Drew Barrymore: I’m ‘Glad I Lived a Full Life’ Before Motherhood

12/18/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Drew Barrymore: I'm 'Glad I Lived a Full Life' Before Motherhood Courtesy Allure

Decades after she first appeared as the pigtailed darling in E.T., Drew Barrymore is embracing all of her life experiences since stepping into the spotlight — even the more revealing ones.

Recalling her 1995 Playboy photo shoot, the actress admits going through the younger years in the public eye isn’t ideal — directorΒ Steven Spielberg sent over a quilt and a note that read “cover up” — but it’s all been well worth it.

“It’s embarrassing to go through any rebellious stage in front of people that you love and respect, and yet I’m glad I did,” Barrymore tells AllureΒ in their January issue.

“I’m glad I lived such a full life before I settled down into a family because I got to enjoy it and get it out of my system.”

And now life at 37 is much more laidback: Months before becoming parents, Barrymore and Will Kopelman tied the knot in a backyard ceremony in June. And while the couple grew up with two vastly different childhoods, their interests are strikingly similar, she says.

“We love art and music and adventures, and we laugh our asses off together,” the newlywed shares.

Their relationship was only further strengthened by the addition of their first child, daughter Olive, whom the couple welcomed in September.

“[Will’s] my home now … It makes me almost want to cry,” Barrymore explains. “He’s the father of my child and I’m the mother of his child. I’m finally a part of a family and it’s a miracle. I’m a Kopelman now. I have stationery that says ‘Drew Barrymore Kopelman.'”

Embarking on the journey of motherhood hasn’t fazed Barrymore one bit. “I will always commit. It’s like [my new] makeup line: I can tell you every single detail about how and why we got here,” she says.

“I want to be that kind of mother. I’m that kind of friend. I’m that kind of producer. I do everything in this life-or-death way.”

Everything, that is, except achieving the perfect body. Although the new mom has certainly bounced back after baby, stepping out looking trimmed and toned in November, she says she’ll never be one to shine in a two-piece swimsuit.

“I cannot live a life where I’m deprived. I’d much rather be five, 10 pounds heavier,” Barrymore muses. “With my luck, I’ll get myself to that perfect goal weight, and I’ll get hit by a bus. Then I’ll be like … looking at myself from some afterlife going, ‘You idiot. You could have had that agnolotti, dummy.'”

As for her future with her 3-month-old baby girl, the first-time mom can’t wait to share some of her biggest accomplishments — and life lessons — with her little one.

“My first goal is to show [Olive] E.T. — I cannot wait until she’s old enough — and then Ever After, because I want her to see that you can rescue yourself,” Barrymore says.

Drew Barrymore: I'm 'Glad I Lived a Full Life' Before Motherhood Courtesy Allure

— Anya Leon

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Alexandra on

She’s adorable.

Anonymous on

I love, love, LOVE her attitude about losing the baby weight! Finally, a celeb who refuses to play the Hollywood weight game! You go, Drew!

alicejane on

What an awesome interview. She was on Ellen recently and expressed the same sentiments about finally feeling being in a family such as one that she never had, and is now able to provide to her daughter. You can see how much it means to her to give Olive a life different than her own. I love seeing how happy she seems!

Anonymous on

We all grow up or at least most of us do. I have always admired her stance and no excuses attitude. Congrats Mrs. Kopelman and family. Olive you and your Daddy are blessed to have her as she is to have you.

Anonymous on

Can you believe it, somebody finally saying they are glad they waited until they got all the wild side out before having kids..

Sarah on

I have always really liked her. She definitely had a phase, but everyone does to some degree. Hers was just more public. She seems so down to earth and such a cool person.

Plumeria on

That’s one amazing woman and very inspiring!

PJ on

Is motherhood a death wish? She can live a full life as a mother as well!

intoitoverit on

Yes, yes it is PJ. Jk but I think its better to get all the childish things out before becoming a parent. Then you have no regrets or what ifs.

Ann on

I think she is just saying she is glad she got the wild rebellion out without effecting a kid and has also had plenty of time to do her own thing so she doesnt feel like she missed out on anything.

Carrie M on

I wish this beautiful lady nothing but happiness with her new family!

kim on

so glad that she was able to turn her life around and make it what it is today. drew is every persons girl. she is your typical down to earth, girl next door. love her

Kat on

What a great interview, I adore her perspective on things! Especially, “I want her to see that you can rescue yourself,” that is just golden πŸ™‚

Vee on

You’re awesome Drew – just a breath of fresh air. Don’t ever change. πŸ™‚

Joy on

I love her! Ever After is my absolute favorite movie – I think I know the whole thing by heart! I’m so glad that she is happy and in love and enjoying her new motherhood role.

valeskas on

Very smart woman and she is right, waiting until you are grown up enough to have children and a family, is better then marrying too young and getting divorced over and over again.

Tara on

I have gained a newfound respect for Drew. She was always a favorite of mine, but now I appreciate her so much more.

cornycollins on

Glad that she’s happy and that she finally feels part of a family. Kind of a sad statement too.

Amber on

I’m so happy for Drew. Everyone goes through peaks and valleys throughout their lives, and Drew managed to stick it through. I’m glad that she was blessed with a child at a point in her life where she is fully ready to commit to rearing her. I believe Drew will be an excellent mother. Sometimes having children later than usual can be good. I wish Drew ALL the best with her little one! She deserves to be happy!

tina on

OMG, have you seen the picture of Drew and Olive on the People magazine cover?? Beautiful baby.

Becky on

There is nothing i don’t love about her. SHe is an amazing person who has learned through her own life, that will also reap rewards in motherhood. Congrats!

ngboysmommy on

PJ, it isn’t a death wish to be a mom. But your life changes DRASTICALLY! I have 3 little boys, 5, 3 and 3 months. I waited until I was 30 to have my first, and I was so glad. I completely understand the whole “get it out of your system” comment. You do *most* of your crazy stuff while you are young, then one day settle down. It truly gave me a new perspective on life to wait to get married, and then have kids.

Having kids is the beginning of a whole new life πŸ™‚ It’s different for everyone, but my sentiments compare to Drew… I am glad I waited.

_Kristine on

@PJ, no, motherhood isn’t a death wish, you can live a very full life as a mother. But it’s a different kind of life than you can have with no kids. You have a chance to do things that become more difficult with children (traveling, for instance). Go out all night (the babysitter bill alone is enough to make me sweat thinking about this one!). Stay in bed all day. Be irresponsible and selfish. Eat candy for dinner, instead of hiding in the laundry room.

intoitoverit on

I’m so happy I read your comment Kristine. I’m no mother but its amazing to hear things like this because I want to wait. And candy for dinner is fantastic πŸ™‚

SoNotHollywood on

Full life… Most mothers would tell you their “full life” did not begin until motherhood…

Magnolia on

Just as a devils advocate position, my husband and I have chosen not to have children and we live just as full a life. It truly depends on what is personally fulfilling. I hope everyone finds that for themselves whether that includes children or not! πŸ™‚

Cj on

I didn’t think I could love her more…..now I see I can! She’s just so adorable, fun, life loving and genuine! SOOO happy for her that she has come into her own!

Lilley on

LOVE her!!!!

Anonymous on

Class all the way!!! Congrats

Liz on

Dear Drew, there’s a difference between living “a full life” and a reckless life. Posing naked, doing drugs, being promiscuis, I’m sure you’ll have to explain it all to your daughter one day when she google’s your name.

Sonja on

She’s come full circle. Hopefully, Lindsay will survive her current “madness” and live to tell her story like Drew Barrymore.

Jaye on

LOVE this woman!

Rachel on

@ Liz…there is always one nasty negative person..WHY would you come here just to be rude? You clearly are miserable and I hope you can find happiness someday.

Drew Barrymore is awesome. Love this interview!

bee on

Yeah, nice interview and I’m glad she finally got her family! I do wish, however, that phrases like “full live” BEFORE children – i.e. I’m glad I got to have a life prior to children- were not used. It’s simply a different PHASE of life.
Some people have an extended an extended adolescents. It’s very common right now, but it does not mean that people who jumped into the parenthood pool a little earlier did not have a “full” life or are not currently living that very full life. Best wishes to Drew and her new fam!

Ann on

Look, everyone is different. For some they want to spend time for themselves before having children while others wish have kids early and then have their me time after the nest is empty. It is a personal choice. Each person gets to decide their path. For her, waiting was what felt right. It is not a slam on people who chose differently. I for one couldget upset everytime i hear people say they had kids early so they could be done early and still be young enough to enjoy it. But why? For me a baby whilewhile young would have been disastrous. To each his own!

Anonymous on

Love it! Go girl!

louis on

I love this story! She’s been through so much, learned a lot of tough lessons and rose above it all beautifully. Lindsay Lohan, take note, it’s not too late for you!

sambec on

Amen! There’s no rush! Live your life because that baby will love you no matter how long you took to bring them here.

Karen on

I just love Drew Barrymore. She has just a great attitude about life now. Bless her and her beautiful family.

Hea on

Liz – I’d rather have a parent who’s honest and who’s got life experience and knows what he or she is talking about than a holier than thou-type of parent who’s seen or done just about nothing but has read alot about it an thinks they know.

Things happen in life. We make decisions and some of them can be quite bad but why let it ruin the rest of our lives and our credibility? That’s just downright stupid. Don’t waste too much time regretting what you’ve done when instead you can plan more wisely for tomorrow.

Angie on

Liz, PJ and SoNotHollywood: How about we don’t manipulate words and phrases to mean something else, something bad. If you all have children then you should understand how drastically your life changes after children. That doesn’t mean that it changes in a bad way, it’s just different. When you’re young and childless you can be carefree and your mistakes only affect you (for the most part..don’t twist that around either). When you have kids, every decision you make affects them in one way or another. She has learned a lot of valuable lessons by going through the things that she went through, and make bad the bad choices that she did. Those lessons make her a better, more rounded person and will make her a better and more understanding mother that can relate.

Liz, have you NEVER made any mistake or done anything in your life that you don’t want your children to find out about? If you haven’t, you’re completely abnormal. The only difference between her and us is our lives aren’t blasted all over the internet and magazines. She has turned her life completely around. Have some respect for her success in that. Life isn’t always easy and we ALL make mistakes.

Tara on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Drew!! She’s a straight-shooting, beautifully unique woman that I admire tremendously. I too have waited until later in life to settle down, and I am so glad that I did! She makes a beautiful mother & wife, and I am so very happy for her and her new family!! Cheers!!

soleilo on

She made some delightful points in this article. Drew definitely has a great head on her shoulders, and I’m glad for all she’s accomplished in her life.. she sounds centered and grounded… a wise (young) soul. I’m still trying to figure things out πŸ™‚

Gina on

Does a full life consist of drugs, numerous men/women as partners? Hopefully, she will settle down now that she is older and is a mother.

Ang on

I’m proud of Drew she’s alright. πŸ™‚

JE on

Love this article! I was lucky enough to meet Drew once, and she is just as sweet and down to earth in person as she appears. I am so happy for her!

mimi on

PJ- I think you’re missing the meaning of what she said. I think she meant ‘live a full life’ in terms of getting her wildness out before having a child so that she didn’t feel like she missed anything.

Momtothree on

I love her so much! She seems like such an amazing woman, and Olive is very lucky, in my humble opinion, to be her daughter. Sounds like she’s a wonderful Mom and wife. Very glad for her that she found this happiness. May her life continue to be filled with love, happiness and family.

Sekou Barrow on

I love this woman… Because she sets a fine example of leading a life before moving on to the next. I love her films, her charisma, her personality and most of all: HER! Im so happy for her and yet at the same time im also sad because I fear we will never see her again in film. Im doing what I can to get working in the buisness and I may never get a chance to meet or work with her. But for what it’s worth im sure im gonna look back and say ‘it was all worth it. Drew would be proud’ just like i am of her. Congrats Drew… You deserve this a lot and as a fan i wanna say: I Love you. You will make a great mom to Olive!