Hilary Duff: Luca Loves Our Lopsided Christmas Tree

12/17/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Hilary Duff: Luca Loves Our Lopsided Christmas Tree Steve Granitz/WireImage

This Christmas will mark the first as a family of three for Hilary Duff and she couldn’t be more excited to celebrate — Luca Cruz, lopsided tree and all.

“He’s into everything. I’m running around the house just trying to keep up with him. He’s so fast!” Duff, 25, tells Access Hollywood Live.

“He loves the Christmas tree. Obviously we have a funny looking Christmas tree [because] all the ornaments are at the top.”

Continuing with tradition, the trio — Duff, husband Mike Comrie and their 9-month-old son — will spend the holidays in Newport Beach, Calif. and take part in his family’s festivities.

“It’s nine kids going crazy, basically wrapping paper flying in the air, toys everywhere and mayhem,” she says. “We’re really looking forward to thatΒ  — we get to bring a baby this year! — so it’s really exciting.”

In addition to cherishing time with her son, animal advocate Duff recently contributed to A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends. And with her pack of pooches a big part of the household, the new mom and Comrie made it their priority to prep them for baby boy’s arrival last March.

“We kicked the dogs out of the bed a month before Luca came so they didn’t blame the baby for why they couldn’t sleep in the bed any more,” she explains.

“We gave them a blanket … that Luca’s smell had been on in the hospital — and it worked. Mike brought Luca in, I came and gave the blanket to the dogs and loved on them … They’ve been fine with him.”

Having just regained her pre-baby body, Duff admits adding another baby to the mix isn’t in the couple’s immediate future.

“Mike and I are literally obsessed with Luca. We’re like, ‘He’s perfect. We should just be one and done,'” she shares.Β “But I think once your baby starts getting older you miss that phase and you go in for round two. Maybe when [Luca’s] two or three?”

— Anya Leon

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Courtney on

Why are women in such a hurry to get pregnant and have another baby? Slow down and enjoy the one you have for now. That’s just my humble opinion.

Sarah on

Is she not peyton in one tree hill. She has added a lot of wight. Love her still

Allison on

Sarah- you are thinking of Hillarie Burton who played Peyton on OTH.

Danielle on

This is not even close to looking like Peyton from one tree hill, Sarah. Totally different girl.

Mercedes on

Sarah, you got her confused with Hilarie Burton. Hilarie played Peyton on OTH.

Katy on

Sarah – you are thinking of Hilarie Burton not Hilary Duff.

amsjll507 on

I dont get why people rush. I saw the cover of US mag was that William & Kate were FINALLY (in caps on the cover) pregnant. Finally? They’ve been married a year. Celebs, too, get harassed. I suppose most newlyweds do. Whether they want none, one, or ten, keep your mouth shut!

Anonymous on

I think she can definitely afford to have another child if she chooses without burdoning taxpayers in the least.

Mandy on

To Barb: I was an only child & I hated it. It wasn’t by choice either. My mom & step dad would have loved to have had a child together, but it just didn’t happen. I had my first baby 7 months ago & know I want another one but not for at least a couple of years. My husband does have a child from his first marriage but there is such a huge age gap(14 years) that our child together would grow up basically as an only child. No tax payers pay for my baby either as I have insurance & pay my own way.

captain cool on

“Taxpayers don’t pay for my baby,” to paraphrase, Mandy.

If you claim the deduction, regardless of welfare status, then yes I still pay for your little brat.

Kati on

WOW…must suck being you captain cool…so much hatred inside of you. You better watch out…it will poison you! πŸ™‚

shelldogga on

Sarah, she is not Peyton from One tree hill that would be Hillary Burton.

guesswho on

How about just adopting, for goodness sake. There’s so many kids who need homes. The last thing the world needs is more kids. So selfish.

Softball on

There is nothing selfish about wanting more children. It is a personal choice whether to have your own or adopt or do both. Wanting to have a child to care for and love is not selfish. Children are a precious, miraculous blessing.

J on

You know what else is selfish?!? People having so many kids that they couldnt take care of. I agree on the adoption, but chosing how to broaden your family is not a selfish decision, how you take care of them in the long run is.

Natalia on

What’s selfish are parents who reproduce irresponsibly and can’t take care of their own kids, hence why we have so many unwanted ones up for adoption. But why should others who can afford it deny themselves to have their own because of some irresponsible other folks?

I just find it interesting that people screaming about adopting vs having biological usually haven’t followed their own “advice”, whilst those who have just go about the business of raising their kids.

fanofboardwalkempire on

having one sounds like plenty of work right now! Enjoy Luca and then down the road you can plan for any possible addtions. Luca is just precious looking!

Lena on

Having kids close in age(12mos apart in our case) sucks a lot of the joy out of having kids, at least until they’re older. The first couple years are all survival mode and very little enjoyment. No one should be pressured to have kids close in age.

melissa on

I think if she chooses to have just luca or another child is her right and Noone should judge. Having a baby 2 or 3 yrs isn’t rushing if they decide to do so. Congrads to her on her beautiful family. I think Shes gorgeous and has a good head on her shoulders.

SarahJane on

I’m willing to bet that everyone who says “one and done” has siblings. I am an only child and now that I am an adult I wish I had siblings. I had 2 loving and wonderful parents, but I lost my dad when I was 29 and could have used the support that only siblings can provide. My husband has 3 siblings and watching them interact shows me how much I missed out on and just how much siblings shape your life. We currently have one child and we plan on having more when we feel ready.

Carrie M on

Take your time Hilary….it’s not a race!!!!! Enjoy being a “party of three”.

Jay on

As a mother of an only child I would not recommend it. There are psychological issues that go with being an only child.Before people judge I will say he was not raised on welfare and was a ticketed tradesman by the age of 21.Not having brothers or sisters has effected him and he now says so in his 30’s.If I could turn back time I would have at least one more..I often wonder if this is what made him decide not have any children of hisown 😦

annoyed on

Oh please Jay. I’m an only child and have no psychological issues. I’m sorry that ur son does, but not all only children do. To suggest such a thing is ridiculous and annoying.

Natalia on

Well Jay, I hope your son spells better that you- judging by yours, I’m surprised you weren’t on welfare. It’s “affected”, not “effected”. English is my 4th language, and if I can get that right, you certainly have no excuse.

Really??? on

Enough with the “How about just adopt a baby!”

They don’t have baby stores where you can just go in and pick one and be on your way. It is expensive and even if you have an abundance of funds, there are many many many hoops to jump through!

Again on that subject, some people just don’t feel the way about someone else’s child as they do/would about their own biological offspring. There is nothing wrong with that, it isn’t selfish, it’s just the truth. When I approached the subject with my husband about adopting for a second, he told me that he wanted “two of his own” first. That made me realize that we are not good candidates to adopt because my husband would not see that baby as equal to our biological children. That would not be fair to that child and it is something I would never risk!

If my husband changes his mind, it is definitely something I would want to consider, because my babies will be my babies no matter how they arrive into my family. Even then who knows if we’d be approved, if we could afford the process, etc.!

If you’re so against having biological children, then don’t have any and if you’re so pro-adoption, then go out and adopt. The fact is, it is not your place to judge and make family decisions for other people!

Randi on

Thank you for that Really. I feel the same way. I dont understand how others think they can say what others should or should not do, it doesnt affect them!

Sass027 on

Guesswho…that has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. You can adopt kids if you can to, but some people want to have children of their own. That doesn’t make us bad people. And for those of you talking about taxpayers, people who adopt children also get public assistance.

Marky on

Guesswho, I’m wondering how many children you have adopted through the “system”, since you are so concerned about it and think people are selfish not to? I have 2 bio children and 2 adopted children, one through the system and one international, as well as having fostered for years. Frankly, adoption of an older child is not for everyone, and they are NOT selfish for choosing to build their family however and whenever they want to. If you want to adopt through the system, please do so, but DO NOT judge those who don’t. I have done so, and would NEVER judge those who only have bio children. Their family, their choice!

Alanna on

I love her πŸ™‚

Michelle on

If they decide to just have one kid, that is their choice. Not going to judge…but “Barb” just because that’s you chose to do does NOT make it the best thing for everyone! I am freshly pregnant, expecting my third little sweetheart and, no dear, we are not relying on tax payers to raise our children! We’ve got it all under control thanks:)

Jay on

We have one child a little by choice and a little by fate. We had difficulty conceiving and I didn’t want to do fertility for a second scared that it might be multiples and I was getting older. Anyway, we enjoy having one child. It gives us more freedom to do more and financially it is easier. A few of my friends who have more than one kid say I am so lucky to have one. I agree that so many people just pop out kids without thinking it through. If I had a second child for my son, there is no guarantee they would be close. It’s really personal choice but I know as a mother of one people are so rude and say things like “you can’t just have one or you can’t make your son an only child” and most of the time I hear that the person is in a miserable family situation. Anyway, if one is all Hillary Duff decides to have (although she is still young) then that is all she should have.

Mar on

Well put Jay!!

Agness on

Hilary don’t have so many baby

Anonymous on

It’s hard to start over. That’s why women have babies right behind one another.

daisy on

People are so judge mental now n days… Hilary looks so amazing no matter what…. Before when she was skinny people would be like damn she’s too skinny, she sick… N now that she has a lil weight on her, everyone is like damn she put on too much weight like geez… She can’t win!… But good job hilary with ur beautiful family…. N luca will be happy to have some one to play with :-)!… God bless u n ur family!…

Natalia on

Ugh, daisy you obviously didn’t learn how to write at school…or should I say “didn lurn 2 wryt in skol”

BH on

Very selfish to have only one child. Children need siblings in their lives. Hope she reconsiders.

dawn on

We were married 4yrs and been together 6yrs in total before our oldest arrived and he was a surprise. Told that’s not going to happen again. Well excatly 25 mths to the day his brother appeared. Tubes were tied that day to.

Holly on

Please do not have an only child. If necessary adopt one or foster a child if you don’t want to have 2. I was an only child, so was my husband and we always wanted a sibling. Being an adult only child is no fun either because you won’t have many relatives when you get older either.

Tiffany on

Barb- You make YOUR own choices and everyone will make theirs. Don’t worry about what other people do. I wanted more than one child so I had 3.

babsacake on

The ridiculous comments about only children having psychological problems is ridiculous. My husband is an only child, has a master’s degree, is well adjusted and is now the father of an 11-year-old only child. Our son has never asked why he doesn’t have brothers and sisters, he does well in school, and is happy. If you had the chaotic childhood I had, with an older sibling who is mentally retarded, then you really think long and hard about children.

Julianna on

Wow, he’s walking already?

bee on

The great thing about starting to have children at an appropriate age (i.e. not 40) is that you have so much more time to add more children to your family down the line! The pressure is less and you have more time to just relax with the little one you have right then!

??? on

There’s an appropriate age to have kids bee? Wow, totally missed that one in school!

Tam on

My husband and I are both only children. We are leaning towards having one child, but I think we’ll end up with two. Kids are so expensive these days.

roberta solomon on

I was an only child. And it SUCKSSSS. So I had two and done lol. Congrats to her mommyhood is fun.

M on

wow, so quick to call one another names. The decision to have one children or ten children, assuming you have to emotional and physical resources to do so, is entirely up to the parents. If you love your children, don’t zonk them in front of the tv, feed them good food–then give everyone else the finger and live your life. I have four children and I didn’t just want “babies” or fail to think it through. Each child was deeply wanted and planned, almost like we knew someone was missing. We could feel it. And we’re great parents and have enough. Similarly, I have friends who were “one and done” and they *knew* they were finished as well-their family felt complete. Just support one another and if you can’t, shove your judgement back down your throat.

Danielle on

There is nothing selfish about only wanting one child. Parents have a duty to care for their child, feed their child, not to abuse them and to love them and guide them through life. They do not have a duty to give their child a sibling.

Ashley on

Some of these comments are absolutely asinine and ignorant at best. Whether you choose to have one, or several, biological, fostered, adopted, whatever – any situation where you open your heart and home to raise another, is probably the lest selfless thing a person can do. One exception, IMHO, is when parents decide to have a baby constantly, for years – ex. The Duggars (20 kids?). I think that is selfish, as the parents are not able to love and give proper attention to each child.

TJ on

Where did anyone get she was rushing anything? She said she wasn’t sure about having another and might revisit the idea in two maybe three years. Goodness people learn how to read a whole article.

Missdavis on

I am an only child, married to an only child, and has an only child! It is my choice to have one child, just as it was my parent’s choice to have one child. Honestly the decision to have one child or 30 children lies with the parents who will raise said children. Everyone needs to chill, and worry about the state of their own families.

Charli Mabriel on

Stop with all the adoption talk! How about criticizing the people that have the kids & then put them up for adoption? Of course we don’t say that, just like if you buy a dog instead of rescue one, youre selfish.It’s as though other people’s poor choices are our responsibility to fix. That’s not how I’m raising my kids!

Chuck on

The lead in to this is is misleading, claiming she may not want more children, where clearly it IS an option she has not excluded.

Misty on

They make gorgeous babies. Luca was perhaps the cutest newborn I’ve ever seen.

Kristi on

One and done is good for some people. I have two and I am done, The second I knew I was having a boy, my oldest is a girl I set it up to have my tubes tied. I like having one of each, they both have a play partner yet are individual as well.

oh no on

27 and I don’t want kids. I dumped a guy because he said he wanted to have a kid tell them that they love him. Kids are a lot of work and not for everyone. People kill their kids and beat the crap out of them . .my childhood sucked and I was abused by my dad. Good for you if you want tons of kids. After the shootings this past weekend and the sick world we live in why in the Hell would I want to bring a child into this kind of world? For my own selfish deisres . .because I want a family. Am I selfish because I don’t want any?? No I am not. I have a good job with a degree and I am happy where I am at. Having a baby is a life altering decision and many times people don’t see past the baby phase . .facebook is evidence of that . .oh well . .wish everyone well.

Marsh on

Love Hilary and her family! She is beautiful!

me on

I enjoy having an only. I get to dedicate time to helping at her school and her other activities. She has plenty of friends to play with.

Michelle on

Ashley you start your post by stating how ignorant some of these posts are…but then proceed to say how having BIG families is selfish! I get it, in this world having 1, 2 MAX 3 kids is the norm…but I grew up in a family of 8 and have felt extremely loved and taken care of my whole life! Our family is a big, close, loving chaotic:) family and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I do NOT judge people who choose to have one kid or no kids, but for you to say that all big families are one in the same (where a parent can’t give the love each kid deserves) is pretty ignorant. I nannied for a little girl (an only child) and her parents were some of the coldest, most distant parents I had ever seen! So it just goes to show it does not matter what the size of family you choose to have, as long as you love your kids unconditionally and support them.

Annonymous on

I am the mother of an only child 4 yr old boy-and he does just fine. he has a lot of cousins & friends & school kids he plays with & has no affect on him at all. We chose to not have another child because our finances don’t allow us to & we had complications during delivery that I am not willing to risk again.

Marci on

I think two is the best number of children to have. My sister has two sons and those two boys are so cute!! One just seems too lonely, and I hate the idea of three because I know many people who were middle children, and they truly felt ignored as children. But to each his/her own.

Anonymous on

Wow, Zoe, you are pretty critical of Hilary’s weight. I’m really shocked about that, as we women have to stick together. You must be a string bean. She looks radiant and beautiful, and she’s rich and famous. I’m sure she doesn’t need you to point out her few extra pounds. Geez…

Amber on

Having a child of your own instead of adopting is NOT selfish! If you choose to adopt rather than have your own, good for you! If you choose to adopt AND have children of your own, good for you, too! Doesn’t mean you are selfish and wishing for children to be homeless if you don’t adopt. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard, obviously spoken from someone who has no children.

3happycampers on

BH you make me lol. Very selfish to have 1 child as you say really?????????? I had 1 child who had brain cancer by 21 months old. Decided NOT to have anymore kids just in case. Plus it’s not far to a baby to constantly have to be the hospital because their sibling is getting chemo treatments, test etc etc ect. Get my point? So please don’t be so damn judgemental of whether others have 1 child or more. You make yourself sound ignorant

Jennifer on

I feel so sorry for the children whose parents say “one and done.” It sounds like such a selfish thing to say. Give it another year or two, Hillary. You’ll be wanting another one and baby #1 will be so happy you did! You have plenty of time…

Esther on

Sorry but this is a story? I think it’s all nonsense. Most women IRL wait 1-4 years before having a second child anyway. Dude…

Anonymous on

every only child I know wishes they had siblings…

Windy on

@ Barb, I grew up w/ 3 sisters and loved it. I would love to give my daughter a sibling! I guess, only time will tell though. I think Hillary is smart abt waiting til her son is older.

Misty on

I think I’d love to have a baby now that I am almost 33 years old. I’ve been married for almost 14 years and have a wonderful marriage with my husband. Sadly, my dad passed at an early age a few years ago followed by my husband’s job loss which resulted in our losing our home, followed by a relocation a new start another job loss another relocation a new start and we are at a point in our lives that we are just starting over with nothing. No home, no retirement, not enough for a baby. I can’t bring a baby into this world to ask the government to help me pay for it. Sadly, no mom here. Love to all the parents out there! Hug your babies and enjoy every minute.

Cara on

He has a large head.

OK Sweetheart on

Okay, people who make comments on how many kids people should have, so go to China and see how that isn’t working. She’s still very young and it’s smart to wait 2-3 years, to have the first one potty-trained is optimal! I’m glad she’s enjoying mommyhood so much!

Jen on

I think one and done is kind of sad IMHO. I can’t imagine not having siblings. I think two is the perfect number of kids. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my daughter on this planet as an only child. I kept thinking she would be alone when my husband and I passed on eventually. I am so happy we had our second daughter. They are so close and I feel like our family is complete.

That said, I know it is different for everyone. Some people are LUCKY to just have one so that is no reason to judge them. My cousin had severe fertility issues and was lucky to have her daughter. The fact that she is an only child doesn’t make her spoiled or anything. I just think it is different with everyone. Hilary is so young still too! I’m sure she will have at least one more in a couple years. πŸ™‚

Mary on

I’m 29 and a lot of my friends and co workers who had a kid when they were younger made a conscious decision to stop at one. But Hilary doesn’t sound like she doesn’t want more just that she wants to cherish some quality time with her first child.

FFS on

To all these people saying that only children miss out on a ‘lifelong bond’ that they could have with a sibling – that is absolute rubbish. I have two siblings and we are not close and never were.

And I agree with people saying that we don’t need people having more kids. Why can’t people be happy with one or two?

FFS on

I should add that of course that doesn’t mean that other siblings won’t have a bond, I’m just saying it it not necessary to have more than one kid just for the sake of one child. It’s a gamble either way.

Anonymous on

Charli Mabriel- How sad that you think that way, and I feel sorry for your kids! Teaching kids to think about and help those in need regardless of whether their situation was due to their poor choices or not is one of the most wonderful thing you can do!

And adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one from a store is not about “fixing” other people’s bad choices. It’s about rescuing creatures from a bad situation that they didn’t ask or deserve to be put in. It’s also about not supporting a horrid industry that forces dogs into what is basically reproductive slavery (google “puppy mills”. Trust me, if you don’t feel like vomiting after reading about them or seeing pictures of them, then you have absolutly no heart!).

Daniel on

How ignorant can you be Barb?! Not everyone who has children is getting the taxpayers to fund their child! I couldn’t imagine life without my brother. I’m so glad most people DON’T think like you!!! Siblings are amazing & such a blessing. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Jay- Making sure you don’t have multiples from fertility treatments is easy. Just do IVF and only have one fertilized egg put into your womb (there’s still a chance, of course, that the egg could split and create identical twins, but from what I understand, it’s no higher than if you’d concieved the natural way). I’m sorry you didn’t know about that in time to expand your family like you’d hoped!

Anyway, I agree that there’s nothing wrong with having an only child, and that only children aren’t destined to grow up with issues. My mother is an only child, has been very vocal about not once regretting having biological siblings (I say “biological”, because she considers a set of cousins of hers, that lived just down the street from her and her parents when they were growing up, to be her siblings!), and is a perfectly healthy, well-adjusted woman.

In fact, I’d have to say that’s just as emotionally healthy and well-adjusted as my dad, who has two siblings (and incidentally, he isn’t that close to either of them, nor are they that close to one another, proving that siblings aren’t automatically best friends!).

If Hilary and Mike want Luca to be an only, great! If they want to give him siblings, great! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Also, for those of you saying things about adopting vs. having children “of your own”, I hope none of you ever adopted. Children you adopt ARE your own!

Mary on

I am an only child, as a child, I was so lonely as my parents were older. I said I would have a least 2 or none, I had 3 within 5 years. My mom was over protective of me, I wanted a sibling so bad, oh well.

Maximus on

Good, now I won’t have to listen to her run her mouth about how perfect her next ugly child will be

Marla on

I grew up as an adopted only child. I vowed to myself that I would never have just one child cause that can be very lonely. For some people it works but I think that by doing that is sentencing that child to a life of loneliness. However I’m not judging those who do. I’m just offering my opinion from someone who grow up as an only child.

Selfenchanted on

It’s more like she doesn’t want another child anytime soon she’s doesn’t seem to be ruling it out, but I’m glad she’s not doing it like Tori Spelling did.

I myself still love having three brothers.

Momof2in1year on

Lena– my kids are less than a year apart and I have loved every second of it! No joy-sucking whatsoever for me. My brother and sister are twins and my sister has twins, and I call mine twins the hard way. It took me 18 months of concerted trying to get pregnant with my first, soI did not expect to get pregnant right away, but figured whatever happens, happens. I’m still loving it and my kids are 14 & 15.

I do agree no one should feel pressured into anything, but no one pressures you unless you allow it!

captain cool on

Also to ask a rhetorical question, who IS an only child voluntarily? Wouldnt one have to murder a sibling for that to be a voluntary situation?

“Mom I want no siblings. Make dad get snipped!” Usually doesn’t work as planned.

peacebeme on

Very beautiful Momma. I totally agree with her. Wait and enjoy the child you have!

Must comment on

To those who say having only one child is selfish: please walk a mile in the shoes of a couple like my husband and me who have one child and have spent all of our time and financial resources trying to give that child a sibling, only to learn that our chances are next to none. It is devastating. What makes it worse is knowing that outsiders who do not know our situation would judge us as selfish when we’ve been anything but. Please think before you post things that are sweeping generalizations that pigeonhole people into categories they’d give anything to not belong to.

wow, really? on

All I can say is WOW to the people who say it’s selfish to have one child! What if you physically can’t have another child? What if it took everything you had to have just one healthy biological child. Heck, what if you had one child and just felt so blessed to have that child you didn’t want anymore? So what!!! Get over yourselves people.

esther on

guesswho u sound like the sickest person. u are probably happy that the shooting happened in Newtown cuz according to u “the last thing the world needs is more kids”. u shuld be locked up I’m afraid ull be the next children killer


Good. I hope she is “One and done”. Then we can stop reading articles on her body after baby and how she is not in a hurry to shed the weight but brags about her size 26 jeans (yeah right!)

Sigh on

Remember the good old days when people just made up their own minds? When you could change your mind as your life progressed and not be held to a statemnt you made as a young mother about only wanting one child? Hilary Duff is a millionaire. She has the means to have as many or as few children as she wants, and she can have them naturally or via adoption. She’s a big girl, she and her husband can choose their path without advice from the peanut gallery. Newsflash, you can grow up and be screwed up regardless of whether or not you’re an only child. You can be a happy only child, an only child who wished for siblings, a happy person with siblings, or a person with siblings who’d rather have been an only child. No one has a crystal ball to foresee the future, and there are pros and cons to any decision and I’m sure in time Hilary and her husband will make the right choice for them. Let her just enjoy this precious time when they’re little. I don’t think at 25 she has to decide it all, not right after she had a baby and just lost her baby weight. She has time to think about it. And fyi, there’s nothing wrong with having your own biological children or adopting. To each his or her own and good luck either way. πŸ™‚

OnlyChild on

I am surprised with all these comments making a big deal about being an only child. I am a 33 Year old only child, I never had any issues and preferred it this way. I am actually kinder than most of the people I know who had siblings. A lot of the people I know with siblings don’t get along or just not close. These are my experiences, having siblings doesn’t mean they will be close, so in the end they will still be/feel alone! On the other hand, I also have no issues with people choosing to have as many children as they wish because it’s not my life or business. I would never say don’t have more children, only child rule! It was good for my mom, it was good for me but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, it’s down to choice. I also wouldn’t say it sucks to have siblings, how can you deal with siblings etc. Every experience, every individual is different and like I said it’s up to that person to make the best choices for their family.

Julie on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. First of all, if you read the complete article (I realize that the school system in this country is lacking these days though, so people no longer are able to comprehend entire articles), she says that she may have more a few years from now.

Secondly, if an only child has issues, that is most likely due to parenting, not a lack of a sibling. My closest friends are only children, and they are happy and well-adjusted. My husband is the youngest of seven and never talks to his family. I have one brother, and we are not even remotely close. What if you have a second child, and the second child is severely disabled? Your first child then has another person to care for once you are gone. Some people, like me and dh, prefer friends to family. We have a fantastic group of friends- they have supported us in our lowest moments and been around when family has not. Having a second child does not guarantee that the kids will get along OR like each other as adults.

Finally, there have been several studies that have shown that only children actually tend to be more giving than children with siblings. A lot of onlies go into helping professions, as a matter of fact. In any case, the number of children that someone has is completely a personal decision. I really wish that people would stop perpetuating nonsense and myth about only children.

Anonymous on

captain cool- “still paying for your little brat”. If that’s how you feel about kids, then I sincerely hope you don’t have any!

Must comment (and others who’ve expressed the same view point)- I couldn’t agree more! I also want to add that some women have complications that make having more than one child extremely risky for themselves, the baby, or both.

For example, as I said earlier, my mother was an only child. What I did not mention is that she arrived, one month early and breech, after a very difficult pregnancy. So my grandparents made the decision not to chance it again…which was probably the best thing they could have done.

You see, part of my grandmother’s pregnancy difficulties stemmed from the fact that she is RH-negative, while my grandfather was RH-Postive (and so is my mother, obviously). And this was back in the ’50s, when there were no such things as Rhogram shots.

Without them (the shots), the mother’s body forms antibodies during her first pregnancy (provided the baby, like the father, is RH-Positive, that is!) that attack the blood of any subsequent RH-positive babies.

This leads to a severe form of anemia that can (and 50 some odd years ago often did!) lead to fetel or neonatal death. Not only that, but because more antibodies are created with each pregnancy, each child is more at risk than the last.

So had my grandparents had more children, there’s a very good chance they wouldn’t have survived.

Bottomline: Sometimes choosing to bring another child into the world can be more selfish than chosing to have only one!

Keli on

It amazes me how everybody thinks their opinion is the only way! To each his own! Hilary is beautiful and happy. Perhaps that brings out the jealousy in all the unhappy people reading? Only child or 5 children, either way it is the decision of her and her husband! I have an only child and we are all perfectly happy. Yes sometimes she is bored, but you know what? My friends with more than one have bored children occassionally too! Imagine that! My child is happy, well rounded, and well taken care of. My friends with 2 or more children have happy, well rounded, well taken care of children! Life is full of choices. Everyone is entitled to make their own according to what works for them and their family. Why people are knocking a beautiful, young woman for being happy is beyond me?

Carolyn on

My son is a happy, outgoing, and well-adjusted 21 year old with many friends and close family members. He has never wanted a brother or sister. I, his mother, have a sister who is two years younger. We were never close and now, at my sister’s choosing, we don’t even communicate. No guarantees that having a sibling makes life any better.

Amber on

I agree with you Courtney. Although everyone is different, I think women should wait awhile and enjoy their baby before deciding to have another one if they please. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to have as many babies in a short period, and man women seem pressured to conform. However, we shouldn’t let society dictate our lives; we should do what makes us happy, albeit 1 child or 4 children!

Sara on

I am disgusted at how judgmental people are on here. Hilary looks amazing, she is a beautiful young women. There is nothing wrong with what she said, she is by no means rushing another baby. As for everyone who says you should not have more then 1 child. Everyone has been given a choice and it is not our right to judge. I do have 3 girls 1,3 & 5 with baby number 4 arriving in May. Is it always stress free and a walk in the park, no way. However you have those days with 1 child. We love our children more then anything and can more then provide for them. Everyone just needs to think before they speak. Hilary is a great mom I am sure! Stop all the negitivity!

a on

seriously guys…it’s her decision whether she adopts, has another child or decides not to have any. It’s also her decision regarding the weight she wants to be (i think she looks healthy and fantastic) and what clothes she wears. Stop hating on her and focusing on living your own life instead of dictating hers

Lila on

I am an only child and I am a perfectly happy adult! I don’t feel I missed out on anything. I had my parents undivided attention, plenty of friends and was always busy. As an adult I am still surrounded by a great support system. My husband has a sibling, but they barely see each other. So we are happily raising an only child of our own, who also seems to love it.

People always go on and on about children needing siblings. But studies show that only children are happier because they don’t have to deal with the abuse that comes with a sibling. Studies also show that only children usually excel in life.

At the end of the day, you should have children because YOU want them- not as some magical gift for you existing child.

Izzy on

@guesswho, adopting is not for everybody so don’t call those who opt not to adopt selfish!

Sandy M. on

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Ugh having kids if she WANTS is not selfish. she has said MANY TIMES SHE WANTS more kids. She isn’t saying she will REVISIT the idea of more in 2-3 years. SHE IS saying she wants to have her next baby when LUCA is 2-3. OKAY? THE interviewer asked when she will have her next kid not when she will next think about having a kid. ps her kids will never be paid for by taxpayers so shut your stupid unintelligent rants up!

TJ on December 17th, 2012
Where did anyone get she was rushing anything? She said she wasn’t sure about having another and might revisit the idea in two maybe three years. Goodness people learn how to read a whole article.” – You never read the original article either!

People.com really bungled this up and purposely took her out of context. Seriously should do a recant article!

Sandy M. on

Daphne it is not women themselves. It is family, friends and in this case tv interviewers. Duff wants her next baby a similar age break as her and sister Haylie ok? 2 years is her goal which means a pregnancy in 2013-14 she strikes me as a planning type


I think her decision is wise, enjoy her child now and 2-3 years down the road, she can think about it again, personally for myself I am one of 8 children, the world is more round and precious, crazy, but loving and enjoyable when you get to experience milestone with your siblings. Getting to enjoy dinners with siblings, making messes, getting introuble together, doing naughty things. My nephew is an only child, but not by choice, my sister in law is unable to have another child for medical reason. I see him have outburst, bratty, entitle, angry and seeks a lot of attention. You can tell he wants another one, with out a doubt in my mind. To all parents if you can, think about having another one, it is a precious gift you can give your only child now. Not everyone works the same, but forget tax payers money and how hard it is, the gift of a child is more precious, so is a sibling. All hard work is worth it in the end.

Cora on

People! Get a grip. Being an only child is NOT terrible. I am very offended by the commenter who suggested there are ‘psychological issues’ with being an only child. Please. Everyone has equal opportunities to have ‘issues’ – siblings or not. I love being as close to my mother as I am, and do not harbor any ill will toward her for not having any siblings for me. She’s an only child too, and we’re both normal, nice people.

Alex on

I am baffled why people think that because they didn’t like a certain experience growing up that everyone in that circumstance won’t like it as well. I have a friend who grew up with 4 siblings. One of her brothers molested her. Should I recommend Hilary NOT have 5 children to prevent one of them from molesting another? No one can say that all only children hated growing up an only child. No one can say that because they hated their childhood, that anyone in their circumstance will hate it too. The foolishness of such statements simply amazes me.

Priscilla on

I love Hilary Duff. I wish she would come back on the acting scene and do a reunion for Lizzie Mcguire.

Ann on

I would venture to say that even though there are onlies who grow up wishing for siblings, there are far, far MORE people who grow up hating theirs! Grown-up onlies who feel like they’ve had a bad childhood probably would have had one anyway. A bad childhood is do to a LOT of factors, usually divorced or fighting parents.