Tia and Tamera Mowry Launch New Website – and Talk Motherhood!

12/18/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Tia and Tamera Mowry Launch New Website Justin Lubin/NBC

We’ve enjoyed following along as Tamera Mowry-Housley and Tia Mowry-Hardrict have tackled work, weddings, pregnancies and babies on the last two seasons of their hit reality show, Tia & Tamera, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Style.

Now the actresses are bringing their talents to the digital realm with the launch of their new website, TiaAndTameraOfficial.com.

Featuring regularly posted videos and blogs, the online destination will cover everything from tips on living and healthy balanced lifestyle to giveaways to insights on love, marriage, sisterhood, motherhood, style and home dΓ©cor.

“We are so thrilled about this opportunity to interact directly with our fans,” Mowry-Hardrict tells PEOPLE. “Our audience will be able to find out tips and tricks on balancing it all while still raising a healthy and happy family.”

Add Mowry-Housley, “We’ll also be giving advice on the latest fashion and beauty trends as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives as actresses, wives, sisters and most importantly, working moms.”

PEOPLE.com recently had the opportunity to chat with the sisters and new moms — Tamera and husband Adam Housley welcomed 5-week-old son Aden in November, while Tia and husband Cory Hardrict are parents to son Cree, 17 months — about their new venture.

Congratulations on the launch of your website! When you were in the planning stages of putting this together, what items or sections did you just have to include?

Tia: I knew that I really wanted to incorporate something that had to do with fitness and health, mainly because they are both such important components of my life. Three years ago, I decided that fitness and health were things I was going to take the time to devote myself to.

It all started with my endometriosis diagnosis and being fearful that I wasn’t able to have children. I went ahead and started to be very conscious about what goes into my body. I was able to have a baby, and the endometriosis went away. That’s why it was extremely important to me to have the healthy living section on the site.

Tamera: I had to include a section about being a mommy and have a section focusing on sisterhood, because that is what my sister and I love sharing about ourselves. There is so much to be learned. I also wanted our site to be a place where we can post our personal pics — not just glam shots. I believe that’s what makes us relatable.

What is your favorite feature on the site?

Tamera: I love that we get share insights about what we love to do — cooking and crafting. Just being able to speak from our hearts to our fans was important to us.

Tia: My favorite features are the videos my sister and I will have. We really want to allow our fans to come into our personal world and we felt that having intimate videos from us, for them exclusively was very special.

For example, we both made welcome videos for the site and my video was of me on the set of my new pilot, Instant Mom. No cameras were allowed on set, but I was able to give my fans a glimpse of something they won’t be able to see anywhere else but our website.

Now that you both have sons, you have a whole new audience you can appeal to as moms. Both having had the opportunity to write directly to your fans with your blogs (Tamera for PEOPLE, Tia for iVillage), is there anything that you’ve taken away from the experience and hope to incorporate into your new website?

Tia: My whole thing is that motherhood is a learn-and-go process, and motherhood is hard. I personally feel that we as moms have to come together to learn from each other and share experiences, and that’s one thing that I absolutely loved about blogging for iVillage, and now I am going to be able to start blogging for my own website. I love that I will get to share my experiences, and have a place where other moms can share their experiences as well.

Tamera: Yes, whether you’re a first-time mom or veteran, we are always learning from each other and striving to be the best moms we can be to our children. To have that outlet and feel like we aren’t alone in being moms, which is the hardest but most rewarding job on earth, is important. We can all relate to each other.

What can we expect from the last two episodes of this season’s Tia & Tamera?

Tia: You’ll get to see what’s next in our lives, whether it’s from an acting perspective or an entrepreneurial perspective. My sister and I have been working on a product that is supposed to be released in 2013, and you’ll get to see a little of that process.

You will also see me move forward with my endeavors as an actress since I am no longer doing The Game. And there will also be some special, intimate moments about my sister’s birth and then you’ll get to see Aden!

Tamera: You’ll see the journey of my son’s birth and a really cool new business venture my sister and I are proud to be a part of. It’s a product called Milky; a supplement that helps breastfeeding moms produce more milk. And believe me — it works!

Tia, how are you enjoying being an aunt? What does Cree think of his new cousin? Any new milestones for him now that he’s almost 18 months? Can you tell us a little about Instant Mom?

Tia: I am having so much fun being a new aunt! It is just amazing, and now I understand the love that my sister has for Cree; the love is so strong and so deep. It’s so beautiful. Aden is so precious and so sweet, and to see Cree interact with him is just so special.

Cree absolutely loves books! He just loves to read and discover new things, and he loves to dance! He’s also learning new words and he can say ball, nose, eyes and toes.

Instant Mom is a pilot that I am co-producing with Aaron Kaplan. I’m so excited about this project, and to be an executive producer on this series is so rewarding.

It’s about a woman named Stephanie, who has married a cardiologist who is 10 years her senior. Before getting married, her life was very much Sex and the City. She loved to drink and hang out with her girlfriends, and then all of a sudden she gets married and is taking care of her husband’s kids when their mother has to go take care of the grandmother.

It’s so adorable and the cast is so talented. Michael Boatman plays my husband, and these are some of the most talented kids I have seen on television. I shot the pilot and it was a really great experience!

Tamera, how are you adjusting to life as a new mom? Has anything surprised you yet? How is Adam as a dad? Can you share one of your favorite moments with Aden so far?

Tamera: I am … adjusting. Ha! It’s probably the hardest adjustment I’ve experienced. Parenting is hard work. And anyone who doesn’t say that isn’t being honest. I give them the side-eye or they must not be human! Each day is different — some are easier than others, but it’s all rewarding. I never knew how much I’d worry.

Adam is an amazing father. He always steps in when I need it the most. He loves being a dad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier. The love he has for his son is just so beautiful. Additionally, he constantly tells me how beautiful I am when I seriously walk around in the house looking like a hot mess. He’s a good husband!

My favorite moment with Aden so far is when I saw him smile for the first time. He was so milk drunk. It was the cutest thing ever. It made me feel like, “Yeah, Mommy has some good-tasting milk.” Like a boss!

— Sarah Michaud

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giselle on

You two are “Amazing”. I watch ur n Love Love yalls show! And a”christmas angel” was Great! (LOVE della reese too) looking forward to your new ventures:) congrats on being new mommys! God bless πŸ™‚

Michael on

That’s so nice!


looking forward to the next season.. Great ladies…

Rosie Callender on

tia and tamera makes me proud to be a woman of color.

Anna on

That’s like me saying Tia and tamera make me proud to be white (since they are half white). Stupid ignorant racist.

Hero on

Awesome interview! Congrats to Tamera and Tia on their new website. And congrats on all of their upcoming projects. I wish them both lots of success in their careers and personal lives. These are two classy and inspirational women.

Sasha on

so happy for them!! loved them from the beginning πŸ™‚ their website looks amazing, definitely subscribing! you girls are perfect!

megan on

“the endometriosis went away.”

Wait, what ? Is that even possible ?

Elizabeth on

I don’t know if it goes away, per se, but you can treat it. Tia had three surgeries and changed her diet completely.

Gloria on

Love you ladies congrats on everything and much more success I dont know if I can be a actress lol but I do know you guys are huge romodels on other achieving goals in life. I love to see you guys dont give up and as a young mother to a seven year old I found myself giving up before but now I push forward with a little of the help and encouragement from watching your show love you God Bless

DaOnna on

You two are a pair of wonderful woman, wives, mommy’s, sisters, and best of friends for those around you. I love watching you two on the show every Tuesday. I see the love you both show for each other and for your family. Cree is so handsome and smart. Little Adam Jr. (Lol!) is going to be smart and handsome also. Look at their family background.

Anonymous on

Elizabeth- Thank you! You saved me from asking the same question Megan did!

Anyway, I love with Tia and Tamera had to say, especially Tamera’s comment about new parenthood being hard and how anyone who says otherwise isn’t being honest. It’s refreshing to see a celeb be real about parenthood! πŸ™‚

Linda on

Megan yes that is correct. I had endometriosis several yrs ago. I was trying to get pregnant and told that because of having it it may be harder to get pregnant. I was in a lot of pain and was scheduled to have surgery. I stopped trying so hard to get pregnant and it just happened. I found out I was pregnant the day I was to have the surgery done. My daughter is now 17 and I also have an 11 yr old son. I was able to get pregnant without any trouble with him. My doctor told me that when I became pregnant the first time that it would probably go away and it did.

george m on

GREAT article, love yu ladies,keep up the good work. yu both have great husbands and beautiful family.blessings to you both.

Bre on

Awesome!! I have watched you young Ladies grow up on TV from Sister Sister to now Tia & Tamera reality show! Continue to STAY FOCUSED!!!


Esther on

Love you two! You are each such beautiful individuals and make such an amazing team! Do your best to keep your bond together. Don’t let Hollywood, fame, or money ever get in between your relationship because you share something unique that very few will ever experience. I know that because I have my own twin and share that strong bond with her. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted! Stay blessed!

mrsodell on

Ahhh…I love them. Can’t wait to explore their new site and Tia and Tamera episodes..=)

jennnlynnn on

I adore these two!! Such wonderful role models and a true inspiration for young ladies today. Well wishes for you both and your families!

MaryBeth on

Yay for breastfeeding and showing other working moms that you can do it! Awesome!

Tajma on

Lovely, intelligent, and beautiful young women. I love their blog thus far and I am happy that they decided to create this blog. I also love their show.

Lisa on

I absolutely love how you parent Cree! I told my niece to watch how you talk to Cree just like he’s a little man! I also get a kick watching you and Tamera interact.


It’s been great getting to see you again after Sister, Sister. I’ve watched Tia for many years on the Game, but it has been great seeing your personality and how the two of you interact. You are a beautiful person inside!

Charli on

I love them and am happy for their career successes and the joy they have found in their personal lives.

DaisyMoon on

Ok, so I guess I’m in the minority…

I can’t stand their reality show, but I do really like them both and I think Tia was absolutely wonderful in “The Game”…

I watched every episode, every season…

Their reality show suffers from what most do…

Every scene, especially between them, seems so inauthentic and artificial.

Their reactions to each other make me cringe.

Honestly, I’ve stopped watching so I should clarify and say, my comments are about only the episodes I’ve seen.

lily on

Can’t wait to see the new website and can’t wait to see the new season!!!!

yolonda on

I love watching their show and really admire Tamera for her love and always trying to please everyone. Her relationship with Adam is great and they make a lovely couple.

Tia in all honesty I find a bit overbearing and someone who always wants the last word and things done her way. But I love the show ………….

Melissa on

I love Tia & Tamara! They are real classy ladies, but down to earth as well! My mom, my little sister & I all love the show. It is so refreshing seeing women on a reality show that are not always partying & drinking all the time. They are positive role models for girls & women. Congrats on all of their sucsess & their beautiful families! Lol I hope I spelled that right. It’s not “family’s”, is it? πŸ˜‰

Loretta on

I love watching tia and tamera great show beautiful family both ladies. , just love watching I record the series

Teresa on

You lovely ladies are truly AMAZING…I pray the Lord continues to bless you in all that you do! Congratulations on all of your efforts and keep doing what you love and supporting one another and your families!!!

jedigirl on

Endometriosis can not just go away. It’s a disease with no cure, I’m sure she meant her symptoms got better and are manageable but saying it went away is dishonest for those of us who have it and have had multiple surgeries, pregnancies and have tries various diets, and medication to help ease the pain. I’m happy she found relief from pain, just wish she didn’t use those terms since some may read this an assume endometriosis is curable, when as of today it is not, just semi treatable. Wish them both the best. (I am a stage 4 Endometriosis fighter) Again, happy for her and her sister.

Jentowe on


Thank you so much for saying something classy and educational about Tia’s “oopsie” statement there. I also suffer from endometriosis and was getting ready to say something myself but you said everything that needed to be said.

Good for her, I’m glad that she is now symptom free. I hope she continues to be that way.

I am staring down the barrel of my second surgery, could be “the big one” (at only 26), and there are many ladies in my FB support group who will be happy to know that our voices are being heard on this thread :). Good luck to you, Tia with your continued success, and to you jedigirl and all you silent sufferers out there, big yellow hugs to you all!

Sheila on

Love you young ladies….keep on doing what you do!!

Rebecca on

Rosie….why does everything come down to color? They are amazing women, even if they were white.

BBB on

They seem very sweet πŸ™‚

BBB on

@Anna, I’m kind of with you on this one. They are biracial and that’s great, I don’t know why people want to say that they’re Black and thus they make them proud. Many people do that with President Obama as well, it irks me. He’s biracial–which isn’t better or worse than being Black or White, it’s just what he is. Don’t purposely create misleading racial lines.

Racqueal on

When people look at an individual they place them in a racial box, usually black or white. When I look at the twins I identify them as black because they look like me (same skin color), unfortunately or not so does the majority of society. So when someone tags them as black they are not being racist. They are just identifying with what they visually see and think they have in common.

dmack on

I used to kind of like these two..now they are just a couple of typical black/white American women..with that so called Hollywood “talent?” Good luck with the game thing and save your money.

crystal clements on

I love me some tia and tamera but i have to say i relate more to tamera.. you can tell that she is just genuine where tia seems to be fake and always trying to sell herself.

Lillian Davis on

I just love Tia and Tamera! They are so sweet and great mothers and I just love how they said parenting is hard and didn’t try to sugar coat it. Parenting is hard but also so rewarding at the same time…it takes a lot to be an awesome parent and I salute these two with their extremely busy schedules to still be full time moms!! I just love them so down to earth and just themselves. I faithfully watch their show = )

Catherine mckee on

I am sorry to have to say this but I have had severe endometriosis since I was 13 years of age an I am afraid to make Tia look Like a lier but there is no cure for endometriosis . It does not go away for nothing having a baby doesn’t cure endo it may easy the pain but there is no cure medically found to cure endo sore and by her saying that her having a child cured endo make other women like myself look like liers and a bunch of hypochondriac’s and I for one am not going to be called a lye sorry

barbara on

I would like to comment on Tia’s comment about Endometriosis. There is no cure and it does not go away. I have this horrible disease and I will have it for the rest of my life. I have three children, so pregnancy does not make it go away. If a Doctor made this statement he is wrong. If it has “gone away” it was never there. Believe me, I wish it was true, I would have another baby, even at the age of 43. It is already a disease that is not recognized by many because we don’t look sick. Having people. especially famous people, make statements such as this, make us look less credible. With that I will say that Endometriosis is a dabilitating disease that does NOT go away.

Esther on

As a twin, I just had to get back here and say something. Please stop comparing them. It is not Tia vs Tamera, it is Tia & Tamera!

I often laugh when I watch their show because I see similarities between them and my sister and I. My sister has more of Tia’s personality and I, more of Tamera’s. It irked me when people use to say to me, “you are the nicer twin.” That is because I know my sister and know her heart. We just have two different PERSONALITIES (each with its strengths and weaknesses).

Believe me, if they truly love each other (and I really believe they do), they do not appreciate you speaking ill of the other even when it means they are the one being praised.

Please avoid comparing. If you must say something good about one, you don’t have to put down the other.

Donna on

I agree Esther. Twins are beautiful in every way! I’ve been watching Tia and Tamera since the very first show of Sister Sister. I just love those women and praise them for everything they do. Congratulations Tia and Tamera! Go get em’! πŸ™‚

Tiffane on

I have been trying to have a baby 10 years and can’t because I have stage 4 endometriosis. I’ve had 5 surgeries and lots of treatments on meds. Endo does not go away. Even after a baby. Your symptoms may not be as bad but the disease is still there. Even with a hysterectomy you will still have endo. I hope she can clarify what she meant because this statement is very false. I’m glad her pregnancy has made her symptoms go away but endo is still there. I wish there was a cure then maybe I could be pain free and not have to go to er with massive pain every so offer. I’ve tried every diet, treatment, and surgery available and have traveled hours for help. Wish it would just go away but it does not. Hugs to all the nod fighters.

Kandi Girl on

I ❀ ur sho u girls keep it so real I ❀ wen tha,20 episodes,come on @ a time its,FABOO keep it up cant wait for more,TIA~and~Tamera,YAY!!!!!! So lv u Tia,ur,my fav love u both but Tia's,my Fav keep up tha great work n more more shows ** P£@©£**

Rosie on

my statement, proud to be a woman of color, was not meant to be offensive. you are right its not about race and i never meant it to be. there represent all women. Please do forgive.

DeVore on

One nobody cares if y’all have endometriosis too. Two people see them as women of color cause they are nobody even knew that had a white father till a few months ago. If you ask them or Alisha Keys or Jordan Sparks and many people who are mixed they see themselves as a person of color. So y’all can stfu y’all made the if u have a drop of black u black rule not us.

Sarnell on

Happy Holiday’s Human Race , as for My Lovely Women of color, aka Tia & Tamara, Alicia Keys, Jordan Sparks’ Kimora Lee, Keisha Cole, Tameka Tiny Harris, Traci Evan Ross, Sade, Faith Evans, and myself. There is a spectrum of women of color and they are BEAUTIFUL, and on our Lords birthday may our colors shine BRIGHT..

wilma swanepoel on

I am from south africa and here we are over 3 million coloured people.I- use the word coloured cause that is what we are called here.I know In america it is a racist word.Our mixtures are mostly black,white,khoisan and indian.we are a very beautiful and proud race and live mostly in cape town and. The northeren cape.own up to who u r and u will b very happy.

amazing on

I love tia and tamara,their smiles re so sweet. But tamara is so funny I love her statement

teena griffin on

tia and tamera my name is teena I love all off your shows and l admire you all
because god is working mirciles in your life when you have time can one of you all call me I need to talk thank you

Sparky on

I love this reality show its really wonderful to see the love and interaction between Tia and Tamera.I think Style should have a reality tv show called “Tamera and Adam Housley ” I would love to see the interaction between these two love birds.

nokuzola luthuli on

tia and tamera,keep uo the good work,i just love ur show!!

Shelia on

Love u guy’s show I watch it over and over again keep up the good job!!!!!

s on

Just watched the show and boy oh boy, Tamara you are rude rude rude! good grief girl listen to your sister. Tia is giving you good 411. Watching Tamara can be so irritating.

stephanie on

I just love both of y’all and i can not wait to see next season .

andiswa on

tia and tamera you are so special .since i started watching sister sister i had a wish of becoming a twin since that wont happen lol, i wsh i wil hv twins when im old .tia and tamera i rilly idore u guys by the way im from south africa the mother land ,i wish to meet you lovly ladies mcwaaaa ,and im 18 years old.love u both

anne on

good afternoon very good i have watched your program over a 1901928 times , may god bless you pretty girls but i do not know the diffrences between you twins good day sweety pies