Chris Pratt Loves Anna Faris’s Post-Baby Booty

12/13/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Chris Pratt Loves Anna Faris' Post Baby Booty
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Forย Chris Pratt, bigger is better — at least when it comes to his wife’s body after baby.

Since welcoming their first child, Jack, the actress has been taking her time to shed the pregnancy pounds, attributing any weight loss to carrying around the couple’s 3-month-old son.

“I think it’s from hauling around the little guy,” Faris tells E!, adding she prefers to “cherish” her baby boy rather than hitting the gym. “I’m trying to do it without help. So it’s been a lot of lifting.”

But according to the new mom, the pressure from Pratt is off … or rather on — to keep some of her curves! “I have the sweetest husband. He makes me feel good at any weight,” Faris, 36, shares.

“In fact, I kinda think that he likes it when my butt is a little bit bigger.”

And just in case there’s any doubt as to whether theย Zero Dark Thirty star is loving her backside assets, Pratt, 33, quips, “I’ll take it. I like it. Don’t work too hard.”

— Anya Leon

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Randi on

Sounds like my husband! How sweet!

AmandaC on

I was just thinking of them a few days ago. I hope Jack is healthy & in his parents loving arms!

Anonymous on

How sweet!

Charli on

That’s cute.

Sandy on

yeah he’s liking not having to snuggle up to a bag of bones!! loving able to grab something on her body! keep some curves, you look better and are still rail thin.

Whi on

I like men like this. Glad there are some out there that love a woman and her shape, whatever it is! My husband loves my post-baby body too and never once has made me feel like I need to lose weight/inches to be attractive. Even though I dont agree, it makes me feel good just the same ๐Ÿ™‚

Jenny! on

She’s an awesome lady, i’ve always liked her. Another sweet baby in the world with great parents, just love these stories.

asia a on

Awwww a real man didn’t think they made those anymore lol…..beautiful couple ๐Ÿ™‚

sal on

awww, he seems like such a nice, sweet and funny husband!

Yolie on

Looks like he’s put on some sympathy weight….

Yvonne on

I’m glad she’s not giving into the anorexic Hollywood hype.

Maximus on

This is the top story? Sheez, the enquirer may be more reputable than people mag.

Aud on

Haha, my husband was the exact same way. He could not have cared less about my post-baby body and I even caught him looking at my big butt and grinning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kat1129 on

Who cares?? why is it such a big deal when celebrities have babies and the big story is how they got their body back?? really? if the everyday woman had a personal trainer, chef and didn’t have a full time job we would get our bodies back in 6 weeks too!! Disgusting that everyone makes such a big deal out of it!

meghan on

yes, i too have wondered about his health. they made a statement at birth, but didn’t release any update. obviously, that is their prerogative, but i think most people would have been oblivious to the nicu stay without their announcement. anyway, it sounds as though he is well, and that is great news!

BBB on

Well of course he makes her feel good at “any” weight. Her weight range has only been very skinny, skinny, pregnant. Never overweight or obese so how could he not love her body? No brainer here.

Sammie on

LOVE THEM! Such a great couple

UnKnown on

They are such a cute couple LoL

Nancer on

LOVE this couple!! Watch this past Wed.’s Top Chef to see why. Anything you read or see of them shows how sweet & genuine they are.

Miss B on

She’s absolutely adorable and hilarious. Cute couple!

Julianna on

Good for Chris! What Anna needs now is his support and understanding, not another source of pressure for her to “bounce back” to her pre-pregnancy body. I adore them as a couple, they are very sweet and seem deeply in love with each other.

Friend on


Addie on

What the hell happened to Chris Pratt? He used to be such a good looking guy – he’s gained a massive amount of weight! No wonder he doesn’t complain about his wife’s post-baby body – not that he should ever do that, but he’s obviously gained more than her so he is in no position to speak.

Anonymous on

Yahoo- You can’t possibly know that just from looking at pictures. People have different body builds, and it’s possible for someone to be “big” but still have a BMI within the normal range for their body type! Also, remember that cameras add at least ten pounds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kat1129- It’s not an automatic that a celeb has those resources (chef, personal trainer, etc.) either. Jenna Fischer is just one example of a celeb who has been open about choosing not to utilize any of those things!

Also, some women DO lose the weight quickly without any help. We’re all built differently, and weight comes off easier for some women (and men, too, for that matter!) than it does for others!

As for why the media is so big on postpartum weight loss, it’s because, sadly, they are big on women’s weight period. If a woman isn’t stick thin in Hollywood, it’s practically a crime (wheras if a male actor is on the heavy side, no one bats a eye! Talk about sexiest!).

That’s why I love hearing actresses like Drew Barrymore taking a stand and refusing to let Hollywood or the media dictate what clothing size they wear!

D on

Chris Pratt gained weight for a film role. Look up your facts people before you start slamming him for his weight-gain! Jeez!

Mina on

Zee and Addie….bodies change. No body will ever remain the same as when you first met the person, ever. If its not weight, it will be wrinkles and sagging with age. Some people who actually LOVE the person accept the person through thick and thin (pun intended).

Or, maybe she doesnt mind or likes him big. My friend who is a girl is 5 ft 11 in and weighs 105 pounds. She is a rail. Size zero. Her husband of 9 years is a big guy. She said she loves her teddy bear. She likes having him protect her and keep her warm.

I’m a big girl and my hubby of 10 years loves my curves. He constanly grabs what he can. He smacks the butt during foreplay and loves the jiggle. His one ex girlfriend was a bag on bones and he said sex with her was awful because her hip bone smacked against his hip bone (because he is a thinner guy himself). He said it hurt lol.

Ever since, hes been a big girl lover. He had never had a preference…..didnt discriminate against any size or color girl….until that painful encounter with his ex.

Bottom line is, there is wayyyyyyy more to life than weight.