Tom Brady Thrilled His Sons Have a Sister

12/11/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Tom Brady Thrilled His Boys Have a Sister
Rob Carr/Getty

Having grown up with three of them, Tom Brady knows the value of having a sister — and is thrilled for his sons that they get to experience it.

“I think it’s great for my boys to have a girl in the house,” the father of two sons and a newborn daughter, Vivian Lake, tells ESPN.

The New England Patriots quarterback hopes it helps John, 5, and Benjamin, 3, “understand at least a little bit about what makes a woman tick — not that I can certainly figure that out, because I can’t. She’s a beautiful little girl.”

With his ever-growing brood, Brady, 35, is settling into a nice work-life balance with wife Gisele Bündchen.

“I love playing football. I love coming to work every day,” he says. “But also, being at home, and giving those boys my attention, and my affection, and my discipline, and being a good parent is so important, because I grew up with two of the best parents a son could ever ask for.”

— Tim Nudd

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p on

WOW! a BEAUTIFUL family! congratulations!!!!! 🙂

ashley on

wow.. what a sweet comment about his parents. totally makes me think of him in a different light. love the names, too – classic

Janet on

I always wished that my older sister was an older brother. It is great that he feels this way and it says something about him that he gave kudos to his own parents. Oh, and BTW – GO PATS (great game last night)!!!

2BParents on

They are really lucky, beautiful family. A baby girl must be so nice after 2 boys.

he's hot on

Congrats on your gorgeous daughter. I’m sure the boys will be very projective of her.

he's hot on

I mean protective. Geez. Stupid auto spell.

Lilly on

Nicely said, Tom, and you have a nice family; however, I still don’t care for your wife, Gisele.

Guest on

He’s sooo hot! Congrats to them! Can’t wait to see her.

Tara on


BH on

Handsome, athletic, rich and a wonderful family man? Where do I get one of those?

Nurple on

First time I read an interview by him where he sounds likeable.

Stacey on

How he could leave the beautiful mother of his oldest little boy for hateful, hideous Gisele is beyond me.

Brandi on

Uh tell the truth please Stacey…he didn’t leave Bridget for Gisele. They had been broken up and for a while before he started dating Gisele. I don’t care for Gisele much either but I don’t care for lies in the same way.

Boston Fan on

Love that man!!!

Anonymous on

Love you Tom!

Megan on

Finnnnnnnnally a celebrity mentions discipline!

Elspeth on

I’m so glad he doesn’t leave out his first child like so many men do.

Connie on

Why hate on him and his WIFE? He wasn’t married to his eldest son’s mother and neither was she married to him when she discovered she was pregnant. No one knows what issues they had but obviously, based upon his comments, he values family and parenting. Kudos to the eldest son’s mom too, because she isn’t being petty and saying horrible things about him and his family and having her son a part of this family. That tells me she is a grown up and mature and understands that things don’t always work out as planned but sometimes it is okay that they don’t.

Clara on

Gisele sux

jenni on

For those of you hating on him about the mother of his first child he broke up with her, she didn’t even tell him she was pregnant he found out through the media so that’s not on him its on her. He’s happy and is a good dad. Thats it. Those of you who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Kim on

If you remember he found out his ex was pregnant after they broke up. Her biological clock was ticking loudly and her relationship with Tom was deteriorating, what better way to get back at him than to pull an oops.

Cash on

Too bad they couldn’t teach him not to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend. He’s still disgusting to me.

Chelsey on

Congrats to them! Don’t judge Tom and Gisele. I hardly think that she would be a such a successful super model if she indeed had a “horse” face as some of your have posted.
I think Gisele is misunderstood because of the language barrier. I’m sure she’s a fine wife and mother.

Laura on

For the record Tom and Bridget split up before he met Gisele and started dating her. Therefore he did not leave Bridget for Gisele

Amy on

Bridget Moynahan has said in more than one interview that she found out she was pregnant after she and Tom had broken up. Its probably much healthier for their son to grow up in two loving homes than if they had gotten back together just because she was pregnant.

kitty62862 on

I like everything he said here.

It is a beautiful family!

Gisele, you lucky beyotch!! 🙂

lex on

@MEG he started dating Gisele before he knew his ex was pregnant with their son John. It was a clean breakup of a girlfriend and boyfriend! He is a wonderful man

Anonymous on

Crazy gorgeous family! No hate there BTW, like some of these other Gisele comments. She’s beautiful. & go Patriots!!

hbomb1225 on

@Amy – THANK YOU. Somehow people want to believe it was a lot of drama when, in fact, it wasnt. At least according to Bridget there wasnt any drama (except for Giselle saying she felt like John was her son as well, which I can understand what she was saying BUT I understand how that would make Bridget upset). People dont have to like him or her (I happen to be a fan of both), but sheesh at least get the facts right if you are going to talk s**t about them.

Tam on

I wonder if Gisele will share her natural birthing experience like she did with Benjamin.

merry on

Yes, I’m pretty sure Bridget said on several occasions that she found out she had been pregnant after they have broken up. I really like this family, love the name Vivian, so normal, yet not that common. I like the way he talks about his family, boys and girl, and discipline, yes.

Caral on

How many times do we have to hash out this “Tom left a pregnant Bridget for Gisele” nonsense? In every Tom Brady thread? Tom and Bridget broke up before she found out she was pregnant. Tom was already casually dating other people even before he started dating Gisele. Let It Go people. Sheesh.

holly on

His ex was like six months pregnant when he found out people… Just go through”people’s” archives and see for yourself.

On another note, he actually sounds likable in this post, which is more than I can say for his wife. And no, that’s not jealousy, she just always comes off as a liar. She also had no problem flaunting her stepson to photographers (against his mothers wishes), yet she keeps her own out of the spotlight. Maybe motherhood has changed her?

Gina on

I agree with Lillie and Stacey. Gisele is a bi—, horse face,
arrogant snob.

Sharon on

As a parent of three grown children, Tom’s comment about his own parents was a wonderful reflection of his own values and I am sure his wife’s. I wish them all the best!

MollyF on

How many times will people keep saying he cheated on Bridget, HE DIDN’T!!!! Bridget found out she was pregnant after they broke up. How many of you thinking he cheated are clueless? Get your information straight people. Just because you hate the guy doesn’t mean you have to spread mistruths about him.

Carol on

Yeah Rachel they worked it out and have a working family…..he loves all.his kids and he is a stand up father…grow up..

Linda S. on


Shannon on

Someone please tell me how he didn’t take responsibility??? Taking responsibility means 1. affirming that yes that baby [John] is his child 2. providing financially for his child 3. maintaining a strong and consistent presence in his son’s life

A man does NOT need to marry the mother of his child in order to take responsibility for his child!!!

It is not like Bridget was an average single mother with no financial or emotional support. She was a woman in her late 30s with a lucrative income with a lot emotional support from family and friends. Stop making her sound like a victim and criminalizing Tom. Doing that is insulting to all parties involved.

Lastly, leave Gisele out of it. It’s pathetic to call her horse face when most of you would give your right hand to look like her.

Get a grip ladies….

David on

His first son was from a different woman whom he dumped when she was still pregnant. Discipline, character my ass.

Sarah on

The Tom Brady hate always mystifies me. Rather than stay with a woman he didn’t love, he chose to co-parent his child. Furthermore, he chose a wife that loves his son like her own. There’s no better way that this story could have ended. Children are not possessions and their happiness comes first. His firstborn has three committed parents and two siblings that love him. There are kids whose parents are still together, and shouldn’t be, who’d kill to be in his place.

MissScarlett on

Good for Tom and Gisele for giving their children normal names as well. Most of these other celebs tack on the most hideous names for their babies.

Gigi on

Ok so Tom is all about familiy values but he didn’t do the right thing and support Bridgette while she was pregnant, he was too busy messing around with ugly Geiselle. Tom caused his first son to live in a broken home.

Becky on

They broke up before she found out she was pregnant! Give it a rest! It’s not a broken home. He has 3 loving parents and that’s what really matters. Why would he get back together with someone just because she was pregnant? If that is all the relationship is based on, then it will be a very unhappy life. You can’t make someone love you.

fanofboardwalkempire on

I love the comments that Tom made about his parents- so loving and kind and thoughtful. I like him more now after hearing his comments! He is a great quarterback for sure!

Ellarae on

A beautiful and hard-working couple has added another (undoubtedly) beautiful member to their growing family… Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. What a special Christmas present you have received! Peace and love to all of you!

Jada on

He didn’t leave her for Gisele…she wasn’t until se time after

Genevioeve on

So, by him saying its good for the boys to have a girl in the house, is he insinuating his wife isn’t a girl?

Guest2012 on

Sweet comments, nice guy..but you married a bitch and she’ll take half of everything within 5 years, right around the time your career will be ending.

Guest2012 on

Sweet comments, nice guy..but you married a b**ch who will take you for half of everything within 5 years..right around the time your career will probably be ending.

Mary on


deannefox on

You can tell some people over and over and over, but they aren’t going to hear truth: Tom and Bridget had separated when she discovered she was pregnant. The relationship was broken. Maybe in the old days people would get married anyways for the child and then have a long unhappy marriage, but almost everyone realizes that isn’t the best for anyone nowadays. Yes it is unfortunate Bridget went through the pregnancy alone, but she is a grown woman who made that choice. If no one is trashing each other amongst Bridget, Gisele, Tom, why are some of you??!!

Charli on

This comment make him seem like a sweet thoughtful guy. Two big brothers, and a father who is a professional football player, she won’t be able to date until she is 30! lol

sharon on

I can’t wait to see this little girl she’s going to be gorgeous! His 2 boys look just like him and I’m hoping Vivian does also cause even though his wife has a killer body she’s not as pretty as his first baby mama… Good luck to them it seems like they have a beautiful little family. God Bless!

sharon on

great game last night and here’s hoping Vivian looks like her daddy!

Amber on

I am SO happy for Gisele and Tom. It is wonderful that they have a new addition to the family. They are a beautiful family. I also applaud Tom for doing the right thing and staying in his eldest son’s life – even though he no longer has a relationship with his mother. He is taking responsibility by being a constant in Jack’s life, and that is commendable. So many men would have walked out. As my grandmother used to tell my father when he was a child, “Even if the relationship with the mother doesn’t work out, never leave your children. Be a constant in your lives.” I wish this beautiful family all the best.

Anonymous on

I’m so sick of these athletes talking about going to “work” when all they do is get paid far too much money to play a freaking sport….try be a police officer for 12+ hrs a day and putting up with crap all day-that’s WORK….but Congrats on another healthy kid.

Evie on

Lol @ Connie. “He wasn’t married to his eldest son’s mother and neither was she married to him when she discovered she was pregnant.”. Thanks for sharing in the department of redundancy department.

Seriously, though, some of you need to actually take a nanosecond to review before you post such nonsense.

Diggs on

Guest2012, you do realize Gisele is worth twice as much as Tom right? Besides, They both signed prenups before they were married. I swear some of you and your hatred for Gisele say the dumbest things.

Ginger on

I think it is great that all of the children are happy and healthy, but Tom is a pr**k and his wife needs to eat something!! I love to watch football, but I do not watch the Patriots just because of him, he is arogant and thinks he is all that. I know he is talented, but he is just another player on a team, its not all about him. I don’t quite understand his wife, she seems to voice her opinion on things that she should keep to herself or in private (example: breastfeeding and Tom losing the SuperBowl). With that said, I think it is super that they are all co-parenting John and are doing whats best for him and his little brother and sister. And it was sweet for him to mention his parents!

Carly on

I live in Foxboro, and before he became head QB, he was dating my neighbor. she said he had a pretty small, ya know…

Xan on

Department of redundancy department?

Practice what you preach, Evie.

Nice family. Don’t feel too bad for Bridget. Her choice to have the child. Tom and Gisele made the best out of the situation.

Evie on

Xan…’s some simple steps to assist you in better understanding an aspect of humor that’s become quite popular.
1. Go to
2. Look up S-A-R-C-A-S-M.
3. Try it yourself, start small.
4. Set sarcasm goals, like the excellent example I gave in my original post.
5. Now, go back to
6. Look up I-D-I-O-T…..

Anonymous on

Ginger- Why shouldn’t women be allowed to talk about breastfeeding?! I agree that the WAY Gisele made her comments wasn’t the best, but I don’t see why she (or any woman) should have to keep their breastfeeding experiences private!

I mean, if we’re using that logic, then women who bottle feed shouldn’t be allowed to discuss their experiences either!

Anonymous (the one who said Bridget said that Tom left her to bring the baby home alone)- How many other men have you heard of that have accompanied their ex’s and new babies home from the hospital? Personally, I haven’t heard of a single one!

And I guess you think men in the military are horrible fathers, too, since their jobs prevent many of them from even being present for their child’s birth (let alone the trip home!) regardless of whether they and the mother are a couple!

Genevioeve- Actually, his wife techinically isn’t a girl, she’s a woman. 😉 That aside, he was clearly referring to a girl close to their own age, one they get to grow up with! 🙂

Anonymous on

holly- I don’t get what you mean. We see Gisele and Tom out with Benjamin plenty! They hardly hide him! And as for John, Bridget didn’t exactly practice what she preached, as we saw her out with John several times in his first year and a half or so of life.

Anonymous on

Okay, how anyone can dislike Tom after the comment about his parents is beyond me!

Anonymous on

deannefox and xan- Maybe to her it wasn’t a choice. Some of us, hard as it may be to understand, don’t believe in killing an innocent baby because of mistakes his/her parents made!

Evie on

@Evie….lmao. be For the record, I understood your “new” brand of humor called “sarcasm” in your response to Connie. BUT, I am sooooo glad the self righteous moron, Xan, didn’t get it, because your response was HYSTERICAL !!!!

Chfdyb on

Hopefully she won’t grow to be a raging bitch like Gisele!

Rebecca Jayne on

Where are people getting the idea that Gisele is anything other than a kind, loving mother? I used to model ages ago when Gisele first became a “super” model and even though I was a nobody who was just lucky to get cast in a few runway shows, she was incredibly friendly to me and everyone else. I was very impressed and over the years I’ve been so pleased to see her succeed. From everything I’ve read, she seems like a great mom and I wish her all the best.

daisey on

Giselle does not need Toms money, she has plenty of her own, besides the beautiful woman is in love with Tom. They have a beautiful family. Toms ex, Bridgett, is a beautiful woman and person too. Now leave them alone. They are all happy..

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