Liev Schreiber: My Boys Prefer Biking Around N.Y.C.

12/13/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

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Forget about car services, taxicabs and the subway. For X-Men star Liev Schreiber and his family, riding a bicycle is the best and only way of traveling around The Big Apple.

“My sons and I are biker boys,” Schreiber, 45, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Museum of the Moving Image gala honoring Hugh Jackman in New York.

“It’s my favorite way to get around the city and the kids absolutely love it. They have the best time and they would rather go on a bike than any other form of transportation.”

Schreiber’s sons Sasha, 5, and Kai, 4, with fiancée Naomi Watts, are frequently spotted catching a ride with Mom and Dad on their bikes as they run errands around the city.

But the actor — whose past professions include bike courier — hopes his youngsters will soon learn how to balance, pedal and steer a bicycle themselves.

“They are not off training wheels yet. The problem is they are not riding their own bikes,” he explains. “They would rather ride with me or with Naomi. So we have this great bike where the three of us can all sit on. It’s fun, but it’s time to get them on their own. I’m trying to get them to the park so they can practice.”

The doting dad, who stars in the upcoming film The Butler as President Lyndon B. Johnson, is enjoying fatherhood and cherishes every minute of it.

“They are growing up too fast and it’s tough to leave them,” says Schreiber. “When you are working as much as Naomi and I are working, there’s some guilt. I want to be present and experience all the milestones. Both of us are getting pulled so I don’t take time with them for granted. Every day with them is remarkable to me.”

— Paul Chi

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Shea on

Of the many interviews with stars about their families, he just sounds the most genuine and heartfelt. All that in a rugged, yummy package. sigh.

Anonymous on

That’s great, but where’s dad’s helmet?!

susan on

But Liev never has on a helmet….ugh!

Maria on

Who cares where his helmet is…the kids have them on and he is a awesome father!!

BellaTodd on

Shea, I used to think that too, until he was caught cheating with a model who was a body double in his movie…

Jen DC on

I fractured my palate (the right half of the roof of my mouth is now 2mm farther back than the other side), suffered a concussion, 5 stitches to the face, three root canals, three fake teeth, bruised ribs and countless scars… He needs a helmet AS WELL, Maria. In the even that they suffer an accident – and riding a bike, it’s inevitable – what will the kids do if he’s completely incapacitated from a head injury? What happens if he gets knocked out? A rider was recently run over by a dump truck here in DC – helmet saved his life.

photogirl on

Maybe he should consider wearing a bike helmet so that his boys don’t learn the concept do as I say and not at I do. Bike helmets save lives of all sizes not just kids!

Lauren on

Biking in New York City is seriously so dangerous. I don’t see how he can do this– he will be very sorry if anything happens to him or his children.

Jo on

I appreciate that his kids always have helmets, but neither Liev nor Naomi wear helmets – so if there is an accident, the kids might get to watch their parents die – Yippie fun! And better yet, they are teaching their kids that adults don’t need helmets, so by their teens the boys will probably be helmetless too. Its stupid, stupid, stupid. And does he really plan to let his kids ride through the streets of NYC on their own? Does he not like them? Or is he going for survival of the fittest?

Anonymous on

Lauren- New York City is a big place. I’m sure there are some places where biking is safer, especially if you wear a helmet like the boys do. 🙂

BellaTodd- You dislike Liev based on a tabloid rumor? That’s sad!

Jen DC- First of all, riding a bike does NOT making having an accident inevitable (which means “certain to happen”). Plenty of people ride bikes and don’t have accidents!

That being said, I agree that helmets are important, but Liev is an adult, and if he wants be stupid and not wear one, that’s his problem! The main thing is that he at least has the boys protected!

photogirl- Why WOULDN’T you want your kids to learn that concept? It’s very important that kids understand that they shouldn’t make poor choices just because mom and/or dad do!

Hea on

Jen DC – You are absolutely correct. He obviously cares about his sons heads but what about his own?

I had to share a room in the neuro ICU for a week with a kid my age (we were 15) who collided with a truck without a helmet on. He was brain dead and it took him six weeks to die. His parents sat by his side for all of that time as they waited for their only son to die. His organs eventually started to fail and the constant beeping and blinking from those machines monitoring him will never leave my memory. His father told my dad that a helmet could’ve prevented the worst injuries.

Addie on

Seriously people, Liev and Naomi are ADULTS! They do not need you or anyone else to parent them! Geeesh, I would hate to be around you on a daily basis if you consider yourself the moral police outside of the anonymous world of the internet as well! They are obviously taking care of their kids and expressing great love for them, so don’t you worry, they will be fine! And when it comes to the parents’ own safety, they can take whatever precautions they want or not, and guess what, your opinion is not more or less correct than theirs! That is the joy of the diversity of the world – you sound like you need to experience it!

Anonymous on

Jo- If you honestly think that any responsible parent (which Liev and Naomi seem to be!), let alone a major celebrity who faces more security risks than others is actually going to let their kids ride their bikes alone, I have a bridge to sell you!

It’s painfully obvious that Liev just meant that the he wants the boys riding their own bikes (as opposed to being passengers on his or Naomi’s!), not that he and Naomi are going to stop accompanying them on their rides once that happens!

Anonymous on

Hea- That’s awful about that kid you had to share a room with. In my opinion, once it was confirmed he was brain dead, his parents should have pulled the plug and let him go rather than just prolong the inevitable.

Anonymous on

Also, Jo, if Naomi and Liev are the good parents they appear to be, they will realize parenting doesn’t end once a kid becomes a teenager and continue to insist their boys wear helmets!

Hea on

Anonymous – I think they did pull the plug as I do not remember a respirator but it still took six weeks counting from the accident for his body to die. If I remember correctly, there are a couple of different types of brain dead.

All I know is I never ever want to experience that with my future kids. It was one of the worst scenarios I’ve ever witnessed and I still remember when they wheeled him into a private room when the time finally came. Horrible.

sat on

Where’s Daddy’s helmet?

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