Byron Allen Welcomes Son Lucas Byron

12/12/2012 at 08:30 AM ET

Byron Allen Welcomes Son Lucas Byron
Howard Wise/JPI

It’s a boy for Byron Allen!

The comedian/producer, 51, and his wife, television producer Jennifer Lucas, welcomed their third child on Tuesday, Dec. 11, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Arriving at 11:31 a.m., Lucas Byron Allen weighed 7 lbs., 10 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

“Mother and baby are doing great,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

Allen and Lucas — who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in September — are already parents to daughters Olivia Rose, , and Chloe Ava, 4.

“Byron is going to be an amazing dad. He will be phenomenal,” Lucas, 40, told PEOPLE shortly before the couple welcomed their first child.

Byron Allen Welcomes Son Lucas Byron
Courtesy Lucas-Allen Family

— Anya Leon

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librababe on

I like how the baby’s first name is his mother’s last/maiden name. That’s cute. Congratulations — I didn’t even know they had a second daughter.

Beth on

Congrats to you!!

Kate on

Never heard of them. Sad that a child in the 5th grade will have parents who are 50 and 61 in a few years though. Best of luck to the cute baby.

Tonya on

Kate, are you serious? As a teacher, it’s been my experience that older parents are usually more responsible. They are usually able to provide access to more opportunities (travel, music lessons, tutoring, etc.) as they are more often financially stable. I say if they are healthy, being older parents is a plus.

hahaha on

Now, how did I instinctively know he was married to a white woman with blond hair!

jessica on

Why does that matter? People can love whoever they want.

Maggie on

Three kids under age 4. Handful! Yikes! Congrats!

Kat on

Kate, it doesn’t matter the age of the parents…it matters if the child/children are loved.

Jess on

Haha! So true!

BH on

Is that OJ? Watch out…

LPW on

@hahaha: hahaha!

Anonymous on

In response to Kate that stated “sad that a child in 5th grade will have parents that are 50 & 61 in a few years though”. Blessed will be that child who has parents, period!! I am 43 with a 13-year old, 10-year old and a 1-year old!!! If God blessed them with a child, who are you to say that it is sad for the child? If God didn’t want us women to have children later in life, he would have made menopause start a whole lot sooner. In your mind, is there a “perfect” age for a woman to have a child?

Anonymous on

Congrats to the parents on their beautiful bundle of joy!

Kat on

Many women have babies in their 40s.

Ubetteraxsomebody on

RFK…. Who are you? The blog police, please get off your high horse!!


Who cares how old the parents are? They have 3 kids and are married!! A welcome change! Congrats all around. And back to the age thing–a LOT of younger parents are couch potatoes, druggies, bums, etc.

sherquetta on


Joan on

Congrats to both parents!! Byron looks so happy and I’m happy for him!!

Becky on

I don’t know who they are either, but congrats on the new baby..Love the name, plus the names of their other children…They look like a cute couple..

Julianna on

I love the name! It’s a cute way to honor both mom and dad!

Cinder Lou on

@Kat – actually, it does matter. My parents had me later in life, and every time they showed up at any function where my friends were they’d ask me if my parents were actually my grandparents. I was embarrassed at how old they looked compared to my friends’ parents, who were 20 years younger. Sorry to disappoint you, but it makes a difference to a child.

Jay on

Beautiful names!! Congrats!! A child is always a blessing regardless of the parents age.

Willa on

I LOVE the way they are honoring her maiden name, that is really sweet to see. Chloe, Olivia and Lucas – great sibling names! Does anybody else think she looks like Kate Hudson in the hospital picture? LOL.

Liz on

@Cinder Lou
I was also a child of older parents (42 & 43 when I was born) and as much as people thought my parents were my grandparents when I was younger, I was never embarrassed by how ‘old’ my parents were. Obv we all have different experiences but cant people just be happy for this child who is clearly loved by his parents! Congrats to the lucky parents!

Diana on

Well Cinder Lou, maybe it would have been better if you werent around then…I’m sure we would all be happier not to have to hear your dribble. I bet right now that your parents wish they didn’t have you as well.

Gigi on

Well, Cinder Lou, then I feel sorry for you. I had the same thing growing up, and I was hardly embarrassed. People always assumed that my father was my grandfather, but it never bothered me. In fact, I was very proud of my parents. Even as a young child I knew they were/are so much more knowledgeable and established than my peer’s parents. There have even been studies that show older parents raise more successful, more loved children.

Diggs on

Koko, it may have made a difference to YOU but it doesn’t mean it will universally make a difference to every child. My father was 54 when I was born and growing up, I couldn’t care less about what other people thought of his age. In fact, I was always confused by my classmates whose parents looked, sounded and acted like they were young enough to be my friend’s siblings. Different strokes for different folks.

Hattie on

Bet they’re glad he is a boy.Congrats!!!

marilyn on

My parents were old and out of it. They had no clue about what kids need. No patience or energy either.

Anonymous on

koko- In addition to what others have said, a lot of people are waiting until later in life to have kids these days. Therefore, it is very likely that most of Lucas’s classmates will also have older parents, and thus the whole thing will be a non-issue! 🙂

And even if he IS embarassed by having older parents, aren’t all children embarassed by their parents at some point?!

Anyway, congrats to the family!

Marky on

We helped raised our grandson, and frankly, no one thought 2 hoots about our age, they were just impressed that we showed up for every activity, every conference, all the open houses, etc; they were just glad we showed up for everything–those younger parents never did. We attended all the programs, the sports events, all of it. Many of those kids born to younger parents (I’m talking about those in their 20’s, not teenagers) were being raised by grandparents; nothing new there! Ridiculous comments about age!

Anonymous on

You can’t very well name a daughter Byron or Lucas, and maybe Jennifer dislikes her name and didn’t want to pass it on to either of the girls. Also, they may very well be named after other family members!

Heather on

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Bhavana on

Congratulations to the happy couple on the birth of their baby boy. And to Cinder Lou – you ought to be ashamed of what you said about your parents. A child should love their parents unconditionally and not care what other kids think about how old they look! Remember that you only get one mom and dad and when they’re gone you can’t get them back!

Rhonda on

Heather, I wish I could come through this computer and give you a piece of mind! You come across as very arrogant. That’s all that I am going to say to you because if I said any more, People would not publish my post.

gene on

for a white women jennifer lucas having a black man baby is just too sweet p.s for a white dude i think more white women should get pregnant an carry black men babies