Jenna Bush Hager Expecting First Child

12/12/2012 at 07:55 AM ET

Jenna Bush Hager Expecting First Child
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After months of keeping the news under wraps, Today‘s Jenna Bush Hager announced Wednesday that she and her husband Henry Hager are expecting a baby in the spring.

“We’re so excited,” Bush Hager, 31, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “We can’t wait.”

Neither can her proud parents. It will be the first grandchild for former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.

“We’re both really thrilled,” Laura Bush tells PEOPLE. “We’ve been looking forward to being grandparents for a long time and we’re very excited about it,” she says.

PHOTOS: Jenna Bush Hager: First Daughter to First-Time Mom

The former President called in to Today Wednesday for his daughter’s announcement.

“I’m fired up. I’m looking forward to it,” he shares. “I could barely contain the news.”

Now that a baby is on the way, Bush Hager says her mom and twin sister, Barbara, have already volunteered to help decorate the nursery .

“She’s really into how she’s going to help me design the nursery,” the NBC News correspondent says of her twin. They’ll have to settle for “neutral colors,” she says, noting she and Henry plan to wait to learn the sex of the baby.

In the meantime, the former First Daughter is looking forward to another production. She is serving as an executive producer of A White House Christmas: First Families Remember, featuring former first daughters and first ladies reminiscing about their holidays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It airs Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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For more on Jenna Bush Hager’s pregnancy, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Sharon Cotliar with reporting by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

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FaithC on

Oh, I love this news! I love this family. And, am so glad they are finally becomming grandparents! How special & fun!

Katie on

Congrats to them! Jenna got married exactly one week before I did, and I remember reading the People magazine that covered her wedding on the plane on the way to my honeymoon. She beat me by one week in the wedding department, but I guess I might have beaten her in the baby department. I’m due with my first baby in February. 🙂

Best wishes to them for a happy and healthy baby!

meme on

Cute post Katie. Congrats on your pregnancy.

Karen on

Congratulations to all.

Lynette on

I thought she looked pregnant when she interviewed her grandmother about a couple of months ago. I am happy for her and her family. Congratulations!

Julie on

Love love love this family and no doubt the grandparents are over the moon!

jessica laine on

congrats to jenna!

Anonymous on

She’s on the Today Show this morning.

Carrie M on

Wonderful news! I’m sure Grandpa George will be one mush with his grandkid! And I’m sure Great-Grandparents George and Barbara are thrilled as well!

Charli on

Congrats to them! Nice to read some happy stories.

Anonymous on

Although I didn’t like her father as president one little bit, I did and still do LOVE the family that they are. Congratulations to the Hagar and Bush family!

klutzy_girl on

I really like her! Congratulations to them.

amy on


Tanya on

I knew she looked pregnant. Especially yesterday when revealing the window display. Such happy news!

JMD on

Love that family!!!! Congrats to them!!!

Danna on

Oh you poor thing Rachel. If must really suck to be such a sucky person. Do you need a hug?

Sherry on

Congratulations to her and her family. I’m no fan of her dad’s politics but they seem like a great, supportive family. I’ve watched her a few times and I think Jenna’s a good news correspondent.

bette on

Congratulations to Jenna, Henry and the Bush family!

john Alexander-Davis on

Too bad they both ugly.

April on

Congratulations to the happy family!!!

hey are a pig…and extreamly jealous…
and my other thought is how is the current administration going to “remember the Christmas in the White House”? They leave mid December and return in Jan when its all down..hhmmmm…

Katie on

Rachel, what does her college sex life or her father have anything to do with this article? Why not just say congratulations?

KiKi on

Great news! So happy for the family. Adore her!

Stella Lucille on

Rachel- I do not understand why you feel the need to be so negative. Yes, George Bush made mistakes but guess what? He is no longer President. Time to move on and look forward to the future.I would love to see you be the president for a day. Do you really have nothing else than to be hateful on the internet? Also, calling another girl a “tramp” is just plain wrong. You don’t even know what happened with her in college and you just give in to the gossip. And if it is true? It is none of your goddamn business.

PMG on

How refreshing to discover a perfect person who did not make a couple of bad decisions while living her life in the glare of public life – one that was not her choice.

Debra King on

For @Rachel … it is pretty easy to forgive whatever past prejudices that you may have towards a person and/or their family. A baby is meant to bring joy into the world. Kindly take off your green (or black) covered glasses and appreciate the article for the value with which it was written. This woman has matured, married, and grown into a fine public speaker. Everyone deserves a second chance … even the hard-edged people like you. At this most important time of the year let’s just be thankful for the little positive things that we all have in our lives. A new baby is an extremely positive thing. Congrats to this entire family!!!

Jennifer on

I went to school with Jenna at UT. She was quite the little tramp. She spent every weekend at a different frat house partying while the secret service would wait outside for her to finish up. She often didn’t leave until 5am. She should count her lucky stars they didn’t have Facebook back then because UT students love to post pictures and tag what they are doing.

ME on

Um SO WHat!?! I partied hard in school too. Who cares. I guess you were perfect?? Look at how she turned out. Thats what matters after all. She has her life together now. Mature and married, working! And now a baby. How can anyone fault her now?

Heather A on

How many years ago was that? Maybe its time to get over your jealousy. Still nothing better to do than gossip. Grow up. Its people like you that make the world what it is today. Sounds to me like having Jenna at the same college as you got in the way of your partying and maybe even some guys you wanted that wouldn’t even acknowledge you because they were giving her all the attention. Poor baby,maybe you should just move on and get a life

Jennifer on

Congrats! She lucky to be able to have a child. I am heartbroken I cant.

Heather A on

So sorry for what your going through.

sera on

who cares… that whole family is evil!! they are filled with money after what happend to this country they still live without having to worry about money! THE WHOLE BUCH GENERATION SUCKS! thats my quote

Stacey on

Congrats!! Hope baby looks like Mommy though.

Katie on

Who cares what she did in college?? She was a kid, like all the other college students who party and make dumb decisions! I did some stupid things in my day, but those things have nothing to do with the person I am today as an ADULT. If people were all judged on what they did in college then the majority of this country would be walking around with their heads bowed in shame. Get over yourselves.

Anonymous on

First off, Congrats to this family!! Secondly, for anyone who hates, back off. What she did in college? Who cares. That was the past. I made plenty of mistakes when I was in college but that is not the person I am not. Let the past be the past. And her father may have made mistakes, like all presidents do, but let that go too. Focus on Obama, and pray that he can do something for this country like he claims he will. Anyway, Congrats!!! Very exciting news!

carol on

Congrats to them! Wonderful news.

Anonymous on

NEVER been a fan of the Bush’s, but I love babies, so congratulations to the Hagers.

Alicia Villarreal on

Congratulations what wonderful news. Babies enrich our lives so much. We are all blessed to have them, and teach them as they also teach us. I wish you both and your families the very best. God Bless!

Megan on

Congrats! They are a great family and I wish them all the best!

Tam on

Jenna looks so much like her dad. Congrats to their families!

Jill on

Congrats to this beautiful family. Jenna and Henry will make fantastic parents and that baby will have wonderful grandparents, great grandparents and wonderful aunts and uncles. What a lucky and loved little baby that will be. Great news!

Susan on

Congratulations to them and their family!!

Lori on

So, the Negative Nellie’s are out in full force this morning. You all must lead a very miserable life. Congrats to the Bush Family!

Susan on

I’m so happy for them and their family! And to Jennifer, who “went to UT with her”….. gossip much? If half the people knew what we all did in college, I’m sure we’d all be blushing. The fact of the matter here is, she has grown and matured, and had the intelligence to wait to have children until she/they, were ready. They will be adoring, smart parents, and will support the child or children to be sure the child has what they need. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone did that?

JJ on

Love this family. Congratulations to them!

Susan Albert on

Congratulations to the family. I love Jenna Bush Hagar and I am very happy to hear the good news.

Marky on

I’m a little surprised to see posts from so many virgins who have never had too much to drink as a college student. And I’m excited to know that going to a frat party means you are a tramp! Wow! I was a virgin until I married and had too much to drink once in my college days, and I would NEVER call someone else a tramp and insult them years later, when they have long ago put aside any partying ways. What is it with people who insist on bringing up the long ago past on everyone they want to insult!? There are NO perfect people, and those who insult aren’t perfect either. Watch out for those glass houses you live in………… I’d rather be friends with the entire Bush family than pricks like you!

Jennifer on

Congrats ! She lucky to be able to bring a child into this world. I am heartbroken I never feel that joy!

rda on

aww, this was a great clip!! Congratulations!!


@Jennifer: With that father I would get drunk every weekend, too. 😉

The world (besides half of the USA) hates Bush. He’s been the most unpopular American president, Europeans can’t stand him. He ruined America’s reputation, which is only very very slowly rebuilding.

BUT that is not the issue. A baby is on the way, which is always a good thing. Congrats to the family!

MissEva on

For those of you so enamored of this wretched family, you may wish to educate yourselves by reading the following:

Hooty on

All the good stuff below, DITTO a thousand times!

guest on

Not a fan of her father or his policies but I’ve always loved Mrs. Bush and the two girls. They seem like a very down to earth family.


P!nkFan on

Exciting news! Was not a huge fan of President Bush as POTUS, but think this family is very genuine. I wish them much happiness!

Anonymous on

I think some of these comments are just plain rude about evil grandfather and father. Bush is not president anymore. I like this family. Congratulations to the couple!

ellie on

Congratulations Jenna and Henry. Happy for you both!
ALL your stories make me tear up!! Especially enjoy the ones with your grandparents. Very special.

jean on

Congratulations to the couple. I am disturbed by these rude comments about george sr and the son. He is not the president anymore, get over it.

Maggie on


Anna on

The world does not need another dumb Bush.

TheNiteNurse on

I guess the kid will probably be rich and priviledged like all the Bush kids are. She seems like a nice person but hasn’t really accomplished anything without the help of the Bush family name. Other then her cousin George P. Bush who’s an attorney do any of the Bush grandkids hold real jobs?

Sun on

Congrats to the family!

Justme on

Frieda she couldn’t be talking about Obama’s offspring since they are not in University yet….trying to be a smart a$$

LoveChristmas on

Hey Jennifer Youre a sad person.

Misty on

Congratulations to them!

mg on

Maybe she will be on Today less now. Awful. Painful to watch.

Jodi on

How sweet. I loved how cute George and Laura were. This is a first class famly. Many blessings them all.

kristy on

Awe! I love this whole family so much. I’m sitting here crying because I’m so happy for all of them. She’s Beautiful and can’t wait to meet this buddle of joy. ❤

Gina on

The thought of her being a mother is horrifying. Poor child’s going to need all kinds of therapy in the future.

Lauren on

@Rachel, I totally agree. I’m so glad she’s happy in her life, but let’s not forget the fact that her father basically ran our country into the ground for eight years, after being fraudulently elected with help from his father and brother. Just seeing the Bush name is enough to send chills up my spine.

Kay on

Congratulations! Such happy news.

whoknew on

BOY…..she is ugly! And her voice is revolting and wobbly. Her mother being a literacy expert, you think she would recognize when one of her children has a slight speech impediment.

givemeabreak on

@Lauren………typical uneducated liberal response. How is OBAMA doing anything to help this country recover???? He runs up trillions of dollars and we are facing a fiscall cliff now. Unemployment is still at an all-time high. So, at the end of his 8-year reign, has he done any better???????

MollyF on

Guys, ignore Rachel, she’s a troll.
I’m not a fan of her father’s, but I love Jenna. She’s grown a lot since her younger years. I’m so happy for them. 🙂

cookie on

Congrats to this couple.I love her granddad,dislike her father,but I am so happy for them.

kmp on

I may not have agreed with her father, but congrats to her and her family.

Jennifer Sanchez on

Regardless who her father is, she shouldn’t be judged! She’s always seemed like a nice well grounded girl. I wish her the best. People need to leave politics out of some things.


givemeabreak…yep, you sound way more educated *rolleyes*

deb on

Don’t care

Nancy on

For all of you Bush Haters, get over yourselves. Obama didn’t release his birth certificate for 2 years, flip flopped on the gay marriage issue for 3 years and REFUSES to show any of his college records and many of his classmates who went there the same year, never knew him.
No president is mistake free! If not for the media, you would learn of many of Obama’s mistakes.

Nancy on

How about lets stop judging the children of politicians. Lets leave Chelsea, Barbara, Jenna, Bristol, Malia and Sasha alone. Amazing how people attack the kids who have nothing to do with what their parents do.

Taylor on

i didnt go to college but i did do stupid things in high school. people mature and grow up. what she does now should matter not when she was a kid! i dont like the bushes either but its a baby so congrates 🙂

Anonymous on

Frieda on December 12th, 2012
You misread. They are not talking about the Obama offspring. But you are right about the evil father and grandfather. He is ruining the country and fulfilling his father’s dreams.
Oh Frieda, you would think with Obama in his 2nd term you wouldn’t believe the birth certificate b*s*….After all, with the media these days, Lindsay Lohan can barely pee without a paparazzi getting a pic!

ChilloutFrieda on

Frieda on December 12th, 2012
You misread. They are not talking about the Obama offspring. But you are right about the evil father and grandfather. He is ruining the country and fulfilling his father’s dreams.
Oh Frieda, with Obama in his 2nd term now, won’t you stop believing the “birth certificate” rumors? After all, with the crazy paparazzi these days, Lindsay Lohan can barely pee without someone taking her pic!

Warren on

Congratuilations to Jenna and her husband Henry. I wish them all the best at this great time. I hope you have a great healthy baby and have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and to a great 2013.

givemeabreak on

@Alexandra……..well YOU certainly don’t! You sound ridiculous.

Sonia on

Congratulations Jenna and Henry. I never realized how much Jenna sounds like her mom

Julianna on

I love this couple, they are so sweet. Congratulations to the Bush and Hager families on their exciting news!

zee on


Random on

And Obama has done what? The only fans he has are the ones living off hard working people…so get over it racheal and Jennifer

Kyla Bree on

Thankyou, Rachel. Hopefully the baby won’t be a drugie or an alcoholic like the dumb azz grandfather, who the stupid Americans voted for twice.

Marky on

Nancy, thank you fora civilized post! Have no idea why so many people seem to think the children of presidents or celebs need to bear the burden of whatever hate is directed toward the parent. So many haters act as if they are completely without mistakes on their own part, and are so perfect they can stand judgment on one and all.

Jenna is good at her job, she ahd her husband seem to be a cute, loving couple, and neither are responsible for their parents decisions of any kind. Jenna’s generation all work for a living, and seem to be doing just fine, as well as living a life which has service as one of the important bases of their lives. Get over your idiotic hatred; not sure how any person serving as president during and after 9/11 would have fared. The enemy wins when we are at each other’s throats this far down the line. Focus on the here and now; that is bad enough!

Lisa on

Congrats to them alone. George W Bush needs to find a dark hole to crawl into after all he did to destroy this great country.

:) on

Hey Jennifer and Rachel, I was quite the tramp in college too and I have two beautiful girls of my own now. I guess no one told either of you two that you could be wild and sow your oats and then actually grow up and mature, marry and have babies. I’m not proud of the way I acted in college, but the past is the past and we all move on (except for you two).

margot jane on

i have this weird theory that when someone gives birth, a person form your family dies. It’s like nature’s equilibrium. anyway im pretty sure her grandfather will pass soon 😦

Louisiana1965 on

I’m not fan of the Bush neither, but I’m excted for Jenna & hubby!

Trisha on

To Rachel and all the haters are you living in a glass house do you think you ahve not doen things that others feel are wrong becasue you have and they know about them and they to can make such cruel and evil statemenets as you have said SO she partied at college who didn’t you don;t like her father’s politics too bad you are the haters not her Oh by the way Carter is considered the worst president


Carly on

Great another Republican Bush spawn to run for President

Angela on

Why did her husband say “congratulations” to her? lol..they made the baby together so congratulations to him too.

Lady on

Congrats to their family!!

Marky on

If you think the Bushes were the worst presidents, you are either very young, or have some degree of dementia! Our lives were nearly destroyed, as happened to many others we knew, when Jimmy Carter was president! He did more harm in one term, than anything both the Bushes did. Good think he did build houses for Habitat; he cost a lot of people theirs!! He was a sweet man, but a terrible president, so honestly, can it about the Bushes! Easy to blame them for what another entity did. Some of you need a done of maturity, for sure……..

Erin Courtney on

I hate reading these comments because people are always so negative. Why does politics have to even come into play? This is about Jenna and her blessing at this time. Congrats and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery!

Kate on

@Katie – Who cares if she beat you to the alter by one week….and who cares if you beat her to having a baby. You made that post as much about YOU as possible. Not a celeb. Don’t care.

Robin on

I have to agree with Jennifer and Rachel who are at least honest about their opinions. The rest of you are just hypocrites who claimed that they have made mistakes and then criticize those who happen to have an opinion. Some people do make good decisions and happen to practice what they preach. I am one of those people because it was the hypocrites like you that made me want to better myself and never have to look about at life with regrets. No regrets when I was younger and certainly none now. I have made my children proud of me because I never did anything that I would live to regret or be ashamed of. At least Jenna Bush and most of you will never be able to say that.

Robin on

Jenna Bush was a tramp and is a hypocrite. The only reason that she has gotten as far as she has in life is because of her family and not on her own merits. There are certainly more talented people out there that could do a better job than her and most of the cast on the TODAY show.

mkeupjunki on

Congratulations to Jenna Bush and her entire family on this exciting news. Wow, imagine that….she made a couple of mistakes in college and then has gone on to exude class, elegance and promotion on the importance of education.

As far as either the Bush or the Obama family, I can only say I give them both credit for taking on a job where the country believes that one lone person can change a country. If the country took as much time to take responsibility for their actions as they took to write the bitter posts below, imagine what we could do as a country.