you talking about meghan? If so, I agree completely! Thankfully most of us seem to realize that we aren’t in the middle ages anymore and a baby shouldn’t be branded a horrible name because of decisions his/her parents made! 🙂

Anonymous on

Not a Fan- I suggest you google Mary-Louise Parker and read some of her interviews. She hardly sounds like a woman who’s life is destroyed!

Cindy on

Good news for a change.

Much happiness to the parents and new baby boy.

lily on

Is this not the same Claire who “home-wrecked” Mary-Louise Parker’s “family”? Now she is married to someone else and has a child. Let’s hope she doesn’t get bitten by the karma bug.

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