Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Welcome Daughter Vivian Lake

12/07/2012 at 07:45 AM ET

Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady Welcome Daughter Vivian Lake
Matt Baron/BEImages

It’s a girl!

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady welcomed their second child together on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Daughter Vivian Lake Brady was born at home in Boston and joins big brothers Benjamin, who turns 3 Saturday, and John, 5, Brady’s son from a previous relationship.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” the supermodel, 32, announced on her Facebook page.

“She is healthy and full of life. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We wish you and your families many blessings.”

Despite increasing speculation that she was expecting following an appearance in Rio de Janeiro, Bündchen, 32, never confirmed the pregnancy, but rather let her growing belly do all the talking before eventually baring her burgeoning bump for all to see in a leopard-print bikini in November.

But the couple’s decision to expand their family further came as no surprise; The Brazilian beauty has been very open about her wish to have a brood of babies. “I’d be lying if I said, ‘No,’ to wanting a lot of kids,” she told Vanity Fair in 2007.

Bündchen and New England Patriots quarterback Brady, 35, were married in February 2009.

Gisele Bündchen,Tom Brady Welcome Daughter Vivian Lake
Credit: Courtesy Gisele Bündchen

— Anya Leon with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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rda on

Love them! Congratulations! Beautiful name.

Janet on

Congratulations to The Brady Family. Love the name Vivian Lake.

Lola on

Pretty name, I’m sure she’s gorgeous. Congrats.

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby girl..

Jesse on

That’s great! Congrats to the happy family!

Sam on


Kim on

She’s probably already back in her skinny jeans…….

Leigh on


Jenny! on

She looked flawless on the beach with that baby bump. Congrats on another healthy baby, can’t wait to see the beautiful child.

Mari on

Congrats!! I had a huge feeling she’d have a baby girl this time 🙂

Emmy on

I love her. She is one of the world’s great beauties and she seems to truly enjoy her husband and their children. It’s a joy to read something nice. 🙂

Julia on

I agree. I dont know why people feel the need to say mean spirited comments about others life, looks, personal choices etc…. I can only acknowledge that I do believe it typically comes from people who sadly, are just not really happy with themselves & their own lives. I think she is stunningly beautiful & motherhood suits her very well.

I will say though that I thought her own comments made in an article several years ago, regarding his first child w the very beautiful & full of class, Bridgette Moynahan, were a bit disrespectful, insensitive & in poor taste. I have to imagine though that since becoming a mother herself, she might now realize that & understand why there was such outrage from the masses, especially all those of us Moms who thought to themselves “If some other woman said such things & tried to step into the roll of ‘mother’ to my children, (whom to me are the universe & the very reason I breathe) she would face a wrath like no other. Straight up ‘Mother Bear’ style! Lets hope she gets that now. Something tells me she does.

Nevertheless, I absolutely adore the picture they posted of Mother & baby’s dainty little hands joined together- its true beauty & it displays as many of us moms know, the truest of loves there is! Congratulations to them & their families (ok, yes, even Tom Brady- and this is coming from a DIEHARD Pittsburgh Steelers fan btw;) lol)

Bluemermaid on

Very well said! I couldnt agree more

Whocares on

They look like brother and sister. Seems very narcissistic to marry someone who looks like the male/female version of yourself…

Ashley on

Studies have shown that people tend to marry someone who looks similar to them. That’s b/c we’re used to looking in mirrors and subconsciously define beauty by our own features. Then we tend to “mate” with others who we find attractive which happens to have similar features as our own. It’s not narcissism, it’s more biology. If you look around, most couple look similar in facial features, not identical, of course.

Jeeny on

I cannot stand this woman. She is very vile and rude about her position on breast feeding and with natural childbirth. She was so crass after Brady lost the Superbowl last year and she is not a gracious loser. I fear every time I am in Boston I will somehow run into this horrid woman. Before anyone says I am jealous I am not………..I just cannot stand a woman who thinks she knows what is best for all women in raising a child; plus she was cheating with Brady when he was still with Monyahan.

Ummm No on

She actually wasn’t cheating when he was with his ex. He got her pregnant right before they broke up and then met Gisele. Three months later, his ex finds out she’s pregnant. No cheating in this story!

Hea on


deewriter on

@Whocares – actually if you look at a lot of couples (not just celebs, try the people that you know) – I’m sure you’ll notice that a lof couples do tend to pick a partner that has the same features/look which in turn makes them look like they’re related. It’s really not uncommon.

Whocares on

Well then it seems there are narcissistic couples all around us!

angie on

Well said Jeeny!!

Emmalani on


hazelsjam on

I have nothing nice to say about these two narcissistic people…I hope they deserve these beautiful children…God bless them!

Teri on

I agree 100% Jeeny!

Kathy on

My son will be 3 soon but if he was a girl she would have been Vivian. I love the name.. Can’t stand Gisele though…

Lisa on

life is perfect for some

Ally on

She seems passionate about all the things she believes in, Jeeny. That’s all! You have a lot of hatred in yourself!

Mary on

@Jeeny, your right.

Jesse on

Will Brady take care of this child, or abondon her like he did his other children?

Liz on

He only has one other child that he has partial custody of!! What are you talking about Jesse?

Ummm No on

Seriously? He didn’t abandon them! He didn’t even know his ex was pregnant until three months into his relationship with Gisele! And he takes care of all of his children!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Pretty name.

Liz on

Congrats!! YAY for home birth!!

Lala on


It’s actually quite common, for someone to marry a person, with similar features as themselves. People also tend to be more attracted, to someone, they think is their same level of attractiveness.

Catca on

Congrats Gisele, Tom, Benjamin and John! Many blessings to you and yours as well!

BH on

Very nice news. Congrats to my future husband and his soon to be ex-wife.

Valerie Payton on

Congrats to the proud parents of #2 …. .

Ana Lúcia on

Not only, have your heart full of hatred all of your body is completely full of envy as well. You must be as horrible as a devil! Poor boomer Jenny!!!! kkk LOL

Sunshine on

Congratulations Gisele and Tom!! The birth of a child is wonderful specially this time of the year. Many blessings to your beautiful family.

Lacey on

Congrats, I like the name. But I am surprised they did not name Bridget Moynahan when they said “his son from a previous relationship”. I know the history between them, but she is his son’s mother, and should have been mentioned by name.

vivi on

Vivian is a fantastic name !!!!:)congratulations !!:)

Ouiser on

I agree with Jeeny…the woman is a biotch and her husband is an arrogant piece of work. I really feel sorry for their children…

DParker on

WGAF??????? can’t stand either one of them

Danielle on

Vivian Lake…..she is going to be a star, with that name and beautiful parents,,,,,she is set for life.

boohoobytch on

wonderful present for the Holidays, congrats to them

Anonymous on

Congratulations! I agree about her looks.

sooverthis on

Now I’m sure she will smugly crow that she did it all naturally and that it should be mandatory for all women to breastfeed.

She disgusts me.

Windy on

Congrats to Gisele and Tom for their new addition!!! on

Are you blind ??? And I guess you have never seen what’s below that face !!! Wow I can’t believe you even wrote that. She has made a fortune with that face, how adout you ???

B on

Well most models aren’t conventionally pretty, which Gisele definitely is not. High fashion women models usually have sharp angular faces that lack any kind of soft feminine features. Just because she has made money off her face doesn’t make her beautiful. That being said beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Sharon on

Couldnt agree more. Personally i think shes gorgeous. Congrats and best wishes to them! How sweet…2 big brothers to protect her 🙂

catherinecares on

Abandon his kids? Jeez, that must be why they’re all over the place together looking blessedly happy- Tom, Gisele, and the 2 boys. Terrible loving parents they are! TERRIBLE that Gisele loves her step son as much as her own kids.

Junie on

I agree – she has a slammin’ body – but that face-what up??

Denise on

Congratulations pretty name.

Diana on

What a surprise ! Congrats to the Brady family . A wonderful early present…god bless.

that'sgreat on

Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear how this labor was painless like the last one. *sarcasm*

monica on

Jeeny – Get over yourself. If you happen to run into her in Boston, she won’t even give you the time of day.

Anonymous on

Love the name. Go Patriots!!!

Melissa on

@rolyat LMAO IKR!

Tina on

FINALLY, a normal friggin’ name. Congrats!

B on

I’m not a huge fan of her, or him for that matter, but I wish them the best. It’s a lovely name and it seems like she had a very picture perfect birth.

I just hope we don’t have to hear about it for months to come… home birth, nursing, etc. She gives off an air that she is better than everyone and is now an authority on all things baby related… that doesn’t sit well with me.

Anonymous on

i dont think jesele is pretty at all maybe the body but face no i dont know how shes a super model also my moms name is vivian but lake dont get it dont like it,but tom has another child with some one else 3months before he met his wife should have kept in pants talk about rushing things. but congrats

Alison on

Aw! Darling. And thanks to the Brady family for choosing a normal, pretty name for their child. Love it! Darling.

Sarah.S. on

Congrats to this family on a beautifully named little girl. May God bless them profusely.

Julesy on

Love the picture! Glad to see they at least select NORMAL baby names. Beautiful.

amanda on

congrats ! what a classy beautiful name !

debberz on

Congrats to both of them! I find it so completely ludicrous that any of you would judge them as people or parents. Do you know them personally? Such miserable people to judge so harshly others you don’t even know.

jmquinnn on

I’ve never understood why she is considered “beautiful.” Tom Brady is a better looking man than she is a woman. She has an interesting face, very angular, but not one I would consider to be beautiful. I know…she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

mg on

cute name!

tjanisb on

Love that she had another home-birth! Her views on natural childbirth and breastfeeding are inspiring. Can’t wait to hear the birth story!

Garfield1 on

Isn’t Benjamin’s middle name River? Or something like that?

nicole on

Congratulations to Gisele&Tom on your new baby Girl Vivan! 🙂 What a cute name!! Wishing you and your family Extended Congratulations!! ❤

karen on

I don’t like these two

Amy on

I totally agree with Jeeny! Whlie Gisele is pretty her mouth gives everyone a sour taste about her. Don’t love the name but wish the family nothing but the best!

B on

Not a fan of them but wish them happiness nonetheless.. pretty name!

Marisol on

They are such a beautiful couple, their kids are destined to be gorgeous. Congrats to the family. Go Pats!

Mina on

Sounds like a strippers name…but I like it! And that woman is so ugly both on the outside and inside. I wonder if they used sperm sorting to get a girl after 2 boys. Just curious.

max on

oh good now she can inundate us onhiw shes the best parent ever again. trash

T in Texas on


cw on

ugggg….tom brady..smug.POS.

Nancy on

Have you seen the VS fashion show this year: beautiful women= Joan Smalls, Candice Swanepol, Alessandra Ambrosio, Toni Garrn, Behati Prinsloo, Lindsey Ellingson, Erin Heatherton….all more beautiful facially than Gisele

Anonymous on

A healthy newborn baby is happy news always.

Graham on

Wonder if he’ll stick around, or leave her like he did Bridget Moynahan when she was pregnant, maybe trade her for yet another model.

whoknew on

Brazilian BEAUTY????? She’s fug! Her manly parrot face is definitely not worth of the title of top model!!!!

Anonymous on

Not a fan of either of them…they are both snobby…she seems mean and cold,and controlling!!!…he he seems whipped…never did like either of them…..I’m pretty sure there a lot of people who would agree….as far as the woman who is calling people jealous,for not liking them…lol,jealous of what,2 people who have no personality,who show there fan base no love ,haha…give your head a shake….I admire lots of people with money,as long as they are kind to the media,and there fan base,after all,it’s those two groups of people that made it possible for them to live a lux lifestyle to begin with…..

Brooklyn on

Not the biggest fan of the name, but congrats to them both!

Katia on

Congratulations! Parabens!

It’s unfortunate that so many people here in the US who don’t know Gisele have such negative impression of her. It’s a classic case of “lost in translation”. She is passionate about her causes but her English doesn’t have nuance, as is the case for a second language. She is incredibly charitable with her money, a shrewd businesswoman, still the best paid model in the world.

As a brazilian myself I want you to consider this: How can you explain that she is universally adored in Brazil and hated here? My point is she can’t express herself well in English and rubs americans the wrong way when she talks passionately about her causes. The subtleties of language are hard to learn. Please take another look and try expressing yourself perfectly in another language with only a high school education, like Gisele.

celebsarah on

I *love* this photo because I don’t like either one of them! haha They look like a pair of butter face siblings who just rolled around in Crisco before putting on some fancy clothes. And what’s up with his hair? It looks like it’s parted in the middle and then one half was made into a mohawk..then he slept on it.

UnKnown on

Who cares! Gisele Bündchen is ugly & a control freak!

Anonymous on

Lake? Pretty name but where does Lake come from. I know her sons middle name is River after her dad, Is Lake also a family name. Well anyhow she has a River (Ben) and a Lake (Vivian) now.

Michelle on

Beautiful name! About time famous people name their kids with such beautiful, normal names. Congratulations to the family!

Barb on

WTH is up with his hair? Can’t stand either of them but I love the traditional baby name.

Ashley on

Just love the baby’s name. Very classic and regal, like Gone with the Wind.

Bette on

First of all Tom didn’t know Bridget was pregnant when they broke up, and he and Gisele began dating. Second, they have his son John here in Boston and at The Stadium quite a lot. Finally their son’s middle name is Rein, not River. I cannot understand all if the negativity toward people you don’t even know.

Quynh Phuong Tran on

Congrats to them,beautiful first name for the baby but I DON’T like the Middle Name Lake,lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

divadee on

Vivian? Really? I suppose it is better than Apple, Pilot Inspektor , Moxie Crime Fighter….You all know the parents of Apple. However, Pilot Inspecktor belongs to Jason Lee and Moxie Crimefighter to the annoying Penn Jellitte.

ale lee on

I cannot stand this Giselle. Her self righteous crap makes me gag.

Carrie M on

Many blessings to baby Vivian. Congrats!

Isabel on

Happy to hear the little girl is doing well. Hopefully, Giselle will now keep her mouth closed when it comes to how others choose to deliver and raise their children.

Pats Fan on

Congratulations to the Brady’s wonderful family, wonderful people!

Anonymous on

btw–the pic’s angle makes it look like the baby has a really long arm!

kristy on

Awe! Perfect name for a Perfect lil girl. Congrats to this Beautiful Family. ❤

sal on

that is a gorgeous name! love it

lizziebee on

I personally don’t like either one of them but the name is quite normal. I’m not a mother and I find some of her statements about motherhood and breastfeeding completely insane….anyway, I don’t think that Bridget gave her son Bradys last name. I think she gave her son her last name….

K.B. on

What a gorgeous name. I only hope she will always be as healthy and happy as I know she will be beautiful! Congrats to all.

Stacey on

WHAT, she already had the baby!! She only looked about 5 months pregnant. For the baby’s sake, I hope she looks like Daddy.

And HOW can anyone say Tom and Gisele look alike?????? She is beyond hideous and Tom has a beautiful face.

Sexual stalker profile on

Why do people have to hate? Some very obnoxious comments! Regardless of the parents, what a blessing a new life is. Congratulations!

Margie on

Love the name! Congrats to the happy family.

guest on

cant stand the ugly man looking person or her hubby either. Live in Boston and she is the biggest snob. i totally agree with Jenny

Gina on

My sentiments exactly Jenni! Gisele is a self serving B—–!

ImALadyToo on

Gisele has a great body, but her face is kind of manly looking and not so feminine.

His ex, Bridget Moynihan, on the other hand, is drop-dead gorgeous.

Happy that their baby is well, though.

bellaf on

Katia, you hit the nail on the head. Americans’ antiphathy towards Giselle is a classic case of ‘lost in translation’. I’m Brazilian myself and I know how kind, sweet and actually funny she is. It’s a pity, really.

Chi on

Normally I get annoyed with haters…but I cannot STAND this couple. Tom did Bridget Moynihan dirty by taking up with a supermodel while she was pregnant and totally flaunting it…yes, they broke up but that was a lame move on his part. The kids are beautiful and innocent but I can’t stand that horse faced heifer or her suck a** husband.

Maria T on

All that matters is that Tom loves her and together they are a happy family..they don’t need anybody’s opinion on them.

B on

Maybe babies will soften her a bit.. seems SO harsh and bitchy.

Poppy on

Omg I met Gisele!!!!!!!! She’s so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

MollyF on

I LOVE when people who don’t know these people make comments bashing them. Unless you know them personally or know someone who’s met them should keep their negative comments to themselves. What things have they done to you that made you so mean spirited. I know people have the right to their opinions, but some shou8ld be kept to themselves, especially those that are cruel and meanspirited. there is being critical and then there is just cruel and heartless.

michelle on

Bridgette was much more pretty then ugly Gisele. and brady is the biggest jerk ever and cheats at football. they deserve each other

sara on

beautiful family . congrats!

Melissa on

Little Vivian will grow up to be a beautiful little girl! google Duda Bundchen – Gisele’s little model niece, she’s gorgeous!

sat on

congrats! love the name, the photo and the announcement!

Denise Stewart on

“A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

Julie on

Congrats to them a new baby a wonderful thing! I’m sure she is a cute as her big brothers.

As for Gisele, I’m sure she’ll be less judgmental of other mothers time. Having a second child shows you just how different each child is and that they don’t all fit into some parenting formula ideal.

Julie on

I’m surprised she hasn’t had a set of twins.

sharon on

Awww what a beautiful name, I’m glad to see it didn’t take weeks for them to think of a name for her like Ben. I’m sure this little girl is going to be gorgeous just like her two brothers, what beautiful kids Tom makes!

Congrats and win the game for her on Monday!!!!!!

susan on

Denise, I love your comment !! Congrats, I wish them all the best in the world !!

Anonymous on

Bette- Not only that, but BRIDGETT didn’t even know she was pregnant when she and Tom broke up. She found out a couple months afterward. Also, we don’t know that he left her. She could have left him for all we know, or it may have been mutual.

Julie- I agree about her being less judgemental. From what I’ve observed, women who have think of themselves as parenting experts with their first child tend to mellow out quite a bit when they have their second (and more often than not realize that just because something works for one child doesn’t mean it works for all children!).

Considering the fact that Gisele was much more private about this pregnancy than the last one (although I think PEOPLE is wrong about her never formally announcing it, as I recall reading that she’d confirmed the pregnancy- and said she was five months along at the time- to a foregin magazine back in August), I’m guessing that will be the case with her. 🙂

In anycase, congrats to them, and I LOVE the name!

Anonymous on

Okay, I agree that Gisele went a bit too far with her breastfeeding comments, I don’t understand why everyone gets on her case for saying her first delivery was pain-free. Pain-free deliveries aren’t common, but they DO happen (especially when you practice a techinique known as hypnobirthing), and I don’t see why women who have them should have to hide that fact!

Samantha on

Julia may I ask how Bridget M is “full of class” She did People cover after her baby as born titles “Life without daddy” Classy?!

Lainey from LaineyGossip dubbed her Bitter Bridget when this first all went down, and we know why.

-Announces pregnancy to Page Six (online tabloid)
-Puts John on cover of sleazy tabloid with Life Without Daddy title
-Whines to Harper Bazaar with Heartbroken and Pregnant Story
-Slams Tom and Gisele to People Magazine
-Try to make the other’s son birth about herself

Bitter Bridget is nothing but a bitter, conniving, miserable, washed up D-Lister if that who is most famous for trying to trap Tom Brady.

Bridget has used and exploited their son as a means to get him to marry her, come back to her when he didn’t fall for her scam, and now just lives to hate on Tom and his family.

Bridget is no one to feel sorry for or admire. The only reason that kid doesn’t have his father’s last name is because his father refused to marry her. And whose to say John won’t grow up and decide to change his last name to that of a certain 3-Time Superbowl winning Hall of Fame bound QB?

Bridget isn’t strong, independent, couragous, etc. If she was that, then she wouldn’t have tried to keep a man who didn’t want her with a child, and use their child against him.

Everything Bitter Bridget did was textbook Bitter Baby Mama antics. Bridget is so cliche’, but I laugh because Bridget most definitely got what she deserved.

Remember that saying ladies- Try to Trap a Man, You Trap Yourself.

Sam on

Well the looks of that photo…”Gumby” or that Martin Short character…Ed Grimsby??????

james(sonny)dennis on

congrats to the brady family

Alicia on

Movie star name! Reminds me of Viven Leigh.

Lorie on

Thank you for making normal birth more mainstream!

Esther on

She did confirm the pregnancy. I remember reading an article back over the summer where she admitted to being pregnant again.

Julie on

@ anonymous I don’t think it was just her saying she had a pain free delivery last time it was the implication that women who don’t were doing something wrong.

It was also her calling hospital births violent that some found offensive, and her comments that if the baby weight doesn’t just slide off you are not working hard enough.

Even with that, I don’t think she meant any harm with her comments just an eager first time mommy not considering how different things happen for different women and how different one pregnancy is from one to the next even with the same woman,

Even with all that I wish her, her husband, and their kids nothing but the best.

I say all this as mother to over half a dozen kids, all born at home some pain free, and others I thought I was going to die, some the weight came off easily and some not so easily, 17 months later I’m still losing the pounds from my youngest.

Katelyn on

love the name

Anonymous on

Samantha- It was OK, not PEOPLE, that Bridgett introduced her son in. And obviously it was OK that chose the title for the story, not her. I also don’t see why she shouldn’t be allowed to share how hard it was for her to go through pregnancy alone.

And as far as John’s last name goes, there’s no law saying a child has to have his father’s first name!

Susan on

Tom Brady is soooooo much prettier than she is, and I bet their little girl will look like him (hopefully). Anyway, wish them the best.

Anonymous on

Wow same day as my bday (:congrats on your beautiful family

Allan Van Wert on

Congratulations to you both on your daughter Vivian! She was almost born on my day – Dec. 8th! Father is a Patriots’ Patriot; and Gisele is the perfect match for that family! Huzzah!

amsjll507 on

#1 I agree, she’s arrogant. And while I didnt have completely natural births or 100% breastfeed for however long she does, she is basically right in that it is what is absolute best for baby. Her attitude is the problem.
#2 Its normal for fashion models to have odd faces, often angular ones. They dont pick conventional beauties on purpose. A conventional beauty blurs in with all the other ads we see absolutely everywhere, & goes unnoticed.
#3 He didnt abandon any kids anywhere. And there is no proof he cheated. His relationship was over before his ex found out she was pregnant from all reports.
#4 Its been proven in multiple studies that almost all people are attracted to people with the same features as they have. But I fail to see any resemblance between them.

Anonymous on

Julie- That makes sense. Thanks. 🙂

Ol on

I completely agree. She’s ethnically 100% German so she doesn’t have “”Brazilian”” looks like most say she does. I often hear many people tell me they don’t understand why she’s considered so beautiful.

I can’t believe she had a girl by the way she was carrying. What a lucky woman!

I know the name is classic and beautiful but it has no zing to it with regards to her Latin heritage.

Julie on

I agree with the poster below who said this woman is judgemental of other women in relation to childbirth and breastfeeding and her comments on that subject matter have made her look very ugly indeed. I also think ageing has caused her face to look very masculine. Every interview she gives causes me to dislike her even more….

Sparky62 on

Best of wishes to the new addition to thier expanding egos!

Sparky62 on

Wow! A new addition to two huge egos!

lisa james on

Beautiful nayme..

d on

total sex selection baby

barb on

I agree Jeeny…she’s a true snob!

Gina on

Gisele is not a pretty woman, she is rather masculine.

soph on

divadee, you “suppose” the name is better than the others you listed? Gotcha. on

congrats!!! gorgeous couple!

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