Alicia Keys: Motherhood Has Made Me a Better Person

12/12/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Alicia Keys: Motherhood Has Made Me a Better Person
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Becoming a mother set off a rippling effect in Alicia Keys‘ world, beginning in her personal life and carrying right through to her continuously successful career.

Being a parent has made me more open, more connected to myself, more happy, and more creative,” the songstress says in Scholastic Parent & Child‘s December/January issue.

“I’m more discerning in what I do and how I do it. It’s just made me a better person all the way around.”

Fortunately for the first-time mom, it didn’t take much for her to feel at ease after welcoming Egypt Dauod, her son with husband Swizz Beatz.

“What’s been surprisingly easy is just how natural parenthood feels,” Keys, 31, explains. “I feel great about how easily I’ve fallen into the role. I love it!”

However, while the addition of her baby boy was both profound and positive, Keys admits it hasn’t always been easy. “What’s been surprisingly hard about becoming a mom is being away from him,” she says, “and trying to find that magical balance for everything, which I kind of expected.”

Alicia Keys: Motherhood Has Made Me a Better Person
Courtesy Scholastic Parent & Child

Currently promoting her new album Girl On Fire and serving as Keep a Child Alive‘s ambassador, Keys tries to make the most of days spent with her family.

“We love to go to art galleries and to the park,” she shares. “We love to do painting days and to visit our family — and we also love to run around our house and just go nuts!”

But when bedtime rolls around and it’s time to wind down, Keys and Egypt cuddle up with a few of their favorite reads. All that time hitting the books is paying off for the 2-year-old, the musician says.

“We like any books that are about trucks because Egypt is fascinated by them,” she notes. “He can look at a picture of trucks and name every kind that there is — even an excavator.”

— Anya Leon

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Just My Opinion on

Motherhood changes us for the best, or at least some of us.

jsp81355 on

I watched her on the 12 12 12 concert lastnight. That woman is one of THE most beautiful and talented women God ever set on the face of this Earth. She is absolutely unbelievable and her talents are such an incredible gift to us all.

Deb on

Lord is Clive controlling these comments? hahahaha I have said it once I’ll say it again Ms. Keys is a h@ of a writer. Her song “Unthinkable (Im Ready)” should have been on Twilight soundtrack. It’s nice to see she takes motherhood seriously when so many don’t (tool for publicity!!!). Now I heard her song with my man Maxwell is on FIRE!!!! Shocked his song used on Big Bang Theory. I still remember his song on Idol (ladies crying they got booted to Woman’s Work!!) hahaha


Too bad she stole someones elses husband to have her motherfood dreams fullfilled. HOMEWRECKER!

Aunt Bodi on

Didn’t you get the memo? That marriage was way over before Swizz even stepped to Alicia. Exactly what business is it of yours anyway. People with a life move on everyday. I suggest you get one too.

itsallgoodnroanoke on


Amanda on

She IS talented AND beautiful but…
1. Her husband is a deadbeat to the IRS. If you are so inlove and have the money to go here, there and everywhere–pay his tax bill.
2. You got with him when you knew full-well he was married with a new baby–and his ex-wife is now being hounded by the IRS because of him.
Since he is your soulmate and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH–pay his IRS tax bill.
Deadbeats make me puke!

Bunny 10 on

I love Alicia Keys music, and wish her the best in motherhood

Anonymous on

A better person? Does that mean you’re sorry for taking a husband away from his pregnant wife by giving him your son instead?

Anonymous on

wow….thats a lot to ask of a baby

Anonymous on

so glad so many of you know what she did. its funny how her cheating scandal was swept under the rug or kept silen but others are so public. i guess it also has alot to do with the parties involved talking about it ex: Leeann Rimes


Why all the haters on the Lady? If babygirl was doing her job, she could not have taken him from her!

itsallgoodnroanoke on

You are a fool! Job! Commitment fool! He was cheating and her money HE NEEDS.HELPED ALOT. YEA. YOU ACT LIKE A FOOL. MS.KEYS had a part in this also. Wake up!

Mellissa on

Why are so many people here talking about her husband? Beats was no longer together with his ex when he and Alicia got to together and all was said and done when they married. She had nothing to do with the demise of that relationship. She’s a beautiful and talented woman who followed her dreams and succeeded. Is it too much to be happy for another human being’s happiness?

Cris on

Her humility is refreshing. We all break a few rules here and there. At least she has learned something, rather than pretending she is here to teach the world…i. e. bratgelina.

ivyleaf98 on

Mellissa- Swizz was NOT separated from his wife Mashonda. I know for a FACT that Mashonda was pregnant when he started sleeping with Keys. Swizz was always a cheat, and everyone knew it incuding Keys. Swizz and Mashonda separated when he decided to move in with Keys after telling Mashonda on mothers day “I’m seeing her”. This is when the separation took place. I do not like Keys, and as a woman I will never like her for her involvment in destrpoying Mashonda’s heart. I do not and wont buy her music.

Jadey on

Lol…are you Mashonda? I’d like to know how you know all this for a fact? Fool.

ivyleaf98 on

Mellissa- Swizz and his ex-wife wereNOT separated. In fact, the affair was going on when his wife was pegnant with their 1st son, Kasseem Jr. Alicia knew exactly wjhat she was doing, while smiling in Mashonda’s face in her face. I do not buy Keys music, and I will never support homewreckers like her. Both her and Swizz will get what they deserve.

LoveChristmas on

Three kids w three different women hes a winner!

Jess on

It always amazes me how judgemental people can be online. We do not know Ms. Keys, Mr. Dean, or his ex-wife. What happened in his previous or current marriage is no one’s business. The demise of any marriage is unfortunate. Add in IF there was infidelity and all the media attention, the facts are lost and interviews are taken out of context. I wish Ms. Keys nothing but happiness in her marriage and raising her son.

mg on

She broke up a marriage. Why don’t people rag on her like they rag on Leeann Rimes?

sonyafun on

I love Alicia and her music but I don’t like her change to what seems to be her husbands bad ways. I’m finding it hard to take her music seriously when she uses profanity so easily at his shows and seems to be so different. Who is she trying to impress? Definitely not her core fans. I was hoping she wouldn’t be influenced by his style so much, but I guess that’s what happens. I’m really not as interested when I see her public displays of disrespect. She is so so nice and kind and then I see something like this. ????? Is he really worth all that?

Anonymous on