Megan Fox ‘Screamed for an Epidural’ During Delivery

12/11/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Megan Fox Delivery
John Shearer/Invision/AP

When it came to welcoming her first child, Megan Fox was prepared for the delivery to be a labor of love.

But one contraction later, and the actress’s dreams of being drug-free went out the window.

“It hurts so bad. It was so intense,” Fox, 26, told Access Hollywood during a press junket for her new movie, This Is 40.

“And I thought I was gonna be really tough and make it, I was going to labor to eight centimeters … but the first contraction I got was horrific!”

And with the pain level shooting sky-high from the start, Fox wasn’t shy about voicing her demands for medication to husband Brian Austin Green.

“I was screaming for an epidural when [Brian] was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and immediately — it was level orange pain alert,” she recalls.

But despite the unbearable pain, the first-time mom wanted to feel (and look!) her best for her baby boy’s big arrival.

“I was trying to blow dry my hair before I went to the hospital because I didn’t want to go to the hospital with wet hair,” she explains with a laugh.

Fortunately, all the pain — and primping! — paid off in a big way when the couple welcomed now 10-week-old Noah Shannon.

“It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing and you can’t — until you have kids — imagine how much you could possibly love a human being,” she shares of her “super cute” son. “It’s really intense and really overwhelming and amazing.”

— Anya Leon

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T on

what else is new

Cece on

PROUD of you Megan for discussing the epidural! So many women have to get off their high horse with their med-free delivery bragging, those righteous heffers.

I’m a HUGE fan of Megan now! You’re an amazing woman!!

Nora on


catherine on

OMG give it a rest, I had three babies and didn’t have anything. I’m not saying that it didn’t hurt, it hurt like hell but sheeesh

stacy lundstrom on

I totally agree with you catherine….i had three babies…induced with all three…tore and broke my tailbone with all three…and no paΓ­n meds….

Krystal on

Holy moly!! Kudos to you stacy lundstrom!!

Stephanie on

Pat yourself on the back a bit more! Honestly, who cares if you had “natural” deliveries. There is no shame in getting pain relief. This is just more of the mommy martyrdom mentality.

Tara on

You want a medal stacy? Get over yourself.

B on

What exactly is your POINT stacy? I don’t mean any disrespect to either of the two commenters above, but I’m SO tired of this competitive crap. Who cares what your labour was like? This isn’t your story, it’s hers.

Childbirth IS excruciatingly painful, and I for one think its refreshing to read about a celebrity who isn’t making it sound all perfect.

Please just stop being so judgmental!!!

And for the record, I have three kids and had them naturally – but that takes NOTHING away from anyone else’s experience. I am no better and no worse.

Evie on

Seriously stacy….are you running for “Best laborer”? Or “Birther of the Year “? I am SOOOO very sick of you women who say things like “During my labor, I had a concussion, two broken legs AND two collapsed lungs. No drugs for me. OH, and my labor was 379 house and the baby weighted 27 pounds”.

It’s fine to share your birth story (although, preferable if the headline is “Share Your life Birth Story”), but the majority of you that do, seem to have a sole purpose of shaming women who chose pain relief.

Real mama on

I actually found this very refreshing! For how many times I’ve read about celebrities saying, Gisele Bunchen style, that she practically just farted and the baby just popped right out! At least she is truthful and doesnt act like it’s a cake walk, cause it’s not! She also doesn’t say that she was so surprised by how easy her body just popped back to Pre baby weight! More than refreshing from the Hollywood norm!

I get sick of hearing celebs preach about how easy it is!

Teri on

Oh geez catherine… not everyone has the same tolerance to pain. Don’t be so judgemental. It is an ugly look on you.

Anonymous on

So sick of celebrities and their birthing drama.

Amanda on

If your so sick of hearing it then read something else stop bitching

Cristina on

Great for you Catherine! I agree with Megan, it hurt me like crazy and I was in agonizing pain. Everyone has different pain levels so you shouldn’t make snide remarks just because you tried to be a hero and do it medication free.

Graciela Lopez on

Hahaha I was thinking the same thing as you Cristina. they always think they’re better than the one’s who did get one.

Rachel on

I’ve done both, but I never claim to be a hero. I’m due in 2 weeks with my 3rd and still haven’t figured out what I want to do. I swore ‘never again’ would I go without, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. It’s personal preference, but I WILL say my recovery without the epi was much easier. It’s to each his own! I always tell my friends, for a better experience overall, get the epidural!! πŸ™‚ I only did it without to check it off my bucket list!

Carly on

It’s not about “being a hero” just like using pain medication isn’t “being weak.” They are choices. Everyone needs to stop acting like children about this.

soserious on

Thanks for the comment!!

Nancy on

Tell me she didn’t know about the pain before she even GOT pregnant? C’mon!

Graciela Lopez on

Ok to mother’s who didn’t get epidural s when giving birth stop trying to make us feel bad to the mothers that did have one.not everyone has the pain tolerance.

Jennifer on

I’ve had 2 children the first one was a piece of cake even after a 21 hour labour. The second one OMG lol… I arrived at the hospital and had him within 2 hours and it was horrible. Every one responds and reacts to pain in there own way if you want meds, get meds, if you want natural go natural. Every woman has that right. It was nice of Megan to share her experience.

alwayslookinghigher on

Best answer Jennifer!!! People should stop caring what other people decide. I just a c section by choice. Only because I didn’t want anything to change down there or experience labor. Bring it on judge me!!

BooBoo on

@Nancy – yes, we’re ALL aware of the “pain”, but until we experience it, we don’t KNOW it. D’oh.

@Catherine – oh what a hero. Would you like a medal with your self-congratulatory pat on the back?

nicole on

she got the epidural or no

Kyra on

My question exactly nicole…

Brandi on

Jesus this is a magazine about CELEBRITIES. If you don’t want to hear about their lives and experiences, don’t post whiny little comments…just don’t read and move on!!!! It’s really that simple!!!

Jess on

At least she gave birth and didn’t opt out like most celebs and have a c-section

Cheryl on

Jess, I’ve had two c-sections because it was medically necessary for mine and the baby’s health. I can very much assure you that I gave birth to my children and I experienced pain with both. Getting a c-section is not taking the easy way out and if anything, the recovery is much more difficult and longer.

Stephanie on

FYI…having a c-section is “giving birth”. That comment is insulting to every woman who has had to have a c-section. Seriously, get a little sensitivity.

Anonymous on

EVERYONE GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!! Celebrities are human being JUST like everyone else. If People wants to write a story about how Megan Fox wanted an epidural then let People do it! I’m sure she didn’t ask to. Good God! Stop hating just because YOU’RE not famous and featured on a website.

Karen on

I agree with everything you said!!!

Katie on

Haha.. it’s funny to hear these stories but.. I tried to go without pain medication. Was not screaming but definitely in a lot of pain… 7 cm and I did get the epidural last minute and thankfully in enough time.. but couldn’t push past my pelvic bone so they had to use a vacuum. I was pushing for 3 hours and in labor for 15.5 so not terrible for the first birth but yeah.. everyone’s pain tolerance is different!

eli on

Apparently the common sense concept of knowing something but not having a full grasp until personally experiencing it alluded you.

AQ on

I really hate all these comments saying ” Well I used nothing!!!” Great for you. Some people don’t, some people do. At the end, it is still hard work bringing a baby into the world.

If you don’t care, don’t read people magazine articles.

Anonymous on

I’ve had 2 c-sections and it’s the only way to go – no pain and the recovery was a breeze.

kh in sj on

Major abdominal surgery is the “only way to go”? Really?

nora on

For Youu!!!! It is the same than natural delivery, not every body respond to pain in the same way

Anonymous on

The comments section should be called “Haters Diatribe Corner.” Everyone’s labor is different. I am sure you are reading an article of her “response” to a question being asked. You know what that means… that someone cared enough to ask and your hating butts cared enough to respond.

I am a mother of 2. The first child I thought I would die on the spot it hurt so dang bad and took so long. The second one, not so much; probably could have skipped the epidural but I prefer to bypass the pain.

You probably could care less but my point is that most of you responding negatively are a bunch of bored ass haters!

Melody on

Mothers who do the hero thing and have a “natural” birth – good on you, lovely and all, but for goodness sake don’t act as though the ones who get pain relief are peasant weaklings. It’s called personal choice and it really doesn’t make you a hero.

Too many mothers in this world are pulling judgment over mothers who make different choices – pain relief during labour, hospital birth, Caesareans, not breastfeeding, etc – and it makes me terrified to become a mother. It shouldn’t be this way.

And, logically, one does not know the pain of labour until, surprisingly, they are actually IN labour. Honestly.

B on

To be quite honest, I find your comment equally as judgement and snarky…

“The hero thing”?

Let me tell you.. The three children that I gave birth to naturally were no “hero thing”, it was simply what was best for me, end of story.

The first came so fast there was no time, and since it was such a simple recovery with no stitches, I wanted to do it again. That’s all.

Not every mother who delivers naturally judges the mothers who don’t. We don’t all claim to better than anyone else, and I personally judge no one based on their epidural choices.

Just for the record.

candie showalter on

Then i say get a clue if something that big is making way threw a small area then you better get prepared cuz its gonna hurt like you never knew hurt before. Plan in advance if you cant take the pain. Because its too late when the baby is on the way all the begging in the world wont get what u need to take the pain away.

Seriously? on

What are you candice, twelve?

Kathy on

One contraction? And she had to make sure her hair was done? This younger generation is a generation a wuzzies (execpt the military!). I see it all the time.

NotTrue on

Completely wrong Kathy! Many women are birthing at home now with a midwife. My grandmother was a nurse and she told me that woman used to get knocked out for childbirth (in the 50’s). You ever hear of blue babies?? It’s from all the extreme anesthesia the “older” generation used.

rita on

I had four children naturally..the last one weighing 9lbs 12oz…if,I can do it..she could have done many of u have said it is not easy but it can be done…our mothers did it…there was a time before epidurals…

Stephanie on

How old are you then? Epidurals have been used in labor for a long time (my 82 year old grandmother had several in the 1950s). Before that it was twilight sleep and other methods of pain relief for laboring mothers. Even Queen Victoria received pain relief for several of her deliveries! Perhaps educate yourself a bit and you will see that pain relief in labor is not some new,magical invention that modern women take advantage of because it isn’t.

Oh, and my mother had an epidural with both my brother and me….somehow she never seemed like less of a mother to me. Probably a better one than some mothers who went “natural”.

Anna on

Screw u rita, u r not a super hero just a b#*%# that thinks she’s better than everyone else.

Denise on

Great for you rita! There are situations where it cannot be done. There are extenuating circumstancess., such as never dialating to 10, no matter how long I labored. Had I been having a baby before c sections and other technology, my baby and me would have died.

cynthia on

I am LMAO at some of the silly comments like ‘sick of celebrities and their birthing drams’ and ‘didn’t know it hurt’. People is a celebrity gossip media, that is what it does…OMG, you ‘sound’ ridiculous, you go to the web site to get the gossip and them try to sound like it’s all beneath you. It is hilarious!!!!

RocketRay on

She sounds exactly like my wife.

doug on

who’s gives a crap, women in other countries give birth in rice fields and continue working after.

rita on

Yes u r so right…in third world countries there r no epidurals

Janie on

I vastly prefer her honesty to Gisele talking about how natural birth wasn’t painful but beautiful. Some people change their mind and cry epidural (including me). I think this makes me actually like Megan Fox..

B on


MT on

There’s nothing wrong with having an epidural! I tried to go without, but couldn’t. With one of my daughters the machines in the room were all beeping with some sort of malfunction at the time the anesthesiologist was giving me the epidural–too look back on it now it was kind of comical–everyone is rushing around , and I ‘m thinking God, don’t let him hit my spine with that needle!

Maximus on

OMG B to the Rian, I’s got me a hangnail, epidural stat!

kjc on

No celebrity mom can win on this blog.

They get bashed for getting an epidural, and they get bashed when they don’t.

hbomb1225 on

Truthfully, no celeb can win on this site PERIOD. Story about Shannon Dougherty calling the police because someone is threatening to commit suicide and there’s the comment “of course she makes it all about herself”, celeb shows a picture of their kid/animal on twitter then the comments are “no one cares about your kid/animal; s/he is so full of themself”, and on and on it goes. Sometimes its quite amusing, but either way its a sad group of people that can find such hate/anger towards a story or a celeb (why those people who hate celebs or call it Hollyweird continue to come to this site baffles me).

Jesse on

Thank you hbomb! And when someone gets cyber bullied and commits suicide they all cry for justice. Yet, what they are doing is cyber bullying! Just because they are celebs doesn’t mean they aren’t human. Grow up people. It’s not just kids, it’s adults doing it. Really, think about what you are writing before you post. Act like someone is writing about your mother, father,brother, sister, daughter, son, etc. How would you feel? I swear we read snippets about someone’s life, that they are asked about in interviews, etc. and we feel we have the right to rip them apart. It’s so sad that we treat human beings this way. Scary too.

Amy on

I appreciate her honesty. I have several friends who went through the exact same thing–they prepared for a natural birth and couldn’t tolerate the pain when the time came. I myself wanted the epidural from the get go. You know, these celebrities don’t walk into a magazine office and say, “hey, thought I’d stop by to tell you about my delivery.” They’re interviewed about other things, and the interviewers ask them. Give her a break!

easeup on

Everyone wants to hate and be so rude! She is not telling others what to do she was sharing her experience.

Me on

Ugh ppl. I don’t agree with epi’s, but if someone wants one and they are informed of the pros/cons, go for it,

I’ve had two kids and honestly, my labor with my second wa do pain free (naturally!) I didn’t realize I was in labor until I felt the urge to push. Just saying that labor CAN be NATURALY pain free, b/c it happened to me!

That said, I know everyone’s and every labor (even for the same woman) is different. I just hate ppl calling those of us who font have epi’s “Heros” and “martyrs” in a negative sense. Same as you hate us putting those of you who opted for them down.

lisa on

For God’s sake people!!! She is talking about her experience, her pain, her level of tolerence, and what she could or could not endure. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CHAMP FOR ENDURING MORE!! It’s always a comparison. Here’s a hint … don’t read the article when you already know what you experienced was so much more than what Megan Fox or an of these other young ladies went through. ENOUGH!

guest on

@ Catherine, I had 4 natural births, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia with 2 of them. I guess that makes me a stronger woman than you. (eyes rolling)

So tired of the mommy competition. Everyone experiences pregnancy different. Whether you have an epidural or a natural birth, whether you breast feed or bottle feed, whether you’re a stay at home Mom or you work, whether you homeschool, new school, send your kids to public school. Being a parent is hard work! We all do our best.

Congrats to Megan and Brian!

Melanie on

She should have had a csection. Don’t know why she didn’t.

melanie on

at least she’s keeping it real. If i hear one more celebrity say it was a “magical” experience I’m going to scream.

BigBaby on

I got pregnant knowing I would ask for an epidural. I do not handle pain well. My girlfriends have done drugs and no drugs and imagine … we all respect each others choices. Freedom to choose. So weird right? I am thankful when I think back to that day … don’t know how else I would have given birth to an 11.5 pound baby. And no, before you slam me, he wasn’t fat or diabetic – just 11.5 pounds and 24 inches long.

Mom of 2 on

During the Civil War doctors would amputate with nothing more than a shot of whiskey and a bullet to bite down on. Modern medicine has advanced to the point where childbirth doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Why would anyone want to go through that kind of pain when medicine is available? Why not get teeth pulled and root canals done without medication? Of course no one would do that. Get the epidural and enjoy the birth of your baby!

Becky on

I wasn’t able to have babies, but I know I would have wanted epi. as I have a very low tolerance to pain. some women can handle it, but please, don’t throw everyone else under the bus because they have a low tolerance to pain. this is a celebrity mag site. Don’t take your miserable lives out on the celebs. give me a break.

lisa on

I think women who have more ab muscles feel less contraction pain, so maybe she doesn’t have a strong core? lol

Anonymous on

lol at blow drying her hair – I can relate I wore makeup πŸ˜‰ I looked damn good in my pictures for just having a baby! lol

Sarah on

I was in labor for 38hrs with my daughter who was 5 days overdue and was drug free for 36 hrs. I only had an epi due to a tilted cervix and ended up with a c-section. While i agree everyone’s pain levels are different, women have been giving birth for thousands of years without the aid of modern medicine. I hated how the epi made me feel like I had been super glued to the table.

Kudos to women who are able to give birth naturally and do it drug free. Congrats to them either way.

Corisa on

I thought it was hilarious when I talked to my OB/GYN about the fact that in my birthing class there were women who were saying they didn’t care if they were “begging for drugs” that they didn’t want anyone to give it to them. I was saying that I felt guilty because I planned on an epidural from the beginning. She just laughed and said that in her experience, the women who are so vocal about how they are NEVER going to have drugs are always the fastest to break down and start freaking out and asking for drugs immediately.

ejmcam on

You guys are unreal….do you think that she just called up people and said “hey guess what? having a baby really hurt me ….waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa” No doubt she was interviewed and they asked the questions and she answered. When people ask me about labor and did it hurt I tell the the truth….heck ya it hurt! Is that whining? No, if you ask, you get an honest answer. Should she have just said “no it didnt hurt at all?” then you would all be on here calling her a liar! Give it a rest

Hello on

I had the exact same thought when was time to deliver my 1st baby. I wanted to go drug-free, etc. Until I had to beg for an epidural. And for those saying they are sick of celebrities birthing drama, simply ignore these posts! Don’t read and don’t comment!

Congratulations Megan for your baby boy!

Just Me on

To all the super human moms out there…every birth is different…my first was a piece of cake, no drugs, nothing…second felt like Lucifer himself was trying to come out….bring on the epidural yesterday

Shannon on

I’ve had 3 babies. Everytime I thought, “I’m going natural, no epi!” I ended up with the epi all 3 times, lol! I probably could have done it without, but I wimped out. Who cares? I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. My births, my pain. You do what you have to birthing your children right through raising them. No one else lives your life but you.

Sandy on

@Jess…A lot of women get c-sections so their kajigger stays tight.

pixie on

As many have commented, everyone’s tolerance of pain is different and even each pregnancy and labor with one woman can be entirely different. But congrats to her, glad she was able to safely deliver her child.

Kass on

I find it funny how people are making such a big deal about this. I think it is refreshing to hear that she couldn’t handle the pain and asked for drugs. Every other celebrity birth story talks about how beautiful the experience was like it was a bed of roses. At least Megan Fox was honest.

Racelake on

Are we now going to criticize vaginal delivery vs C-section? Regardless if one has an epidural or natural delivery we all want a healthy baby in the end…

K on

I bet all the people who are ripping into Fox with their idiotic comments won’t rip into Middleton when her birthing story is published by People.

J on

Oh how great for you supermoms and your war stories of no meds and horrific tears and tailbone breaks and extreme pain. No need for you to make it a competition over who can handle pain the best, and poopoo moms who wanted drugs. Good Lord…

Anonymous on

Totally agree with BooBoo…had my 1st baby in July & knew it would hurt but didn’t know what kind of pain until labor…OMG. Had an epidural & SO glad I did, had a great delivery. Every woman is different & shouldn’t be judged for whatever choice they make.

Tink on

Melody is correct! You’re definitely not a hero if you don’t choose modern medicine to help you. If the baby came from your body it’s natural (period). When people talk about how they “choose” to deliver it’s their personal wishes only but the result is the same.

Heather on

Women who have had kids on here are vicious! it is the woman’s first child! You hear its going to hurt and then you are there and it really hurts.
As for celebs getting over themselves is a bit rude considering that you are here and reading the articles. So who should get over themselves??

yeah I thought so.

Lennox on

If you don’t like celebrity drama/news (whatever you want to call it) then why in the world would you waste your time on the article? Be intelligent people! If you don’t care, move along and don’t say anything…. how hard is that?!

Samantha B. on

I still can’t believe she has a baby! lol it all seems so unreal…but I love her, I think she’s gorgeous, and I’m happy for her and her family. πŸ™‚

mytwocents on

I will be giving birth to my first baby in just a few months & I’m not ashamed to admit that I will most certainly get an epidural if necessary!! Not gonna try & be the hero… So take that all you judgy mothers!!

Anonymous on

Some women can’t handle natural birth. For example, I had 2 cracked ribs, and was “supposed” to be physically unable to have a natural birth, because my hips did not spread during pregnancy. But I still had all natural, no epi. Sure, it was horrendous, and I blacked out… several times. But I got through it. No one is trying to “be a hero” she’s saying her pain tolerance is much higher than yours. That my doll is something to boast and be proud of, not many women can do what Catherine says she did.

Dorene on

Why should a woman “at least TRY to deliver naturally”?? Is there a trophy offered afterwards that I’m not aware of?? I had 4 kids and I didn’t give a damn if I was doped up during labor or not. I just wanted it over with so I could finally see my babies.

LAC on

Ridiculous! Good for all of you women who did it naturally, but this is the 21st century. Let the girl get an epidural if she wants one. Just because you or your mothers had to suffer through the horrible birthing pains doesn’t mean everyone has to. And geez… this is a celebrity gossip page. Do you truly expect amazing journalist stories?!? As women we are all different. And the best part is that its our option. Glad all is well with her and the baby!

shawna on

I have 3 kids all healthy. My first two I had an epidural and wanted one for my youngest but he came to fast. There isnt anything wrong with a woman wanting an epidural. We as women have that right to choose meds or natural. People need to stop judging those who do or dont its not us that are having these babies.

Gal Capone on

I had my first child drug free @ 16. I was too afraid to have the epidural needle in my back & didn’t know there was alternatives. At 22 I had my 2nd…still no epidural needle, but pain meds in my IV. 20 years later I remember that giving birth hurts but honestly can not remember the actual pain itself.

It’s not a competition and you ladies should not take someone telling their birth stories so personally.

Sarah S. on

I remember with my 2nd, I went up to the nurses’s station before I checked in a room and ordered the epidural. The nurse said, “ok but you haven’t gotten in your room yet.” I said, “ok, but I know myself and I’d like to get it asap.” No sense in wasting time when you’re in mega-pain!! πŸ™‚

Erin on

I had both kids natural, and honestly i had worse stomach flu/diarrhea pains then child birth….that being said the pain is different for every woman, birth is different for ever woman. I would never judge a mom for choosing an epidural…to each there own…love and support for all!

Linda on

I don’t like Megan much ..she is concieted and too into herself..but I DO agree with her on getting help when you are in labor…I too had an epidural cause it hurt like HELL!

Jamie on

I had 3 babies and got Epidurals with all of them and proud of it. They are all healthy and beautiful πŸ™‚

Alexandra on

To each her own….. With my first daughter, my only “birth plan” I had was that I wanted pain medication. :). I know that I do not have a high tolerance for pain. I knew that going in.

Unfortunately, after serious complications (and 34 hours of labor) we did end up with an emergency c-section and so next Wednesday I am having my second daughter VIA c-section as well. I did feel like a bit of a failure that I could not deliver her “naturally” but this time around will be smooth and well-planned. And I’m absolutely ok with that. Every woman walks through the gates of hell when having a baby, and the lucky ones return with their special bundles of joy.

Congrats to Megan, and BTW she looks amazing. Hope I can bounce back like she did!

Lauren on

Almost every one of you has absolutely atrocious grammar, pain meds or no. I truly fear for the future intelligence of our nation if you people are the ones having children. Good Lord.

sarahsmommy09 on

I remember my labor with my daughter. I was in excruiating pain. I was given morphine in my iv site and in my hip. I was literally hyperventilating and they had to internally monitor my daughter because her heartrate was low. They told me to have an epidural. I felt forced. But i had it. Thing of it was, the anesteologist didnt even put the needle in and i was still fidgiting.

My point is, epidurals are for some people, others not. So, if you want an epidural go ahead but if not, there is cam techniques (i.e. acupressure, etc.) So its not all that bad and its what you choose.

Mandy on

Oh dear God would you bitches just go somewhere else and fuss about whatever you feel like there? You act so horrible to them… You aren’t any better than they are. Get over yourself, grow up and stop this childish behavior. You are just being stupid!

Really??? on

Who cares how people choose to bring their children into the world… I had a planned epidural with my first and my second, but the second didn’t work and I felt everything… I made it through, but if I have a third I will be having an epidural and will hope like hell it’ll work… Both my girls came out wide-eyed, alert and went right to breastfeeding. The test isn’t the labour (because someone always comments, I’m Canadian and we spell it with the “u”), the test is motherhood. When your child is 18 and has become a kind, generous, well-liked and productive member of society then I will welcome your bragging, but until then get off your high horses!

Kat on

Here’s a note for “natural childbirthers” – they don’t give you a medal for your heroism and bravery.

Sara on

It is ridiculous to pass judgment on someone’s experience. If she said she was in excruciating pain, then she was. My contractions with my first son came on very quickly and painfully as well. Luckily, the birth went well and mother and child are healthy. Why do women have to put each other down when it comes to birthing and breastfeeding choices? I also was convinced I would breast feed my children, but I was unable to. Thank goodness for formula so they could eat! People criticize that too, and I had no choice.

msfaye2u on

my first kid was no epidural. my second was c section. i had made arraignments before hand with my doc, told her it just hurt too bad. my doc said she screamed for a epidural when in labor and agreed to the epidural before hand. when i was in the delivery room the anesthetist said before pumping in the meds, here are all those meds you asked for. i had everything. didn’t know my son was born until they said here he is. so much for that it was beautiful stuff and i don’t want him on drugs when he is born.

i am with fox on this one, the pain in incredible. by the way my daughter is 31 and my son is 19 it took that long for me to try it again.

OK on

love all these old hags that are on People magazine website complaining about celebs. you guys have a great life.

Christina on

That is what I did (minus the screaming) when I had my first child. I thought I would hold out on an epidural for as long as possible, but my water broke at home at 36 weeks and I labored hard and fast! Water broke at 2am- baby was here by 7am.- Fast.

Needless to say, I was in some major pain. I was doubled over at the nurses desk barely able to stand asking when they could get my epidural going. For me, it allowed me a few moments of peace (somewhat) and to breath deep before I had to push. I had to wait for my epidural since I was so early, so I only had it in for maybe an hour or so before it was time to push.

I wish other women would stop critizing Megan for sharing her birth story. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different just as every women labors differently. There is no shame in asking for an epidural.

Shea on

kjc is completely right; she’d be screwed on this blog either way she went. From a mother to other mothers- quit bashing childbirth. We should support whatever any woman has to do to get through it. If you’re some freaking dynamo with a high pain threshold, good on ya. Personally, if I hadn’t ended up with a c-section I probably would have ripped my husband’s head off around the 6th hour.

Mari on

Please ladies having epidurals doesn’t mean labor is pain free. I had epidurals two times and both experiences where horrific. Epidurals only alleviated the pain for a short time for me. I only had a pain free delivery when I had my section. And sure enough paid my dues in pain during recovery. Congrats to those whose epidurals worked lol

Monica on

To those who like to talk down on those of us who decided to get pain meds- it doesn’t make you tough, it makes you stupid imo. I think if they asked our ancestors who did not have access to modern medicine if they wanted some pain meds, they’d take it in a heartbeat! Do you not take medicine when you have a headache? If you needed a tooth pulled would you not want anesthesia? People talking about meds make your baby groggy, puh-leeze! I’ve had 3 who’ve all scored perfectly on the APGAR and who are all ahead of the curve developmentally. Meds don’t harm your baby, the pain harms YOU. So get over yourselves already.

curly on

I had TWO babies that were each almost 11 lbs. and YES I did have an epidural but no C-Section for which I was grateful. Everybody’s different and so is every body.

Lauren! on

What is everyone complaining about?!! I am FINALLY glad to hear of someone indicating that delivering is painful! I am SO TIRED of the “cool” mothers that BRAG that they didn’t need drugs or a hospital care to deliver their baby!!

Anonymous on

so retarded… and this is news??? of course giving birth hurts you have a tiny person coming out of your body it doesnt feel as good as when you made it but damn talk about over dramatic!!!!

pollyhanaha on

It always amazed me that after going through all that excruciating pain (4 times for me) it disappears the INSTANT that baby is out. And I *always* forgot just how painful it was (mother natures way of keeping our earth populated perhaps) until I was in the throes of the next birth.

But may I make a suggestion to you, Ms. Fox. Next time ditch the hair care. Birthin’ babies are usually much quicker the second time around. You may end up with a little gift on your bathroom floor.

sandylu on

Im just soooooo glad she got to dry her hair ( Oh Please!!).. Hope she never gets a kidney stone… much worse than having a baby… believe me!! I’ve had both.. I’ll have a dozen babies compared to one kidney stone!!! celebrities!!

Kate on

No where in this article is Megan acting like she is the first person to have given birth or to be a mother. She isn’t saying anything bad about women who don’t have epidurals or about women who do have them.

She is an actress who has just had her first child and promoting her first movie since then. The media is bound to be asking about the pregnancy, birth and life with the baby.

I’m far from a Megan Fox fan, but I think some of you are being a bit harsh on her. She has every right to talk about something that is a huge part of her life.

Ty's mom on

As a mom I think it’s great to hear other Mom’s stories, even if they didn’t go as planned, mine sure as hell didn’t But, I am so sick of the competition and judgemental attitudes. There is a reason why things like epidurals are optional. Every woman is different and every baby is different. 2 labors from the same Mom could be drastically different. I think it’s great we have options and that’s it. It’s not a time to be looking down on people because they made the decision that was best for them. As long as you have a healthy baby and mom in the end, it really doesn’t matter if you got your epidural at 4cm or went med free for 36 hours.

Susan on

For Pete’s sake people, childbirth hurts, God intended it to because Eve disobeyed his instruction in the Garden of Eden. Get over it.

Susan on

Childbirth hurts! Eve disobeyed God, therefore his punishment was pain while bearing children. It is not bad enough that you need to scream for an epidural during the first contraction. Yes I had natural childbirth, but I have also been involved in several deliveries based on my job. Get over it, women do it everyday.

Amanda on

I’d planned on doing a drug free delivery, too. My mom had given birth 3 times with no drugs, I thought I’d do the same. And then I had MY first contraction. I decided right then that there was no way in the world that I was having my son w/o an epidural. Which, by the way, did NOT take. Everyone has her own birth story. There is really no need to slam someone for her’s.

steph on

megan, I am trying to feel your pain, and your honesty, but you had a baby and you magically look like a supermodel just weeks after? I would trade your 1 night of pain to look like you!

Tanya on

I think I wouldn’t have gotten an epidural with my second one. But the nurse kept encouraging me too. So finally I gave in. Lol and with the third one I needed to get one for the sake of my husband and my sister. I was being the biggest b**ch!! After that I was very pleasant : )

Anonymous on

So let me get this straight, those of you saying “omg who the hell cares about her birth pain” are the first ones to follow up with your own story. Why do you think anyone gives a shit about yours?

Moms seems to be nothing but a bunch of negative, catty, and competitive lunatics. Try and prove the world wrong and change your behavior .. It’s ridiculously sad.

kke on

I loved the Drugs after 24 hours of labor I ended up with an emergency c section after my son heart rate kept dropping. Were all different and want healthy babies.xoxoxo

Kelly on

Uhmm, she thinks she is the only one who was in pain!!! When i gave birth to my baby girl i was doing dishes and cooking. And boom.. There she is!!!
Shut up Fox!

JCoolie123 on

You people complaining about hearing her talking about her “birth drama” realize that some magazine writer is asking her these questions, right? She’s not just calling up People asking to talk to someone about her story. They drag out a few sentences that either the actress says or is conveyed through a handler.

Also, to the nasty people whining about women trying to be “heros” during labor: There are many reasons women want to go natural that actually have NOTHING to do with ego. I would argue that there’s no room for ego in any L&D. Epidural or no, childbirth is a very individual experience and we need to respect the multiple ways babies come into this world and stop bashing each other.

mmm mom of 3 on

Every birth is different, but as wise mothers say, the hardest time has only just begun…it’s called raising them for the next 18+ years! How they come into the world is a personal choice. How they become decent human beings and effect the world in which we live, is entirely our responsibility. That’s the job that should and can be judged.

sickofit on

We just all want to know, that out of everything celebrities can control about their lives, this is something they cannot change! Pain is an equal opportunity offender…And btw, nobody asked every single mom who posts a comment to share THEIR stories right down to the ht/wt, sex, etc of their rug rats.

Liz on

C’mon people, 1st off why are we hearing about this now? She gave birth 3 months ago but because they feel and say that Reese Witherspoons news overshadowed theirs they feel that they have to keep being in the spotlight bringing up dumb crap. 2nd, my aunts and grandmas all had more than 6 kids each and the little island of Azores that they were from did not have epidura or even a hospital for that matter, so all childbirths were natural. My grandma had 10 kids, her friend had 16. Now imagine the pain there.

mrsk on

so did I and a million other women!!!! why is this news. ridiculous….

lt on

Funny …. when I had my son I didn’t notice the fairy’s coming by to hand out awards for enduring pain…Actually the nurses suggested to enjoy the birth why peel the wallpaper off screaming…to each their own choice ..I had a breech unplanned c-section …happily

joan on

I am happy to hear someone say it hurt like hell and they wanted an epidural. Very NORMAL.

My first was a c section and the last two were vbacs. HURT like the mother and the epidural could not come fast enough. The epidural for kid#2 ran out because I was in labor for so long. IT was a painful two hours for the doc to come back in. I have had the pain and IT wasn’t fun. 22 hours of labor, 8 hours or pushing. 3rd kid, born just 4 hours after the water broke. epi all the way and it was great. I just couldn’t enjoy the experience if I was in agony. And the kids came out just fine.

Marky on

Stacy Lundstrum, what the heck kind of contest did you think you were in? Ddo you have sense enough to know what all the tearing and broken tail bone stuff can do to your body by the time you hit 50? or less? All that so you can say, “i didn’t have meds”? Yes, my mom didn’t have meds because I was an unexpected footling breech born so fast they couldn’t give her anything. She wasn’t proud and happy, she was angry the rest of her life, and even madder when everything started falling out in her 40’s! She ended up with a hysterectomy after a year of misery. She would have told anyone in earshot, “I love my kid, but I wish I could have been knocked out!”. My dad had his appendix out without any anesthetic, never raised his voice, but would NEVER have recommended it to anyone else!

Sheesh! Can any celebrity tell her story without 1/3 of readers one-upping her experience, 1/3 applauding her, and 1/3 telling everyone (including the celeb) that their own experience was “10 times more interesting, amazing, and maybe the celeb should just shut up”! Megan meant this story to be humorous, and look at the reaction. Bitter, bitter, bitter women!

anna on

Who cares if she did or didn’t get an epi. She didn’t get induced and didn’t get a c section. She did better than most ladies in America.

Susan on


Gwen on

I can definitely relate to Megan on this one! I was the same way. Took the Bradley ‘natural birth’ classes (which is ironic, because Dr. Bradley himself delivered me when I was a baby). But omg, those contractions were something else and I totally went for that epidural!

And ya know, for those mums that are criticizing woman that choose pain meds…get over it, seriously. If you lined up a group of kids, (some having come from epidural births, some C sections, and some natural), you know what the difference would be? Absolutely nothing! You can’t even tell a difference, so I don’t get why people even argue about it, it’s asinine.

Anonymous on

Ladies, She is just simply telling her labor and birth story. I don’t understand why some women have to go on here and talk smack about the choices other moms make. I too wanted a drug free birth. But after 20 hrs of back labor (because he was sunny side up) I went from 5 to 8 centimeters in an hour and the pain was unbearable. I was in so much pain that I went for the epidural even though I told my husband and my Dr that wasn’t going to be an option.

I am so glad I did because I pushed for over 2 hours and I had a 3rd degree tear (almost four, because I didn’t tear completely to my anus) and my Dr had to go in and take my placenta out piece by piece. So am I a horrible women for not going drug free? I walked around with a 3rd degree tear in a lot of pain for 3 weeks with no pain meds because I was breastfeeding! Do I get an award for that ?! LOL. Get over it Ladies! and Congratulations to Megan!

Deborah on

Don’t get why women have to scream like banshees while delivering. My sister did (over 24 years ago) and I can still hear her bitch about it to the nurses! I guess I had to much dignity to scream during my births. Like a poster said,,,its hurts like HELL but sheesh! LOL..

juju on

Seriously…. this “celebrity” does what every other woman in universe does (give birth) and it is a freakin headline that she wanted an epidural??? This made the wall on PEOPLE???

Deborah on

Centuries ago the Native Americans or ALL women who did not have the “meds” for that matter, usually bit down on something to keep them from works i’m sure..I can appreciate a moan, maybe a yelp…but COME ON SCREAMING? THAT really isn’t necessary. My pain tolerance is about a 5 out of a scale of 10 , but no need for screaming,lol.

moi on

Happy and healthy that’s all that really matters.

slm on

How sweet. I think it’s great that she is a new mama! It’s nice to hear about people who are normal.

Kristina on

Seriously how can some of you bash her for sharing her experience. You guys are sharing your story to and that’s fine. Don’t bash the girl for sharing her story. I think the ones that are complaining about her asking the meds you guys are rude and need to grow up. You sound like high school girls.

Everyone is different. Everyone handles pain different. It doesn’t make her or anybody else a bad woman for asking for pain meds. Yes plenty of woman do natural births and that’s fine but that doesn’t make you any better than anyone!

And guess what! This is a celebrity magazine so they will have articles or stories from celebrities. I highly doubt she just walked up to whoever wrote this and said Let me tell you about how my birth was. They ask questions and celebrities answer them.

I like the fact she was honest and open about her birthing story. I’m not a huge fan of Megan Fox but I’m not gonna bash her just because I don’t care for her oto much.

I think anyone on here with negative comments really need to look at yourself in the mirror and grow the F*** Up! You act very similar to girls in high school who pick on other girls or bully other girls. You are the type of people who raise kids who bully too. Remember what you were taught and what you “teach” your kids If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your damn mouth shit! It’s rude and makes you ugly!

SanJoseMama on

Geez people, everyone is different, every pregnancy/labor is different! And to the brainiac below, just because you get pregnant doesn’t mean you know what labor will feel like!

At least she wasn’t trying to be all wonder woman going natural!

Kristy on

I had to have 2 c-sections unfortunately but I always said if I had gone through a vaginal birth then I’d have an epidural – not a fan of pain over here!

NancyA. on

I know I was screaming for an epidural or just pain meds in general. But I had been in a state of very painful non-progressive labor for 3 days. I couldn’t take it anymore. I seriously told the doctors that they either give me some sort of pain killer or they take me to the surgery and get my baby out now…On day 3. 6 hours before things finally got moving…my water finally broke and I started dialating.

brittany on

Why does it matter to you people so much that she has shared her birthing story? Any woman who has given birth, whether it be a delivery or a c-section, is tough. Getting drugs or not getting drugs shouldn’t matter to anyone and the person should not get judged.

Woman having babies is an amazing experience. It’s sad that none of the comments on here focused on her saying how much love you have for a human being after having a baby. That my friends is a motherly, caring and selfless comment.

She shared her story knowing it would be published and knowing she would be judged by cruel, insensitive people. Don’t judge a woman who has had a baby and obviously loves that baby with all she has. Congratulations on your family!

Charleigh on

I applaud the women commenting they had a natural birth. I know it’s not easy and is extremely painful. However, that doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant. Every person responds differently to pain. I tried for as long as I could to go the natural route. However, having stage 4 endometriosis growing on my cervics made the pain from contractions so horrific that I ended up passing out from the pain and had a c-section instead. No first time mom is ever prepared for the pain.

Jennifer on

For those who are sick of celebrities and their birthing drama: Why don’t you just simply not read about it? Or just quit coming to and reading the articles on this site?

@Catherine, STOP being so judgmental and hateful! EVERYONE’S birthing experience is different. Everyone responds to and handles the pain differently. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. It’s quite obvious you did NOT know any of these things. Taking medication during labor does NOT make you a bad mother, just like not take medication doe NOT make you a good mother.

Anyway, I love that Megan Fox was honest about her epidural, and did not try to make Mother’s who take them feel inferior.

Alisha on

It’s great that some women can have babies naturally. My first child I had an epidural and it worked. Second child the epidural just didnt work right. So I felt every thing. And let me tell you. I wish it had. You can call me a wuss or whatever you want. But id rather have an epidural.

Another thing this is a magazine about celebrities. Why read the website and then complain about its content. Just don’t read it.

alabama mama on

Folks! She was making fun of herself. Are you women so jealous of her that you couldn’t see that she was being facetious? A lot of people make self-deprecating comments about themselves because they know that others are going to make remarks about them.

Megan Fox is beautiful and is married to a gorgeous man who loves her. There are a lot of people who are jealous, and she’s saying “Hey people. I’m so silly trying to dry my hair and be tough, but I crumpled when the first pain hit. See, I’m just like you guys.”

How sad that some of you take this opportunity to show how ugly and petty you are. How agile you must be to spew your venom while patting yourself on the back. Grow up.

cj on

oh blah, blah, blah. it’s childbirth, not a pedicure!

Yvonne on

There is absolutely no difference in the children who were born from Mothers who had an epidural and those who do not. Success and health of the child is not affected at all in the long (and short) run. My Mother didn’t have one and I’m an artist (healthy too). My friend’s Mother had one and her daughter became a (healthy) animal vet. There wasn’t much difference in our school grades or health. We’re both fine. So fine for the ones who opt to go drugless. Does a make a huge difference in the long run? Nope, not at all. Basically it just means you suffered for a day while the girl in the next room chose not to. It’s a personal choice we all have to make and some of us don’t like pain…big deal.

Shawna on

3 deliveries over a 4 1/2 year span… 3 epis! Kudos to all you natural women… but hop off those of us who medicate!

Audrey on

I had no drugs when I had my son and as far as how you look after giving birth, there are WAY more important things than that! No delivery is like what people see in the movies! It is a persons personal choice whether they use drugs or not, I chose drug free because I have a very high pain tolerance and because I don’t trust that the drug doesn’t get to the baby. Anything you ingest while pregnant can get to the baby, whether or not it is “safe” to take.

JoJos Momma on

hurt like heck when i had my son. i got to the point where both aunts and my cousin where like GET THE EPIDURAL!!! i labored for HOURS without one. but i did have Nubain twice. OMG tht stuff was the bomb!! even tho i did get the epidural i still felt the contractions. not AS bad as before but i still felt them and it did hurt.

for those of u who DIDNT get an epidural congrats to u but SHUT UP!!! we dont care how strong U where when u had ur baby…..

for those who did. more power to ya. but still dont judge who do and dont get an epidural..

just remember this is a site thats totaly devoted to just the celebrities… so if u dont like it them go on over to CNN.COM or FOXNEWS.COM… but shut up how your so tired of hearing about stuf… if your so tired then dont read and dont comments.

Steph on

@ Melody – agree 100%. The way some mothers judge one another is disgusting. It’s like middle school except instead of hating on each other’s outfits and competing for boys, they’re bullying the mom that went for the epidural and competing for who can breastfeed the longest (and let’s not even mention those unfit mothers who choose to poison their children with formula). It is definitely scary from the perspective of women who are considering motherhood.

Anonymous on

Cathrine…. how saintly of you… did you birth at home gritting a stick..

Millie on

And you had to have that as the title! Do you realize how common that is and how many women scream for the epi!

Millie on

Is that supposed to make us judge her and get into the whole “natural birth is the best crap” Back in the days they performed surgeries without the drugs simply because there were none. I tolerated the pain just fine I guess my tolerance for that type of pain is higher but at 7cm I still asked for the epi because I remembered my friend’s telling me they regretted not having one at the end. And guess what! – my 9lbs baby boy is just fine and wonderful little 3yo now.

Chelbi on

Really? who would’ve thought that pushing a huge baby out of the vagina could be painful? ha

kate on

I am more concerned about her lack of knowledge for basic English grammar than her pain intolerance.

seila on

doug, that phrase it’s from ocean’s twelve.

Alex on

Uh-uh…damn all that. I know me. Tattoo weak across my head if you have to, I’ll take it. I admit it. I’m the one who’s popping two ibuprofen at the first sign of my period. “Give me the drugs.” First words out of my mouth as soon as my water breaks, and I hate needles. Not a damn thing wrong with getting the pain out of the way so you can consentrate on bringing your child into the world if that is the way you want to go. There will be plenty of tears later.

shidley on

LOL. It never ends. You gotta love the Mombies with their lurid delivery “I’m a martyr!!” birth stories. Last I heard, giving birth was considered the most ordinary miracle known to man. It doesn’t make you a hero.

kleinstfamilie on

“So sick of celebrities and their birthing drama stories.”
>> why do you read it then?!?

leni on

Bravo to everyone who is boasting about no pain meds for child birth! clap, clap, clap. You are so much better than all the women who do have help! Oh no wait…acctually you are all stupid. Would you get your teeth pulled without anesthetic because that is how is was done 100 years ago and naturally?? NO! So why not have an epidural? Or at least not condemn the clever ones who do. You’re all hipocrits!

Taina on

Yes, there was a time before epidurals…and during that time maternal and infant mortality are up. Having a natural, crunchy birth doesn’t matter. What matters is the end result, not the means. JS

Ann on

Giving birth is a pain like no other pain no doubt especailly for first time mothers who are cluless……….but the end result makes it all go away.

guest on

Glad to finally hear a celebrity birthing story that gives a true representation of what women really go through. Many womwn think they are going to be paim free and then once the contractions start decide to get the epidura. Most of the stories you hear are about someone going all natural and delivering in their bath tub or something.

mamato3littles on

Wow super-judgmental comments on here or what?! I have had 3 babies. I had 3 epidurals (one failed) and not an ounce of regret. No one gets a medal for doing it drug-free and no one cares how baby got into the world as long as it was safely. If she needed one to cope then good on her!

Dubs on

Women who have had babies are like drug addicts, they all want to tell their pregnancy and birthing story, and their story is ALWAYS worse than everyone elses, Just my two cents.

i need a name on

Well, I am a big sissy. I had an epidural, fell asleep and was woken up to push 5 times after which my Son was born. He Apgar scores were a 10. He was very alert ! While the nurses where drying him off I called over to him and he looked over. It the most unbelievable moment in my life.

JP on

Enough already – who cares how the baby gets here as long as everyone is healthy and the baby is loved and cared for. I had to have a c-section b/c my son was breech and couldn’t be turned. It doesn’t mean I’m less of a mum b/c I didn’t go natural. All this “one upmanship” around childbirth is stupid. The real work comes after the birth.

Faye on

I actually like Megan Fox for being honest about the pain and getting the epidural. It’s much more appealing to me than Gisele “I popped out my baby in 2 minutes and was up cooking a healthy breakfast the next morning for everyone, aren’t I just too wonderful” Bundchen.

Lara on

For all you “AWESOME” mothers who did natural, GREAT FOR YOU!!! They pumped me full of pitocin and there is no way I could have done it without an epidural and I have a high pain tolerance. That’s why they make epidurals, so we don’t have to suffer!! Way to go Megan!!! Get it if you can!!

Jan on

I’m still trying to understand why this is a “top” story.

cmonppl on

I think it’s hilarious when people say that they want a natural birth and then when they feel the contractions, they want the epidural. I just said right away, “YES! I am getting an epidural!” That’s what they are there for, duh.

Marie on

Christina, it’s not about being a hero it’s about doing what you feel is best for you and your baby. People shouldn’t judge either way. I had a natural birth because that’s what I wanted to do. You didn’t. So what? Giving birth and being a mom is hard enough without all of the judgement and mommy vs. mommy stuff.

SB on

Finally!! A celebrity mom who admits that labor hurt and she needed some help from the epidural. Thank you Megan.

Kate on

No drugs the first had drugs my second. Who cares what the mother chooses to do- it’s her choice.

And regarding the birthing in the old days and working in rice fields- you think they wouldn’t choose differently if they had what we have available? And for those women it was/is more risky.

Aja on

Bunch of catty b’s. All of ya. If she went natural you’d all be yelling that she was full of herself and thinks she better than everyone. Since she realized she was in too much pain and wanted relief she’s a wimp and dramatic. Get over yourselves. YOU have the problem – not her.

BH on

She didn’t want to go to the hospital with wet hair? That’s what she was concerned with? How vain.

Shiv on

To the ladies who did have an epidural, there’s no need to explain yourself. Although you may feel like you need to since you’ll be bullied by all the martyrs who had their children ‘naturally’.

Lis on

Okay, I actually like this story…

And I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I think women who do NOT get epidurals are morons. They are perfectly safe and to subject yourself to that kind of pain on purpose seems, well, stupid.

(Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, blah, blah, blah, so please save me your epidural horror stories… I am talking about the VAST MAJORITY of cases…)

Jester on

I can relate to this story. I wanted to have a natural, drug-free birth, too. After about 5 contractions, I also asked for drugs, and got them. Unfortunately, epidurals weren’t available at the time, but if they were, I would have welcomed it. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but childbirth was (so far) the worst pain I have ever experienced. I guess that’s why I only had one child.

rlb237 on

I love her

Toi on

It always bothers me how venomous women are with each other for their choices… There is never any middle we are either “angels or whores”, “sweet or a bitch”, “to young to ___ or to old to ___”, “we are selfish when we choose a career, enslaved when we choose motherhood” and so called super hero’s when we labor med free or weaklings when we can’t.

I personally believe that a woman ‘s body has the strength to do anything, when she has faith that it can, whether its lifting a car off her child or yes delivering a baby med free. However if she chooses to have help, she still is a woman and strong.

Anonymous on

Let me tell you what….At 42 I had my biggest baby natural, not because that was the plan, they couldn’t get the epidural in. I can tell you…they could hear me screaming in the next county! An hour and a half in surgery and over 150 sticthes later (not a lie) I was holding the most beuatiful litlle “linebacker” in the world!

Congrats Megan…1st step in being a new Mom…ignore everyone’s smart *** comments on how you handle your labor!

Misty on

OMG! If you all dont like hearing about celebrities and their birthing drama why do you continue to read the story and still comment on it. Each one has fans that obviously enjoy hearing about their lives.

Whi on

I’m just wondering why going drug-free means you are trying to be a “hero”??? I’m all for choice, it’s a personal thing… but just as there are people claiming that drug-free laborers are trying to be superior, commenting that they are trying to be “heros” is really an insult too, just as much as people who did not have drugs say that people who did get them are weak.

Let’s all get along and just congratulate Megan on her son. It’s not about who had drugs and who didnt. Being a mom is wonderful, no matter how the child came into the world.

Mandy on

I was prepared to go totally natural too but ended up with a C-Section before labor even started. After listening to some of the women scream I feel darn lucky and won’t hesitate to deliver via C-section for my 2nd child. Good for all of you who are so tough but they don’t give out medals for it, so there is no reason not to make yourself comfortable if you want.

Chris on

Oh good grief. If a celeb says they had no pain relief, everybody bashes her. If someone says she was in agony, everybody bashes her. It’s not a race to a finish line, people. There’s no right way to do it. You just try to have a healthy baby and who cares if you have meds or not? Grow up!

Stacey on

kjc, SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kitty62862 on

How well I remember!

Samantha on

There is a reason it starts with something called labor, it is HARD work! I labored for almost 17 hours and still ended with a c-section because my son was a moose! He weighed 9# 12.3oz and was 22.5″ long… They told he me MIGHT be 8#

SheB on

I’ve had 3 kids – one I could do without medication but the other two – no way! It’s not a matter of pain tolerance, it’s a matter of different labors… One person’s experience is different from another’s – it really has very little to do with an inablility to tolerate pain. Congrats on the new baby guys!!

kitty62862 on

I tried to go medication free, I waited too long to decide the pain was too much, plus I had to have the drip. 36 hours labor guaranteed she’d be an only child! I don’t judge what others do, I kick myself for trying to be ‘Frontier Woman’, and just pop it out!

Jilllouise on

I also had three babies with no epidural. However I have a high tolerance for pain. Both my daughters had a epidural. To each their own. What bothers me about this story is that she was concerned about her hair! Who cares what you look like when your in labor!!

Cece on

PROUD of you Megan!

Thank you for your HONESTY!!

Agoodwin on

Some of you posters who think not having an epidural makes you a saint need to check yourselves.

I too was led to believe that going without pain meds was the ONLY way to go, and that by getting pain meds I was somehow hurting my child or myself.

Well guess what – after my water breaking and being in labor for 24 hours…I got one because the ONLY way my body could relax (which aided in dialation) was to get an epidural. I was exhausted, had worked ALL day the day before and needed some relief. I felt guilt up and down for even THINKING about it because people like some of YOU had unrealistic expectations for OTHER people.

I will forever regret spending so much time thinking that going med-free was the ONLY way. Because lets face it – EVERY pregnancy is different and EVERY person is different. Just because you are a rock star and gave birth to a dozen kids without pain meds doesn’t make you any better mother than I am or anyone else who chooses to get meds.

fuzibuni on

Ok, I just read all the comments. There were less than 5 from women who said they did it naturally, and about 200 from women attacking them for saying it.

Girlygirl on

Before the epidural women just had to endure the pain. Regardless of each womans individual “pain level” so its not like you gonna die from it. Personally I think she could have endured it, she just choose not to.

BH on

When I had my first child over 24 years ago, the hospital didn’t even offer epidurals. You had your baby naturally. There was no choice. I was in labor for 36 hours and begged for a c-section so the agony would stop.

Kate on


So do you go without pain meds when you could use them for whatever just because others did way back when when they had no choice?


shannon on

Mom of 4 here, all natural births. Yeah it hurts but get over yourself, its about the baby not you. And yes i would like a medal!

BH on

They really SHOULD give out medals to non-medicated moms. It would be the right thing to do.

Delilah on

Oh for crissakes, will all you sanctimonious martyrs please just STF up? Pushing a child out of your baby box without pain meds doesnt make you a better mother or woman. But standing in judgement of another’s birth choices does make you a pretty crappy example of both.

Sarah on

There is a percentage of women that epidurals don’t work on and I fell into that category with both pregnancies, so just because you want one, doesn’t mean it will work. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions/comments and just because someone may not like someone on here doesn’t mean they shouldn’t remove themselves or not come on this site. Give me a break!

Francesca on

face it, C-Sections are one of the most unnecessary surgeries done these days. Yes i understand “EMERGENCY” c-sections.. but ones that are scheduled to me are not natural. Having a baby without an epidural is awesome for those who choose and the ones who get an epidural awesome, whatever works best for you. women AND Doctors underestimate what a woman’s body can do, and while one can be told that her pelvis is too small.. it can all change during pregnancy and even right up to the delivery and if it doesn’t than yes, a c-section needs to be done, built at least try to deliver naturally.. with or without an epidural πŸ™‚

Shonda on

I dont’ see what all the fuss is about ladies. Everyone who has been pregnant and given birth should be praised as well as the mothers who did not give birth but raised children as there own or were unable to conceive and give birth themselves and had to use a gestational carrier.

We as women go through so much to bring life into this world and speaking as a mother I was prepared to give birth naturally and knew it was going to hurt but until your time comes for delivery nothing can prepare you for that type of pain. Everyone’s pain threshold is different and everyone’s recovery is different.

I went natural for about 14 hours until i had to get rushed for an emergency c-section and my recovery was awful. I had issues after my delivery that took months for me to feel like more former self and lucky for me they were corrected. I was blessed with a handsome son that is 6 today on this amazing day of 12/12/12.

Ladies remember we all deserve recognition as the wonderful moms that we are, even celebrity moms. Everyone enjoy your day:)

Denise on

Everyone is entitled to their own birth experience, and how they choose to manage it. Having an epidural doesn’t make you a bad mom, or less of one. Going without pain meds doesn’t make you better than anyone else, or a better mom. To each their own. You just don’t know until you are there.

Lola on

The big lie women tell to other women is that childbirth doesn’t hurt like hell. Doctors will say “some slight discomfort.” If you told women how much it really hurts, they might decline to have babies. The Bible tells it truly when it says a woman goes down into the valley of death and brings back life. I’m happy for you Amazons who act like childbirth is a walk in the park. Maybe it is for you. Maybe your pain tolerance level is extremely high. Nobody wants to feel pain or go through a horrific experience. Those who are in pain are the ones who deserve the medals, whether or not they take medication to ease the pain.

rieley on

good job Catherine, brag it up, I had 2 babies without epidurals no pain management , mind over matter. One baby being 10lbs, so piss off you whining moms who had epidurals. Work out before having kids, to prepare for it

ChrissyBuns on

I know the story is annoying to a lot of people, but at least she vaginally delivered her child…unlike every other Hollywood idiot who have c-sections for convenience!

Lily on

“For Pete’s sake people, childbirth hurts, God intended it to because Eve disobeyed his instruction in the Garden of Eden. Get over it.”

Haha! Susan the thought that you probably actually BELIEVE the bullshit you wrote here is just HILARIOUS.

cat on

i hate how people are giving her a hard time. i think the reason she is telling her story is because someone asked her to tell it. she was at a press junket and im pretty sure some reporter was curious to know what happened. its their job to ask questions like that. i doubt she randomly started blabbing away. besides its her first kid and shes happy. good for her

shannon on

So self centered. Not the pain med topic, but taking time to priss and primp over her hair. God i hope all her hair falls out, lol.

Anny Wu on

To those woman out there who are first time pregnant always says they want a drug-free medication when it comes to deliver a baby, and they are the first one to ask for it when the contraction comes, i have a friend that didn’t want any medication but since she couldn’t handle the pain she also ask for it.

Bethaya on

Ok so I’ve read most the comments and I totally agree that yeah this is a CELEBRITY magazine so they will feature ANYTHING big or small about them. And she is human and humans have pain. I understand her pain level. i ma one of those that what may feel like a small pinch in the arm to you feels like 10 times more to me, my pain tolerance is like soo different tha yours and so is hers. GET OVER IT!!!!!!

alwhite on

every woman who has giving birth has a story and none of them are the same and each of them feels like their story and the birth of their child is special… the only difference is people ask them about there stories or they find out about them and turn them into stories and post them online and in their magazines. Get over it.

bellaf on

They say it didn’t hurt = outrage.

They say it hurt like hell = outrage.

Oh, well.

Mary on

Everyone’s pain is different. I was induced with my baby and did fine for 5 hours, but I got the epidural shortly after. My birth was smooth sailing after that.

Denise on

Are you kidding Brenda? A person’s pain tolerance has nothing to do with whether or not they are ready to have a child. Good for you if you went without pain meds. You can’t say how anyone else is going to deal, based on your experience. Not everybody can do ” mind over matter.” It’s judgemental and closed minded to think your way is the only way. A healthy baby is all we hope for in the end anyway.

jenny on

i loved getting the drugs. I am glad I am not Amish and had the option of squeezing a bowling ball through my canal a bit less painful. Her face is anything but natural, so why would she chose a natural birth plan anyway!

Anonymous on

Honestly, you should feel bad. Do any of you who had an epidural know what is in it? I went through BACK labor and pushing without meds at age 16. Baby was too big and wouldn’t fit, so I had to get a csection. Years later (twenties) I had two more babies naturally with no meds. If a 16 year old can handle the pain, a “grown woman” should be able to. Grow up and deal with it rather than risking passing on nasty drugs to your innocent baby. Stop being selfish.

Denise on

Well great for you. Being a young Mom you are probably in better shape than women who are in their 30’s. my first was born vaginally and what they call “sunny side up”. It hurt like hell, and they ended up using a vacuum to help my daughter come our. My next child was a c section because I was at 7cm for hours. My third was a very large baby, and the only boy. My doctor said for mine and his safety, a VBAC was not a good idea .

So as a “full grown woman” I think that each woman us entitled to their own birth experience. I didn’t need anyone’s approval, and my kids were all born very healthy. Maybe you haven’t reached the maturity it takes to not think you are the only one who is right, and live and let live. Why don ‘t you take your toys and go home?

jigs on

God bless megan

anja on

@ Delilah

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So there ARE people here who can use their brains!

WIX on

Most women that brush off women needing epicurals, is usually because they had shorter labors.

It took me 24 hrs to get to 5 cm because she was basically stuck. DEFINITELY got the epidural.

For those who didn’t need it – BE THANKFUL AND LEAVE THE REST ALONE!!!

Adriana Gonzales on

All of you are idiots!!

Minghetti on

I’ve been both.My first birth was medicated, and in a hsoiptal.My 2nd birth was all natural and at a birthing center.With my first child, I was totally clueless about the short and long term effects of the stadol and epidural. I just wanted to escape the pain, and I was scared. Ultimately, it slowed my labor, forced me to push while on my back, caused distress in my baby and I, and resulted in a vaccum assisted birth and a deep episiotomy. The drugs also contributed to juandice in my baby, which made breastfeeding a real pain for the first 3 weeks, and required at home treatment for jaundice for my daughter.When I looked back, I decided the drugs had not been worth it for me. Its a perfectly acceptable decision for other women, but I decided not to use that route for myself ever again. I did a lot of research over the course of about 2 years, and when I became pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I decided to have a natural, midwife attended birth.I am extremely happy with my decision. Being educated and prepared for birth made all the difference in the world. I used the Hypnobabies home study course to learn deep relaxation and focusing techiniques, and I labored in water which also made things far more comfortable. My medicated labor was 38 awful hours.My 2nd non-medicated labor progressed from 3cm to 10cm in ONE HOUR. My water was broken for 48 hours prior to that, but I wasnt having labor pains in that time, so it was simply just a matter of waiting and relaxing. The whole experience was peaceful and wonderful. I would do it all again a hundred times before I’d give birth in a hsoiptal with drugs again.I dont look down on a mother, no matter what her choice about labor is. I do advocate being as educated as possible, so a woman knows she has options and can be in control of her own birth.Going natural wasnt about proving a point or anything. It was simply about wanting a better experience for myself and my baby, and I knew that in OUR case, natural was the best choice.I can relate to both sides of the issue, and I think that moms should just make the best decision for them.Medicated births are more likely to result in c-sections, however, and c-sections increase the infant and maternal mortality risk. Those are things that moms should know and understand before choosing drugs.***Now that I know the risks involved with a medicated birth, I have a hard time understanding why a woman would put her child and herself at risk, just for the sake of a few hours of relief . Trouble is, many women dont KNOW about the risks. I was that same woman a few years ago. We need to all take responsibility for our bodies, and make a point to UNDERSTAND the decisions we make about our pregnancies, labors, and births. Doctors arent teachers. Its not their job to educate us about these things. I wrongly assumed that my own doctor would properly inform me about my various choices. I just went with the flow. It was a mistake, and I’m glad I learned from it. I just wish it could have been avoided in the first place. I’ve lived, I’ve learned. Labor doesnt HAVE to be painful or scary, even WITHOUT medications.