Inside Giuliana & Bill Rancic’s Nautical-Themed Nursery

12/11/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Baby ahoy! When it came time to design the nursery for their firstborn son, Edward Duke, Giuliana and Bill Rancic looked to the sea for inspiration.

“They both really love water and ships, so we went with that theme from the beginning,” says Lonni Paul, designer and co-owner of Petit Nest. “I looked at the room and thought, ‘How can I make this a nautical theme without making it cutesy?'”

To achieve the soft but sophisticated look, they used blue grasscloth wallpaper and white linen Roman shades, as well as Paon bedding and a custom-designed, monogrammed gray crib fittingly named “The Duke” from Petit Nest.

“The initials on the crib make it an heirloom piece,” says Paul, who has also designed nurseries for Melissa Joan Hart and Robert Downey Jr. “Bill thought that when [Duke] is older they could mount the end of the crib on the wall.”

 Giuliana & Bill Rancic's Nautical-Themed Nursery
Courtesy Giuliana Bill Rancic; Inset: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

 Giuliana Bill Rancic's Nautical-Themed Nursery
Courtesy Petit Nest

Nautical touches include a canoe frame hung from the ceiling — “it felt like a whimsical element that the baby can look up at,” says Paul (below) — and an octopus triptych that the couple previously had displayed in their living room.

A comfy couch was another nursery must-have.

“I love to put a sofa in a baby’s room because I feel like it’s a great place where the family can gather together,” says Paul, a mom of 6-year-old twins.

“It’s a great place for storytime and a great way for [the baby] to grow with the room.”

For more of baby Duke’s nursery, tune in to Tuesday’s episode of Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network at 8 p.m. ET.

— Michelle Tauber

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Brooke on

Nursery? Hell – I want that for my living room.

Nicole A. on

I LOVE this nursery!

At first I took a double take due to the lack of baby/cutesey wootsey, but after reading that it was meant to be less baby-ish, I realized it’s absolutely perfect.

I wish I had their money.

Well spent.

I guess.

DeeDee on

Here is a great way to do the reproduction. You can match the grass cloth with a paint color and if you want to, figure out a material or add in to recreate the texture. The trunk is easy to replicate- paint it if you don’t find the exact color. Use the blue paper that architect plans are drawn on and have a friend with some artistic talent draw the sea creatures. It doesn’t have to be perfect given the freestyle look it has. Get then framed or buy artwork you’re not fond of in good, matching frames and pop them out and replace. The rope lamp can be DIYed and use the geometrics in the rug as an inspiration.

susie on

It shouldn’t be “less baby-ish” it’s a nursery …for a BABY! I think it’s awful

Kirsten on

ITA susie! So scary looking actually.

SY on

Gorgeous! This is a room the baby can definitely grow into…love the octopus triptych.

Sarah S. on

I like everything but the canoe.

Anita on

Doesn’t look at all like a child’s room. Don’t like it.

Romy on

it’s nice, I just don’t care for it. It’s just so drab and musty.

Anonymous on

I love them, but that doesn’t look like a child-friendly room. There’s nothing playful or warm about it.

susie on

There is nothing interesting or stimulating for this baby to look at. Celebrities need to quit trying to be trendy and snobby and do what makes sense for their child. So annoying.

Alicia on

Is this woman for real? She’s a great designer, but why the need to continue to pretend there’s still a Petit Nest? I work in PR in the baby industry. This company NEVER got off the ground. Most of the items never got produced and those that did were in very small quantities and questionably in compliance as far as CPSC goes. Why not just say Lonni Paul designed it with custom pieces? There is NO Petit Nest. The website has been unfinished for 2 years. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what else is.

jojo on

Dont like it at all!!!..I dont get a warm feeling looking at this room, doesnt look like a babys room at all..nothing cute about the Duke will look up at a canoe…looks cold to me..

jojo on

On another note, when G was talking about having more babies….come on, what the Duke is only a few months old..enjoy him!!!..I cant believe she is thinking about another baby so soon, after all she went thru, I was shocked she doesnt take time to enjoy what she has. I guess when you got a nanny to look after them, why surprised that she wants another so soon. I did like Bills wait until they come back to Chicago, lets hope thats in a few yrs.

Hea on

Americans sure do put a lot of effort (and money) into the nursery. Where I live, most people put the crib in their own bedroom. As for the baby’s own room (if it has one) people usually keep it simple.

Michele on

I think the octopus art, though interesting is to scary for a nursery.

Kirsten on

I agree Michele!

Farr on

I hate to judge these wanna be celebrities but that looks like an magazine spread instead of a baby room! You can have color that stimulates the baby without plastering winnie the pooh everywhere! Where is the real room!? The one with warmth and toys and pictures of the baby? These people put up such a front! I feel sorry for this poor baby to have such shallow parents!

Brandi on

I think the room is beautiful. Most of you are so quick to judge or so anxious to say something mean you don’t take the time to be logical. This child will probably only sleep in this room. He likely will have a play room with every thing a child would possibly need and more. I think this room is peaceful and serene like it should be.

V on

Ha, ha, ha! Best of luck with the toddler stage.

Kirsten on

Yes V! Like the tripod lamp!!

Anonymous on

That octopus is scary for a baby! Babies like cutesy stuff!

RKF on

I don’t like the room at all. It looks tacky and sterile for a baby’s nursery, but to each his/her own, I suppose.

Brooklyn on

It’s cute, and HUGE! Wow, that may be bigger than my bedroom.

alicia on

Love it love it love it!!! It’s so perfect and very classy.

AmandaC on

I love the 3 pictures into 1.

Kirsten on

I understand the no cutesy thing, but babies react positive to that kind of stimuli. Remember that awesome kid at school who had a mural or bunk beds in his room? wasn’t it always fun to be there??Also, what is the spiked white thing on the table??? So unsafe. Not cool G&B- you lost points with me.

sue on

Love the baby’s room design it is gorgeous. Good job Lonnie. You are an amazing designer.:O:-)

rachel on

I can see Bill on the floor with Duke and reading him stories on the sofa….

Nice room

LuvBigCity on

I LOVE it, the baby can grow with it!

Lisa on

I’m sure he hasn’t spent all of 5 minutes in there, nor will he ever. These people are so shallow, what a waste. I don’t know who (or why) they are working so hard to impress with all this showy nonsense. Give up the desperation Giuliana and Bill.. just relax and enjoy your little bundle of joy already!

Donna on

Seems a bit sterile for a nursery. Hope the canoe hanging from the ceiling is very secure. With earthquake prone L.A., I wouldn’t have anything hanging over my infant’s crib.

Although there is no doubt this couple adores their son, they are still deep into the Southern California mentality of decorating for others to see and be impressed – not for Duke to be stimulated by and interested in. There just isn’t much to catch a baby’s eye. Maybe things will change as he grows, and in time the nursery will be more baby friendly.

Lacey on

And the baby stuff is where exactly? No books or soft toys. even the changing table likes unusable. No place to put your supplies. Like most “designer” rooms, they aren’t practical.

Catca on

I don’t see a problem with the room. It’s beautiful and there is nothing scary about the Octopus if you don’t present it to the baby as scary. As far as toys to play with, it’s fine for an infant. They don’t interact much with toys yet except for rattles, etc. so it doesn’t matter. They will need to make it a bit more child like soon though as little Edward will want to move around and crawl to his toys on a shelf or in a bin, etc.

Sarah on

Beautiful room.

Lonni Paul on

Hi, Thank you for all your kind comments on the nursery design. For those of you worried about storage, safety, etc., please don’t, everything was done with safety in mind and there is another wall with toy storage.

To reply to the “PR” person that claims PetitNest isn’t in business, we are very much alive and well! In fact we just won for the second year in a row, Red Tricycle’s “Most Awesome Crib” Award! We produce all of our furniture products right here in the USA in a town call Highland, IL. It is very very difficult to manufacture in the US. It was very important to us and we turned down a lucrative licensing agreement that would have taken our production overseas. Needless to say it’s quite a process to get a new company up and running but we are doing just that and our cribs most definitely have CPSC Compliance certificates. You will be able to find our furniture in stores across the US in March and online now as always.

You can see the new “Duke Crib and Dresser” on our website now!


Jenna on

Lonni you are a star!!!!! 🙂

Katie on

Where can I find the chevron rug? Love it!

Fabulous on

Ummmmm Alicia… Don’t know what site you were on but Petit Nest’s site is up and running and has GORGEOUS items on it… So STOP HATING and do your research first….

liarlairpantsonfire on

looks like aguest room with a crib in it. and the thing hanging from the ceiling looks dangerous. the changing area has no open storage, interesting when the baby starts moving around. the pointy thing on the side table is an accident waiting to happen. the crib has BUMPERS in it. that’s a big no-no; suffocation risk. honestly, this is a terrible place for a baby.

Liz on

Love it! For those that lock up their babies in their room I suppose you would need tons of color. TO me this room is peaceful and not over stimulating. Bravo!!

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