Eric Gunderson: We’re Having a Boy!

12/05/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Love and Theft: Eric Gunderson Expecting First Child
Jason Kempin/Getty

Wishes really do come true — just ask Eric Gunderson.

After announcing he and his wife Emily were expecting a baby, the Love and Theft musician couldn’t hide his high hopes that their firstborn would be a boy.

Luckily for Gunderson, his dreams will become a reality when the couple welcomes a son in mid-May, his rep tells PEOPLE.

“I’m so excited to have a boy,” Gunderson, 27, says. “Emily would be happy either way, but I’ve been secretly planning father/son hunting and fishing trips all along.”

And, if left up to the future doting dad, the two will be sure to spend time strumming a few tunes together. “I might even let him try his hand at guitar, although you know those musicians are a handful,” Gunderson jokes.

— Anya Leon

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Alicia on

What an idiot. NO, not because he has a preference, but because he assumes a son will be interested in hunting and fishing and that a daughter couldn’t be. Ugh.

Lynn on

and you are just flat-out rude and judgmental Alicia. Eric is a great guy and will be an amazing dad.

JT on

You’re a moron Alicia. I know Eric personally and he didn’t say that, nor was he implying it, AT ALL!! Just because he said he was secretly planning hunting/fishing trips doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have done the same with a girl. Grow up and don’t try to start stuff on message boards just for grins.

Denise S. on

Wow! When I saw the headline I thought at first it was Courtney Love who was pregnant. Whew! Thank goodness THAT wasn’t the case.

Anonymous on

Huge Congrats to Emily and Eric! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Eric a few times and he’s truly a wonderful person! Very down to earth with a great sense of humor and Emily is just adorable! I with them both all the best and I’m with JT on this one! Don’t assume you know what someone means. That’s how rumors and nonsense starts. Why can’t people just be happy for this wonderful couple and appreciate that they are sharing this experience with their fans!

tina on

Wow, he is cute, kinda looks like Luke Bryan.

Alicia on

Well JT, I don’t know what he said but that’s what the quote says, so.

I really DON’T see why a boy would necessarily be interested in fishing and hunting, though. It’s narrowminded.

JJ on

There is always the chance of a misquote but he definitely does imply in this article that he would have been disappointed with a girl.

Terry on

Wow Alicia. You seem like a very negative person with WAY too much time on your hands.

kim on

he cant have father/daughter hunting and fishing trips?? what a sexist a$$hole. my daughter has shot a gun, gone fishing, camping, dirt bike riding, plays every sport out there. those activites are not gender specific.

kim on

AND… i have to side with alicia. just cuz its a boy doesnt mean he will automatically LIKE those things. my son was never into sports. his dad for YEARS tried getting him to go hunting, do sports, dirt bike ride, camp etc and he wants nothing to do with any of that stuff. he would rather read or play video games or skateboard.

Vicki on

It’s 2012, time to stop being a jerk about wanting only male children. What an ass.

Sharon on

Sorry but Alicia is right. A friend of ours has 3 little girls…..he takes them all over with him, and they love to go fishing with their daddy. Not one time did he say he wishes they could have had a boy. Quit bashing people for stating their opinion. Last i checked it was a free country. And, Terry, it took Alicia just as long to type her comment as you, so maybe you have too much time on your hands, too. Just saying.

Anon on

All you people who are pissed he wanted a boy… newsflash! So do your husbands! And furthermore… who says a girl’s gonna be into that stuff either? Do you have rough relationships with your fathers? Is that the problem here? Get. Over. Yourselves.

Sharon on

Actually my husband would prefer a girl

Anonymous on

Congrats to them on their baby boy and wish them all the best!

I’m with him, but for different reasons. Every time I read the comment section on here, I hope and pray I won’t have a daughter because I’m afraid she’ll end up as catty and negative as most of the women on here appear to be. Kind of sad to have to say that about my own sex.

DaisyMoon on

He lost me at hunting…

Why, oh why, do some enjoy murdering innocent animals?

Anonymous on

Anon- “All you people who are pissed he wanted a boy… newsflash! So do your husbands!” And you know this how?! Here’s a newsflash for you: Not all men want sons (just like not all women want daughters)!

Vicki- Way to twist Eric’s words! All he said was that he was hoping THIS baby would be a boy. He never said what his preferences (if he even has any) are for future children!

Alicia- Actually, JT is correct. What Eric said was that he’s been planning father/son hunting and fishing trips. How that’s saying that he thinks a girl wouldn’t be interested in those things or that he thinks his son will automatically be is beyond me!

My guess is that he went hunting and fishing with his father and simply wants to share that experience with his son. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, after reading Eric’s comment a second time, I can easily picture him laughing while saying it, so it’s very possible he was joking around and not being serious. Lighten up, people!

Mina on

Kim your son sounds exactly like mine!!!! My hubby was thrilled we were expecting a boy. My hubby and his father were into football, baseball, basketball, and NASCAR and watched it allll the time together when they were growing up. Then our son was born and he had hopes of doing those things again with his boy, handed down generation to generation and bring back good memories of my father in law (RIP).

He got the absolute shock of his life. Our son is now 10 and not only isnt interested in sports, but HATES sports. I let him choose his own path and he chose reading, video games, and skateboarding! And snowboarding and BMX biking. My hubby was NOT a skater. His 10 year old can do tricks on ramps and my hubby cant even stand on one without holding on to the fence. It wasnt what he expected when he had his darling little boy 10 years ago lol.

Also same thing with me. I was a tomboy. My mom didnt get to do anything girly with me. I scoffed at dresses, whined when it was time to go shopping, and never once brushed my hair (which was a shame cuz I had gorgeous long blonde locks). It took her time to cope with the fact my best friend was a boy and when we wanted to have a sleep over together at age 10 she was hesitant because of our genders.

Its sterotyping. It has been around and will be around always. I just hope this guys kid turns out to be himself and not what his dad wants of him!

Cooper on

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Men and their desire for a son. UGH love what you get. I went fishing with my dad all the time, and he coached my baseball team. He got three daughters and loved all of us. I am sure my father would have wanted a boy but he never let us feel that way.

dsfg on

Anonymous, being catty is not exclusively a FEMALE trait! The sexism on this site continues to astound me!

Anon on

The funniest thing about all of this, really, is how Eric is just pandering to his demographic. I grew up with him in Charlotte. He never hunted. Not once.

He’s not even really country, idiots. He’s in a boy band that will fade away in about 8 months.

Anonymous on

haha this is funny