Romeo Beckham Is the New Face of Burberry Kids

12/17/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Victoria Beckham wasn’t kidding when she said Romeo is all about fashion. The fashion designer’s dapper son is making an adorable appearance (check out that smile and pose!) in Burberry‘s 2013 campaign.

Although it’s his first official solo shoot, the camera-ready 10-year-old — donning a traditional khaki trench and toting an umbrella featuring the brand’s iconic plaid print — looks completely at ease in front of the lens.

Jessica Alba Expecting Third Child
Courtesy Burberry

“This season’s campaign lights up with the infectious energy of an amazing young cast of old and new Burberry family,” shares creative officer Christopher Bailey. “[And] Romeo … was a joy to work with and really stole the show.”

Perhaps the pint-size model, who along with brothers Brooklyn and Cruz suited up in duds from the company’s fall collection last week, received a few pointers from dad David Beckham? After all, the soccer star has spent his fair share of time perfecting his own model stance.

Want to see more of the fashionisto-in-the-making? Check out the behind the scenes video below.

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tlc on

Umm..whose body is his head photoshopped on in this photo???

Xan on

That commrcial (doesn’t seem like a behind-the-scenes video) was absolutely awful. Romeo is cute, though.

Jemma on

Whomever designed this ad should have their job in question, imo. Cruz hardly looks like himself. Too much photoshop perhaps? And what is with the poses? The way that woman is standing is very unattractive.

Daniel on

And her leg that she has “hiked up in the air” looks really weird. Like it’s photo shopped. And that man model looks disgustingly skinny…anorexic. The adults just look really weird.

Marky on

This couple made the cutest children! All are sharp dressers, and very attractive. Romeo is an impressive model, wearing the clothes well, and looking like $1M bucks, for sure. Hope he stays as nice as her appears to be……

Cara on

LOL, that photo will be on soon ! The head looks misplaced on the shoulders, or too big or something.

He is definiely the better looking of the Beckham kids, looks like he was enjoying himself in the few seconds he was shown in the commercial. Burberry managed to get a huge amount of exposure for their advertisement because of his participation. Great marketing for Burberry.

Hea on

Jemma – Cruz doesn’t look like himself because this is Romeo and they’re not the same person. 😉

Maryanne on

I agree. He us adorable but these ads are very awkward. Maybe I just don’t get high fashion, lol.

AmandaC on

why is the women humping the guy and the kid looks like he going to pee on the wall! Horrible poses!!!

JustMe on

Yikes…. But this is a terrible Photoshop – how could they not see that?

Just Me on

Cara- Burberry already gets a ton of exposure, with or without Romeo. Well, they do amongst people who appreciate real fashion.

Jane on

Yeah, in a world full of poverty, violence and starvation, it is even more important to have “people who appreciate real fashion.”

Daniel on

Totally agree Jane! They could buy a well for clean drinking water that would supply an entire village…but why do that when you can buy a handbag instead? Ughh

Stacey on

This kid needs to gain some weight.

Jen on

I don’t get this ad or commercial. Weird. He’s a little cutie though.

why on

this photo makes me think of dogs peeing what were they thinking with the leg lifting poses?!?!?!?

Just Me on

Is it just me or does his head looked photoshopped on the body in the top picture?

BlueSkidoo on

All three of them look like the Elf Yourself videos with a huge head and tiny body. It’s a really terrible idea for their campaign, and I don’t know why they’d choose it.

Jester on

Nothing like starting your kids out young in the family business. I also agree with others saying the kid’s head appears to have been photoshopped because it does look very odd. Maybe this is what they were going for?

Tara on

He has his moms eyes!

Tara on

Has anyone noticed the ladies calves are the same size as her thighs?

Daniel on

Yeah I noticed that too. This is one freaky looking ad.

shalla on

Brooklyn is the cutest of all the boys, Romeo did great in this ad, though. I don’t get the fascination with the Beckhams and fashion. There are so many others who have struggled for years to be discovered and have so much talent and yet just because these are Victoria’s kids they get a pass? Pfft.

Julia Heine on

My grandsons would look as good as Romeo Beckham but they are not in the limelight as he.

Jane on

Cute kid. Weird picture. His head looks superimposed on a body that’s too small.

hahzu7 on

where are all the comments about Romeo “getting” attention because of his famous parents? there always seems to be a bunch of negative comments when Will & Jada’s kids are doing their thing, but i guess Modeling is the OK celebrity thing for children? NOT

Mark on

Looks like he’s letting go of a huge fart!

Ummmmmm...... on

Wow. Someone took photoshop to a whole new level on the right leg of the woman. Its rediculous!

Becca on

tlc – It’s defiantly shopped but that probably is his body. What it looks like is that Romeo was looking to the right (at the two people) and for some reason they decided he should be looking at the camera so the shopped his head that way. But yeah, it’s terrabad

Naomi on

I can’t help but think that he was only hired because of who his parents are, which would be a shame if true because he is cute.

Ciara on

Stacey, I don’t think anybody needs to worry about his weight at this point in time. Some kids are just naturally more thin at this point in time, just as others still have some “baby fat” on them. My uncle laments about how he was always drinking milkshakes and other treatments as a kid trying to gain some weight on his naturally skinny frame.



Charli on

This ad is awful. The photoshopping makes him looks like a bobblehead doll. He looks awkward and he’s a cute kid but this pic looks unnatural and weird.

bluemist on

The ad looks like one of those customizable JibJab cards, complete with oversized heads and awkward poses.

Jacksgran on


Anonymous on

It looks like one of those elf me pics where you put your own head on an elf…he is a good looking kid but this is just awful!

Jillian on

Cute kid, but the picture looks ridiculous. I agree, his head definitely looks too big or at the wrong angle or something–it is obvious at first glance that is isn’t quite right.

Guest on

Ahh… Yes, every little kid needs Burberry clothing… Come on, seriously?!

Beauty on


calamityjane on

The kid looks like he’s passing gas

TigerMom on

Photoshop much?

Gigi on

Looks like he’s letting a fart.

Tara on

don’t want to seem creepy but brooklyn beckham is a very attractive kid.

Tina on

Beautiful boy. Lousy commercial/ad.

Anonymous on

what’s with the almost crotch shot with a kid in the ad?? burberry no less. thought they’d have more class than this ad shoot.

elvira on

What’s with the Bimbo’s leg sticking out? Sheesh…always sexual inuendos…Give the job to another cute kid for chrissakes! I’m sick of the Beckhams and the non claim to fame!!!

Doreen on

That doesn’t look like Romeo’s body! LOL His head is photoshopped….

Doreen on

WHAT would a CHILD like about Burberry??!

Doreen on

LOL WHY do I think JIBJAB when I see this?!! hahahaaha

Paige on

david beckham good looks went to waste on his sons they all look like their vampire looking mother now harper looks like david and is adorable.I hate how the media acts like all celeb children are cute because they have rich and famous parents and wear extremely expensive clothes.most of these people are common at best money makes them pretty.

Doreen on

Really….$995.00 for a FREAKING UMBRELLA?! You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!

deb on

He’s cute

So Not the Drama on

Ha! I was wondering why it looked so weird. It DOES look like his head was Photoshopped on someone else’s body.

Lisa on

While my fake parents stand there looking angry, I’ll go over here and shit on this wall.

deannefox on

Jemma, it’s called fashion lmao, do you even look at Vogue for example?

Anonymous on

the most awkward ad ever? Can those two models be trying any harder? Who comes up with these concepts? Cute kid though.

Anonymous on

and who are you to tell them what to do with their money? they work for it, it is not like they have a gold river next to the house, they are in the big business and I bet they pay a big prize, always being critisized, always having cameras in their faces. Maybe they support the charities but simply don´t talk about it? you know not everyone has to go to Africa with the bunch of photographers to take their pictures with poor sick children just to look better, not everyone is like Angie 🙂

sapphire on

While Romeo is a little cutie, I do not care for his pose with his leg lifted up.

Chris on

The two models on the far right worry me. So depressing and her entire leg is photoshopped on.

Diana on

What disturbs me most about this picture is that parents (the Beckhams) would allow their son to participate in an ad that is the epitome of the objectification of women. The woman with a leg that is obviously photoshopped to make her look unrealistically skinny, the hair in her face, the scared, submissive look in her eyes, and the fact that it looks like she doesn’t even have anything on underneath the coat. I would not let my son anywhere near that and yet if he grows up modeling in these kinds of shoots, he will believe that it is realistic for a women to look diminutive, anorexic, overly sexual. Makes me sad…